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Please remember that we can quote for any wine or cigar that is not listed here.
Delivery charges are, unfortunately, necessary. We do not build any delivery charges into
our prices and we will endeavour to do deliveries ourselves FREE OF CHARGE. We also
have two alternatives for those times when we cannot do it.
cost price, as we do not believe in adding on a margin.
House Selection
I am delighted to include this selection of “house wines”. To me they are all easy drinking
wines that offer very good value for money Pop the cork (or twist that screwcap) and drink
Pol Clément, Blanc de Blancs, Vin Mousseux NV
A really good sparkling wine that is both perfect for drinking by itself, a party fizz or for mixing. Elegant
and while a lighter style than champagne, makes a very pleasing alternative. Also, as it is very well
presented, it can pass at first glance as a champagne
TOUR ST. MARTIN’S every day range, Les Arômes, show the best varietals expression
while still adhering to “Vin de Pays d’Oc” appellation laws. The wines are approachable
and have been made with the emphasis on ease of drinking and maintaining the purity
of varietals characteristics. All in screw caps and all very easy to quaff!
2011 Sauvignon
2011 Viognier
2011 Merlot
2011 Syrah
I am delighted to continue offering CHAMPAGNE LAMIABLE as my mainstay champagne. I
find it very hard to justify prices of many of the better known champagnes, which are often
£10-15 a bottle more expensive (largely down to higher profit margins and huge advertising
budgets, something that Lamiable doesn’t do). To me, and I admit to a bias, the quality/price
ratio of Lamiable is very hard to match let alone beat. Look beyond the unfamiliar label, and
you will find wonderful wines.
The wines are made from 100% Grand Cru grapes, which forbids the use of Pinot Meunier
grapes. What was most important for me was to find a grower who had their own grapes and
therefore had total control over all processes. If you look on a champagne bottle you will
usually see the letters “NM” on it, which signifies that grapes have been bought in. Lamiable
has the much less common “RM” (recoltant-manipulant) which means that he has grown
his own.
Champagne Lamiable Brut NV, Grand Cru
30+ bottles (75cl)
“The NV Brut Grand Cru is an impressive wine endowed with notable depth in its pure fruit. Sweet citrus,
white peach, smoke and mineral nuances are woven together in an intricate fabric. Taut and focused
throughout, the Brut Grand Cru delivers immense pleasure in a focused, energetic style, with the weight of the
Pinot only truly being felt in the richness of the finish. The Brut Grand Cru is 60% Pinot Noir and 40%
Chardonnay. The wine shows enough freshness to lead me to believe it will drink well for at least another few
years, and quite likely longer. This is a great effort from Lamiable”. The Wine Advocate #186, December
2009. 92 points.
“Assertive, with a distinctive graphite aroma, followed by honey, citrus and apple flavors. Very creamy in the
beginning, turning dry and crisp on the finish.” Wine Spectator, 91 points
Is this the least expensive Grand Cru NV on the UK market???
Champagne Lamiable Extra Brut NV, Grand Cru
As demand for Brut outstrips the Extra Brut, I carry this in small quantities! Where the Brut has a dosage of
8g/l, the Extra Brut has 4g/l. I cannot decide whether I prefer the zingier acidity of the Extra Brut, or the power
of the Brut.
Champagne Lamiable NV, Grand Cru Rosé
This is available only in VERY LIMITED quantities. I tried to buy more, but all I was allowed was a
mere 30 bottles!!! Why? Production is small and demand, especially in France, is high. 60% Pinot Noir
40% Chardonnay. I will be trying to get more but…..!! Fruity nose with flavours of raspberry. This
opens to reveal notes of citrus and exotic fruits. In the mouth, pink pomelo flavours, finishing with some
very refreshing citrus notes.
Champagne Lamiable Les Meslaines 2006, Grand Cru
100% Pinot Noir (Blanc de Noirs). Made from a single parcel of old vines (over 40 years old). Nutty
and roasted fruit aromas. There is an explosion of flavours in mouth. Still quite youthful but this is a
real blockbuster of a wine. A somewhat garish label does not detract from how well made this wine is.
Champagne Lamiable Cuvée Phéérie 2006, Grand Cru
100% Chardonnay. This unique Blanc de Blancs is new to the list. Made from grapes from the Côtes des
Noirs, there are aromas of white fruit and citrus with notes of brioche and hawthorn blossom. Drinking now
and will improve over the next several years.
Champagne Lamiable Spécial Club 2006, Grand Cru
60% Pinot Noir 40% Chardonnay. In 1971, a group of vine growers representing the most famous crus of
Champagne, set out to promote the originality of their champagnes through a prestige bottling. Only when the
quality if the vintage allows, these growers make a special cuvée, christened "Spécial Club". They are released
after more than 3 years of ageing in an original bottle, inspired by old bottle shapes.
Lamiable offer a private labelling service. Should you be interested in this, please do not
hesitate to contact me to discuss. Typically the additional cost will be about £1 a bottle.
Champagne Lamiable Cuvée Héliades 2009, Grand Cru
80% Pinot Noir 20% Chardonnay. Lamiable have recently withdrawn their membership to the “Spécial Club”
and have replaced that cuvee with Cuvée Héliades. Fine bubbles. Aromas of melon and peach that give way
to notes of citrus and pink grapefruit on the palate (so say the producers!!).
While I try and persuade customers to look at the less well known champagnes like
Lamiable, there are some that are very well made and, while more expensive than Lamiable,
offer a good alternative. I have access to most all of these, but in my biased way so no benefit
over Lamiable in taste, and of course a negative when it comes to price.
Champagne Bollinger, Special Cuvee Brut NV
Champagne Bollinger, Rosé Brut NV
Champagne Bollinger, La Grande Année 2004
Champagne Bollinger, La Grande Année Rosé 2004
Champagne Bollinger, RD 2002
If you are looking for a big bottle, such as a 12 litre Balthazar, please contact me for a quote.
Champagne Dom Pérignon Blanc 2004
Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée NV
Champagne Dom Ruinart 2004
Discounts are available on bulk orders.
There are also other rare and fine champagnes listed on the Fine Wine list.
The wines from CAVE DE PRISSÉ have been a great success. They are well priced, everyday
Burgundy. The wines are crisp, fresh and fruity – vinified in stainless steel vats in order to
retain maximum aroma. The Macon and Bourgogne are very accessible, whilst the SaintVéran exhibits greater complexity and concentration.
2012/3 Macon-Prissé, Les Clochettes
2012/3 Bourgogne Chardonnay Les Belles Roches
2012/3 St. Veran Les Pierres Blanches
DOMAINE LOUIS CARILLON is one of the undoubted super stars of Puligny Montrachet,
with quality beening ever improving since the early 1990s. Somewhat strangely, having
built up such a reputation, 2009 will be the last vintage for the Domaine, as the brothers
who own it have now gone their separate ways. Time will tell if this is a good decision
and whether they can build a reputation similar to that of Louis Carillon.
2009 Puligny Montrachet
2009 Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Les Macherelles
2009 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Les Combettes
2009 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Les Champs Canet
2009 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Les Perrières
This is a snap shot of what can be offered. As mentioned above, some wines are VERY limited.
There are many other producers and vintages available. I would highly recommend Bouzereau’s
Bourgogne Blanc. More expensive than many Bourgogne, but cheap for a quasi-Meursault.
2011 Bourgogne Chardonnay, Gerard Thomas
2011 Bourgogne Blanc, Michel Bouzereau
2009 Meursault Les Grands Charrons, Michel Bouzereau
2009 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Bertrand Ambroise
2006 Côtes de Nuits Villages, Bertrand Ambroise
2004 Volnay 1er Cru Fremiets, Angerville
2001 Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Chaignots, Henri Gouges
2006 Clos Vougeot Grand Cru, Daniel Rion
Burgundy - Chablis
Chablis, with its distinctive full-flavoured minerally dry wines, is undoubtedly one of
Burgundy’s most prestigious appellations. Due to recent harvests being decimated by
the weather, an already small production has led to many of Burgundy’s wines being in
very short supply. If you are looking for a Premier Cru, or other Grand Crus then please
do let me know. Similarly if you are wanting an older one, I do have some in the
2013 Chablis, Domaine Seguinot Bordet
Very pretty pale golden yellow in colour with light greenish glints. The nose is reminiscent of the scented
freshness of a lovely summer’s morning. The taste is perfect harmony of maturity, mellowness and
vivacity. The mineral touch, fine and airy, shows through well on the finish.
2010 Chablis, Domaine Louis Michel
Classic Chablis. Deeper and richer than the Petit Chablis, with wonderful balanced acidity with intense
fruit, and a long, fresh finish. Like all Louis Michel’s wines, if you can, decanting will really allow
things to open up.
2012 Chablis, Domaine Billaud-Simon
Peach, citrus, brioche all found on the mineral scented nose. In the mouth there is a balance between richness,
freshness and elegance. A rounded, smooth wine with ripe fruit with hints of vanilla and mineral that is
in harmony with the sweetness of the structure.
2006 Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons, Domaine Barat
A deeper and fuller wine than the village Chablis, this has more accentuated aromas of minerals and
flint, along with lime and apple fruit, which are carried through on the palate. Slightly less acidic than
the “standard” Chablis as the richness of the fruit dominates in the mouth. Exceptional now and sure to
gain weight over the next year or so.
2006 Chablis Grand Cru Vaudesir, Domaine Louis Michel
I am delighted to have been able to secure more stock of this wine. Finding a Grand Cru Chablis at under
£35 is rare, but one of this quality is virtually unheard of – a relative bargain!! Another writer who seems
to be a fan is Robert Parker. In the Wine Advocate, the wine was described as being “wonderfully lush
in texture and full of rich fruit, it also does not lack for a savory, saline mineral dimension….It should
perform beautifully for at least the next 8-10 years”. Parker 92-93/100
Due to many properties in Burgundy being so small, supply can often be difficult.
