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Thursday, September 18, 2014 Volume 2, Issue 20
not stirred
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Shahriar Karim
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Sabrina Fatma Ahmad
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Natasha Rahman
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Fuad M Hossain
Saudia Afrin
Baizid Haque Joarder
Rad Sharar
Raisa Rahim
Shah Nahian
Mahmood Hossain
Ehsan Sunny
Kyoko Bhuiyan
Zaki Adnan
Mustafid Raiyan Khan
“Sometimes you have to ignore things and just move on. There are plenty
of things in life that are more important”
Hashtag trendings
Editor’s note
Meme of the week
Niall Horren turned 21 this 13th
September, so people took to wishing
him a very happy birthday on
“Happy Birthday to the most special
person I know! @NiallOfficial
#HappyBirthdayNiall I love you
Irish blond.”
Dear Readers,
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Picks Of the week
2 Room of the week Rubab Al Islam
3 Doodle of the week Kyoko Bhuiyan
10 Spotlight The picture perfect duo
10 The goodsheet Skyfall
4 Beauty check Where’s my glam bag?
4 Wardrobe check Head to toe, MI6
Your world
5 Car Dealing in bonds
9 Book The spy-cy reads
11 Film 101 Bond-Ing it out!
TMAG says
2 Funk up your room Intelligence central
2 DIY Invisible ink decoded
10 Playlist 007 tunes
Real Life
3 Event Tweets
6 Hot topic Shaken, not stirred
12 Listology The virgins
5 Your forecast
This week is all about
bringing out your inner spy
with style. Check out our hot
topic(pg6&7) and how to pull
off the Bond-like lifestyle with
finesse. We even compiled
on teenarama(pg12) some
mocktails that would be great
coolers at a party. Please let us
know what you like or didn’t
like. We are always eager to get
your feedback. We hope you
enjoy chilling Bond style this
From the TMAG desk
Mohammed Mahbub Alam
Tahsin Momin
Colour Specialist
Shekhar Mondal
Kazi Syras Al Mahmood
Masum Billah
Shahidan Khurshed
Masud Kabir Pavel
5 Car talk
The Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5
8 Written in the stars
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About the cover
The name is bond, James Bond!
Model Sakib Sarwar
Photo Sazzad Hossain
Art Direction Saudia Afrin,
Baizid Haque Joarder
and Natasha Rahman
3 TMAG’s Easel
Kyoko Bhuiyan
4 Look of the week
A peachy affair
TM AG Th u rsDAY, Se pte mb e r 1 8, 20 1 4
Your Life
Funk up your room
Although we claim to be very
tech savvy, we’ve got to admit
that the old favourite of making
invisible ink never seizes to
fascinate. Hallmark cards and
scribbling notes are cute, but why
not go the 007 way and write
your own secret message James
Bond style? TMAG brings you two
ways to seal that invisible deal
We all know who James Bond is. He is
famous for winning the “near to impossible”
battles that come his way. The entire
concept and personality of this man inspire
many. This week TMAG has room decor
ideas to make you feel like a Bond every day
This idea is easy and simple, yet very
interesting. Place a nameplate on
your door with the text “Top Secret”
or something of that sort. This will
definitely make anyone entering your
room feel like they are about to embark
on a mission.
Corner decorations
Renovate your study table with British
flags and a series of small Aston Martin
car models. You can craft a golden
hand and place it beside the car to
remind you of Sean Connery’s Gold
finger. To add sophistication to the
appearance, use a silver, black or white
tablecloth. Opt for satin and alternate
the colours every week or so. On the
other hand you can also place a golden
coloured human figure beside the table.
Gaming zone
While you’re working with the Bond
theme, a gaming zone is a must have
for your room. You will need to spare a
small corner of your room for this. Place
a mid sized, low in height, round table
and decorate it with all things casino,
such as; giant colourful cards, coins/
dollar bills and bows. On top of that,
pile a wooden rack on the side with
board games, trivia games or any other
games you desire. You can spend some
quality time playing these games when
your friends are over.
Your walls are the most interesting
and workable part of your room for
this theme. Since many renowned
actors have played this character on
screen, choose four that you like the
most and hang posters displaying
their best action scenes. However, the
wall opposite your entrance demands
something more symbolic. Draw that
illustrious moment from all Bond
movies; paint it in black, 007 posing
with his gun. To make it even more
appealing, keep two of the walls white.
On one hang a gigantic 007 dart board,
a huge black hat, a pipe and a poster
of a gun or something similar. On
the other wall, opposite to this one,
decorating it with only three red flowers
and place a red couch in front of it. And
you are done with your Bond themed
room. Saudia Afrin
Room of
the week!
A simple wooden bed and striped background of white and blue is
all you want to indulge in your comfort zone. The wall, smeared with
artistic portraits and the Barcelona poster, displays the owner’s
exquisite taste in art and sport. The nook area features a TV, which one
can watch by lying lazily on that soft cushioned couch.
TM AG th u rsDAY, Septe m b e r 1 8 , 2014
A tangy trick
Lemons don’t only make lemonades.
Squeeze half a lemon in a cup,
add a table spoon of water and
stir. Get a piece of paper and use a
toothpick, feather or a paintbrush
and dip it in the mixture. Use that
to write your secret message. Leave
the paper near your friend, and
while they are baffled staring at
the blank paper; take it near a heat
source. The ink will dry up and the
message will start to appear. Be
nearby to capture a snapshot of the
priceless expression on their face
when they see it happen.
