02-03-01 - Summit Academy



02-03-01 - Summit Academy
Helping Children Reach Their Peak
2002-2003 Annual Report
11508 Main Street
Middletown, KY
(502) 244-7090
From the Executive Director—At Home at Summit
(502) 244-3371
Dear Friends,
As I reflect on the past year at Summit Academy, I marvel at the progress
this school continues to make with every turning of the season. When I founded
Summit eleven years ago, I had hoped to create a school that children wanted to
come to every day. I envisioned a school that was holistic in its approach, providing for social, emotional, creative, physical and intellectual growth for each child.
I wanted a place where children felt safe, where they found success, where they
At Home at Summit,
I knew that my vision for this school had become a reality when a new
student, a little second grade boy, walked into my office and handed me a note
written in unsteady printing. It said: “When I first started here I was scared, but
now this is my home.” I count that note as a great success, both personally and for
this school, but it is just one of many accomplishments that were made in the last
cont. from front
and expanded the administrative offices. However, our youngsters will tell you that the best thing we did was to add an
indoor play area so they have something exciting to do after lunch when it’s too wet to go outside. We also expanded our
campus when we purchased the “Little Green House” next door. Dr. Jeff Lederer, our Occupational Therapist, claims this
was the best improvement of all last year, because he now has his own space to work in. He will soon be joined by a
speech therapist, and together they will serve the students who need their services. The purchase of the property also gave
us room for a new outdoor play area that will soon include a basketball hoop, swings and climbing apparatus.
The middle school saw several new additions to their program last year. We added a new computer lab to assist
the students with writing and keyboarding skills. We also implemented a new program called “The Eagle Challenge”.
This program was designed to develop confidence and a positive outlook in the students by emphasizing teamwork, responsibility, and leadership skills. The challenges included a walk around Kentucky, canoeing the Green River, rafting the
Nolichucky River, and hiking along the Appalachian Trail. It was a tremendous learning experience for everyone involved.
Our Athletic Department saw tremendous growth last year with the addition of a Junior Varsity Basketball team.
We found a great young coach in Jason Bragg, and both teams were able to play home games for the first time in school
history. We also added a volleyball club, a running club, and a few students joined forces with other independent schools
in the area to form a tennis team.
Though Summit Academy continues to grow and change, I am encouraged that our school continues to offer
students a caring, loving environment in which to learn. We want to continue to offer them the best teachers, the best
facilities, and the best learning materials possible so that each student feels that Summit Academy is their home.
Warmest Regards,
Margaret Thornton - Executive Director
We made a major change in the way we approach teaching Language
Arts. Our morning schedule moved to a ‘literacy
block’, where spelling, reading, writing, and
literature are taught together, using an integrated
Summit Peaks:
Summit opens new
Speech and Occupational
Therapy Center
Summit adds computer
writing lab for Middle
School students
Summit gymnasium gets
complete makeover
Summit is re-certified
and obtains provisional
membership in ISACS
Summit graduates the
largest 8th grade class
We continued with the “Saxon Math”
program and are thrilled to report that our students showed an 8% increase in math scores on
their annual CAT/5 testing. Our science Exploratorium moved to a new location, and with the
help from the WHAS Children’s Crusade, we
were able to purchase computers, visual aids and
even created a pond with live fish, crayfish and
Continued on back
There were also some physical changes made to our campus. We renovated the gym,
One Hundred Years From Now
One hundred years from now, it will not matter
What kind of car I drove,
What kind of house I lived in,
How much money was in my bank account,
Nor what my clothes looked like.
But the world may be a better place because
I was important in the life of a child.
Mission Statement
From the President , cont. from page 3
Summit Academy is a non-profit, independent school for children Pre-K through 8th
grade. We serve children with average to above-average intelligence, but who because of learning differences, are not successful in a mainstream school setting. We strive to enable each
child to reach his or her greatest potential socially, emotionally and academically, returning
them to the educational mainstream at the earliest appropriate point.
Note to a teacher
As work became more detailed, it became apparent that this was not a workable option for Summit. The
decision was made in the spring that a ninth grade would not be pursued.
A major challenge Summit continues to face is in the financial arena. . All of us must continue to
join together in finding solutions to the problem of upwardly spiraling costs of educating Summit’s students.
My hope is that we will all be partners in this effort by responding to fundraising opportunities, joining and
volunteering in the PTSA and participating in the acquisition of grants.
