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Saint Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church
Saint Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church
33 New Hyde Park Road, Franklin Square, New York 11010-3692
Joseph Benincasa
Frank Gonzalez
Music Director
Jennifer Wells
Dennis Canese
Marion G. Dreyfus
Parish Social—Outreach
Maureen Russell
Rev. Msgr. Richard M. Figliozzi
Associate Pastors
Rev. Johnny Mendonca
Rev. Charles N. Srion
Rev. Allan Arneaud
Faith Formation
Debbie Hurley
Retired Priest in Residence
Rev. William D. O’Rourke
Parish office: (516) 352-0146
FAX: (516) 326-7427
Faith Formation: (516) 354-4554
Outreach: (516) 775-0840
Web Site:
Sunday Masses
Saturday: Saint Catherine Chapel, Sienna Center 5:00PM
Sunday: Church 7:30AM, 9:30AM and 11:30AM
Saint Catherine Chapel, Sienna Center 9:00AM,
11:00AM and 1:00PM
Weekday Masses
Monday through Saturday: 8:00AM
Parish Office Hours
990 Holzheimer Street
Monday to Thursday, 9 AM—8 PM
Friday, 9 AM—7 PM
Saturday, 9:00AM—4:00 PM
Sunday, 10:00AM– 1:00PM
Parish Membership
New members are welcome to our parish family and
should register at the Parish Office. All are invited to join
our many and varied Parish Ministries and Societies.
Getting Married?
Please make an appointment with a priest or deacon
before making social arrangements.
Prayer Life
Adoration: Fridays 9:00AM-9:00PM in the Saint Catherine
Chapel, Sienna Center
Miraculous Medal Novena: Monday after the 8:00AM
Parishioners with Special Needs
The Church & Saint Catherine Chapel, Sienna Center are
accessible through the doors on the right side of the
Parish Social Ministry Outreach Hours
Church, where two buildings meet. The Sienna Center is
995 Lutz Street
accessible through front door. An elevator is available
Monday through Friday, 11:00AM-1:00PM
through main door of Sienna Center (left side of stairs)
Thursday, 4:00PM - 6:00PM
which allows access to Church as well.
1St Saturday of the month 11:00AM - 1:00PM
Assisted Listening Devices are available in the
Additional hours by appointment only.
Church, for the hearing impaired. Please ask an usher if
you need one.
Anointing of the Sick
Special Needs Advocacy: Dr. Priscilla O’Connell may
There is a communal Anointing of the Sick on Thursday
be reached by calling the Parish Social Ministry Office at
during the 8:00AM Mass. Please notify a priest if anyone is
775-0840, if you have additional needs to be addressed.
sick at home.
Mass for those with special needs, family & friends is
Emergency sick calls at any time: Call 352-0146
celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 3:00PM
Saint Catherine Chapel, Sienna Center.
We Celebrate Baptism
We celebrate welcoming new people to our parish through Professional Therapy & Counseling
Baptism. Call the Parish Office to make arrangements.
Family, marriage, and individual therapies, provided by
Children: Celebrated every Sunday at 2:00PM
New York licensed therapists, are available to our parish.
(except Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday - January – June 2014) Call Dr. Giuliani, Catholic Counseling Ctr., 631-243-2503.
First & Third Saturdays at 12:30pm Beginning July 2014
Prep. Class: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM
(pre-registration is required)
Adults: Adults to be Baptized or Confirmed are invited
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
to call the Parish Office for assistance.
