2008 Annual Report



2008 Annual Report
changing lives
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report
PHOTO (COVER) BY JANINE SCHOOLEY // a woman stands proud with her newborn in tanzania, a country where pci is
bringing clean water to 30,000 people. PHOTO (left) BY JEFFREY BROWN // WOMEN CELEBRATE THE SUCCESS OF THEIR NEW
A year of change
message from the ceo
No one has demonstrated more powerfully
throughout his life the commitment to change
than Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest moral
and political leaders of the movement to end
injustice and poverty. In a speech on behalf of
the campaign to Make Poverty History he said,
“…poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it
can be overcome and eradicated by the actions
of human beings.”
Project Concern International’s (PCI) Annual
Report this year grows out of our conviction
that we can turn the tide on disease, malnutrition, and poverty, of our overwhelming experience that has taught us if we provide the tools
and resources people need they will lift themselves out of poverty and create a healthy, secure
future for their families. Our commitment is,
without question, to changing lives.
CEO Message......................................................1
Changing Lives.................................................2-3
Our programs: Engage...................................... 4-5
Our programs: Empower...................................6-7
Our programs: Transform..................................8-9
Where We Work............................................10-11
Our Supporters.............................................13-19
Our Mission
Project Concern International’s mission is to prevent
disease, improve community health, and promote
sustainable development.
Our Vision
Motivated by our concern for the world’s most vulnerable
children, families, and communities, Project Concern
International envisions a world where abundant resources
are shared, communities are able to provide for the health
and well-being of their members, and children and families
can achieve lives of hope, good health, and self-sufficiency.
For PCI, 2008 was a year of positive change.
Our impact and our outreach continued to grow
as we deepened our programs for orphans and
vulnerable children and nutrition security in
countries like Zambia, Ethiopia, and
Malawi, while setting the stage for a large-scale,
multi-year HIV prevention campaign in South
4.5 million
Africa beginning in 2009. We continued to
press Washington policy-makers for an integrated HIV/AIDS and food/nutrition security
strategy and were invited to give testimony
before Congress on the re-authorization of the
PEPFAR bill, which was signed into law in July.
We also provided urgently needed humanitarian
assistance to people suffering in the aftermath
of hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods in Haiti,
Peru, Mexico, and India, and the 2007
wildfires in Southern California.
Despite the growing crisis in the global economy and the personal challenges we are all
facing, our donors supported our work more
strongly than ever. The impact was never more
apparent than in meetings we had last summer
with an agricultural cooperative in rural Nicaragua, a women’s savings group in Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia, and a micro-credit group in Jaipur,
India. The stories these people shared with us
were truly inspiring, stories of extraordinary
change, of their lives changed for good.
Thank you for your confidence, your generosity,
and for all you are doing for PCI.
George Guimaraes
In 2008, Project Concern International reached a record 4,532,431 people
worldwide, providing them with the resources, tools, and knowledge they
need to overcome poverty.
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 1
Changing lives
engage. empower. transform.
hese words represent how Project
Concern International operates
and defines itself, and that definition guides the organization’s
work. The relationships between these three
concepts are closely linked. All three are essential to achieve real change, change that endures
over time, change that will break the cycle of
poor health and poverty. Our work is fueled
by the belief that we can break the cycle that
continues to keep communities desperately in
need and dependent on external support.
Change is more than just an idealistic vision.
For change to be real and true we must address
the underlying root causes of disease, malnutrition, and poverty. It requires a complete
understanding of local culture that comes from
listening, patience, and facilitative leadership.
In addition, it must build on what is going
right, what is positive and possible, rather than
simply fixing what is wrong.
True engagement, empowerment, and transformation come from a deep respect for diversity
and the understanding that the sharing of
knowledge and expertise creates real synergy,
greater impact, and lasting results. Project
Concern International does not view the people
and communities we serve as victims. We help
them to understand that they are the solution
to the problems they face, and we work to
minimize barriers that prevent the change they
We work to unleash the power that lies within
each person, and every community, facilitating a process of transformation that is both
empowering and engaging—not only for
the people and communities we serve, but
for those of us who work for Project Concern
International as well.
We work to unleash the power that lies within
each person, and every community...
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 2
1.4 billion
In 2008, the World Bank estimated that at least 1.4 billion people, roughly one
sixth of the global population, currently live at or below the poverty line.
