Strengthening Synergy, Ensuring Sustainability



Strengthening Synergy, Ensuring Sustainability
Strengthening Synergy,
Ensuring Sustainability
Sustainability Report 2014
Strengthening Synergy,
Ensuring Sustainability
1 About CCM
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad (“CCM”)
is in the business of enhancing quality of life and
our 2014 Sustainability Report serves as a tool
to demonstrate to our stakeholders and other
interested parties how we embedded this into our
operations throughout 2014. This Report covers
the period 1 January to 31 December 2014 on
the key sustainability aspects of the CCM Group in
Malaysia. It complements our 2014 Annual Report,
which highlights the operational and financial
aspects of our business. Together, these two
reports aim to provide an objective, accurate and
transparent overview of the Group’s performance in
managing the economic, social and environmental
aspects of our businesses. We have made every
effort to ensure the measurements and claims in
this Report were collated and reported as
accurately as possible.
3 Our Sustainability Policy
4 Safeguarding the Environment
7 Enriching Communities
11 Upholding Good
Marketplace Practices
16 Bolstering Our
Workplace Practices
22 The Way Forward
About CCM
It’s about
Enhancing Quality of Life
At CCM, we make the business of enhancing the quality of life our
business. With a foundation of over 50 years, we have built up a
formidable reputation as a responsible, independent Malaysian
company committed to providing sustainable solutions based
on innovative sciences. Our Chemicals Division supports the
region’s industrial, manufacturing and watercare sectors, and
through CCM Innovative Solutions, we are the preferred supplier
for polymer coatings for medical examination and surgical rubber
gloves. Our Fertilizers Division feeds the plants that feed us while
our Pharmaceuticals Division helps to establish a foundation of
good health. Both the latter two divisions are the largest local
manufacturers in their respective industries.
Our Chemicals Division has been the leading
industrial and specialty chemicals company in
Malaysia for over 70 years. We have established
a reputation as a chemical solutions provider
involved in the manufacture, trading and
development of a wide variety of general and
specialty chemical products. We also offer a
range of water engineering services for various
industries particularly the nation’s potable water
industry. Through CCM Innovative Solutions, we
lead the polymer coatings market for medical
examination and surgical rubber gloves.
CCM Fertilizers Division manufactures and trades a
complete range of fertilizers for all crop needs. We
offer total plant food solutions for the agriculture and
home gardening communities. We also conduct soil
testing and innovative research and development to
maximise yields and ensure healthy crops, as well as
to enhance the competitiveness of our products. Our
research focuses on improving plant nutrient uptake
especially for plantation and cash crops, tailoring our
products to regional soil needs. We are the pioneer
and one of the largest producers of compound
fertilizers in Malaysia. Our Cock’s Head Brand of
compound fertilizer is synonymous with quality
fertilizers in the region.
CCM Pharmaceuticals Division develops,
manufactures and markets generic drugs and
branded pharmaceutical products. As a leading
regional pharmaceutical manufacturer, our portfolio
of products supports wellness for every stage of life
from prevention to treatment and cure. We are the
leading local pharmaceutical company in Malaysia
and the first in the world to obtain the World’s First
Halal Pharmaceutical Standard MS2424:2012. We
produce over 200 generic drugs, including our award
winning medications such as Omesec and Vascor. We
also manufacture a range of over-the-counter brands
which are well recognised by consumers in Malaysia.
Going forward, we are focusing on expanding into
specialty drugs and biopharmaceuticals, in niche
therapeutic areas, as well as expanding our footprint
in the ASEAN region.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
The CCM 2014 Sustainability Report underscores the Group’s
commitment to doing business in a responsible and sustainable
manner. The principles of responsible business are at the heart
of CCM’s corporate strategy, ensuring long-term business
sustainability and helping us embrace our duty to society.
As we go about our business, we are
guided in every aspect of our operations
by our Vision of “Enhancing Quality of
Life”. This mandate is doing much to
propel us forward and inspiring us to
find new ways to help create a positive
impact on the world around us. At the
same time, we are abiding by our Mission
of “becoming a responsible company
committed to enhancing quality of life by
providing sustainable solutions based on
innovative sciences”.
As we focus our efforts on fulfilling our
Vision and Mission, we are working very
hard to position CCM as a corporate
citizen that gives a positive impact on
society and the environment as well as
moving progressively towards sustainable
business growth. We inculcate the CCM
Core Values in all our business policies
and decisions, and ensure every effort
is undertaken to make a positive impact
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
on our stakeholders and preserve the
As we stride forward, all our actions are
anchored on our core values of PETIRR
(the acronym for Passion, Excellence,
Teamwork, Integrity, Responsible and
Respect) and upholding the tenets of
Quality, Safety, Health, Hygiene and
Operation Excellence.
In 2014, we continued to enhance quality
of life by implementing tangible and
sustainable practices in the areas of the
Environment, Community, Marketplace
and Workplace. We rolled out proven
initiatives and sought to introduce
new ones all with the common goal
of enhancing the quality of life of our
stakeholders. These initiatives are spelt
out in the respective sections of this
Sustainability Report.
In managing our business in a sustainable
manner, we have adopted a cradle-tograve approach which sees sustainable
practices being implemented throughout
CCM’s value chain, from our raw materials
up to the end users. As we continue
our journey of sustainable growth, we
will look into good industry practices
in the global Chemicals, Fertilizers and
Pharmaceuticals fronts to inspire us.
As CCM moves forward to establish
stronger foundations for a sustainable
future, we hope all our stakeholders
will continue to lend us their steadfast
support. We trust the CCM 2014
Sustainability Report will be an informative
and inspirational read.
Our Sustainability Policy
In furtherance of our Vision of “Enhancing Quality of Life”, the CCM Group of Companies
is committed towards achieving sustainability that will benefit our stakeholders, the
environment, our people and the communities in the territories in which we operate.
In achieving this, we shall:
Ensure that our
activities, products
and services, so far
as is practicable,
are safe to the
environment and
the health of the
Communicate this
Policy to all relevant
parties including
our stakeholders,
customers, employees
and the local
communities in which
we operate.
