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2016 media kit
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A Unique and Powerful Market
Motorcycles combine excitement, economy and exhilaration –
that’s why more than 27 million people ride more than
11 million motorcycles in the United States alone (according
to the most current survey data by the Motorcycle Industry
Council). As overall motorcycle sales continue to increase,
so do sales of routine replacement products such as tires
and batteries. In recent years, the motorcycle industry has
generated $20 billion in consumer sales and services, state
taxes and licensing. Half of the retail outlets specialized in
motorcycle-related parts, accessories, riding apparel, used
vehicles or service, but did not sell new motorcycles, scooters
or ATVs.
Find the most affluent, active and devoted buyers in
Motorcycle Classics. These consumers turn to our magazine
for knowledge about their classic bikes – plus information on
purchasing new bikes, as well as the products and services to
keep them running.
Motorcycle Classics • 1503 SW 42nd St. • Topeka, KS 66609 • 800.678.5779 • [email protected] • www.MotorcycleClassics.com
audience research
They Have Money to Spend
Average HHI is $101,796
86% have post-secondary education
94% own their primary residence
They Are Active Riders and Owners
79% attend one or more motorcycle shows per year
75% ride at least once per week
68% take one or more 300-mile motorcycle trips per year
They Purchase Parts, Tools and Equipment
98% wear protective gear when they ride
97% perform their own repairs and restorations
83% plan to purchase replacements or upgrades in the next 12 months
81% purchase parts and accessories online
75% plan to purchase tires in the next 12 months
Source: 2016 publisher’s own data
Motorcycle Classics • 1503 SW 42nd St. • Topeka, KS 66609 • 800.678.5779 • [email protected] • www.MotorcycleClassics.com
Demographics & Audience
Average age: 47*
Average HHI: $101,796
Average value of owned home: $330,313
% of readers
Attended/graduated college81%
Postgraduate degree
Graduated college plus
Attended college
65 or older
Home owned
Home value:
Less than $50,000
% of readers
$150,000 or more
Less than $20,000
Area of Residence
County size A
County size B
County size C
County size D
Source: 2016 publisher’s own data
* Google Analytics
Motorcycle Classics • 1503 SW 42nd St. • Topeka, KS 66609 • 800.678.5779 • [email protected] • www.MotorcycleClassics.com
Print Audience
Average Monthly Unique Visitors
Average Monthly Page Views
Newsletter Subscribers
Total Audience:
Single Copy Sales:
National Paid Circulation: Total Print Audience:
Average Monthly Unique Visitors: K
Source: 2016 publisher’s own data
* Print, online and newsletters
Motorcycle Classics • 1503 SW 42nd St. • Topeka, KS 66609 • 800.678.5779 • [email protected] • www.MotorcycleClassics.com
e d it o r ial missi o n
Motorcycles, Motorcycles and
More Motorcycles
Every issue of Motorcycle Classics delivers exciting and evocative
articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and
popular motorcycles ever made. From legendary bikes whose
timeless designs and innovations have endured for decades
to the modern retro classics gracing today’s showrooms, we
showcase the best on two wheels.
