Bulletin September 2016 - Temple Emanu-El



Bulletin September 2016 - Temple Emanu-El
September 2016
Av/Elul 5776
Vol. 58, No. 11
Temple Emanu-El
where you belong
14450 West Ten Mile Rd . Oak Park, MI 48237 • 248.967.4020 . www.emanuel-mich.org
Fri. Sep. 2, 2016
6:45 pm Erev Shabbat
Congregational Family service in
Birkrant Garden with Youth Choir
and Congregational Birthday
Blessing. Oneg sponsored by
Sat. Sep. 3, 2016
10:30 am Shabbat Morning
Fri. Sep. 9, 2016
7:00 pm Erev Shabbat service in
Birkrant Garden. Oneg sponsored
by Sisterhood
Sat. Sep. 10, 2016
9:15 am Torah Study
10:30 am Shabbat Morning
service with Logan Stearn’s Bar
Mitzvah. Kiddush sponsored by
the Stearn Family
Fri. Sep. 16, 2016
5:45 pm Tot Shabbat service
7:00 pm Erev Shabbat service
with Anniversary Blessing
Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood
Sat. Sep. 17, 2016
9:15 am Torah Study
10:30 am Shabbat Morning
service with Sydney Gringorten’s
Bat Mitzvah. Kiddush sponsored
by the Gringorten Family
Fri. Sep. 23, 2016
7:00 pm Erev Shabbat service
Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood
Sat. Sep 24, 2016
9:15 am Torah Study
10:30 am Morning service
8:00 pm Selichot program
9:00 pm Selichot service
Fri. Sep. 30, 2016
7:00 pm Erev Shabbat service
Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood
New this year for the High Holy Days
Tashlich Family Rosh Hashanah
Experience Monday, October 3 Rosh Hashanah afternoon – 3 pm
Snacks, music and stories for our
families and friends – all ages.
Shiawassee Park – Shiawassee St. &
Power Rd., Farmington
What is Tashlich? A ceremony in
which Jews go to a body of water,
such as a river, stream, or ocean, to
cast away their sins by symbolically
tossing bread into the water. This
physical act inspires us to remember
our actions, right our wrongs, and
refocus ourselves for the New Year.
Park amenities include playscape,
shelter and restrooms. Snacks and
Caravan from Temple:
meet at 2:15 pm.
(Full High Holy Days Schedule on page 9)
Saturday, Sept 24
Join us at 8:00 PM for
wine, appetizers and
desserts and our
discussion -- On
the Possibilities and
Limits of Forgiveness
based on Simon Wiesenthal’s The Sunflower
Service 9:00 PM. Join our clergy in our “new”
sanctuary as we change our Torah Scrolls covers
at Temple Emanu-El
Sisterhood Book
Review Brunch
Sun., Sept 18, 11:30am
Opening event for paid up membership
Elizabeth Poliner's
perceptive novel,
As Close to Us As Breathing
No charge for members. $5 for a
guest goes toward a membership.
our temple family
All Of Temple
Emanu-El Is
A Free Wifi Zone
To: Jacob & Linda Schwarzberg
on the birth of their grandson
Samuel Jordi Maddock to Lauren Gruber & Roy Maddock
Sep 4-10
Leah Adelson
Sarah Davis Rothman
*Mollie Cohen
Betty Cregar
*Rose Diskin Yoffee
Inez “Nezzie” Eaton
Bernard Epstein
*Julia H. Farber
Pauline Frowine
*Ernest Gans
Kenneth Garretson
Edward Gedridge
Celia Glovinsky
Jack Golds
*Flora Goldstein
Arnold Joseph Gordon
*Libbie Hersch
*Henry Jacobs
Jerome Lester Katz
*Alfred A. Kaufman
*Fannie Kraft
Doris Lapin
*Saul Lipman
*Rubin Losh
*Charles Marienthal
*Kalman Meler
Sophia Mendelsohn
Jeanette Pohl
Julius Reinhold
Rosa Reinhold
Pearl Sachse
Sadie N. Schafer
*Simon Schechter
*Albert Schwartz
*Eugene Paul Sims
Joseph Singer
*Daniel Steinberger
*Ilene Steiner
*Maxwell Stettner
*Sadie Stettner
Pearl Weltman
*Alfred West
*Rose Diskin Yoffee
Gloria Zakowitz
To Marcia & Mitch Meisner
on the birth of their grandson
Shay Meisner to Michelle & Geoff Meisner
To Laura Kohn for her community work
as published in July 7 Detroit Jewish News
In Memoriam
Albert “Al” Gross, July 8, 2016
Dr. David K. Scheer, father of Nancy Scheer
(Thomas Hulbert), July 22, 2016
Sep 2
Every month, members who have a birthday
are invited to attend the FIRST FRIDAY EVENING
SHABBAT service at 6:45pm. to receive a
September Kids Birthdays!
Aiden Allweiss
Katie Baron
Alexandra Bienenfeld
Sep 16
Zachary Bienenfeld
Maya Caplan
Rafaella Perrault-Victor
Ceila Rubin
Laura Topf
Simon Topf
SHABBAT service at 7:00 pm.
September Anniversaries!