Please call to enquire about the full availability of Burgundy producers and wines.
JEAN JACQUES GIRARD is one of my favourite producers making incredibly elegant wines,
which in past vintages have been getting even better. They are one of the oldest winemaking
families in the village of Savigny-Lès-Beaune, an appellation that is often unfairly
overlooked. He also produces wines that have an incredibly good price/quality ration.
2013 Bourgogne Blanc “Combre d’Orange”
A good level of oak add weight to this entry level Burgundy.
2013 Savigny-Lès-Beaune
With its yellow colour, there is a scent of white flowers and citrus fruits on wooded nub at nose. Its roundness
in the mouth is prolonged by marvellous acidity and crispness. Should be drunk at a relatively young age.
2013 Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Cru Sous Frétille
Some might find this oakier than previous vintages, but the wine is none the worse for it. In fact all the wines
seem to have a little more oak than in years gone by. Seriously good wine that can be aged for a short number
of years.
2011/13 Bourgogne Pinot Noir
The only problem with this wine is that it is so delicious, that it sells out far too quickly. It is made to show of
the elegance of the Pinot Noir, and this shines through. The use of oak is held in check and does not mask the
wonderful purity of fruit. This must be one of the most appealing of Bourgognes on the market.
2012 Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Cru Les Vergelesses
A beautiful, intense ruby colour. The bouquet is nice and open and exhibits aromas of red fruit. A full bodied
wine, smooth and well put together. The balance of fruit and tannin will allow this wine to develop nicely over
the years.
2011Savigny-Lès-Beaune 1er Cru Les Peuillets
The appearance is bright and clear with an intense deep red. A fine and powerful nose with very seductive
aromas of black fruit, backed by a discrete use of wood The SLB is what Girard is best known for (but that’s
not to say that his other wines should be over looked)
2008 Volnay Vieilles Vignes
Of all his wines, I think this is the one that has improved the most. Relatively new to his stable, it took a vintage
or two to find his feet, but now that he has, boy is it good! The wine is vinified and aged in oak barrels for
about 15 months. Bright ruby colour, with a nose of red fruits. Silky and elegant on the palate, backed up with
good power and length. Limited availability
We carry a huge range of wines from Bordeaux on our Fine Wine List, which is updated
monthly. If you would like to receive a copy of this we would be more than happy to put
you on our mailing list. The wines listed here tend to be for everyday consumption. I would
also highly recommend the whites and rosés from Bordeaux. They are often overlooked in
favour of wines from other areas of France, but they do offer very good quality wines at
prices that are extremely competitive (sometimes!!!).
2012 Château Beauregard-Ducourt, Entre-Deux-Mers
A crisp, well made Sauvignon Blanc, from an appellation that is often over looked. Great expression of fruit,
and while not the intensity of wines from the Loire, this is softer and rounder. As it is so well made, it is ever
so easy to quaff.
2013 Château La Rose du Pin, Bordeaux
The sister of the wonderful Beauregard Ducourt. There is a small percentage of Semillon in the wine which
gives a roundness where the Beauregard has crispness. Still the predominant flavours are from the Sauvignon
Blanc. Very well made, crisp and easy to drink.
2009 Château Carbonnieux, Pessac-Léognan
2010 Château Carbonnieux, Pessac-Léognan
Bright yellow pale coloured, floral bouquet with intense citrus fruit notes. A lively wine, definitely on the fruit,
not aggressive, very rounded, long, with a slight acidic finish giving good length.
2009 Château de Fieuzal, Pessac-Léognan
Bright yellow pale coloured, floral bouquet with intense citrus fruit notes. A lively wine, definitely on the fruit,
not aggressive, very rounded, long, with a slight acidic finish giving good length.
1999 Château Beaumont, Cru Bourgeois, Haut Médoc
I have a few cases of the 1999 vintage in half bottles. Coming from a vintage that is more approachable than
the 2000, the 1999 in half bottles is ideal now. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, there is a dash of
Cabernet Franc, but the blackberry fruit of the CabSauv dominates.
2000 Château Cissac, Cru Bourgeois, Haut Médoc
A good amount of berry and tobacco character follows through to a medium-bodied palate, with firm tannins
and a medium finish. Best after 2005. Perfect Claret should you for some reason find a 75cl bottle a bit too
2010 Château Beauregard Ducourt, Bordeaux
A continued favourite. Showing wonderful fruit from this excellent vintage. Bordeaux at this price is often a
disappointment, but Beauregard Ducourt have crafted a supple and fruity claret for everyday enjoyment.
2011 Château de Respide, Graves
40% Cabernet; 60% Merlot. To me, the wines from the Graves offer some of the best value for money in
Bordeaux. Aged for 6 months in oak, the wine has been made to be drunk relatively young (with potential for
ageing for a few years).
2006 Château Lacombe Noaillac, Cru Bourgeois, Médoc
Under the same ownership as Patache d’Aux and Liversan, this is the “entry” level wine and one that
we have followed since the 1993 vintage. Shows the typical robustness of the northern Médoc. Generous
nose of raspberry and blackcurrants. The mouth is harmonious, finely woody for this pleasure wine.
Drinking very well now. Limited stock
2009 Château Lacombe Noaillac, Cru Bourgeois, Médoc
Decanter reviewed as: “Ripe and fragrant, touch of violets, smooth fruit and lovely balance. Drink 2009-16”.
It was also rated by a jury of US wine professionals as one of the 100 affordable contemporary Bordeaux
(priced $8-$35).
2010 Château Cissac, Cru Bourgeois, Haut Médoc
“The Cissac has a well-defined, delineated bouquet with blackberry, briary, crushed stone and tobacco notes.
It is well balanced with graphite-infused black fruit, a touch of tobacco and impressive precision and length
towards the finish. Very fine. Drink now-2018. Tasted September 2012." eRobert Parker 90 points.
2010 Château Caronne Sainte Gemme,
“Supple tannins and attractive camphor, mulberry, black currant and dusty, earthy notes are present in this
full-bodied, legitimate sleeper of the vintage. The purity, texture, pure charm and depth of this wine are
impressive. Drink it over the next 10-15 years. This beauty is a two-thirds blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and
the rest mostly Merlot with a touch of Petit Verdot.” Robert Parker, February 2013
2009 Ch. Patache d’Aux, Cru Bourgeois Supérieur, Médoc
Excellent depth of rich, ripe fruit both on the nose and palate. Wonderful tannins and acidity.
A real star and what Bordeaux really should be like at this price.
2002 Château Fourcas Dupré, Cru Bourgeois, Moulis
Good solid colour, very good blackcurrant nose, ripe with quite chunky fruit and a good attack. Medium
bodied with nice extraction of Cabernet fruit, this is a classic Moulis cru bourgeois.
2004 Château Patris, St. Emilion Grand Cru
The 2004 vintage was wonderfully under-rated (wonderfully as it means that there are some beautiful wines
available at sensible prices). 80% Merlot, 10% each Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and aged in
100% new oak barrels. Wonderful, pure Merlot fruit on the nose that has been enhanced by judicious use of
the new oak. Soft, round ripe Merlot on the palate that is given extra dimension by the use of the Cabernets.
Classic St. Emilion.
2005 Château Liversan, Cru Bourgeois, Haut Médoc
Beautiful steady red colour. Clean and expressive nose of ripe red fruits, underlined by a fine woody
touch. Fleshy and elegant in the mouth. Tannins are thin and well developed. This Haut-Médoc is
charming and well made, which should be accessible at an early age but continue to improve for several
2006 Connetable de Talbot, St. Julien
2009 Connetable de Talbot, St. Julien
This is one of the best second wines of the Médoc. Connétable saw the light of day in the sixties. Over the
years it has profited from all the care given to the vineyard and the increasingly severe selections. Like its elder
brother, this is a classic, elegant wine, with a clear, well-designed structure and a long, fresh final.
2000 Château Bernadotte, Cru Bourgeois, Haut Médoc
“This property (which borders Lafite, Mouton, and Pontet Canet) is owned by the proprietors of PichonLalande. A blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot, the 2000 is an elegant, nicely textured, smoky,
sweet wine offering scents of caramels intermixed with blackcurrants, cherries, cedar, and licorice. Suppletextured and lush, it should be enjoyed over the next 6-7 years. A sleeper of the vintage.” Robert Parker, 2003
2005 Château Patris, St. Emilion Grand Cru
While the 2004 is beginning to drink now, we would advise that the 2005 is kept for a wee bit longer, although
it is by no means unattractive now. Seriously good value for money from a stellar vintage, this is slightly richer
and more powerful than the 2004 with firmer tannins that will soften with a little more age.
2009 Reserve de la Comtesse, Pauillac
Parker 91 - 93 points. "The finest second wine they (Pichon Lalande) have made, the 2009 Reserve de
Comtesse is composed of 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 38% Merlot, and the rest Cabernet Franc. Flavorful and
full-bodied with loads of texture and opulence, it offers up aromas of forest floor and black fruits. The
surprisingly high tannin level is barely noticeable given the sweetness of the fruit and abundant glycerin. Drink
the Reserve de Comtesse over the next 10-15 years.
