Winter 2007



Winter 2007
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation
Winter 2007
The Klimm Receives
Renewed Glory
Holiday food bagging spurred on to meet needs of TNDC’s residents.
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The Klimm Apartments on 460 Ellis Street
looks like any residential building in the
Tenderloin. It consists of seven floors, 40
studio apartments, and two one-bedroom
units for low-income residents. Only now,
the building has a shinier sheen thanks to
a recent coat of paint from an extensive
renovation by the Tenderloin Neighborhood
Development Corporation (TNDC).
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Grand Beginnings
Scratching the surface, the Klimm offers much more.
NonProfit Org.
US Postage
San Francisco, CA
Permit No. 3938
initial impressions can be deceptive.
Beyond seemingly ordinar y facades,
there’s a good chance of uncovering
something remarkable.
Thank you Donors in 2006!
201 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Winter 2007
Renewed Glory for the Klimm Apartments
Benefits of Home Cookin’
Many buildings in San Francisco’s Tenderloin
neighborhood are nearly 100 years old or
older. Some of them undoubtedly have
historical and architectural significance but
due to age and varying levels of upkeep,
Scratching the surface, visitors might be
surprised of the Klimm’s grand beginnings.
In 1913, the building was commissioned
by Frank J. Klimm, an electrical contractor
whose vision was to create a “high-class”
residence and showplace. Describing the
building’s specifications to the San Francisco
Chronicle, Frank said, “All apartments will
be equipped with modern bathrooms,
wall beds and other conveniences found
in the best houses of its kind. The lobby
will be treated in ornamental plaster, with
decorated wood pilasters and marble base.
The vestibule is to have a mosaic floor with
onyx and Alaskan marble sides.” The Klimm
was to be a lasting legacy.
In 1986, TNDC acquired the Klimm and
soon realized the challenges of managing,
maintaining, and living in the building.
Aging systems lead to frequent plumbing
and electrical problems. Plus, there were
Klimm Apartments con’t on page 3
Save the Date!
TNDC Seniors Get into the Spirit
Community building for TNDC’s residents is important during the holiday season,
especially for seniors, many of whom live alone. Some of them like 80-year old Eriberto
Hachero make special efforts to spread cheer. “At the end of each year, my wife and I go
from apartment to apartment to visit with friends,” he says.
Eriberto immigrated to the United States from the Philippines after becoming a naturalized
citizen for serving in Saipan during WWII. Having lived at the Alexander Residence for
11 years, he and his wife are now integral parts of the building’s community. In addition
to attending mass at St. Boniface Church for Christmas, they participate in activities
and celebrations put on by building and social work staff. Most of all, they enjoy the
unifying effect of the holiday season. “People in the building come together more during
the holidays,” continues Eriberto. Betty Duran, a social worker at the Alexander, echos the
sentiment, saying, “The residents are kinder to each other. You can feel love in the air.”
Creating Communities
To facilitate good cheer, TNDC’s social workers also organize events in the buildings. At
the Alexander, seniors were treated to a ham and turkey dinner. For people who are new
TNDC Seniors con’t on page 5
Winter 2007
TNDC’s 26th Annual
Birthday Celebration
May 22, 2007
6:00 - 9:00 PM
Grand Ballroom,
Hilton San Francisco
Jean and Cameron Phleger
Dollhouse Silent Auction
Call Chuck Johnson at (415) 358-3937
to sponsor or reserve seats.
TNDC Board of Directors
Christine Gouig
Tangerine Brigham
Vice President
Charles Casey
Eileen Gallagher
Ken Odell
Chief Legal Officer
Noreen Beiro
John Burkitt
Korin Crawford
Jane Hatch
Hala Hijazi
Dave Kroot
Eumi Lee
Connie Moy
John Rogers
Loren Sanborn
Tom Sebekos
Donna Lisa Stewart
Dave Terrazas
Patricia Theophilos
April Wright
Donald S. Falk
Executive Director
Writer / Editor
Judy Wong
Arlo Bushnell
Design & Production
Olive Design, San Francisco
TNDC’s Work Continues Without Pause
Dear Friends,
The last few months of 2006 saw the usual flurry of activity that TNDC engages
in at the end of each year.
TNDC staff worked hard to inform our tenants about Proposition 1C, The Housing and
Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006. Our efforts, along with those of many others, were
rewarded not only by its passage - giving hope to lower income people of increased access to
affordable housing - but also by an unprecedented voter turnout in the Tenderloin. 46% of
neighborhood residents voted, nearly identical to the city-wide turnout.
To provide you with news you care about most, we have created a unique
version of our website that is relevant just for you. This new free service
allows you to update your contact information, choose news categories
based on your preferences, and track your giving history. You can even
print tax receipts. We hope you’ll find this service useful. Enjoy.
Participation in TNDC’s holiday activities was also high. Social workers, with on-site
property management staff, hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas meals at most of TNDC’s
23 buildings, distributing 820 bags of food. At TNDC’s After-School Program, in addition
to providing homework assistance, field trips, recreation and other daily activities, staff
held event after event to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the December holidays.
Children and their families enjoyed a haunted house, trick-or-treating, holiday dinners, and
a visit from Santa who gave gifts specifically chosen for each child. By the countless smiles we
received, our efforts were clearly appreciated.
Advancing into the new year, TNDC’s important housing work continues without pause.
Even as we make progress with seven projects that have been underway since 2005 and before,
we have added three new developments to the mix. We recently completed acquisition of
the Turk and Eddy Preservation Properties to provide 82 units for low-income seniors. We
will shortly acquire a parking lot at 1036 Mission where we will one day house 78 families.
And we can finally announce that we’ve signed an agreement giving us the right to acquire the
parking lot at the corner of Taylor and Eddy Streets. This is the first step towards developing
over 100 new units for low-income families there.
TNDC thrives largely because of the work of people behind the scenes. From accounting
to administrative to fundraising staff, from desk clerks to custodians to assistant and
general managers, the dedication and willingness of
TNDC’s employees to work diligently under pressure,
juggling innumerable demands and often with little
outside recognition, forms the basis for all of TNDC’s
accomplishments. We all owe them a debt of gratitude.
We are also indebted to TNDC’s donors, who once again
expressed their values by giving generously
to TNDC’s programs during the past year.
Without you, TNDC cannot survive and
flourish. For your belief in our mission and
work towards it, we offer you our sincerest
Direct Mail Center
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Donald S. Falk
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Klimm Apartments con’t from page 1
insufficient fire and life safety features.
These issues needed to be addressed through
a comprehensive rehabilitation rather than
case-by-case maintenance. Because of a
lack of funds at the time, TNDC could
only make minor renovations to improve
livability for residents.
Housing Preservation
The primary focus for TNDC for any
renovation is to preserve and improve San
Francisco’s valuable affordable housing
stock. In recent decades, the Tenderloin has
become home to a large population of newly
arrived Asian immigrants. The Klimm is
home to many of these households, most
of which have less than 30% of the annual
median income in the City. Residents rely
on affordable rents and the readily accessible
social services through TNDC and the
surrounding neighborhood to stabilize
their lives.
By 2003, TNDC was able to secure the
$8.4M needed for the Klimm rehabilitation,
which included a complex web of financing
involving the City of San Francisco’s
Mayor’s Office of Housing, 9% Low
Income Housing Tax Credits syndicated
by Merritt Community Capital, loans from
Bank of America and Silicon Valley Bank,
and financing from the Federal Home Loan
Bank’s Affordable Housing Program.
The actual construction and renovation was
just as complex. It took a year beginning in
2005 through 2006 to finish the project.
Capital improvements consisted of major
structural and seismic safety upgrades,
upgrades to plumbing, electrical, and
mechanical systems, accessibility upgrades
in units, and unit repairs and remodels.
Moving into the 21st Century
TNDC also made efforts to preserve the
building’s architectural integrity. “I’m
Executive Director
Winter 2007
Winter 2007
afraid we didn’t have the budget to place
orders for Alaskan marble,” says Jerry Jai,
Project Manager. “But we’ve used materials
to substitute for the original so that
we maintain the architectural vision.” In
keeping with the spirit, AmOne Corporation, the general contractor, replaced
two damaged marble panels at the building’s
entrance for no additional cost.
Today, the Klimm has regained some of
its former glory. In addition to having its
original architectural details restored and
enhanced, the Klimm now benefits from
21st century technology including a highefficiency condensing boiler, Energy Star
rated roof, energy efficient lighting and
windows, and nontoxic paint and flooring.
The Klimm will provide a safe, healthy,
and permanently affordable place for lowincome seniors, single individuals, and
families to live for many more years; this in
and of itself is a glorious thing.
The Need for Senior Housing Grows
maintain her blood glucose, blood pressure,
and cholesterol levels. By being in the central
city, she can access resources to stay healthy
and remain independent.