White on white
Artists, painters, doodlers, this ought
to amaze you. All you need is a
white crayon and plain white paper.
Take a piece of paper and write
your message on it. Write in block
letters if you have a thick crayon.
Make sure your message isn’t a
mere scribble, preventing you from
making sense of it later. Now, ask
your friend to pick out their favourite
water colour, mix it with water and
paint that paper in long strokes.
Start painting from the top of the
paper. Watch as the whole message
reappears to you in another colour.
Rubab Al
Mirpur DOHS
It’s best to use invisible ink for
writing slogans, tiny quotes or
captions since long messages tend
to be a little messy to read. However,
if you do end up enjoying this too
much, you can practise it next time
using thinner crayons and aligning
your writing on a straight line. When
that comes in contact with strokes
of the water-coloured brush, you
can’t help but simply be amazed.
Natasha Rahman
School Survival
Programme your code
Stuck in an elevator full of snooping guys
and girls, you feel a sudden desire to tell
your best friend a secret that can’t wait
for the elevator doors to open. Or imagine
being in the classroom and your teacher
puts you and your best friend in two
different corners that are miles away from
each other. What you need now is artillery
of codes and signs to pass on those
snappy messages
Sign languages
Sometimes, blurting out random words
will blow your cover. That’s where sign
languages can save the day. Touching
your nose with your index finger can
imply “danger.” You can use this when
someone is around and you need your
friend to stop chattering. Tapping on
your classroom desk thrice could work
as an indicator to your friend to meet
you after class at your “secret” spot in
school. Learning a sign language can be
a hectic yet a fun hobby you and your
best friend could take up. A good place
to start would be the American Sign
Language (ASL), just the very basic
ones as they will be easier to remember.
Try and learn five basic signs, for
example, tapping your forehead with
your thumb while keeping your palm
open indicates “mother” in the ASL. You
can change that to mean something
that you will need in your conversations.
For instance, it can work as a sign to tell
your friend this - “teacher behind you,
stop talking.”
Codes are a bit more complex and
will kill a tad bit more time than sign
languages. Your bestie and you need
to sit together and discuss 10 codes
that you want to use. Pick out words
and write down what that word means
when you and your best friend discuss
it. For instance, “dove” could refer to
someone who is tanned, or “bookworm”
can refer to someone who has never
touched a book in their life. Using
opposite codes will get you cracking up,
so practice your poker face at home.
You could do the same with numbers,
though be careful to not offend anyone.
Suppose, “1” can imply to someone who
is gorgeous, and “10” could very well
mean, someone not pleasing to the eye.
Your codes, your rules, get on it!
Natasha Rahman
Event Tweet
DES Room 3: A
rejuvenation of
Electronic Music
Dhaka Electronic Scene (DES)’s
new compilation called “One
Degree” is in collaboration with
One Degree Initiative Foundation.
The event took place on Thursday,
September 11 at Goethe Institute’s
Berlin Hall, Dhanmondi. DES Room
3 is a platform for amateur music
producers to perform in front of
an audience for the first time. DES
which is originally an electronic
music producer’s network, has
become the heart of creativity as it
has kept an open attitude towards
Room 3 showcases illustrators,
graphic designers, live visual artists,
writers, volunteers and musicians
from various genres. Artists who
have indulged their talent in
this show are Le Unicorns, The
Speakeasy, Fogbird and Kymatrip.
They each have unique styles of
performance, with the capability to
create wonderful music. Also the
music is very diverse; some fuse jazz
and electro house, while others like
dark, tragic music like Fogbirds. The
Speakeasy on the otherhand love to
use groovy visuals, sucking one into
a psychedelic experience.
Each region has its own approach
towards musical renaissance.
The fast changing paradigm of
Bangladeshi music has given birth to
the Dhaka Electronic Scene (DES).
Dhaka’s potential as an electronic
music producing hub has now
been realised by uniting producers;
bedroom producers to studio
professionals, all under one roof.
Lost in your eyes
Kyoko Bhuiyan
Love cannot always be expressed in words. Eyes
speak what words can’t express.
If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to
[email protected] and see it in our weekly!
TM AG Th u rsDAY, Se pte mb e r 1 8, 20 1 4
4 tmag
Wardrobe Check
Beauty Check
Head to
toe, MI6
Where’s my
glam bag?
No one looks better saving
the world than 007
His charm, handsome features, and
flawless tailor-made suits are second to
none. The British Secret Service agent
of the MI6 isn’t really a secret. But then
again, with his reputation it’s hard to
hide the intimidation. And that’s one
thing you’ll have to have, in order to pull
off Bond’s style: confidence. There are
several famous actors who have taken
on the role of James Bond, each with a
particular look. It’d be wise to take a bit
of the best from all of them if you want to
stand out from the crowd.
