Q: I am not able to install the AVermedia driver for



Q: I am not able to install the AVermedia driver for
Q: I am not able to install the AVermedia driver for DVR products Windows keeps
installing the Kworld drivers other than Avermedia drivers.
Step 1: Go to C:\windows\inf\, by clicking on Start, Run, type in the word “INF”, and
click OK.
Step2: There should be some *.inf and *.PNF files which are named after oem*.inf
and oem*.PNF, where*=number 1,2,3-99.
a. Next, open each oem*.inf, and compare its header description to the following
picture below. If match, then delete that oem*.inf and its pair oem*.PNF files. In the
example picture below, you would then delete oem4.inf and oem4.PNF.
b. Now go to the C:\Windows\Systems32\drivers folder, by clicking on Start, Run,
type in the word “DRIVERS”, and click OK.
c. Lastly, delete the file cxvcap.sys.
Step 3: Go to the Device Manager:
a. Press My Computer on Desktop.
b. Press Manage
c. Then Press the Device Manager will see 8 unknown devices and 8 Kworld TV878
Capture drivers
Step 4 Delete all unknown devices.
a. Point to the Unknown device
b. Press on the right button of the mouse
c. Press the Uninstall option to uninstall the Unknown devices
Step 5 Delete all Kworld TV878 Audio Capture drivers.
Step 6: After remove all Unknown Devices and Kworld TV878 Audio Capture drivers.
Please install our application by following our manual guidance.
1. Click Install Surveillance System to continue.
2. Click Next to continue.
3. Click Yes to accept the agreement. Click OK to
4. Enter the Company Name and CDKey.
5. Enter User Name and Password. Click Next to
6. Select a program folder. Click Next to continue.
7. Select a video system, and click Next to
8. Select the Video Extension Card quantity and
click Next to continue.
9. The system starts installing the application.
10.Select “Yes, I want to restart my
computer now” and click Finish to complete
the installation.
The system will reboot automatically to initiate a new setting after you finish the installation. You will see
on your desktop. Please install the driver before using the application.
Step 7: System will detect new hardware device
Step8: Use following instructions to install correct driver.
a. When Wizard prompts please choose to search by connecting to Windows Update
b. Choose Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
c. Choose the location of the driver by pressing the browse button.
d. Press Next
e. System will prompt a message to confirm installation of our driver Press on
Continue Anyway
f. System will continue installing our driver.
g. When system prompts out this message please press Finish.
Step 9: Go to Device Manager to check if there is any unknown or not recognized
a. Press My Computer
b. Press Manage
c. Press Device Manager
Step 10: Please restart Windows to store and initiate new settings.