Saturday: 4:00PM-5:00PM
January 26, 2014
During the week of January 26,
the Sanctuary Lamp will burn in our Church
For the Priest of the Parish
With the prayers of Friends
(Jan 27 - Feb 2)
8:00 AM
Jan 27– St. Angela Merici
Etelvina Coelho Nunes
8:00 AM
Jan 28– St. Thomas Aquinas
John Lampasona
8:00 AM
Jan 29
Ann Tranlsen (7th Anniversary)
8:00 AM
Jan 30
John Lampasona
8:00 AM
Jan 31– St. John Bosco
Helen Hoyer
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
7:30 AM
9:30 AM
9:00 AM
1:00 PM
During the week of January 26,
the Bread and Wine used at Masses will be
In Memory of Stephanie Czyewski
With the prayers of Olga DeSonne
Work We Do To Help Others This Week Is
For the Priest of the Parish
Feb 1
With the prayers of Friends
Legion of Mary / Pilgrim Statue
James V. Breheny
For the Friends & Family of Eleanor Hartmann
Matthew McGowan
Jack Marshall
Joan Tipley
Feb 2– 3rd Sunday in
Ordinary Time
For the People of the Parish
Catherine & William DeFrancisco
Providenza Cardella
Antonio, Lucia, & Mary Anne Trotti
Angelo Brogna & Brogna Family
Frank Garrish
Host Family/Individual:
Esn. Anthony Patrick Huskisson
PRAY for DECEASED and their Families:
Joseph Mascitti, Albert Cuollo,
Carmine Migliore , Salvatore Civitello,
Gladys Warner, Fannie Reale,
PRAY for the SICK:
Christine Girgenti, Patrick Connolly,
Tyler Flotte, Frankie Foudin, Joe Lannon,
Mongaret Brodshon, Viola Hart.
Sgt. Patrick Brady
PFC Erik Jacobsen
PFC Michael P. Kelly
ET3 Peter J. King
E3 Thomas Mannle
Chaplain Col. Msgr. Mark Rowan
Airman 1st Class. Phil Gautiere
Maj. Thomas Babbitt
Cpl Thomas R. Kroez, Jr.
Maj. Catherine Babbitt
Sgt. Michael Salemi
Cpl. Christopher Montes Capt. Richard Babbitt
Capt. Shaun R. Cullen A.N.G.
Cpl. Joseph Blaikie
M. Sgt. Peter Jacobsen
Robert Vitale
Lt. Col. Christopher Congalise
As members of St. Catherine of Sienna Roman Catholic Parish, we are committed by our Baptism to spread the teachings
of Jesus Christ by living our faith in loving service to all people. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and through worship and
prayer, we use our time, talent and treasure, to nourish the soul, care for the needy, minister to the alienated, nurture
the children and WELCOME all people into our community of faith.
From Msgr. Figliozzi
Scriptural Reflection for the Week
“… that there be no divisions among you, but be united
in the same mind and in the same purpose.” (see 1 Corinthians 1:10-13) Saint Paul is being very practical and
very inspirational here. Only a Christian for a short time at
this point, he knew the harm that disunity does in all Christian communities. He knew that a person cannot, on one
hand, say they are a follower of Jesus Christ, and then, on
the other, promote themselves at the expense of the unity
of community, be it a family or a parish. Once one person
seeks to rise above the others due to selfish ambition and
concerns, it introduces a great stumbling block in the witness to Christ that should be given by all. But when all
members of the community see themselves as servants to
Christ rather than superiors over the others, then, others
will want to be a part of a community that is built on authentic love or self – sacrifice. We might ask ourselves today if
the way we think and act promotes the service that Christ
expects from us or feelings of superiority that Christ wishes
to expel from us?
Catholic Ministries Appeal
This is the last week (up to 1/31) that donations can be
completed to the 2013 Appeal. I want to thank the over 700
households that participated and allowed us to earn a
rebate of over $20,000. The 2013 average gift was about
$136. The 2014 Appeal begins soon. Parishioners who
have pledged in the past are receiving a letter from the
Bishop outlining the way your donation help the Church
carry out its mission on Long Island. I ask that, if possible,
you make your pledge at the beginning of the year rather
that at the end. As you know, more frequent appeals from
the pulpit are necessary until we reach our goal. I will be
speaking about the 2014 Appeal at all Masses the weekend
of February 22/23. With everyone’s cooperation and good
will, perhaps we could be a good way towards making our
goal by then! Let’s everyone do their best to accomplish
this. Barring any unforeseen emergency expenditures, we
can direct our 2014 rebate to placing new carpeting in the
Church and enhancing our Faith Formation program
through reaching our young people and their families
through social media. I hope I can count on all of you to do
your part. Thank you very much for your year round support
and prayers.
Can you Help?
Our parish ministry of Consolation offers timely
assistance to families at the time of a death of a
loved one. These volunteers meet with family
members to offer condolences from the parish and
help the family become familiar with the carrying
out of the Funeral Mass. At present, we are in
great need of volunteers for this ministry. For more
information or to become a volunteer, please
call Father Allan and leave your contact information and he will get back in touch with you.
