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Birthday Celebration Guide
Fall 2013
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Let’s Celebrate!
This Fall, we are celebrating THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB’s 1st Birthday! We have had an exciting first year at THE
CREATIVE KIDS CLUB! We have met many wonderful families and have made great friends. Throughout the year,
we have welcomed special guests from musicians to story-tellers to artists to 6-legged critters and slithering snakes.
All have entertained and educated our CREATIVE KIDS. To say THANK YOU and to celebrate our 1st birthday, we
have set out to provide the community with a helpful resource for planning kids’ birthday parties by showcasing these
entertainers as well as businesses in and around Hunterdon County who specialize in children’s birthdays.
For those who are new to THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB, OUR
MISSION is to stimulate the imagination and curiosity of young
children through PLAY in a nurturing and empowering environment
in order to build skills and confidence for life. We offer LET’S
PLAY TODAY®, an instructor-led fitness class designed for
children to develop their skills independently, as well as PLAY
TIMES and CRAFT TIMES for children to explore together with a
parent. Throughout the year, we also organize numerous special
events and concerts opened to the community of Hunterdon
County and surrounding areas.
One beautiful weekend morning in August, we had our first ever
photo shoot with Hilary Murphy Photography and 15 adorable
children. The shoot took place at the Roving Nature Center at The
Whittemore Wildlife Sanctuary. Not only does the Roving Nature
Center offer fun and educational nature programs, they also offer
birthday parties! It was the perfect setting for our Birthday Party
photo shoot. Petit Lily provided the gorgeous bows for the girls,
and the Pirate Cupcake provided the cupcakes for all party goers.
The cupcakes were delicious and NUT FREE, which is very
important to me, a mom of a son with nut allergies! Photos from
the shoot can be seen throughout our guide, which was printed by
Minuteman Press in Flemington.
Table of Contents:
2 - Let’s Celebrate!
3 - Party Planning
4 – Experience the Crayola Magic
4 – The Circus is in Town
4 - Musical 1st Birthdays
5 - Gift Giving Ideas
5 - Consign or Donate
6 - Local Business Directory
Our guide has a lot of information for planning a kid’s birthday
parties…from planning tips to entertainment to gifts ideas. I hope
you find this guide useful in planning your child’s special day.
Happy Planning!
Jen Lynch
THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB Birthday Guide - Fall 2013
Party Planning
Jersey Family Fun Tips For A Memorable and Affordable Birthday Celebration
Birthday parties are a fun and exciting way to celebrate your child's special day. Our team of writers got together to brainstorm and
came up with these 10 tips to take the stress out of party planning and create a memorable party without breaking the bank.
Know your budget ahead of time to help guide your
planning. Your budget will guide everything from your
location to the number of guests you invite to the type of
food. Knowing this ahead of time will help you map out a
plan of attack and prioritize the areas you feel are most
important for a memorable day. A budget will also help you
stay organized. One of our writers uses an outline that
shows who she invited, what food she will need and how
many party favors. This way she doesn't purchase more
then needed.
Pick a universal theme that all ages will love. Here are a
few ideas to get you started.
- Pirates & Princesses
- Star Wars
- Boot Camp
- Rock Star
- Dress Up
Buy in Bulk! Buy supplies and decorations like balloons
and paper goods in bulk at your local warehouse store like
Costco, BJ's or Sam's Club. Steer clear of Party City and
other stores with a big markup on small packs of themed
paper goods. If you buy plates in primary colors you can
still match them to your theme and then save the leftovers
for future parties. Also, consider juice boxes and eliminate
the need to buy paper cups. They can also be frozen so
they are cold on party day and won't be wasted if
Buy Balloons and Fill them on Party Day- I always buy
large bags of helium quality balloons and then have a few
of them filled on the day of the party at my local Shoprite
floral department. They also fill them at the Dollar Store.
Buying a helium tank will run about $1 per balloon and
when you buy them at the place that fills them, they will
cost more per balloon than if you buy a big bag.