Joel & Deneen Bacow
Bruce & Sharon Ozrovitz
Michael & Marcy Benghiat
Guy & Regina Saperstein
Dan & Jannis Danzig
William Schwanki & Marla Feldman
Stephen & Sharon Dillon
Scott Segall & Ingrid Kleiman-Segall
Frederick Frank & Kathleen Alessandro
Joseph & Paula Silver
Bruce & Julie Guttman
Neal Silver & Teri Sahn-Silver
Mark & Linda Kaploe
Mark & Mary Stacey
Aron & Arlene Kominars
David & Lora Vinande
Temple Emanu-El Bulletin
September 2016
PASSWORD: TEguest2014
Albert (Andy) Anderson
*Harvey Berkowitz
*Lucy Braun
Winky Cohen
*Selma Rosen Cyporyn
*Mollie Dudick
*Dr. Arthur Eckhous
Harold Flacks
Dorothy Genetti
Ruth Gobel
*Gerald A. Goldfarb
*Rose Grossman
Jason Honigman
Ruth Jones
*Minnie Ruth Kahn
Albert Kesner
Sol Kessler
*Dr. Arthur Klein
*Harry Korobkin
Edward Levitt
*Richard S. Lurie
*Harry Maltz
*Margaret Marienthal
Mary Meisenberg
*Marvin Olender
Florence Permut
Martin Permut
*Anna Kushner Polofsky
*Shelley Popkin Zagacki
Fraina Rajter
*Barbara Carol Roby
*Irving Sachs
Anne Selman
*Elsa Shenker
Maurice Silverman
*Peter Trunsky
*Harry Tushman
*Hannah Walter
*Jacob Winnick
*Edward Woloveck
Sam Yarost
Louis Citarel
*Alfred Cohen
*Morris W. Coleman
Kathy Dechene
Sol Docks
Morris Fealk
Lee Friedman
*Gordon I. Ginsberg
Anna Ginsburg
Michael Golds
Joe Greenberg
*Nettie Guyer
*Murray F. Hoffman
Albert Kaploe
Norbert Kaufmann
Jack Keys
*Pearl L. Kneip
Sarah Laker
Florence Levenson
*Norma Liebowitz
*James Henri Marks
Pauline Mendelssohn
Sol Mikon
Philip Needle
Anna Ozrovitz
*Mildred Ragazzino
*Abraham Samuel Roe
*Victor Ross
*Frances Sachs
Ruth Selzer
*Gail Sheila Stein
*Sara Steiner
*Ruth Stettner
*Larry Strager
Frank Trager
*Harry Tushman
*Max Unger
Steven Victor
*Seymour Weiss
Sep25-Oct 1
*Esther Cohn
*Harry Collens
Celia R. Denofre
Marion Eisler
Janice Fried
Ernest Friedlander
Pauline Girson
Ella Glovinsky
Robert Gold
*Ida Goode
*Esther Green
*Archiel Harwith
*Grace Jacobs
Edward Jonas
*Jennie Jospey
Ruth Driker Kroll
*Harry Levine
*Israel Lieberman
Martin Lubin
*Audrey Lucow
Philip Meisenberg
*Anna Mirves
*Dorothy Nolish
*David Rosen
Marion Rutter
*A. Max Schmier
*Fay Schwartz
*Frederick L. Schwartz
Irma Shapiro
*Benjamin D. Siegel
Mary Steffin
Ruth Torneck
Bertram Weil
*Dorothy Weiner
*Michael Weisman
*Edith F. Winkler
*Max Zelickson
Alan Zeplain
*A light will be lit on our Memorial Board. If you wish to memorialize your loved ones in a special way, consider purchasing a memorial plaque to be displayed in our Anne Jospey Sanctuary.
Each year, on the anniversary of their death, it will be lit as a remembrance. Contact the Temple
office at 248-967-4020 to make arrangements for this eternal memory of your loved one.
Av/Elul 5776
The Rabbi’s Corner
Sounding the Shofar is not listening to it.
Rabbi Arturo Kalfus
This year, Rosh HaShanah falls at the
beginning of October. By the time it
arrives, the school year will have begun,
we will have returned from vacations to
our regular routines and we may be full
of “projects” to accomplish and deadlines that we must keep. I am sure that by
the beginning of October, many of us are
going to feel pressured, exhausted and
It is within this context in our Jewish calendar that we set
apart some days to break this routine and dedicate ourselves
to improve ourselves and ask for forgiveness. We have learned
to value these High Holy Days, in part, because to improve
ourselves is no easy task and the presence of community, the
liturgy, the music, the sanctuary setting, all facilitate our personal reflections and the process of turning if we have veered
off our path.
Authors Annette and Eugene Labovitz remind us that this process begins with the listening to the shofar. They write that the
Torah describes the rituals of Rosh HaShanah, the New Year
with the verses, “And in the seventh month, on the first day of
the month…it shall be a day of introspection”…and “it shall
be a day of sounding of the Shofar”.
The sounding of the shofar is not necessarily the most important task. It is the listening (lishmoah kol shofar) that is crucial. The Rabbis explained: each and every person should hear
its message, for “lishmoah”, to listen, means not only to listen,
but to make a conscious effort to hear, to take advice, to give
heed. The shofar blower sounds the shofar, but the congregation may or may not hear. The message of the shofar may or
may not penetrate the hearts of the worshippers.
The word “lishmoah”, to listen, leads us to an internal act. To
listen means to understand the significance, to act on the message, to internalize the action: to heed the cry of the suffering,
to raise up the downtrodden, to look back for the purpose of
Simply sounding the shofar (external) adds to the beauty of
the prayer service, but listening (internal) demands that we
change our actions in conformity with its message.
May each one of you start this High Holy Days season having “listened” to our internal voices and having struggled to
overcome our faults.
From my heart to yours,
Torah Study
at Temple
with Rabbi Kalfus
weekly Torah class
Starting again on Sept 10
Every Saturday with bagels
and cream cheese.
Shabbat mornings
9:15 to 10:15 a.m.
Adult ED
at Temple Emanu-El
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020
for an exciting and insightful look
at the week’s Torah portion and
have a nosh before services!
Music Happenings at Temple
Unetaneh Tokef literally means, “we give power” On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we give
the prayer power, and the day power, when we realize what is at stake. What gives Yom Kippur
its awesome authority? The recognition of its central message that we are mortal, we will not
live forever. Therefore we must repent now, and repair now the broken relationships of your life.
“The great shofar is sounded and a still, small voice is heard” The call to prayer is the shofar, whose piercing, plaintive notes grab our attention. But on the heels of the shofar is the soft
voice. The message of prayer is in the stillness and silence. God does not speak in thunderous
pronouncements, but in a small, insistent tone. God will not take away our choice by forcing us
to listen. On Yom Kippur we attune our ears and our hearts to really listen to God’s call, so easily ignored, but so overwhelming once we attend to it.
“Who shall live and who shall die?” asks the Unetaneh Tokef each year on Yom Kippur, as we
look around, and notice the absences, of those who are gone. The question becomes real, and its
truth begins to strike us: we do not know who will live and who will die.