Be committed towards
the prevention of
injury, ill health and
pollution as well as
towards environmental
Comply with all
applicable statutory,
regulatory and
business requirements
in the territories that
we operate;
Optimise the use of
natural resources to
reduce our carbon
footprint, and as far as
practicable, practise
energy efficiency
throughout all our
plants and
review and improve our
sustainability performance
by encouraging innovative
thinking and monitoring
global economic, social and
environmental trends, best
practices, challenges and
Provide, as far as
practicable, the
appropriate resources
in order to achieve our
sustainability goals,
objectives and
Define our
sustainability goals,
objectives and
targets and measure
our sustainability
performance against
agreed targets;
Be committed
towards full conformance
to applicable quality,
safety, health and
Operate in an
open, transparent
and accountable
Work closely with
our stakeholders and
local communities to
further improve their
quality of life;
Cultivate a
diverse, inclusive
and respectful
Everyone in the CCM Group of Companies is accountable and responsible for the successful application
and compliance with this Policy.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
CCM has made a commitment to protect
the environment by implementing a
host of effective operational practices
to reduce our environmental footprint.
Our efforts to safeguard the environment
also extend to educating community
groups, particularly schoolchildren, about
environmental conservation. The year 2014
saw us continuing to embed sustainable,
environmentally friendly practices throughout
our operations while collaborating on
community-centred initiatives.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
Safeguarding The Environment
Initiatives such as E3R (Eliminate, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) focus on
efforts to reduce our dependency on natural resources.
Carbon Dioxide Emissions (“CO2e”) in Metric Tonnes
In line with our goal of promoting
sustainable practices within CCM, we
are leveraging on initiatives such as the
E3R (Eliminate, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle)
initiative which focuses on efforts to
reduce our dependency on natural
resources. Our efforts to date have seen
our staff doing away with plastic water
bottles and styrofoam cups and turning to
mugs instead.
To mitigate our carbon footprint, we
continue to measure carbon dioxide
emissions (“CO2e”) from our operations.
In 2014, the Group recorded an overall
CO2e count of 127,645 metric tonnes
(“MT”), a 1.67% rise from the previous
year (2013: 125,511 MT). This increase
was not due to a lack of initiatives to limit
our carbon emissions, but rather it came
on the back of an increase in production
to meet increased market demand.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
CCM receiving the CICM Awards for the various
codes under its Responsible Care Programme.
Sustainability Report 2014
Safeguarding The Environment
To date, the Rakan Alam Sekitar Programme has been
rolled out in Sabah, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and
Johor which impacted about 1,500 students.
In line with our vision of protecting the
environment as well as providing children
with a holistic education, we continued
our collaboration with the Ministry of
Natural Resources & Environment to
implement the Rakan Alam Sekitar
(Friends of the Environment) Programme.
The programme aims to educate primary
and secondary schools students about the
importance of environmental conservation
so that these groups cultivate a
responsible attitude towards their natural
surroundings and water resources.
In 2014, our Chemicals Division
spearheaded the collaborative efforts that
saw the programme return to Keningau,
Sabah where it was first introduced in
2010. The year’s programme, which
was launched by YB Tan Sri Datuk Seri
Panglima Joseph Kurup, Minister in the
Prime Minister’s Department, was followed
by an informative talk on environmental
protection and sustainability by the
Department of Environment (“DOE”)
Sabah. At the event, groups of children
from five participating schools engaged
in a colouring competition through which
they illustrated their hopes for a healthier
environment and a better future.
The 2014 Rakan Alam Sekitar programme
also involved the roll out of several other
initiatives, among which was the River
Scientist programme which we organised
in conjunction with the Johor Environment
Week Celebration themed “Yes! Keep the
Sustainable Lifestyle Going”. The event
saw students of SMK Seri Aman and their
younger counterparts from SK Seri Aman
taking on the roles of river scientists
for a day as they conducted numerous
experiments on a river to gauge its health.
This alternative approach to learning was
a joint effort by CCM, the DOE Johor and
Syarikat Air Johor (“SAJ”). Additionally,
three schools – SMK Taman Pelangi, SMK
Sultanah Engku Tun Aminah and SMK
Seri Aman – showcased their findings of
a two-month analysis of the health and
ecosystem of a nearby river.
As part of our effort to educate students
on preventive river management, CCM
currently sponsors selected schools in
Sabah, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and
Johor. To date, we have impacted some
1,500 students and this number is set
to grow as the programme expands. We
provide RM1,500 in sponsorship to each
participating school to kick-start and
maintain their own Kelab Alam Sekitar.
In 2014, the Chemicals Division was
recognised for its good environmental
CCM’s participation at the Johor
Environment Week Celebration also
featured a state-level Environment Choir
Competition which was co-organised
by CCM and the DOE Johor. The choir
of SK Laksamana emerged as the
champion with a musical performance
based on ingeniously modified recycled
bottles and cans that they had turned
into musical instruments. A similar riverrelated programme was subsequently
conducted in Seremban with the students
of SMK Tunku Ampuan Najihah and SK
Sikamat. Over 160 students took part in
experiments to evaluate the cleanliness
and health of a river.
School children colouring their hopes on
environmental conservation.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
performance when CCMC PGW was
awarded the CICM Silver Award for
Pollution Prevention Code at the CICM
11th Responsible Care Awards. This
bears testament to the success of our
environmental-based conservation
efforts. Prior to this, CCM Berhad
received certification for its ISO 14001
Environmental Management System and
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and
Safety Management System from Bureau
Veritas. It underwent surveillance for both
of these systems in 2014 and was found
to be in full compliance.
Sustainability Report 2014
“River Scientists” gauging the health of the river.
Community enrichment activities have
always been a focal point for CCM in our
endeavours to give back to society. In
2014, we continued to make it our goal to
positively influence society via our community
initiatives. Following through a variety of
proven programmes, we continued to make
our impact felt among the various echelons
of society – from pre-schoolers, to school
children, to graduates, to pilgrims, to the
marginalised. At the same time, we focused
our efforts on rolling out new initiatives to
enrich communities.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
Enriching Communities
Over 1,900 pre-schoolers from 56 kindergartens
and national-type schools in Pengerang
benefitted from the CHAMPS Health On Wheels
Programme in 2014.