PHOTO (left) BY dana bessenecker // pci staff and volunteers engage a community in el salvador in a discussion about
community sanitation pratices with hopes to change unhealthy habits. photo (bottom) by jeffrey brown // using
theatre, pci brings together zambiaN villagers to help educate them about the dangers and transmission of hiv/aids.
society in motion
f one person can change the world, what
could hundreds, or thousands, or millions do if bound together by a common
purpose? At Project Concern International, we believe that change begins with each
and every one of us, but we also understand the
collective power of a family, a community, or a
country to be an even stronger force. When a
society is motivated to work together toward a
certain outcome, the impact is felt by all.
The power of community
Reshma Devi, 36, is not unlike many women living in India today. She and her husband Arun live with their children in
Brahmpur village in the district of Bihar. Arun, the family’s sole bread winner, does not earn enough to cover the family
expenses, and he also suffers from tuberculosis, so much of his income is spent on medical expenses. The family’s poor
economic condition forced Arun to search for work outside of Bihar and, when he left, all of the family responsibilities
fell on Reshma’s shoulders. Aside from running a large family alone, Reshma faced numerous challenges such as repairing her home after the monsoon flooding and retrieving water daily from a local well far away from her home.
As a part of Project New Life, Project Concern International began working in Brahmpur, where Reshma became a
member of a PCI-supported self-help group. This group enables Reshma and other women participants to discuss family
issues, as well as receive emotional support from each other. Reshma is also able to participate in cash-for-work activities, such as debris cleaning and soil filling, which is helping her generate income and create some savings. Reshma told
us that she now has fewer worries because she has money to feed her family, safe drinking water from the hand pump
installed near her home by PCI, and a sanitary kit which has helped her family become aware of basic hygiene and
sanitation issues. Most importantly, after engaging with others in her community, she knows she is not alone and she has
found much-needed support and encouragement.
Through partnerships, group trainings, and
facilitation, Project Concern International works
with individuals, non-governmental organizations, private companies, country governments,
military groups, and communities to promote
lasting change. Through ground breaking
techniques such as social mobilization, creating local leadership teams, or forming women’s
self-help groups, Project Concern International
is effectively engaging people from all walks of
life to better understand the issues they face and
determine what they themselves can do to take
action for change now and into the future.
In Africa, we are helping villages address the
issue of HIV/AIDS through street theater
and workshops that educate people about the
disease and help them understand how they can
stop the spread of the virus. In Central America,
we are bringing communities together to build
new roads, much-needed water wells and latrines. In India, we are on-foot in impoverished
communities providing education, immunizations, care and support to prevent polio, as
well as home-based care to people living with
HIV/AIDS. And, in Indonesia, we have built
rural health posts to provide children with vital
disease-preventing immunizations and women
with information about hygiene and nutrition.
Our organization does not view itself as a sole
igniter of change, but an entity that motivates
people living in desperate poverty to believe in
their own capabilities. Women can be powerful,
men can provide for their families, children can
be assured a healthy life, and communities can
support each other if they are fully engaged and
2.6 million
Part of an engaged effort to end the polio epidemic in India, Project Concern
International reached just over 2.6 million people with lifesaving education and
immunizations in 2008.
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 5
PHOTO (right) BY uli heine // women in india find hope and opportunity through pci’s microfinance program that has
enabled over 2,400 women to receive loans and start their own businesses. photo (bottom) by pci/nicaragua staff //
farmers proudly show off their successful crop thanks to training and support from pci.
restoring strength and pride
illions of families are entangled
in a web of poverty, illiteracy,
environmental degradation,
and constant health threats
created by a lack of clean water and nutritious
food. Many have little or no access to vital
health care and are beset by devastating diseases
such as HIV/AIDS, polio, malaria, tuberculosis,
and many others.
Empowerment is key to breaking this cycle. To
empower is to provide individuals and communities with the tools and hope needed to take
command of their lives, to find the strength to
improve their surroundings, and to take charge
of the change they seek.