Please refer to the website for a full selection of Bordeaux wines
Sweet White
1998 Château Rieussec, Premier Cru Classé, Sauternes
Thick and rich, with a lovely balance of botrytis and spice character. Full-bodied and oily, with a long, sweet
finish. Could be one of the wines of the vintage. Almost classic. (Wine Spectator)
1999 Château Rieussec, Premier Cru Classé, Sauternes
Explosive aromas of apricot, peach, minerals, crème caramel, grilled nuts and spices, along with cooler hints
of licorice and menthol. Thick, sweet and chewy with extract; an impressively mouth filling wine with lovely
framing acidity. Characteristically big and peachy. Finishes spicy, shapely and very long. (International Wine
2000 Château Rieussec, Premier Cru Classé, Sauternes
Bright golden-yellow. Pure but brooding nose offers cherry-almond, vanillin oak and some honeyed high
tones. Then generous, fat, sweet and full in the mouth, with a distinctly glyceral quality leavened by ripe,
nicely integrated acidity. Finishes suave, seamless and very long, with a slight tannic edge and a lingering
flavor of apricot preserves. This wine will need time to show its complexity. (International Wine Cellar)
2009 Château Rieussec, Premier Cru Classé, Sauternes
The team at Ch. Rieussec have conjured a stellar wine in 2009. Thickly layered scents of honey,
Danish pastry and quince appear to gain vigor with every passing sip. The palate is stunning: very
viscous in the mouth with tangy grapefruit, honey and white peach. It is still primal, but the acidity
is perfectly judged. Drink now-2045 (Robert Parker)
2010 Lafaurie Peyraguey, Premier Cru Classé, Sauternes
The palate is well balanced with fine minerality, bright citrus fruit, orange zest, a touch of white peach
and apricot, good tension towards the finish with a dash of lemongrass on the aftertaste. There is very
good weight and botrytis on this Lafaurie Peyraguey that linger seductively (Robert Parker)
2011 Château Filhot, Deuxieme Cru Classé, Sauternes
Deep orange-yellow. Deeply pitched aromas of yellow plum and peach along with more exotic notes of
banana and mint, complicated by burnt toffee and caramel suggestions. Sweet, rich and viscous, with
moderate complexity and a slightly aggressive character to the densely packed flavors of fruit salad, honey,
vanilla and toffee. Nicely perked up by suggestions of pineapple, fresh herbs and orange peel. The persistent,
lightly saline finish could use a little more finesse. This seems to be a step up in quality from some recent
slightly disappointing Filhots. (International Wine Cellar)
Sweet White
2011 Château d’Yquem, Premier Cru Superieur, Sauternes
What else is there to say, other than this is THE most famous of all sweet wines.
“The 2011 seems to be a close cousin of the 2001 and possibly 1988. Light gold, restrained but very
pure, noble and intense bouquet of honeysuckle, caramelized apricot, white peach with a subtle hint of
toasty oak. It builds slowly but beautifully to a full-bodied wine and long finish. This vintage is about
restraint and perfect balance despite the 144 grams of residual sugar. Some vintages are more exuberant
or flamboyant-2011 is racy and compelling. Of course these wines can be drunk young, but expect the
2011 to age for 50 -75+ years in a good cellar.”
Robert Parker, September 2013 – 97/100
“A Sauternes with incredible purity and beauty. Full body, with lovely character of mangos, pineapple, papaya,
and honey. Goes on for minutes. The purity in this wine is phenomenal. Spicy with dried mushroom an ash
undertones. Gorgeous and clean. Bright. A more balanced 2001?”
James Suckling 97-98/100
And now for a real bargain……Having worked for a short while at the Royal Tokay
Wine Company in 1994, bottling the first vintage for the then new owners, I have
always had rather a soft spot for their wines. They are truly wonderful, and I would
always recommend them, although their popularity does lag behind those of Sauternes.
I am pleased to list their entry level sweet wine, the Late Harvest, but would be more
than delighted to discuss any of their other wines.
2009 Late Harvest, Royal Tokay, Hungary
The 2009 is pale green colour, with a delicate flowery nose, showing hints of white peach. On the palate
it is of medium weight, sweet but with a good acid balance. Flavours of exotic fruits and clean finish of
medium length. 9.5% alc, 138.8g/l residual sugar (RS).
I honestly think that this is one of the best valued sweet wines on the market. Not only does it taste
wonderful, it is fantastically packaged. It is very versatile as it is not too heavy. If you want an
introduction to the truly stunning Aszu wines, then this or the Blue Label are perfect. HIGHLY
RECOMMENDED, although stocks for the 2009 vintage are now becoming scarce.
TOUR ST. MARTIN continues to be a great seller for Balthazar. In the house selection, I am
delighted to offer Les Arômes for the first time, but here, the wines have just changed
vintages save for the first listing of the red Tour St. Martin Prestige, which won a Gold Medal
at the very prestigious Concours in Paris – not an easy feat!
The property is situated in Minervois in the western part of Languedoc. The wines are
wonderfully presented and made to the highest standards. The wines also represent (to me
at least!) excellent value for money, and disprove the myth that France cannot make good
inexpensive wines to rival those of New World countries.
Les Arômes de Tour St. Martin wines can be found on page 3
2013 Tour St. Martin Rosé, AOC Minervois
(25% each of Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan and Grenache) A bright pink colour that is packed full of
fruit. The nose has berry fruit bursting out, and this is carried through in the mouth. The wine has quite
zingy acidity to lift the full flavours of the fruit.
2013 Tour St. Martin Blanc, AOC Minervois
A blend of 50% Varmentino, 45% Macabeu and 5% Muscat Petit Grain. This wine has a nose of citrus
fruits with floral notes. Full and round in the mouth leading to a fresh finish. Beautifully presented for
a wine at this price!!
2012 Tour St. Martin Rouge, AOC Minervois
A blend of Carignan, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. Soft and very easy with a hint of spice. The
grape types used suggested it might be a heavy wine, but this is very much smooth and medium bodied.
2009/12 Tour St. Martin Rouge Cuvee Prestige, Minervois
Gold Medal winner at Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2012 (2009 vintage)
A blend of 65% Syrah, 35% Grenache and 5% Mourvedre. New to the list….A deep ruby red colour
with a purple tinge. On the nose, there are notes of licquoris, bay leaf and spices. The wine has a good
balance and red fruit flavours. Round and long.
2010 Ch. De Peyriac, AOC Minervois
(50% Syrah, 40% Mourvedre, 10% Grenache). Having looked beyond the fact that the wine was a gold
medal winner, it was obvious to see why. Dark ruby colour, the nose is elegant with notes of liquorice
and spices. This is carried through in the mouth, with soft yet firm tannins and a long finish. A truly
stunning wine at a very attractive price.
2007 La Grande Serbole, AOC Minervois
80% Syrah, 20% Mourvedre. This is the top cuvee and is fuller and more powerful than the Ch de Peyriac.
A deeper colour, mated to a powerful, yet subtle nose, with hints of spices, vanillin and olives. In the
mouth, there is oodles of spicy fruit, soft yet sophisticated, structured tannins. Given correct cellaring
conditions, this wine, according to the producer, should be able to last a good 10 years. 3,940 bottles
2014 Les Vignes Près de L’Olivier, IGP Coteaux de Peyriac
Currently this full and fat Chardonnay is being aged and is due to be bottled and shipped early next year.
If past vintages are anything to go by, then this will be a real blockbuster.
2013 Les Vignes Près de L’Olivier, IGP Coteaux de Peyriac
A bronze medal winner at the prestigious Concours Général Agricole Paris, this 50:50 blend of Cabernet
and Syrah is new to the list. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, to retain the fruit characteristics. A bright
red colour with notes of red berries and spice on the nose. On the palate, it is round and full with red
berry notes and garrigue spices with silky soft tannins.
2013 Domaine Moulin Nouvel, AOC Minervois
This 50:50 blend of Grenache and Syrah is another new wine to Balthazar. It is certified as 100% organic
and is a really good, easy drinking wine that to me will continue to improve over the next year or two,
if you can keep it that long. A bright ruby colour with purple edges. Powerful and elegant on the nost
with notes of ripe red fruit and spices. On the palate, there is ample structure, soft tannins and a long
finish with delicate aromas of red fruits, pepper, violet and black olives.
DOMAINE GITTON PERE ET FILS makes wonderful wines that age very well. Each parcel
of vines is bottled separately (save for the Domaine Gitton) and the terroir effect is plain to
see when comparing the wines from flinty and chalk soils. Some may know his wines well,
and that he has dozens of labels. I am more than happy to ship to order, but I have chosen
those from his range that I think have the best quality/price ratio.
2010 La Vigne de Taureau Blanc, Côteaux de Giennois
Made a few miles to the north of the famous vineyards of Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé, Gitton has put his trade
mark touch on the wine. While not as sophisticated as his Sancerre, this is the equal or better than many wines
produced in the more famous appellation.
2011 Sancerre “Domaine Gitton”
Typical Sancerre, but atypical for Gitton in as much as it is a blend of different parcels of vines and the one
wine that he uses a commercial yeast on. Has very, good acidity and freshness. Vinified in stainless steel it is
a blended wine from a selection of young vines of ten and twenty years of age from both limestone and flint
soil. The limestone brings youth and fruitiness, the flint boldness and length. Slightly more New World in
style than his other Sancerre.
2010 Sancerre L’Amiral
The 2010 vintage was wonderfully successful for Gitton, not that he seems to make bad wines in any vintage.
To me, this is the pinnacle of Sauvignon Blanc and has the elegance and finesse that the New Zealand wines
seem to largely miss. The fruit and acidity hold each other in perfect harmony.
2010 Pouilly Fumé, Clos Joanne d’Orion
Rightly shows why Gitton is so highly respected. Rich and powerful Sauvignon fruit, balanced, wonderful
acidity. Great length and depth. A really stunning Pouilly Fumé and given the price of some of it’s competitors,
it also has a great quality/price ratio.