Man made the clothes, clothes never
made the man
Contrary to a popular belief, a man’s
reputation is defined by his actions;
not by the expensive tags hanging in
his wardrobe. So before you head into
the closet, grooming should be the first
thing on your checklist. For instance,
Commander Bond always goes with
a clean shave and a short hairdo, just
enough at the top so he can part it to
the right or left, but never down the
Simplicity is the key
We are all aware of the countless
tuxedos that 007 has worn over the
years. But the recent films starring Mr
Craig has shown us that his casual
game is a killer. The tapered slim-fit
trousers, paired with his jersey-cotton
polo, and chukka boots was the perfect
getup for an epic chase scene. All of
these are made to fit so you don’t need
to break the bank to kick butt like the
elusive MI6 agent. Keep in mind that
Bond is all about muted hues; black
goes with greys, navy goes with browns.
Regardless of the shade, he’ll never go
bright and sunny. It’s about being sharp
with proper fit, never flamboyant.
Walk, run, sprint
Lace-ups are for the semi-formal
to formal looks. Never mind all that,
sneakers and loafers are keys to
wrapping things up. Again, it’s about
keeping things simple, avoid crazy
designs. While some footwear maybe
wonderfully designed and attractive, it
also takes away from the allure of the
entire outfit. Having classics on your
feet, like low-top canvas sneakers, is
the perfect addition for a comfortable
and sophisticated look. Remember, it’s
not about flashing logos so any solid
coloured sneakers will do.
Mahmood Hossain
Look of the week
A peachy
This chic peach saree with cut
work detailing is the perfect attire
for a causal party. Accessorised
with the golden watch, this look is
both classy and glamorous.
TM AG th u rsDAY, Septe m b e r 1 8 , 2014
How are you enjoying summer? Like the heat? Well, there
are days when you’ll wake up to the morning sun and yawn
dramatically by your window side admiring the day. But the
moment you set out of your house, you’ll end up looking “not so
fresh.” But one thing that’ll always keep you good company when
you’re out is your emergency glam bag, that is, if you know what
to put in there. Here are some of the “must haves” for your fancy
Sunny, sunny!
Here’s the thing about summer.
Whichever time of the day you go
out of your house, you will always
find the “scorching ball of fury”
looking down upon you with anger.
So the first “must have” for, well, any
season actually, is a sunscreen lotion.
However, if you’re a foundation girl
then go for one that has an SPF in
it. And yes, it is very important to
make sure it matches your skin type
because such products tend to make
your skin look a bit oily.
Dab dab dab!
Face powder is an essential item for
your kit. It’s always wise to carry a
translucent face powder since it gives
a lightweight coverage that offers a
smooth sheen to your face while also
letting your skin breathe; perfect for
daily wear. Moreover, it will make
your face look super-smooth with or
without foundation. It is also known to
absorb oil from your skin and prevent
shiny patches from appearing on your
Maisha Samiha
Hide them bad boys!
If you’re unwilling to carry your
foundation everywhere; simply throw
in a concealer stick into your kit. In
case you get a sudden invitation to
hang out with a friend or so, you can
quickly apply the concealer over spots
or pimples to minimise their visibility;
dab in some face powder and you’re
good to go.
Knick knacks
Little knick knacks like a moisturiser,
deodorant, mini nail cutter, mini hair
brush, mirror, mini blush kit and nice
mascara must be there on your list of
things. Oh, and don’t forget the face
wipes! If you feel that your glam kit is
getting a little heavy with items, you
might want to look for a three in one
creme stick, preferably in the colours
bronze or pink mauve because they
go perfectly with any dress. You can
use it as an eye shadow, a blush or
even a lip stain.
Look less dead
One of those days when you look
weary and feel lazy to fix up all the
mess on your face, these two items
will make your life a lot easier; an
eye-liner and a lip balm or a lipstick,
whichever you’re fond of. These two
items are good enough to make it
look like you made an effort!
Lastly but most importantly, when
you’re packing your emergency
glam bag, make sure you have a set
of safety pins, bobby pins and hair
bands. They always come in handy at
times of desperation! Raisa Rahim
tmag 5
Car Talk
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
If you’re stuck in a suffocating
or poisonous relationships; it is
time to let it go and start a new chapter
in your life.
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Major life altering decisions
should never be forced.
Everything will fall into place when the
time is right.
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
in Bonds
The mantle of “world’s most iconic car” is a heavy one indeed. But if there was any single automobile that
ever deserved the honorific, it’s surely the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 used on-screen in the iconic 007 films
“Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”
In the 50 years ever since “Dr. No” hit
theatres, 007 has driven Jaguars, Audis,
Alfa Romeos, Bentleys and many more.
But from the time when Sean Connery
drove a DB5 in “Goldfinger,” Aston
Martin has been the one, true Bond
car. Ever since, various Bonds have
had various Aston Martins, but none of
them came close to the original. Even
though, 007 may refrain from martinis
in “Skyfall,” he does respect his driving
roots, reverting back to the DB5.
What set the DB5 apart was its
amazingly good looks. It’s regularly
referred to as one of the most
beautiful cars ever made. In the novel
“Goldfinger,” Ian Fleming fixed Bond
up with an Aston Martin DB Mark III.
But in 1964, while filming “Goldfinger,”
the producers simply updated it to the
DB5, since it was the newest model on
the line.
Bond’s version of the car had two
machine guns, revolving license plates,
battering ram bumpers, an ejector seat,
and a navigation system that was way
ahead of its time.
“Goldfinger” was a super hit,
breaking several box office records, and
the DB5, well, it went on to become one
of the most iconic cars in the world.