7 full-face helmets
6 Rain Suits
1985 Suzuki GS1150E
to get you on the
road this spring
to Keep You Dry
Back in the November/December 2012 issue (the last time we covered rain suits, if you’re
keeping track) we said the Joe Rocket RS-2 “might be the best deal going in motorcycle rain
suits today.” And nearly three years later, we still feel the same way. Now available in an updated
high-visibility neon green for the jacket, this suit features a polyester outer shell with a PVC
backing plus a nylon comfort liner. A zippered back vent aides ventilation and the collar features
corduroy lining for comfort. The two large outer pockets have waterproof Velcro rain flaps and it
uses a full-length zipper with a Velcro rain flap and collar, plus an elastic waist and Velcro adjustable cuffs. The pants are made of the same materials, with added melt-resistant panels on the
insides of each leg, plus elastic boot stirrups to keep the pants secured. A gusseted zipper runs
all the way up to the knees for easier entry and exit. A stellar deal, this suit can be found online
for less than $60 if you search a bit. Available in black, black/yellow, black/red, black/orange,
or hi-viz neon in sizes S-3XL. Price: $69.95. More info: joerocket.com
Fresh from the team at Joe Rocket is the new R1000X Blaster
helmet. The helmet is both Snell and DOT approved, and uses
a polycarbonate composite shell. The R1000X Blaster features the
Quadport 2.0 ventilation system, which uses two large front intakes
channeled through to an aerodynamic rear venturi-effect spoiler to
pull heat and humidity up and out of the helmet. It also has adjuststable forehead and chin bar intake vents, combined with three lower
intake and four lower exhaust vents to ensure a cool, dry ride. It also
has a fully removable, washable interior, and its optically superior face
shield is hard coated outside and anti-fog coated inside. The R1000X
Blaster also comes with an additional hard-coated, dark smoke shield.
Available in red/yellow, blue/orange or black/silver (shown). It’s a nice
lid for the price, and one of the more affordable helmets here. Sizes:
S-2XL. Price: $169.99. More info: joerocket.com
The Mens Hi-Viz Rain Suit from Brooks Leather is a complete
two-piece suit made using waterproof heat-sealed seam
construction. We ordered our suit in the hi-viz color scheme, and
brother, this jacket is bright! The jacket has inside and outside
waterproof zippered pockets on the left chest, along with two hookookand-loop storm flap pockets on the front. Hook-and-loop straps provide
adjustment at the waist and sleeves, and the soft collar fabric provides
comfort. The fully mesh-lined pants have two pockets with hook-anddloop closure, and they feature heat-resistant leg panels to prevent
damage from hot exhaust pipes. The leg bottoms have hook-and-loop
expansion panels for easy on-off, although riders with large boots
will want to remove them first. There are detachable stirrup loops
at the ankles and reflective piping that runs down the outside of
both legs. A waist drawstring keeps them tight, along with elastic at
the waist. The suit comes complete with a storage bag. Available in
black, orange or hi-viz in sizes S-3XL. Also available in women’s sizes.
$79.95. More info: brooksleather.com
8-9 Gear Driven.indd 8
March/April 2016
1/20/16 10:53 AM
34-38 Suzuki.indd 34
1/15/16 2:22 PM
10-11 Gear Driven.indd 10
1963 Royal Enfield
Story by Corey Levenson
Photos by Jeff Barger
When I was in high school 45 years ago, there was
an older kid who was unremarkable except that he
owned two Royal Enfield Interceptors. That made
him cooler than cool, because the merely cool rest
of us rode more common British bikes or maybe
something Japanese.
The Tourmaster Sentinel 2.0 jacket is made from
waterproof but breathable rip-stop nylon with sealed
seams and an under-the-helmet hood to keep water from
leaking in at the collar. Three front pockets have hook-andloop rain flaps and a fourth chest map pocket is mesh-lined
to vent when open. Waterproof zippered underarm vents
are a nice touch, as is a back vent to help move air. 3M
Scotchlite reflective piping aides visibility, and the jacket hass
a self-contained pouch for storage. The Sentinel 2.0 pants
are made of the same rip-stop nylon, but with an added available
Nomex liner on the insides of the legs. There are waterproof,
zippered hand pockets for storage, breathable stretch panels
above the reinforced knees for comfort and heat-resistant
leg panels. The high-rise rear panel includes a pant-to-jacket
attachment zipper, and 3M Scotchlite reflective piping aides
visibility. Extra-long zippered openings at the leg bottomss
aide entry, but riders with large boots will want to remove
them first. The pants also come with a storage bag. The
jacket is available in black, blue, red and hi-viz yellow. The
pants come only in black. Sizes XS-5XL. Price: $114.99
(jacket), $94.99 (pants). More info: tourmaster.com
The Bell Qualifier
DLX is the only helmet here
that comes
come equipped with a Transitions
shield, which works just like sunSOLFX adaptive face sh
glasses with photochromic lenses by automatically adapting
to light.
