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AIESEC Trento - Trentino Famiglia
Reception Booklet
AIESEC Trento Welcomes you!
Trento is a small town in the middle of the Italian Alps. Coming from a Roman,
Medieval and Germanic heritage, it's a town with beautiful architecture and with a rich
cultural and historical background.
Given the well-organized university structure, Trento is quickly becoming a popular
student town. Student sign-ups are booming, and in some faculties growing 30% every
year. This has had positive effects on the city life as well. Had you come to Trento four
years ago, there would have been only one bar offering happy hour, which would then
close around 22.30. Now, however, you can easily find one happy hour per night in
various bars, not to mention bars where you can have big discounts with an AIESEC Card.
The regional territory is unique, offering great landscapes, outdoor activities in the
mountains, rivers and lakes, as well as being a great skiing destination in the winter. The
cost and quality of life in the city is constantly at the top of the Italian charts.
In this context, AIESEC Trento acts as a reference point for incoming international
students, providing an internship, and in some cases providing accommodation and food.
Also organizing events to favour the integration of foreign and local students, events on
the weekends, trips to nearby cities, offering a hand in sometimes complicated
bureaucratic issues, and trying to provide you with the best exchange experience of your
To find out everything about the things just mentioned and much, much more please
read the following booklet, which AIESEC Trento has worked hard to prepare.
Good luck and welcome to Trento!
Life in Trento
Trentino-Alto Adige
Trento is the provincial capital of the province of Trentino. Along with Bolzano, capital
of the province of Alto Adige-Sud Tyrol, they forms the main city centers of the
autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige.
The region is characterized by strong linguistic and ethnical differences. The province of
Bolzano or Bozen, is comprised of a German speaking majority, given it’s strong
historical ties with the Austrian Empire, though most people know Italian almost as well,
if not as well as German. In various valleys you can find Ladin speaking communities.
Ladin is a Latin derived language with influences of Italian and German, but it comprises
it’s own linguistic group; they even have a daily 15 minute news program in the
The territory is prevalently characterized by mountains (from the Alps to the Dolomites),
broken by valleys, rivers and lakes which offer some of the most fantastic natural
habitats in Italy. The Dolomites, giant pieces of stone jutting out from the Alps, have
recently been nominated as natural heritage by the UNESCO. Below “Pale di San
Hundreds of hikes an climbs are available and during the winter the region becomes the
destination for thousands of skiers. There are also many lakes and rivers, like the Lago di
Garda (biggest in Italy), Lago di Caldonazzo (closest to Trento) and other smaller but not
less beautiful lakes. The Adige river crosses through the city and heads for Verona and
the Noce river in the Val di Sole will host our rafting event in May
Living and eating in Trento
Trento is not what you would call a lively city, but as more and more students pour into
the city bar and pub owners have started picking up the pace. We don’t doubt that you
will always find something to do.
The cost of life is medium (slightly growing). You can find private rooms from 180-250
Euros but also up to 300 Euros a month. If you eat out often food prices are pretty
standard, 1.50-2.00 Euros for a slice of pizza, 2.00-3.00 Euros for sandwiches. With the
student card you can get a full meal at the canteen for 3.50 or smaller plates for 2.20. If
you are out for aperitif you can expect about 2.50 for Spritz and 3.00 for a medium beer
(out of happy hour). There are a few supermarkets in the center of town, but also
various discount supermarkets a little farther out. You can take a bus or an Ecomobile to
go shopping there and save some money. There are a few restaurants which are
affordable even for students (like Pedavena or Rosa D’Oro) and pizzerie or restaurants
like Grotta which have huge portions of pasta or pizza (very popular AIESEC destination).
As for fast food, there is a McDonalds to the south of the city and not much else. There
are various kebab parlors and Chinese restaurants to choose from, as well as a couple of
Indian restaurants (bit more expensive). As you will see in the discount page at the end,
there are also some pizzerie and bars where you can have discounts with your AIESEC
If you need to do some shopping for stuff, there are some larger shopping centers
towards the north and south of the city. You will have to take a bus or bike there (but
don’t expect too much). On Thursdays though, there is the town market, where you can
find all sorts of useful things (clothes/sheets/shoes/food) for a lower price.