The DB5 never really retired; it kept
coming back in 007 films, appearing in
“Thunderball,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,”
“The World Is Not Enough,” and “Casino
For “Skyfall,” 007 dusts off the DB5
once again!
Get to know the person before
you get into any binding
relationship. This person’s positive
qualities might be blinding you to some
major red flags.
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
You need to detoxify yourselfphysically and mentally. Start
living healthy and avoid situations that
stress you out.
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
It’s time to shine your
magnificent colours. You have
the potential to look your best and turn
every side walk into your personal red
Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22)
Drama might stir up with
someone close to you. Your
sanctuary might momentarily turn into a
war zone, but it’ll only last for as long as
you hold on to it.
Tahsin Momin
Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)
You often like doing things on
your own. However, bringing
a co-pilot on board will not only lessen
your burden, but you might even make a
lasting friend.
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
Now is the time to take your
visionary ideas and breathe life
into it. You won’t get another opportunity.
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
You’re hyped up and motivated.
But remember to stop, take a
breath and calculate the risks
before undertaking anything big.
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)
Creativity will be at an all time
hight! It’s time to get on your feet
and get things done.
Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)
You might be feeling a little
lonely at the moment, but dont
worry, the stars say your circle of
friends could expand exponentially within
the near future.
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
You’ve been setting the stage
for success. It won’t be easy, but
the time is now to step into the
centre of it.
TM AG Th u rsDAY, Se pte mb e r 1 8, 20 1 4
S h a k e n , n o
This week, we’re
appreciating the cheesy
side of James Bond with
these tongue-in-cheek
tutorials. Please be
warned that some of the
“advice” given might
backfire on you, so take
them with a pinch of salt
The art of manliness is an age old skill,
and a delicate one to master. Looking
for a way to show all those friends of
yours who deem you girly for taking
selfies? Boy, is this your day then! Your
transition from a girly girl to manly man
starts here (yes, you read right). Mind
you, to be a true symbol of Bangladeshi
masculinity is no mean feat. We bring
to you nine not entirely fail-safe ways
to awaken the Ananta Jalil in you!
who have ever faced that awkward
handshake where you’re just not
sure what to go with. Let’s not lie to
ourselves, we’ve been there. Do you
go classic? The yoyo handshake? Do
you clasp hands? Fist bump? Make
eye contact? You don’t want to seem
uncool and flimsy, and you don’t want
to go around crushing hands like a
sociopath either. This art is a tricky
one, young men-to-be.
during your, erm late night ‘activities’
can you? *wink wink*
How to make a torch. Now this
is for all those men who like to live
a little; going around the streets of
Dhaka during hartals and playing Kung
Fu Panda with no one in particular.
Burning buses is a must for these
valiant crusaders, and what better way
to revel in fiery glory than to do it with
your handmade torch?
situation? The trick is to act big and
badass, look threatening, and avoid
flashing your new iPhone at these
threats. Shiny objects do attract bears.
Learning to drive
The first step in your journey to
manliness. But wait! Even girls do
that! Make the difference by hitting
the streets with the pig-headed
recklessness that Formula 1 racers
drive with, and get into at least three
accidents before college. All the scars
from the accidents? MANLY. Don’t
forget to pimp out your ride with flashy
spoilers and vinyls either.
Learn how to escape from a sinking
Mind you, this is essential after step
one, if you’re a pretend speed-racer
now. Please do note that escaping the
car would probably be the last thing
you do anyway if you fall into Gulshan
Lake or something, since the pollution
would suffocate you the moment you’re
Practise learning varying degrees of
Bangla jargon
To overpower all those people you’ll
piss off with your newly acquired
driving and torching skills. Remember,
the louder and more offensive you are
the manlier!
Lungi dance
The list ends with probably the most
essential manly skill of all, to pull
off a lungi, Dhaikaiya style! Nothing
resonates more manliness than this
traditional piece of Bangali garb, even
though ironically enough, it really is
just a long airy skirt. But is it manly?
Hell yeah!
Follow these steps and you’ll be
acting/directing/filming your own
feature film in no time! Make mankind
proud. Good luck!
The secret art of handshakes
Now this is a must learn for all of us
TM AG th u rsDAY, Septe m b e r 1 8 , 2014
The art of being a ninja is quite a
necessary one
Can’t afford to wake up your parents
How to not be mugged or beaten up
Is er, also an essential manly skill, yes!
One must tackle a potential threat the
same way one tackles coming face to
face with a grizzly bear! Can you feel
the sheer masculine energy of such a
Learn how to throw a dynamite
For situations where survival isn’t an
option. This is of course assuming
you couldn’t keep your iPhone in your
pants. *Sigh*
Mustafid Raiyan Khan
o t s t i r r e d
While many men are drooling over
the femme fatales of Bond films,
we know our ladies are busy too,
fantasising about playing the sultry
agent, the villain, the henchman, the
betrayer and the lover in many of their
wildest dreams. Climb your first step
to being the Bond girl by exploring
both your strengths and your flaws and
strategically combine the two to create
an iconic personality that people will
know and admire you for!