LANGLOIS-CHATEAU has a 73 hectare holding and has had a lot of investment in recent
years, to ensure that the wines get better and better. As a producer, Langlois-Chateau
are perhaps best known for their wonderful sparkling wines which was the mainstay of
the company when it was created in 1885. Since then, and especially with recent
investments, Langlois-Chateau have transferred their expertise into the making of still
NV Crémant de Loire Brut
NV Crémant de Loire Rosé
While the Rosé is 100% Cabernet Franc, the Brut only has 20% Cabernet, with 60% being Chenin Blanc and
the remainder Chardonnay. Both wines have the expected freshness, fine bubbles and elegance that the Loire
sparklers can give. Refreshing and rewarding to drink. Very very well made.
2012/13 Saumur Blanc
2005 Saumur Blanc Vieilles Vignes
Two very different wines. The VV is richer, fuller and more powerful. The grapes were harvested over several
visits to ensure ripeness from low yielding vines, and then barrel fermented to give power and complexity to
the wine. The Saumur is exposed to much less oak with the emphasis on the fruit and acidity.
2013 Cabernet de Saumur Rosé
An exceptionally summery dry, crisp rosé made from 100% Cabernet Franc, which offers a wealth of
raspberry fruit and fresh, leafy characters. Great as either an aperitif or with food.
2011 Saumur Rouge
2012 Saumur-Champigny (rouge)
2009 Saumur Champigny Vieilles Vignes (rouge)
Only the VV sees any oak, and even then it isn’t a lot – only 30% new barrels, and then they are big 500
litre French oak ones. All three wines are made entirely from Cabernet Franc, with the Vieilles Vignes
being over 30 years old. Both the Saumur and Saumur-Champigny are light and very easy to drink, and
while they both should be drunk while fairly young, the Champigny can be aged a bit. The Champigny
VV will be able to be aged for a fair few years.
France - Rhône
In my opinion, the Rhône valley makes some of the best reds in France. Far too often they
are overlooked in favour of Bordeaux, but pound for pound, I believe that they offer more
fruit and a more enjoyable wine. The fruit, which often has a spicy, peppery note to it, is
derived from the multitude of grape varieties that are used. The four most prominent are
Syrah (Shiraz in Australian), Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan. There are many others,
too numerous to list.
DOMAINE LA BOUISSIERE has been with us from the start and many of you have sampled
the joys of the Les Amis. The 7-hectare Domaine is situated beneath the impressive Dentelles
de Montmirail and has been owned by the brothers Faravel since their father passed away in
1990. The vineyard is run on an organic basis with severely restricted yields. This is a rising
star in the Rhône and definitely one to keep an eye on!!
2006 Les Amis de la Bouissière (limited stock)
2007 Les Amis de la Bouissière (limited stock)
2008 Les Amis de la Bouissière
2009 Les Amis de la Bouissière
2010 Les Amis de la Bouissière
“It is always a great bargain and the 2007 Les Amis de la Bouissiere is little short of sensational. Dark
chocolate, black cherry, roasted meats, and toasted, salted pecans are dominant throughout this rich red,
which retains a savory, saline brightness in its long finish that consistently sends you back for the next
sip.” Wine Advocate Score: 91
I am pleased to be able offer a wide selection of vintages. Some of them are becoming increasingly
limited in availability. ALL are superb!
2011/12 Vacqueyras
(60% Grenache, 25% Syrah and 15% Mourvedre): Dark ruby. Ripe dark berries and medicinal cherry
on the deep, spice-accented nose and in the mouth. Chewy and broad, with a hint of allspice creeping in
with aeration. Closes on a sweet note, with excellent clarity and length and smooth, well-judged
tannins. – Stephen Tanzer
2001 Gigondas
The deep ruby-colored 2001 Gigondas offers up a big, Provencal bouquet of ground pepper, dried herbs,
strawberry, and sweet black cherry and berry fruit. Expressive on the front end, with medium to full body, but
tight and clipped on the back end, it needs another 1-2 years of cellaring. It should evolve for up to a decade.
Anticipated maturity 2005-2014 (Wine Advocate #151, February 2004). VERY LIMITED
France - Rhône
PIERRE ROUGON has been a roaring success for Balthazar, and I continue to be excited
about his wines. It is rare to be able to find such good wines at such good prices. At first I
was wondering where the catch was, but there isn’t one! The property consists of 52 hectares
in Beaumes de Venise, with the vines planted on terraces at an altitude between 150m and
330m in the exceptional Dentelles de Montmirail.
2010 Ventoux “Domaine de la Tour Rocan”
A bright red colour, with a nose of fresh fruit. The palate is very soft (and easy to drink), rounded and has a
full finish with a hint of spice from the Grenache and Syrah. A wine to drink now and over the next year or
two. Very easy and quintessential easy drinking Rhône.
2010 Côtes du Rhône “Domaine Font Sante”
Grenache and Syrah. A deep red colour with tints of purple. The nose is dominated by red fruits, with the body
being round, full and long. Slight hints of spice and soft tannins. Drink now or keep for 2 to 3 years.
2010 Côtes du Rhône Villages, Plan de Dieu, Dom. Le Grand Retour12x75cl
Grenache and Syrah. A vibrant red colour, Deeper, fuller and more sophisticated than the Fonte Sante. A fine
and elegant nose crammed with fruit. The mouth has a combination of red and black fruit and is round and
silky smooth. Wonderful now and over the next year or two.
2010 Vacqueyras “Font Sante”
Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. A red/purple colour. Hints of spice on the nose that carries through to
the body. Soft and full, deep, ripe fruit. Good now or over the next 3 to 5 years.
2009 Crozes-Hermitage “Domaine Paradelle”
Stunning and what a bargain!! Soft, easy, multi-layered, complex with a fine acidity that carries the rich ripe
fruit both on the nose and the palate and gives a good length. Lovely, lovely northern Rhône.
2010 Gigondas “Font Sante”
Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. A sophisticated nose which opens to notes of liquorice, fennel and cherry.
Soft but well structured tannins give great complexity. Spicy, cedar, plumy fruit. Excellent length. Good now
or over the next 3 to 5 years.
France - Rhône
DOMAINE LAFOND ROC-EPINE is continuing to make wines of outstanding quality. The
Estate is based in Tavel, although vineyard are also situated in Lirac. The wines are
fermented in stainless steel to retain freshness, and then aged in a mixture if small oak barrels
and larger foudres.
2013 Lirac Blanc
A lovely refreshing marriage. In the bottle, we can find loads of fruit, fragrances of linden tree and white
flowers, savours of citrus fruit, a frank liveliness with enough punch that when served as an aperitif, it will
tantalize our taste-buds without drowning our thirst. The fragrances evolve after the first summer towards
honey and acacia notes, accentuating the suppleness of the wine.
2012/3 Tavel Rosé
Characterized by a lovely pure tender pink colour. The predominating aromas are complex: red and white fruit
associated with floral notes. With time, these fruity aromas will evolve toward more mellow notes with a touch
of spice and stone fruits, and the colour will take on amber tints. As of its first year, it disposes of all the
necessary aromas to be appreciated, but it also has an exceptional ageing potential.
2012 Côtes du Rhone
A very pleasant wine with aromas of ripe fruit, cherries, black currants and undergrowth. In the mouth, it is
very smooth with good concentration. A lovely bottle full of charm and roundness.
2011 Lirac Rouge
A powerful and full-bodied wine with a deep ruby red colour with violet tints. The nose is complex: cinnamon,
stewed fruit, and Morello cherry. After a firm and ample attack, on the palate we have vanilla and peppery
notes which last to the finish. This is a rich and supple wine, long in the mouth.
20011 Châteauneuf du Pape
A powerful and full-bodied wine with a deep ruby red colour with violet tints. The nose is complex: cinnamon,
stewed fruit, and Morello cherry. After a firm and ample attack, on the palate we have vanilla and peppery
notes which last to the finish. This is a rich and supple wine, long in the mouth. The dominating presence of
the characteristic flavour of the Grenache grape in the mouth assures the benchmark of Chateauneuf Du Pape
I have a small number of case of the below available. The wines are stunning, and the St. Joseph
comes from appellations that seem to be far too often over looked. There are also many other
producers of excellent Rhône wines available, at a range of prices that will suit all pockets.
2009 Crozes-Hermitage Le Rouvre, Domaine Yann Chave
2009 St. Joseph L’Olivaie, Domaine Coursidon
2012 Châteauneuf du Pape, Bosquet des Papes
2012 Ch’neuf du Pape Chante le Merle, Bosquet des Papes
2010 Cornas, Domaine du Tunnel
2010 Côte Rotie La Belle Hélène, Domaine Ogier
VINA COBOS was set up in 1997 by the American winemaker Paul Hobbs and
Argentineans Andrea Marchiori and Luis Barraud. Using old vines, careful vineyard
selection, low yields and a passion for making great wines, these must rate as some of
the best wines from Argentina. The wines are intense, yet balanced, and showcase the
elegance and beauty of the region.
2013/4 Chardonnay, Felino
The wine shows a bright yellow colour with delicate green tones. In the nose there are sweet aromas of
white flowers, peach and tropical fruit harmonized with butter and toasted bread. Intense but fresh in
the palate with a good acidity and body that results in a balanced and persistent wine.
2012/3 Malbec, Felino
94% Malbec, 4% Cab Sauv, 3% Merlot. Showing a rich red colour with purplish & bluish shades, this
wine has a flowery aroma of red berries and vanilla. Notes of chocolate can be tasted in the mouth.
Balanced acidity and freshness make this fine Malbec unique, and gently lead to a balanced aftertaste.
2012/3 Cabernet Sauvignon, Felino
87% Cab Sauv, 8% Cab Franc, 5% Petit Verdot. This bright deep-red wine has a nose of sweet red
berries and menthol. It tastes of berries, white pepper, and cassis. Its strong acidity and round tannins
give this wine a complex highly concentrated structure.