In Italy there is no smoking in covered public
places. You can buy cigarettes or tobacco packs in any tabaccheria or in automatic
distributors, where you will need your codice fiscale. Tabaccherie are general stores and
you can tell which they are by the big T outside the store .
AIESEC Trento: who we are and what we do... useful info!
We are AIESEC Trento, and we have created this guide in the hopes of making
your arrival and stay in Trento a bit easier.
AIESEC is an international student association that promotes international integration
and exchanges around the world. It is mainly addressed to university students but it's not
limited to them, so you will find a variety of students and recent graduate students from
different backgrounds.
With more than 30 members from 15 nationalities in 2012-2013, joining AIESEC Trento
gives you the chance to meet new people and create long lasting friendships.
As far as activities go, AIESEC Trento has a wide variety of offers: for sporting or outdoor
events we regularly go ice skating, walking in the nearby mountains, catch some sun by
the lake, skiing/snowboarding in March and rafting in May. We also host a good
assortment of cultural activities like Gobal Village, Share a Flag and Tandem Café,
where you will have a good chance to speak different languages, wine tasting and visits
to local museums.
Party life is never missing. We also organize trips to nearby cities, like Venice, Verona,
Padova, Innsbruck, Bologna, and Mantova, so it's a good chance to visit them together
with friends.
To participate in all these activities you are required to have an AIESEC card. The
AIESEC card is FREE and gives you access to our activities, as well as discounts in some
local bars and stores. You can find all the details on our Facebook Page. The AIESEC
card is valid from September to August and can be used in any section in Trento, so you
can use it all around the city, to know the discounts take a look at our FB page.
To sign up, all you have to do is come by our office. It's located in the Faculty of
Economics, in the Student Association corridor, and is open Monday and Thursday from
10.00 to 20.00 (every day during the welcome weeks.
Also, when you register, we give you the option of receiving our newsletter by email. We
highly recommend that you do to know all of the activities that we will do.
You will be receiving emails from this address: [email protected], make sure it doesn't
go into your spam folder. We will also be contacting you through our Facebook Page.
(Aiesec Trento). Join us to keep up to date and keep in touch will all the other
international students.
In the following pages you will be provided with useful information relative to your prearrival period, arrival and stay in Trento.
How to reach Trento
Reach Trento is very easy from every Airport that you might arrive from. Here we giving
you the specific instructions to arrive easy and safe to Trento, where our Reception
team will be waiting for you!
We strongly advise you to choose a flight that will arrive in the morning or very early in
the afternoon to the airport in order to arrive also early in Trento.
Please pay attention and be caferul with your luggage all the time, don’t leave it
unattended at any moment and strongly recommend you to DON’T ACCEPT HELP from
strangers. Italy is a safety place, but it’s better to not take any risks.
If you need help for any reason please approach ONLY to the Airport Staff or Security
staff from the Airport, most of them speak English or will direct you to someone that can
communicate with you and give you the information that you require.
If you have any problems or delays in your flight please contact as soon as possible
AIESEC Trento OR for other issues related to your security call 113 from any phone or
118 for issues related to your health.
We advise you to take shuttle buses instead of a taxi, since they are cheaper and take
pretty much the same time to arrive to the train station and are very safe.
From Milano: Bergamo Orio al Serio, Linate and Malpensa Airport
1. Look for the shuttle buses that go from the Airport to “Milano Centrale” train
station. The ticket cost 7.50 Euros per person and you can buy it directly at the
bus on in the stand of the shuttle bus company inside of the airport. There is one
shuttle per hour and they start from 5am until midnight.
2. Once you arrive to “Milano Centrale” look for the window to buy a train ticket to
Trento. And they will give you one or two tickets. Since there is NOT direct train
to reach Trento.
a. NOTE: You will have to transfer in VERONA “Porta Nuova” station. As soon
as you arrive there, look for the screens to check the timetable/schedule
for the train to Trento. If you have questions about the schedule, you
might approach the information window inside the train station, where
they can give you the specific information.
b. Once you transfer in Verona, you will take a train with final destination to
Bolzano/Bozen BUT YOU MUST STOP in Trento station.
c. The ticket(s) from Milano to Trento will cost you from 22.50 Euros (Take a
regional train “Treno regionale”, they take a little bit more time but are
From Verona Intl Airport
1. Look for the shuttle buses that go from the Airport to “Verona Porta Nuova” train
station. The ticket cost 7 Euros per person and you can buy it directly at the bus
on in the stand of the shuttle bus company inside of the airport. There is one
shuttle per hour and they start from 5am until midnight.