Keep the favors simple, or just skip them. We know in
some circles this may be a controversial tip. But, a lot of
Moms I know are not fans. Like favors at weddings, they
are one detail that planners put a lot of time and money into
but often get left behind, discarded, or simply forgotten.
We've seen kids sent home with cupcakes and aprons they
decorated at the party, helium balloons that doubled as
decorations, or cookies in a cute bag.
Get Crafty! Make your own decorations and party
games. Use AC Moore coupons for supplies or even
consider crafting as part of the entertainment. Have your
kids help make the invitations and thank you notes.
7. Look for coupons and deals on food items and double
check promotions. If you are having your party at a party
place be sure to check their website for any last minute
specials or offers they may have. One writer saved $200 on
a party once by changing the time from 2pm to 12pm at a
party venue. Shoprite also gives you a small cake FREE,
for your child's first birthday.
8. Host the party in your back yard or at a local
playground. Check the websites of local parks to see if
there are any requirements to reserve a pavilion. Many
places have a low cost, sometimes even free, to town
9. Put on your chef hat and DIY! Make your own food,
appetizer style or have the kids make their own muffin
pizzas. Make your own cake or order a small cake to match
your theme and then serve cupcakes. Plan the party for in
between meal times, so sticking with just cake will be ok.
10. Keep it simple and your expectations in check. For my
son's 3rd birthday, we held a pirate play date at our house.
I created cardboard hats and swords for all of the kids and
a giant cardboard pirate ship and I envisioned the kids
playing and pretending pirates to their hearts content. The
problem was- no one wanted to play pirates that day. The
ship sat untouched. In my mind, the day was a bust, but the
set up was low cost and the kids had a blast playing with
toys instead. It isn't about what you want the kids to do at
the party, it just matters that they have a good time.
o Whimsical tees, tanks, bags and pillowcases!
o Great gifts for girls and boys
Available at: Occasions
160 Main Street
THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB Birthday Guide - Fall 2013
Experience the Crayola Magic!
Just a short drive away in Easton, PA, is the ALL NEW Crayola
Experience. The old Crayola Factory closed late last year to make
renovations. Re-opened in May 2013, Crayola Experience now features
21 hands-on attractions! Many of the old exhibits remain but have
been moved or improved. The backlit doodle boards can now be found
in the ‘Doodle in the Dark’ room, which also houses an interactive floor
that responds to your motions as well as a special screen with crayon
pals that mirror your every move. Tokens are still given that can be
used for crayons, markers, and modeling clay, but now you can also
personalize your own crayon wrapper at “Wrap It Up” or customize the
color of your marker. The biggest change is the departure of the
National Canal Museum. Water Works remain but has been
Crayola-ized with crayon boats and a colorfully playful mural on the
wall. Also, in place of the museum’s exhibits is a two-story Crayola
Playground where kids will work off some of their energy when they
“wiggle up the melted wax tower” and slide down the crayon box.
We just celebrated our twins’
birthday with a party at the Crayola
Experience, and the kids all had a blast! We spent an hour in the party
room, and we had an unlimited amount of time to explore the exhibits.
Be sure to discover the magic of color! Go early, especially on the
weekend if you have young kids. It does get crowded in the afternoon.
The Circus is in Town!
The Circus Salon, that is! La Bella Salon by Regina in Lebanon
has a colorfully decorated salon just for kids. The salon is filled
with stuffed circus animals, books and toys, which is perfect for
kids of all ages. After their haircuts, my kids love to spin the
wheel and win a prize!
The Circus Salon even offers pampering birthday parties. Three
different party options are available: Mani with Nail Art, Mani /
Pedi, and Mani / Pedi plus Up-Dos. Balloons, games, and
prizes can also be added to each party. Be sure to mention
THE CREATIVE KID CLUB when you make your appointment
or book you party!
