Best Gutters in Town from



Best Gutters in Town from
November Regency Review
Best Gutters
in Town from
the Caspers!
Story and photos from Kim Justus
Over the last 35 years Jim Casper has run more than a handful
of successful home improvement companies. His latest Heartland Company is MasterShield Gutter Protection, Inc. He and
his lovely wife Kathleen Sullivan entered the gutter protection
business back in 2004. At that time, he was a Gutter Topper franchiser, the most effective mechanism of the time. He
helped sell Gutter Topper for thousands of homes in Nebraska
and Iowa.
As the industry advanced, it became apparent that the reverse
cure system in Gutter Topper had flaws that created potential
problems. That technology got its patent in 1908, and is still
what’s used in 99% of the competing products. An Independent
consumer magazine with over two million readers, Bottom Line
Secrets in their October 1, 2007 study, confirmed Jim Casper’s
observations. Bottom Line went on to pick LeafFilter as the
best system. “This gutter shield system uses a stainless steel filter with holes less than 50 microns across – smaller than a grain
of sand- to prevent even small debris from entering. It also has
a self cleaning filtration system, but it’s not cheap.”
Being 11 year Regency homeowners, Jim and Kate decided the
best place to test the latest and greatest was on their own home
at 9736 Ascot. They were amazed how a simple, low profile
PVC body married so cleanly to a surgical stainless filter. It
kept out debris from:
• Five silver maples with “helicopters’
• All leaf fall and acorns from two large pin oaks
• The “beards” from a honey locust
• And all neighbors’ leafs and debris, thrown in for fun
No more gutters to clean. Eureka! The story would end happily
there, but the inventor of the LeafFilter was not content to rest
on his PhD. Back in the lab he tweaked to make the product
even better. After much testing, a new, improved version was
invented and named MasterShield. It is still attached to your
existing gutters. Now the product goes up under most wood
shakes (where possible). It is available in 16 colors, and has a
warranty that gives homeowners not only a lifetime guarantee,
but is transferable to new homeowners. In addition, if your gutter ever clogs, 100% of the purchase price is refunded. Wow!
Talk about adding to the value of your home!
Jim estimates 25% of Regency Homeowners already have some
form of gutter protection. A good system is needed especially
on the many steeply pitched, tall roofs in Regency. When looking for a contractor, ask yourself what you really want. Are you
happy with a system that needs cleaning if it clogs? Is working
with a small do-it-yourselfer a smart choice? What kind of warranty is available?
The decision is yours. Don’t take chances on an important
investment like your home. Use a good gutter protection system to keep rainwater off your house and out of your basement.
Don’t gamble with your homeowner’s insurance. Don’t worry
about a common accident: a ladder fall that can create a serious
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Before you buy, be sure to ask about the crew installing your
system. Your gutter protection will work only as well as it is
installed. Heartland has a bonded, insured four-man crew with
a full-time foreman. There is also a seamless gutter machine
on every job, should the need arise. Remember, Jim guarantees
the product. In addition, deposits are not accepted. A bill is
sent only after satisfactory installation. Your happiness is their
Chances are you’ve seen Jim & Kate walking through the
neighborhood, which is a favorite after work activity. Both love
to garden and enjoy the many lovely landscapes as they stroll
the streets of Regency. Though they don’t have a dog themselves Jim is the Godfather of the Milk Bone, delighting many
neighborhood dogs as they pass!
If you still have questions visit their
Fall is the best time to make sure your
gutters are providing the maximum protection. Why not call Jim at 618-0900
for an evaluation today? See why “Ask
the Builder” called MasterShield THE