2. Once you arrive to “Verona Porta Nuova” look for the window to buy a train
ticket to Trento.
a. NOTE: You will take a train with final destination to Bolzano/Bozen BUT
YOU MUST STOP in Trento station.
IMPORTAT: AIESEC Trento is not taking any responsibility for your safety until you arrive
to Trento station, PLEASE be careful all the time. It is important for us as AIESEC Trento
to know the time of you flight and approximate time of arrival in Trento. Please once
you have book your flight send us the confirmation of it. Our Reception will be waiting
for you at the train station in order to help you with your luggage and take you to your
new HOME!
We also recommend you TO NOT TAKE more stuff or luggage that you cannot carry by
yourself, it is a long trip from your country to Trento, and we don’t want you to have a
hard trip.
Remember to ACT SMART and keep as much contact as you can with AIESEC Trento.
Visiting your work place
Once you have settled in, you may want to take a look at your new work place. This will
depend on the project that you will be working on: eduCHANGE, SBC (Social Business
Challenge) or AIESEC Academy.
The projects take place in Trento and some of them in province around Trento. Most
provinces are located within 10 to 15km from the city center of Trento and it’s very easy
to get there by bus or tram.
The main thing that you want to remember is that you must bring your own laptop. Even
when all the working places have a computer room, is better to bring your own “working
tool” in order to work more efficiently.
During the welcome week we also take you a tour of the city center and show some of
the most important landmarks in Trento.
Other important stuff
It is important to know that in order to prepare your lessons you can take or check some
activities or material from the books at the libraries. Most working places, specially the
schools in eduCHANGE have a private library inside of the school, where you can consult
all the books and encyclopedias for your lessons.
Also, there is a public library in each city and province of Trento. You can check their
catalogue online or printed inside of the library and you can consult the books within a
day or borrow it for a month, but be aware that not all the books can be borrowed.
The first time you go to a public library, you have to apply and take a card that you have
to use in each library of the city during your stay here. Other libraries in Trento are the
Biblioteca comunale, which is situated in Via Roma, 55, and has big studying rooms and
a great amount of books you can consult in many different languages. For the library
card all you need is you passport or official ID and your address in Trento.
Accommodation is normally provided in private apartments where you will live with
other interns, or in small “school” house and in some cases with a hosting family. In any
case, accommodation is provided to you for FREE.
Hosting Families
If the accommodation provided to you is with a hosting family please be responsible and
help them as much as you can. Interact with the family members often; It will help you
to have a richer “ITALIAN EXPERIENCE”.
You can organize a night with “your family” where you can cook come typical food of
your country or some games in order to involve them more in a multicultural experience.
Remember: from the moment that they receive you, they are considering you part of
their family!
The cleaning of your bedroom will be your own responsibility, and this might remind
clean and tidy ALL THE TIME.
School House and Share Flat/Apartment
If your accommodation is provided in a school house or shared apartment/flat you will
be responsible for the place together with the other interns that you might share the
house with. Please be responsible and keep the place as clean as possible, the same way
that you will receive it at your arrival. All damages that could be caused in the house
during your stay will be charged to the responsible of it.
The cleaning of the house will be interns responsibility and for that reason we have
“Surprise control staff” that will check if the house is in a proper way (clean, tidy,
organized and without damages). Which means that the house cleaning MUST be done
everyday: Do you bed before to go to work/university, don’t leave clothes creased,
clean the kitchen and the toilet, and the most important: take the trash out to avoid
bad smells in the house.
If the house has not cleaning instruments we will provide them to you. Being sustainable
is your responsibility, please: Separate garbage, don’t waste water, food, light, gas.