I look forward to continuing to serve Summit and I greet this 2003-2004 school year with enthusiasm and hope for the future!
from a first grader—
Joanne Boyle
President—Board of Directors
The Graduating Class of 2002-2003
I love you I love you
love, Chris
Board of Directors 2002-2003
Joanne Boyle - President
Dana Barrette - Member at Large
Sean Segin - Vice President
Tom Buetow - Member at Large
Don Mucci - Treasurer
Andy Cherry - Member at Large
Leslie Westberry - Secretary
Barbara Waldrop - Faculty Representative
Margaret Thornton - Executive Director
Chris Bryant - Faculty Representative
Pam Fleck – PTSA President
A Brief History
In February of 1992, Margaret Thornton and Rosemary Middleton resolved to create a
new school designed specifically for children with special learning needs. They envisioned a
school that would adapt to the ever-changing needs of the learner rather than expecting the
learner to adapt to the needs of the school. They wanted a school where each child felt valued
and was afforded the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential.
Despite many obstacles, they forged ahead with their plan, and in the fall of 1992, they
opened the doors to Summit Academy. By the end of the first year, their dream had become a
reality for 33 children that were well-served by a staff of 5.
Summit Academy has come a long way since 1992 when it rented space from Middletown Christian Church. The school now owns the former church and the campus has
grown to include two main buildings, an early childhood center, and a speech and occupational therapy center. We now have a staff of 40 and serve over 130 students each year.
Congratulations to the following Summit Alumni who made the Honor Roll
for First Quarter at Trinity High School!
Travis Fleck
Jeff Becker
Gregory Schoenbaechler
John Grigsby
William Flowers
Corwin Hammond
Travis Martin
William Springer
Matthew Stewart
Wesley Eversole
Rick Schmitt
Joseph Witt
Letter from the President
The Parent/Teacher/Student Association
In only its second year of existence our Parent, Teacher, Student Association became a powerful and
influential group at Summit Academy. They were led by a dedicated group of officers that gave the organization its
purpose and direction.
The PTSA volunteers organized several fundraising events, including gift-wrap sales, Kroger/Meijers Certificates, T-shirt/Sweatshirt sales, poinsettia sales, concession sales at home basketball games, and a walk-a-thon. These
events brought in more than $14,000. That income was used to help fund scholarships for the 2003-2004 school year,
faculty and staff professional training, and general operating funds.
In addition to the financial support of Summit, our PTSA organized several events to enrich the lives of our
students, staff, and parents. They were responsible for organizing school-wide participation in the Middletown Festival Parade. They built a float, organized our parents, students, and staff to march in the parade and helped to greatly
increase Summit’s presence in the Middletown area. They planned a spring and fall beautification work day for parents, students and staff. And the 7th grade parents hosted a memorable 8th graduation breakfast for our graduates and
their parents.
They assisted our faculty and staff with general office duties. They organized teacher appreciation gifts and luncheons.
They were room parents and chaperoned field trips. They even
helped with vision and hearing screenings. And when the year was
winding down and no-one had the energy to do one extra thing.
They put on a tremendous enrichment day for our students that
included games and crafts and special entertainers. It was a very
special day, made possible only with the generosity of our PTSA.
Bea Buetow and Pam Fleck
Vice- President
Leslie Whitehouse
Marcia Benninger
Lucy McDermott
Jenny Segin
As the President of Summit Academy’s Board of Directors, I wholeheartedly and
warmly thank you for your support of Summit during the 2002-2003 school year! All of us—
faculty, staff, administration, students, parents and friends, have helped Summit continue to
build on and enrich the learning environment that Summit’s students enjoy.
Thanks to you, Summit Academy has achieved a great deal in the last year. The 2002
Annual Campaign raised over $93,000. The “Decade of Excellence” auction, held at Hurstbourne Country club in February 2003, was a terrific party, AND over $60,000 was brought in!
PTSA fundraisers yielded over $10,000. And we were the recipient of several grants, which
funded projects like the new gymnasium and the new Speech and Occupational Therapy Center.
Have you noticed the gorgeous mural on your way into the Main Building? In June, the GE
Elfuns contributed their talents to designing and painting the mural, as well as to performing
many repairs and improvements on campus.
Two major tasks successfully undertaken last spring include recertification by the Kentucky Non-Public School Commission and
attaining provisional membership in ISACS, the Independent School
Association. Summit’s administration and faculty continued their professional development at The Conference for Special Needs Children. Summit’s Executive Director, Margaret Thornton was invited to present at The
Council for Exceptional Children last November. And Sue Sabo, a middle school Team Leader,
received the
We would like to thank our very dedicated and valuable
PTSA for all of their hard work. Listed below are the PTSA officers and committee chairs. This is only a partial listing of the many,
many parent volunteers that help our school on a daily basis.