Extended Stay
Another contributing factor for longterm stability in the Tenderloin is the mix
of ethnic communities. As an entry point
for immigrants, the neighborhood is
home to large Latino and Southeast Asian
populations. Susan and Thomas can relate
to these communities. They immigrated to
the United States as Vietnam refugees in
1982. “We had very little in Vietnam. We
wanted a better, easier life,” says Thomas.
“That’s why we came here.”
Senior residents Thomas and Susan meet with Building Manager Tom Truong.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the
population of people age 60 and older in
San Francisco is growing. Between years
2000 and 2005, the number of seniors in the
City rose by 5%. The Tenderloin is home to
many of them, including 680 residents who
are spending their golden years in TNDC
housing. That number will continue to rise
as we work to meet the demand.
Susan Truong and Thomas Wong are
among the seniors living at TNDC’s newly
renovated Klimm Apartments. “We’ve
been there for 21 years,” says Susan with
astonishment. “We’ve been in our building
longer than anyone else.”
Central Perks
Seniors are drawn to the Tenderloin for
many reasons. The obvious one is the
affordable rents, especially the lower cost
housing provided by nonprofit developers
like TNDC. Being longtime residents at
the Klimm, Susan and Thomas pay $589
per month for a spacious one-bedroom
apar tment that includes a kitchen,
bathroom, and walk-in closet. New
residents can expect to pay $858 per month.
At market rate, that same unit would likely
cost $1,345 per month. “We’re fortunate,”
says Thomas. “We can pay our rent and still
live comfortably. Of course, everything is
more costly these days.” TNDC is clearly
providing some relief for San Francisco’s
most vulnerable residents.
An added benefit of the Tenderloin is the
location; bordering Market and Powell
streets, it’s a gateway to downtown San
Francisco. Seniors, most of whom don’t
drive and prefer not to walk long distances,
can access vital services through the use of
nearby public transit. Susan, for example,
is disabled and monitors her health closely.
She takes the bus to Chinatown for routine
doctor’s visits every two months. “I have
about seven types of medications,” she says.
In 1998, Susan won a courageous battle
with cancer but suffered a stroke in 2001
that was linked to diabetes. She has to
Winter 2007
Through a 21-year residence at TNDC’s
Klimm Apar tments, the couple has
certainly proven to be good citizens within
their community. They have formed
longstanding relationships with people in
their neighborhood and especially with their
immediate neighbors – many of whom are
seniors and also of Chinese descent. “We see
friends on the street and in our building. We
always take time to find out how they are
doing,” says Thomas. Community events
organized by TNDC’s social workers also
facilitate close social interaction.
Susan and Thomas have been married for
32 years. Though they never had children,
they have each other and their daily
routines, which often include supporting
the Thai and Vietnamese grocery stores
lining Ellis Street. “We have everything we
need,” says Susan. “Plus, we’re happy at the
Klimm. TNDC’s rents are the best!” She
couldn’t help but smile after that statement.
Indeed, affordability may be the biggest
draw for people living in the Tenderloin,
but low-income seniors are finding the
neighborhood’s other attributes to be
increasingly attractive.
We Challenged Our Donors...
And you’ve done it! During the holiday
season, we asked friends like you to meet
TNDC’s 25th Anniversary Challenge
Match with a special gift. If TNDC could
raise $50,000 through the year-end, four
anonymous donors would double your gifts,
matching each dollar for dollar.
To our delight, you’ve helped us reach the
goal—and exceed it. In fact, we raised
$63,113. Our anonymous donors were so
pleased that they are matching that entire
amount so TNDC has a total of $126,226
to house more individuals and families
in need.
Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the donors
who made this special giving opportunity
possible and to all of you who made yearend contributions. You’ve amazed us with
your generous support once again.
TNDC Seniors con’t from page 1
to the building, it might be their first time
enjoying a traditional holiday meal. Among
the activities was a tree trimming party.
One resident even brought a unique touch
by bringing a Filipino Christmas lantern
called a Parol which symbolizes the star
of Bethlehem.
At the Maria Manor, another TNDC
building that is home to a sizable population
of seniors, more than 60 residents shared a
Thanksgiving dinner together. They had
meatloaf, turkey, and other traditional fare.
They too engaged in a tree trimming party,
along with games and a raffle. Shirley Tan,
the building’s lead social worker, sees holiday
activities as great socializing opportunities.
“The seniors come together and are quite
happy to share in the spirit,” she says.
Season of Sharing
Along with celebrations at TNDC’s
buildings, TNDC held its annual food
bagging events. Between November and
December, 60 staff and volunteers stuffed
820 food bags and distributed them to
residents most in need, including seniors
and families. Among the items were chicken,
sausages, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peanut
butter, jelly, and applesauce. The food
The holidays bring out cultural traditions.
ensured that no one was excluded or
left hungry.
At TNDC, the holidays are truly a special
time and this past season was no exception.
The festivities, especially those geared for
Winter 2007
seniors, were a great success because of our
wonderful residents, volunteers, and staff.
Everyone came together in the spirit of
sharing to show that the goal really is about
being among good company and giving
back to the community.
Donor Spotlight: Katherine
The Benefits of Home Cookin’
With San Francisco’s best known restaurant and nightclub
entrepreneur Harry Denton as Event Chair, there was no
surprise that gems from San Francisco’s restaurant community
would be on display. On December 5, 2006, restaurants in the
Tenderloin and central city neighborhoods opened their doors
to hundreds of patrons who dined in support for a great cause—
the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation and
its new Home Cookin’ event.
and Lillian Klein
We love hearing from our supporters. Below is a letter from two of TNDC’s youngest donors:
Led by a cadre of volunteer dining captains, restaurant goers
enjoyed a rich and diverse proffering. Among them were
grilled herbs marinated pork loin with ginger-lime sauce care
of Tangerine, chicken tikka masala from Maharani, and panfried catfish with candied yams and creamed spinach from
farmerbrown. “It was a delicious way to donate,” says Don Falk,
TNDC’s Executive Director. 25% of the evening’s proceeds
went to help TNDC house people in need.
An enthusiastic Harry Denton (center) with friends at the Starlight Room kick-off party.
Receiving Too Much Mail?
In a world of free-flowing information, we often get more mail than we need or want. To better serve you, we are offering
the opportunity to personalize the types of correspondences you receive from TNDC or opt out of them completely.
Simply complete this form, check-marking your preferences,
and send it to:
TNDC, Attn: Arlo Bushnell, 201 Eddy Street, San Francisco,
CA 94102.
Print Name:________________________________________
Please update my preference(s) for mail:
Send me all fundraising direct mail and event solicitations.
Send me TNDC newsletters/annual reports only
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Other types of correspondence:
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Please no e-mails.
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Dear TNDC,
Katherine and Lillian,
Every Friday night my sister and I get an allowance and we give some
to Tzedakah. You are probably wondering what this means, well it means
giving. So every Friday night we give part of our allowance to Tzedakah
by putting it in a little box. After the box gets filled we decide to
give some of the money away and we are giving you guys (and gals)
$164.46. The reason we wanted to give you this is because you help
people, and as my younger sister said, “Yes, I like helping people, do you?,”
And I always answer yes. Happy holidays.
Katherine (age 11) and Lillian (age 7)
We will happily oblige your wishes. Plus, if you register for “MyTNDC” (see page 3), you can keep updated about TNDC online.
Winter 2007
Winter 2007
We are most appreciative, not only of your
donation, but of the spirit in which it was
given. Your support is helping many people
get the housing and life-enhancing services
they need. Thank you!
Your Friends at TNDC
Special Thanks to Our 2006 Donors
Our efforts to house and provide supportive services to TNDC’s extremely low-income residents are greatly supported
through private contributions. We gratefully acknowledge the people below for their generous gifts last year.
Cornerstone Partners
$20,000 and above
Lona Jupiter
Estate of Donald Levy
Maria H. Bacigalupo
Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
J. Wiltse Carpenter and
Carrie Banks
Bettye P. Ferguson
Alison Geballe
Janice Gonsalves
Warren and Chris Hellman
Harold and Lyn Isbell
Joan and Ralph Lane, Jr.
Lisa Stone Pritzker and
John Pritzker
William and Susan Ringo
Diane B. Wilsey
Noreen A. Beiro
Nancy Blair
Lyman and Carol Casey
Serra Falk and
William Goldman
Frederic J. Goetzke
Christine Gouig
Richard and Judy
Mrs. Miriam L. Haas
Jeanne B. Herbert
Ambassador James C.