The shield is clear at night and in low light, and then gets progresli
sively darker as ambient brightness increases. The shield also uses NutraFog
II anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protection. The Qualifier DLX is made with a
lightweight, ventilated polycarbonate shell featuring four adjustable vents, a
removable and washable moisture-wicking interior, contoured cheek pads,
and a padded wind collar that reduces wind and road noise. Another cool
feature of the DLX is that it’s built to accommodate a Bell Sena SMH10 or
Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom. Available in
graphics and solid colors, including solid white (shown), this is a modern-looking, well-made helmet that delivers the goods at a great price. DOT approved.
Sizes: XS to 2XL. Price: $249.95. More info: bellhelmets.com/powersports
One of Arai’s best-known helmets has recently been updated: The Corsair-X is the
latest evolution of the Corsair line, and to top it off, it’s available in a great throwback
scheme. To commemorate “Fast” Freddie Spencer’s 1985 World Championship
sseason, Arai debuted the Corsair-X Spencer 30th in a distinctive white, blue and red
graphic with gold stripes and a Freddie Spencer emblem on the back. Arai is unique
in offering different interior fit shapes to match different head shapes. The Corsair-X
is Arai’s intermediate-oval shape and features Arai’s VAS Max Vision shield with a
standard Pinlock insert. Featuring a variable axis with a moving pivot point, the VAS
shield opens and closes incredibly smoothly. The smooth and strong Arai R75 shell is
created from super fiber and special synthetic fibers and the liner is made of updated
Eco-Pure material, which helps maintain a neutral pH level close to the skin. The liner
is removable and washable, and different-sized crown pads can be used to customize
the fit. Four adjustable vents work together to adjust the temperature as needed. Snell
2015 and DOT approved. Unquestionably one of the finest helmets available, but for
a price. Sizes XS-3XL. Price: $969.95 (as shown).
More info: araiamericas.com
Greg Lawless bought this 1963 Interceptor for $500 in May
1973 as a college graduation present for himself. I suspect he
experienced an immediate spike in his coolness. Over the last
42 years — including six moves involving three states — Greg’s
put lots of miles on it and made many memories with it. Though
his current collection includes 26 motorcycles, Greg says the
Interceptor is the last bike he’d sell.
July/August 2015
5/18/15 2:13 PM
14-18 Enfield.indd 14
gaskets. Some of those parts — like the springs and pawls for
the pump sprag — are really tiny, and for that reason we strongly
suggest taking the pump apart inside a clear plastic bag so parts
don’t go flying. If you lose any of the small hard parts, you’ll be
looking for a replacement pump. We also strongly suggest taking
photos during disassembly to aid assembly.
Yet even with those warnings in mind, a rebuild is doable
and in our case netted a perfectly functioning pump. It’s also
affordable: HVCcycle.net’s comprehensive $37.50 kit (see inset
photo above) covers all Yamaha oil
pumps of this type and includes every
seal and gasket you’ll need, plus new
pump body screws and new Allen head
body mounting bolts, a nice touch. A
manual is handy, and bleeding air from
the pump before operation is critical.
A little background
Royal Enfield was founded in the 1890s in Redditch, England
(just south of Birmingham) by two bicycle manufacturers who
also made interchangeable gun parts for the Royal Small Arms
factory in Enfield. For its logo, the new company chose an artillery field gun.
Royal Enfield’s first motorized bicycle, built in 1901, was followed by models incorporating such innovative features as
crankcases with integral oil tanks (1903) and rubber “Cush Hub”
drives to reduce chain snatch (1912). Royal Enfields were the
first English production motorcycles with dry-sump lubrication
systems and gear-type oil pumps (1913). The “Super 5” model,
launched in 1961, was the first British production motorcycle with
a 5-speed gearbox.