Be put together
A Bond girl always stays keen and
primed prior to any occasion. If you
want to step in her shoes, learn not
to be a mess because that’s totally
unattractive. Rehearse wearing your
outfits and organise your accessories
ahead of time; you don’t want to find
yourself looking for that one earring
that goes with your dress at the very
last minute, not if you want to look
cool. Organise your purse before you
set out of your house. That way, you
don’t have to dig through it like a crazy
person when an emergency arises. Do
yourself a favour and get used to your
new shoes before you wear them out
because honey, you don’t want pinched
toes and sprained ankles to take the
spring from your step. The same goes
for accessories or a lipstick perhaps.
For instance, if you want to pull off red
lips, you better wear it a few times at
home and make yourself comfortable
before you go out with that in public.
What makes you, YOU
Every Bond girl has her own signature
style. The gentlemen can detect her
presence even before she steps into
the room. You can create that aura
too by choosing a fragrance that will
set you apart from the flock. Wear a
signature scent like Vesper (Eva Green)
from the James Bond film Casino
Royale, whose purse always reveals a
bottle of Melograno Aqua di colonia.
Don’t hesitate to make your own blend
of different fragrances, and wear it at
all times; make it your brand.
Be your own idol
You can start by figuring out what
looks good on you, which colours
intensify your skin tone, what style
of clothes suits you better, which
hairdo complements your face and
so on. Avoid the tendency of taking
on everything you see others around
you doing. You don’t always have to
throw out all your old clothes to make
the season’s latest fad. Always know
that you can formulate your own haute
couture simply by wearing almost
anything you please, with confidence,
comfort and panache.
You deserve it
The most important aspect of being
a Bond girl is treating yourself better
and waking up loving yourself more.
No, this doesn’t mean you have to be
a narcissist and take selfies all day.
We end up spending a lot of time
and money on many things which
are not even necessary in our lives,
and are often ignorant about things
which are essential. So ladies, let’s try
to reallocate our resources towards
things which benefit us, be it exercise
for the mind and body, or relationships.
There’s more to a Bond girl than
mere sensuality
“Fetish object” is what many would
term the femme fatales of the Bond
films. However, one cannot overlook
their wit, intelligence, their capability
of trouble-shooting and their killer
tactics. So how about taking selfdefense classes? And believe me
girls; this will definitely benefit you,
today or tomorrow. But that’s not
enough! Learning to be independent,
fearless and self-sufficient is equally
essential. If you have a fear of height,
try looking down from a tall building.
If you’re aqua-phobic, jump right into
the pool. Facing your fear will set you
a few steps towards being a femme
fatale. You won’t find your adventure
sitting on your bum, now will you?
Go out there and hold your own with
others. Find something unique about
yourself and work on it. You can make
yourself learn a new skill or develop
exciting hobbies that make you more
interesting and help you stand out in
the crowd. Raisa Rahim
TM AG Th u rsDAY, Se pte mb e r 1 8, 20 1 4
8 tmag
written in the Stars
To infinity and beyond
Nurturing excellence since
1994, TMAG takes a closer
look at NSU YES!
Not many undergraduate associations
in the country can match the calibre
and professionalism of North South
University’s Young Entrepreneur
Society (NSU YES!), the institution’s
only business club. They began in 1994
and consistently shone through with
their activities of hosting challenging/
competitive events, endorsing
leadership, entrepreneurial development
programmes and nurturing corporate
excellence in their members.
The club also concentrates heavily on
developing their own member base with
close guidance and opportunities from
prominent external organisations. For
instance, they acted as the organising
committee for the events hosted by
NSU itself and represented other club
events from numerous universities.
As a policy, every member of the club
goes through integrated Member and
Leadership Development Programmes
(MDP and LDP). These programmes
concentrate on enhancing strengths
and minimising personal weaknesses in
communication skills, public speaking,
leadership abilities etc.
NSU YES! has dedicated itself
TM AG th u rsDAY, Septe m b e r 1 8 , 2014
towards creating entrepreneurial
mindsets and a sense of ethical
leadership among students from
different universities through various
events. The landmarks of YES! are:
“Masters of Ideation – The Battle for
Supremacy,” “Ad Maker Bangladesh –
The Creative Fight” and “NSUers Meet
Corporate Icons – Be Enlightened.”
Masters of Ideation is an interuniversity business strategy competition
where the teams will analyse real-life
business cases or design a strategy
for a simulated event. It aims to
prepare students towards the possible
unorthodox scenarios faced in the
actual corporate world.
Their flagship event is AD Maker
Bangladesh, which is an inter university
advertising competition. The first of its
kind, AD Maker aims to highlight the
skills of the participants in planning,
designing and creating television
commercials (for both new and existing
products) to a complete 360 degree
IMC campaign. It is the first TVC making
competition for undergraduate students,
where they participate and demonstrate
their practical understanding of
marketing knowledge.
This year, NSU YES! celebrates its 20
years of successful operations, coupled
with a launch of their third signature
event - “NSUers Meet Corporate Icons
‘14,” to make it more special. This event
is a series of seminars, conducted by
renowned and successful icons of
the country. The aim is to bridge the
gap and open up an interactive portal
between corporate hotshots and the
students, allowing them to share their
experiences and knowledge. The top
entrepreneurs will be present to guide
students on how to start a business on
their own, while they share their own
stories and battle-scars to motivate the
students. An annual publication will also
be released highlighting their activities,
along with exclusive interviews of
flourishing business icons, and writeups of their views on the modern
business community in Bangladesh.