Hormel and Timothy
C. Wu, Esq.
Rachel Krevans
Mr. Robert A. Lurie
Elaine McKeon
Paulette Meyer and
David Friedman
Laura King Pfaff and
Rick Pfaff
Joseph R. Rosenthal
Gordon W. Russell
Peter Schmitz and
Laurel Elkjer
Loy Sheflott and
Stuart Russell
Clio Tarazi
Kathryn Taylor and
Tom Steyer
Venture Partners
Norman Berryessa
Rebecca Bond and
Emily McVarish
Charlie and Paola Casey
Frank and Karen Caufield
James and Françoise
Lara Hedberg Deam
and Chris Deam
David T. Devine
Mary Lou Dorking
Eileen Gallagher
Veronique Gillard and
Wolf-Dietrich Weber
George Gund, III
James and Katherine
Pamela and Martin Krasney
Paul May and Frank Stein
Kenneth A. Odell
Matthew O’Hara
Toni Rembe and
Arthur Rock
John M. Rogers
Loren Sanborn and
Peter Wilson
Maureen and Craig Sullivan
Carter Thacher
Patricia and Anthony
Robert Wexler and
Amy Ackerman
Anonymous (2)
David J. Bonowitz*
Tangerine M. Brigham
Susan Cluff and
Neil Rudolph
Gary and Victoria Cohen
Phyllis and James Coulter
Christina Crowley and
Peter Hobe
Joan L. Danforth
Steven Dinkelspiel and
Pamela Rose
Richard Drezner
Saul and Gloria Feldman
David R. Feltman
Mark Fiore and
Leone Merchant
Jason Fish and
Courtney Benoist
John and Laura Fisher
Robert and Elizabeth Fisher
Sakurako and William
Christopher P. Foley
Miye Goishi and Dara Shur
Hon-Mai and Joseph
Henry Gross and
Mary-Ann Trombadore
Larry Halff*
Kate Hartley and
Michael Kass
Hala K. Hijazi
Vince Hoenigman
Sharon Huff and
Charles Robinson
Leslie and George Hume
George and Lucille Jewett
Michael and Ann Marie
Margaret P. Kritzer
David A. Lauer
Barry Lipman and
Marie O’Gara Lipman
Adelma T. LoPrest
Viola Lucero and
Tom Nugent
Laura L. McCrea
Celeste and Anthony Meier
Maura and Robert Morey
Tim Mott
Cynthia D. Moyle
Robert K. Nickel*
Paul and Sandra Otellini
Alec and Serena Perkins
James and Sonya Peters
Jean Phleger
Antonieta M. Ramos
Reese Relfe
Regina Rodgers
John Sanger
Peter P. Schoewe
Thomas Sebekos and
Laura Burkhart
Mark Seiler
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Matthew Slepin and
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Linda and Bert Swan
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Will and Jeanmaire
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Noma Faingold*
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John David Bowman
Gordon L. Bray
Mrs. De Witt K. Burnham
Katherine Byrne
Glenn Carroll
Stephen Choe
Pamela Collier
Laurence Colton
Korin Crawford
Thomas and Molly Crowley
Reid and Margaret Dennis
Patricia S. Dinner
Roger W. Doughty*
Terry T. Dowell
Jacqueline and Christian
S. Osborn Erickson
Donald S. Falk
Arthur L. Fatum
Leonard and Pearl
Milo and Robin Gates
John H. Glodow
Winter 2007
Constance Goodyear Baron
Erin C. Harris
Jane A. Hatch
Mary Leigh Henneberry
Al and Lois Herrick
Esther and Erik Honda*
Kathryn Hoover Alexander
Paul L. Kantner
David T. Keenan
Bruce and Susan Kelley
Sarah and John Knight
Angelos M. Kottas
Susan and Ron Krausz
David and Carol Kroot*
David Landis and
Sean Dowdall
Stacey A. Lawrence
John R. Lazarus
Brian Lee and
Wendy Szeto Lee
Fred Levin and
Nancy Livingston
G.B. and Marilyn
Masters Levine
Marion D. Lewis
Katherine Shragge Lovinger
Lucy and Sherman Maisel
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David Bui*
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Robin Boyce-Trubitt
Bobby Boyd
Mary L. Bozarth
Mary M. Bradford
Peter Bradley and
David Krimm
James Bramell
Jack Brandon
David E. Brast
Andres J. Bravo
Judy A. Breedlove
Blanche Brennan*
Patricia Bresline
Christine Broderick
William and Helen Brooks
Roger Bross
Esther Brouqua
Doris Todd Brown
Floma Brown
Judith Detrich Brown
Kathleen Brown
Raymond A. Brown, M.D.
Thomas Brown, Jr. and
Jean Pauline
William T. Brown
Harold R. Brumbaum
June L. Brumer*
Helen Bruno
Bernice D. Brunswig
Peter Brusati
Carol Buchanan
Leah Buley
Laverne Bulnes
Barbara M. Bundschu
Jacqueline and C. Eric
Kathleen Burgy
Craig Burke and
Molly Lazarus
George Burke
Joan Burke
John S. Burke
George F. Burket
John Burkitt
Anita Burns
Thomas Burns
Alan C. Burr
Jack Burtch
Elizabeth Burton-Wagner
Suzanne Busch
William and Irma Bush
Roderick Bushnell
Paul B. Butler
Sheana and Lewis Butler
Amity Pierce Buxton
Richard J. Byrne
Theresa A. Byrne
Michael and Marilyn Cabak
Michael R. Cabek
J. Roger Cabell
Robert Cabrera and
Carol Curtis
Thomas Cacciotti
Ronald and Patricia
Jacklyn Cahill
John L. Calkins
Mary Callanan
Helen S. Callbeck
Bertram Callen
Dolores M. Callero
Lucy Calvillo
Jose L. Camarena
Delma Campbell
Dorothy Campbell
Laura Campbell
Lawrence Candel
Raymond Canepa
Gae and Robert Canfield
Rachel Caplan
Catherine Capriles
Aldo Carano
Frances and Edward Carcot
Bloum and Andre Cardenas
Marvin E. Cardoza
Jim Carley
Winter 2007
Debra Carmody-Poon
and Jason Poon
Alice R. Carouba
William and Mary Carretta
John C. Carrillo
Rosa Carrillo
Patricia J. Carroll*
Joan Carter
Jonathan T. Carter
Elena and Jake Caruso
Donna Miller Casey
Mary Rose Cassa
Rose and John Casserly
Violet and Donald Cassidy
Nancy Castille and
Richard Mynick
Roger Eric Castongia
Leonora B. Catagan
Arthur G. Cavallaro
Jerry Caveglia
Alexander D. Chaffee
Erica Chahal and
Evan White
George K. Chan
Gilbert Chan
Helen L. Chan
Valerie Chan and
Joseph Zygai
Wendy Chan*
Joseph D. Chance
Nigel Chanter
Allen R. Charlton
Barbara and R.M. Charlton
Renee and Andrew Charnas
John M. Charnon
Krisann J. Chasarik
Peggy A. Chastain
Barry Chauser
Alicia Chazen
Lori Chelius
Josephine Chen
Ellis Cheney
Pi Yun Cheng and
Roy Latham
Charles and Eleanor
Frank and Margie Chew
William and Jean
Ling Chew
Michael Chiarottino
Hilair Chism
Larry and Nita Choate
Margaret Choe and
Erle Petrie*
Julienne Christensen
Albert Chung
Alger and Kathleen
Carolyn Clark
Christine Clark
John Clark
Lillian Clark
Stuart Clark
Burton Clarke
William Clarke
Patrick Clauson
Kathleen R. Cleary*
Susan S. ClevelandKnowles, J.D.
Terrell Clima
Thomas and Katherine
Sandra Cobb-Boylin
Robert Cohen and
Jill Fujisaki
Ruby Cohn
Sidney Colberg
Terry Colbert
Adam Cole
Eileen Coleman
Annie Lee Collins
James H. Collins
Sophie and Tom Collins
Timothy and Gail Collins
Laura Collins-Ibanez
Kevin and Deborah Collis
Bruce E. Colman
Susan Colson and
Maureen Anderson
Marjorie T. Colt
Elizabeth Colton
T. Laura Comyns
Kathryn Conliffe
Anne Connell
Robert J. Conner
Roberta Connolly
Raymond and Monica
Juanita Contreras
Guruli Cook
Shayne Cook
Joan Cooke
Matthew Cooke
Rebecca Coolidge
Joan Cooney
Maureen M. Cooper*
Ian and Debra Copeland
Mary Cornell
Robert Cornell
Carmen Correia
Adele Corvin
Donald Cory
Elizabeth Costello
Joan Courtney
Jess Covita
Robert Cowell
Robert R. Craft
Ronald O. Cramer*
Mary Crater
Rosemary Crawford
Donors con’t on page 10
Cathy Critchfield
Wayne Cross
Joan and Bernard Crotty*
Helen B. Crowell
Willa C. Crowell
Margarita Cruz
Helen and Chris Cullander
Patrick J. Cullen
Phillip Cullen
Mary A. Culp
Christopher H. Cunnie
Jane Cunningham
Jeff Cunningham
Joseph Curtin
David Cuthberson
Gene Cutler
Ronald Cutler
Kathleen B. Deasy
Paul Deckenbach
Ellen B. DeFranco
Rodolfo Del Rosario
Asturias DeLaCruz
Tom Delebo and
Bernie Feeney
Irene Delehant
Jobyna Dellar
Paul and Beverly Delucchi
Frederick A. Demele
Kelny Denebeim
Eric Denner
Ann Denny
Vivian Dent, Ph.D.