Kelly Onickel, Cantorial Soloist
“Who shall die by fire and who by water, who by sword and who by wild beast; who by famine and who by thirst, who by
strangling and who by stoning . . .” Gradually the message begins to force itself upon us. Every stratagem of poetry and ritual
is employed to teach us something we already know, that we will die. But although we know it, we do not feel it. We hide behind
power and position and title in this world. But when we face our own deaths, we are only I, the essence of each individual soul.
Death brings us face-to-face with who we are. The Unetaneh Tokef urges us to feel it now, confront our mortality, see ourselves,
and face God.
“But repentance, prayer and tzedakah avert the severity of the decree.” The decree comes to all, great and small, rich or
poor. But a life of closeness, of teshuvah, of kindness, envelops us in a loving community, and a relationship to God that is close.
“Our origin is dust and our end is dust. At the hazard of our life we earn our bread. We are like a fragile vessel, like the
grass that withers, the flower that fades, the shadow that passes, the cloud vanishes, the wind that blows, the dust that disperses, the dream that flies away.” Finally we come to understand our fragility. The prayer has beaten down our resistance and
we understand. Alone, mortal, we are nothing. What are we to do with the inevitability of death?
“But You, Sovereign of all, are the Living and Everlasting God ... We therefore pray that our name be linked with Yours.”
We are fading, but God is forever. If we recognize our plight, we find in ourselves the need for God, and the path to God. Then
we have joined the only thing in the world that does not fade away. Above the clamor of the everyday, and the din of history,
the message of Unetaneh Tokef shines: There is so little time. When the shofar blows, let the shudder of mortality awaken your
soul. Come out of hiding, and seek the eternity promised by our covenant with God. (Synopsis of Rabbi David Wolpe’s Unetaneh
Although the Unetaneh Tokef prayer speaks about
death it is really about living. Perhaps as we sing this
prayer this High Holiday season you will reflect on
how those who have gone before us lived their lives
and maybe remember what they taught. Perhaps we
will reflect on how we have chosen to live our lives
and is it worthy of being linked to God? As The
Unetaneh Tokef prayer tells us we will die, but if we
live a life of teshuvah, of kindness, and as a loving
community then we will be connected to God the one
thing that does not die.
Temple Emanu-El Bulletin
September 2016
Do you enjoy our Musical Shabbatot with
the band, singers and Cantorial Soloist?
Help continue this worship tradition.
Become a sponsor in honor of a simcha or to
celebrate Temple life. ($950) Call Abby Goldfaden
or Fred Frank in the Temple office.
Av/Elul 5776
from the President
We Want You To Join the
Shiru Dor L’dor
Youth Choir
Calling all 4th, 5th, 6th,
and 7th graders who love music!
Get your service requirements! Learn the
music for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah! Sing for
Holiday and Shabbat services! Sing in
the New Zimriyah! Establish New Life Long
Friendships! You don't need to know
how to sing.Just be willing to learn and
participate. Interested? Contact
Cantorial Soloist Kelly Onickel,
[email protected] / 248-388-0190
or Friend her on Facebook
Dear All: The year 5776 is rapidly nearing its end. For
me and my family, it's been a very good year, but I
know that is not true for all. Some have been ill; some
have lost family or friends; some have had other worries I cannot even fathom.
Why do I mention this? It's because I want to do the
little I can to help ease your cares. And my formula is
Dennis Kayes
to remind you that, whatever your problems, Temple
Emanu-El is here to help. In fact, to me, helping in these situations
is one of the prime reasons we exist. Not only have our clergy been
trained in this, but I've been told they are very good at it. In addition,
we have the Caring Community, which is always here when needed.
Remember, we want to help you celebrate the joys in your lives--the
marriages, births, B'nai Mitzvahs, anniversaries and the like--but we
also want to help in the not-so-joyous times.
Please remember, we're here to help. My best to all,
Rehearsal on Sundays
Snack 11:30-12:00 • Rehearsal 12:00-12:45
Shir Chadash Choir
The Shir Chadash Choir, Temple
Emanu-El’s adult choir, is open to
all congregants who love to sing–all
levels of experience are welcome.
The choir adds to the beauty of
services, introducing new melodies and
revitalizing classics. We sing at least
once a month at Shabbat services –
usually the third Friday of the month –
and at High Holy Day services.
Temple is looking for 3 adults that have a LARGE shofar, to
join in blowing the shofar with Harry Onickel on the High
Holidays. Harry will teach a 1 hour workshop on the art
of blowing the shofar. Please contact Kelly Onickel,
[email protected] or call 248-967-4020 ext. 216
Being a member of the Shir Chadash
Choir is a great way to make music, be
part of a wonderful community, and
learn more about the prayers in our
services – all at the same time!
We practice on Thursday evenings.
Please contact Cantorial Soloist
Kelly Onickel with any questions:
[email protected] or
(248) 388-0190, or call
248-967-4020 x216
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020
Every Can Counts
Now more than ever.
Please bring a can of food for
the chaveet whenever you
visit Temple. Our neighborhood
food banks thank you for
sharing your food with the
hungry - because…
Now more than ever,
Temple Education
Religious School
We’re B.E.S.T together
September is here and as we embark on our new academic
year there is a sense of excitement in the Yachad Religious
School office. The shelves are tidy, the student packets are
ready and the teachers are prepped!
My family and I are about to begin our first school year in
Michigan, with Ben as a rising 6th Grader and Yael as a
madricha entering her senior year. We have spent the last
month exploring our new neighborhood and community and
New Education Director meeting as many people as possible.
Abi Taylor-Abt
One of the most important things we learn from the Torah
is how to treat strangers. We are told to remember that we ourselves were strangers in
Egypt and to have empathy and compassion for those people who are new. We learn
from Abraham and Sarah about hospitality and making people feel welcome.
Discovering what is needed to enable someone to feel comfortable and secure is
different depending on who you talk to. For a child, it could be the familiarity of a
favorite stuffed animal, or the bedtime routine that doesn’t change regardless of
where they are. For an adult, knowing what is expected, where things are, who to
speak to and how to fit in within the local societal norms.