In 1948, the company launched the model that was to become
synonymous with Royal Enfield: the redesigned overhead valve
single-cylinder Bullet. This robust and versatile machine was
utilitarian but also excelled as a competition motorcycle, especially in trials events.
Although Enfield ceased U.K. production of motorcycles in
June 1970 to focus on military contracts (Royal Enfield had
been making aircraft and guided missile components as well as
motorcycles), Enfield Bullets are still being made in India, mak-
Rebuild a Yamaha Autolube oil pump
s a rule, we try to focus our How-Tos on repairs we think the
weekend mechanic can aspire to, so we’ll kick this one off
with a qualifying statement: Rebuilding a Yamaha Autolube
oil pump requires more than average care and attention.
Our factory Yamaha manual specifically says of the pump,
“Make no attempt to disassemble it,” yet it can be rebuilt. Pump
failure is typically due to bad seals or, as we found with our 1974
DT125, sludged or stuck parts. In our case the spring for the pump
shaft had rusted in the compressed position. A previous owner
bypassed the pump in favor of premixing the fuel/oil, likely because the pump
couldn’t stroke with a stuck spring.
As the photo above shows, the
Autolube may be a little pump, but it
has a surprisingly large number of parts:
We counted 39 pieces total, including
ing Royal Enfields the longest continually produced motorcycles
in the world.
Though never as large as BSA, Triumph or Norton, Royal
Enfield had an advantage: Its small senior management team
included enthusiastic motorcyclists and former competitors who
knew what riders wanted. They fostered new ideas and encouraged the introduction of models known for innovative design and
robust construction.
The Big Twins
Royal Enfield launched its first parallel (or vertical) twin in
1948, with a 64mm by 77mm bore and stroke and 25 horsepower.
The basic design of the 500 Twin was to be carried through the
subsequent, larger displacement models and included a long
stroke for low-end power, a one-piece cast iron crankshaft, and
separate cast iron barrels with aluminum heads and short alloy
pushrods riding on a pair of camshafts.
Advanced features for the time included a full-flow oil filter
and semi-unit construction, with the gearbox bolted to the rear
of the engine. The frame was welded steel with a single downtube
attached to the front of the engine-gearbox unit, which acted as
a stressed member. The swingarm rear suspension was a first for
a parallel twin.
In 1953 the Meteor 700 was introduced as Britain’s biggest parallel twin — BSA and Triumph offered only 650s at the time. The
36 horsepower, 693cc Meteor was primarily intended to meet the
needs of the sidecar market. It was essentially a “Double-Bullet,”
each cylinder having the same bore (70mm) and stroke (90mm)
— and pistons — as the 350cc single.
The Super Meteor followed in 1955 as a more sporting Meteor.
Made in response to U.S. market demands for more power, it
made 40 horsepower and was the first Royal Enfield capable of
100mph. The 51 horsepower Constellation followed in 1958 with
hotter cams, a single 10TT9 Amal carb and siamesed exhaust.
In 1961 the factory made a limited run of Constellation-based
specials for the U.S. market, the 700 Interceptor. Set up for
March/April 2016
offroad enduro-style events, they weren’t popular and most of
the approximately 160 bikes were retrofitted by dealers with aftermarket horns, mirrors and lights and sold for road use.
In late 1962, Royal Enfield bored and stroked the Constellation’s
engine to 736cc to launch the 750 Interceptor Mk1. It went headto-head in the showrooms with the new Norton Atlas 750 and,
like the Norton, it was aimed squarely at the U.S. market. Both
bikes were offered stateside before they became available in the
Enfield dynamically balanced its big twin engines, reducing vibration compared to large displacement bikes made by
competitors, who used static balancing. The long-stroke design
produced abundant torque from low revs, making the bikes very
tractable and capable of impressive acceleration. On the downside, the separate barrels and heads meant that the engines —
being stressed members — tended to flex, which, combined with
poor crankcase venting, led to the bikes having a reputation for
leaking oil, hence the nickname “Royal Oilfield.”