More than 1,900 pre-schoolers from 56
kindergartens and national-type schools
in the vicinity of Pengerang discovered
healthy living via an interactive learning
experience on wheels when the CHAMPS
Health On Wheels pilot programme
was launched in March 2014. This
collaborative initiative with the Pengerang
Parliamentary Constituency office, sought
to inculcate the awareness of health
education and healthy living among
young children in the rural community of
Pengerang as well as give them a jump
start in adopting healthy habits.
The programme involved the roll out
of customised Health Tips and English
workshops by trained educators to
students in kindergartens and national
schools. Students were introduced to the
health benefits of Vitamin C, multivitamins
and de-worming through high quality
learning experiences that included a
nursery rhyme and drama workshop
as well as CHAMPS mascots. Each
student also received a CHAMPS kit bag
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
comprising CHAMPS products and other
memorabilia. The year-long programme
has done much to help children discover
the value of nutrition for their health
in an interactive and fun manner. It
demonstrates our efforts to enhance
quality of life among communities by
providing youngsters the best possible
footing in terms of health and education.
state of Johor, where the programme was
first introduced in 2012. From scoring
Ds on average, these students are now
scoring As. The school also recently
won the state-level public-speaking
competition. Our programme is now also
influencing the community and English
proficiency at the village has since
increased with villagers envisaging a
better future for their children.
Preschoolers experiencing interactive learning
through the CHAMPS Health On Wheels
Our association with the PINTAR
Programme since 2007 has enabled
students in 12 schools throughout
Malaysia to improve their proficiency in
English. With our support, these students
are able to reap the benefits of exposure
to the English Language through the
programme’s various fun-filled activities.
In addition, we ensure that students
maintain their health by supplying them
with CHAMPS vitamins.
An example of our success thus far is
SK Kongkong Laut, a rural school of 130
students in a small fishing village in the
Sustainability Report 2014
The success of
Programme is
evident in the
students of SK
Kongkong Laut
in Johor who are
now scoring As on
average instead of
One of the students for Anugerah Juara Bestari
under CCM PINTAR Programme.
One of the teachers for Anugerah Pemangkin
Minda in conjunction with Teachers Day.
Enriching Communities
We continue to implement community
activities on a tertiary level via our
involvement in an industry university
collaborative effort – the CCM-JATI
(Jalinan Universiti dan Industri) initiative.
Involving collaboration between CCM,
Universiti Sains Malaysia (“USM”),
Universiti Malaysia Sabah (“UMS”) and
Universiti Teknologi MARA (“UiTM”),
the initiative was introduced in 2011 to
address the unemployment problems
that pharmaceutical graduates were
facing. In trying to resolve this problem,
the various parties undertake the task
of grooming undergraduates to become
leading entrepreneurs in the community
pharmaceutical retail sector.
The CCM-JATI programme involves
identifying a group of 50 second-year
students annually and preparing them
for a future as community pharmacists
by training them in manufacturing,
distribution and retail expertise. The
three-year programme provides practical
training with hands-on retailing and
training sessions with CCM professionals.
Not only does this provide students a real
world experience, but it also accords them
the opportunity to network. Since the
inception of this initiative, 200 students
have successfully passed through the
In line with our goal of fostering graduates
to be ethical and community-minded, we
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
ensure volunteer work forms a big part of
the programme. Students are encouraged
to take part in the community wellness
programmes initiated by USM. A buddy
system has also been implemented
among students and senior students often
become trainers within the programme in
order to assist their juniors.
Going forward, CCM-JATI seeks to
increase the number of Bumiputeraowned community pharmacies in the
future from the current rate of 19.8
percent. This goal is in support of the
Government’s initiatives to address the
inequitable distribution of pharmacists
and increase Bumiputera participation in
the industry.
In 2014, we strengthened our association
with golf by returning for the fourth
consecutive year as a sponsor of the
Professional Golf of Malaysia (“PGM”)
CCM Rahman Putra Championship. Held
from 12 to 15 March at Kelab Rahman
Putra Malaysia in Sungai Buloh, the
Championship served as the third leg
of the PGM Tour and the second of the
Asian Development Tour (“ADT”). This
marked the fourth year of our five-year
commitment to the tournament. To date,
we have contributed in total a sum of
RM800,000 including a RM200,000
Sustainability Report 2014
2014 marked the fourth year of CCM’s five-year
commitment to the PGM CCM Rahman Putra
Championship. To date, we have contributed
a sum of RM800,000 including a RM200,000
prize purse.
prize purse. The year’s PGM Tour had 36
tournaments in total, 12 of which were
Asian Development Tour (“ADT”) events
taking place in Malaysia in which players
were eligible to earn world ranking points.
Our Fertilizers Division also organised the
CCM Fertilizers Pro-Am Golf Tournament
which was attended by 90 of our business
partners and dealers as our appreciation
for their continuous support albeit
promoting golf with the pro golfers.
In an effort to contribute to the wellness
of the thousands of Malaysian Haj
pilgrims, CCM donated RM518,000
worth of personal health supplements
to the Sahabat Korporat Tabung Haji
Programme. The year 2014 marked the
11th year of CCM’s continued contribution
to the programme with about 404,000
health kits (worth over RM8 million)
having been donated so far. The health
kits comprised halal-certified products
from CCM Pharmaceuticals such as
Uphamol 650 mg, Eye Glo Regular, Donna
Glucosamine and Beacolytic Elixir 60 ml.
CCM also engaged in promotional
activities through its participation in the
Kursus Asas Haji (“KAH”) and Kursus Haji
Perdana (“KHP”) which were organised
by Tabung Haji in all states to assist
pilgrims preparing for the Haj. Apart from
promotional activities, we also conducted
talks to enlighten pilgrims on the products
contained in each health kit and their
CCM’s continuing
contribution to the
Sahabat Korporat
Tabung Haji
Programme these
past 11 years has
resulted in about
404,000 health
kits (worth over
RM8 million) being
donated thus far.
