Fall Fashion - Charlotte Living Magazine



Fall Fashion - Charlotte Living Magazine
RYAN: Washed calfskin
military inspired leather
jacket with knit collar by
GIMO’S; popover shawl
collared merino sweater
in rust & charcoal by
INIS MEAIN; old school
plaid sport shirt with
dime-round collar by
cotton stretch sport
pant by INCOTEX; oiled
walnut nubuc loafer by
rough out suede sport
leather weekender
burgundy cotton tee;
ELEVENTY down-filled
vest; GOLDSIGN 'misfit'
jeans; ELEVENTY soft calf
sport boot; MASSIMO
PALOMBA leather bag
in brown
They arrived in Charlotte in search of the best of what it had to offer.
The long drive from Atlanta was filled with good music and even better
conversation, but it hardly prepared them for the luxury they encountered at their final destination, The Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge.
They had packed light for the weekend. She carried her essentials in
a Massimo Palomba leather bag she'd picked up on a previous visit to
Charlotte, and he did the same with the Orciani weekender he'd found
at a mens' specialty shop during the same trip.
C H A R LOT T E L I V I N G | 23
RYAN: Knitted wool sweater
jacket with suede details
by GIMO’S; cotton flannel
checked sport shirt in
chocolate & charcoal by
flannel sport pant with
cargo pockets by VIGANO;
gator embossed sport belt
by OCIANI; lug sole Chelsea
CRYSTA: ONORATI sportswear jacket with velvet
trim; HARTFORD printed
cotton blouse; PESERICO
knee-length navy cotton
fossilized bone bracelets
There was a chill in the air that weekend, so they ordered hot cappuccinos on
the veranda before venturing out to shop. Crysta dressed for the day in her Onarati
blazer and Ryan was perfectly comfortable in his Gimo's knitted wool jacket.
Late that afternoon they found themselves relaxing at Ballantyne's Gallery
Restaurant with just enough time for a drink before heading out for the evening.
Ryan and Crysta enjoyed the restaurant's comfortable atmosphere, but their
attentive waitress couldn't help but notice that Crysta's drink perfectly matched
the color of her Inhabit sweater
RYAN (right): Olive plaid sports jacket of wool & cashmere by LUCIANO BARBERA; MASSIMO
ALBA chocolate washed cashmere sweatshirt; dobby checked sport shirt by BRUNELLO
CUCINELLI; enzyme washed taupe cotton twill sport pant by PT01; shrunken calf sport belt by
MARTIN DINGMAN; TO BOOT NEW YORK double monk strap pebble grain lug bottom shoe
CRYSTA (right): WALTER VOULAZ fitted blouse; INHABIT cashmere crew neck sweater; Q2
stretch cotton trouser; calfskin side zip boot by PARABOOT; FALIERO SARTI cashmere scarf;
AIREHEART by SYDNEY pyrite & pave' diamond necklace; ELIZABETH MARTIN bracelets
24 | C H A R LOT TE L I V I N G
C H A R LOT T E L I V I N G | 25
Dressed for an elegant evening on the
town, our adventurous couple headed
to the Blumenthal to catch Beethoven's
Fidelio, Crysta's favorite opera. Ryan had
splurged on orchestra seating because it
was a special occasion, and he secretly
loved the opera, too. Little did Crysta
know that hidden deep in the pocket of
Ryan's Canali suit jacket was another
surprise for the evening. Seems Ryan's
good taste in clothing was matched
only by his expertise in diamonds...
Charlotte Living would like to thank The
Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge for our beautiful location; Richard Pattison, Taylor
Richards & Conger, for styling; Benny
Watkins, Bentala Salon, for hair; Zenia
RYAN: CANALI petrol blue flannel 2 button
McCants for makeup; TRC W for women’s
peak lapel suit; navy triple stripe cotton
clothing; Taylor Richards & Conger for
dress shirt by ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA;
men’s clothing; Debbie Williams,
chocolate suede belt by LAYVA; chocolate
Professional Consultant Group, for project
suede loafer by FRATELLI ROSSETTI; charcoal
development and coordination; and
grey birds eye topcoat by LUIGI BIANCHI
models Crysta Redwine and Ryan Lowery
MANTOVA; vintage laser-cut shoulder bag
from Directions USA.