Thanks much.
Last Weekend’s Collection
Was: $14,808
Thank you for your support.
One Final Thought
“A Christian is someone who gives of himself. We
have to learn to do this. You need to learn how to
give, not to give because you have to give, but because you want to give. We need to have a life of
prayer to be able to give like that.”
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
The watchword today is “immediately.” Peter
and Andrew, James and John all respond
immediately to the call of Christ. May I be as
open to God’s call and as ready to use my
talents in His service as those
first disciples were!
We are grateful this week for all stewards in
our parish who work in parish-based advocacy
groups to bring Gospel values and Catholic
social teaching to the wider community
Parish Festival 2014: June 25-29
We are always in need of volunteers for this major parish
fundraising event. Help is needed in the various booths and
behind the scenes as well. If you think you have a skill or
talent that could be of use, please call the Parish Office and
leave your contact information. It is greatly appreciated.
Carnevale 2014: February 22nd
Tickets are available this weekend in the Sienna Center
lobby. Dinner is being prepared by Papa Ciro’s of New
Hyde Park and the evening’s entertainment will be provided
by the group, PRIMAVERA. (Our snow date is the following
Saturday, March 1st). You may also call Camille at
516-437-7396 for ticket reservations.
… to our
Faith Community & Parish!
Saint Catherine of Sienna R.C. Church
lit · ur · gy
a form of public worship; a collection of formularies for public
worship; the celebration of the Eucharist
Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish
February 2014
(Month of the Passion of Our Lord)
Presentation of the Lord
Family Mass - Level 5
Family Mass - Levels 7 & 8
(9:00AM Sienna Center)
(9:00AM Sienna Center)
Scripture Readings for
the NEXT SUNDAY. . .
The Presentation of
The Lord
Reading I - Malachi 3: 1-4
Reading II - Hebrews 2: 14-18
- Luke 2: 22-40
For weekday readings visit our diocesan website at and go to THE DAILY READINGS
Lord Jesus, may everything I do begin with
and continue with Your help,
And be done under Your guidance.
May my sharing in the Mass free me
from my sins,
And make me worthy of Your healing.
May I grow in Your Love and Your service,
And become a pleasing offering to You;
And with You to Your Father,
May the mystery I celebrate help me
To reach eternal life with you.
By Rev. Johnny R. Mendonca
St. Paul, named Saul, a Jew of the tribe of Benjamin, was born at Tarsus,
the capitol of Cilicia. He was a Roman citizen. He was brought up as a strict
Jew, and later became a violent persecutor of the Christians. While on his
way to Damascus to make new arrests of Christians, he was suddenly converted by a miraculous apparition of Our Lord. From a fierce persecutor he
became the great Apostle of the Gentiles. He made three missionary journeys which brought him to the great centers of Asia Minor and southern
Europe, and made many converts. Fourteen of his letters are found in the
New Testament. He was beheaded in Rome in 66. He was a Roman citizen
from birth. As he was "a young man" at the stoning of Stephen (the first
martyr) and "an old man" when writing to Philemon, about the year 63, he
was probably born around the beginning of the Christian era.
To complete his schooling, St. Paul was sent to Jerusalem, where he sat at
the feet of the learned Gamaliel and was educated in the strict observance
of the ancestral Law. Here he also acquired a good knowledge of scriptures. Some time after the death of Our Lord, St. Paul returned to Palestine.
His profound conviction made his zeal develop to a religious fanaticism
against the infant Church. He took part in the stoning of the first martyr,
St. Stephen, and in the fierce persecution of the Christians that followed.
Entrusted with a formal mission from the high priest, he departed for
Damascus to arrest the Christians there and bring them bound to Jerusalem. As he was nearing Damascus, about noon, a light from heaven suddenly blazed round him. Jesus with His glorified body appeared to him and
addressed him, turning him away from his apparently successful career.
Paul’s entire life can be explained in terms of one experience—his meeting
with Jesus on the road to Damascus. In an instant, he saw that all the zeal
of his dynamic personality was being wasted. Perhaps he had never seen
Jesus, who was only a few years older. But he had acquired a zealot’s hatred of all Jesus stood for, as he began to harass the Church: “...entering
house after house and dragging out men and women, he handed them over
for imprisonment” (Acts 8:3b). Now all his energy was focused to one
goal—being a slave of Christ in the ministry of reconciliation, an instrument
to help others experience the one Savior. One sentence determined his
theology: “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting” (Acts 9:5b). Jesus, he
saw, was the mysterious fulfillment of all he had been blindly pursuing.