With Mahdee Kabeer as president,
Mirza Hasin Yamin as vice-president
- corporate communications, Syed
Sakib Ahmed Puman as vice president
– logistics and resources, Arham
Rafid as treasurer, Taskin Matin as
Joint secretary, Rakib Khandoker as
general secretary and Mohammad
Hannan Miah as their faculty advisor,
the club continues to excel and pave
away the legacy of their predecessors.
Comprising of just over a 100 members,
NSU YES! may not be a big club, but
their activities reflect precision and
efficiency. Mutual respect and eager
willingness to help each other makes
this little group more than just a club,
but a family.
Follow their activities on https://www.
facebook.com/nsuyes or log on to their
website: http://www.nsuyes.com n
tmag 9
The spy-cy reads
If you like reading about 007’s adventures and similar spy fiction, welcome aboard!
This week TMAG lists the synopses of some exciting spy reads
Five on a
Island by
Enid Blyton
Five get into trouble by
Enid Blyton
Anne, Dick, Julian, George and Timmy
(George’s dog) head off on a bicycling
and camping tour. They meet Richard
at their first camping site, who accuses
them of trespassing on his father’s
property. Richard insists on joining “the
five” on the rest of their trip. Suddenly
Richard heads home after cycling
with “the five” for a day. However he
returns later in a panic-struck state. He
says he’s being chased by Rookie, his
father’s former bodyguard. While the
other three go searching for food in
the vicinity, Dick, mistaken as Richard,
gets abducted by Rookie’s men and
is taken to a place called Owl’s Dene.
Anne witnesses the kidnapping and
overhears the thugs. Anne, Julian,
George, Timmy and Richard head
towards Owl’s Hill, guessing Owl’s
Dene will be there. Upon reaching
there they find themselves shut in
by electric gates and get caught by
Rookie and his thugs for sneaking into
the house. “The Five” plus Richard,
now held captive in the grounds of
Owl’s Dene have got little time to plot a
clever and daring escape plan.
The Sacred Art of Stealing
by Christopher Brookmyre
The story begins with Zal Innez and
four other men dressed as clowns
(similar to the intro of Batman: Dark
Knight) entering a bank in Glasgow to
pull off a heist. The robbers held the
clients and staff hostage as soon as
they entered. The children, the old and
the pregnant were freed. Inspector
Angelique de Xavia, is notified of the
strange hostage situation going on at
the bank as she is heading towards
the location. The five used unorthodox
methods like firing itching powder
at armed police, prop guns, staging
plays and so on. As the story goes on,
both Angelique and Zal are aware of
the strong attraction between them
despite the fact that they are both
fully aware that they are on opposite
sides. Zal knows Angelique is after
him, while Angelique knows that Zal is
playing her, even though she denies to
wonder whether his feelings towards
her are true.
Murder on
the Orient
by snowdrifts. Next morning, the
mysterious Mr Ratchett is found
stabbed in his compartment and
untrodden snow shows that the
killer is still on board. The luxurious
train was surprisingly full for that
time of the year. Upon taking a
head count in the morning it was
revealed that the train was one
passenger short. A passenger lay
dead in his compartment, stabbed
a dozen times, his door locked
from the inside. Mr Bouc, the
director of the Orient Express and
an acquaintance of Poirot asks him
to investigate the murder to avoid
complications when the Yugoslav
police arrive. Poirot accepts.
Private detective Hercule Poirot
recieves a telegram upon arrival
at the Tokatlian Hotel in Istanbul,
prompting him to return to London
on the Orient Express. Upon
boarding, he is approached by Mr
Rachett, a malevolent American he
initially saw at the Tokatlian. Rachett
believes his life is in danger and
asks Poirot for help, who refuses.
On the second night of the trip,
the Orient Express stops, blocked
Anne, Dick, and Julian are
disappointed when they can’t
spend the summer at Polseath.
However, they are happy upon
hearing that they are going to stay
with their aunt and uncle in the
coastal village of Kirrin. They have
a cousin around their own age,
Georgina, who dresses up as a boy
and thinks of herself as George.
Although George seems unfriendly
at first, they eventually become
friends. She takes them to see
Kirrin island which belongs to her
mother’s family. There they find a
map of the castle ruins. Written on
the “Dungeon” part of the map is
“Ingots,” where they suspect lies a
long lost pile of gold, hidden within
the shipwreck. The antagonists in
the story also become aware of this
treasure and try to buy the island
from George’s father. Anne, Dick,
Julian, George and George’s dog
(Timmy) have to find the treasure
before the others force George’s
father to sell the island to them.
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Emily Inglethorpe, the former Mrs
Cavendish, is found fatally poisoned at
Styles Court, the manor she inherited
from her late husband Mr Cavendish.
Hastings, a house guest in Styles, enlists
private detective Hercule Poirot to root
out the murderer. Was it Emily’s two
stepsons John and Lawrence Cavendish
who stand to gain the family estate and
money upon her death, or was it Alfred
Inglethorpe, Emily’s new husband, a
younger man already deemed a fortune
hunter for his marriage to Emily?