Dear Friends of Summit,
Committee Chairs: Joanne Jolgren, Julie Sabes, Gloria Larson, Pam Dockery, Cindy Martin, Cathy Gray, Mary Tierney,
Juneau Hughes, and Bonnie Formanek
Summit alumni !!
Don’t miss our first Homecoming, Tuesday, January 13, 2004 as we meet Meredith-Dunn on the basketball court!
Junior Varsity—6:00 p.m.
Spirit Award
from the city of
which is awarded
to outstanding
teachers. One objective of
the Board and Administration last year was to introduce a ninth grade program
in 2003. Preliminary analysis indicated that this could
be a successful start for a
high school in the future.
Varsity—7:00 p.m.
Alumni Reception—8:00 p.m.
Cont. on page 11
Matching Gifts
Annual Giving 2002—2003
The following organizations provided matching gifts
in 2002-2003.
The 2002-2003 Annual Giving Campaign was an
enormous success. The parents, staff, former parents,
grandparents and friends of Summit Academy generously gave over $93,000, which
helped to support the day-to-day needs of the school. Field trips, curriculum enhancements, facility upgrades and faculty development are just some of the items funded by
Annual Giving.
Aid Association for Lutherans
Gannett Foundation
Tricon Foundation
A special thanks goes out to the many volunteers that helped to make this the most
successful Annual Giving Campaign in Summit history.
Annual Giving
Greg and Christy
We thank them for supporting Summit.
Grant Donations
The following organizations made grant
donations to Summit Academy in 20022003.
Marcia Benninger
Don Mucci
Tom Buetow
Peter Seeley
Alice Carnes
Sean Segin
Johnna Cristofoli
Becky Terry
The Rowland Miller Family
Pam Gatti
Margaret Thornton
WHAS Crusade for Children
David McCoy
Kent Westberry
Middletown Christian Church
Eleanor Miller
Leslie Westberry
We thank them most warmly!
The Daniel Pitino Foundation, Inc.
Memorial and Honorarium Gifts
Annual Giving 2002-2003
Total Raised - $93,079
$26, 384
75% of Summit Academy Staff contributed to the 2002-2003 Campaign!
In Memory of Caroline Christian
In Honor of Jason Fox
In Memory of Edward Ercegovic
Mr. & Mrs. Everett Ballard
Ms. Joan Fox
Mrs. Lida P. Metz
In Memory of the Rowan Memorial
In Honor of Paul Rowan, Jr.
In Memory of Janet Zelinsky
Ms. Mary Jane Brohman
Ms. Deanna Goggins
Mrs. Lida P. Metz
Ms. Donna Harenchar
Mr. Michael Jones
In Memory of Jeffrey Thornton
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Thorton
In Honor of Collin Albicocco
Dr. & Mrs. Fred Wicknick
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Albicocco
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Thayer
In Honor of Daniel Altman
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Metten
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Altman
In Memory of John W. Metz
In Honor of Lenny Broyles
Mrs. Lida P. Metz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bender
Mr. Michael Dunn & Dr. Donna MetzDunn
In Honor of Sam Benninger
In Memory of William Hoback
Mrs. Lida P. Metz
In Memory of Winnie McConnell
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Spitza
In Memory of Louis Zdunczyk Jr/Sr
Ms. Diane Sutton
Ms. Stella Zdunczyk
Rev. & Mrs. William Benninger
In Honor of Matthew Strite
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dusch
In Honor of G. Andrew Estill
Mr. & Mrs. George Estill
In Honor of William Fisher III
Mr. & Mrs. William Fisher
In Honor of Sarah Ross Hamm
Ms. Jayne Turner & Mr. Clyde W.
In Honor of Will Hoagland
Mr. & Mrs. William Hoagland
In Honor of Rosemary Middleton
Mr. & Mrs. Holland
In Honor of Charlie Mendel
Ms. Elizabeth U. Mendel
In Honor of Maggie Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Nelson
In Honor of Meredith Segin
Ms. Jane C. Rowland
In Honor of Naomi Terry
Dr. Rebecca Terry
In Honor of Sam Benninger
Mr. & Mrs. Ashar Tullis
Annual Giving Donors 2002-2003
Gifts in Kind
Summit Academy is deeply grateful to all those who contributed so generously to our
2002/2003 Annual Giving Campaign and apologize for any oversights in this donor list.
