Summer Camps by Purler Wrestling - Francis Howell Junior Vikings



Summer Camps by Purler Wrestling - Francis Howell Junior Vikings
Summer Camps by Purler Wrestling
Dream Season 14 Full Days/$1,195
Takedown Machine
5 full days / $495
• Small group (50 wrestlers)
• Drill intensive- Your wrestler will learn a
SYSTEM (90% of your points come from 10% of
the wrestling). We do not do a move-a-minute
wrestling camp.
Become a Takedown Machine
• Go toe-to-toe with some of the nation’s top athletes
• Final Product - Parents / coaches are invited to watch the final practice where we put your
wrestler(s) through the entire camp and prove to you that we did our job.
• You will not recognize your son, team / wrestler(s) after our camps
Triple Threat
5 full days / $495
• Small group (50 wrestlers)
• Camp system covers all 3 positions
• Leg riding emphasis – Purler trained
wrestlers are known nationwide as
the best leg riders in the nation.
• Designed for the wrestler who needs to develop and master (yes master)
a system in ALL positions.
Ages – Our camps are roughly 75% high school and 25% middle school/youth. All 5 day
camps accept kids 8 and up. Dream Season Camp accepts kids aged 10 – 18. Average
age of all campers is 12 – 17. Cabins are separated by age
The NICK PURLER Camp Promise – The camps are small group and drill intensive. We
have a final product to show you so the pressure is on us to have these athletes ready. All of my coaches are trained professionals on my system, no random college kids teach
at my camp. All my camps are system based. We do not show random moves followed
by recreational drill time. Think PROFESSIONAL. Think SKILLED. Think INVESTMENT.
We do not do meat-market wrestling camps. If you want to share the mats with 600
other kids, do not come to my camp.
More details found on line at
or feel free to contact our office and speak to
Nick Purler directly at
314.229.3540 or email Nick at [email protected]
YOUTUBE videos - See our advice, tips, and tactics on
YouTube – Search: Purler Wrestling Advice.
See our TV Commercial by searching Purler Wrestling Commercial
• From the Father of the
model (Nick Purler)
We do skill. No running guarantee. Every minute of our camp is wrestling. You can sign up for
Cross-Country camp if you want to run. Our INTENSIVE camp format is DRILL INTENSIVE and we
hand you back a wrestler who is SKILL-INTENSIVE.
14 Full Days / $1,195 (The DSC, as well as our other camps, are expected to fill as all of our
summer camps have booked up completely over 80% of the time)
Small group (50 wrestlers)
Leg riding mastery
Heavy focus on the mental mastery of high level competition (constant input / group discussion
/ Q & A, etc)
After our DSC, your wrestler will know more about wrestling than the clinicians at most other
camps do.
This camp, as with all of our camps, will draw many nationally ranked high school and youth
wrestlers from 35+ different states. Many of our former campers, are seen on TV wrestling in
NCAA competitions and dual meets found at the Big 10 Network, ESPNU, ESPN, etc.
Fargo Dominator 5 FULL days / $495
• Small group (50 wrestlers)
• Camp will draw freestyle studs, as well as, kids newer
to the sport
• Heavy emphasis on the CORE scoring positions of
Freestyle wrestling
• Wrestlers will learn ALL they need to know in order to
win the top Freestyle events in the USA.
• A finished Freestyle product will be produced
Note from Nick Purler
“My goal is to be the best. The only way I
can do that is to take care of your athlete(s)
like I do my own son and to provide a camp
that I would send him to. Your hard-earned
money will not be wasted and neither will
your son(s), teams, wrestler(s) time”.
– Nick Purler
NCAA All-American
Oklahoma State Cowboy Wrestler
Member 3 NCAA Championship Teams
US Open 2X Freestyle All-American
3X MO High School Champion
2X Fargo Champ
Full time wrestling coach –
Purler Wrestling Academy EST 1999
Private Team Camps
• Save BIG $$$ by having us come to you.
• The ONLY way to get EVERY wrestler on
your team involved in wrestling camp
• Every wrestler and coach gets a FREE
$220 DVD set of Nick Purler’s FOUNDATION
• Average cost per wrestler is $175 for the
week long camp
• 5 full days of camp PLUS the $220 5-disc
dvd series ALL for less than the cost of the
DVDs alone (if purchased on line).
• Since 2008, we have held private team
camps all across the USA.

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