Copy of HEG March 2013 Newsletter 1 J



Copy of HEG March 2013 Newsletter 1 J
The Hobart Embroiderers’ Guild Inc.
Newsletter March 2013
Meet our new committee!
Meeting Place and Time:
Lenah Valley Baptist Centre,
Pottery Road Lenah Valley,
Thursdays: 10 .00am – 12.30pm
Thursdays: 7.00 pm – 9.30pm
Members often stay between gatherings
Mrs. Doone Kennedy
Joyce Batchelor
40 years in Hobart
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Guild Office Bearers
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Presidents Message
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Past Presidents Message
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Runnymede House
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40 year high tea
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Sewing and oneself
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Stitch & Share, pattern transfer information from
Sheena Sims.
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Floral Festival At St. David's Cathedral
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From the library
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Diary Dates
Name Badges
Please remember to wear your name badges! It helps when existing members have
‘seniors moments’ and is also useful for new members to learn our names.
Identify Yourself!
When you visit our local suppliers of essential goods (threads etc.) please let them
know that you are a member of the Guild. Most offer a discount on presentation
of your membership card. I will publish a full list in the next newsletter. In the
mean time have a look at the changes to the lovely shop in Liverpool street. I
spent a lot of time enjoying the products on offer and benefitted by receiving my
Guild discount. These shops all support us, so let us show them that we support
them. I was really surprised when visiting one shop that has been much discussed at Guild to hear that Guild members no longer shopped there. If you are
not sure which shops are where just ask at Guild, we all have our favorites.
Office Bearers
Joyce Batchelor
Vice President
Patricia Ayers
Carol Bonney
Assistant Secretary
Kathleen Combes
Kate Kiefer
Assistant Treasurer
Committee Members
Margaret Chatwin
Ellie Papazachariou
Sub Committees
Workshop Convenor
Cath Allen
HEGYS Convenor
Ursula Harris
Exhibition Convenor
Patricia Ayers
Judy Fitzgerald
Newsletter Editor
Patricia Ayers
Promotions Officer
Joyce Batchelor
Presidents Message
An interesting and challenging start to the year!
Our annual general meeting in February got off to a very bumpy start, after a break and lots of discussion,
the makings of a new committee was duly elected, with me as president.
All but one of the current committee members is new to their positions. Some of whom have never served
on a committee before. A sincere thank you to those that did put their hand up on the day.
We are all still finding our bearings and so are hopeful that you will be gentle with us as we find our way!
Be prepared, myself and other committee members will be looking for ways to share the tasks of the week
to week running of our guild!
Hearty and sincere thanks to all the previous committee members who have done a tremendous amount of
‘groundwork’ and organising to make theses transitions and monthly tasks as easy as possible.
The start to our guild year has been successful, fun and vibrant, with the January lunch at Orford, very
popular Stitch & Share sessions, a colourful Corn pad workshop; and a busy and happy Stitching afternoon
at the National Trust’s Runnymede House in New Town. Thanks to everyone involved in making all these
activities so enjoyable.
As this is the year of our exhibition, we have a lot to work towards and look forward to. Please do read
your Newsletter, Bulletins and look at the notice board for a full calendar of events coming up.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy year of friendship, sharing, stitching and learning.
Joyce Batchelor
Past Presidents Message
2012 proved to be a busy year. The guild gatherings commenced in late January and it was during this
month we commenced our E News Bulletins. With the majority of members now having e-mail these have
proved an excellent way to keep members informed of activities.
The AGM was held on February 18th 2012. The election of Office Bearers brought several new members to
the committee. For the first time the Guild appointed a Promotion and Marketing person and this proved to
be a most worthwhile appointment.
February saw the commencement of the ‘Stitch and Share’ sessions for the year. These provide opportunities for members to practise a new technique with guidance from an experienced member, research a particular stitch variation and subsequently present information and demonstrate to other members, participate
in a forum or a observe a demonstration.