Enriching Communities
In the spirit of Aidil Fitri, CCM celebrated Hari Raya with a special
majlis berbuka puasa celebration for the less fortunate as well as
marginalised AIDS and HIV carriers in the community of Chow Kit
and its surrounding areas. Organised by Pertubuhan SEED and the
Malaysian AIDS Council, the sumptuous feast was attended by close
to 300 children and adults dressed in traditional attire from various
welfare homes. CCM Chairman, Dato’ Sri Azalina binti Othman,
attended the event and handed out duit raya to some 100 children. A
supporter of the cause since 2013, she stressed that the HIV and AIDS
community should not be sidelined during festivities but should also
share in the joy of the season and be accepted by society.
When floods hit the states
of Pahang, Kelantan and
Terengganu in late 2014, CCM
did its part to assist in flood
relief efforts. Our support
for flood victims saw the
Group contributing more than
RM50,000 worth of medical
supplies in collaboration with the
Malaysian Integrated Medical
Professionals Association
(“MIMPA”) and medicines worth
RM25,000 in collaboration
with the International Medical
University (“IMU”). Our efforts
also extended to donating OTC
products amounting to over
RM22,000 to Rumah Sejahtera
Warga Emas, Kg. Bangau
Tanjung in Temerloh and several
pre-schools in the area. We
also collaborated with Mercy
Malaysia to donate post-flood
cleaning kits worth RM50,000
via the GLC circle disaster
network while our staff took the
initiative to collect pre-loved
CCM also held open houses and made donations amounting to some
RM64,000 to the following organisations:
Rumah Amal Asnaf AlBarakh Kg. Olak Lempit,
Banting, Selangor
Tabung Kebajikan, Pendidikan
dan Warga Emas Persatuan
Bekas Polis Malaysia
Rumah Kasih
Harmoni Paya Jaras
Pertubuhan Anak Yatim/
Miskin Cheras
Rumah Kebajikan
Nur Hati
Rumah Solehah
Ma’had Tahfiz Anak Yatim
Darul Fuqaha, Sg. Merab,
Madrasah Raudhatus Solihin,
Kanchong Darat, Banting
Anak Yatim
SK Padang Jawa, Selangor
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
clothing, food packs and other
items in kind for flood victims.
In early January 2015, around
45 CCM employees volunteered
to assist in a two-day flood
relief programme in Temerloh,
Pahang with Yayasan CCM, a
subsidiary of the Group. These
employees worked tirelessly
to clean up Rumah Sejahtera
Warga Emas as well as donated
essential household items
such as bedsheets, mattresses,
blankets, pillows and cooking
utensils amounting to RM1,500
to 10 residents of the home.
Our efforts also extended to
donating RM5,000 each to
two of our adopted PINTAR
schools, namely SK Padang
Garong in Kota Bharu and SK
Sg. Selad in Bintulu that had
been affected by the floods. All
in all, the Group’s efforts saw
a total quantifiable amount of
some RM113,500 in cash and
kind going towards flood relief
The Group’s flood relief efforts in
early January 2015 saw a total
quantifiable amount of RM113,500
in cash and kind going towards
efforts in the states of Pahang,
Kelantan and Terengganu.
CCM Chairman Dato’ Sri Azalina
breaking fast with the AIDS and
HIV-carrier community and orphans.
She also assisted with the flood relief
efforts, handing out donations to the
flood victims.
Here at CCM, we recognise that the total
marketplace ecosystem is important to the
success of our business. As such, we continue
to engage in activities that are helping us to
build enduring ties with our industry peers,
suppliers, customers and the communities
that we operate in.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
Upholding Good Marketplace Practices
As one of the players in the chemical industry, we recognise the need to forge stronger
bonds with our industry peers and to take on an industry leadership role to bolster our
industry. Today, CCM continues to participate as an Executive Committee member of
the Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (“CICM”), the representative body of the
various sub-sector chemical groups in Malaysia. Aside from being on CICM’s Executive
Committee, we also chair the council’s Regulatory and Trade Sub Committee.
Th e c
As a member of CICM, our Chemicals Division continues to subscribe to the six codes of
management practices.
Distribution Code;
• Community Awareness and
Emergency Response Code;
• Pollution Prevention Code;
• Employee, Health and Safety Code;
• Process Safety Code; and
• Product Stewardship Code.
Each code covers a specific aspect encompassing chemical manufacturing,
transportation, research and handling activities, among other things. Our Chemicals
Division is dedicated to upholding all these codes throughout the length and breadth of
its operations.
CCM is an associate member of the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association
(“MARGMA”). Via CCM Innovative Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (“CCMIS”), we are the leading
polymer coatings supplier to medical examination and surgical rubber glove
manufacturers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.
CCM has contributed to the development of the Halal Strategic document for RMK11
by participating in various workshops and a technical working group led by the Halal
Industry Development Corporation. Together with related authorities and Government
agencies, CCM is leading the way on
Halal Chemicals by contributing towards
the development of the first Malaysian
Standard on Halal Chemicals for use in
potable water treatment (MS 2594:2015)
and Halal Pharmaceuticals by being a
member of the Technical Committee for
Halal Pharmaceuticals chaired by the
Department of Standards Malaysia,
Ministry of Science, Technology and
Innovation (“MOSTI”).
CCM Pharmaceuticals Division continued
their active participation in the Malaysian
Organization of Pharmaceutical
Industries (“MOPI”) where 2 of their
senior management sit in the MOPI Exco
Council. Both were active in government
collaboration activities, advocating the
promotion and development of the
pharmaceutical industry in line with
Malaysia National Key Result Areas
Under the theme of Optimizing
Patient Outcomes in Primary Care,
the Pharmaceuticals Division was also
proactive in providing a platform for
healthcare professionals in primary
care on a continuous basis (Continuous
Medical Education or CME) to keep
them abreast on treatment updates,
disease management on selected
therapeutics class like cardiovascular
and systematic anti infectives.
CCM is actively participating at trade
events such as Halfest 2014, Minggu
Saham Amanah Malaysia 2014 and
MIHAS trade fair.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
Upholding Good Marketplace Practices
Specifically, the said Act seeks to prevent businesses from engaging in practices which
are harmful to compensation and consumer welfare. These practices are categorised into:
To show our appreciation to our dealers for all their support in 2014, the Fertilizers
Division organised an annual Dealers’ Appreciation Night at the Berjaya Times Square
Hotel. Themed “Shanghai Night”, some 200 people attended the event including the
Division’s senior management. Guests were treated to a special lion dance performance
as they feasted on a scrumptious dinner which was preceded by an auspicious yee sang
(a) entering into an anti-competitive agreement and
(b) abuse of dominant position
Personal Data Protection Act 2010
CCM values and protects all confidential, proprietary and personal information.
