Directions for Using Tumble Book Library “e-books for e



Directions for Using Tumble Book Library “e-books for e
Directions for Using Tumble Book Library
“e-books for e-kids”®
Access at school or home at
and click on the link for the TumbleBook Library Username: pinebush Password: books
1. Quality stories - interactive electronic books with animation
and engaging narration. Great for all levels of students:
highlights text as it is read, models expressive reading,
additional activities provide reading
comprehension/grammar/visual learning extensions.
2. Easy to navigate - students can find titles and activities with
ease, view books by cover or detail (list time duration), see
lists of new and upcoming titles, as well as languages other
than English.
3. Motivating – students who viewed Tumble Books wanted to
continue to “read” more stories online and find the “original”
books to check out.
4. Encourages conversation about books.
“Kid’s” Menu
Click on the ovals to see pictures
of the available books and games.
Read the featured book in the
TUMBLENEWS (featured books change
View books by cover and simply
click on the book cover to begin to view
the story online.
View books by detail, to see
duration, author information, reading
levels and available extension activities..
Click MORE or “guide letters” to
see other books.
Click on Home to return to the main screen.
Educator/Parent’s Menu
1. Click on Index to see alphabetical listings of all titles and authors available
feature to search by the
criteria available. Reading
Level Automatic can sort by
grade ranges, while Reading
Level Manual can sort by
specific grade level. When you
click on Subject, you can
select from another list of
subject headings.
3. Create a Playlist by reviewing the titles together
and clicking Add to My Playlist. After you have
selected several titles, click My Playlist at the top
menu to open the Tumblebook Player.