Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina



Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Eastatoe Falls located in Pickens County, South Carolina (S.C.)
(photo taken by Janice M. Cronan 2013)
Pickens County S.C. Area History
Pickens County was named after Revolutionary War hero
Andrew Pickens. This area was Cherokee Indian Territory
until after the American Revolution. Traces of their
influence on the area can still be found in the names of
creeks, rivers, lakes, and towns. Eastatoe, Oolenoy,
Keowee, Jocassee, Toxaway and Seconee are just a few of
the names that tie this area to the Cherokee. The trading
paths that were established in the early days lead from the
mountains to the sea and later became the migration paths
for white settlers. Many of the paths crisscrossed through
the land which later became Pickens County, South
The first white men to come to the area were the “Indian
Traders.” Many of their names can be found in William
McDowell’s book, “Colonial Records of South Carolina:
Documents Relating to Indian Affairs 1750-1754.” 3 Other records concerning “trade” with the Cherokee
can be found at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH). 4
When the American Revolution came to the southern colonies, the Cherokee sided with the British
because the King promised their leaders that no white-man would settle west of the Blue Ridge
Mountains. While siding with the Tories, local British sympathizers, the Cherokee often went on raids
against the Patriots and other white settlers who were neutral in the conflict. They brutally attacked many
innocent families, and this bloodshed created fear and lingering animosity against the Cherokee.
Documented skirmishes and battles in this area can be found in a series of books by Patrick O’Kelley,
Nothing but Blood and Slaughter: The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas.5
Visit Pickens County, Pickens County Tourism webpage, http://www.visitpickenscounty.com/vendor/40/eastatoe-fallstwinfalls/ , (accessed online 10 July 2015).
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http://nativeheritageproject.com/2014/04/09/south-carolina-indian-traders-1750-1754, (accessed online 13 July 2015).
South Carolina Department of Archives and History. “Directors of Cherokee Trade.” Selected Records of the South Carolina
Dept. of Archives and History Relating to Native Americans. http://www.palmettohistory.org/exhibits/cherokee/Records.htm
(accessed online 13 July 2015).
O’Kelley, Patrick, Nothing but Blood and Slaughter: The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas, vol. 1 - 4, Blue Horse Tavern
Press, 2004.
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
In 1776 a campaign led by Colonel Williamson with a detachment of over four hundred soldiers went into
Indian Territory and defeated the Cherokee. After this defeat of the Cherokee, the Governor appointed a
commission to make a peace treaty with the Indians and their lands and farms were surrendered. A system
for granting these lands to the white settlers was not established until after the American Revolution.
The map below drawn by Fredrick V. Clayton and published in his book, The Settlement of Pendleton
District (1777 – 1800)6 shows rivers, creeks, trails, Indian towns, military forts, and battle grounds. This
book is an important resource for anyone researching this area because it contains approximately ninetyfive percent of the first land grants located on detailed maps, and it includes the names of grantees.
Individual plats of state land grants from 1784-1868 can be found online at SCDAH.
This research locality guide was not created to contain information specific to the Cherokee Indians, but
in order to understand the early history and naming patterns of the area it was included.
Clayton, Frederick V., The Settlement of Pendleton District 1777 – 1800, (Central , S.C., Faith Clayton Family Research
Center, 1968.) p. 11.
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Upcountry S.C. (Pickens County) Research
As researchers interested in this area, we may find it difficult to locate records because of the county and
district name changes. According to Ancestry’s Red Book, “Understanding South Carolina’s recordkeeping jurisdictions is essential to successful research. Each jurisdiction created records and sometimes
more than one jurisdiction recorded the same event or transaction. The best policy regarding research in
South Carolina is to check every possible jurisdiction for a needed record.”7
Since South Carolina was one of the original thirteen colonies, its proprietor and provisional royal
government was based out of Charleston, and all legal documents were recorded there until 1769. When
this centralized record keeping system became overwhelmed because of the influx of settlers to the state,
judicial districts and counties within districts were formed. Some of the dates listed below did not affect
the northwestern part of the state, but it is helpful to understand the parent counties within the state of
South Carolina as we search for records.8
Cerny, Johni, Ancestry’s RedBook: American State, County & Town Sources, Salt Lake City: Ancestry Publishing, 1989, p.