We will also provide you with a poster that provides you all the information about
“garbage separation”, since in Trento ITS MANDATORY and subject to fines from 50 up to
150 Euros.
Damage Fee
At you arrival, a contract for the place will need to be signed and a damage fee of 30
Euros will be ask to you, this fee is completely reimbursed at your departure only if any
damage is occurred during your stay in the place and if the house is returned in the
same conditions as we give to you: organized, clean and without damages.
In case that you have friends or family visiting you, you MUST ask AIESEC Trento if they
can stay in the apartment/flat before. All guest are welcome in the apartment but you
have to be conscious that you are going to live with other interns and the time of visits
must be arrange with all the flat mates in order to avoid problems.
Remember: communication is crucial when leaving with other people, so it's always
better to ask than assume!
Parties WITHOUT authorization of AIESEC Trento are totally forbidden. Since we as
organization are the main responsible of the place, we want to make sure than when we
make a party is as much organized as possible. This means that we have the permission
of neighbors and its done according to the building/housing rules and it will not interfere
with the other interns schedule. In this case, if you would like to host a party please let
us know so we can organize it together.
*** Don’t be scare by the rules; acting properly will avoid you to have problems! ;)***
Food and eating
AIESEC Trento provides you food during the entire duration of your internship.
Food is provided according to the project that you are matched with.
· For eduCHANGE Project, one meal is provided by the school (Lunch) and other two
(breakfast and dinner) by a Hosting Family.
· In case that you are NOT with a hosting family, AIESEC Trento will give you a debit card
in order to buy food during the entire duration of your internship. This debit card is
given to each person with an amount of 20 Euros per week (If your project is for 8
weeks, you will receive 160 Euros)
This debit card can be use in ANY place; grocery stores, shopping stores, internet
shopping, etc. But be aware that once you finish the money on it you WON’T receive
another card or a recharge on it.
The money on the card, is given to you in order to buy basic food and groceries (not
candy or personal supplies) during your stay in Trento. It means that if you decide to eat
at an expensive restaurant and spend all the money in one meal it will be YOUR OWN
In order to buy more groceries for the apartment/flat, it’s better to combine the money
with the other interns. We recommend you to buy unbranded food and group-food with
discounts, in big super markets; you can ask AIESEC Trento members.
Logging In - Internet and Web Services
Internet is NOT ensured to be provided at your living place. If you share an
apartment/flat, you can contract internet at any company, but be aware that the
payment will be responsibility of the interns and people to agree to make the contract
of the service.
Internet at working place is provided, all schools have internet in their computers room
and it can be freely use by the interns in order to prepare their lessons or activities. You
must be aware that since you will be working with a school, many websites are block,
such as social network websites and other related websites. Downloading and streaming,
specially for music and movies is completely forbidden, please respect the rules of the
school for that and use the service in a proper way.
If you live with a hosting family, 90% of Italian families have internet at home. It can be
in the family PC or wireless, you can arrange with them to get the password in case of
wireless internet or set up a time for using their computer.
The wireless connections
Trento offers to his citizens two different free-private connections: one is provided by
the Futur3 company ( and the network is called “FREE_LUNA_TRENTO”
and the other is provided by the city and his is called “WILMA” or “Wilma Free”.
To access to the free L.U.N.A. service you will need to register to the service. You can
connect to the Internet @ FREE_LUNA using any WiFi device (laptop, cell phone, PDA,
etc.). To use the service connectivity @ FREE_LUNA you must register online. Once filled
out online forms you will get username and password via SMS to access the network at
any time. This network covers most of the city center and student residences.
WilmaNet is another free service available in Trento. It is the public city network. To get
information on what WILMA is and how to connect to it we redirect you to the F.A.Q.
page of the WILMA website English F.A.Q.
Calling Up - Mobile Phones Services
In Italy there are various telephone operators and phone work on a rechargeable SIM
card basis. Phone stores may be found anywhere around the city center, and to buy a
SIM card you will need to have your documents (Passport or ID Card). You can buy a “pay
as you go” SIM Card that may cost up to 10 Euros, giving you preloaded money. Most
phone companies have similar prices, with calls ranging from 10 to 16 cents and SMSs
around 15 cents.