We may be given by or may have obtained access to confidential, proprietary and
personal information from any member of the CCM Group or our customers, suppliers
or other stakeholders/parties.
Corporate Integrity Pledge
We strongly emphasise the need to uphold integrity throughout the many levels of our
organisation. In line with this, CCM inked the Corporate Integrity Pledge (“CIP”) with the
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (“MACC”) in May 2014. By signing the pledge,
the Group has promised to uphold the Anti-Corruption Principles for corporations in
Malaysia in all our business dealings with our business partners and the Government.
This move serves to ensure that CCM operates in a healthy and corruption-free business
In 2014, the CCM Board of Directors approved the Data Protection Compliance Policy
(“the PDPA Policy”) following the introduction and coming into force of the Personal Data
Protection Act 2010 (“the PDPA”) in Malaysia. CCM Group is committed to ensuring
compliance with the requirements of the PDPA where we recognise the importance
of personal data to its business and the importance of respecting the privacy right of
The PDPA Policy sets out the principles which CCM Group will apply in the processing
of personal data in accordance with the law.
Competition Act 2010
In 2014, the CCM Board of Directors approved the Competition Law and Compliance
Policy (“the Policy”) following the introduction and coming into force of the Competition
Act 2010 in Malaysia. The Policy is to ensure that CCM and its subsidiaries do not infringe
any competition provisions under this legislation. This is in line with CCM Group’s policy
to comply with all legislation affecting CCM Group including all laws intended to protect
and promote free and fair competition.
Competition law recognises that the process of competition encourages efficiency,
innovation and entrepreneurship, which promotes competitive prices, improvement in
the quality of products and services and wider choices for consumers. In addition, the
legislation seeks to promote economic development by promoting and protecting the
process of competition, thereby protecting the interest of consumers.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
As a key player in the industry, we recognise the
need to take the lead in adopting marketplace
best practices. In 2014, we have signed the
Corporate Integrity Pledge and approved the
Competition Law and Compliance policy as well
as the Data Protection Compliance Policy. These
moves serve to ensure that CCM operates
in a healthy and corruption-free business
Upholding Good Marketplace Practices
We acknowledge the importance of networking and of building awareness
of the CCM brand in the marketplace. In 2014, we undertook various
marketing initiatives to widen our sphere of influence.
Participating in Industry Events
Leveraging on Media Platforms
Throughout the year, the Group, via our Chemicals, Fertilizers
and Pharmaceuticals Divisions, participated in various exhibitions
and conferences in which we actively promoted the CCM brand and our
diverse product offerings. Our efforts saw us participating in events such
as the AsiaWater 2014 Expo & Forum, the Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture
and Agro-tourism International (“MAHA”) 2014 event as well as Minggu Saham
Amanah Malaysia (“MSAM”) 2014.
The MSAM 2014 event marked a decade of the Group’s involvement with
the event. Aside from our usual promotions, 2014 saw us hosting the CCM
Interschool Showdown, an interactive competition on trading and finance
between secondary school students, which served to promote both CCM
and MSAM.
Throughout 2014, the Group showcased its halal products and services on
a global scale with exhibitions and promotions at the following conventions:
Halal Fiesta (“Halfest”); World Halal Week/Malaysia Halal Week; and Malaysia
International Halal Showcase (“MIHAS”). These events not only allowed
us to promote our innovative range of Halal products to a wider group of
consumers, they also gave us the opportunity to highlight the greater trade
and investment opportunities available within CCM.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
The Group also engaged in brand awareness initiatives that
employed the use of media platforms. In November 2014, CCM
collaborated with JAKIM Media on its Farmaseutikal Halal TV series.
The series sought to create awareness about the importance of choosing
Halal vis-à-vis hygienic, safe and high quality products for overall wellbeing. The first season of the series consisted of seven 30-minute episodes
that were aired on the weekends on RTM1 at 6:30 pm between 6 and 27
December 2014. The series showcased our Halal products as well as featured
several renowned and respected religious scholars, researchers, experts,
government agencies and industry players.
CCM also collaborated with radio station, a partnership which saw us
taking part in the channel’s 30-minute Kompas Kesihatan radio programme which
was aired every Wednesday for two seasons (between May and July as well as
November and December).
Apart from these promotional activities, CCM spokespersons were invited to
share their knowledge and conduct talks on both the local and global scale.
Our spokespersons presented at the CCM Seminar Ubat Halal which was
organised by Anjuran Jabatan Farmasi Negeri Kedah and spoke at the
5th Islamic Global Marketing Conference organised by the International
Islamic Marketing Association (“IIMA”).
Upholding Good Marketplace Practices
In line with our aspirations of elevating workplace safety within our industry, CCM
Chemicals signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with Kejuruteraan Asas
Jaya Sdn. Bhd. (“KAJ”) under the Occupational Safety & Health Mentorship Programme.
This mentor-mentee programme is part of an on-going effort by the Department of
Occupational Safety and Health (“DOSH”) of Selangor to improve occupational safety and
health (“OSH”) standards within the SME sector with the support of key corporations.
The year 2014 marked a year of achievement for CCM as reflected in the recognition that
the Group received throughout the year:
The programme saw CCM contributing to the development of all KAJ employees by
sharing expertise and training in the areas on occupational safety hazard audits, laws and
regulations. KAJ employees also received training on OSH initiatives such as emergency
and safety drills, 5S methodology and implementation, incident investigation, as well as
ongoing audits on the work environment. Our appointment as a mentor in the programme
is apt testimony that CCM is recognised for its commitment to ensuring high standards of
OSH practices throughout the length and breadth of its operations.
The year saw the Group being invited to impart knowledge to TUNAS officers at a
seminar organised by the Malaysia Palm Oil Board (“MPOB”) in Sabah in February 2014.