From then on, his only work was to “present everyone perfect in Christ. For
this I labor and struggle, in accord with the exercise of his power working
within me” (Colossians 1:28b-29). Paul’s life became a tireless proclaiming
and living out of the message of the cross of the risen Christ; who makes all
completely new. So Paul’s great message to the world was: You are saved
entirely by God, not by anything you can do. Saving faith is the gift of total,
free, personal and loving commitment to Christ, a commitment that then
bears fruit in more “works” than the Law could ever contemplate.
REFLECTION: “Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, [love] is not
pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it
is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over
wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).
Serve God by Serving Others
Our Funding Goal: $95,000
Pledged to Date: $97,629
Family Participation Goal: 700
Family/Individuals to Date: 738
Paid Contributions: $95,984
THANK YOU for supporting the good works
of our Catholic Church on Long Island
work of our Parish Outreach Ministry providing help in our community!
so we receive our full rebate which has been designated to our Parish Outreach Ministry.
2013 CMA Honor Roll
Thank You for Making a Difference in Someone’s Life
Mr. and Mrs. George Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stojanowski
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ciccarello
Mrs. Nancy Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew De Junco
Mrs. Margaret H. Elliott
Mrs. Pauline L. Eymold
Ms. Catherine Fanelli
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maley
Mrs. Nora Arnold
Ms. Adele Ezzo
Alice C. Hartley
Mrs. Anne J. McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Ennio A. Rizzi
Ms. Patricia Toron
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Cennamo
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cona
Ms. Ellen Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. William McCombs
Mr. and Mrs. Luigi J. Moneta
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Annoscia
Mrs. Maura Spitaliere
Mr. and Mrs. John Viscusi
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Mercieca
Mr. and Mrs. John Moryl
Mrs. Julia Riback
Mr. Thomas A. Schehr
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mc Monigle
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Diana
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Brennan
Ms. Carol A. Hendricks
Mr. Dennis Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro X. Vera
SCS Confraternity of Christian Mothers
Knights of Columbus - Twelve Apostles #5001
Friends of Saint Catherine of Sienna
We appreciate and thank all donors and apologize if we inadvertently left anyone off our CMA 2013 Honor Roll.
'Poison' of jealousy destroys communities, stresses Pope
by Elise Harris
Pope Francis holds an audience with students from Jesuit-run schools in Italy and Albania in Paul VI Hall on June 7, 2013 Credit: Lauren Cater/CNA
Vatican City, Jan 23, 2014 / 08:41 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his daily homily Pope Francis warned against the dangers of envy, explaining
that it is a sin which fosters bitterness against our brothers, stifles our joy and inhibits us from truly praising God.
When someone in a Christian community suffers from jealousy, the community “ends up divided: one against the other,” the Pope explained in
his Jan. 23 daily Mass, emphasizing that “this is a strong poison – a poison that we find on the first page of the Bible in Cain.”
Giving his remarks to those gathered in the Vatican’s Saint Martha guesthouse, the Pope centered his homily on the day’s first reading, taken
from the First Book of Samuel in which King Saul seeks to kill David out of jealousy for his victory over Goliath.
After hearing the women praise David, Saul’s joy turns into sadness and jealousy, and “that great victory begins to undergo defeat in the heart
of the King,” the Pope expressed.
Just like the “worm of jealousy and envy” that seeped into the heart of Cain when he killed his brother Abel, the pontiff emphasized that “this is
what jealousy does in our hearts.”
“It is a destructive anxiety which cannot tolerate that a brother or sister has something that I have not.”
And “instead of praising God for this victory as did the women of Israel,” observed the Pope, Saul “prefers to withdraw into himself, feeling
sorry for himself” and to “stew his feelings in the broth of bitterness.”
“Jealousy leads to murder. Envy leads to murder,” the pontiff continued, adding that “it was this door, the door of envy, through which the devil
entered the world.”
Highlighting how “jealousy and envy open the doors” to “all evil things,” Pope Francis noted that “they also divide the community.”