Thousands of people around the world are
currently benefiting from Project Concern
International’s economic empowerment
programs. Women in India are receiving
microloans to start businesses, training to enhance their skills, and emotional support from
their peers. Farmers in Central America are
learning new ways to grow stronger crops and
forming cooperatives to become competitive in
local and global marketplaces. In Africa, caretakers of children orphaned by AIDS have the
opportunity to come together as a community
to form savings groups, access educational opportunities in math and literacy, and create business opportunities that allow them to nurture
and support the growing number of children in
their care.
Project Concern International is finding
innovative ways to ensure people worldwide are
living stronger, healthier, more empowered lives
by providing the resources, education, training, and opportunity necessary for stability and
independence. Because of these opportunities
and many others, people are rising up from the
depths of poverty empowered to make a better
life for themselves, their children, and their
62 thousand
Project Concern International reached just over 62,000 people in 2008 with
microloans and training that allowed them to start or expand their own
businesses and increase household income, as much as three times.
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 6
The difference opportunity makes
The women of a PCI-trained, savings-led self help group in the Zambian village of Chilukamulonga can best be
described by one word: empowered. Ever since this particular group was created three years ago, 25 women have proven
to be nothing short of a blessing for the people – especially the orphans and vulnerable children – in their village.
Project Concern International provided these women with the tools and training they needed to develop microenterprise
ventures and manage their own village banks. Given skills in reading, writing, and basic financial literacy, these women
came to see themselves differently. Bound together as a group, they are generating real change in their lives, creating
their own businesses, and saving money.
Because of their success, these women have invested their time and money in supporting the young children of the village by aiding in the construction of a new school. The women donated resources such as grass and stones in addition to
drawing water to mold bricks. The school not only provides education and a safe place for children – its school feeding
program ensures children are not going hungry in a time when food is scarce and many are suffering from malnutrition.
Many of the women personally cook the meals for the children with pride, happy to support their communities and
invest in the care of a new generation, one that will not be left behind by the scourge of HIV/AIDS but will be
empowered to take responsibility for its own health and those of generations to come.
PHOTO (left) BY JEFFREY BROWN // in ethiopia’s remote afar region, children learn at aN alternative basic education
center, part of a pci effort to increase women’s rights in the region as well as provide young girls access to education. photo (bottom) by dana bessenecker // after the devastating 2004 tsunAmi in indonesia, two men share a joyful
moment thanks to the support programs provided by pci.
change from within
t Project Concern International, we
strive to create change that builds
upon foundations already laid. We
do not view the transformation of
a person, a family, or a community as something
that solely comes from outside forces, but rather
something that comes from within the person,
the family, and the community being served. We
work to nurture, guide, and support the change
that we believe is just waiting to happen, to unleash the potential for transformation that exists,
but has yet to be seen.
One of one billion: Martha’s story
Each day, Martha must choose between collecting water and selling vegetables, but for her the answer is always difficult.
“We must eat but water is life,” she says.
Martha lives in Tanzania’s Babati District, where less than 50 percent of the residents have access to clean water, leading
to a variety of illnesses such as diarrhea, cholera, and trachoma. Martha spends five hours each day drawing water from a
river bed, competing with other women in the village, as well as cattle owners, for this life-giving resource. She considers herself lucky to get four buckets of water per day for cooking, washing, and drinking. The community is tense, says
Martha, as standing in queues to collect water for such long periods of time creates a lot of stress. Although the women
in Martha’s village have formed a group to promote the development of their community and address critical issues, like
the lack of a nearby water source, they have little time to meet due to the time spent each day collecting water.
Martha is just one of over one billion people who lack access to any source of water within one kilometer of their home.
But Project Concern International aims to transform this current reality in Martha’s village and throughout Tanzania’s
Babati District by providing access to safe water and latrines to over 30,000 local community members. This effort to
bring new sources of water is made possible by a grant from the Starbucks Foundation - Ethos Water Fund. Working
with our partners in Tanzania, we hope to measurably influence the living standard throughout Babati District, developing a service model that can be adapted for other communities in Tanzania.
In the countries where we work we meet people
every day who are desperate for change, mothers
and fathers who want not only to make a better
life for themselves, but who are also ready and
willing to put in the work it takes to achieve that
goal of transformation.
