Ornamental - Lawrence Landscape



Ornamental - Lawrence Landscape
Name: Lollipop Crabapple
Height: 10’
Spread: 10’
The Lollipop Crabapple is a compact dwarf
tree, perfect for formal gardens, patios, and
courtyards. Fine textured small leaves and
dense growth habits create a very symmetrical,
globe-shaped head. It presents a neat and
formal appearance throughout the year.
Name: Pink Princess Crabapple
Height: 8’
Spread: 12’
The Pink Princess Crabapple is a pink
flowered, red leaf form of Sargent Crab. A
naturally dwarf tree with all of the desirable
features of Sargent, but in a new color.
Name: Prairifire Crabapple
Height: 20’
Spread: 20’
The Prairifire Crabapple is one of the best red
leafed crabs and has impressive landscape
impact. Attributes include long lasting brightred flowers, excellent red fruits, and attractive
reddish bark.
Name: Royal Raindrops Crabapple
Height: 20’
Spread: 15’
The Royal Raindrops Crabapple has bright
pinkish-red flowers that combine with deep
purple cut leaf foliage to present a unique crab.
It contains deeply lobed leaves and upright
form with good branching and density.
Name: Snowdrift Crabapple
Height: 15’ – 25’
Spread: 15’ – 20’
The Snowdrift contains orange and red fleshy,
round, and persistent fruit. This tree grows at
an average speed and is best with full sun
exposure. Works great with standard
landscapes or as a border.
Name: Spring Snow Crabapple
Height: 25’
Spread: 22’
The Spring Snow features pure white flowers
but no fruit. The best locations for these trees
are patios and courtyards where fruit would be
Name: Golden Raindrops Crabapple
Height: 20’
Spread: 15’
The Golden Raindrops Crabapple has fine
textured, deeply cut foliage which gives a
delicate look to this unusual crab. The form is
elegant, with slender limbs spreading
horizontally from upright branches.
Name: Purple Prince Crabapple
Height: 18’
Spread: 18’
The Purple Prince produces red fruits late in
the summer that stay good year round. Small,
sunny areas tend to be the places to plant these
Name: Cleveland Select
Height: 35’
Spread: 15’
The Cleveland Select is easy to care for and
beautiful year round. Drenched in white
blooms each spring, glossy green foliage in the
summer, and reddish purple leaves in the fall.
Red Buds
Name: Eastern Red Bud
Height: 25’
Spread: 30’
The profuse flowers that bloom in April/May
make the Eastern Red Bud a spring favorite.
This is a nice addition to a small yard or a
naturalized garden.
Name: Serviceberry Red Bud
Height: 20’
Spread: 15’
This tree is an excellent amelanchier with good
form and strong branching. It displays a
reliable spring bloom and bright fall colors.
Spread: 15-20’
in in
April/May, mid-summer fruit, and beautiful
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well in all gardens.
Shade Trees
Name: Greenspire Linden
Height: 40’
Spread: 30’
The Greenspire is the standard among all
Lindens. It has a very uniform arrangement of
branches and an overall symmetrical,
pyramidal form.
Name: Sterling Linden
Height: 40’
Spread: 25’
The Sterling Linden stands with a pyramidal
crown filled with dark green leaves and greyish
bark. Given its size, this tree is perfect for
large, open, areas.
Name: Skyline Locust
Height: 45’
Spread: 35’
The Skyline is the most widely used
Honeylocust. Its upright spreading branch
angles, well behaved form and environmental
tolerance make this a perfect street tree.
Name: Armstrong Maple
Height: 45’
Spread: 15’
The Armstrong Maple is a quick growing
columnar tree. It is tall and narrow which
allows it to be planted in space restricting
Name: Autumn Fantasy Maple
Height: 45’ – 50’
Spread: 35’ – 40’
The Autumn Fantasy Maple is a cross of a Red
and Silver maple. Young leaves begin growing
with a reddish tint which eventually turns to
rich green. The red colored leaves call for a
beautiful fall season and they last until the first
Name: Sienna Glen Maple
Height: 50’
Spread: 35’
The Sienna Glen was discovered in Minnesota
featuring a strong central leader and a
developing pyramidal form. This is a low
maintenance tree.
Name: Columnar Norway Maple
Height: 45’
Spread: 15’
This columnar provides dark green, mildew
resistant foliage and a reddish fall color. The
fastigiated growth habit is inherited from the
English oak side.
Name: Emerald Queen Maple
Height: 50’
Spread: 40’
The widely used maple has a dense oval shape
with upright spreading branches. Yellow fall
leaves turn into a deep green and reddish tint
for the spring months.
Name: Superform Maple
Height: 50’
Spread: 40’
The Superform Maple is a large tree ideal for
large landscapes. It has a big strong trunk with
dark green foliage that eventually turns yellow
in the fall.
Name: October Glory Maple
Height: 30’ – 50’
Spread: 25’ – 35’
The October Glory is a true red maple. It hold
onto its leaves for quite a bit longer than others
of its kind. This maple makes a great street
shade tree, but the thin bark can be easily
damaged by mowers.
Name: Redpointe Maple
Height: 45’
Spread: 30’
The Redpointe maple is a standout for its
brilliant red fall colors. The dominant leader
holds strong branches and the overall structure
is broad and pyramidal.
Name: Red Sunset Maple
Height: 45’
Spread: 35’
The reliable and highly rated red sunset maple
is one that others tend to be compared to. Its
green summer foliage changes to beautiful
shades of red and orange for the fall season.
