STCSC`S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3



STCSC`S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3, Dec. 2009
Hi Folks,
This issue of the Officially Unofficial Newsletter is long overdue, mostly because I’ve
been busy, and just haven’ t had the time to put it all together. So let me begin by
wishing you all belated Happy Holidays and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
, Happy New Year ,
Before I forget (and I seem to do that more and more lately) I want to make a
correction to the Great Western results I previously posted. At the Sat. show, the
Reserve Winners Bitch was Scarlet, Talakan Red Winded Blackbird, not Fancy, as I
reported. My apologies to Jeanne Zuver, Michelle Leathers, and Carol and Jan
Our Fall activity season got off to a bang over Labor Day Weekend with 2 separate
events to report. Firstly, our Club set up our Meet the Breed booth at the
prestigious, 2 day, 144th Scottish Highland Gathering and Games, put on by the
Caledonian Club of San Francisco, and held at the Pleasanton, CA fairgrounds.
Doing Saturday duty were Yvette Alley and her Tibetan Terrier friend JoAnn, with
Yvette’s Teal, Talakan Blue Teal of Kamal, and me with my Scottish Deerhound
friend Ellen, along with my Molly, Ch. Ladybank’s Shadow Music. On Sunday, I was
by myself, so I brought along our 9 year old Holmes, Ch. Ladybank’s The Game’s
Afoot. It’s been a while since he did any “meet and greet” duty, but it came back to
him pretty quickly. The weather was lovely (not hot) and we had a good shady spot.
I hope we’ll have more members come and show off their dogs next Labor Day
weekend. Contact me if you are interested. And be sure to check out the photos at
the end of newsletter
(From here on I’m going to refer to the newsletter as the “ O U N”, the Officially
Unofficial Newsletter).
Also for the Labor Day weekend, Club member Karen Sanders flew off to Greeley,
CO where she was Sweepstakes judge at the Columbine Skye Terrier Club A
match, and got to enjoy all the Skyes and folk at the Rocky Mountain All Terrier club
STCA supported entry.
The Club’s Fall Club meeting was held at the Sir Francis Drake KC show, Sept. 12.
We were delighted to see that Carol Simonds was back on her feet and able to join
us after her slip and fall in Aug.
Then, before we knew it, several of us were off to the STCA National Specialty in
PA, Oct. 1-4. Judy Davis and I decided to travel together and share expenses, but It
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STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
still felt like we were tossing money right and left, as we made our travel, hotel, and
meal reservations. Soon enough it was time to go. Karen Sanders flew out on
Wed., and Judy and I flew out on Thurs., so we missed the first Hatboro KC show
and the Thurs. evening STCA events. However, we did connect with a few Skye
folk in the hotel restaurant that evening. Fri. morning, with Judy driving and me
navigating, we wound our way through the beautiful fall Penn. countryside for the
2nd. Hatboro show. There we met up with club member, Olga Smid, and lots of
friends we hadn’t seen since last year. Between grooming and judging, our time
was spent admiring Skyes -- new pups and “oldsters” alike, and catching up on each
other’s news. That evening we enjoyed the Awards Banquet at the lovely Mainland
Inn restaurant. Sat.‘s Devon show was more of the same. But, Sunday was
Montgomery and our National Specialty. By the time Judy and I arrived at the show
site, there was very little grooming space left, but we managed to squeeze in near
some schnauzer people. As ring time drew nearer, we were able to haul our stuff
ringside and watch the judging. And what a show! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so
many Skyes in the same place at the same time. Our entry was 41, with about 18
or so in the Breed ring alone. Very exciting. Congratulations to all the winners. It
was a wonderful spectacle. I don’t want to leave out the specialty show committee,
either. They did a great job from start to finish. Soon enough, it was over and we
were saying our good-byes as folk packed up and headed home. Our flight didn’t
leave until Mon. afternoon, so in the morning, Judy and I drove into Philadelphia,
parked the dogs in a parking garage, and played tourist, enjoying the Liberty Bell
and a fascinating tour of Independence Hall. Later, I think we had to drive round
and round the city before we found a spot of grass to air the dogs. Then it was off to
the airport and home.