Judaism is very specific about strangers and by its very definition, someone new is
a stranger. “You yourselves know how it feels to be a stranger, because you were
strangers in Egypt”.
We may be the newcomers in town, but we have already had a wonderful welcome to
the community. We are enjoying the excitement of meeting our families and friends
as time goes by.
Congregation Temple
Beth Shalom Emanu-El
Now is the time to register
for our Religious Schools
Yachad Religious School
(grades K – 7)
First day is September 11
(9:00 – 11:30 am)
Stay for Community Picnic!
Teen Learning Contract
(grades 8-12)
Come to Community Picnic
September 11 (11:30 am )
First day is Sept. 18 (11:30 am)
Registration forms were mailed
and are on the website or call the
office for another set.
Madrichim Program
if you are in the TLC
program and interested in
helping our teachers as one of our
madrichim, please call the Temple
Education office or Abi Taylor-Abt
Friendships are built on the basis of shared memories and experiences. The
community picnic takes place on the first day of school and my family and I are
looking forward to meeting those of you who we haven’t yet met in person.
Come, say hello, have something to eat, and enjoy the fun. See you there!
B a r
M i t z v a h
Logan Noah Stearn will
be called to the Torah
on Saturday, September 10, 2016. He is the
son of Julie Stearn and
Ryan Stearn, brother to
Morgan and grandson
to Nita & Allyn (Ron)
Stearn, Cathy and Jerry
Katz, and the late Douglas Cash.
Logan attends Anderson Middle School in
Berkley Michigan and plays Hockey and enjoys his summers spent at Tamarack Camp.
Temple Emanu-El Bulletin
M i t z v a h
Sydney Gringorten
Logan Stearn
B a t
Sydney Dov Gringorten will be called to the Torah
on Saturday, September 17, 2016. She is the daughter of Doron & Hilary Gringorten anbd sister to
Jacob Gringorten. Grandparents are Joanne Kristal,
Bill & Robin Kristal, Nachum & Tami Rabin, and
the late Gerald Gringorten.
Sydney attends Norup International (National Honor
Society). For Sydney’s Mitzvah Project, she visited
senior facilities on Sunday afternoons and performed
a “one woman show”! She danced, sang, and played the violin for the
seniors. Sydney thought the seniors would enjoy live entertainment because
many of them are not able to leave their facilities very often. She was right!
The seniors enjoyed the shows so much. They were singing and clapping
along. It was a true mitzvah!
September 2016
Av/Elul 5776
September 7th 7:00-8:30 pm
What is TLC?
TLC is the new program for our High Schoolers. It stands for Teen
Learning Contract and is designed to reflect an interactive,
modern way of learning about our heritage and traditions.
TLC will take place on Sundays after RS and on alternate weeks
will be divided into 3 different sessions. Post Bnai Mitzvah
through 9th Grade, 10th through 12th and once a month
an event for the whole TLC community.
TLC is built to allow us to utilize all the tools
at our disposal in order that the High School
program be relevant and engaging to all
teens from post Bnai Mitzvah onwards.
What: Opening Event
When: September 7th, 7.00-8.30pm
Where: Temple Emanu-El
Who: Post Bnai Mitzvah Teens & Parents
Contact: Abi Taylor-Abt, Education Director
248 949 0453
Email: [email protected]
YACHAD Religious School
Time to sign up!
It’s time to sign up for
the 2016/2017 school year!
Religious School
We’re B.E.S.T together
Congregation Temple
Beth Shalom Emanu-El
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020
Y ear of achievement
A ll together
C ome and have fun
H elp one another
A waken your mind
D azzling projects
For more information please contact:
Abi Taylor-Abt - Cell: 248 949 0453
Email: [email protected]
SMall Talk: Early Childhood Community
Once again, the start of school is here. This annual
“rite of passage” is not only a special time for children but a time of celebration for parents. Our Teacher Meet and Greet is on Wednesday, August 31st,
from 9:00 to 10:00 A.M. School begins on Tuesday,
September 6th. Our infant program continues its year
round schedule. Please call the Early Childhood office for information on any of our programs.
Program Highlights
Infant Through Second Grade
A child friendly Shabbat experience
with Cantorial Soloist Kelly Onickel.
Fri., Sep. 16, 2016 @ 5:45 PM
followed by complimentary dinner
The first day of school is often a concern for children, even if they are returning to a familiar environment. Be sure to acknowledge your child’s fears and anxiety when you
drop him/her off. Explain that you will be back to pick up following a
certain activity, such as after lunch or after nap. This is easier for children to understand rather than giving them a time of day. Helpful tips
from EarlychildhoodNews.com include the following:
Eileen Brand
Rsvp by Sept. 14
All ECC families and familes with
young children are welcome
Upcoming Dates:
Sat., Oct. 29, 2016 @ 9:30
• Prepare your child. Hang a calendar in your child’s room so that
they can mark off the days until school begins. This allows your
children to visually see how long it will be until school starts.
Fri., Nov. 18, 2016 @ 5:45
Sat., Dec. 17, 2016 @ 9:30
• Develop an early sleep schedule. Get your children back on an
early sleep schedule at least 2 weeks before school starts.
Fri., Jan 27, 2017 @ 5:45
Sat Feb. 18, 2017 @ 9:30
• Back-to-school shopping. School shopping can prove to be fun
when your children take part in choosing their school supplies, new
clothes, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc.
• Discuss your children’s expectations. Ask your children what
they expect about returning to school. Read books about children
starting school, which are appropriate for their age/grade level. You
can address any feelings that your child might have about starting
school: new adventures, making new friends, separation anxiety,
etc. Make sure to ask them if they have any questions or concerns
about returning to school and address any possible fears that they
might have.
• Let your child know you care. Write your child a little note and
put it in their lunch/snack bag to remind them that you think of
them during the day
Please RSVP 2 days prior to the program
to Temple office at 248-967-4020.
Temple Emanu-El
Women Of Reform Judaism
Temple Emanu-el
of Reform
Order Kosher Honey for all your friends
$11 per 8-ounce jar, with personalized card:
Wishing you a Healthy
Though many things have changed, many still remain the same. Our
dedicated staff will continue to offer children a positive, loving, nurturing environment where every child is recognized as an individual.