Kathleen DePaola and
Tim Bigalke
Dolores M. Donahue
Dody Donnelly, Ph.D
Bruce and Stephanie
Sal Dossani
Norma Dougherty
Douglas and Anna Dowd
Elizabeth Dowd
Mervyn R. Dowd, Jr.
Carren Downs
Dorothy Downs
Diana Downton
Peter E. Doyle
William Doyle, Jr.
Jean R. Drago
Martin Dreyfuss
Rejane Drobey
Elizabeth Haas Eisenhardt
and Emil Eisenhardt
Therese M. Eldredge
Andrew Elkind
Tuffield Ellinwood
Charles and Arline Elliott*
Miriam Ellis
Stephanie M. Ellis
Frieda H. Emyel
Masaru Endo
Richard and Julianne
Mary Anne Endress
Stephen and Norma
Allan and Suzanne Epstein
John Erasmy
Elba D. Dahlberg
Richard Dalby
Gia Daniller
Billie S. and Lance G. Darin
Barbara Daum
Jackie Davids*
Becky Davies
Elspeth Davis
Lois Dawers
Dorothy C. Dawson
John Dawson
Peggy Day
Louis De Benedetti
Efren F. De Los Angeles
Barbara De Luca
Felix J. De Martis
Guy De Primo
Gerald De Ryan
Livia and Edward De Wath
Earl Dean
David Lee Derus
Margaret Destaebler
Donald H. Desy
Paul Deutsch
Carol DeVincenzi
Beatrice and Donald Devlin
Les and Leslie DeWitt
William P. Diapouls
Angelic Diaz
Anne and James Diaz
James and Dana Diaz
Florence Dickson
Marjorie Dickson
Frances A. Dillingham
Marilyn Dillman
Earl Diskin
Ivan Djurkin
Diep Do
Tom Dolby
Lotte and Hans Dolezalek
Mark Drohman
Laurie Droke
Alfred Drumm
Delores M. Duffy
Marie-Alice DuMabeiller
Warren Dumanski
Emma Dunbar
James F. Dunn
Michael Dunn
Stuart M. During
Justine Durrell
Mark Dutka
Elliot Earl
Gloria Eberling
Barbara Eckhardt
Maurice and Marguerite
Richard Edwards
Brandel Eiger and
Robin Kehoe
Barbara Erickson
Erick K. Erickson
Karen Erickson
Inez Ertassi
Gail P. Erwin
Barbara Eschbach
Peter Euteneuer
Gregory Evans and
Michael Weber*
Lawrence and Sue Evans
Kathryn Everts
Lourdes Exmundo
Dianne Eyer
Mary Faber
Jo Falcon
Max James A. Fallon
Mary and Fred Farhat
Barbara and Dixon Farley
Carol Farley
Ann Farrell
10 Winter 2007
Abu B. Farukh
David F. Faustman
Bruce Fay
Judy Fazackerley*
Lorene Feeham
Lisa Feldstein and
Max Drukman
Michael and Francene
Robert Felker
Roland Feller
Rose Fenton
Sally and Joseph Fernandez
Felix Ferraer
Saul M. Ferster
Kaye R. Fichman
Matthew and Camilla Field
Marie and Ted Fielding
Howard Fields
James and Sharon Filippi
Robert W. Finertie
Dorothy Finger
Robert Finkelstein
and Lisa Chen
Lawrence B. Finne
Jeffrey Fish
Catherine Fisher
Robert and Cynthia
Kay Fisher
James Fisher and
Eric Guerin
Jonathan S. Fisher
Lois M. Fisher
Sara L. Fitch
Jeanine Carole Fitschen
Mary Fitzgerald
Barry Flicker
Laverne Flonteny
Nick Flood
Sybil l. Florant
Phyllis Florin
Jean L. Flowler
Melvin Flyer
John Flynn
Kellee Fong
Wilmer Fong
Louise Fontanier
Jerry Fontes
John F. Foran*
James and Shirley Forbes
Jessica Forbes
Margo and Don Forbes
Michelle Brain Fortin
Jayne Foster
Marilyn and David
Foster Nemec
Mary Foudy
Susie Fought
Dorothy Fowler
Harry L. Fox
Mary Fox
Mark Foy
Wilfredo Fragata
Margaret A. Fraher
Patricia Fraher
Donna Francesconi and
Elizabeth O’Neil
James H. Francis
Ross A. Franco
Robert H. Frank
Milt Frankel
Arlene Fred
Mary Ann Freiberg
Kimberly Frentz
Adam Frey
Barry R. Friedman
Jason K. Friedman*
Jeanne Friedman
Lynn R. Friedman
Jeffrey Friedwald
Phezell Frierson
George and Virginia Fries
Robert and Chandra Friese
Bradley Frommelt
Angela P. Frost
Robert and Alice Frost
Kathryn J. Fujisaka
Glenn S. Fuller
Fr. Jon Fuller
William Funke
Jeanne Gabbert
Rainer Gaethke
Brian and Lynn Gagan
Helen Gage
Cynthia Gair
John Galen
Daniel and Carmel
Michael Gallagher
Moira Gallagher
Howard M. Gallaway
Martha Galvin
Stephen P. Galvin
Michael Gambale and
Patricia Chinn-Gambale
Kenneth Gamblin
Behram and Culmoher
B. Gandi
Tom Garber
William L. Garces
Edward Garcia
Angelina Garcia-Grandizio
Elizabeth and Jo Gardiner
Colin Gardner
Margaret E. Garms
Joseph Garrett and
John Lomibao
David S. Gast
Diana Gay-Catania
and David Catania
Betty Gee
Jennifer L. Gee
Rosemarie F. Geiser
Daniel Gelbaum
Fred and Annette Gellert
Albert Gelpi
Vance Y. George
Elwood Gerrits
James Gerstley
Gabriel Gesmer
Scott and Linda Geyer
Paul Ghiringhelli
Bernard Gilbert
Luanne Gilbert
Gwendolyn J. Gilbo
Viola Gilliam
Peter and Cheryl Girardot
Georgine Giraudo
Rudolf Glauser
Anastasia Glikshtern
Ms. Maria Gloria
Donald L. Gold
Caryll Goldberg
Capt. John Goldberg and
Darlene Goldberg
Robert and Ann Goldberg
Joe Goldenson
Paul Z. Goldman
Rachel M. Gollub
June Goltermann
Ignacio Gonazalez
Mary Goodan and
Les Hilger
Karen Gordon
Marjorie Gordon
Robert Lee Gordon
Bienvenido R. Gorospe
Helen Gorton and
Jane Nelson
Michael J. Gothelf, M.D.
Kevin Gottesmann
Edward Gould
Harvey Gould and
Karen Duffy
Leslie Gould and
Howard Varinsky
Mark Grab
Jennifer and Robert Grace
Shirlee Graff
Ann and Donald Gralnek
Bonita M. Granlund
Susan Grant
Robert Granucci
John Gravell
Barbara A. Graves*
Joyce Graves
Brian Gray
Gerald C. Gray
Rhonda Gray and Jack Laws
Aida Graybeal
Frank Graziani
Norma Green
Robert Green
Sonia Green
Myra Greenberg
Jane A. Greene
Robert and Edith Greene
Elizabeth Greenfield
Jared L. Greer*
John W. Grehan
Shel Griffin
Jeffery D. Grimes
Andrew Grimstad and
Mary Wikstrom
Scott Grinthal
Laurie Grossman and
David Wright
Daniel and Alice Grumet
Steven Gruskin
Mark Guerra
Dorothy T. Guidici
Eleanor Mary Guilford
Sunil Gupta
Linda L. Gustafson
Mary Gutknecht
James W. Haas
Martine Habib
Michael Hackett
Laura Haggerty
Timothy Haggerty
Thomas M. Hagler
Ann and Robert Haines
Shawn Halbert
Marian Halley
Sharon Halpern
Ron and Patricia Hamilton
John M. Hammerman
Charles Hammerstad
Brettany K. Hamrick
William Y. Hanamura
Terrance Haney and
Robert Emmons
Cathy Hansen
Patrick E. Hardy
William and Mary
Craig Harmer
Alice Harmon
Barbara Harms
Natalie Harnist
John Harrington
Marie and John Harrington
Henrietta G. Harris
Jennifer M. Harris*
Joseph B. Harris
Michael Harris and
Elizabeth Foster
Lori Harrison
Craig Hartman
Diane Harwood and
Andrew Dreyfus
Ellen and Gordon Hatcher
Paula Hatfield
James L. Hatley
Jennifer L. Hattam
Barbara E. Havassay
Phil Havlicek
Frank and Marie Hayford
George and Denise Heeg
Carrie J. Heeter
Louis Heilbron
Judith and Theodore
Edward and Lorraine
Greta G. Heinemeier
Marjorie Heinrich
Gerald F. Heinz
Karl and Michele Heisler
Winifred and Nolan
Ruth Heller
Vonne Heninger
Bill and Betty Henry
Nancy L. Henry
Mary Herleman
and Lexie Fry
Mary Herlihy
Laura Hernandez and
David Hecht
Rosario and Santiago
Joan F. Hertzberg
Cynthia Y. Hester
H. Heuser
Steven Hiatt
Steven R. Hibshman*
H. L. Hickman
C.S. Hicks
Myrle Hillback
Elaine Hilp
Patricia Hirabara
Louise Hirschman-de Blanc
John and Marilu Hitchcock
Stephen Hitchcock
Vernon P. Hitchcock, Jr.