8 [5]
Schweitzer, George K. , South Carolina Genealogical Research, (Knoxville, Tennessee: 1985), p. 39-42, FHL book
975.7 D27; found at FamilySearch International: Pickens County South Carolina Genealogy, History: Land and Data,
https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Pickens_County,_South_Carolina_Genealogy#Quick_Dates: (accessed 13 July 2015).
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Free Online Resources for Upcountry S.C. (Pickens County) Research
Golden Corner GenWeb Project http://rootsweb.ancestry.com/~scoconee/searching.html
Paul Kankula and Gary Flynn are the volunteer
coordinators for this project and have spent many
years surveying and compiling historical and
genealogical information about this area.
An enormous amount of information can be
found at this site, and I consider it one of the best
online sites for researching Pickens County and
the “Old Pendleton District.”
As mentioned earlier the division and naming patterns of the jurisdictions determine where records may
be found. This website can be very helpful because your ancestor may appear to have lived in several
different places when actually they never moved, but the name of the place where they lived changed.
This website shows a detailed breakdown of the name changes that affected Pickens County, S.C.9
Prior to 1783, no lawful White settlements were above the Anderson County border.
In 1785, Treaty of Hopewell was signed to remove the Cherokee Indians from S.C.
In 1789, Pendleton County was formed as part of the 96 Judicial District.
In 1795, Pendleton County was placed in the Washington Judicial District.
In 1799, Pendleton County was named Pendleton District
In 1799, Washington Judicial District was discontinued.
In 1816, another Treaty was signed to relinquish Indian Territory land to Oconee County.
In 1826/27, Pendleton District was divided into the Anderson & Pickens Districts.
In 1868, the state legislature decided to change all districts to counties.
Oconee County (est. 1868) represents part of old Pickens County & added Indian Land.
Pickens County (est. 1825) represents part of old Pickens District.
Anderson County (est. 1826) represents the old Anderson District. (Anderson County deeds
include the records of former Pendleton District/County.)
In 1986, Pickens County annexed Oconee County land that included Clemson University and
land extending SE to Anderson County.
Information about the following resources can be accessed from the menu section of this website located
on the right side of the webpage:
Churches, Funeral Homes, Libraries,
USGenWeb Project online, Federal Census Schedules, “Pickens County”, Contributed by Paul Kankula,
http://rootsweb.ancestry.com/~scoconee/census.html, (accessed 20 July 2015).
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Free Online Resources Continued
South Carolina Online Records at
 FamilySearch Wiki – click on the insert
and links on the right for direct access.  
 Cyndi’s List contains a list of links which
opens other webpages that contain a wealth
of information for Pickens County, S.C.
 Maps & Historical County Lines
genealogical information on the 96th District,
Pendleton, and Pickens Districts can be
found here, but the link to the 1825 Mill’s
Atlas is broken. The Atlas can be accessed at:
 Southern Campaigns Revolutionary
Transcribed American Revolutionary War
pension statements from the southern states.
 Online Library of the Revolutionary
War http://lib.jrshelby.com/
 Find A Grave
http://www.findagrave.com/ or
 The
South Carolina
Pickens County
This site contains various records such as
Bible transcriptions, census (1790-1820,
1860, 1870), wills, deeds, etc.
 Google
https://www.google.com/ free
search engine to find free websites.
