January 2008
Air Races
March 22, 2008, Phoenix Speed World
April 19, 2008, Victorville VVRCF
May 17, 2008, Kingman
August 23, 2008, Kingman
Sept 20, 2008, Victorville VVRCF
October 18, 2008, Phoenix Speed World
Spring Fun Fly
April, 2008
More info coming soon
VVRCF Air show
June, 2008
Apple Valley Airport Air show
September 20 or 27, 2008
Rabbit Bash
October, 2008
More info coming soon
Toys For Tots
November, 2008
Christmas Party
December 2008
Vol. 6 Issue 1
January Meeting Place:
We will be meeting back at the Lil’ Bit Country Café. The owner
will put out a buffet exclusively for our meeting. The restaurant
will be closed for regular business but the back room will be set
up for our meeting. Please do not arrive before 6pm and go to the
back door.
The price will be $10 paid to the club which includes coffee, tea,
or soft drink. For this price, we must guarantee thirty members
will show-up, so Dick will pick up the tab and we pay Dick. I
have talked to several people have eaten the buffet here and said
it was good. I know it will be better then the last meeting. We
can suggest menu changes month to month.
There are many very important decisions made at the meetings
plus it is a nice night out to visit with friends. Try to make it to
the meeting and bring the wife, friend or new member.
Hope to see everyone at the meeting.
Due to a medical problem I will have to step down as vicepresident. I will still do everything that I can to help the club but
will not be able to everything that’s needed to help Glen at this
important time in club history. I feel that when you except a club
office it is your responsibility to fulfill that office. I feel I will
not be able to do that.
There will be a special election at the next meeting to fill the
seat. Please try to be present to nominate and elect a new vice –
president. I will try to continue with the news letter but if
someone would like to take over, please let me know.
I’m sorry that this is necessary, but it would be in the best
interest of the club. Charlie
February 12,2008
Lil Bit Country Café
Victorville, Ca
Glen Arthur
[email protected]
Vice Pres:
Charlie Riether
[email protected]
Chuck Atkins
[email protected]
Dick Chrystie
[email protected]
Rocky McCarter
[email protected]
Fld Marshall:
Gary Hobbs
[email protected]
News Ltr:
Charlie Riether
[email protected]
New Field Finance:
Tom Galland
[email protected]
Youth Out Reach:
Barry Young
[email protected]
Dave Wiseman
[email protected]
New Field Const:
Bob Leftwitch
Web Site:
Bob Leftwitch
President Glen
Happy New Year! Another year gone and
another one here. We wish everyone a
happy and prosperous new year. The
weather is cold but between storms there
are still some great flying days.
We spent the last weekend down at the
A.M.A. Convention in Ontario. The main
goal was to get exposure for the club and
perhaps make a little money. Over the
three days we sold about $500. worth of
tickets. The best part of the weekend was
the contacts that we made with other clubs,
business, and also with the upper officers
of the A.M.A. who said they might be able
help us with our problem with the bond
issue for the new field. We will pursue this
as far as we can and hope that it works out.
We also had a blast talking to all the
people who stopped by our booth and
asked questions about the club. We might
have picked up a few new members in the
We would like to thank the members who
designed, built, set-up, and manned the
booth for the A.M.A. Convention., without
your support the club would be all the
Speaking of support and participation, we
are starting a new program. We will be
having a year long raffle for a great prize.
The only way to get tickets is to come to
the meetings, events, and even the work
days, for the whole year. The prize hasn’t
been procured yet but you can be sure that
it will be worth the effort.
Food For Thought
Has anyone thought about raising money
by sponsoring an golf tournament? I don't
know how to go about it but I think that we
could make a lot of money on something
like that. I know it does not have much to
do about flying, but most golf tournament
have nothing to do with the charity they
are sponsored by. Also maybe we could
get some famous person like Cuba
Gooding Jr. to lend his name to it, he grew
up in Victor Valley, and graduated from
Apple Valley High School. Kick this idea
around and maybe we can bring it up at the
next meeting. I don't know if it is feasible
but if it is I think we would do well to
consider it. Jim Schroeder
As of January 16th, I put the proceeds from
the AMA convention raffle into the
savings account so the balances are:
$ 11,104.16
New field
$ 2,070.76
Petty cash
We have four blue shirt orders to resolve,
the final balance on the Christmas party
will come in and I expect a bill from
Aardvark for the potty.