Adam Hittelman
Linda Hix
Clara M. Ho
Stephanie Hochman and
David Drum
Shelagh Hoeg
Lorraine and Owen Hoey
Agatha Hoff
Jeffrey W. Holden
Joan Holden
Clara and Gregory Holmes
Heidi A. Holzhauer
Curt Holzinger
Roy K. Hom
George Homsey
Pamela H. Honda
Dennis J. Hong
Victor and Lorraine Honig
Florence Honore
Tempie L. Hopkins
Marion Hopper
Robert V. Horowitz
Theresa and Richard
Claire and Doug Horton
Fiaz and Seema P. Hossain
Sherrill and Joan Houghton
Rita Hovakimian
Beatrice Howard
Craig Howard
Deborah A. Howard-Page
John Howell
Sally Howlett
Bruce and Patricia Hraba
Diana Hsu
Alice A. Huberman
Homer and Gloria
James Hudnall
Ms. Judith A. Hudson
Michael and Mary Hudson
William L. Hudson
Leslie Hughes
George Humphreys
Donna Hunter
Michael and Carol
Ellen and Peter Huppert
Stephen and Elsa Hurley
Constance Hutchason
Carolyn and Rick
Jay Huyler
Carmelo Iaria
Vivien Igra and
Howard Simon
Mari Iki and
Martin Maguss
Mr. L. Ingolia
Joan Intrator
Sister Marion Irvine, OP
Max Isaacman
Mark Iverson
Clayton R. Jackson
Robert Jacobs
Arthur and Kathrine
Neil Jacobson
Denis and Dorothy Jacques
Martin Jahner
Beverly and Robert James
Dagmar L. Jamison
Patricia Jaundzems
Laurie Javier
Sidonia and Wanasinghe
Jeffrey Heller and
Clark Manus
Peggy Jen
11 Winter 2007
Glenn Jenkins
Jens C. Jensen
David Jesson and Violet Lee
Wenyu Jiang
William F. Johansen
Betty Johnson and
Joseph Wherer
Beverly Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
Rodney Johnson
Ronald R. Johnson, Sr.
Sarita K. Johnson
Sharon Johnson and
Michael Lewis*
Theodore C. Johnson
David A. Jones
Faith Jones
Stacy Jones
Whitney Jones and
Sarah Taft
Clyde Joseph
Kenneth Jung and
Hui Jun Liang
Mary J. Justl
Doris and Walter Kanat
Frances Kandl
Evalyn Kantor
Gay T. Kaplan
Janet Kaplan
Leonard and Kathleen
Elizabeth Karlton
Catherine Ronan Karrels
Takuji Kasamatsu, M.D.
David Kaskowitz and
Susan Kahn
John L. Kater Jr.
Joanna Katz
Michael Katz
Joel Kauffman
Marilyn Adams Kauffman
Melissa Kay
Susan Kay
Todd and Julie Kaye
Kevin Kearney
William and Barbara
Carol L. Kearns, Ph.D.
Lynne and Ray Keck
Patrick and Cheryl Keely
Richard Keenan and
Kathleen McNamara
Patricia and Joseph Keenen
Thomas and Bernice Kehoe
Beth and Max Kellenberger
Donald Kelley and
Susan Getman
Ryland and Shirley Kelley
Florence Kelly
Paula Kelly
Elizabeth Kenady
Kathy Kennedy
Rebecca Kennison
Jack Kenny
Margaret Keough
Margaret M. Keough
Byron Kepford
Kay Keppler
Elizabeth Kerman-Morris
and Edward Morris
Richard and Annette
R. Kern
Susan E. Kern
Angela Kerwin
Kathleen Kestelyn
Barbara Keville
Hendrika and Ed Keyser
Elvin Khan
Virginia L. Kibre
Jack Kiernan
Sheila Doyle Kiernan
Margo Kieser
Linda D. Kilb
John Kilkeary
Daniel Killar
Sean and Ann Killeen
Edward Kinchley
Nikki and Donald King
Rhonda A. Kingman*
Carol Kingsley
Kami Kinkaid
Buffy Kinstle
John Kirk
Max C. Kirkeberg
Susan Kirsch
Lynn Kirshbaum
Diana Kissil and
John Cullison
Ruri and Sam Kitabayashi
Joseph F. Klammer
Kim Klausner
Alicia Klein and
Kellee Fong
Elliot Klein
Jonathan and Rebecca Klein
Lawrence C. Klein
Lisa Klein
Sherry Klein
Sarah K. Kling
Stephen Klucharich and
Elizabeth Exter
Walter P. Knoepfel
James L. Koblick
Gerald and Rosette Koch*
John Paul Koch
Mary Margaret Koch
Kelly Koonce
Susan E. Korner-Richards*
Efrem Korngold
Donors con’t on page 12
Maryanne Koschier
Loren Krane and Wylie Liu
Sue Krenek
Jacqueline Krentzman
Muriel Kretchmer
Patricia and Julius Krevans
Norma Kristovich
Dolores Krolik
Cynthia Kroll and
Arden Hall
Daniel Kroll
Belle Krumholz
Peter Kupfer
Wayne Kurtz
A.N. Kuzmanich
Jacklyn La Branch
Jeanne C. Lacy
Natalie C. and Henry J.
Linda and William Laing
Hilary Lamar
Karen and A. G. Lambert
Joseph and Jane Lambert
Marie Lambert
Louise C. Lamond
Denise Lamott
Bette Landis
Phyllis Ann Burr Lando
Barbara Lane
Martin Lanfranco
Barbara Lang
Mary J. Lang
Mildred P. Lang
Laurence and Ruth Lange
Harriet and Ellis Lapin
Elizabeth and Cort Larned
Spencer A. Larsen, Jr.
Nancy Larson
Theresa M. Larson
Jude Peyton Laspa
John and Rachel Lathrop
Joe and Carole LaTorre
Albert Lau
Martin Lauber
Janet Lauer
Lynn Laupheimer
Mary Patricia Lavin
Ava D. A. and Arthur Law
Pui Yee Law
Grace Lawrence
George V. Lazarus
Hillary Lazarus
Patricia Leahy
William L. Leary
Troy W. Ledo
Agnes and Lai Ping Lee
Eumi Lee
Gar Bun Lee
Hector Lee
Joanne Lee
Lynette Jung Lee
Olson Lee
Ruth F. Lee
Stella W. Lee
Fredrica Leech
Daniel M. Leibsohn
Muriel Leland
Nancy and John Lenahan
Linda A. Lenards
Clarene Y. Leong
Donald Lepley
Maureen Letton
Ronald Levaco
Joslyn M. Leve
Robert Levering
Evelyn Levin
Jack Levin M.D.
Melissa Levine
Joan Levison
Max Levy
Evelyn Lew and
Lyra Bengtson
Brent Lewellen
Claudia A. Lewey
Harlan Lewin
Jeffrey Lewis
Judith Lewis
Marta Lewis
Todd and Megan Lewis
F. Chaney Li
Habib and Stephanie Lichaa
Adrienne Y. H. Lieu
Joseph Liga
Katherine N. Light
Deborah Lim
Emily Lin
Bonnie and Raymond
Peter Linenthal
Lori Linker and
David Innes
Trudy Lionel
Linda Lipari
Steven Lipka
Joel and Loris Lipski
Susan Liu
Joyce Lively and
Ronald Kardon
James Adams Livingston
Mila and Ernest Llorente
Leonard Lloyd
Robert Lockhart
Wilma Lockman
Carolyn Lofton
Donna Logan
Mark and Lori Lomele
Alice G. Long
Joe Longwello
Gema Lopez
Richard Lopez
Father Larry
Lorenzoni, SDB
Mari Loria
Lawrence Lossing
and Ann Elston
Donald Loudon
Michael Louie
John D. Lovejoy
Alice Lowenthal
Micah E. Lubensky
Alice R. Lucas*
Lorry A. Luikart
Peter Lumenthal
Nancy Lund
Marvin M. Lundwall, Jr.