At the seminar, representatives of our Fertilizers Division (“CCMF”) gave a talk on our
product, MPOB F2 and oil palm agronomy as well as other agriculture related topics to
60 officers from across Sabah. They also took the opportunity to create awareness and
promote the features and benefits of MPOB F2 (a balanced fertilizer for oil palm) and
other CCMF products and explain their competitive advantage over our competitors’
products. The seminar not only served to strengthen the Division’s relationship with
MPOB staff, but also helped increase the sales of MPOB F2 through a collaborative effort
with TUNAS officers.
The CCM Group was awarded the PNB Islamic Initiative Award at the inaugural PNB Corporate
Excellence Awards Gala Dinner held at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur in June 2014. The
award was presented by our parent company in recognition of CCM’s untiring dedication to
producing Halal compliant products and promoting Halal awareness within the industry and
among consumers.
Our Chemicals Division was lauded at the CICM 11th Responsible Care Awards for its good
marketplace practices. The event saw CCM Chemicals receiving the following awards:
CICM Gold Award for Community Awareness & Emergency Response Code;
CICM Gold Award for Distribution Code;
CICM Silver Award for Process Safety Code;
CICM Silver Award for Pollution Prevention Code; and
CICM Silver Award for Employee, Health & Safety Code.
CCM Fertilizers received recognition as a user of Malaysian Standards when it was awarded the
Star Award for Users of Malaysian Standards by the Malaysian Government. The award honours
those who have made active contributions by way of accreditation and standardisation efforts,
both nationally and internationally.
CCM Fertilizers also received certification for its MS 1900:2005 Quality Management System
(“QMS”) from Islamic Perspectives from SIRIM QAS. No non-conformances were recorded over
the course of the year. This standard specifies the requirements for a Shariah-compliant QMS.
To ensure our operations fell within the guidelines of the standard, training sessions covering
MS 1900 Documentation Training, MS 1900 Internal Quality Audit Training and MS 1900
Internal Quality Audit on Shariah Critical Points were conducted for Heads of Departments,
departmental representatives and all staff.
CCM Pharmaceuticals’ products made headlines once again when its CHAMPS children’s
vitamins won the Guardian People’s Choice award under the Kid’s Supplement category for the
second time. This was followed by our Naturalle Garlic 3000 mg and Flavettes Vitamin C 250 mg
products winning the Watsons HWB Award for outstanding performance at Watsons’ outlets.
Duopharma (M) Sdn. Bhd., a company under CCM’s Pharmaceuticals Division, received
ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification in May 2014.
CCM Pharmaceuticals’ companies became the first group of companies in the nation to
receive the world’s first Halal Pharmaceutical Standard certification under a new standard –
MS 2424:2012 Halal Pharmaceuticals General Guidelines, which earned a listing in the
Malaysian Book of Records.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
At CCM, we view our workforce as the driving
power behind our success. Hence, we are
dedicated to empowering our employees in
order for them to achieve their very best on
both the corporate and personal level. We also
believe in a good employee work-life balance
and strongly advocate leading a holistic
work-life through the various events that we
organised throughout the year.
As testament to this, CCM was voted the Most
Popular Graduate Employer (Manufacturing
– Chemicals & Heavy Industries) at the 2014
Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers
Awards event with votes cast by more than
14,500 fresh graduates and students from
major universities in Malaysia under its
annual Graduate Barometer Survey.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
Bolstering Our Workplace Practices
As at 31 December 2014, CCM’s workforce
stood at 1,918 employees with the male to
female ratio of employees at 57:43, while
our executive and non-executive employee
levels were on par with one another at
CCM’s employees represent a talented and diverse workforce. At CCM, our diversity is our strength. Our workforce reflects the diversity
of the Malaysian population, and we count this as an invaluable trait when serving the varied needs of the marketplace in line with our
vision of “Enhancing Quality of Life”. We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and encourage diversity and inclusiveness both
in our workplace and marketplace. As such, policies and business initiatives such as recruitment, retention, training and development, as
well as CCM-sponsored corporate and social activities are conducted in a manner that does not discriminate against ethnicity, gender,
age, disability, or status.
CCM is an equal opportunity employer and employs, appoints, promotes, develops and rewards its employees through the principles of
meritocracy and fairness. We look to hire and promote people based on definite criteria and in line with local legislation. The measures
help ensure that the CCM family remains a well balanced, safe and harmonious family.
Total Number of Employees
The following charts illustrate the composition of CCM’s diverse workforce as at 31 December 2014:
Breakdown by Ethnicity
Senior Management
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
Senior Management
Middle Management
60 years and
50-59 years
30-39 years
40-49 years
20-29 years
Below 20 years
Breakdown by Age
Breakdown by Gender
Middle Management
61.68% 61.90%
Ethnicity at CCM
Bolstering Our Workplace Practices
Under CCM’s Lean Six Sigma programme:
As part of our continuous effort to
develop the strengths and capabilities
of our employees, we continue to
implement the My Career Acceleration
Programme (“MyCAP”). This initiative
which we developed in cooperation with
the Department of Skills Development,
is aligned with the Performance
Management and Delivery Unit
(“PEMANDU”) Workforce Transformation
Roadmap to transform the Malaysian
workforce. This structured Upward
Mobility Programme is designed
exclusively for our non-executive
employees to strengthen their skills,
competencies and capabilities with the
aim of promoting greater career growth
and mobility opportunities.
With a view towards establishing unity
within CCM, Group Human Resource has
set up the New Employee Orientation
(“NEO”) programme to ensure new
employees are seamlessly integrated into
the Group’s culture. Under this initiative,
each division and department is tasked
with the responsibility of updating new
employees on their responsibilities and
functions as well as briefing them on
CCM’s history, vision and mission.
MyCAP consists of a behavioural
development programme, an internal
certification programme and an education
sponsorship programme. It empowers our
employees with the right resources, skills
and knowledge needed for leadership
development, while promoting networking
opportunities to ensure the fulfilment of
career aspirations. To date, 60 employees
have been enrolled into the programme
following a selection process that
involved written tests and interviews.