Dick Chrystie, Treasurer
If we can get the bond out of the way for
the new field, we should be able to put
down a “Petromat” type of runway this
Board Meetings:
spring. Let’s just hope this all works out so
we can get to work on the new field.
That’s about all this time. Hope to see The board meeting is open to all
you out at the Ranch. Glen
VVRCF club members. You are
invited attend.
The meeting is held the
Wednesday before the general
membership meeting at Coco’s
Restaurant on Palmdale Rd,
AMA Convention:
The Victor Valley RC Flyers were well represented at the AMA
Convention. Fifteen members manned the booth, selling raffle
tickets, greeting the public, and meeting with AMA officials.
Many others helped out with supplies and donations.
Kudos to Chuck Atkins for all his help designing, building, and
transporting everything to the convention center. This was the
first time that we have tried something like this and it went very
well, thanks to everyone working together.
said this was the first time this has ever happened. Glen has
made several follow-up calls but so far no news. As soon as we
hear anything you will know.
It would be nice if we could all just go to the field and fly, but
unfortunately we must do events such as this to survive. That is
why it was so satisfying to see so many members help on this
project and as a bonus, it was fun.
Safety is getting lax again. Some one is going to get hurt if we do
not get it together.
Spotters will be used when two or more airplanes are flying, this
is not a option, this is the rule. When going to the flight station,
grab someone to spot for you.
The flight stations will be used when flying. This is also not
optional. We have had several occurrences where the flight stations have prevented injury. They are there for a reason, use
We have had a lot of discussion about the foamies and it has
come down to respecting other members while flying. When
flying the foamy, fly in front of your station and not directly in
front of other pilots. Try to stay out mid runway. With a little
respect everyone can enjoy flying.
Thank you Ace Hobbies for the beautiful F-8F Bearcat, also
Busy Bee Hobbies, Club Hobbies, DW Foamies, Glen Arthur,
Call out your intentions loud, so other pilots hear. Taking to runTom Galland, and Jack Garcia for their donations. Tried to raffle way for take off, dead stick, on the runway, landing and anything
off Terry’s race plane but he would have non of that.
else that your fellow pilots need to know. Yell loud.
The idea behind us participating at the AMA Convention was to If we all follow the rules, we can all enjoy a safe day of flying.
meet other club members, exchange ideas, and let the world
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
know that we have something to offer to the hobby.
We did meet with most of the officers from AMA and tried to
explain the problem we are having with acquiring a bond for our
new field. They promised assistance in solving this problem but
Victor Valley R/C Flyers
63rd Monthly Meeting
January 8, 2008
Charlie Riether called the meeting to order at 6:50pm.
Dean Whistler led the pledge of allegiance.
Charlie introduced new members and guests. No new members or guests present
Dick Chrystie gave a treasure’s report. It was accepted.
No secretary’s report read.
The January meeting was held at All Star Buffet. The owner of Lil Bit O Country offered us a buffet for our meetings at his restaurant, we have to try and have 30 people there each meeting. The price will be $10.00 per person. The club will write a check each
month and collect directly from the members to reimburse the dinner.
Charlie went over the AMA convention details. He mentioned we will sell raffle tickets, Chuck is making a rack to hang the banners from and we have the prizes to raffle. Dave Wiseman will let the club use a tripod and truss to hang planes from. Charlie will
bring fliers and pamphlets.
The club is trying to get together a calendar of the 2008 events that will be taking place. There needs to be a committee set up for
this project. Charlie Riether, Dave Wiseman and Steve Bibler will be on the committee.
We need to be thinking of a place for the Christmas party this year.
There was a discussion on safety on the runway. The club needs to get back to having spotters for pilots. We also need to improve
our communication at the field. Everyone needs to have courtesy for the other pilots when flying. We need to consider giving
foamies their own flying space or time.
Chuck bought a get well card for Carl Moen’s wife who is in the hospital with a clot in her lung. Everyone in attendance was asked
to sign it.