John Lyle
Ted V. Lyles
Aurelia Lynch
Gail Lynch
George P. Macaluso
Catherine A. MacGuinness
Carolyn Madison*
Barbara Madore
Holden Maecker
Rachel Magann
Mary C. Magee
Marie T. Maguire
Joseph and Maria Majka
Susan Malakie
Richard S. Mandel
Alan Mangels
Frank Manko
James Mannion
Marina Mapa
Ephraim Margolin
Lillian Markinson
Jason R. Marks
Beverly and Thomas
Ms. Betty Maroder
John and Joan Marsh
Shauna Marshall and
Robert Hirsch
Georgia Martin
James E. Martin
Griselda Martinez
Alice Masuko
John A. Mathews
Thomas Mathews
Loretta Matson
Christine A. Mattison
Josephine Maxon
Julia A. Mayberry
Dave Mayeda
Marian C. Maynard, M.D.
William Mazer
Josephine Mazor
Anthony Mazzola
Kathleen McAdam
Josine McAsey
Winifred McCaffrey*
Phyllis J. McCallum-Koch
Carl M. McCandless, Jr.
Robert McCann
Benjamin McCloskey
Suzanne M. McCloskey
Eloise McCormick
Joanne G. McCreery
Evelyn McDonald and
Barnaby Howard
Mr. Michael T. McDonell
Ethel McDonnell
George T. McDonnell
Iain Ross McDougall and
Elizabeth McDougall
Mary Jo McFarlane
Patrick and Margaret
Constance B. McGinnis
John McGirr
Raymond S. McGrath*
Margaret B. McGuire
Nan McGuire and
James Stevens
Thomas J.P. McHenry
Edward McHugh
William McKinley
Julia B. McKinney
Paul McLean
Margaret McMackin
Barbara McMillin
Richard and Vicki McNally
Victoria and Barry
Denise McNeil
Marshall E. McNesby
Frances B. McVeigh
David Meany
Jodie Medeiros
Anne Medic
Valerie Meehan
Michelle Meeker
Evelyn Melanson
Michael L. Mellor
Tessa Melvin
D.G. Meredith
J. Alec and Gail Merriam
Elena Merrick
Michael Messinger
Jeff Michael
Rev. Dana P. Michaels
Joseph J. Michalak
Roberta and Spencer
Donna Mickleson
Diane Middlebrook
Reverend Joseph J. Milani
Marney Miles
William P. Milestone
Dave and Gerry Miller
Frances T. Miller
Jean W. Miller
Jeffrey Miller
L. Miller
12 Winter 2007
James and Stephanie
Jeanne Milligan
Sally Milligan
Alan Mills and
Marleen Norman
Juliet T. Mills
Larry Mishkind
Dolores W. Mitchell
Lavante Mitchell
Val V. Mitchell
Cristina Miyar
Jane M Mock
Joanne M. Mock
Marjorie Moffatt
Potheri Mohan
Beate Mohr
Christopher and Robin
Karen Mojica
Frieda Molina
Pauline Molinare
Irene Molinari
Marie and Jan Moltke
Liane Molyneaux
Sandra Molyneaux and
Larry Ellis
Selma Monsky
Joan Montgomery
John Montgomery
Benjamin H. Moore, MD
Kathryn B. Moore
Mrs. Albert J. Moorman
Homayoon Moossavi
James Morales and
Lauren Hall
Jamie E. Moran, LCSW
Palmyra Morell
Edward Toby Morris
Andrew P. Morrison
Donald Morrison
Margaret Morse
Kristien and Joost
George and Josephine
Irene Mosher
M.T. Moshref
Milton Mosk
Nigel G. Moss
Connie Moy
Birgitte Moyer
Patrick Moyroud
Margaret Mrozla
Ora E. Mucci
Irene Muir
Madeline Muir
Sharon Mulgrew
Thomas and Vivian
John and Agnes Mullarkey
W. John Mullineaux
Susan Munday
Marbeth Munn
Kasumi Murakami
Dawn Murayama
Brendan Murphy
Clara Murphy
Janet B. Murphy
John Murphy
Lorraine Murphy
Mary G. Murphy
Maureen Murphy
Philip and Anne Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Joanne and Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray
Alexandra Mussallem
Gaetano and Maria Muzio
Wally Myers
Bernice and Paul Nagy
Gail Nakayama
Alfonso Napoles
Maria Navarro
Alfred F. Nelson, III
Irene Nelson
James and Bonnie Nelson
Joseph S. Newfield*
Ellen Newman Associates
Patricia and Thomas
Dirk Neyhart and
Patricia Spaugh
Jane Ng
Dr. Peter Ng
Dung Quoc Nguyen
Richard and Tonine Nielsen
William K. Nisbet
James Nixon and
Janice McCulloch
Cherry K. Noble
Sara Noel
Daphne and Samuel Noily
Heather Nolan
Michael Nolan
Tom Nolan and
Larry Friesen
Erik L. Nolder
John Noonan
Jennifer Norris*
Nancy Norris and
Nicholas Littlestone
William Nugent, Jr.
Robert Nurisso
Margaret and
Joseph O’Brien
Nora R. O’Brien
Theresa Oda
Sheila D. O’Day
Jessica and John O’Dea
Valerie O’Donnell and
Meredithe Mendelsohn*
Renee M. Okamura
William and Kathryn
Richard Olsen, S.M.
Carol Olson
John Omernik
William and Margaret
Helene H. Oppenheimer
Mary C. O’Riordan
Elizabeth A. Orlin
Judy Orloff
Nadye Keala Orona
William O’Rourke
Jennifer Orthwein
Barbara F. O’Shea
Mary O’Shea and John
Judith Ostapik
James and Claire O’Sullivan
Elizabeth A. Owen
Kevin Owens
Pauline Padilla
Lloyd and Lavern Paff
Carol Paine
Mary Pajalich
Chuck and Julie Palley
Nancy Rae Palmer
Chris Panny
Caroline Papas
Roberta Papazoglow
Charleen and Robert Paping
Roger Papler
Bruce and Debra Parelskin
Nathaniel Parker
Robert Parkhurst
Frances T. Parks
Barbara Paschke
Robert W. Passmore
Bobby Patri
Dennis Patton
Wanda L. Paul
Anita Payne
Eugene and Lin Payne
Norman and Janet Pease
Judith Pekarsky
Malgorzata Pellarin
Nancy and Paul Pelosi
Jane Pennington*
Nancy Peoples
Alice and Joseph Peri
Joel T. Perlstein
Patricia Perry and
Stephen McPhee
Peter Booth Wiley Trust
Joan and Donald Peterson
John and Mary Peterson
Kurt C. Peterson
Robert and Joanne Peterson
Gerald Petlock
Erle Petrie
Mr. J. Michael Phelps
Lope Piamonte
Robert Picariello
Helen and Joe Pickering
Esther Pico
Theresa Picon
Richard Piette
Patricia Pigman
Anne Pincus
Cynthia and Dennis
Mairi Pitcaithley
Sophia G. Pitt
Dawn Plaskon
Catherine M. Plocki
Michael J. Polenske
Steven Poleri and
Elizabeth Colomello
Joyce M. Polish
Olive Politzer
William and Catherine
Shirley and Clifford Poon
Michael Poplardo*
Gerri Popper
Elizabeth Porter
Wendy Portnuff
John Posen
Barbara Powell
Glen Powell
L.T. Prescott
Marilyn Pridmore
William Primozic
Jason Prodoehl
Pauline Prudhomme
Arthur Psaltis
Jeffrey Pulvirenti
Dan Purtell and
Ashley Boren
Frank Puskar
Frances and Pasquale
Arnice Quate
Gerald and Mercedes
Robert C. Quinn
Betty Rabin
Gary Radine
Mike Radoye
Joshua R. Rai
Joyce Raiche
Hemi Raja
Isabel G. Ramirez
William L. Ramirez
Antonieta Ramos
and Greg Ochs
Irina Ranahan
Clifford Ransom
Anita Rao
Martha Rasey
Nicholas Ray
Elizabeth Reasoner
William Rector
Shelagh Reed
Dean E. Reilly
Joseph and Dana Reilly
Patrick and Maria Reilly
Edward Paul Reiss
Genelle Relfe
Randy and Toni Remillong
Walter E. Rex
Margaret Rhine-Medina
Bryant Rice
Marilyn Richardson
Nancy C. Richardson
Natalie Richardson
Lucille and Truitt Richey
Susan and John Richmond
Charles Ridgell and
Maryann Leshin
Alexis Riding-Rice
Douglas Rigg
MeMe Riordan
Edith and Alfred Rivasplata
Thomas Rivera
Robert Rivkin
Bill and Joan Robbins
Mary Roberta
Wayne and Muriel Robins
Jean Robinson
Judith and Richard
Ronald Robinson
Yvette Robinson
Consuelo Robles
Daniel Rochman and
Emylene Aspilla
Carl Rodd
Theodore Rodrigues
Howard Roffman and
Duane Waters
Alice Rogers
Donald Rogers
Helen Rogers
Terry Rolleri
Jessica Romm
Robert H. Roper*
Heather V. Rose
Jeffrey and Kersti Rose
Lottie and Sam Rose
Lester S. Rosen
Marcia and Alfred Rosen
Herbert and Ilse
Ellen Rosenbluth and
Peter Mottaz*
Elizabeth S. Rosenbush
Bonnie Rosenstein
Joseph and Anne Rosenthal
Margaret and Jerome
John Rosin
Dennis E. Ross
Susan and Michael Ross
Dawn Roth
Judith Rothman
Janice L. Roudebush*
Margaret Rouse
Jay Rubenstein
Hector Rubio
Chris Rudnicki
Alexandra Ruhmann
Bunnie Rurenstein
Sheryl L. Ruskin
Margaret Russell
and Mary Kyles
Steven E. Rutledge
William and Wilma Ryan
Eduardo H. Sabangan
Judith A. Sachs
Ms. Kirby Sack and
Pamela Merchant
Lily Saganich
Joanne L Sakai
Mary A. Samson
Perry B. Samuels
Ms. Mary San George
Barbara Sanders
Nina Sanders
Deanna Sandford
Norman and Gladys
Paul and Maureen Sanner
Roy Santana
Gloria Sapp
Evan Sarna
Diane Sasseville
and Eric Sweet
David J. Saul
Natalie and Leland Saylor
Patrick and Nicole Sayres
Igor Z. Sazevich
Jeff and Trish Scales
Esther and L.P. Schafer
Robert J. Schaff
Susan B. Schapiro*
Farrel Schell
William Scherer
Herbert A. Schick
Edward Schiffer
Beulah and Leon Schiller
Paul Schiller
Kara Schleunes*
Sabrina Simone
Kenneth A. Schluter
Sandra Lynn and
David Schmaier
Warner Schmalz
Byron Schneider
Franz Schneider
Marcia and Murray
13 Winter 2007
Phyllis Schneider
Beth Ann Schnitzer
Laurette Schorcht
Diana L. Schott, M.D.