2009 Malbec, Cobos
100% Malbec. Dark and viscous violet tones, with an expansive nose of roses, violets, plum and
graphite. The meaty, muscular palate opens with espresso notes leading to plum, black liquorice and
raspberry parsed over dense, rich and pliant tannins. A kaleidoscope of layers reflects the complexity
most associated with the best blocks in the Marchiori Vineyard.
2010 Cabernet Malbec Volturno, Cobos
77% Cab Sauv, 23% Malbec. An intense and deep red colour, with red fruit aromas such as cassis and
blueberries together with spices like clove, white pepper and graphite. Complex hints of smoke and
tobacco. On the palate the Volturno has soft tannins that emphasizes the harmony of all its components
FAMILIA ZUCCARDI combine forward thinking with a deeply rooted wine culture to craft
wines of unique quality and identity. The Santa Rosa Estate is situated 50 miles east of
Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes, 2000 foot above sea level. The area possesses
excellent climatic conditions for the production of high quality fruit. The wines reflect
this unique climate, developing excellent aromas, ripe, rich fruit and complexity, and
giving consistent quality from year to year.
2013/4 Malbec, Santa Rosa Estate
Now probably the most important Argentinean red. Full, robust with deep plummy fruit, structured tannins
and good length.
2012/3 Tempranillo, Santa Rosa Estate
A stunning example that should have those in Rioja worried! Dark and concentrated with silky strawberry and
violet fruit characteristics, soft tannins and nice American oak. Supple and vibrant.
2012/3 Torrontes, Serie A
Intense yellowish green in colour. Delicate nose full of white flowers and white & citrus fruit. Well
structured with a lively acidity but remains focused around the aromatic intensity and delicate finish.
2012/3 Chardonnay Viognier, Serie A
This greenish yellow coloured wine, has an intense aroma of fresh fruit such as pineapple, peach, apricot and
other citrus fruits. Very elegant and a creamy show the grape types and terroir in a perfect light.
2012/3 Malbec, Serie A
Intense dark purple colour with aromas of prunes and cherries, with black pepper and tobacco. There are also
hints of chocolate, cherry liqueur and other spices. Soft and velvety, firm tannins with a lovely juicy finish.
2010/11 Tempranillo, Q
On the nose you can find ripe fruits as figs, prunes, cherries, integrated aromas of vanilla,
coconut, and smoky snuff. This leads to a gentle palate with silky tannins, balanced acidity and
long finish.
2010/11 Cabernet Sauvignon, Q
Great aromatic intensity with notes of red and black fruit such as blueberries and cassis. Barrel ageing
brings a spicy intense, and great complexity. Full bodied with firm tannins lead to a long finish.
2011/12 Malbec, Q
Intense aromas of red and black fruits as cassis, raisins, dried figs and jam cranberries. The French oak
aging adds notes of snuff and chocolate. Check silky smooth, great structure with sweet and firm tannins.
2009/10 Zuccardi Zeta
A blend of predominantly Malbec with about 30% Tempranillo. A complex wine with fine tannins and a
complexity that is out of this world. A huge depth of fruit is mated to a long, long finish making this an
unforgettable bottle. Drink now or keep.
ONE CHAIN VINEYARDS has an aim of producing consistent and approachable
wines, year in year out. The Imperial measurement of One Chain gives the range a
loosely cricket based theme, but there is no need to be an aficionado of the fair game to
appreciate the easy drinking enjoyment that the range delivers. There is also a
Character Series that is a representation of the great wine making regions and typical
styles of Australia at fantastic prices. Wines are hand picked to ensure that the high
quality is maintained vintage after vintage.
One Chain Vineyards
2013 The Googly, Chardonnay, SE Australia
This Chardonnay is sourced from cooler climate vineyards to give a delicious, tangy white
wine. Crisp, lively and bright, this citrus scented Chardonnay is well balanced, with tropical
fruit and melon on the palate before presenting a vibrant, textured finish
2013 The Wrong Un, Shiraz Cabernet, SE Australia
A rich, well balanced example of the Aussie classic blend. Lush black fruits coupled with
touches of wood spice, liquorice and cassis follow through to a delicious, velvety finish. This
wine is consistently good from vintage to vintage.
The Character Series
2013 The Opportunist, Semillon Sauvignon, South Australia 12x75cl
Opportunist Sauvignon Semillon is a crisp, dry, tangy white wine. Displaying tropical fruits and citrus
aromas on the nose, the wine then offers a delicate elegance and structure on the palate, culminating in
a lingering finish.
2013 The Opportunist, Shiraz, South Australia
8. 95
An aromatic bouquet of ripe fruits, cherries and blackcurrants, with notes of freshly ground coffee, dark
chocolate, peppermint, liquorice and subtle pepper. Thick and smooth with good balanced fruit weight.
2013 The Exhibitionist, Merlot, Limestone Coast
8. 95
he Exhibitionist is full of rich plum and damson fruit on the nose. Oak used is unobtrusive on the palate
which is dominated by rich red berry flavours while also presenting subtle earthy nuances. The wine is
elegant and silky with a long finish.
2013 The Pugilist, Cabernet Sauvignon, South Australia
8. 95
The nose shows an array of perfumed characters such as violets, oregano & thyme, along with glacé
cherry aromas. Sweet ripe cherry fruit dominates the front palate which then develops into a more
savoury wine, showing earthiness, toasted spices and lovely dried herb characters.
STELLA BELLA is a small boutique wine producer located in Margaret River in the
beautiful south west of Western Australia. In 2000, Stuart Pym and his winemaking
partner Janice McDonald started Stella Bella with the vision of creating wines that were
truly unique, reflective of their creativity and vast global experiences. The winery
evolved around a shared belief in the unique and expressive terroir of Margaret River
and a common set of values that still pervades the organisation today; respect, ambition,
integrity, passion, pride and determination.
2012 Semillon Sauvignon
Beautiful notes of elderflower and gooseberries combine with nettle and sweet herbs and a dash of
vanilla pod spice to create enticing complex flavours. Exotic veils of sweet herbs, stone fruits and
cardamon spice complement citrus notes to create a beautifully balanced taste with a tingling finish.
2010 Chardonnay
Delightful and bold scents of white field flowers, pear drop essence and citrus oils enriched with nutmeg
spice and caramel. palate’s pliable core of citrus, peach, honeydew and dried pear are moulded around
a fine nut -meal texture and crème brulee richness. A distinct and soft mineral acidity finishes the wine
2009/10 Sangiovese Cabernet
Savoury aromas of cranberry & sour cherry are counterpoised by sweet & supple red berry fruits then
seasoned with dusty fruit tannin & oak spice. The cherry and berry fruit leather texture and concentration
on the front palate is focused by the defining, chewy grape tannins of Sangiovese. In time the wine will
unfold as the tannins soften and the fruits blossom.
2009 Shiraz
Warm, expansive & filled with the aromas of poached dark-fleshed plums, freshly baked blueberry
muffins & sweet spices. The palate is bursting with the flavours of cinnamon and clove spiced fruit
compote, chocolate fudge, cedar and vanilla. The open knit tannin structure plays a supportive and
cradling role to such generously apportioned fruit.
2009 Cabernet Merlot
A rich, lush wine of abundant fruits - redcurrants, mulberries, plums, blackberries, blueberries & cassis,
this ambling fruit richness is complimented by plentiful ripe fruit tannins and the finest grained French
oak. A wine of great proportion, enjoyable now & worthy of cellaring for the medium to long term.
2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, Luminosa
Warm, expansive and filled with the aromas of poached dark-fleshed plums, freshly baked blueberry
muffins and sweet spices. The palate is bursting with the flavours of cinnamon and clove spiced fruit
compote, chocolate fudge, cedar & vanilla. The open nit tannin structure plays a supportive and cradling
role to such generously apportioned fruit
INDOMITA is located in the Casablanca and Maipo Valleys. The cooler climate
Casablanca is great for Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir while the warmer
Maipo Valley offers classic Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere. A top class producer
of varietals that are all too often ruined by producers too focused on volume rather than
2013 Nostros Gran Reserva Chardonnay, Casablanca
A yellow-straw coloured wine. It has some mature and sweet fruits aromas such as pears and nectarines
and also some very elegant and subtle wood notes. To the palate it feels fresh, creamy (not heavy) very
clean and alive with an interesting acidity. This is one of the best barrel aged Chilean Chardonnays you
will find.
2012 Nostros Gran Reserva Pinot Noir, Casablanca
The aromas feature black cherry, red fruits, violets and hints of white and black pepper. The palate is
fresh, bright and alive with a wonderful blend of red fruit flavours and savoury spices and earth. The
texture is impressive with fine, ripe tannins and refreshing acidity. One glass will not be enough.
2013 Nostros Gran Reserva Merlot, Central Valley
Wonderful red colour, shiny & alive. The aromas reflect dry red fruits, butterscotch, mint & cassis. On
the palate it feels very elegant and delicate with soft tannins. An amazingly supple, ripe glass of wine.
2013 Nostros Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, Maipo
From Chile's renowned Maipo region, where long hot days are followed by cool nights. Lusciously rich
and full body Cabernet Sauvignon bursting with ripe blueberries, sweet vanilla and a hint of black
pepper. On the palate, the wine is elegant with soft and well-balanced tannins.
Indomita do make various other wines, but to me the Gran Reserva has the best
quality/price ratio. The entry level Costa Vera has similar varietals as the Gran Reserva
but with a Sauvignon Blanc instead of a Pinot Noir. These wines are all £6.99 a bottle.