1/18/16 8:58 AM
14-18 Enfield.indd 15
The oil pump is under the right front
cover. Remove the cover, noting
the oil throttle cable that pulls on the
pump. Rotate the pulley to slacken the
cable. Disconnect the cable from the
pulley, then disconnect the oil feed
lines. Remove the two Phillips head
screws securing the pump.
1/18/16 8:58 AM
Motorcycle Classics • 1503 SW 42nd St. • Topeka, KS 66609 • 800.678.5779 • [email protected] • www.MotorcycleClassics.com
With the pump removed from the
engine, remove the small cotter pin
securing the manual oil starter plate,
followed by the plate itself. The plate
might be stuck to the shaft. If it is, spray
it with penetrant and carefully work it off
to avoid accidentally breaking the plate.
Next, turn the pump over and
loosen the 9mm nut securing the
cable pulley to the oil pump plunger
shaft. Hold the pulley against the pump
body, then remove the nut, wave washer,
adjustment plate and any shims under
the adjustment plate. Keep the shims
safe; they’re crucial to pump calibration.
73-76 How-To.indd 73
5/16/16 2:28 PM
e d it o r ial c o v e r ag e
Model Profiles and Restorations
In-depth features on the most interesting and
significant classic motorcycles along with exotic,
one-of-a-kind bikes being restored and customized
for all motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors.
Vintage Racing and Events
The sights, sounds and highlights from vintage
motorcycle races and events across the United
States and overseas.
Product Reviews
Full reviews on helmets, riding gear, luggage and
accessories designed to aid every motorcycle
enthusiast, along with the latest books and videos
to keep you informed and entertained.
Favorite Rides
Great rider insight and information about
interesting destinations across the United States
that are even more enjoyable when visited on the
back of a classic motorcycle.
New Retro Model Reviews
When new retro-styled motorcycles debut, our
readers want to know about it, and they look to us
for ride reports and insight.
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Marketing Solutions
Join Motorcycle Classics
at the following vintage
bike shows this summer!
In this round of Motorcycle Classics’ Gear Up Giveaway, we’ve teamed with H&H Sports Protection to offer one lucky reader
a NiTEK Interceptor handcrafted helmet valued at more than $430. The winner will ride in comfort with the Interceptor’s
Cool Max® Liner membrane, which creates the most comfortable fit ever. A cross-laminated fiber mesh composite shell
and the world’s first patent-pending flush mount optically correct shield mechanism with a lexan flat panel low distortion
shield provide for a lightweight shell and maximum functionality.
2nd Annual Vintage Motorcycle Festival
New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ
July 11-13, 2014
Five classes plus Editor’s Choice
3rd Annual Vintage Motorcycle Festival
America’s Car Museum, Tacoma, WA
August 23-24, 2014
Seminars sponsored by Motorcycle Classics
Enter to win this prize worth more than $430 at
9th Annual Bonneville Vintage GP
Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, UT
August 29-31, 2014
Five classes plus People’s Choice
Visit www.motorcycleclassics.com/vmc for show updates!
No purchase necessary. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Open to legal residents of the U.S. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Sweepstakes begins
4/8/14 and ends 6/26/14. See official rules online at www.MotorcycleClassics.com/Gear-Up-May | Sponsor: Motorcycle Classics, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609
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Social Media
3/13/2014 8:45:29 AM
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Reach New Customers
Motorcycle Classics provides you with multiple channels to reach
our unique audience of passionate vintage bike collectors. In
fact, you can meet them face to face via the Motorcycle Classicssponsored bike shows. Get your name and samples in front of
thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts. Connect directly with
the country’s most passionate and influential consumers and
find out what they are looking for!
Road America Vintage Motorcycle Classic
Barber Vintage Festival
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