Throughout the last year, Summit Academy received many goods and services
from parents, staff and friends. These gifts came to us in the form of books, computers, furniture, sporting equipment, landscaping materials and many hours of donated
time and talent.
Mr. & Mrs. John Holland
Ms. Miriam Mann
Ms. Amy Berryman Causey
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Buetow
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Jessie
Ms. Joan McDaniel
Ms. Marla Cautilli
Mrs. Ivy Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Steve McCabe
Ms. Elizabeth Mendel
Ms. Frederica Cecil
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Lukjan
Mr. Tom McGinnis & Ms. Pam
Mrs. Lida Metz
Ms. Pamela Cecil
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Moody
Ms. Dale Cox
Mr. & Peter Morrin
Ms. Jennifer Cross
Ms. Marilyn Murray
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Dant
Ms. Mary Lee Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Elkind
Ms. Eleanor Nicoulin
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Elswick
Ms. Linda Ozbun
Mr. & Mrs. William Fisher, Jr.
Dr. Denise Pelphrey
Ms. Joan Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Phillips
Ms. Deanna Goggins
Mr. & Mrs. James Ragan
Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Gray
Dr. Laura Reed
Ms. Joan Holmstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Robb
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Holt
Ms. Elizabeth Routh
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kauffmann
Ms. Jane Rowland
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kaye
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Rutledge
Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Koenig
Mr. & Mrs. John Sadler
Mr. & Mrs. Ken McConnell
Mr. & Mrs. E. Halsey Sandford
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Metten
Leadership Council—$5,000
Many of these gifts come to us silently, with donors not wanting or expecting
recognition. We, therefore, often fail to properly document the numerous gifts of
goods and services that we receive.
Mr. & Mrs. Rowland Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mucci
With the knowledge that this list in incomplete, we gratefully acknowledge the
following individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to our
school in the last year:
Benefactors—$1,000 - $4,900
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Babcock
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Bailey
Corporations and Organizations
Mr. & Mrs. Everett Ballard
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Carnes
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Boyle
The Color Place
Ms. Pam Dockery
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Cherry
Mr. & Mrs. John Cristofoli
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Meunier
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Seeley
Mr. & Mrs. James Sims
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolford
Pacesetters—$100 - $499
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Adornato
Mr. & Mrs. William Altman
The Cottage Café
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Elkind
Dixie Real Properties
Mr. Christopher Elswick
Dooley’s Bagels
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Harville
General Electric Information Tech Dept.
Ms. Joan Holmstrom
Home Depot
Mr. David Inman
Dr. & Mrs. John Hamm
The Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Jessie
Ms. Frances Heyburn
J-Town Contractors
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Levinsky
Dr. & Mrs. William Hoagland
Mr. Michael Dunn & Dr. Donna
Dr. Jeffries, DDS
Mr. & Mrs. Rowland Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kerman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dyer
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Schmitt
Ms. Denise Metzerott
Jungbert Corporation
Ms. Linda Ozbun
Mr. & Mrs. Hank McDermott
Mr. Robert Eberenz
Ms. Mary Sims-Short
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Milliner
K &P Roofing
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sabes
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Morris
Dr. & Mrs. Aubrey Embry
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Spitza
Ms. Alexis Morehead
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Seely
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Phillips
Miss Jayne Enright
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Nall
Middletown Christian Church
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Riley
Mr. & Mrs. George Estill
Ms. Gayle Stripling
Ms. Monica Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Whitehouse
Mr. & Mrs. G. Hunt Rounsavall
Mr. & Mrs. William Fisher, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Strite
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Olges
Dr. Rebecca Terry
Ms. Margie Gaddie
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sturtzel
Miss Ramesh Oshrieh
Winn Dixie
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolford
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Thornton
Mr. & Mrs. William Galvagni
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Tafel
Ms. JoAnn Powell
Wolford & Assoc. Landscape Gardening, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. John Tierney
Ms. Barbara Gooch
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Thayer
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Richardson
Freda’s Fancy Florist
Mr. & Mrs. Robert White
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gray
Ms. Deborah Towson
Ms. Dixie Rounsavall
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Whitehouse
Mr. & Mrs. Chet Guess
Mr. & Mrs. Ashar Tullis
Mr. & Mrs. William Routh
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Hamm
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Westberry
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sabes
Mr. & Mrs. L. Andrew Hanlein
Mr. & Mrs. Osborne Wiggins
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Sabo
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Harville
Mr. Paul Wight
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shu
Dr. & Mrs. Dale Henning
Mr. & Mrs. John Williams
Ms. Lynn Slaughter
Ms. Juneau Hughes
Ms. Stella Zdunczyk
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Spitza
Mr. & Mrs. David Dick
Drs. George and Candace Estill
Mr. & Mrs. James Formanek
Mr. & Mrs. John Grigsby
“A child is not
Director’s Club—$500 - $999
a vessel to be filled,
but a lamp to be lit.”