You can recharge (RICARICA) you SIM in different ways:
a) Go to a Tabaccheria (general store marked with a black T outside) where you can ask
for an automatic recharge by giving your number, or a do it yourself card which has a
code with which you can recharge on your own. You need to specify your service
provider and the amount to recharge.
Usually it's 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 Euros.
b) Recharge from an ATM machine by inserting you number.
c) Some on-line banking services allow you to recharge directly from your bank account.
We kindly ask you to bring a cellphone and to buy an Italian SIM card. We will for sure
need to call you to make sure you are alright. Also, with an Italian SIM card, you can
receive local and international calls for FREE. And if it’s a Smartphone you can log-in with
the free Wi-Fi and use applications like Whatsapp (free texts), Viper (free calls), Skype
(free video calls)
Cashing In – Financial Services
Cash or credit?
In Trento, but in general in Italy, we typically use cash for our everyday shopping needs.
Many shops, bars or services (bus, train) are not always enabled to accept credit cards.
It is probably best that you bring a debit card or credit card that enables you to take
money from ATMs. When you draw money from other banks’ ATM machines there is a
surcharge of 2.00 Euros.
What to bring to Trento
The weather is a little bit extreme during the different seasons. During the summer the
temperature goes up to 45°C and during winter can goes as low as -15°C. But don’t be
scare about these temperatures. All working places and house have heathers, so you
won’t be cold.
Spring and Autum: Make sure you bring your swimsuit, the temperature is warm enough
to go to the lake and sun bath. A light jacket and sweater might be also a good idea to
bring, since in the morning and during the night is a little bit cold.
Also you might want to bring your gloves or winter hat if you prefer, since sometimes get
a little bit colder. Specially at the beginning of the spring and end of the summer, the
temperature starts going down, we recommend you if you come from a country with hot
weather to bring “just in case” a heavy jacket that can keep you warm.
Summer: It get very hot in Trento! So make sure you pack your suimsuit, shorts and tshirts.
Winter: It get very cold, and for that reason, we advise you to bring some thermal
clothes in order to avoid wearing a lots of jackets. Sweaters and jackets (light and
heavy) are a good idea. Don’t forget your gloves, scarves and winter hats.
Sport shoes are always a great idea to bring, in case we go hiking or for a walk
close to the mountain.
An outfit to go out for a party, semi formal will alright.
Traditional shirt or jersey from your country to wear during Global Village.
Other stuff to bring
Umbrella is always useful; sometimes it gets a little bit rainy in Trento. But if it’s
too heavy to pack it, you can also buy one here. The price goes from 2 Euros.
Backpack to carry all your materials for the school or books for your Italian
Laptop is a MUST to bring, in order to prepare your lessons and other activities.
Besides that, it will make easier the contact between your family and friend and
you while you are far from them.
International adaptor is super important to bring. Italian and European plugs
might vary, voltage in Trento is 220 Volts, make sure that the one you bring is
compatible with this voltage.
Global village material:
The flag of your country (that you can leave in the LC)
Traditional candy (enough for 2 events)
Traditional toys or crafts from your country
Traditional beverage (Alcohol is OK ;)
Books in your language
Getting Around – Transportation Services
There are several ways of making your way through the city of Trento and thanks to the
small dimensions of the city center, it is pretty difficult to get lost!
Trento is not a big city and the easiest way of getting around is by bike. In the winter
time the roads are normally cleared from snow, but it is important to drive your bike
carefully. The bicycle is a functional and ecological way to move around the city and in
the surrounding areas.
There are good opportunities to have a bike without necessarily buying it. There are 250
bikes of the Opera Universitaria at students’ disposal. This service is called “Prestabici”
and the interns of AIESEC Trento and all the other users authorized by the Opera
Universitaria should pay 5,00 euros every month for the bike. You can have the bike for
your entire stay in Trento and then return it when your internship finish.