Ehsan Sunny, Mustafid Raiyan and
Baizid Haque Joarder
TM AG Th u rsDAY, Se pte mb e r 1 8, 20 1 4
10 tmag
The Picture Perfect Duo
Tuning: Standard
Begin With : Cm
Intro / Verse:
g|-5--5---5--5--5--5---5---5-4--| X3
D|-5--5--5--5--5---5---5---5---| X1
(Cm , G# , Fm , G) 2X
“Billie Jean Acoustic,” three golden words on Youtube’s search-bar and ironically the third entry
from the search-results page, lead us to a picture-perfect acoustic duo called “The Civil Wars”
(Fm , G , G# , A#) 2X
007 tunes
1. Die another day
2. The world is not enough
3. Golden Eye
Tina Turner
4. Tomorrow never dies
Sheryl Crowe
6. The View to a Kill
Duran Duran
7.You know my name
Chris Cornell
TM AG th u rsDAY, Septe m b e r 1 8 , 2014
After pressing play, you’ll witness
Johnny Depp’s doppelganger and a
smiley-faced pretty woman putting up
one of the most crystal-clear, hauntingly
harmonic and a vocally charmingrendition of one of Michael Jackson’s
classics. With a dropped jaw, you’ll
realise you want to know more about
Allow us to introduce you to the all
American acoustic duo, Joy Williams
and John Paul White, all the way
from Nashville, Tennessee. These two
passionate singers/song-writers met at
a writing camp in 2008, and shortly after
discovering their collaborative spark,
they released their first live recording
performance at Eddie’s Attic – a popular
music club in Georgia. The Civil Wars
is a fantastic combination of a rusty
yet soulful voice of John and a soft yet
high-pitched, soothing vocal of Joy,
topped off with a matured acoustic
musical arrangement. From 2009
onwards, they have released two full
length albums, Barton Hollow and the
Civil Wars; and four EPs named Poison
& Wine, Tracks in the Snow, Between
the Bars and Bare Bones. Over the
years they have earned both critical and
commercial success.
Among various many accolades they
have clinched four Grammy Awards
“Best Folk Album, Best Country Duo/
Group Performance” in 2012 and
American Music Association Award for
the “Duo/Group of the Year” in 2012.
They have collaborated with popular
artists such as Taylor Swift in “Safe
& Sound” and “A Place at the Table
Soundtrack” with T-Bone Burnett. Some
of their most popular songs are “The
One that Got Away,” “Dust to Dust,”
“Barton Hollow,” “Eavesdrop,” “I Had
Me a Girl” and “Poison & Wine” –
which were featured on the popular TV
show, Grey’s Anatomy. The Indie-Folk
duo has won the hearts of many with
their spine-chilling performances on
numerous festivals and prime-time talk
shows. However, just like the saying: “All
good things come to an end,” The Civil
Wars disbanded in 2014, due to their
irreconcilable difference of ambitions.
Although estranged, this marvelous
duo has produced cherish-worthy
music. If you consider yourself a
country-music lover or if you are
looking for some magical duets, you
must explore “The Civil Wars” and their
enchanting songs. Zaki Adnan
tmag 11
Film 101
Bond - Ing it out!
“The name is Bond, James Bond,” with those simple words an icon was introduced to the world; 007, the debonair man of mystery
with a license to kill. To date, over a quarter of the world’s population has seen him go about his spectacular day job. Bond is in a
league of his own, when it comes to cars, watches, sharks, villains, and of course, women
Over the years though, there has been
endless disputes among film fans; just
who is the best actor to have played
James Bond? Here is our take on the
six men, who have appeared as this
iconic character over the last 50 years.
Bond no 1 and still the best - Sean
The first, and arguably the most iconic
Bond, was the legendary Scotsman,
Sir Sean Connery (1962-67, and 1971)
who introduced the character to theatre
audiences and laid down the definitive
model for future Bonds. He was
delightfully smooth, if unfortunately
prejudiced, but hey, it was the 60s.
With a chest full of hair, Connery was
the man women desired to be with
and men dreamed to become. Connery
would go on to play Bond in six
official films and he remains the most
recognisable Bond to date.
Bond no 2 - George Lazenby
The next to take up the tuxedo was an
Aussie, George Lazenby (1969), who
played the role of Bond only in “On
Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Before
becoming Bond, Lazenby was in fact
one of the highest paid models in
Europe. Later, he evolved into a strong
actor, agile and very physical. He
introduced Bond to the 1970s with a
very distinct charm, even though many
critics doubted his credentials and often
ended up comparing him to Connery’s
iconic performance. Regardless,
OHMSS holds its grounds as one of
the best films of the Bond series, and
Lazenby, on the other hand, as perhaps
the cult favourite of the Bonds.
Bond no 3 - Roger Moore
The wild Roger Moore (1973-85) would
be the next actor to fill Bond’s shiny
polished shoes, injecting a bit more
fantasy into the character. He was the
kind of Bond who really knew how to
incorporate fun in his role; a smooth,
charming playboy, who would get the
job done. Precisely, what you want from
a Bond. And despite the fact that he
may not be the most iconic, he was
definitely the most prolific. Moore,
in one interview, stated that he was
an entirely different Bond, playing
it predominantly for laughs over the
ruthless killer persona. Oh, and he was
beyond doubt the sleaziest of all the
Bonds, certainly taking the romance
out of Bond’s natural personality.