Christine E. Schreiber
Diane Schreiber
Edward Schultz
Jacob Schurman
Georgia Schuttish
Gloria Schwartz
Jodi Schwartz
Matthew Schwartz and
Karen Levesque
Timothy and Sandra
Karen Schwartzman
William and Anne
Christine A. Schwegel
Gladys Schwimmer
Beverly A. Scott
Brian and Helen Scott
Kenneth A. Scott
Mattie M. Scott
Felicia Scruggs-Wright
John Eric Sealander
John Sealander
Martin and Barbara Seaney
Pamela Sebastian
Erin Sedilko
Mary Seelye
Rita Semel*
Steven and Rita Senegal
Lew D. Serbin
Natesan Seshagiri
Dennis J. Setlock
Timothy W. Seufert
Bishop Carlos Sevilla, SJ
Clara and Leon Shameson
Peter T. Shanley
Eugene Sharee
Daniel and Ann Shaw
Randy Shaw and
Elaine Feingold
Reginald C. Shaw
Father Peter Shea
Gladys and Ardson
Carola Shepard
Paul K. Sheridan
Alistair Sherret
Vanessa Sherrod
John Shike
Gary Shimel
Lou Ann Short
Kurt Shuck
Robert Shurell
Shirley Sidd
Winifred Siegel
Alice Siegenthaler
and Kristin Sutro
Russell S. Silva
Beryl and Ivor Silver
Lon Simmons
Cathy Simon and
Michael Palmer
David Singer and
Diana Kapp
Dennis L. Singer
Albert Sipp
Commander Leon Sit
Clare Siu, M.D.*
Tina Skidmore
David Sklar
Charles Slutzkin
Betty Smith
C. Smith
Frances Joslin Smith
Hart and Wilma Smith*
Lucille Smith
Maude M. Smith
Maureen Smith
Michael J. Smith
Paula Smith
William How Smith
Robert L. Smithers
Maryann Smyth
Matthew and Kathleen
Joseph Sneed and
Carleton Fiorina
Ross R. Snow
Michelle N. Snyder
Barbara and Robert
Ken Sommer*
Sonja Sonnenburg
Marieta and Rodolfo
Beth Sosnick
Marion Sosnowski
Lewis Southern
Elizabeth A. Spann
Samuel Sparck
David S. Sparks
Nancy Spector
Phyllis Phelps Spencer
Tom Spiekerman
Robert John Spiers
Evelyn Spire
Al Staehely
Joel A. Stahl
Judith and James Stark
Eric Staton
Dolores M. Staudenraus*
Therese Stawowy
John Stedman and
Julie Brook
Marianne K. Steele
William and Martha Steen
Donors con’t on page 14
Victor and Marg’et Stefan
Steve and Lee Stefanki
Joyce and Henry Steier
Harold Stein
Emilie Steiner
G. Charles Steiner
Jude Steiner-Hall
Edward E. Steinforth
Jay Steinman
Laura Steinman
Marjorie Stern
Marylyn Stern
Peter Stern and
Holly Badgley
Nancy G. Stevenson
Robert Stevenson
Doreen Stock
Brad Stohr
Brian Stompe
Jay Stone and John Braun
Michelle R. Stone
Elizabeth Storey
Edward Storm
Fred Straus
Hope Streeter
Joel and Juliette Streicker
Harry F. Streufert
David Strickland, Jr.
Thomas J. Stroik
Jessica Stuart
Paul and Laura Sturges
Greg Suhr
Sherry J. Suisman
John Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
John Sulzbach
Edward Suman and
Susan Gates
E. Elizabeth Summers
Paul Sussman and
Linda Dallin
Joseph Swan
Walter Swan, Jr.
Marilyn and Thomas Swartz
Jeanne L. Sweet
Keely and Philip Sweet
Paul M. Swenson
Greg Sweriduk
Gail Switzer
George and Barbara Sycip
Patricia Szumowski and
James Balderston
Jean Taggart
Beatrice A. Taggi
Peter D. Talbot
Lydia Tan and John Barton
Om P. Tangri
Marie-Louise Tanner
Burt Tanoue
Mary L. Tansey
Beverly M. Tarantino
Gene Tartaglia
Jan Tatarsky
John C. Tau
Leslie A. Taylor
Bridget Teranen
Nancy Terranova
Stephen Texeira
Jean-Louise Thacher
Ean Choo Mary Ann Tham
Alice Thomas
Christopher Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
Jeffrey and Evelyne Thomas
Keith Thomas
Mary Thomas
Douglas Thompson
Eric G. Thompson
Charles V. Thornton
Henry Thurlow and
Wally Myers
Marion and Elaine Tibbits
Judith K. and Thomas W.
Joan Tidwell
Robert and Marilyn Tiernan
Cesar Tinio
Othmar and Kathryn
Deanna Tom*
Ted J. Tomasiewicz
Kathryn Toms
Kimberly Toothman
Warlito Toralba
Milton and June Torn
Susan E. Toth
Margery B. Townsend
Michael Townsend
Ramond Tracy
Paul Trahan
Bruce Tran and
Margaret Gee
Ruth Tretbar
Sara Tretbar
Lynn Trowbridge
Kuang Chung Tseng*
Suzanne Tucker
Lillian M. Tupac
Dorothy N. Tuttle
Shirley Twersky
Dorothy Tyack
Lee Tyree
Dale Underwood
and Kirsti Aho
Donald L. Unger
Jennifer Utter
Rafael F. Valdes
Corazon and Edgardo
Donna Valentino
Barbara Valois
Chanda Van and
David Pritzkau*
Astrid Van Den Boogaerde
Barbara Van Der Veer
Vivian Van Quach
Irma Van Riesen
Jay Vanmeter
Armando Vasquez
Charles and Dolores Vaszko
Kumar Vedantham, M.D.