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1 Quick Dates
2 County Courthouse
3 Historical Facts
o 3.1 Parent County
o 3.2 County Pronunciation
o 3.3 Boundary Changes
o 3.4 Record Loss
4 Places/Localities
5 Resources
o 5.1 Research Guides
o 5.2 African Americans
o 5.3 Cemeteries
o 5.4 Census
 5.4.1 Federal
 1830
 1840
 1840 Revolutionary War
 1850
 1860
 1890
o 5.5 Church History and Records
o 5.6 Court Records
o 5.7 DNA
o 5.8 Genealogy
o 5.9 History
o 5.10 Land and Property
o 5.11 Maps
o 5.12 Migration
o 5.13 Military History and Records
 5.13.1 Revolutionary War
 5.13.2 War of 1812
 5.13.3 Civil War
 5.13.4 Militia
o 5.14 Newspapers
o 5.15 Periodicals
o 5.16 Probate Records
o 5.17 Taxation
 5.17.1 Published abstracts
o 5.18 Vital Records
 5.18.1 Birth
 5.18.2 Marriage
 5.18.3 Death
6 Archives, Libraries and Museums
o 6.1 Research Guides
7 Societies plus More............
8 Family History Centers
9 Websites
10 References
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Fee-Based Online Resources
Ancestry.com— According to Wikipedia10,
Ancestry.com is the largest “for-profit”
genealogy company in the world. On this
subscription-based website you can build family
trees, find and capture historical documents,
collaborate with other researchers, obtain a
genetic genealogy test, watch educational
webinars, and much more. As a member for
many years, I have found many Pickens County,
S.C. cousins who have shared documents and
photos with me. If you are not already a member
They also have over 1,200 always-free
databases, including the 1880 and 1940 U. S.
census. You may be asked to sign up for a free
account, but there are no strings attached. Their
free database list can be found here.
Fold3— Also owned by Ancestry.com, is a
website that contains online military documents
which can be downloaded, saved, and printed. If
you are already a member of Ancestry.com you
can subscribe to Fold3 for $39.95 here:
http://go.fold3.com/military/?p=d&xid=1135 If
you are not a member you can sign up for a trial
membership, and often you will be offered a
reduced rate before time to cancel.
List of Available Records at Fold3:
The American Revolution
 Revolutionary War Pension Files
 Revolutionary War Rolls
 Revolutionary War Service Records
The War of 1812
Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancestry.com
2015 (accessed 21 July 2015).
War of 1812 Pension Files
War of 1812 Service Records (Lake
Mexican American and Early Indian Wars
 Mexican War Service Records
 Indian Wars Service Record Index
 Ratified Indian Treaties
The Civil War
 Confederate Soldier Service Records
 Union Soldier Service Records
 Southern Claims Commission
 Civil War Pension Index
Spanish-American War
 Spanish-American War Service
Record Index
 Spanish-American War Service
Records - Florida
World War I
 Naturalization Index for WWI Soldiers
 Expeditionary Forces Air Service
 Gorrell's History of the American
Expeditionary Forces
World War II
 USS Arizona Memorial
 WWII Hero Pages
 WWII Pictures and Photos
 WWII Documents
 Missing Air Crew Reports
 Photographs of President Franklin D
 WWII Japanese soldiers, and
Prisoners of War
Korean War
 Korean War Casualties
 Navy Muster Rolls, 1949-1971
 New York State Military Museum
Vietnam War
 Army War Photos
 Vietnam War Marine Corps
(Color & B/W)
 Unit Service Awards
 The Interactive Vietnam Wall
Recent Wars
 Navy Muster Rolls, 1949-1971
 Casualties from Persian Gulf War
 Medal of Honor Recipients, 1863–2013
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
The Faith Clayton Room
The Faith Clayton Room, located at Southern Wesleyan University,
houses one of the state’s finest regional collections of genealogical
resources. This research collection consists of genealogical material,
both public and private, from not only Pickens County but many other
South Carolina counties. It also contains many out-of-state resources as
it relates to migration into the area.
An appointment can be made on Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. for personal assistance. Although
the volunteer is unable to do extensive research, a specific reference question can be answered. Any
photocopying will be the responsibility of the researcher and copy machines are available. Requests by email, letter, or telephone should be specific, and a donation per individual request is requested.
MAILING ADDRESS: Rickman Library, Clayton Room, Southern Wesleyan University, PO Box 1020,
Central, South Carolina 29630.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Clayton Room Telephone: 864-644-5088
(Leave Message with name and contact info.)