The Pope went on to describe that there are two “very clear” things present in the heart of someone who is affected by jealousy, the first of
which is that “the envious person, the jealous person, is a bitter person who doesn’t know how to sing, how to praise, (or) know what joy is.”
Looking at someone in this way, considering only what they have and what we don’t have, “leads to bitterness, a bitterness that spreads
throughout the whole community,” the pontiff stated, referring to people with this mentality as “sowers of bitterness.”
A second approach which “brings jealousy and envy, are rumors,” revealed the Pope, emphasizing that when a person sees someone else
who has something that they want, the solution is often to put the other person down” so that “I am a bit higher up.”
“Gossip” is a tool that is frequently used in this situation, observed the Pope, noting that behind every rumor, “there is jealousy and envy.”
“Gossip divides the community, destroys the community. Rumors are the weapons of the devil.”
“How many beautiful Christian communities were getting along well” but were divided because one member allowed the “worm of jealousy and
envy” to enter their heart, the pontiff lamented.
With this jealousy comes “sadness, resentment and gossip,” he explained, highlighting that a person under the influence of envy “kills.”
Bringing his reflections to a close, Pope Francis asked for prayer for “our Christian communities so that this seed of jealousy will not be sown
between us, so that envy will not take root in our heart” or “in the heart of our communities, so we can move forward with praise to the Lord,
praising the Lord with joy.”
“It is a great grace, the grace of not falling into sadness, being resentful, jealous and envious."
Thank YOU for Giving!!!
This past season our Outreach volunteers filled boxes with all the trimmings for a traditional Thanksgiving
and Christmas meal, as well as staples such as pasta, sauce, cereal and canned items. Our Faith Formation
students spent many hours collecting much of the items we gave out to our needy families. Together with
the overwhelming outpouring of gifts from our parishioners buying items from our Outreach Christmas Tree
most of the recipients of Outreach were able to enjoy a lovely dinner and have gift cards to help them celebrate a wonderful Christmas.
H. Frank Carey, John Street and Floral Park Memorial Schools gave bins and bins of food, thank you to all
the students and teachers that assisted with that effort. CJ Wellingtons, LOCAL 338 Union and JC Penney
also had collections for us and the amount of food that came in and out of our doors was incredible. With all
those donors we additionally had so many parishioners give financially very generous gifts. We had toys
and gift cards and hats, scarves and gloves enough to warm all our hearts, and those of all we have
touched. The completed boxes were picked up by most and then delivered by our wonderful Knights
of Columbus, delivering to our recipients who are disabled or have no transportation.
By the time all was said and done we had served over 70 families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, in addition to the regular assistance given to our clients for the week and our pantry shelves are still full!!! This
thank you is for all of you who made it possible, you all know who you are. Many a donation was dropped off
with no names attached, thank you to all of you!
Thanks to all who have supported us throughout the year with everything from a can of fruit or box of pasta
to financial gifts. No matter how large or small, your donations are always greatly appreciated and put to
good use. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see the light of Christ shine through you.
As many of you know our new outreach pantry hours are Monday through Friday, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM, including Thursdays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm and the first Saturday of the month 11:00am – 1:00pm with a Spanish
interpreter on Tuesdays. Other hours are available by appointment only. We are located at the side door of
the convent. Please stop by or call 775-0840 if you need assistance or would like to help.
Special Needs Ministry “Evening of Respite”
January 31st
We welcome all those who have come in the past and those who would like to join us for the first time at
St. Catherine of Sienna Parish for Fridays, January 31, March 28 and May 30th from 6 to 8PM, so save the
dates! They will be held in the lower level of the Sienna Center (980 Holzheimer Street, Franklin
Square). These are evenings where parents can bring their children, ages 6, up to adult, with special needs,
so that parents can have two hours to themselves or to focus on their other children for the evening. Parents
may also register siblings. Arts/crafts, games, puzzles and gym activities are planned and a meal of pizza or
chicken fingers will be served. If you would like more information or to register your child for the
January 31st program, please call Maureen 352-0146 ext 412.
Pantry Item
of the Week
Items to bring Next Week:
Canned Meat, Ketchup & Juice
You may leave it in the green bins, labeled for
this purpose, conveniently located in the
Church and Sienna Center, Parish Activity
Complex Welcome Desk or Outreach Offices,
during regular office hours.