Local Buses
Trento has an efficient public transportation service based almost exclusively on buses
(some of which are hydrogen powered). The company, which manages the Public
Transport of Trento is the “Trentino Trasporti” (
Where to buy bus tickets
At the little automatic “kiosque” at the Railway Station of Trento (right beside
the bus stop)
At the Ticket Office at the Central bus station of Trento
At the FTM Stations (i.e. Railway of Trento-Male) of Trento and of
Mezzolombardo (single tickets only)
At any Tabaccheria (there is one inside the train station as well); You can choose
if you want to buy single tickets or a “carnet” of 10 tickets (a single ticket costs
1.00 Euro and a carnet costs 9.00 Euros).
A single ticket lasts 70-minutes and can be used to change different buses in that lapse
of time (has to be validated on every bus you board); 120-minutes tickets cost 1,30
Euros and daily tickets cost 2,60 Euros. The penalty for not having or for not validating a
ticket can go from 15 to 150 Euros, so be nice and play by the rules.
Railway Lines
Trento is well connected to the other Italian cities thanks to the Trenitalia services. The
main railway links are Bolzano, Verona and Bassano del Grappa. From Verona you will!
then be able to take a direct train to many cities in Italy. From Bolzano you have access
to Austrian and German destinations. From Bassano you can head to Venice or Padova.
There are also some daily trains going to Rome or to Lecce (southern Italy). For further
In Trento is given the opportunity to use for FREE the ECOMOBILE. It’s an electric car
provided by the Comune di Trento. You have to follow a few rules to be able to use it:
 You have to be at least 21 and have the driving license for at least 6 months;
 The service is available from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 19:30 (on the map
at the second underground floor of the apartment house Finestra sull’ Adige,
piazza Mosna 1/A, at the corner of via Sanseverino and via Verdi);
 Reservation is recommended, call 0461 231600; for any other info visit
Just in front of the main Railway station there are plenty of taxis waiting for you or you
can reach the service thanks to this number: Stazione FS - piazza Dante - 0461 235383
Car rental and carpooling
AUTONOLEGGI CEA STAR - Trento Via SS. Cosma e Damiano 38 – Telefono 0461823033
An AIESEC Friend for You – Buddy Program
What is a buddy?
During your stay in Trento, YOU WON’T BE ALONE! You will have an AIESEC Buddy!
A buddy is an AIESEC Member or an associate member of AIESEC who provides you some
help in arriving, adapting and integrating into the new environment.
The EP-buddy relationship depends solely on the two people. We assign the buddies
according to the information that you will provide us in the Expectations Form. Buddies
are someone who checks up on how you’re doing all your internship in Trento, make you
feel at home, comfortable and help you in any situation.
Parties and Nightlife
As Trento is becoming more and more a University town, bars and pubs are adapting to
the new student environment. Almost every evening you can find happy hours in various
places and you have discounts in some bars with the AIESEC card.
A typical evening activity is the aperitivo, a pre-dinner light drink used to socialize. The
most famous is undoubtedly the Spritz (sparkling white wine and Aperol mix), a slightly
alcoholic orange drink, which you will learn to love. It is usually served with an olive or
orange slice and chips. We may organize some special aperitifs like International aperitif
or Tandem Café throughout the year. Aperitifs are very popular, generally in bars near
Piazza Duomo, and you can find hundreds of students out on certain nights (Tuesdays
There is a lack of discos, which some pubs make up for by turning their basements into
dance halls. AIESEC Trento will however, organize various parties in a nearby disco,
arranging with the owners to have a free bus ride. Most parties will be free theme but
we do organize several theme parties like Halloween, 70's, Black & White, Hawaiian and
others. If you have some small costume elements that you can afford to bring we
encourage you to do so.
Of course, being in Italy, you will also have a chance to taste some great wine. There
are various Enoteche in the city where you can have a taste of the good stuff. There are
many vineyards in Trentino and we may organize a trip to nearby canteens. In Italy wine
is used mostly for celebration or casual social events. It is not really part of Italian
culture to use wine to get drunk so drink it moderately and try to enjoy it as it should be
enjoyed. One glass of good wine is much better than a bottle of cheap supermarket
wine. If you ride your bike on the cycle route to Rovereto or Mezzacorona you will ride
through beautiful vineyards and apple trees, the second specialty of Trentino.
Remember to drink responsibly and possibly don't exaggerate when you go out to party!
Useful Information
Rules and regulations
In Italy there is no smoking in any public place and drug use is forbidden. Rules of “buon
vicinato” (good neighbors) also imply not making noise past 11.30 in apartment buildings
(in some places even earlier).