It has been a pleasure welcoming our new Education Director, Abi
Taylor-Abt. Abi looks forward to meeting our families and sharing the
Temple Emanu-El vision of ongoing Jewish education.
As the school year begins, we are looking forward to many new young
family activities. As ECC families you are also Temple Emanu-El famiWhat better
lies. Check our bulletin and website for complimentary Shabbat dinners
way to wish
and services.
family, friends
and business
Eileen Brand, Director,
associates a
Early Childhood Community
“Sweet and
Temple Emanu-El Bulletin • September 2016 • Healthy
-8Year” than
and Happy New Year”
can stilljar
of delicious
a time for
kosher honey arrives in
shipping charge. Visit
the Rosh Hashanah holiday,
decorated with a colorful label,
a personalized card
by reading
Rosh Hashanah
orders sent to domestic
you a Healthy and Happy New
addresses that were placed
Year”. This15th.
card also lets the
by September
recipients know that a donation
Robin Gold
has been made in their honor to
with any questions:
Temple Emanu-el Women of Reform Judaism.
[email protected]
or 248-990-2363
Your cost is $11.00 per jar which includes
shipping and handling within the United States.
We will gladly mail orders outside the United
Annual Yom Kippur Food Drive
High Holy Days
Every year, this effort provides approximately 30,000 pounds
of food, and your financial
Program/Discussion...........................8:00 PM
help us
On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness
effort provides
families in need every month.
Worship Service.................................9:00 PM
30,000 pounds of food,
effort is very successful
due and
to your
financial and
donations help us EREV ROSH HASHANAH
the generosity
of the families
membersin need every
service 1,300
of our community.
............................................. 8:00 PM*
month. This effort is very successful dueService.
your participation and the generosity of
the members of our community. ROSH HASHANAH
What: Help support
Yad Ezra’s Annual
Yom Kippur Food Drive
What: Help support Yad Ezra’s
How: Donate canned
Food Drive
foods to Yad Ezra
How: Donate canned goods and
Where: Bring all food
donations to Temple
on Yom Kippur
packaged foods to Yad Ezra
Where: Bring all food donations
to Yad Ezra’s warehouse
When: September 27 and
2850 W. 11 Mile Road
Berkley, MI 48072
Phone: (248) 548-FOOD
Fax: (248) 548-3207
2850 W. 11 Mile Road
Berkley, MI 48072
Phone: (248) 548-FOOD
Come sort,
(248) 548-3207
and shelve food!
Thurs., Oct. 13
12 noon–8:00pm
Fri., Oct. 14
September 30th
Family Service................................... 9:00 AM
Morning Service........................... 10:30 AM*
Family Tashlich Experience...............3:00 PM
(Shiawassee Park, Farmington)
Service.............................................. 8:00 PM*
Family Service................................... 9:00 AM
Morning Service........................... 10:30 AM*
Study Session......................................1:00 PM
Classical Music Meditation..............2:00 PM
Afternoon Service.............................3:00 PM
Yizkor/Memorial Service...................4:15 PM
N’eilah/Concluding Service............5:00 PM
Havdalah and Break the Fast..........5:45 PM
*Ticket Required for Admission
NEEDED: Teen Volunteers Volunteer
to help Opportunities
sort, box, and shelve
collect bags on Yom Come
Sep. 27th between 10:00am – 2:00pm
Great for Mitzvah Hours
Call Yad Ezra for more info! (248) 548-3663
Please contact the Temple office (248) 967-4020
or [email protected]
The Bea Sacks Social Action Committee
is coordinating this effort where so many of
you bring bags of donated food for Yad Ezra.
We will distribute bags at Rosh Hashanah services and on Yom
Kippur. Volunteer teams will be near the main entrance to accept
the bags. Please drop them off before entering the building.
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020
All Temple members and their children
ages 9 – 21 will receive tickets approximately 2 to 3 weeks prior to the holidays,
provided all financial obligations through
September are current. If you will be out of
town during the High Holy Days, you may
obtain a reciprocal request form from our
Temple office to facilitate obtaining tickets
from another URJ congregation.
High Holy days Appeal
A Culture of Giving
NOW is the Time
When we as a community say, “this is
important to us,” we proudly prioritize
our faith in the community and the world.
The continuation of Judaism in our homes
and in our community is vital to our
existence. In Hebrew, Kulanu means
“all of us together.” Kulanu is our way of
thinking about sustaining our community
to ensure that our financial future is strong.
The Days of Awe are upon us. We
begin the new year with an overall
commitment to use our tools, talents
and resources to best benefit the
Temple Emanu-El community. We ask
for your support.
Thank You!
Join us Souper
Supper in the
Sukkah and Erev
Sukkot service
We do not like to ask for money, and we know that many of you already give to
your best ability. We do ask, however, that each of you do your best and join us in
supporting our Temple Emanu-El community. The Torah does not give us a pass on
doing Tzedakah.
We do not accept monetary donations on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur,
so please return the pledge card by mail or as you enter or exit our sanctuary.
May each of us be inscribed for a Good Year!
L’Shana Tova
Supper, Sun., Oct. 16
at 5:30 p.m.
High Holy day Appeal 5777
I am pleased to assist our congregation with my contribution
Name _____________________________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________________ State _________ Zip ________________
___ $72
___ $225
___ Check
___ $360
___ VISA
___ $500
___ MasterCard
___ $1,000
___ $1,800
___ other $_______
___ Amex
Card No. ________________________________________ Exp. ________ Zip _________________
Signature ___________________________________________________________________________
Please hand this donation form to an usher or staff member, place in one of the
designated boxes, mail to Temple Emanu-El, or donate through our website. Thank You!
14450 West 10 Mile Oak Park, MI 48237 • 248-967-4020 • www.emanuel-mich.org
Delicious homemade soups,
including vegan, salad, bread,
dessert and beverages.
$5 per person, plus a can for
chaveet. Make soup or bake
bread or dessert and attend for
free. Soup makers and bakers,
please contact the Temple
office (248) 967-4020 by
Friday, Oct. 7 to tell us what
you will bring.