There will be changes to the club awards. We may have bi-annual awards. There will be ballots given out in October for people to
vote for the members they want to win the awards. There needs to be a ballot box for the nominee names. There was also a mention
that each time a member participates in a club event they will get a raffle ticket for the special raffle.
Dick Chrystie prepared an annual report for the club to give to the dignitaries of the local towns and cities. Glen mentioned that we
need members to go to the town and city meetings to get our club recognized.
It was made known that all members are invited to the board meetings. There will be an agenda for both the board meeting and
monthly membership meeting published on the internet.
Glen talked to Ken at Lake Arrowhead about the surety bond and he spoke to his attorney and said we need to have it in place to use
the field. Glen is continuing to contact him to see if we can get the bond amount reduced.
Terry Yates mentioned that there will be a war bird race in Phoenix in March. He encouraged anyone who can go to be there to support the circuit. We need to be more prepared next time we host a war bird race.
It was mentioned that the old field needs to be scraped, watered and rolled since we are not moving to the new field for awhile. Don
Willman said that he will work on it.
Crash Stories- Dick Chrystie told all his crash stories, Glen Arthur, George Baris & Jim Schroder.
Dick & Jim won the trophy
Raffle Winners:Richard Pope– Charger CR260 & Prop, Bob Leftwich – Servo Tape Aaron Streitzel – Fuel, John Flamme – Epoxy,
Don Willman – Electric Prop (Passed) Dick Chrystie – C A Glue, Chuck Atkins – C A Glue, Bernie Nepper – Passed, William
Yates – Spectrum Regulator, Tom Galland – C A Tips
Adjourned at 8:50 pm.
Chuck H. Atkins, Secretary
Victor Valley R/C Flyers
Board Meeting
January 2, 2008
Glen Arthur called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.
Attendees: Glen Arthur, Chuck Atkins, Gary Hobbs, Tom Galland, Dick Chrystie, Bob Leftwich, Charlie Riether.
The Bond with Lake Arrowhead Water District was discussed. Glen will have a talk with Ken at Lake Arrowhead Water District to settle the Surety Bond issue. Glen will ask why we need a $20,000 full collateral bond, maybe we can do something else,
being creative.
Dick Chrystie mentioned the annual report which will be used as a promotional tool and there will be a contact list created.
Once the 501c3 is confirmed completed, we can progress with the contact list of potential donators.
Hobby People is trying to work something out with the club according to Dick Chrystie.
Possibility of sitting in on all town area council meetings for parks and recs participation with the club. With this in mind power
point presentation needs to be made for this purpose. We need to join the chamber of commerce of the other towns and make
presentations to those members and participate in the functions.
Bob Leftwich volunteered to make up more annual report pamphlets using his work printer and purchasing binding kits. Volunteer help is needed to complete these, 50 is the goal.
Charlie had discussed the days the members will be attending the VVRCF booth in 2 to 4 hours per shift. Charlie has a list of
the raffle prizes donated. Donations are in hand but we could use more. He highlighted that we need to get there early to find
parking spaces. It would be a good idea to carpool if feasible, get in contact with another member if you are interested. .
Safety topic was discussed and needs high emphasis on the roll of the safety officer. This is a serious position and needs to be
followed. Everyone at the field needs to be aware of safety factors at the field and use etiquette. Foamy safety factors were discussed. Possibly an area for the foamies to fly safely and how they should be flown.
Pilot training program needs to be started again and followed up on.
A list of events for 2008 needs to be prepared.
Membership year end raffle was discussed to generate involvement in the club.
All board meeting discussions will be written and used as an agenda for the upcoming monthly meeting.
Youth program will be followed up by Barry and volunteers and a schedule will be created. Changes may be made to generate a
new organized system, hopefully with parks and recs of local towns.
Discussion was made on end of year acknowledgement awards, there will be different categories and a different way of picking
the recipients, have nominations and the board will make the final decisions, more entertaining and exciting awards.
It was discussed to have club members express their wise knowledge of the experience they have in the hobby as bios, maybe to
use in the newsletters and create a club archive.
Adjourned at 8:45 pm.
Chuck H. Atkins,

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