A level above is the Nostros Reserva which offers a Malbec and Carmenere, along with
a Merlot and Pinot Noir. All are priced at £7.75
Above the Gran Reserva is the Duette and Zardoz wines.
ODFJELL is located in the Maipo Valley. Norwegian born ship owner (armador) Dan
Odfjell fell in love with the Maipo region some 20 years ago and bought some land,
which was turned over to vineyards a little over 10 years ago. With Chile’s first gravity
flow winery (designed by Laurence Odfjell), a viticultural ethos that relies on minimal
intervention and winemaking help from Paul Hobbs, Odfjell is well placed to make great
2011/12 Carménère, Orzada Maule
Complex aromas of blueberry, strawberry, tobacco, cigar box and cloves, dry fruits, bitter chocolate,
olives and mint. Full, balanced and juicy palate with notes of blackberry, cherry and a touch of vanilla.
Long refreshing finish with soft, velvety tannins.
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Orzada Colchagua
Deep dark colour. Rich aromas of dried figs, redcurrants, blueberries and black cherries, with hints of
chocolate and leather. The wine is balanced, elegant with smooth tannins and hints of vanilla, and has a
long, complex finsih.
2011/12 Carignan, Orzada, Maule
Deep and intense ruby colour with a touch of violet. Among Chile’s emerging crop of high-end
Carignans, this is one to try immediately and over the next two or three years.This wine displays a never
ending mix of aromas such as cherry liqueur, liquorice, black fruits and mushrooms. The palate is soft
fleshy, with flavours of blackberry and fine herbs. Elegant and mature in profile, the palate is juicy and
round with an abundance of ripe tannins and a long and complex finish.
2011/12 Malbec, Orzada, Maule
Concentrated and dark red violet. The nose is pleasant and elegant, starting with black fruits such as
blueberries and blackberries followed by attractive oak and tobacco notes together with hints of ink.The
palate is powerful; with firm, meaty and mature tannins. The balanced and velvety sensation in the
mouth is very persistent and combines nicely with the refreshing acidity.
2007 Odfjell, Cauquenes
Dark garnet in colour, this wine has a nose of dark chocolate and cassis with gorgeous blueberry
undertone that is incredibly aromatic. In the mouth it's a perfect balance between rich, juicy cassis and
black cherry fruit, with a spiciness and cocoa powder flavour. Long and smooth with lingering aftertastes
of dark fruits and bitter chocolate
Like the Indomita, Odfjell makes various other levels of wines. His entry level Armador
range has all the varietals you would expect and are priced at £9.25 a bottle. While they
are more complex than the similarly priced Indomita Gran Reservas, I feel that the
wonderful fruitiness of the Gran Reservas are more what customers are looking for.
MAX FERDINAND RICHTER is one of the stars of the Mosel. Founded in 1680 has a wine
export company, today the estates are still owned by the family that originally bought them
back in 1643! The estate is run by Dr. Dirk Richter, the ninth generation of his family to do
so, while the 10th generation – Constantin – also works at the property thus continuing the
2012 Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett
Delicate and stylish Kabinett, with nuances of lime, white peach and spicy minerals; a rounded taste somewhat
feminine, lively acid.
2011 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese
Delicate and stylish Kabinett, with nuances of lime, white peach and spicy minerals; a rounded taste somewhat
feminine, lively acid.
Now in it's fourteenth generation, the passion, dedication and love for wine inspires
DOMAINE ADAM to constantly innovate year on year, striving for the very best.
Situated in the town of Ammerschwihr, Domaine Adam has gained a reputation for
quality and consistency with their complex yet elegant range of wines. Enjoying an
exceptional microclimate of sunny, warm and dry weather, the grapes are grown on
slopes with optimum exposure to the sun on a mosaic of terroirs and minerals. The
domaine has a long, cool growing season.
2012 Pinot Blanc Tradition
Aromas of white flowers & newly ripened pear and green apple are followed by a nicely balanced, fresh
palate. On the palate the acidity is refreshingly crisp and the fruit silky. An elegant & impressive wine.
2012 Gewurztraminer Reserve
Clean and elegant with aromas of rose and honeysuckle. This is a classic Gewurztraminer with ripe
tropical fruit and flowers mingling on the palate with the famous spiciness of this variety. Rich and
honeyed, this concoction of lychees, guava and spice is a memorable glass of wine.
2012 Gewurztraminer Kaefferkopf, Grand Cru
A typical Gewurztraminer nose of lychee, mango and spicy exotic fruit. On the palate it is rich, fatty
even but with tight acidity to balance. The flavours and spice are persistent and leave radiant and lasting
memory. Wonderfully long and infinitely appealing.
TENUTA DI VALGIANO is situated 250 metres above sea level on a hillside 10 km north-east
of the charming city of Lucca in northern Tuscany, and only a short distance from the
Tyrrhenian coast. With a hot, sunny Mediterranean climate and careful, organic cultivation,
the aim is to produce top-quality grapes that best express the terroir. Traditional methods are
used in the cellar and technological interference is kept to a minimum. According to Moreno,
“The objective is to produce, in the simplest possible way, wines that are an expression of
the place in which they are cultivated: Valgiano!”
2003 & 2004 Palistorti
The Palistorti is a blend of 70% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and 10% Syrah, which gives it a deep
ruby/purple colour. A nose stuffed with spice and brambly fruits, and a touch of licorice and tar, this is
powerful and concentrated and best to be drunk with food. In the mouth the same fruit characteristics
show through, rich, ripe and concentrated with firm tannins and a long, long length. Drink now or keep
for 5-10 years.
2003 & 2004 Tenuta di Valgiano, Colline Lucchesi
Moreno believes the Sangiovese benefits enormously from the addition of Syrah in the blend, so in this
case he ups it to 60% Sangiovese, 35% Syrah, 5% Merlot. The Tenuta di Valgiano has an elegant,
aromatic nose, with lots of ripe fruit and spice that follows through on the palate. Well-structured, with
soft tannins and velvety, inky fruit, this is a blockbuster which will develop over the next 20 years.
ORNELLAIA, is one of Tuscany’s superstars (known as a Super Tuscan). The Serre
Nuove is the second wine of the property and offers an insight into what the main wine
is at a much better price!! A superb wine!
1998 Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia
This gorgeous red is the second wine of
Ornellaia. Gorgeous perfumes of currants,
berries and cherries, with hints of Indian spices.
Very subtle. Full-bodied and very velvety, with
lots of berry fruit, fresh mushroom and a meaty
sage aftertaste. Wonderfully polished tannins.
91 points, The Wine Spectator, January 2001
TENUTA OLIM BAUDA has been in the Bertolino family since the 1960's and was the jewel in the
crown of their negociant business.Tragically Sr. Bertolino died in 1985 leaving three very
young children and no-one to run the business. Overnight, the thriving winery was
closed down and for the next 15 years the fruit from their fantastic vineyards was sold
to other producers. In 2000, the three siblings decided to try to revive the estate's fortunes
and since then, have managed to re-establish Tenuta Olim Bauda as one of Piedmont's
top producers.
2013 Moscato d’Asti Frizzante, Centive
It has a characteristic straw colour. Its intense bouquet is aromatic and shows golden apple, pineapple
and honey aromas. On the palate it is fresh and fragrant, as sweetness and acidity are properly balanced.
The fine “bubbles” makes it slightly creamy, with an elegant & persistent close.
2013 Gavi, DOCG
This simple and elegant Gavi from Olim Bauda boasts a stunning bouquet of floral notes and soft citrus
fruits. A fresh and dry white wine, the crisp floral notes, with hints of underlying minerality lead through
to a piercingly pure finish
2013 Gavi di Gavi, DOCG
The elegant Cortese grapes are grown on the vineyards of San Martino farmhouse in the community of
Gavi, and only the highest quality are selected to produce this stunning wine. A fine bouquet of good
intensity and persistence with floral notes, Olim Bauda's Gavi di Gavi is fresh, soft, harmonious and has
a delightful finish.
2012/3 Barbera d’Asti, La Villa
This wine is typified by a deep and bright runy-red colour with a rich concentrated nose depicting cherry
and berry fruit aromas. The palate is generous and full bodied with a long and enticing finish.
2010/11 Barbera d’Asti Superiore La Rocchette
Subtle aromas of ripe fruit, chocolate and spice on the nose. The palate is well structured and the cleverly
balanced tannin and acidity gives the wine a balanced structure, very Moorish.
CHATEAU MUSAR is one the world famous Lebanese estate, making wines that are
renowned world wide for their quality. The property was established in 1930 by Gaston
Hocher in an 18th century castle whose cellars provide storage for over a million bottles
of maturing wine. The vineyards are located at an altitude of over 3,000 feet in the Bekka
Valley, where the vines are sheltered by the surrounding mountains. The Bekka Valley
is almost frost and disease free, with long mild summers, rainy winters and an average
temperature of 25ºc. The vines, mainly Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Carignan,
Obaideh and Merwah (said to be the ancestors of Chardonnay and Semillon
respectively), are grown on a gravely soil with a limestone base.
2006 Château Musar White
A blend of Obaideh and Merwah. The Chateau Musar White 2006 is an immensely appealing honey
colour with a nose and palate of orange blossom, honey, toasted bread, almonds and basil. A very well
balanced wine with good fresh lemon acidity and a long finish of citrus leaves, vanilla and honey. It is
rich and concentrated but still elegant and subtle about its richness.