RSVP by Tuesday, October 11
to the Temple office
[email protected]
or (248) 967-4020 or pay
through the Temple website.
Erev Sukkot Service 6:30 p.m.
Sponsor an Oneg, a Kiddush or a Wine & Cheese Pre-Service Oneg
in honor of a simcha—anniversary, birthday, graduation or other special event.
Or, you may wish to honor the memory of a loved one.
The minimum costs of sponsorship are:
Friday Oneg: $180 • Saturday Kiddush: $100 • Wine & Cheese Oneg: $125
We recognize our Oneg and Kiddush sponsors in the weekly service bulletin. It is possible for more than
one family to sponsor. Please contact Barbara in the office for more information and to select a date.
Call 248 967-4020, ext 204 or email [email protected]
Temple Emanu-El Bulletin
September 2016
Av/Elul 5776
In keeping with our Jewish tradition for remembering our loved ones at this time of year, we will publish a Book
of Remembrance for distribution at the Yom Kippur Yizkor Memorial Service. This memorial book will enable
members of our Congregational family to pay tribute to their loved ones on that day.
We invite you to submit a brief tribute in memory of your loved one(s) for the Book of Remembrance. For reasons
of space, there is a maximum of 125 words. You may use the space below and return this form, send the text in an
email to Barbara Zeevi at [email protected] or go to www.emanuel-mich.org/worship/book-of-remembrance/ and complete the online form no later than Tuesday, September 20, 2016.
Name of Loved One(s) [please print clearly]:___________________________________________________
Name(s) of People Remembering This Person [please print clearly]: ______________________________
Text: _________________________________________________________________________________
We appreciate your generous donation to Temple in memory of your loved one(s). Please send us your names
(together with your voluntary contribution—suggested amount $18 or more) no later than Tuesday, Sept. 20,
2016, so that printing arrangements can be completed in time for Yom Kippur.
For further information, please call the Temple office or email Barbara Zeevi at [email protected]
Sue Stettner
Religious Vice President
We are unable to guarantee that we will be able to include all tribute paragraph submissions due to
consideration of space. We also reserve the right to edit submissions.
We remember them now; they live in our hearts; they are an abiding blessing.
Would you like to get out and
play Mahj? -- Here’s your chance!
Play Mahj at Temple. All skill levels welcome.
Bring your friends. We will have Mahj set up.
Wed, Sep 21 at 6:30 pm
Please call or email the Temple office or
Madelyn Phillips to RSVP or with questions
(248) 890-0289 [email protected]
or Temple office (248)967-4020
[email protected]
Also, okay to just show up,
sign up and play Mahj!
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020
September [email protected]
H. Luke Shaefer, Associate Professor at University of Michigan’s
School of Social Work & the Gerald Ford School of Public Policy, will
speak about his book: $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in
America. Book will be available to purchase. Sponsored by the Adult
Education Committee and the Bea Sacks Social Action Committee. Bagels
and coffee
October [email protected]
Bob Sedler, Professor of Constitutional Law at Wayne State
University, will speak about recent and upcoming developments on
the U.S. Supreme Court. Sponsored by the Adult Education Committee.
Bagels and coffee
November [email protected]
Jack Lessenberry, Political Comentator and Journalist, will speak on,
“Why the elections turned out the way they did and what this means
for the Nation’s future.” Sponsored by the Adult Education
Committee. Bagels and coffee
December [email protected] – TBD
January [email protected] - TBD
Adult ED
at Temple Emanu-El
We need volunteers to help in the offlce and around
Temple to help with administrative tasks like
answering phones, helping with mailings, etc.
Prime Timers
at Temple Emanu-El
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 / 10-00-3:00
If you can help, please call the Temple office at
Dossin Great Lakes Museum Tour
$7.00 per person, Plus the cost of a DNR recreational
passport per car unless you already have one.
RSVP Deadline: October 26, 2016
Kabbalat Panim
Help Wanted
USHERS for the High Holy Days
No prior experience necessary. Flexible shifts. No
reasonable offers refused. Join our corps of
Kabbalat Panim (welcoming faces).
Contact us today.
Bob Levitt: [email protected]
Temple Emanu-El Bulletin
September 2016
Av/Elul 5776
Rabbi Joe Klein teaches at Jewish Federation
Fall 2016 Classes
Adult ED
at Temple Emanu-El
Federation Building, 6735 Telegraph Rd Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
For more information or registration call (248) 205-2557
or visit: jewishdetroit.org/programs/jewish-education/adults/
Maimonides $140 • New testament $210 • Psalms $140
Maimonides’ Guide for the Perplexed
8 weeks, 7:00 pm Mondays beginning October 31
Moses ben Maimon (1138-1204), known as Maimonides and Rambam, was an Aristotelian religious rationalist who did not
believe that God had direct contact with or influence in our world, which put him in conflict with the Jewish Biblical literalists
of his day. In his Guide for/of the Perplexed, he affirms that there can be no contradiction between the religious truths about
God and the findings of the human mind in science and philosophy. Maimonides was harshly criticized by Ashkenazi rabbinic
authorities and his Guide was banned. Rabbi Klein will discuss selected readings from the Guide. Exploring the Psalms
8 weeks, 7:00 pm Wednesdays beginning October 26
This course will closely examine selected Biblical psalms with a focus on their structure, word-play and literary sophistication.
The Psalms have become an important part of our Jewish liturgy and for the Christian community. The poetry and theology of
the Psalms transcend their almost 3000 year history. It is significant that the Psalter (the Book of Psalms) was a the first book
ever printed in the American colonies—The Bay Psalm Book. Though the Hebrew texts of the Psalms will be referenced,
Hebrew ability is not required. Students should bring their own Bible.
A Jewish Understanding of the New Testament
12 weeks, 9:30 am Wednesdays beginning September 21
The three “Synoptic Gospels” of Matthew, Mark and Luke, and the fourth unique Gospel of John separately tell the story of
Jesus, his mission and message to the Jews. Paul’s New Testament Epistles are the earliest record of the “Jesus Movement.”.