In October 2014, we launched the
My Millennial Apprentice Programme
(“MyMAP”), a development programme
that aims to provide talented graduates
a fast-tracked approach to achieving
maximum potential while paving the way
for them to establish a successful career
with CCM. The 18-month programme
has been structured to help graduates to
explore, understand, develop and pursue
their careers with CCM while experiencing
self-realisation and self-improvement.
To date, MyMAP participants have been
involved in exciting programmes such as
the Apprentice Amazing Challenge, the
Professional Development Series and the
Leadership Development Series.
To date, 60 employees have been enrolled
in the MyCAP programme.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
completed Green Belt
attended Black Belt
projects registered
as at
31 December 2014
CCM is a strong advocate of using various
Operational Excellence (“OE”) tools.
Under CCM’s Lean Six Sigma programme
which began in May 2012, some 146
employees have completed the Green
Belt training while 11 employees have
attended the more in-depth Black Belt
training. As of 31 December 2014, the
Group has registered a total of 204
projects, both on-going and completed,
in all areas of operations. These
projects encompass the areas of plant
operations and maintenance; supply
chain management including logistics
and warehousing; sales and marketing;
as well as support services such as
finance, human resource and information
technology. In 2014, the Lean Six Sigma
programme contributed savings of
RM18.2 million. In total, the programme
has generated savings of RM37.6 million
since June 2012.
The inculcation of an OE culture has not
only brought about significant savings for
CCM, but has helped foster a mind-set
of continuous improvement amongst our
people. Going forward, we will continue
to instil an OE culture throughout our
organisation to strengthen internal
processes, which in turn will allow us to
sustain our market leadership position
and business growth.
In our efforts to operate more efficiently
and effectively, CCM Chemicals through
its Pasir Gudang operations adheres
to the 5S methodology. Modelled on
the Japanese workplace organisational
system, the 5S method upholds the
following procedures – sort, systematic
arrangement, shine, standardise and
sustain. With Chemicals Division kickstarted on this process, the rest of the
divisions are preparing to follow suit.
In 2014, Lean Six Sigma programme
contributed savings of RM18.2 million.
To date, the programme has generated
savings of RM37.6 million since
June 2012.
Bolstering Our Workplace Practices
which was evolved from the Filipino
traditional dance tinikling.
As an ever expanding Group, we
understand that we cannot afford to
underestimate the importance of unity
within the CCM family. In line with this, we
continued to make employee
engagement a focal point of our
workplace initiatives in 2014. Our
initiatives for the year included the CCMC
Quarterly Employee Engagement
Programme and the Group’s Healthy
Living Programme. We also recognised
outstanding and deserving employees
with the Small Miracles (“SMILE”) Awards
and continued our Employee Referral
Programme (“ERP”). The CCM Pulse
Survey initiative was put to good use in
measuring employees’ satisfaction.
We also continued with our Quarterly
Town Hall sessions where senior
management cascaded the latest news
and developments within the Group.
Employees were also given the
opportunity to share their ideas,
suggestions and comments during the
Employees Speak Session.
To celebrate festive occasions with our
staff across the Group, we celebrated all
festive seasons. Our ongoing Healthy
Living Programme too is helping staff to
connect with one another while
participating in healthy activities. The
year’s numerous events included the
Chemicals Division’s Pasir Gudang Works
(“CCMC PGW”) participating in and
winning a futsal competition and also the
introduction of the Stick2Stix programme
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Additionally, the CCMC PGW Sports Club
helped strengthen ties by organising a
Fun Race in which participants were
required to perform tasks at several
checkpoints to earn maps that would
eventually guide them to their next
destination. A total of 32 staff from the
Chemicals Division participated in the 160
km race which began at CCMC PGW and
ended at Tanjung Resang, Mersing.
As part of our efforts to promote healthy
living among staff, we organise outdoor
activities for them. In 2014, teams from
both the Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
Divisions climbed various hills within and
beyond the Klang Valley. The list included
Gunung Kinabalu, Gunung Datuk, Bukit
Tabur, Pine Tree Hill Trail at Fraser’s Hill
and Bukit Saga.
Kelab Sukan CCM (“KSCCM”) also
organised a series of activities during the
year with the popular Annual Hi Tea &
Educational Excellence Awards for
members’ children who achieved
excellent results in the 2013 Ujian
Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (“UPSR”),
Penilaian Menengah Rendah (“PMR”) and
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (“SPM”). A Sports
Carnival was held during the months of
September and October 2014 with a total
of 17 sporting events that help promote
teamwork and a healthy and active
lifestyle. In December 2014, KSCCM held
the highlight event of the year, the KSCCM
Annual Dinner at Sunway Convention
Centre, Bandar Sunway which was
Sustainability Report 2014
attended by more than 1000 staff and
their spouses. Our employees also
participated in several PNB Sports Club
events in 2014.
In line with our commitment to uphold and
practise integrity and transparency within
CCM, we rolled out several initiatives
under our Integrity Unit which was
established in November 2013. Our
Group-wide efforts comprised our Group
Integrity Quarterly Newsletter, a Group
Certified Integrity Officer, Group
Empowering Integrity Series for all levels
of the organisation and CCM’s Integrity
On 27 November 2014, we held our
second Integrity Day to promote
transparency in the workplace and to
encourage a whistle-blowing culture.
Themed “Excellence with Compliance”,
the event was co-organised by Group
Integrity and Group HR. We also pledged
our commitment to upholding integrity
when we signed the Corporate Integrity
Pledge (“CIP”) with the Malaysian AntiCorruption Commission (“MACC”).
To ensure employees of CCM are beyond
reproach in the area of receiving or giving
gifts, we have implemented a Gift Policy
that provides guidance to help mitigate
any preferential treatment to parties
receiving gifts and to avoid any
inducements or expectations of future
favours that can be likened to corruption.
Coming together at the Kelab Sukan CCM
Malaysia’s Arabian-themed annual dinner.
Participants grooving to stay healthy at the
Stick2Stix programme.
Employees pledging to uphold corporate
integrity during the MOU signing of the CIP.
Bolstering Our Workplace Practices
Our Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals
and Fertilizers Divisions continue to
implement stringent Safety, Health and
Environment (“SHE”) standards and
regulations throughout their operations.
This commitment to uphold good
SHE practices is reflected through our
compliance with industrial best practices,
international safety operating standards,
statutory and regulatory requirements
as well as our ongoing efforts to ensure
the best working environment for all
employees and the communities that we
operate in.