New time for our Prayer Meeting is 7:30PM!
Mark your calendar:
Join us on Monday , January 27th at 7:30PM in the
Saint Catherine Chapel with Sister Ave Clark.
Her Topic is: A New Year’s Glow called
Level 8 Parents’ Meeting
Confirmation meeting for parents. Where are we in the
Thursday, January 30th
7:00pm in the Sienna Center
St. Joseph/St. Dominic Room
Level 5 Mass
All fifth grade students and their families are invited to
attend Mass on:
Sunday, February 2nd
in the Saint Catherine Chapel, Sienna Center
Levels 7 & 8 Mass
All seventh and eighth grade students and their families are invited to attend Mass on:
Sunday, February 9th
in the Saint Catherine Chapel, Sienna Center
Baby girls in China need homes.
Infants and toddlers available. Older Parents are
welcome. For more formation call Barbara Salvesen at
telephone #845-623-5277
Sienna Small Fries
Story Time for Toddlers
This fun program for 2-3 year olds includes prayer, song, stories and active play with a different theme each
week. Past themes have included colors, animals, counting, rhythm and holidays.
Classes will be held on Tuesdays in the Auditorium and will begin on Tuesday, January 28th
(10:00 am to 11:00am) and run for 10 sessions.
Pre-registration is required: Please call Carmela at 516-488-7597 for more information or to register. Registration fee is $20. Child’s name, date of birth and copy of birth certificate are required for first-time registrants.
Make check payable to: St. Catherine of Sienna and mail to 33 New Hyde Park Road, Franklin Square or drop
off in the parish office during business hours. Parents/caregivers are not required to participate, but must remain
on the premises. Registration is on a first come, first served basis and is limited to only 25 children!!!
Faith Formation Students, please take this page to class
Name_______________________ Grade Level________ January 26, 2014
“Lord Jesus, your ways are life
and light! Let your word the good
news of the Gospel penetrate my
heart and transform my mind that I
may see your glory and truth.
Help me to follow you and do what
is pleasing in your sight.”
Use the clues to spell a word which explains what
“transfiguration’ means.
“May we be carriers and multipliers
of love”-Margaret Silf#GodIsLove
The answer has been written backwards! Write the
letters in reverse order on the lines below to read
what they say.
encouraging families and individuals
to pray daily in the home
OF PRAYER program reminds us of the importance of daily prayer for vocations, priests and our family.
It has traveled throughout our parish community weekly to families and individuals. It was initiated in
2010 by a group on a pilgrimage that visited Ars, the home of Saint John Marie Vianney, the Patron of
Parish Priests. The parish was presented the CUP by the group to encourage increased daily prayer in
the home. Through the program intentions are presented for much needed vocations to the priesthood, our parish priests and their intentions, our own parish family, and also family and individual intentions. The CUP is presented at weekend Mass of your choice; the family or an individual receives a
blessing witnessed by those assembled. A Cup of Prayer booklet provides suggested prayers.
PILGRIM VIRGIN STATUE program promotes the daily praying of the Rosary and has been a parish prayer program for 26 years. Initiated here due to the deep devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and
praying of the Rosary. It has since touched the lives of hundreds of families and individuals over
the years. A ‘pilgrim’ statue of Our Lady of Fatima travels to a home, delivered by a member of the
parish, and displayed to inspire praying the Rosary DAILY. There are specific prayers led by the person that delivers and picks up the ‘pilgrim’ statue, prayer booklets and resources for praying
throughout the week.
reserve YOUR WEEK
for either PROGRAM By calling
the parish Office at 516-352-0146
There are still many current
dates available for
Sanctuary Lamp,
Bread & Wine
Please consider this special way to
honor a loved one, living or deceased.
The Sisters of Saint Catherine of Sienna Convent
will gladly remember your special intentions in their
daily Masses and community prayers.
Place your petitions in the weekly collection basket
or drop off at the Parish Welcome Desk.
God Bless You.