The gospels will be examined for their perspectives on Jews and Judaism and as windows into the development and evolution
of the early church. Paul’s letters will be read to understand how his theology, a blending of Hellenistic thought and Jewish
history, explains his “conversion” and impact on the community of Jesus-believers in the late 1st Century. Students should bring
a copy of the New Testament.
Temple Emanu-El
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020
All Ages Welcome!
Sunday Mornings
9:30-11:30 am
Gifts & Memorials
A Sincere Thank You:
We sincerely thank everyone for their generous contributions to our various funds. Your support allows us to continue
offering our outstanding programs and services and helps us to support all members of our Temple Family. Thank you!
In Memory of:
Liliane Rattner
Janet & Ellsworth Levine
In Honor of:
The marriage of Sarah
Alessandro Frank and Clint
Eileen & Arthur Brand
In Memory of:
Jewell Kovinsky
David Fenster
Rose & Buddy Fenster
In Honor of:
The marriage of Sarah
Alessandro Frank and Clint
Faye & Lou Damraur
In Memory of:
Gwen Patterson
Al Gross
Temple Emanu-El Board
of Trustees
Liliane Rattner
Gregory Darakdjian
Minnie Gershman
Bob & Robin Gershman
In Honor of:
90 th Birthday of Esther
Norman Glovinsky &
Lillian Fox
Judy Greenwald on your
new home!
Flo & Lou Citarel
In Memory of:
Ted Kaczander
Carol & Rick Kaczander &
Dr. David Scheer
The Caring Community
In Honor of:
Ethel Goldenberg on her
90th Birthday
Adela Gold
Brovary Project:
In Memory of Joan Davidson
Lynn & Scott Cooper
In Honor of:
Frieda Faigin
Flo Citarel
In Honor of:
Rabbi Kalfus for the
outstanding eulogy of
Gil Golden
Carol Kaczander
Lloyd & Joan Wedes’
Flo Citarel
In Memory of:
Gwen Patterson
Jan & Janet Gubkin
Gil Michael Golden
JARC & The Family of
Gil Michael Golden
Dr. David Scheer
Mike & Madelyn Phillips &
In Honor of:
Kelly Onickel, Thank you for
being part of my conversion
Norma Dennis
Kelly Onickel for obtaining
her MA in Judaic Studies
Don & Marilyn Cohen
In Memory of:
Gwen Patterson
Dan & Miriam Medow
In Memory of:
For the Speedy Recovery of:
Larry Ferstenfeld
Euni Rose
Sylvia Dillon
Stephen & Sharon Dillon
Marion Potamkin
Mary Topf
In Memory of:
Harry Blumenthal
Joseph & Nancy Blumenthal
For the Speedy Recovery of:
Mike Phillips
Don & Marilyn Cohen
In Memory of:
Dr. David Scheer
Don & Marilyn Cohen
The birth of Ari Matthew to
Todd & Misty Trompeter
The Caring Community
In Memory of:
Robert Koby
Judy Weiner
In Honor of:
The marriage of Sarah
Alessandro Frank & Clint
Denny & Jenny Patterson
Norma Dennis’ Conversion
Jenny Patterson
The wedding of Jesse Bean &
Aja Jovanovski
Denny, Jenny, Michael, Katie,
Jeffrey & Vani Patterson
Lynn & Scott Cooper’s 40th
Wedding Anniversary
Marcia & Michael Leibson’s
New Home
Sonia & Jeff Sohikian’s
New Home
The Patterson Family &
Lynn Wolin
In Memory of:
Dr. David Scheer
Denny & Jenny Patterson
Gwen Patterson
Bruce & Ann Klein
Faye & Lou Damraur
Mike & Madelyn Phillips
Linda & Steve Permut
Marsha & Chuck Owen
Jo Rosen
Bud Sherbow
Sharon & Steve Dillon
Mel & Ellie Natinsky
Ilynn Adler
Lynn & Scott Cooper
Fran & Steve Barnes
Linda & Mark Kaploe
Lynn Wolin
Alan & Marla Schindler
Bernie & Shirley Malamud
The Patterson Family &
Lynn Wolin
David & Jill Hart
Nancy Scheer & Tom
Hulbert, Dan, Ben & Julia
Ed & Regina Ropeik
The Caring Community
Don & Marilyn Cohen
In Memory of:
Dorothy “Dottie” Mazer
Bea Weinstein
This year for the High Holy Days
Greet your fellow members and guests as they
enter our building. No experience or special
training needed. Just a welcoming smile and
personality. Help for one service or more.
Tree of Life
An engraved leaf or stone on the Tree of Life in
the Rosen foyer is a beautiful way to honor loved
ones or commemorate special events. Leaves
are $250 each. Stones are $1,250 each.
Contact Religious Vice President Sue Stettner
through the Temple office [email protected]
emanuel-mich.org or 248-967-4020
Contact Barbara at 248-967-4020
September 2016
In Honor of:
Karen & Frank Burk’s 50th
Wedding Anniversary
Barbara & Doug Kellerman
The cost of a memorial plaque in the Anne Jospey
Sanctuary is $550. Should you wish to purchase a
plaque in memory of a loved one, please contact
Barbara in the administrative office. Purchasing a
permanent memorial plaque entitles you to receive annual yahrzeit notices as long as we have
a current mailing address for you or your family’s
representative. Contact Barbara in the office at
248-967-4020 to purchase a plaque in memory of
a loved one.
Liliane Rattner
Nancy & Jim Grosfeld
Rosalie & Bruce Rosen
Nison & Doreen Sabin
Joel & Ruth Shayne
Jo Rosen
Barbara & Stuart Trager
Catherine Anderson
Bonnie Rattner & Family
Curt & Alice Howell
Liz & Steve Schubiner
& Family
Gregory Darakdjian
Douglas & Lynda Thal
Connie Jacob
Adora Misson
Susan Saunders
Beth & Bob Ruskin
In Honor of:
Memorial Plaques
-14- Temple Emanu-El Bulletin
In Memory of:
In Memory of:
Henrietta M. Goodman
Nancy G. Blumenthal
Av/Elul 5776
TEMPLE CALENDAR - September 2016
September 2016
9:30 am ­ 12:00 pm
building closed
ECC resumes
6:15 pm ­ 7:30 pm
Adult Hebrew Class
7:30 pm Music Cte. Mtg.
