Grid-Wall Panel installation instructions



Grid-Wall Panel installation instructions
Grid-Wall Panel installation instructions
Thank you for purchasing this Grid-wall panel storage system. Please read the following
instructions completely before commencing installation. If in doubt, please contact us or
consult a qualified tradesperson.
The grid-wall panels are supplied with mesh clips for fitting to walls but screws and plugs are not
included. Please ensure you use suitable fixings for the type of wall. If you are fixing to a plasterboard
wall then you must locate the timber studs and fix the clips over these for maximum strength.
Tools required:
Spirit level
Tape measure & pencil
Joist / Stud detector (for plasterboard walls)
Power drill / screwdriver
Safety goggles
Screws and wall plugs
Diagram 1. (Side view)
Step 2.
Attach the heavy duty plastic clips as close to each top corner as
possible. Fixing the clip on the inside of the mesh will provide a
neater finish but make sure you don’t want to fix any accessories
close to the clip or they may not fit. Hold the mesh panel against
the pencil line on the wall and mark the position of the fixing
holes through the top two clips. Ask a colleague to assist if
required. See diagram 2.
Step 1.
Determine where on the wall you want to position your grid-wall
panels. You can arrange the panels either portrait or landscape.
Draw a line with a pencil and spirit level to mark the top of each
grid panel.
Important! Please fit the panels to the wall the correct way
around so that the wires facing you are horizontal. If you don’t,
then the accessories will not fit onto the panels. See diagram 1.
Diagram 2. (Front view)
Step 3.
Drill two holes in the wall (avoiding any pipes or cables) and
insert wall plugs if required. Hold the mesh panel in place and
insert screws through the mesh clips into the pre-drilled holes. A
cordless screwdriver is recommended. See diagram 3.
Diagram 3.
Step 4.
Repeat step 3 for the remaining bottom clips and secure with screws.
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Step 5.
Attach hooks and accessories to the mesh grid. Each hook is
designed to be a firm fit. Tilt the hook when fitting and push the top
edge into place first, then push down to lock the hook into position.
Once you are happy with the hook positions you can start to get organised!
Heavy Duty Storage
If you are planning to store heavy items onto the grid-wall panels (e.g. bikes) then it is very important
to use strong screws and plugs as this will determine the overall capacity of the panel.
Extending your Grid-wall panel system
It is very easy to add extra panels if required to the top, bottom or sides of your existing panels to
create a complete wall storage system.
Tip: For extra versatility the racks and hooks can also be screwed directly to a wall. This is useful in areas
where you cannot easily fit grid-wall panels. Simply screw each bracket to the wall using the pre-drilled
holes and appropriate fixings.
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