Mr. & Mrs. Dana Barrette
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bender
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Benninger
Drs. Steven and Karen Bloom
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boone
Hebrew Proverb
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Daunhauer
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dusch
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Gahm
Mr. Michael Hinson
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Altman
Ms. Debi Ballard
Mr. & Mrs. William Benninger
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bryant
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Duncan
Dr. & Mrs. David Jolgren
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Renato LaRocca
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Leggett
Ms. Susan Lukjan
Gold Star Club—Up to $99
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Albicocco
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Birk
Mr. Frank Broadus
Mr. & Mrs. David Brown
Ms. Sharon Carruthers
Mrs. Naomi Terry
Ms. Therese Thompson
Ms. Barbara Waldrop
Mr. & Mrs. David Witt
“A Decade of Excellence” Corporate Donors 2002 - 2003
A Decade of Excellence
Summit Academy would like to thank the following businesses and organizations for their
2002-2003 Auction Committee
generous contribution of items to the “Decade of Excellence” auction.
We would like to thank the volunteers who worked so hard
A-1 Karate
Craig Paul Studios
Kentucky Gymnastics Academy
Louisville Zoo
Romano’s Macaroni Grill
Abruzzi Restaurant
Creations Hair Design
Kentucky Opera
Lyndon Lanes Bowling
Rumors Restaurant
Adath Jeshurun Synagogue
Crescent Hill Chiropractic
Kentucky Speedway
McAlister’s Deli
Salon 602
Actor’s Theatre
Derby Dinner Playhouse
Kingsley Meat & Seafood
McClanahan School of Irish Dance
Sam’s Club
Aero-Tech at Bowman Field
Dillon’s Steakhouse
Kintner House Inn
McGiniss Antiques
Schiller’s Fitness & Cycling
Albicocco Photography
Dooley’s Bagels & Deli
Kizan Technologies LLC
Mainstreet Gift Peddler
Science Hill Inn
Albin’s Jewelers
Edward’s Photo
Lake Forest Country Club
Marcardin Inn
Shelbyville Co. Visitor’s Bureau
Alcott & Bentley, Inc.
Embassy Suites Hotel
Learning Express
Mark’s Feed Store
Shelby Station Beverage Shoppe
Alley Cat Café & Catering
Enterprise Car Rental
Martini Italian Bistro
Shelbyville Horse Show
Anderson Distributing/Detailing
Enterprise Car Sales
Max & Erma’s
Sister Dragonfly Gallery
Angels Divine
Evergreen Animal Hospital
Meagher Aquatic Center
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Animal Crackers
Fads ‘N Clads
Melillo’s Italian Deli
Speed Art Museum
Arthur Murray Dance Studio
Feeder’s Supply
Meridian Café
Squire Boone Caverns
Assumption High School
Ferd Gristanti
Michel Tire
Stein Automotive
Audubon Country Club
Fifth Third Bank
St. Matthews Martial Arts
Bahama Breeze Restaurant
Fleur de Lis
Barnett, Dr. Merle S.
Freda’s Fancy Florist
Middletown Animal Clinic
Middletown Chamber of Commerce
Baskin Robbins - Dorsey Plaza
French Lick Springs Resort & Spa
Baskin Robbins - Holiday Manor
Bays, Brown Lab
Garden Wall
Beauty First
Garner, Jody - Tennis Instructor
Beckley Station Beverages
Garrett’s Restaurant
Bed & Biscuit Boarding Kennel
Gaylord Entertainment
Belle of Louisville
Glen Oaks Country Club
Ben Franklin Crafts
Goose Creek Diner
Beneke Wire Company
Graeter’s Ice Cream
Beyond Dimensions Framing
Grapevine Pantry & Gift Shop
Big O Tires
Greaver, Betty, R.N.