2011 Musar Jeune Red
The 2011 vintage has a bright violet colour with a nose of blueberries, violets, red cherries and red berry
fruits. The palate is very fresh and fruity with blueberries, blackcurrants and red plums. This very
balanced wine with its fruit concentration, soft tannins and long, warm finish, is best enjoyed in its
2004 Hochar Père et Fils Red
The 2004 vintage is a deep, ruby red with an intense aroma of cranberries, redcurrants and mature red
fruits. Smooth and richly textured with an excellent persistence of Eastern spices, red fruits, prunes and
plums, the palate also has hints of dark chocolate and fresh mint. This is a concentrated, complex wine
with good balance and a long finish of mature fruits, chocolate and spice..
2002 Château Musar Red
Deep crimson – even blood red - in colour, the 2002 has an intense and complex nose of spicy red fruits
and cedar with deeper plum notes. Generous red and black fruit characters follow through to the palate,
combining with notes of Christmas cake spices, figs, dates and stewed plums. This richly-fruited wine
shows good acidity, silky tannins and a long, promising finish. Limited stock.
2005 Château Musar Red
The 2005 vintage is a deep blood red colour with a smoky, spicy, nose of black fruits, toasted bread,
dark chocolate and cigar box – an impressive fragrance of fruits and spices. The palate is well structured;
full of black and red fruits such as cherries, blackcurrants and prunes with a hint of dark chocolate and
fresh tea leaves. The finish is long and fine with velvety tannin. Very Limited stock.
New Zealand
THE SHERWOOD ESTATE, is located in the picturesque Waipara Valley, 45 minutes
drive north of Christchurch, where Sherwood Estate own five separate vineyards . First
planted to vines in 1987, the winery has established itself as a producer of outstanding
quality wines at great value.
2013 Stoney Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough
Produced from grapes grown in the heart of Marlborough’s Waiau Valley. The Stoney Range 2013
Sauvignon Blanc shows rich gooseberry and tropical fruit aromas with an edge of complexity. The palate
is lively and refreshing with a long, lingering finish. A wine to be enjoyed over the next two to three
2013 Sherwood Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough
Fuller and a little more complex than the Stoney Ridge, the Sherwood Estate Sauvignon Blanc displays
fresh, lively gooseberry and passion fruit aromas with a touch of cut grass on the nose. The palate is rich
and concentrated with a beautiful, balanced finish. A wine to be enjoyed over the next two to three years.
2013 Sherwood Estate Pinot Noir, Waipara
The 2013 Pinot Noir displays rich plum and earthy tones with a hint of toasty oak on the nose. The palate
has a lovely sweet entry, which builds in the mouth, supported by ripe and silky fruit and oak tannins.
2010/11 Clearwater Sauvignon Blanc, Waipara
The Clearwater Sauvignon Blanc is a daring, richly flavoured and complex style. Utilising small
amounts of oak to add texture and weight, the wine exhibits the intense guava, gooseberry and citrus
notes of classic Sauvignon but with an intriguing undercurrent of subtle, creamy vanilla toast.
Beautifully poised with piercing purity and clarity.
2011 Clearwater Pinot Noir, Waipara
A judicious use of 35% new oak (the remaining being 2 and 3 year oak, gives a wonderful freshness
to this superb Pinot Noir. It displays rich berry fruit and plum aromatics supported beautifully by oak
complexity. The palate is full and round with lovely texture and impressive length in the finish. A wine
to be enjoyed with red meats and full flavoured dishes.
South Africa
INDABA, Western Cape s the Zulu word for “a meeting of the minds,” or a traditional
gathering of tribal leaders for a sharing of ideas. Indaba was created as a celebration of
the democratization process in South Africa and from its inception, the wines have
conveyed the spirit of South Africa. The wines are made by Cape Classics and
production is overseen by Bruwer Raats, celebrated winemaker of Raats Family Wines.
The grapes for the range of wines are selected from emerging regions of the Cape
Winelands such as Robertson, Wellington and the Breede River Valley. A commitment
to social responsibility has always been a key part of the Indaba philosophy. A portion
of the proceeds from the wine’s global sales funds a scholarship programme that
supports wine-related studies for students from formerly disenfranchised communities
in South Africa.
2013 Chenin Blanc
Chenin Blanc is South Africa’s most widely planted varietal and the Cape’s signature white. This fresh,
easy-drinking version offers vibrant flavors of honeyed pear, golden delicious apple and luscious
tropical fruit.
2013 Sauvignon Blanc
A crowd pleaser, this easy drinking Sauvignon Blanc displays appealing citrus and tropical fruit aromas
that lead to a fresh, invigorating palate of pineapple, lemon-lime, mango and green fig. Backed by a
solid acidity, herbal undertones shine through on the mineral-tinged finish.
2013 Chardonnay
Bright tropical fruit aromas lead to a crisp, fresh palate with mouth-filling flavours of apple, pear, honey
and pineapple. A gentle kiss of oak adds a creamy butterscotch nuance and wonderful depth. A superb
value, this versatile white is a fantastic match for a wide range of dishes, from mac & cheese to spicy
ethnic food.
2013 Merlot
Crafted in a fresh, clean style, this velvety Merlot offers lively, succulent flavours of cherry, dark berry
and plum backed by subtle chocolate and herbal nuances and an elegant minerality.
2013 Mosaic
This Cabernet Sauvignon dominated Bordeaux blend offers enticing aromas and succulent flavours of
blackcurrant, ripe brambly berry fruit and dark chocolate, with subtle spice notes. Soft, gentle tannins
coat the palate on the balanced finish.
South Africa
RUSTENBERG, STELLENBOSCH Just over 100ha are planted to mainly red wines
on the rich red granitic southern slopes of the Simonsberg mountains as well as the
cooler climate Nooitgedacht vineyards on the Helderberg, principally planted to
Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. This is one of the most famous vineyards in South
Africa (where our great wine making friend Hans Vinding and his father worked).
2013 Stellenbosch Chardonnay
A traditionally made, barrel fermented Chardonnay. The Rustenberg Stellenbosch Chardonnay is a
combination of complex factors from the vineyard, wild yeast and careful barrel age aiming for balance
and expression in each vintage.
2011 Five Soldiers Chardonnay
Named after five large stone pine trees on a hill standing sentinel over the Five Soldiers vineyards. The
Five Soldiers is the apex of Chardonnay at Rustenberg and is a highly collected wine. Characterised by
measured power and complexity, designed to be drunk with food and benefitting from a few years of
careful cellaring. It illustrates the true character of each vintage and is a barrel selection of the finest
batches of each year.
2011 Stellenbosch John X Merriman
Plum and cigar-box aromatics prelude a multi-layered palate with an elegant tannin structure. This
Bordeaux blend typifies Rustenberg terroir and has good ageing potential, if cellared correctly. Very
easy to drink and a very good alternative to Bordeaux. The fruit is sweeter but no less complex. One of
my current favourites.
2008 Peter Barlow
The Peter Barlow, derives it’s name from the man who bought the property and lovingly restored it to
become a South African icon in the wine industry. Being made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from
the oldest vineyard on the estate, the Peter Barlow is a rich, robust varietal example of the exceptional
quality and ageability of Cabernet made on the Estate and in the Simonsberg region. A highly collected
wine which will age gracefully under the correct cellaring conditions.
South Africa
GLENELLY, STELLENBOSCH is in the Idas Valley, on the southern slopes of the
Simonsberg Mountain. Its origins date back to the 17th century. Simon van der Stel,
Governor of the Cape, gave the land to the French Huguenot François Villon in 1682.
In 1812 the estate remained in French hands when it passed on to Johan Peter de Villiers.
In 2003, May de Lencquesaing, then owner of Bordeaux’s great Chateau Pichon
Longueville Comtesse de Lalande bought the estate, and it has never looked back!
2012/3 Glass Collection Unoaked Chardonnay
The Glass Collection Chardonnay has a bright and brilliant colour with a slight green hue. The wine has
complex aromas of citrus, lime zest, marmalade and melon. On the palate there is a beautiful round
comforting texture with wonderful length and intense fruit complexity and a mineral oyster shell finish.
2012/3 Grand Vin Chardonnay
The Grand Vin Chardonnay displays a wonderful bright crisp colour. The nose displays vibrant lemon
and lime zest, with hints of apple, pear drop, lychee and rose which overlays the minerality. The palate
is lush, the creamy texture is underpinned with beautiful mineral notes and hints of toasted almond and
vanilla. The finish is fresh with great minerality and has a nervous energy about it.
2008 Grand Vin de Glenelly
Grand Vin de Glenelly is the signature red blend of the estate (Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot). The wine
has a deep, dark and rich colour. The wine offers an elegant complex bouquet developing aromas of
cassis and spicy plums, cedar and blond tobacco with notes of toast in the background. The palate has a
great intensity and concentration with fantastic freshness and fine, elegant, but well-structured tannins,
which lead to a long luscious finish.
2010 Lady May
90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Petit Verdot. Lady May is Glenelly’s Flagship Estate wine. Elegant and
complex, the wine develops flavours of cassis, blackcurrant, dark cherry, touch of graphite and delicate
spicy plum. Fresh and vibrant, the evolution of the wine introduces flavours specific to Glenelly’s terroir.
Deeply coloured and perfectly balanced, the wine displays an exquisite structure with velvety tannins
and a very good aging capability. Can age during 12 to 18 years.
BODEGAS PATROCINIO, D.O. Rioja, is situated in La Rioja Alta, the Zinio range of
wines has been made in the modern style of Rioja. That is to say that the fruit is fresh
and vibrant and not covered with huge amounts of oak, that was the want of yesteryear.
I can highly recommend these, especially the Reserva!
2007 Zinio Tempranillo Graciano
Cherry red in colour, made from 85% Tempranillo and 15% Graciano. Powerful fruits of the forest aromas,
along with hints of spice and vanilla. Well balanced and full flavoured, with a light touch of sweet fruit.
Upfront and very appealing.
