Erard Flyer



Erard Flyer
Sebastian Erard Harp, $8900
[email protected] ™ 651-275-1991
Up for sale is a rare, Sebastian Erard double-action pedal harp, circa 1819. It is
the "Grecian" model, complete with angels, caryatids, acanthus leaves and
winged griffins at the feet. It has been refurbished to excellent, playable
condition and has a delightful bell-like tone.
All disks and pedals are in smooth working order, as are the original
swell-doors at the back. This is rare because these "damping doors" are often
removed and lost over time. The soundboard is in excellent shape and of the
finer, thinner variety which gives its excellent sound.
Engraved at the top, "Maker to the Royal Family, His Most Christian
Majesty the King of France, H.I.M. (his imperial majesty) Emperor of all
the Rufsias."
My research into the records at the Royal College of Music, London
shows it was originally purchased for the adopted daughter of King
George IV at her coming of age. His nickname for her was "Minnie" and
hers for him was "Prinnie". Both were musical and this harp would have
been played in salons and palaces with royals in attendance. She later
married an Irish lord and the harp may have travelled with her.
It has a lovely burl-walnut finish (faux painted) and gold leaf accents. It has 42
strings. The upper registers are gut, the lower are brass and copper wrapped
silk. Ordered to the specifications of master harp restorer, Howard Bryan. Has
not been regulated in some time and will require this. I can suggest several
technicians who can do it.
I am sad to say that I must sell this harp due to a family illness. Please
email me with questions. I have it listed as "pick up only" but it can be
shipped upon your arrangement. I suggest calling several shippers to get
pricing. I have a heavy-duty cardboard box it will fit into but professional
packing and insurance is required for return policy to be honored.

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