Greenwell, Karen - Mary Kay
Bonefish Grill
H & H Antiques
Bowtie Car Wash
Hair by Bennie & Friends
Brandy’s Wine & Spirits
Hair Design School
Hallers Pet Shop
Brown Foreman Corporation
Hampton Inn - Corydon
Brownsboro Eatery
Buckhead Mountain Grill
Harper’s Restaurant
Heady, Willhite & Ballard
C & G Products, Inc.
Heile, Barba - Clinique
Caesar’s Indiana
Heine Brothers Coffee
Café at the Louisville Antique Mall
Helen Antiques & Collectibles
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants
Hobbytown USA
Camp Hi Ho
Holiday Inn Hurstbourne
Campbell’s Gourmet Cottage
Homemade Ice Cream & Pie
Lederer, Jeff, PhD,OTR/L
Candlewood Suites
Hometown Pizza
Light Touch Salon
Captain’s Quarters
Hunting Creek Country Club
Lightness Wellness Center
Cave Country Adventures
Image Pro
Little Bit of Bybee
Champ’s Rollerdome
Indigo Casual Gourmet Café
Lotsa Pasta
Cheddar Box
Infinite Bliss Yoga
Louisville Ballet
Cherry House
Innisbrook Wraps
Louisville Bats
City Check Advance
J’Town Contractors
Louisville Community Bank
Claudia Sanders Dinner House
Jennifer’s Gift Shop
Louisville Indoor Raquet Club
Comedy Caravan
Jersey Mike’s Subs
Louisville Ladder Group
Commonwealth Bank & Trust
Jewish Community Center
Louisville Magazine
Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids
John E’s Restaurant
Louisville Orchestra
Cookies by Design
Joseph’s Salon & Spa
Louisville Science Center
Courtney Weber School of Dance
Jucy’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Q
Louisville Slugger Museum
Courtyard by Marriott
Karen’s Gifts
Louisville Stoneware
Covered Bridge Golf Course
Kentucky Derby Museum
Louisville Tennis Club
“She has made
incredible progress as a
learner, a friend, and a
young adult. She has
discovered a love of
learning that will last
her entire life. We are
thrilled and proud of
the person she has
A Summit Parent
to make the 2002-2003 auction a success:
Leslie Whitehouse - Chairperson
Marcia Benninger
Julie Sabes
Debi Ballard
Sue Sabo
Bea Buetow
Jenny Segin
Joanne Boyle
Margaret Thornton
Pam Dockery
Mary Tierney
Tom McGinnis
Patti Thomas
Stoney River Legendary Steaks
Joanne Jolgren
Karen Thurman
Morgan’s Photographic Studio
The Summit
Summit Academy Home Room
Teri Manacci
Jackie Wolford
Moto Photo
Surgical Care Associates
Mr. Gatti’s
Sylvan Learning Center
National Corvette Museum
Ten Pin Lanes Bowling
Newport Aquarium
Terry, Dr. Rebecca OB/GYN
Northeast Family YMCA
TGI Fridays
O’Charley’s Restaurant
Thai Café
Office Depot
Thomas Car Wash
Office Max
Threads Embroidery
Once Upon a Time
Tires Plus
Outback Steakhouse
Tony Roma’s Restaurant
Paintball Asylum
Toys R’ Us
Paoli Peaks
Transamerican Productions
Papa John’s International
Trinity High School
Paramount Kings Island
Underground Attic Antiques
Parent Teacher Store
United Parcel Service
Party Mart
University of Louisville Athletics
The Patron
Uptown Café
Ursuline School for Performing
Mitchell’s Fish Market
Mockingbird Valley Indoor Soccer
Monique Lanham Creations
Moore’s Jewelry
Morgan Keegan
Pat’s Steak House
Paul’s Fruit Market, Inc.
Pizza Magia
Plainview Cleaners
Plantasia Landscaping
PNC Bank
Premier Health & Fitness Club
Presentation Academy
Profiles Salon
Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods
Ray Parrella’s Italian Restaurant
Reed, Laura Dr.
Renaissance Fun Park
Restonic Mattress
Roadside Grocery
Rollo Pollo
St. Matthews Optical
St. Matthews Vision Center
Steak and Shake
Stein Automotive
Valvoline Instant Oil Change
Vance’s True Value Hardware
Vocational Economics, Inc.
The Voice - Tribune
W.T. Electric City
W.W. Cousins Restaurant
Wakefield-Scearce Galleries, Inc.
Wiltshire Pantry
Winters, Timothy R, Architect
Wolford’s Landscaping
Women First OB/GYN
Woods Auto Clean-Up
Young Dimensions
Zena’s Cafe