Name: Green Mountain Maple
Height: 50’
Spread: 40’
The Green Mountain maple is the most widely
planted selection and over time has proved
itself well. It provides beautiful and reliable
reddish fall colors.
Name: Pacific Sunset Maple
Height: 30’
Spread: 25’
This upright spreading maple with a rounded
crown consisted of dark green and glossy
foliage. In the summer months it turns to tints
of yellow, red, and orange for a beautiful fall
Name: Bur Oak
Height: 55’
Spread: 45’
This Oak is a large and impressive native tree.
Its thick trunk and stout branches hold broad,
oval-shaped, dark green foliage.
Name: Northern Red Oak
Height: 50’
Spread: 45’
The Northern Red is large and fast growing.
The large leaves turn form a rich green to deep
red in the fall.
Name: Sawtooth Oak
Height: 40’
Spread: 40’
The Sawtooth Oak is fast growing and adapts
well to the Southern summer heat. The
beautiful yellow summer foliage is very glossy
with a clean, crisp appearance.
Name: Shingle Oak
Height: 50’
Spread: 40’
The Shingle Oak is native to the Midwest and
is well adapted to the conditions in that area.
This large shade tree has a beautiful yellowish
foliage that turns to rusty red in the fall.
Name: Swamp White Oak
Height: 45’
Spread: 45’
The Swamp White Oak is a beautiful native
tree with lustrous and heavy textured green
leaves. This is a good choice for urban areas
because it adapts to wet, poorly drained soils
and drought.
London Planetree
Name: Bloodgood London
Height: 60-100’
Spread: 10’
The Bloodgood London holds thick leaves and
pale greyish bark. It is most commonly found
in urban areas.
River Birch
Name: Single-Stem Dura-heat
Height: 50’ – 90’
Spread: 40’ – 60
A single stem ‘Dura-heat’ river birch is an
upright structure with an attractive fall color. It
needs full sun exposure and is a popular spot
for birds and butterflies.
Name: Multi-Stem Dura-heat
Height: 30’ – 40’
Spread: 20’ – 25’
A Multi-Stem Dura-Heat river birch is the best
pick for southern climates. It is very tolerant of
the heat than others of its kind.
Name: Single Stem Heritage
Height: 30’ – 40’
Spread: 15’ – 20’
A single stem heritage river birch is the perfect
size and shape for any landscape or urban area.
The bark contains oils that work well for
starting a fire.
Name: Multi-Stem Heritage
Height: 40’ – 50’
Spread: 30’- 35’
A multi-stem heritage tolerates most conditions
well. It holds a beautiful yellow/gold fall
foliage and draws native species.
Name: Hollywood Juniper
Height: 15’
Spread: 10’
A Hollywood Juniper has a twisted appearance
that makes for a good accent. It survives best in
coastal environments and needs occasional
Name: Red Cedar Juniper
Height: 100’
Spread: 5’
The Red Cedar Juniper is slow to grow and
becomes loose and irregular the older it gets.
Foliage turns brown with colder months but
will be revived in the spring.
Name: Spartan Juniper
Height: 12’ – 15’
Spread: 3’ – 3.5’
The Spartan Juniper keeps its beautiful dark
green foliage year round. The columnar
evergreen is quick to grow and easy to
Name: White Pine
Height: 50’ – 80’
Spread: 20’- 40’
The White Pine is very essential in the US for
lumber and quick growth. The needle-like
leaves are bluish-green and it contains cones
scattered throughout the tree.
Name: Black Hills Spruce
Height: 20’ – 25’
Spread: 10’ – 12’
The Black Hills Spruce is a slow growing
evergreen that holds bluish needles. It is a great
accent for a landscape and needs regular
Name: Green Giant Thuja
Height: 50’ and above
Spread: 5’ – 10’
The Green Giant is one of the most popular
privacy trees among homeowners. It is very
tough and its deep green color gives off a nice
Name: Arborvitae Thuja
Height: wide variety
Spread: wide variety
The Arborvitae Thuja adapts to wide variety of
soils and doesn’t require much maintenance.
There is an Arborvitae for almost every type of
landscape out there.
Name: Chokeberry
Height: 6’ – 10’
Spread: 3’ – 6’
The Chokeberry is commonly found in
swamps and wet woods. They produce berries
than at be eaten raw but are commonly
processed for wine, syrup, jam, juice, etc.
Name: Autumn Magic
Height: 4’ – 6’
Spread: 4’- 6’
The Autumn Magic Shrub is a great snow
fence or windbreak for an attractive border or
along houses. It holds edible berries and dark,
green foliage.
Name: Dwarf Burning Bush
Height: 8’- 10’
Spread: 8’ – 10’
The Dwarf Burning Bush shrub changes color
with each season. It is very tough, lives for a
long time, and requires little to no
Name: Autumn Jazz
Height: 8’ – 10’
Spread: 6’ – 10’
The Autumn Jazz Viburnum shrub has a mix
of yellow, red, orange, and burgundy color.
Flowers grow in mid-May and the fall brings
blue-black fruit.
Name: Mariesii
Height: 15’
Spread: 15’
The Mariesii Viburnum holds white leaves that
turn reddish purple in the fall months. When in
full bloom, it is a beautiful sight.
Name: Doublefile Viburnum
Height: 6’ – 10’
Spread: 10’ – 15’
The Doublefile viburnum is native to China
and Japan. In the spring, double rows of
flowers that look similar to hydrangea petals.
Additionally, red fruit grows on the shrub
which is a big attraction for birds.