In 2014, we continued to ensure the
smooth implementation of the SHE
Management Framework which has been
designed to identify and assess hazards,
prevent unsafe acts and conditions,
maintain and improve employees’ health,
as well as enhance communication
on health and safety issues, among
others. By establishing targets and KPIs
for employees at every level within all
divisions and benchmarking these against
industry standards, we ensure that we
consistently meet all critical parameters
and maintain our leadership position
on the SHE management front, a key
strategic thrust for the Group.
Overall, the Group recorded better
performance in 2014 as compared to
2013 in terms of our health and safety
matters. The Group’s systematic and
structured approach towards hazard
management contributed to the significant
improvements in key areas. Our 2014
performance in comparison to 2013 is
outlined below:
Key Areas
No. of Fatality Cases
No. of Fines or Penalty
No. of LTI Cases
No. of Recordable Cases
Lost Time Injury Freq. (“LTIF”)
Total Recordable Case Freq (“TRCF”)
All Incidents
No. of Near Miss Cases
By ensuring an incident-free workplace, we are ensuring smoother and more efficient
operations which translates into overall cost savings for the Group.
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
Employees’ safety is held in the highest
regard at CCM and in 2014 we reinforced
safety measures throughout the Group by
rolling out several effective initiatives. Our
efforts included the Group New Employee
Safety, Health and Environment (“SHE”)
briefing, the Group/CCMC-PGW OHSAS
18001 for Safety and Health, the Group
First Aiders training and a Group Mock
Drill. Our SET3 Programme encourages
staff to take a few minutes to observe
safety hazards within the boundaries of
their workspace.
We also went out of our way to ensure
that our operations do not cause any
harm to the public. In the month of May
2014, our Chemical Emergency Services
(“CES”) Team successfully executed a
containment and clean up simulation
exercise of a chemical spill on the
Senai-Desaru Expressway. The mock
drill consisted of a reenactment of a
potential road accident involving vehicles
transporting hazardous chemicals and
other vehicles on a typical public road.
Led by CES, the hour-long exercise
involved the Senai-Desaru Expressway
Emergency Response Team (“SDEERT”),
the Royal Malaysian Police (“PDRM”),
the Fire and Rescue Department, the
Malaysian Highway Authority (“MHA”) and
the Department of Environment (“DOE”).
An emergency response team, complete
Our CES Team successfully executing
a mock drill at the Senai-Desaru
Bolstering Our Workplace Practices
with ambulances, was also on hand to
assist with a “severely injured” driver
and the “bodies” of two fatally injured
passengers. The drill provided CCM and
SDE’s Emergency Response Teams crucial
training in collaborating and coordinating
emergency operations with each other.
From 16-20 June 2014, CCM held its
Annual Group SHE Week with the theme
“Working Together towards a Sustainable
Tomorrow”. The week-long event featured
a line-up of activities that included aerobic
sessions, a SHE logo competition, a blood
donation drive by the National Blood
Centre, health checks conducted by the
National Kidney Foundation and a PNB
Knowledge Sharing session on “Holistic
Stress Management.” There was also an
array of exhibits from the Malaysian Civil
Defence Department, OSH Net and the
National Institute of Occupational Safety
and Health (“NIOSH”) which showcased
the importance of adopting SHE aspects
in our daily life.
To ensure that our employees are always
well informed on all aspects of SHE
practices, we publish a monthly e-bulletin,
Sustainability News. The e-bulletin serves
to inform our workforce on all SHE
matters as well as OE and Halal-related
news. By implementing these initiatives
within our operations, we have been able
to ensure workplace safety and reap the
benefits of having smoother and safer
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
In 2014, the Group received recognition for its good SHE performance and practices
when CCM Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. received the following awards at the CICM 11th
Responsible Care Awards:
CICM Gold Award
for Community
Awareness &
Response Code
CICM Gold Award
for Distribution
CICM Silver Award
for Pollution
Prevention Code
The month of September 2014 saw
CCM holding its 19th CCM Innovation
and Quality (“IQ”) Convention. The CCM
IQ Convention serves as a platform
for the various improvement projects
undertaken in the Group to be showcased
and shared amidst an atmosphere
of friendly competition. At this event,
teams presented their projects which
highlighted on how OE tools such as
the Lean Six Sigma methodology as
well as the Fishbone Diagram and Root
Cause Analysis were being leveraged
on to improve work processes. In 2014,
Sustainability Report 2014
CICM Silver Award
for Process Safety
Puan Rina Sarif, General Manager
Group Human Resources, proudly
displaying the Most Popular Graduate
Employer (Manufacturing - Chemicals
& Heavy Industries) Award.
CICM Silver Award
for Employee,
Health & Safety
seven projects from the Chemicals,
Fertilizers and Pharmaceuticals Divisions
were showcased at the event. The three
winning teams went on to participate in
the PNB Innovation and Quality Awards
Convention in November 2014 with each
team winning a consolation prize.
In line with our efforts to ensure
consistent quality processes throughout
the Group, CCM Innovative Solutions
Sdn. Bhd. and CCM Duopharma Biotech
Berhad received certification for their ISO
9001:2008 QMS, while CCM Fertilizers
Sdn. Bhd. received certification for
its MS1900:2005 QMS from Islamic
Workout session to inculcate healthy living
among employees.
Participants of MyMAP programme trying
their hand at selling CCM products.
The Way Forward
As CCM progresses forward,
we remain committed to
embedding responsible and
sustainable practices in our
total business operations
and value chain so that we
stand out as a model for
responsible and sustainable
corporate behaviour.
As we set our sights on delivering sustainable
business growth, we will continue to leverage all
sustainability programmes on PETIRR (Passion,
Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity, Responsible
and Respect). Thrusting forward on a continuous
improvement (Operation Excellence) way of
working, coupled with a strong Safety, Health and
Environment programme and Quality, Safe and
Hygienic (Halal) commitment, CCM will continue
to deliver impactful and tangible outcomes in the
areas of Environment, Community, Workplace and
Towards Sustainable Growth!
Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Sustainability Report 2014
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50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-2612 3888
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