Five workshops were held throughout the year. These were Wessex Stitchery, Beginners Goldwork, Deerfield Embroidery and Stumpwork embroidery. Such was the interest it was necessary to hold a second
Goldwork workshop. Several members have also participated in workshops outside the Guild either locally
or interstate.
Embroidfest was organised by the Central Coast branch of the Tasmanian Guild. Fourteen of our members
travelled to Ulverstone to enjoy a day with fellow embroiderers. Members travelled to Launceston in September to attend the Embroiderers’ Guild of Tasmania Exhibition. The Guild Retreat was held in October
at Lake Pedder. This was a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend.
During the year a new website was established and it is very important for members to supply the
webmaster with information so that it is always current. Following considerable work by the Promotions
and Marketing officer in consultation with the committee a new Marketing card and flyers were printed
and widely distributed.
Two very successful friendship Stitching days were organised during the year. These provide an opportunity for morning and evening members to develop friendships. These are very relaxing days, stitching, chatting and enjoying delicious food.
In between all the previously mentioned items, members were busy stitching individual projects. Throughout the year the committee has worked with sub-committees and individuals to ensure all documents are
current and in line with the Constitution and By-laws of the Guild. Based on legal advice it was also necessary to modify our membership form
August was a sad time for the Guild losing a long-term member and also an Honorary member, Faye
Turner. She contributed to the Guild over many years and all who knew her spoke very highly of her. Faye
produced beautiful embroidery with her specialties being Petit Point and Cross Stitch using fine fabrics.
As part of our Ruby Anniversary celebrations a visit to Markree House was arranged. This is a ‘House Museum” and we were fortunate to have some embroidered items on display for our visit.
Our final function for the year was a ‘High Tea’ to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Guild. Many past
members gathered with current members to celebrate this special occasion. Several members participated
in preparing a booklet reflecting the past fifteen years as a follow up to the 25th Anniversary booklet. A special bookmark was printed and given to all attendees. Member were invited to ‘design and stitch’ an embellished initial using Ruby as the predominant colour. These items were displayed at the High Tea and
created much interest.
What a wonderful way to finish a successful and rewarding year.
Vivienne Cox
Runnymede House
On the 17th March 2013 we had a very successful stitching afternoon at the National Trusts
Runnymede House in New Town. Guild members came to sit and stitch, and bought along items
for display.
Approximately 40 people attended on the day, many visitors and members alike, were very
interested in the display and the stitchers.
The curators of Runnymede selected embroideries and textiles that are usually stored away, to
add to the homes display. The manager Gemma Webberley and some volunteer staff also
brought in selected items of interest.
It was a very happy and informative day for all!
Joyce Batchelor
40th Anniversary Project
The Exhibition committee invites members to complete projects started to celebrate the 40th
Anniversary of the Guild. As Vivienne said prior to our 40th anniversary, members were asked
design and/or locate a design and stitch an ‘Embellished Initial’ using ruby as the
predominant colour.
It can be stitched in any style of your choosing. The fabrics, threads, and embellishment/s used
are personal choices.
The completed project can be made into any item e.g. embroidered handkerchief, bag , sachet,
shirt pocket, box top, blanket, shawl, name tag etc..
Completed items were on display at the ‘High Tea’ where they created much interest due to
the variety and ingenuity of all involved. These items will be part of our 2013 Exhibition.
40 years together
We celebrated 40 years together as a guild in December 2012, That will not
surprise many of our members, but it is quite an achievement that shows how much we all enjoy
our embroidery. Another aspect of that achievement is the constant work put in by an endless
number of people who have been committee members, or have run work shops or stitch and share
days all work that enables us to arrive at Guild and enjoy our embroidery as well as a little gossip
thrown in.
At the last AGM we experienced the difficulty that all groups encounter in finding people willing
and able to continue the ongoing task of keeping the Guild viable. We have managed to fill most
positions but a couple still need some attention, if you are able to help please put your hand up,
you will be given as much support as you need to fill the vacant roles.