Musical 1st Birthdays
A baby’s 1st year is filled with so many special moments and
milestones which makes a baby’s 1 st birthday extra special.
Though the birthday boy or girl may not remember the actual
event, many parents celebrate with a party. Music is a popular
entertainment choice for 1st birthday parties. Music is fun and is
great for bonding between parent and child. Also, music
encourages movement which is beneficial for young children
developing their motor skills. “1 year olds are still learning their
bodies and responses,” says Beth Stone, a Kids’ MusicRound
teacher in Central New Jersey. “The responses I see at parties
are truly original and heart-warming!” In addition to teaching
family style music classes, Beth also offers musical birthday
parties at your location. All party classes are designed
specifically for the party child with their favorite songs,
instruments, and dances.
I planned a musical 1st birthday party for each of my children’s
1st birthdays. For my twins’ party, one of the teachers from the
music class we were taking at the time led a music class for
our guests. For my oldest son’s first birthday, Monkey Monkey
Music performed a lively, high energy show for us. In addition to
performing at birthday parties and community events, Monkey
Monkey Music can also be seen on PBS! Their award-winning
music videos air in the U.S. on over 100 PBS stations and
internationally in over 175 countries on the American Forces
Another band that is popular at parties in New Jersey is The
Little Rockers Band. In fact, The Little Rockers Band was
featured in Time Out New York Kids as one of the best party
entertainers in New York City! The Little Rockers Band plays
cool Indie Rock music for kids. That's KINDIE ROCK! It's a
growing genre of music by artists and musicians who have a
passion for creating thoughtful, educational and above all, fun
music for today’s families. The band performs family rock
concerts, birthday parties, music classes and school
mr. RAY, who was a big hit at several of THE CREATIVE KID
CLUB events this year, is also a popular performer at 1 st
birthday parties. mr. RAY, a kindie singer/songwriter known for
his eye-catching, colorfully stickered guitar, is a favorite of both
kids and adults! A New Jersey native, mr. RAY has also
performed with other well-known NJ artists such as Bruce
Springsteen and Bon Jovi. Audience members love to clap and
sing along while they learn about the colors of the rainbow or
imagine they've got a friend named "Kalien, the Alien“!
THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB Birthday Guide - Fall 2013
Occasions Studio in Flemington is a unique gift boutique
featuring gifts for babies to grandmas and everyone in
between. MOMS: They have wonderful, affordable
customized birthday gifts for kids of all age, They also offer
personalized items including hand-painted furniture,
monogrammed stationary, blankets, sweaters, feeding sets
and more. Home of the famous personalized piggy bank!
3. A World of Adventure. Barefoot Books celebrate art and
story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all
walks of life, focusing on themes that encourage
independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning and respect
for the world's diversity. Open a Barefoot Book and step into
a world of vibrant art and story from around the world.
4. Birthday in a BabbaBox. The monthly box subscriptions
are becoming very popular, and I can understand why. Who
5 Gift Giving Ideas
doesn’t like to get presents in the mail! I know I was excited
when I saw my BabbaBox being delivered! The awardBuying birthday presents can sometimes be a challenge. Here are
winning BabbaBox was created by New Jersey native,
5 suggestions to help make the process a little simpler:
Jessica Kim. More than just crafts, BabbaBox is geared
1. Shop Local When Possible. In my college days, I worked at
towards 3-7 year olds and promises hours of enriching
the local toy store in my college town. I loved all the unique
projects with a different mix every month - books, games,
and educational toys as well as the craft and science projects
puzzles, imaginative play, sensory activities & more!
that were available. We are fortunate to have 3 great local toy
5. Gift of PLAY. There are a lot of great programs for kids in
stores in Hunterdon County – Toys on Main in Clinton,
Hunterdon County, but they can get expensive especially if
Sunbeam Toys in Frenchtown, and Toy Kingdom in Flemington!
you have multiple kids. Many programs offer gift cards,
2. Personalize & Customize. Every child loves to see their name
which can be the perfect gift especially if your house is
– whether it is on a picture they drew or on their lunchbox. My
already full of toys! THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB offers gift
kids loved their personalized Thirty-One lunch totes they
cards for our fun fitness program, LET’S PLAY TODAY®, as
received for their birthdays last year. They took them to school
well as our PLAY TIMES and CRAFT TIMES.
everyday and to outings at the local playground.