G. Anne Sheriff Telephone: 864-888-7387
Clayton Room-Southern Wesleyan University
Claude Rickman Library
105 Commons Way; Central, SC 29630;
Main Campus: 877-644-5556
Link to area map:
Free Parking Available
(Email for summer hours) [email protected]
Monday - Thursday 7:45 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.; Friday 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.;
Saturday 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.;
Sunday 6:00 - 11:00 p.m.
“Located in the lower level of the library, the research area accommodates several researchers at a time.
Microfilm, microfilm readers, and printers are available. Most materials can be photocopied for a nominal
fee. Fragile materials, however, cannot be photocopied. The duplication of manuscripts and photographs
for the use in publications requires permission from the Library.”11
Southern Wesleyan University Website, http://www.swu.edu/academics/library/faith-clayton-genealogy-room/ 2015.
(accessed 21 July 2015).
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
LIBRARIES: The Faith Clayton Room Continued
Inventory of Holdings at the
Faith Clayton Room Library
Special Collections includes the following in the
main reading room:
Clayton Collection from Faith Clayton
and other donors
Weston Folger Collection
Isadora and Marshall Williams Collection
Adalai Yates Collection
Alexander Collection from Peggy Rich
and Marion Whitehurst, including
information on Old Pickens
Katherine Hester Collection
Eme Banister Collection
Florine H. Bartlett Collection
Vera V. Wilson Collection
D.K. Youngblood Collection
Martha McJunkin Collection
Dacusville Book Project and Tapes
The Clayton Room also has a collection of
original documents,
photographs from the area. These and other
original collections are housed in locked cabinets
and researchers must contact G. Anne Sheriff
concerning use of these collections. 864-8887387
Other original collections:
Samuel Crawford Civil War Letters
Jay Young Collection
Mullinax Collection from Elizabeth
Lynch Collection from Elizabeth Ellison
Pauline Young Collection
Original Bibles from Claytons and others
Faith Clayton Collection
Harold Clayton Collection of Letters
Van Clayton Collection - The Settlement
of Pendleton District 1777-1800
Miscellaneous Small Collections
The microfilm collection includes, but is not
limited to:
Upstate newspaper early issues including
the Keowee Courier, Pendleton
Messenger, and Pickens Sentinel.
The microfilm census collection includes
all Pickens County Federal Census.
The South Carolina Record of
Appointment of Postmasters
Register of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors
and Citizens who died in Federal Prisons
and Military Hospitals in the North 18611865. (1 roll)
SC Former Confederates for Presidential
Pardons 1865-1867
SC Admission to Citizenship 1790-1906
SC Internal Revenue Assessment
Pickens and Oconee Counties Draft
Pickens District Plat Book A 1828-1836
and Plat Book B 1836-1860, Pendleton
District Plat Books 1802-1805, Pendleton
District Plat Books 1820-1828, and
Anderson District Plat Book 1828-1836.
The book collection includes many family
histories, state and county sources, military
histories, cemetery records, and immigration and
passenger lists. Many of these books have been
published by local authors. One of the foremost
authors from the area is Brent Holcomb, and 91
of his books can be found at this library.
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Pickens County Public Libraries
Hampton Memorial
(864) 850-7077
304 Biltmore Road
Easley, SC 29640
Regional Branch
(864) 639-2711
105 Commons Way
Central, SC 29630
Sarlin Branch
(864) 843-5805
15 S Palmetto St.
Liberty, SC 29658
Village Branch
(864) 898-5747
124 N Catherine St.
Pickens, SC 29671
Pickens County has four branch libraries. They are very proud of their
online genealogy databases that were funded by the State Library's
Discus Project. Their collection of subscription databases can be
accessed by patrons for free at the library, and Fold3 and Heritage Quest
can be accessed from home.
Many county public libraries have Ancestry.com, but very few offer
Fold3 which is a premier historical and genealogical data base that
provides online access to over 50 million documents from the National
Archives, other regional archives, as well as access to US military
records including stories, photos, and personal documents of the men
and women who served.