By ensuring that all positions are filled and supported we can look forward to celebrating more
mile stones in the Guilds future.
40 year High Tea
Sewing and Oneself
At a recent Interfaith Gathering, people were telling their spiritual journeys.
A Tasmanian Aboriginal elder spoke of having (successful) treatment for cancer over 3 years.
‘Afterwards’ she said ‘I sewed myself together by making a quilt, using part of a quilt made by
my grandmother’.
This concept touched me deeply. After the death of my sister two years ago, I completed a
cushion cover in tent stitch which my mother (d 1991) had left unfinished. Another of her UFOs
I sewed last year after my close friend died. Each took about 3 months, the deep grieving time.
The last one, when finished, I sent to my remaining sister.
The comfort of sewing which sews us, individually and collectively, together.
jenni bond
The Wool Shop
Quality Product - Friendly Service
Knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting.
We have it covered!
Tasmanian Distributors of Ashford Wheels Looms and Dyes
Hours:: Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat 9.30am - 1 pm
58 Main Road Moonah, Tasmania 7009
Ph 03 6278 1800
Don’t forget to present your Guild membership card for a
10% discount
Stitch & Share
Use of Light Box & Transfer of Patterns
If no light box is available, tape pattern then the fabric onto a window so light shines
through and mark in usual manner.
Old fashioned transfers on tissue paper– do not iron side to side—press up & down.
Some old embroidery linen comes already stamped with the pattern — usually
permanent, so need to cover lines with stitching. Can use milk soured in the sun in
this case to remove transfer— practice on a sample piece.
Placement Of Pattern On Fabric
Find centre of pattern—if placement guide lines are evident, rule between these and
find intersecting point. Mark on pattern. On fabric, fold fabric in half, crease lightly.
The centre point here needs to be aligned with the centre point of the pattern. Align
the two centre spots so the grain of the fabric is strait in both directions. Place fabric
over the pattern in correct position and pin to hold. Turn both over and put invisible
tape appropriately to hold pattern to fabric so neither will move. Use light box in
usual manner to trace fabric with the pattern.
Tracing Pattern Onto Fabric
preferable - sharp point. HB is good.
Pigma pen
fine—permanent—cover lines with stitching
Trace & tear with tissue paper
Tedious but leaves no trace. Trace pattern on to tissue paper, pin tissue on to fabric in correct position and alignment. Secure with pins or tack around the whole area to hold, then tack with smallish stitches
using machine cotton in a medium shade around each shape taking special care to
mark details around leaf points for example. When complete, carefully tear paper
from fabric leaving shape outlined in thread. Dampen paper for easy removal. This
is a good method when using twill for crewel embroidery. Remove tacking threads
as you go with tweezers, realising that the pattern would have to be applied again if
you needed to restitch an area.
For Woollen Fabric
Can use above method—trace & tear. On wool could also
use minimal amount of blue pen— dab away with cold water as needed. Can also
trace pattern on to light Pellon or Vliesofix or light interfacing and position on fabric.
Stitch through the pattern covering all lines. When complete, tear or cut away
For Other Fabrics Can also trace pattern in black pen on tracing paper, then on
reverse, scribble over lines with coloured or ordinary pencil. Place over fabric and
trace again over pattern with a used biro and colour will be transferred to fabric.
Use dressmakers’ carbon in same manner as above—insert between pattern and
fabric (right side up) - use used biro as above to trace over pattern—this is good for
dark coloured fabric— choose a light coloured carbon to suit. Office carbon can
also be used—can be permanent so take care to be light. After finishing stitching,
soak overnight in cold soap solution, then rinse well and then wash by hand to remove vestiges of blue. Try to avoid use of blue water soluble pen, as chemical effects can be tragic. If it has to be used, do not heat tracing and use fine tipped pen
very sparingly.
Quilters’ silver pencil
shows up well on dark fabric.