Patriot Day 12
9:00 am ­ 11:30 am
Yachad Religious School
7:00 pm Membership
Cte. Mtg.
9:15 am Brotherhood
6:15 pm ­ 7:30 pm
Adult B'Nai Mitzvah
7:00 pm Adult Ed mtg
11:30 am ­ 1:00 pm
Community PICNIC with
YACHAD Religious
School and [email protected]
7:00 pm ­ 8:30 pm TLC
Event [teens and
parents] @ Rosa &
Nathan Rosen Foyer
7:00 pm Adult Choir
HHD Rehearsal
4:30 pm ­ 6:00 pm
YACHAD Religious
School @ Cong Beth
6:45 pm Erev Shabbat
Congregational Family
Service with Youth Choir
and Birthday Blessing
followed by oneg
sponsored by Sisterhood
@ Theodore Birnkrant
9:30 am ­ 12:00 pm
10:30 am Morning
7:00 pm Erev Shabbat
Service followed by
Oneg sponsored by
Sisterhood @ Theodore
Birnkrant Garden
9:15 am Torah Study
10:30 am ­ 12:00 pm
Logan Stearn's Bar
Mitzvah followed by
kiddush sponsored by
Stearn family
9:30 am ­ 12:00 pm
5:45 pm Tot Shabbat
7:00 pm Adult Choir
HHD Rehearsal
7:00 pm Erev Shabbat
Services with
Anniversary Blessing
followed by oneg
sponsored by Sisterhood
7:30 pm Religious Cte.
9:15 am Torah Study
10:30 am ­ 12:00 pm
Sydney Gringorten's Bat
Mitzvah followed by
kiddush sponsored by
Gringorten family
1:00 pm ­ 2:00 pm
Youth Choir Rehearsal
9:00 am ­ 11:30 am
YACHAD Religious
7:00 pm ­ 9:00 pm
Sisterhood and District
Women of Reform
Judaism meeting @
Esther Katzman Social
10:00 am Social Action
11:30 am ­ 1:00 pm
Sisterhood Book Review
Brunch (Opening event
for paid up
membership) @ Esther
Katzman Social Hall
6:15 pm ­ 7:30 pm
Adult B'Nai Mitzvah
7:30 pm Executive Cte.
4:30 pm ­ 6:00 pm
YACHAD Religious
School @ Cong Beth
6:30 pm Mahj
9:30 am ­ 12:00 pm
7:00 pm Adult Choir
HHD Rehearsal
7:00 pm Erev Shabbat
Service followed by
Oneg sponsored by
Selichot 9:15 am Torah Study
10:30 am Morning
8:00 pm Selichot
program and discussion
­ On the Possibilities and
Limits of Forgiveness
with wine, appetizers
and dessert
9:00 pm Selichot
Service @ Anne Jospey
11:30 am ­ 1:15 pm
Teen Learning Contract
[email protected] [8th­9th
11:30 am ­ 1:00 pm
Youth Choir Rehearsal
9:00 am ­ 11:30 am
YACHAD Religious
6:15 pm ­ 7:30 pm
Adult B'Nai Mitzvah
10:00 am Sunday
Morning Speaker
Series: H. Luke
Shaefer, UofM, author
of $2.00 a Day: Living
on Almost Nothing in
America. Sponsored
by Adult Ed and Social
Action Committees
7:30 pm Board of
Trustees Meeting
11:30 am ­ 1:15 pm
Teen Learning Contract
[email protected] [10th­12th
4:30 pm ­ 6:00 pm
Yachad Religious School
@ Cong Beth Shalom
9:30 am ­ 12:00 pm
7:00 pm Adult Choir
HHD Rehearsal
7:00 pm Erev Shabbat
Service followed by
oneg sponsored by
Check the live calendar for daily updates on
Temple’s website http://emanuel-mich.org/calendar
11:30 am ­ 1:00 pm
Youth Choir Rehearsal
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020
Temple Emanu-El
at Detroit, MI
and additional
Mailing offices
Permit No. 0443870
14450 W. Ten Mile Rd. Oak Park, MI 48237-1438
Arturo L. Kalfus Rabbi
Kelly Onickel Cantorial Soloist
Joseph P. Klein Rabbi Emeritus
Norman Rose, z’l Cantor Emeritus
Milton Rosenbaum z’l Rabbi Emeritus
Frederick Frank
Abi Taylor-Abt
Eileen Brand
Dennis Kayes
Jackie Bean
Lynn Cooper
Richard Gold
David Hart
Susan Stettner
Debora Renner
Martin Leibowitz
Bruce Klein
Executive Director
Director, Education
Director, Early Childhood Community
Immediate Past President
Upcoming Events at Temple Emanu-El
Prime Timers
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 / 10-00-3:00
Dossin Great Lakes Museum Tour
$7.00 per person, Plus the cost of a DNR recreational
passport per car unless you already have one.
Souper Supper
in the Sukkah
Mahj Night
Wed, Sep 21 at 6:30 pm
Please call or email Madelyn Phillips to
RSVP or with questions (248) 890-0289
[email protected]
Sunday, Oct. 16 - 5:30 p.m.
$5 per person, plus a can for chaveet.
RSVP by Tuesday, October 11
RSVP Deadline: October 26, 2016
Please let us know by Fri. Oct 7 if
you are making soup or baking.
Tear-off registration for events listed above
NameDay phone Event
# Adults
Please make your check payable to: Temple Emanu-El and return to the Temple office.
# Children
Amount Enclosed
TOTAL Enclosed: $
Temple Emanu-El Bulletin (USPS 443-870). 14450 W. Ten Mile Rd., Oak Park, MI 48237-1497. Published monthly periodical postage paid at Detroit, MI.
and additional mailing offices. Postmaster send address changes to Temple Emanu-El, 14450 W. Ten Mile Rd., Oak Park, MI 48237-1497.

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