AncestryLibrary.com can also be accessed at the library and is an online,
advanced genealogy resource. It includes information about births,
marriages, death notices, immigration records, complete census records
(1790-1940) and much more. AncestryLibrary.com is available on the
entire public internet computers at any of the Pickens County Library
branches, and on any device connected to their wireless internet.
Heritage Quest is an online genealogy research database which you can use from the comfort of your
home. They have a excellent selection of American Revolutionary War Records. To utilize this service,
you simply need to provide your library card number and PIN.
Hampton Memorial Public Library
History & Genealogy Room
304 Biltmore Road; Easley, SC 29640
Phone 864-850-7077 x112 Email [email protected]
Over 3,000 Books, Including:
 Nearly 100 Church Histories - 200-289
 Genealogy How-To Books - 929-929.1
 Over 200 Family Histories - 929.2
 Over 600 Indexes and abstracts of Genealogical records and
over 400 S.C. State and Local Histories - 929.3-929.4
 Cemetery Surveys for most Upstate Counties - 929.5
 Revolutionary War Records - 973.3
 Pickens County history - 975.7
 Over 100 Biographies of South Carolinians
Continued Next Page
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Hampton Memorial Public Library History & Genealogy Room Continued:
Over 1,500 Rolls of Microfilm, Including:
 Easley Progress - 1902-1906 and 1921-February 2012
 Greenville News - 1985-1991
 Keowee Courier - May 18, 1849-Dec 28, 1882; January 1922- December 2000
 Liberty Monitor - 1978-1989
 Miller's Weekly Messenger (Also known as Pendleton Messenger) - February 1810-January 1811
 Messenger (now The Journal) - 1954-December 2012
 Pendleton Messenger - December 2, 1829-September 18,1851
 People's Journal - January 4, 1894-April 9, 1903
 Pickens County Courier - 2007-December 2014
 Pickens Sentinel - 1873-October 2011
(Missing issues for September 13, 1894-April 23, 1903)
 SC Death Certificates from 1915-1964 (Microfilm index available for 1915-1949)
Other Libraries in Pickens County
Clemson University Library - Cooper Library
Clemson University Arthropod Collection
Libraries online
The South Carolina Digital Library provides free access to historic materials, such as photographs,
manuscripts, journals, books, oral histories, and objects which illustrate the history and culture of South
Carolina. These resources are from over 40 cultural heritage institutions across the state. Over 200,000
items have been added so far. http://scmemory.org/counties/pickens-county/
Pickens County Library System's Photos - historical collection
Website with everything.
Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK)
South Carolina Dept. Archives & History online:
Family History Center
Seneca South Carolina Family History Center
5003 Wells Highway; Seneca, S.C. 29678-4608
Website https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Seneca_South_Carolina_Family_History_Center
Phone 864-886-9345 Please call for an appointment.
email [email protected]
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Repositories and Other Resources
South Carolina Department Archives & History
S.C. Department of Archives and History
8301 Parklane Road
Columbia, S.C. 29223
(Free Parking)
Steven D. Tuttle , Director Archives Services (803) 896-6204
Staff-Research Room desk (803- 896-6104)
Database Search:
Index to multiple record series, 1675 - 1929 (33 Series)
Government Resources
Pickens County, S.C. began keeping birth & death records in 1915, marriage records in 1911. It began
keeping land and probate records in 1828, and court records in 1823.
In 2000 it ranked 13 out of 46 counties in South Carolina. At that time it had the following incorporated
cities: Central, Clemson, Easley, Liberty, Norris, Six Mile, and Pickens the county seat.
Pickens County Courthouse
214 E. Main Street; Pickens, SC 29671; Phone: 864-898-5857
Some miscellaneous court records can still be found in the basement of the courthouse, but most records
have been transferred to the administrative facility listed below. According to Brent Holcombe, notable
author from the area, Pickens County, S.C. records are extant.
