Short Paper #2 Moalem`s `Ironing It Out` Due February 19, 2014



Short Paper #2 Moalem`s `Ironing It Out` Due February 19, 2014
Short Paper #2
Moalem’s ‘Ironing It Out’
Due February 19, 2014
1. Answer all question on a separate piece of paper using the following formatting guidelines:
Student’s Name
Class (Anthro 100 AA or Anthro 100 BA)
Title of Assignment
Answer in order of questions asked (e.g. 1, 2, etc)
Typed (12font, Times New Roman), doubled-spaced, with one-inch margins and single sided
2. All responses must be clear, concise and answered in complete sentences. Each response should contain
enough detail to convey that you have read and understood the required article. Students can pull from
the genetic lectures in addition to Moalem’s (2007) article to support their response to each question. At
least 3-4 sentences are needed in order to accurately answer each question.
3. In-text citations and a works cited page are required when paraphrasing, summarizing, or directly
quoting from any source. If you need help citing, please come to office hours or make an appointment.
Short Paper Questions:
1. What is hemochromatosis, why does it occur, and what are its consequences?
2. Why does our iron set us up for biological threats? It might be helpful to think of how our bodies
regulate iron in order to fight disease when answering this question.
3. Discuss the way in which the bubonic plague killed its victims and why individuals with
hemochromostosis were more likely to be survivors of the bubonic plague. In answering this question,
the student should demonstrate their understanding of natural selection including selective advantage.
4. How did hemochromatosis get its start in Europe? How might ‘founder effect’ have played a role in
hemochromatosis starting in Europe? How might the gene have increased over the centuries?