Bond no 4 - Timothy Dalton
After Moore’s light-hearted act,
the Bond series took a much more
dramatic turn with Timothy Dalton
(1987-89), a dexterous stage actor who
would take up the role of Bond for two
films. Dalton was a ruggedly handsome
actor who tried to neutralise Moore’s
madness by grounding his stories to
reality, instead of the classic supervillains and their cliche dreams of world
domination. He was a stern Bond who
swapped jokes for drama. Weirdly
enough, in 1968 Dalton was initially
approached to replace Connery prior to
Lazenby taking over, but Dalton turned
it down, claiming he was too young to
play Bond, waiting almost another 20
years for his next shot.
Bond no 5 - Pierce Brosnan
Up next, Bond no 5 was Pierce
Brosnan (1995-2002), who would
take James Bond through the 90s.
Brosnan had a finer balance of wit,
charm and action that audiences
clearly loved. On his watch, Bond
was much sleeker. And as the world
entered a new millennium, the plots
changed, tweaking the formula with
new technology appropriately. Brosnan
was perhaps one of the urbane Bonds,
and seemed to be a very “Hollywoodish” interpretation of the character. His
films were also the first Bond movies
to be released, post to the collapse of
the Soviet Union in 1991; a major plot
factor in Fleming’s novels, which gave
Brosnan’s Bond the opportunity to
explore the whole new modern era.
Bond no 6 - Daniel Craig
Next in line for the bow-tie was Daniel
Craig (2006 - present). Craig’s years
only added to the legacy of all the Bond
films that came before it; embracing
their rich history and emulating it with
a whole new post-modern arsenal.
Craig’s Bond, is a man of the new
millennium, with new technology and
new enemies, and no sharks, of course!
Building on the modern trend left by
his predecessor, Brosnan, Craig took
the character back to its gritty roots.
This new Bond is still green, capable of
heartbreak, and yet deadly as always;
just packed full with his emotional and
physical rawness. Craig is perhaps the
only Bond, who rivalled the likes of
Connery. Both iconic in their own right,
both men of their times!
Top 10 Bond
movies to
watch out
1. Dr. No
2. Goldfinger
3. You Only Live Twice
4. Moonraker
5. Octopussy
6. Golden Eye
7. Tomorrow Never Dies
8. The World Is Not Enough
9. Casino Royale
10. Skyfall
Tahsin Momin
TM AG Th u rsDAY, Se pte mb e r 1 8, 20 1 4
12 tmag
It’s hot outside and you probably want to drink something that will cool you off without getting you drunk, right?
Well, TMAG is going to give you a list of recipes for the best non-alcoholic cocktails, popularly known as “mocktails,”
that you can simply make at home. If James Bond didn’t drink alcohol he would definitely go for these
The Virgin Mary
This is a replica of another very
popular cocktail, the bloody Mary,
and of course, it is served without the
• 120ml of tomato juice
• 1 dash of lemon juice
• 1/2 teaspoon of Worcestershire
• 2 drops of Tabasco sauce
The Virgin
Here is
all the
taste of
the classic
Mojito. Use
fresh mint
leaves for
the best
Fill a large wine glass with ice. Add
tomato juice, then the rest of the
ingredients one by one. Stir and
garnish with a wedge of lime.
The Virgin Daiquiri
You don’t need alcohol to enjoy this
mouth-watering frozen favourite!
• 1 can of pineapple chunks in juice
• 1 bag of frozen strawberries
• 2 tablespoons of superfine sugar
• 2 medium size limes, squashed
• Fresh strawberries, optional, for
In a blender, combine the pineapple,
frozen strawberries, sugar and lime
juice and puree until it reaches a
smooth consistency. Pour them into
separate glasses, garnish with fresh
strawberries if you desire and serve
The Virgin Margarita
Saltiness, sweetness and sharpness: all at
once. The recipe for a sweetened nonalcoholic version of one of the most classic
cocktails is here for you.
• 180ml of limeade (frozen)
• 90ml of orange juice
• 30ml of lime juice
• 30ml of lemon juice
• 2 teaspoons of superfine sugar
• 4 cups of ice cubes
Mix all of the ingredients together (except
the ice) in a pitcher. Stir for a minute then
add ice and stir a little bit longer. Rim your
glass with sugar or salt. Garnish with a lime
wheel and enjoy! Kyoko Bhuiyan
TM AG th u rsDAY, Septe m b e r 1 8 , 2014
The Dirty Virgin
This is one of James Bond’s favourite
cocktails. It will hit the spot, when you
would least
expect it
and you
would barely
have to do
• Crushed ice
• 8 mint leaves
• 90ml of lime juice
• 45ml of sugar syrup
• 60ml club soda
Fill in one third of a large glass
with ice, and then add mint leaves.
Lightly mash the leaves together
with the liquid using a muddle
stick or wooden pestle, careful to
not tear the leaves. Fill the glass
with more ice, and then add club
soda. Garnish with mint or lime,
and savour!
• Bottle of sparkling water
• Olives
• 30ml of olive juice
• 1 cup of ice cubes
Pour yourself a glass of sparkling water.
Mix in the olive juice. Add the olives and
the ice cubes to it. There you go, you
have your very own dirty virgin martini.

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