Donate or Consign?
Birthday time is the perfect time to clean out the toy room and recycle
gently used toys that are no longer used. Consider donating toys to a
local charity such as Big Brother Big Sister of Hunterdon, Somerset,
and Warren. Call 1-877-336-8828 to schedule a free pick-up.
In early 2014, the Hunterdon Medical Center Foundation will be
opening a Thrift Shop to raise funds for future programs at their
healthcare facilities. Once the Thrift Store opens, the Foundation will
be accepting toys and other items to be sold in the store. Currently,
the Foundation is accepting monetary donations for the project. To
make a donation, contact Patricia Garland at 908-237-5483 or
[email protected]
Also, consider selling toys at a local consignment sale to make some
extra cash. Two sales in Hunterdon County are Wear-M-Well and
Kidzsignments. Wear-M-Well is in Califon twice a year, October for
Fall / Winter and March for Spring / Summer. Kidzsignments offers
three sales in Flemington. They have a Fall / Winter sale in October as
well as a Spring / Summer sale in March. They also have an All
Season sale in the summer..
 Unique Birthday Gifts for Kids
 Personalized & Monogrammed Items
 Invitations & Favors for all of Life's
 Home of the Famous Personalized
Piggy Bank!
160 Main Street
(908) 806 - 4438
[email protected]
THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB Birthday Guide - Fall 2013
Kids Love Barefoot Books
(414) 405-8105
[email protected]
The Pirate Cupcake
[email protected]
Consignment Sales
78 Reaville Avenue
Flemington, NJ 08822
Califon Fire Company
41 Main Street
Califon, NJ 07830
[email protected]
Art Journey Studio
20 Windy Hill Road
Annandale, NJ
Danna Banana
23 Clinton Avenue
Nyack, NY 10960
[email protected]
Jamie FancyFull Faces
Facebook: Jamie FancyFull Faces
[email protected]
Discovery Toys
Serving NJ and the Tri-State Area
201-677-TOYS (8697)
[email protected]
Jersey Family Fun
Serving New Jersey
609 445-4159
[email protected]
Thirty-One Gifts
Anna Shustack, Independent Consultant
[email protected]
The Little Rockers Band
Various NJ Locations
Rock[email protected]
Favors & Gifts
Occasions Studio
160 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822
[email protected]
The Magic of Chad Juros
[email protected]
Petit Lilly
21 Sutton Farm Road
Flemington, NJ 08822
[email protected]
Crayola Experience
30 Centre Square
Easton, PA 18042
[email protected]
Sunbeam Toys
24 Bridge Street
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
[email protected]
La Bella Circus Salon
1237 Route 22 East
Lebanon, NJ 08833
[email protected]
CS Designs
[email protected]
Roving Nature Center
at Whittemore Wildlife Sanctuary
7 Rockaway Road
PO Box 26
Oldwick, NJ 08858
(908) 439-1201
[email protected]
Monkey Monkey Music
[email protected]
[email protected]
mr. RAY
[email protected]
Favors & Gifts
Babba Box
47 Winter Street Floor 7
Boston, MA 02108
[email protected]
Minuteman Press of Flemington
268 US Highway 202/31
Flemington, NJ 08822
[email protected]
Occasions Studio
160 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822
[email protected]
Hilary Murphy Photography
[email protected]
The Youth Center
16 Hampton Road
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826
[email protected]
201-264-9379 ~ ~ [email protected]
THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB Birthday Guide - Fall 2013
THE CREATIVE KIDS CLUB Birthday Guide - Fall 2013
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