The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge,
CRYSTA: Silk blouse in Volcano by BRUNELLO
navy skirt; PESERICO multi-strand beaded
necklace; wool topcoat by PAS de CALAIS
theballantynehotel.com, 704.248.4000
Taylor Richards & Conger, trcstyle.com,
TRC W, trcstyle.com, 704.366.2905
Professional Consultant Group,
[email protected],
Bentala Salon, bentalasalon.com,
Zenia McCants, [email protected]
Directions USA, directionsusa.com,
C H A R LOT T E L I V I N G | 27
Relax & Rejuvenate
in The Spa at Ballantyne
The Ballantyne Hotel offers guests the finest in non-surgical treatments
at the new second location of Graper Cosmetic Surgery in The Spa.
We provide a luxurious setting with access to resort-style amenities, and Graper’s
services perfectly complement our menu, which focuses on specialty spa services. –
Alicia Howell, Spa Director, The Spa at Ballantyne hotel
Dr. Robert Graper consults with a patient using computer
Charlotte Living sat down with Dr. Robert Graper to
talk with him about his new location in Ballantyne.
Q When did Graper Cosmetic Surgery open a location in The Spa at Ballantyne Hotel?
A We opened for services August 3rd.
Q Why did you pick this location in Ballantyne?
A The two businesses and locations complement
one another. We both treat clients and patients
with the same high level of customer care and
Q What services do you offer?
A We offer non-surgical treatments. Injectables,
including Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm Ultra XC
and Voluma are on the menu of services.
CoolSculpting, microneedling, medical skin
peels, dermaplaning and our full skincare product line of SkinPrint, ZO Medical, Revision and
Latisse are available.
Q Do you accept walk-ins ?
A Certainly we accept walk-ins if the schedule
allows but most time-conscience people prefer
to make an appointment to guarantee their efficient care.
Q How far in advance do you suggest scheduling for
A Many make their next appointment as they
check out from the current appointment.
Regular patients usually are in every 4-6 weeks
but we can tailor a schedule to meet any
patient's goals.
Q What is unique about Graper treatments at The
Spa Ballantyne?
Q How can appointments be scheduled at the
Ballantyne location?
A The quality of care and non-surgical treatment
options are the same as we offer at our main
location in SouthPark. It's nice for our patients to
receive our aesthetic medical services in the
relaxing atmosphere of the spa. With services
scheduled at a minimum of $100, patients can
enjoy the spa amenities including the lounge,
sauna, steam room, indoor pool, seasonal outdoor pool and fitness center.
A Call our main number 704.375.7111 or visit our
new website www.grapercosmeticsurgery.com.
Q What results can be expected from Graper
A A natural, more youthful version of themselves.
Many people want to eliminate sun damage, red
spots, brown spots, wrinkles and bulges on their
hips, stomach, bra rolls and thighs. Treatments
at our Ballantyne location meet the same criteria as our main office in SouthPark: Safety,
honesty, predictability and privacy.
Q What is your most popular treatment?
A All of these non-surgical treatments are popular.
Botox is now fairly standard after almost 20
years in the cosmetic world. CoolSculpting is
much newer but very popular because almost
everyone has some extra fat that is resistant to
diet and exercise. Patients can improve the body
contours with no surgery, no incisions, no anesthesia and no downtime. The fillers are gaining
popularity, and skin care is essential to keep that
healthy look that we all want.
Q How much time is needed for appointments?
A It depends on what treatment is performed.
Botox can take as little as ten minutes or three
areas of CoolSculpting could take three or more
CoolSculpting, Dermaplaning and a Graper Signature Peel
are among the services at the Graper Ballantyne location.

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