Welcome Spring!!! - Jefferson Memory Care



Welcome Spring!!! - Jefferson Memory Care
Jefferson Memory Care
“A happier life for everyone”
May/June 2016
Jefferson Memory Care
When a loved one encounters memory issues, unique
challenges arise for the person affected and their family
members. We at Jefferson Memory Care know the emotions
they experience and the importance that human kindness plays
in helping. We also believe that assuring the Resident's
personal dignity is the cornerstone of providing care.
Welcome Spring!!!
Fun at JMC!!
Is in the Air
Magic Show with
Tim Glander
PLACE Memory
Jefferson, WI 53549
E: [email protected]
P: 920-541-3520
Resident of the Month
Lilla Breyer
The Resident of the Month for May is Lilla Bryer.
Lilla enjoys music, games, trivia, reading and visiting
with friends.
Shining Star Award
Maria Rocha
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
In the JMC Bistro
The JMC Shining Star for April was Housekeeper
Maria Rocha. Maria was chosen for the outstanding
effort she has put forth to keep our building
beautiful. Maria has also been a great team player,
willing to work longer hours as we search for a new
ESC. Even on the toughest days, Maria always has a
smile on her face and willing to lend a hand to staff
and residents alike. Please Congratulate Maria on
being an EXCELENT employee!
Family, Friends and the
Community are Welcome to
Administration Corner
May brings big things for Jefferson Memory Care!
First of all the weather is getting warmer, the birds are all
coming back and soon our courtyards will be full of flowers. Feel
free to put flowers and bird feeders outside of your loved ones
For those of you who don’t know national nursing week is in
May. We are very fortunate at JMC to have an extremely
devoted nurse on our staff that truly cares for each of her
patients. We couldn’t be luckier. If you see Rachel make sure to
thank her!
I would like to thank all of the family members and residents at
JMC that have filled this once empty building with a sense of
love and community. It fills me with joy to hear family members
chatting like old friends and residents bonding with other
residents and staff members alike. It is exactly what a
supportive memory care facility should look like and I thank you
all for being part of that.
As always, my door is open to any and all of you.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Administrator,
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Notes From Resident Health Services
Notes from Resident Health Services
With the warming weather approaching, it is time to start
thinking about sunscreen. The sun’s damaging UV rays can
harm the skin in as little as 15 minutes. It is important to put
on sunscreen before going outside. You will need to reapply
sunscreen after two hours if you are swimming or sweating.
Applying sunscreen will not only protect you from skin
cancer, but also protect you from painful sun burns.
Rachel Westermeyer, RN
In the JMC Bistro
Family, Friends and the
Community are Welcome
to Attend
 Gary Gawthorp
 Herbert Schroedl
 Ramona Carswell
 Owen Pritchard
Notes from Dietary
Greetings from the dining services staff at Jefferson memory care.
We're all anxiously waiting for spring to come, bringing grill food
and lots of warm weather! Serving the best food possible is our goal.
Sometimes this brings challenges in memory care. If we involve
residents in the daily planning, it makes a big difference to them.
We are here to do the best for all our residents and their families.
Enjoy the sun, the birds and the food!
Environmental Services
Please help to welcome our new JMC Environmental Services
Coordinator, Dennis Wellnitz. Dennis comes from Whitewater, WI,
where he ran a dairy farm for over 20 years. Dennis and his wife
have two daughters, Katie and Janie along with twin
granddaughters, Maddie and Ebie. In his spare time, Dennis enjoys
home remodeling and helping out his friends on the farm. Please let
Dennis know if he can be of assistance in any way.
Every Thursday Morning: Bible Study
Friday PHOTO
Afternoon: BINGO
Every Second
Thursday: Pet Therapy/Pet Day
5/3 Sassy
Steppers Dance Group
5/10 Music
by Bill
5/17 Music by Bahama Bob
5/19 Music by Bill Webb
5/24 Music by Jerry Zehm
5/25 Resident Council
5/31 Accordion Music by Patricia Stone
6/7 Music by Steven Doyle
6/14 Music by Tony Rocker
621 Steel Drum Music with Bahama Bob
6/23 Music by Bill Webb
6/27 Music by Jesse Walker
Welcome New Staff:
5/1 Margo Swaningson
5/8 Judy Richards
5/10 Irene Mussotter
5/20 Howard Clout
5/5 Hector S
5/16 Briana B
6/6 Barb Carlson
6/20 Don Ritter
6/21 Laurie Hajewski
6/25 Marion Hedding
5/19 Kaitlyn B
5/25 Brielle J
*Hector Sanchez DA
*Celestina Orona DA
*Brittany Matters-Kraft DA
*Briana Blum RCC
*Dennis Wellnitz ESC
*Rae Olson RCC
*Mariaisabell Saladana DA
*Brielle Johnson DA
Welcome New Residents:
6/5 Lizabeth Z 6/22 Danielle A
6/6 Stacy L
6/25 Amanda H
6/7 Brandon L 6/27 Marie VL
6/16 June G
6/27 Ramiro S
6/30 Rachel W
*Anita Gitzlaff
*Bonnie Porubsky
*Geraldine Lapp
*Dorothy Smith
* Lynn Schmidt

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