2006 Zinio Crianza
100% Tempranillo made from 30 year old vineyards in Rioja Alta. Aged in French and American oak for 14
months and then rounded off in the bottle where it achieves it’s velvety refinement. As A result, a modern and
elegant wine with a deep garnet colour, expressive and well-defined aromas and a notable balance between
fruit and fine wood. Best to decant for a couple of hours.
2004 Zinio Reserva
This exceptional wine comes from Patrocinio’s oldest vineyards, that are over 70 years old. 100%
Tempranillo, this wine is aged in French oak casks for 18 months. A deep red colour, sumptuous, with lively
(yet soft) tannins, with a complex mix of oak and ripe fruit, that is marked with aromas of forest berries.
DOMINIO DE PINGUS, D.O. Ribera del Duero, is one of Spain’s great wine producers.
Huge concentrations of fruit, backed up by a wonderful dollop of oak, these wines really
are for the connoisseur. Started in 1995, given a real boost in 1998 when Robert Parker
scored them 98 out of 100, the wines are still going from strength to strength.
2008 Psi
As a result of chronic over demand for the Flor de Pingus (the second wine of Pingus), Peter Sisseck,
the Danish wine maker, identified specific parcels of vines that would allow him to make more wines.
Wonderfully concentrated, with great depth and length. Not for the shy!
CASTILLO DEL MORO, VdT Castilla, sources wines from one of the most advanced
bodegas in La Mancha. They combine the traditional varieties of the region with
international varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah. Castillo del Moro represents
the very best of modern Spanish winemaking but draws on centuries old tradition. The
result is exceptional value for money and huge drinkability. Both wines come with screw
2013 Airen Sauvignon
This modern, crisp white demonstrates bright citrus characteristics on the nose, while offering
deliciously vibrant apple fruit flavours and a zesty twang courtesy of the Sauvignon Blanc on the palate.
A long clean finish with hints of grapefruit. Only 11.5% alcohol
2013 Tempranillo Syrah
Ruby red colour with violet tints showing its youth. On the nose it is fresh and elegant with characteristic
aromas of cherry and red fruits typical of this variety. Light, harmonic and round on the palate with soft
BOUZA DO REI, DO Rias Baixas, while not exactly cheap (what Albarino is?), is one of
the best valued wineries that I have come across. Working as a small co-operative, 5
local vineyard owners pool their resources to make just 2 wines both which are
Albarinos. Castel de Bouza is finer, more structured and exemplifies all that great
Albarino should be – fine, minerally, citrus fruits with hints of salty maritime air. Lagar
de Bouza is fuller, rounder and uses more press wine to give fullness of flavour.
To me, Albarino is the best white wine that can be found in Spain.
2013 Lagar de Bouza Albarino
Aromas of ripe citrus fruitm crushed flowers and underlying minerality give way to a fresh, crisp
palate of lemon zest, fresh lime, stone fruits and notes of flint soil.
2013 Castel de Bouzar Albarino
Straw-yellow with a shining appearance. A fragrant, very intense bouquet. Full of floral and fruity
undertones of a great subtlety. Smooth tasting. Filled with pleasant hints. Flavoursome with a fruity
sensation. A persistent, fine aftertaste.
The latest vintage declared, the 2011, caused quite a stir, with many commentators
saying that they are the best wines since the fabled 1963 Vintage. I am pleased to be
able to offer the ubiquitous Taylor and Fonseca as well as the much (and ever) improving
Croft. As well as those, the Single Quinta ports are always worth looking at. Offering a
much higher quality than LBV’s, they show vintage characteristics at more benign
prices. They also do not need long cellarage.
1999/2001 Taylor’s Quinta de Terra Feita
2001/2 Taylor’s Quinta de Vargellas
1998/2001 Fonseca Quinta do Panascal
1996 Fonseca Guimaraens
2002 Croft Quinta da Roeda
2003 Delaforce Vintage Port
2007 Skeffington Vintage Port
2007 Croft Vintage Port
There is a nice limpidity on the Croft 2007. It is not the power that strikes you but the purity with black
cherries, liquorices, violets and a hint of iodine. Very tight and focused. The palate is full bodied with
chewy tannins on the entry, pure blackberry, raspberry, white pepper and Asian spice towards the finish.
Very fine focus, very pure and harmonious. Sensuous finish but it just tapers away when I need more
grip and assertiveness. Still, this is a lovely Croft.. Neal Martion May 2009. 93
2011 Croft Viontage Port
The 2011 Croft is initially taciturn on the nose, even after allowing it 20 minutes in my glass. A light
swirling immediately awakens the aromatics to offer blackberry, Seville orange marmalade, blueberries
and dried fig – complex and quite compelling. There is real mineralité within this bouquet that, returning
after 30 minutes, offers alluring ocean spray scents rolling in off the ocean. The palate is medium-bodied
with a velvety-smooth opening that belies the fine, structured tannins underneath. It clams up a little
towards the finish, shuts the lid tight and consequently there is the sensation of less persistency here
compared to the Taylor’s or Fonseca. But Croft has a knack of filling out with bottle age and becomes
both gentle and generous with the passing years. Tasted May 2013. 92-95
2011 Taylor’s Vintage Port
The 2011 Taylor’s Vintage 2011 has a multifaceted, Pandora’s Box of a nose that is mercurial in the
glass: cassis at first before blackberry and raspberry politely ask it to move aside, followed by wilted
rose petals and Dorset plum. Returning after one 45 minutes that nose has shut up shop. The palate is
sweet and sensual on the entry, plush and opulent, with copious black cherries, boysenberry and cassis
fruit, curiously more reminiscent of Fonseca! It just glides across the palate with a mouth-coating,
glycerine-tinged finish that has a wonderful lightness of touch, demonstrating how Vintage Port is so
much more accessible in its youth nowadays. But don’t let that fool you into dismissing the seriousness
or magnitude of this outstanding Taylor’s. Tasted May 2013. 96-98
2011 Fonseca Vintage Port
The Fonseca 2011 is typically more forthcoming on the nose compared to the bashful Croft: a strident
bouquet with lifted scents of freshly picked blackberries, kirsch, crushed stone and a dash of Hoi Sin
and oyster sauce. It is very well-defined, very focused and direct. The palate is silky smooth with not a
rough edge in sight, though not a typically voluptuous Fonseca because of the keen thread of acidity and
the structure that lends this mighty Port wonderful backbone. A slight viscosity on the finish lacquers
the tongue and indicates a core of sweet fruit is ticking away underneath that will surely explode several
years after bottling. A tincture of salted licorice on the aftertaste is very attractive. This will turn out to
become an outstanding Fonseca, the growing season taming its exuberance with spectacular results. So
much potential, but just 6,000 cases were produced. Tasted May 2013. 97-99
BODEGAS HIDALGO-LA GITANA was established in 1792, and is now in its sixth generation
of family ownership, and is often thought of to be the definitive Manzanilla producer. The
VORS selection consists of incredibly old and rare wines – more expensive than the norm,
but definitely one for the connoisseur!
La Gitana Manzanilla
Amontillado Seco Napoleon
Oloroso Seco Faraon
Pedro Ximenez Triana 15%
Palo Cortado Wellington VORS
Amontillado Napoleon VORS
HENRIQUES & HENRIQUES is the largest independently owned Madeira company,
producing wines of undoubted quality. Both the 10yo and 15yo are available as a Sercial,
Verdelho, Bual and Malmsey.
Sercial is the driest of Madeira’s wines and makes an excellent aperitif
Verdelho is dry but softer than the Sercial and makes a great all-rounder
Bual is rich and soft with a gentle sweetness, and possibly the finest of all
Malmsey is the sweetest and richest. Powerful but never cloying.
5 Year Old (Dry, Medium Dry, Medium Rich or Full Rich)
10 Year Old
15 Year Old
20 Year Old Malvasia or Veerdelho
20 Year Old Terrantez
Please enquire for a complete list of old and rare vintage Madeira, including many
anniversary wines, that stretch back to the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, as well as for
Vintage Ports, Single Quintas, Sherry and others.
Virtually all spirits are available at very competitive prices. Rather than list lots of
different ones, which may not be your particular favourite, it would be far easier to
contact me for a quote. However, below are 2 offers – one exceedingly well priced and
the other somewhat of a collector’s item, as well as a number of Tequila & Bourbon that
I have in stock!!!
And for a true bargain, a very good vintage Armagnac:
1981 Château de Lacaze ( bottled 2008)
And for something truly special and rare, and subject to remaining available, which once
they are sold there will be no more as they were produced 20 years or so ago.
Courvoisier Erté (the complete set of 8 beautiful decanters)
Should you want any more information on this rarity, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I do have in stock a large selection of Tequila and US Whiskey. These are listed on the
main website. Below is a brief selection.
Don Julio Real
Don Modesto Anejo
Don Modesto Blanco
Don Modesto Reposado
Ed Hardy Silver Tequila
El Tesoro Paradiso (Extra Anejo)
Fat Ass Anejo
Fat Ass Blanco
Fat Ass Reposado
Early Times Camouflage The Hunters Edition 2013
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Strength
George Dickel No. 1 Unaged White Corn Whiskey
George Dickel No. 12 (100cl)
George Dickel No. 8 (100cl)
George T Stagg (2013)
Geroge Dickel Barrel Select
Jack Daniel's 2013 Winter Jack Tennessee Cider
Jack Daniel's Holiday Select 2013
Jack Daniel's Holiday Select 2012
Jack Daniel's Rested Rye
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 2013 Ducks Unlimited
Jack Daniel's Unaged Rye
James E Pepper 1776 Rye
Jim Beam Single Barrel
Joshua Brook SBW 90 Proof (100cl)
Makers Mark Heritage (100cl)
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