Heat transfer pencil use to trace pattern on to fabric, then dry press to fix
Prick & Pounce
prick holes on pattern lines, rub over surface with powder in
muslin covered ball, so coloured powder falls through holes. Then remove pattern
and join holes with fine painted line.
These notes are by no means exhaustive—many reference books have further details.
© Sheena Sims 27/02/2013
Floral Festival 8th – 10th February 2013
The St David’s Cathedral floral festival this year was truly a joyous occasion where people
came together to share the beautiful space that the cathedral provides, filling it with glorious
flowers, plants, and all manner of other interesting things.
This year the Guild was given the opportunity to display a variety of small pieces of embroidery in two glass topped cases. Our display was very well received with plenty of positive
comments and one slight misunderstanding.
A very interested lady was quite keen to purchase a beautiful piece of Reticella that had been
embroidered by Jenni Bond. We were carefully dismantling our display when this happened, and
had placed the piece on top of the display case ready to pack away. After explanations were given
all was well.
Thank you to all members who lent Jenni and myself your precious pieces for the display, they
certainly created interest in what we do. Thank you also to the Cathedral committee who allowed
us to be part of this celebration.
One of the display cabinets provided by St David's Cathedral
A reminder that if you have coffee or tea while at Guild please remember to put your
50 cents in the bowl. Some members have put a larger amount to cover a few weeks.
It’s up to members discretion, it is a voluntary & honesty system! Thank You!
Thread Bear Craft and Haberdashery
Shop 7B Lower Level Bellerieve Quay 7018
Phone/Fax 6244 2389
Open Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm
Stockist of all your embroidery needs including:
aida, canvas and Trigger Cloth,
DMC stranded and Perle cottons, Broder no 16, Medici,
DMC tapestry wool,
Appleton's Crewel wool, Carons Watercolours and Brazilian supplies.
We carry the full range of Rajamahal and Mogear threads.
We also have a diverse range of embroidery kits, stickers, card making
supplies and a large selection of coloured homespun.
Also carrying a full range of Ginnie Thompson Flower Threads
A wide range of size 9 beads and a large range of Czech size 11 beads
on hanks
Please mention this advertisement when you come in
From The Library
We have a copy of a publication from the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild called
‘An Aussie Fruit Salad—Cross stitch for the kitchen’ If you would like your
own copy here are the details:Copies are available from:
Embroiderers Guild of NSW Inc
PO Box 109
Concord West, 2138
612 9743 2501
Spiral bound soft cover $AU 16.95 plus postage
CDROM (printable PDF) $AU 11.00 plus postage.
Diary Dates
Stitching day (members only) To be held at Holy Trinity Church in North Hobart.
Saturday 13 April 2013
ANZAC Day - No guild gathering
Thursday 25 April 2013
Advanced Goldwork Embroidery workshop (Part 1)
Thursday 9 May 2013
Advanced Goldwork Embroidery workshop (Part 2)
Saturday 11 May 2013
Saturday 18 May 2013
Saturday 18 May 2013
Stitch & Share (members only)
Tuesday 28 May 2013
Advanced Goldwork Embroidery workshop (Part 3)
Thursday 30 May 2013
Duty....we will be at the DEC in June 28,29,30
Membership continues to grow , We now have around 60 adult stitchers and 12 young stitchers
some as young as 7, two more are still deciding if embroidery is for them.
Our young stitchers are called HEGYS, and are a valued part of the Guild. This group was formed
in 1972 and has been stitching ever since. The current convenor is Ursula, who is doing a terrific
job in fostering the skills of embroidery and textile art among these young people.
Ursula has a few members of the Guild who are happy to help when they are able. to ensure that
we can continue to provide encouragement and assistance to our younger stitchers. I would
encourage any member who has the time to assist at these sessions, they are well run and very
enjoyable. Plus you may learn something new, I did.
Patricia Ayers
Contact Details:
The Hobart Embroiderers’ Guild Inc
P.O. Box 387 Sandy Bay, Tasmania, 7006
[email protected]

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