Carnevale in Italy is a huge winter festival celebrated with parades, masquerade balls, entertainment, music,
and parties. The celebration has its roots in Italian culture and continues throughout Italy to this day. The tradition extends to many places including here in Franklin Square. Carnevale is celebrated
prior to the beginning of the Season of Lent. It is in part a result of the practice of abstaining from meat during Lent; carnevale means “farewell to meat.” Some folks may remember the days when meat was not eaten during the Lenten season; Fridays were a day of
both fast and abstinence.
Here we enjoy an evening of celebration with a festive atmosphere with a scrumptious
dinner menu of various meats, great music, dancing and fun. The celebration’s spiritual
nature reminds us of our blessings — the bounty we receive throughout the year. It affords
opportunity to prepare for sacrifice during the season of Lent.
Join us for a fun-filled evening of music,
dancing and delicious food!!
(dinner will be prepared by Papa Ciro’s)
(snow date is March 1 )
Saint Catherine of Sienna Auditorium
Food ~ Wine ~ Dancing ~ Coffee ~ Dessert
Raffles ~ Door Prizes
$45 per person
Tickets on Sale
in Sienna Center Lobby after Mass
For information, please call 516-437-7396.
St. Joseph Catholic School
Will be Sunday, 1/26/2014 at St. Joseph School right after
the 9:00an Mass. The pur pose of Catholic School
Sunday is to have parents tour our school and reconsider
the benefits of a Catholic School Education.
For more information please call (516) 747-1520
Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Syosset:
will offer SAT and ACT prep courses beginning Feb. 2014.
The SAT prep class will be held on Saturday’s from 9:30am
to 11:30am; Feb.1, 8, Mar.1, 8, 15, 28, Apr. 5 and 12, 2014.
The Cost is $650. The ACT prep course will be held on
Saturday’s from 9:30am to 12:30pm on May 10, 17 and 31.
The cost is $400. If taken together the cost is $1,000.
To register your daughter or son, please contact Mrs. June
Kennedy at (516)921-1047, ext. 112.
Knights of Columbus
Twelve Apostles # 5001
Blood Drive Feb. 9th, 2014 from 8:15am to 2:15pm in the
Lower level of the Sienna Center. Save the date and
please pass the word. Give the Gift of Life.
Next Officers meeting will be on Feb. 3rd @7:30pm .
Next General Meeting will be on Feb. 10th @ 7:30pm .
Please note the change of date.
DUES NOTICE: Jim Walsh PGK FS will be sending out
notices for dues for this coming Columbian Year. Dues for
the Columbian Year are $30.00 Please send in your payments promptly to avoid suspension. Any question contact
the Grand Knight.
Attention to all Alumni of Maria Regina
Diocesan High School. You and a guest are
cordially invited to attend a complimentary Cocktail Social
sponsored by Kellenberg Memorial High School
on Saturday, February 8, 2014 from 7PM-11PM at Kellenberg Memorial High School. Please come back and join us
in making old memories new again.
Please register for the event on the Maria Regina Alumni
page which can be located at
webpage under Alumni in the top right hand corner or by
contacting Mrs. Denise Miles at 516-292-0200 ext.245
K of C Twelve Apostles Council
Blood Drive
For the May 3rd SAT Exam
Course will be held on the following Saturdays:
March 1,15 & 22, 29 & April 5, 12
9:00—11:30am in Marian Hall
Course Fee: $250.00 (includes text book)
CONTACT: Mrs. Stytzmann 516-922-488 x 5241
St. Dominic High School
110 Anstice Street Oyster Bay NY 11771
At the Franklin Square Library
Registration begins Wednesday, January 29th
Classes Starts, Wednesday , February 3rd
Mondays at 10:30am:
Tuesdays at10:30am :
Wednesdays at 10:30am:
Thursdays at 10:30am:
Thursday at 1:30pm:
18/24 Month olds
3-4 year olds
3-4 year olds
2 year olds
4-5 year olds
Sunday, February 9, 2014
8:15 am – 2:15 pm
St. Catherine of Sienna Roman Catholic
33 New Hyde Park Rd., Franklin Square
Lower Level – Sienna Center
Eligibility Criteria:
Bring ID with signature or photo.
Minimum weight 110 lbs.
Age 16 – 75 (16 year olds must have parental
permission. Age 76 and over need doctor’s note)
Eat well (low fat) & drink fluids.
No tattoos for past 12 months
For questions concerning medical eligibility
call 1-800-688-0900.
Walk Ins Welcome

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