International Adaptors
Italian and european plugs may vary, voltage is 220Volts. If you buy an international
adaptor be sure it will be compatible to italian plugs, in case you doubt send a photo to
reception team or have a look in Wikipedia. Italian plugs are in the photos lettered C,F,L
Emergency services and numbers
118 Emergency Health Service
113 Police
112 Carabinieri
115 Fire Brigade
In case you need assistance in the mountains you can call 113 and ask for Soccorso
Free of charge help number:
Never Alone - 0080080080054
You can call this number for free to ask for any information. After one minute of
advertisements an operator will take your call.
Legislative Stuff
Codice fiscale
In one morning you can do this, by going to “Agenzia delle Entrate” with people of the
reception team. You will have a code for national health insurance. No costs but you
need your documents, passport with a valid VISA.
Presence in Italy: “Dichiarazione di presenza”
When you stay in Italy for more than a month you have to make police know about you
are here. We will go in Questura, with reception team, to give them a paper to tell them
you’re living in a house. This is necessary for people from EU or people who are now
currently living in a EU country.
If AIESEC doesn’t cover you health insurance and you want to have a full coverage for
your staying here please contact us before you’re coming, so that the reception team
can discuss before with companies. The cost is at your charge.
Internship certificate
Whether you’re living or not a professional exchange with AIESEC we will provide you a
certificate for your internship valuable for whoever concerns. We will need you to
prepare a specific paper in google documents with the job description that you had. We
will provide our stamp and you will have to make companies, partners or whoever
you’ve worked with, to stamp it.
Prices in Trento
- Tomatoes 1.19 € /kg
- Peaches 0.99 € /kg
- Orange juice 1.15 €/l
- Oil extravergin “Bertolli” 2.9 € bottle
- Milk “tre valli” 0.79 €
- Tagliatelle all’uovo 1.59 €
- Tortellini\cappelletti “Rana” 2.29 €
- Pasta “de cecco” di semola 0.75 €
- Milk of cream for cooking 0.89 €
- Condoms 5-10€ and more
- Slices of chicken breast 5.69 €/kg
- Wine from 1.25 €
- beer “Dreher” 0.49 €
- Ice cream “motta” 1.5 €/kg
- Beer in a pub 2/5/7€ small/average/big(1l)
- Cup of coffee .70 cents (in big cities can rise to 4€)
- Slice of pizza, around 1€
- Full pizza, cheap place, 5 to 7€
- Restaurant meal, one plate and drinks, 10 to 15€
- Disco entrance, from 0€ to 20€
- Disco drink, from 5 to 10€
- Cigarettes, smoke kills, what’s the price for it? (4.5€ for 20)
Useful Expressions (Italian for beginners)
Hello/Bye (informal)
Good day/Good evening
Hello/Goodbye (formal)
Nice to meet you
Mi scusi
Excuse me
Thank you
You're welcome
Mi chiamo...
My name is...
Dove posso trovare...?
Where can I find...?
Un biglieto per…
One ticket to…
Ufficio AIESEC
Il negozio...
The store...
Per arrivare/andare...?
To get/go to...?
In stazione
the station
Facoltà di...
the faculty of...
In Via xxxxxx
xxxxxx street
Come posso fare per...?
How can I do to...?
prendere la tessera studenti
get the student card
ricaricare il cellulare
recharge my phone
aprire un conto
open a bank account
Quando apre...?
When does … open?
Non parlo italiano
I don't speak Italian
Dove sono i servizi?
Where is the toilet?
That! (favorite Erasmus food)
Uno Spritz, per favore!
A Spritz, please!
Come si dice...?
How do you say...?
Mi piaci!
I like it!
Executive Board
Nancy Delint - LCP
[email protected]
Andrea Cavall - VPOGX
[email protected]
Marco Pianezzola – VPF
[email protected]
Janis Macuda - ICX Ceeder
[email protected]
Antonella Ofosu - PM Civezzano & Mezzolombardo
[email protected]
Michele Baroni - PM Trento
[email protected]
Milo Demarchi - Reception Team
[email protected]
Anita Kumu - Reception Team

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