After the Montgomery trip, things quieted down for a while. By that I mean I was
occupied with other activities, namely 2 family birthdays and preparations for our
Ford Model A Club’s huge Hallowe’en/Harvest BBQ, complete with pumpkin carving
and scare crow making contests (my pumpkin came in 4th!). After that, it was
Thanksgiving preparations and working on the display for this year’s 125th
AKC/Eukanuba Meet the Breeds booth. Soon enough, it was time to pack up and
drive down to Long Beach. There were a few anxious days of waiting for my car to
be fixed, but, thankfully, I was able to join up with Judy Davis, Carol and Jan
Simonds and Jan’s friend Mary Wolfe (who designed and maintains the Club’s web
site), and we caravaned down to Long Beach. It’s always a long drive, and the
weather was drizzly, but we had no snow or ice over the Grapevine, so we were
happy. We stayed at a different hotel this time and were pleasantly surprised. But
old habits die hard. We set the booth up that evening, then gathered for diner in the
restaurant at our old hotel. Next morning, we were joined by Michelle Shue, Sally
Poole, and the Langleys. Dogs sharing meet and greet duty both days were: Judy’s
Webster, the Langleys’ Scotty, the Simonds’ Andy, and my Molly. As always, there
was so much to see besides the judging. The breed clubs outdid themselves in
booth decorations. My 2 favorites were the Cavalier King Charles and the Norwich
Terrier booths. Do have a look at their photos. Oh, and we even had celebrity
sightings at the show -- Barry Bonds and Betty White! Congratulations to all
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STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
participants, including the winners. I understand that the show will air on the Animal
Planet channel on Feb. 6. Check your local listings. Show results can be found
here on the AKC web site: Click on “Entries & Results”, then
“Breed Results”.
Would you believe we were so busy keeping up with all that was going on, we
actually forgot to have our Club meeting! We’ve moved it up to the Saturday Golden
Gate KC show, Jan. 30 at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA. If anyone has any Club
business that they would like to bring up at that time, please let me know.
In other news, big congratulate are in order for Chuck Brown for his 50 years as a
member of STCA. What a record!
In “closing out” the year, I’d like to send our condolences to Judy Davis on the loss
of her Chumley, Ch. Jo-Na-Da’s Spellbound Talakan, and to Carol Fink on the loss
of her Panya, Ch. Dressed to Kill of Morningskye. They are both sorely missed.
On a happier note, Karen and Bill Sanders announced the birth of their pup “Sunny”,
Gold River Divine Design, and Carol Fink is awaiting the arrival of her new, 3 ½
month old youngster, Tara. We’ll be looking forward to watching these youngsters
grow up.
Mark your 2010 Calendars for:
Jan 30 & 31
Feb. 6
Feb. 15 & 16
Apr. 15 & 16
Apr. 17 & 18
Golden Gate KC shows
Eukanuba televised on Animal Planet
Westminster KC televised
Crufts (not sure of the dates)
Nor Cal Terrier Assoc shows. in Sacramento
Sacramento KC (all breed) in Sacramento
Right now, we’re looking forward to the back to back, Golden Gate benched shows
at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA, Jan. 30 and 31. We entered these shows back
in Nov., so here’s a reminder, DON’T FORGET TO ORDER YOUR DISCOUNTED
PARKING PERMIT! I nearly did.
Judges for the NorCal weekend in April are: Thurs. - Mr. Gary Vlachos, Fri., Mr John
Ramirez. Sat., it’s Mr. Fredrick Stephens and Sun. it’s Mrs. Candy Vogels. I hope
to see you all there. I’m sure we’ll be doing our potluck lunch in conjunction with our
meeting on Thurs.
Peggy Kopf,
Your Officially Unofficial Newsletter Editor
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STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
And here’s a whole lot of pictures for your enjoyment:
Scottish Highland Gathering & Games – Labor Day weekend
Yvette Alley and Teal
Our booth with Holmes and Molly
Holmes and Molly
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STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
Montgomery weekend - Hatboro, Devon and STCA National Specialty
Maida Connor, Olda Smid
Judy Davis, Webster and Molly
Montomery – STCA Trophy Table
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STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
Montgomery – ringside
Philadelphia – the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
Eukanuba weekend
Michelle Shuie, Walter Goodman, Karen Sanders, Carol Simonds
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STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
Michelle Shuie, Walter Goodman, Karen Sanders, Carol Simonds
Raisa Langley and Scotty
one of the grooming areas
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STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
Hanover Harriette and Adrian in Terrier Group
The Terrier Group
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Down and back on the big TV screen
STCSC’S Officially Unofficial Newsletter #3
The long drive home -- California’s Central Valley
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