Pickens County Administration Facility (Repository for probate & deed records)
222 McDaniel Ave., B-16; Pickens, SC 29671
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
Driving Directions FROM CLEMSON, SC: Take Hwy. 123 towards Easley, SC; Turn left onto Hwy. 8
and follow it towards Pickens, SC; Turn left onto L E C Road and go to stop light (HWY 178); Stay
straight at light and proceed to stop sign (McDaniel Ave.); Turn left onto McDaniel Ave.; Follow
McDaniel Ave approx. ½ mile and Pickens County Administration Bldg. will be on right. Free Parking.
Probate Court http://southcarolina-genealogy.com/Pickens-County-Probate-Records.htm
222 McDaniel Ave., B-16; Pickens, SC 29671 29671 Phone: 864-898-5903
The probate judge's office holds licenses issued before 1950 and after October 2009. Statewide
registration of marriages began in July 1950. Both The Division of Vital Records and the county probate
court have copies of licenses issued after July 1, 1950 through November 2009.
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Government Resources Continued
Register of Deeds http://www.pickensscrod.us/oncoreweb/Search.aspx
222 McDaniel Ave., B-5
Pickens, SC 29671
Phone: 864-898-5868
Land record dates available online: 01 Dec 1986 to present
Assessor Online Database http://www.pickensassessor.org/
Pickens County Assessor
222 McDaniel Avenue, B-8, Pickens, SC 29671
Phone: (864) 898-5871 Fax: (864) 898-5932
At this site you can search by owners name, location or mailing address. By using the interactive map
you can discover other properties of interest, especially family cemeteries located on private land. You
can obtain the current owners name and phone number for permission to visit the cemetery.
Missing Records
The 1890 U.S. census schedules were destroyed by fire, but the South Carolina Civil War veterans and
widow’s schedules can be found at the S.C. Department of Archives & History.
Pickens County is fortunate because they are not missing any records due to local courthouse fires.
Unfortunately, in the past the historic records within courthouses were not monitored and some records
have “disappeared.” Researchers are working together to locate and make available all possible records.
Church Records
Online resources: http://southcarolinagenealogy.com/Pickens-County-ChurchRecords.htm
An EXTENSIVE LIST is available at the
US GenWeb project website. They were
compiled by: Paul M. Kankula & Debbie
K. Kellogg. Church Directory with
general and denominational information is
Photo taken by Janice M. Cronan 2013
Copyright © July 2015, Janice M. Cronan, All Rights Reserved
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Locality Guide for Pickens County, South Carolina
Old Pendleton District South Carolina Genealogical Society Chapter (very active).
P.O. Box 603, Central SC 29630-0603
Website: http://www.oldpendleton.scgen.org/ E-mail: [email protected]
President: Judy Long 864-933-3013 [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OldPendletonDistrictGenealogicalSociety?fref=ts
Reunion of Upcountry Families at Southern Wesleyan University: www.100yearreunion.com
Pickens County Historical Society https://sites.google.com/site/pickenscountyhistoricalsociety/home
P.O. Box 775, Pickens, SC 29671
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 864-878-1322
South Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution
Ft. Prince George Chapter, Easley, S.C.
E-mail: [email protected]
Sons of Confederate Veterans Sons of Confederate Veterans
2nd South Carolina Regiment, Camp 71, Pickens, S.C.
John C. Calhoun # 945 United Daughters of the Confederacy
E-mail: [email protected]
Clemson, S.C. http://www.scudc.info/chapters.html
Alexander, Jerry L., Antebellum Old Pickens District, S.C., (2007).
Holcomb, Brent H., South Carolina Marriages, 3 Volumes. (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical
Publishing Co., (1984).
Holcomb, Brent H., A Guide to South Carolina Genealogical Research and Records. (2005).
O’Kelley, Patrick, Nothing But Blood and Slaughter: The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas, vol. 1-4,
Booklocker.com Inc., (2004).
Owen, Jerry, Voices of Our Mountain Kin, (Andborough Publishing, LLC) (2006).
Copyright © July 2015, Janice M. Cronan, All Rights Reserved
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