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product suite
Polaris Launch Commercial
Professional Indemnity
Polaris Corporate Solutions is pleased to announce
the launch of its commercial Professional Indemnity
insurance products suite. Our Professional Indemnity
product offering has been designed specifically to
address the regional and evolving global exposures
companies in the cee / cis region face today.
Our Professional Indemnity product offering is a
further commitment to our partners to continue to
meet the evolving needs of their clients in the cee /
cis region.
Partnering Catlin Insurance Company (uk) Limited for
these lines of business enables our clients to access
state of the art insurance products, combined with
premier financial security and sophisticated claims
handling services.
our new product suite offers insurance for
a wide range of professions in the cee / cis
region, including:
• Design & Construct
(including project specific cover)
• Architects
• Engineers
• Real-Estate Agents
• Lawyers & Public Notaries
• Accountants & Auditors
• Management consultants
• Miscellaneous
additional product offering:
• Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
• Broad Side A Directors and Officers Liability
• Employments Practices Liability Insurance
• Commercial Crime Insurance
• Pension Trustees Liability Insurance
• Public Offering of Securities Liability Insurance
• Bankers’ Blanket Bond Insurance
• Financial Institutions Professional Indemnity
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