Julie Veit
Jacqueline N. Ventura
Madan Venugopal and
Shyama Madan
Steven L. Vettel
Maria Vickroy-Peralta
Donald R. Viegas
Richard A. Vignolo
Carlos Villa
Jonathan Vines
Albert Vizinho
Edward Voigt
Arthur Wachtel
May and Frank Walch
Frederick Waldo
Sylvia and Walter Wallgren
Grace Walsh
Nancy Walter and
Brian McGarry
Dolores Walters
Donna and John Walton
Nancy Wang
Ann Wansley*
Diane K. Ward
Edward and Linda Ward
Leslie Wardle
Carolyn E. Warhus
Donald Warrin and
Diane Beeson
Carmen Washburn
Douglas Washington
Diana S. Waters
Olive G. and
Richard Waugh
Lani Mei Way
Cynthia Weber
Paige Weber
Jefferson Wehling and
Jill Hamilton
Joseph J. Wehrer
14 Winter 2007
Lewis L. Wei
Kevin Wofsy
Erica Weingarten
Eva and Sven Wolf
Jonathan Weinstock
Stefani A. Wolff
Mark Weisman
Gene Y. Wong
Margaret and Marion Weiss Henry Wong and
Margaret Weitkamp
Joanne S. J.
Sanford Weitzner
James K. Wong
Anne and Richard Welch
Laura L. Wong
Pat Welch
Marian Wong
Zaffy and Denis Welch
Patrick Wong
John and Dorothy Wells
Rosemary H. Wong
Amy Wender
Xavier Wong
Daniel L. Wendle
Harvey and Sandy Woo
Karl Wentersdorf
Corinne S. Wood
James E. West
John Wood
Trinity West
Paul Wotowic
Philip Westdahl
April M. Wright
Evelyn A. Westlye
Beverly A. Wright
David and Dorothy Wexler
Elizabeth Wright
Michael Whalen and
Maureen A. Wright
Sandra Peters
Walter W. Wright and
Charlie Wheeler and
Terri A. Nevins
Faye Beverett
Lisa Wyatt
Pat Wheeler
Suzanne and Minoru
Clyde Whelden
Gerald White
Russell Yamaichi
Robert C. White
Stephen and Mary Yang
Sharon L. White*
Don W. Yee
Paige Whitson
E. B. Wienand
Andrew Alan Wiener
David and Leslie Yellen
Christine Wildsoet
Howard Yellen and
Christopher Wilkens
Allison Kozak
Elizabeth Wilkie
Diana Yin
Michael and Karen E.
Tien P. Ying
C. S. Yost
J. William
Daisy A. Young, SFO
Barbara Williams
Marie and Cary Young
Larry Williams, M.D. and
Thea and Charles Youngson
David Waugh
Richard Younkin
Melony Williams
Dariush Youssefi
Michael Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Michele Williams
Nancy Williams and
Samuel Zanze
Donald Koors
David Zarri
George Williamson
Norman Zilber
Mary M. Willis
Edward Zilch
Carlie Wilmans
Lynn Zimmer
Averel Roberts Wilson
Andrew Zimmerman*
Barbara and Milton
Deborah Zimmerman
Wilson, Jr.
T. G. Zimmerman
Kate Wilson
David Zinn
Marcia E. Wilson
Mary J. Zismann
Jane Winslow
Lore A. W. Zutraun
Ivy Archer Winters
Joylin Zwolinski*
Peter Wise and
Patrice Kavanaugh
Wendy Withers
Ann Witter
Jonathan and Susan
*Dedicated TNDC Monthly Donors
$100,000 and above
Evelyn & Walter Haas,
Jr. Fund
Bank of America
Fannie Mae Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
Starbucks Coffee Company
Anonymous (2)
Enterprise Community
George Frederick Jewett
Local Initiatives Support
The Louis R. Lurie
The Morris Stulsaft
Stanley S. Langendorf
Union Bank of California
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo
Alexander M. and June L.
Maisin Foundation
The Bettye Poetz Ferguson
California Bank and Trust
California Savings Bank
Cathay Bank Foundation
Crescent Porter Hale
Five Bridges Foundation
Irene S. Scully Family
The Lisa and John Pritzker
Family Fund
Marcia and Richard Grand
McKesson Corporation
The O’Shea Foundation
St. Paul Travelers
The Stocker Foundation
US Bank
AMB Property Corp.
Arthur J. Gallager & Co.
Bernard E. and Alba Witkin
Charitable Foundation
Cahill Contractors
Charles Schwab
City National Bank
Coblentz, Patch, Duffy
& Bass, LLP
Crescent Heights
Enterprise Community
Investment, Inc.
Fine Line Construction
Friedman Family
Jewish Community
Endowment Fund
Joie de Vivre Hospitality
Ladies of the San Francisco
Consular Corps
Max and Victoria Dreyfus
Miriam and Peter Haas
Norcal Waste Systems, Inc.
Order of Malta
Walter & Elise Haas Fund
Wilsey Foundation
Barbary Coast Consulting
Barclays Global Investors
Berg & Davis
Big Joe of California
California Mortgage and
Realty, INC.
Daldas Grocery
David Baker & Partners,
Emerald Fund
Gelfand Partners Architects
Goldfarb, and Lipman LLP
Gubb and Barshay, LLP
Hastings College of the Law
Jackson Pacific
Ventures, LLC
Kochis Fitz Tracy Fitzhugh
& Gott
Korve Engineering
Law Offices of
Michael Rossoff
Lindquist Von Husen
& Joyce, CPAs
Mal Warwick &
Associates, Inc.
Merritt Community
Capital Corp.
Old Republic
Title Company
Pacific Gas & Electric
Reuben & Junius LLP
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter
& Hampton
Shorenstein Co. L.P.
Silicon Valley Bank
Sunset Scavenger Comapny
The Swinerton Foundation
Tishman Speyer
TRI Commercial Brokerage
United California Glass
& Door Co.
United Group
Insurance Trust
Westfield Development
Wilson Meany Sullivan
Winslow & Associates
Able Engineering Services
Bay Area Women’s &
Children’s Center
Build Inc.
California Housing
Partnership Corp.
Caritas Management
Anonymous (2)
ABC Chauffeured
Aero Logistics
AKA Marketing
Amgen Foundation
Matching Gifts Program
APC International, Inc.
Atom Entertainment, Inc.
Bambuddha Lounge
Bank of America Matching
Gifts Program
The Best Guys
Bushnell, Caplan and
Fielding, LLP
Cal Pacific Equipment
California Health Care
Community Housing
Community Thrift Store
Consumer Financial Service
David Binder Research
Designing Innovation in
Supportive Housing
Dey, L.P.
Dorough Community Trust
Electronic Arts Matching
Gifts Program
Ellen Newman Associates
Episcopal Community
Farella Braun & Martel
Gap Foundation
HP Employee Charitable
Giving Program
(Global Impact)
Industrial Plumbing Supply
The Jewish Community
John Demartini Co., Inc.
Just Give
Lanning Financial, INC.
Larkin Street Youth Services
Leddy Maytum Stacy
Light Source
Low Income
Investment Fund
Marina Pest Control
Market Design
Mayta & Jensen
Mock/Wallace Architects
New Delhi
Ohmega Salvage
A.F. Evans Company, Inc.
Argosy Foundation
Arthur Rock & Company
Buuck Family Foundation
Caufield Family Foundation
Fidelity National
Title Insurance
Flynn Investments
Forest City Development
Google Matching
Gift Program
Hedberg Foundation, Inc.
James E. RobertsObayashi Corp
Lowry Hill
Macy’s West
Mars Bar
Northern Trust Bank
of California
Paragon Real Estate
PNC Foundation
Sharper Print
Working Assets
Funding Service
Chinatown Community
Development Center
Community Economics
The Design Studios of
Gonzalo Castro
Disney Worldwide
Services, Inc.
Empire Plush Room/Hotel
Great Escape Fire
Escape Services
Handlery Hotels
Hardison, Komatsu, Ivelich
& Tucker
Hartle Media
HRJ Charities INC/
Champion Charities
John Stewart Company
Kabuki Springs and Spa
Kenwood Investments, LLC
Law Offices of Frankel
& Goldware
MacFarlane Partners
Midtown Garage Associates
Northern California
Oxford Lodging Advisory
Investment Group LLC
San Francisco African
American Chamber
of Commerce
San Francisco Dance Center
San Francisco Giants
Solomon E.T.C.
The Swig Foundation
Tearoom Theatre
TMG Partners
United Way of the Bay Area
West Bay Housing
Zonetwentysix, LLC
15 Winter 2007
Overland, Pacific and
Cutler, Inc.
Quellos Group, LLC
R.J. Collections, Inc.
San Francisco
Design Center
San Francisco Film Society
San Francisco Fire Fighters
Local 798
San Francisco Housing
Action Coalition
San Francisco On Call
Medical Group
Seddon Construction
Sisters of Mercy
Sisters of the Presentation
South End Rowing Club
Taube Family Foundation
Teamsters’ Joint Council
No.7 Charitable Fund
Thrasher Termite &
Pest Control
Treadwell and Rollo
Union Bank of California
Workplace Campaign
Vittice Corp.
Warren’s Fabrics INC
Wells Fargo Community
Support Campaign
William Thompson
Zachary Nathan Architects

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