In Africa we are helping women transform from
victims of abuse and violence into women of
strength and ability. We are helping communities ravaged by HIV/AIDS regain strength and
health by providing access to nutritious food and
antiretroviral therapy. In Central America, we
are helping infants and mothers survive child
birth by providing education on safe, sanitary
delivery techniques and newborn care as well as
access to healthcare. In Indonesia, we are helping
transform the way villages prepare for disasters
and manage scarce water supplies. In India, we
are working to ensure that children who live on
the streets have shelter, food, and a chance for a
reasonable education.
Although our work is varied, we have an overriding goal: to break the cycle of poverty within
communities that face the threat of disease, lack
of water, and food, and the difficulty of little or
no economic opportunity. Successful transformation can be seen in every community in which we
work – lower maternal and child deaths, a rise
in household incomes, the reduction of disease,
greater access to clean water, and the ability to
grow more productive crops. Most of all, we find
people who were once living in despair now living lives of opportunity and better health, hope,
and prosperity.
1 million
Project Concern International programs providing food and nutrition security,
access to clean water and sanitation, and ensuring mothers and child stay
healthy reached just over one million people worldwide in 2008.
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 9
Project Concern International assisted 4,532,431 people living in poverty last year with lifesaving
support such as healthcare, clean water, and economic opportunity. With 47 years of
experience, our global headquarters in San Diego and our Washington, D.C. office currently
supports programs throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas.
asia & south asia
In two of the most populous countries in the world, India and Indonesia, Project
Concern International served 3,024,773 people, providing access to health services, water and sanitation, and humanitarian assistance.
Where Project Concern International
presently works:
South Africa
The Americas
El Salvador
United States
Where Project Concern International
has worked in the past:
The Americas
Hong Kong
Papua New Guinea Honduras
The Gambia
Project Concern International Headquarters, San
Diego, California and our Washington, DC office
the americas
Through its various programs supporting those in need, Project
Concern International’s reach continued to grow last year in the
Americas, reaching 1,357,600 beneficiaries in Bolivia, Mexico,
Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, and the United States.
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 10
Project Concern International added three countries to its portfolio in 2008 and served almost
160,000 beneficiaries with intensity of services appropriate for communities hit hard by HIV/
AIDS. It is anticipated that in 2009 several million additional beneficiaries will be served.
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 11
Financial highlights
Cash Support Government
Investment income
Non-Cash Support Contributions, in-kind
Agricultural commodities
Total support and revenue
Program Services
Supporting Services
Management & general
Change in unrestricted net assets
Change in temporarily restricted net assets
Change in permanently restricted net assets
Total change in net assets
Beginning of year
End of year
$ 2,533,767
$ 4,607,222
Total expenses
Our supporters
FY 2007
FY 2008
The achievements of Project Concern International would not be
possible without the support of the individuals, companies,
Children and community members celebrate at the inaugaration of a newly
build village well in Nicaragua.
governments, and partners who are part of PCI’s global community.
This list includes unrestricted donations and program-specific monies
awarded by organizations during the 2008 fiscal year including multi-year grant awards by which the donors are
listed for the full gift amount. The list also recognizes individual donors who supported Project Concern International with unrestricted gifts during the time period of October 1, 2007 through December 31, 2008. If we
inadvertently omitted your name from our list of donors, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know so
that we can rectify the error. You may do so by emailing Uli Heine at [email protected] or calling (858)
279-9690, extension 323.
n Program services
n Management & general
n Fundraising
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 12
n Government
n Contributions
n Contributions, in-kind
n Agricultural commodities
n Other
$1,000,000 +
AmeriCares Foundation, Inc.
Australian Agency for International
Family Health International
President’s Emergency Plan for
AIDS Relief
Starbucks Foundation/
Ethos Water Fund Suzlon Foundation
United Nations Children’s Fund
United States Agency for
International Development
- Displaced Children and
Orphans Fund
- Global Development Alliance - Office of United States Foreign Disaster Assistance
United States Department
of Agriculture
United States Department
of Defense
United States Department
of Health and Human Services
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
- Health Resources and Services Administration
World Vision
$100,000 - $999,999
Alternative Gifts International
Bolivian Municipality Governments
Jean-Raymond and Nathalie Boulle
California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS
Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS
Initiative, Inc.
CORE Group FINCA International
Gem Foundation
Hapke Family Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
Kelly International Corporation Ltd.
Ron and Lucille Neeley
Norwood Resources Ltd. of Canada
Program for Appropriate Technology
in Health
Qualcomm Wireless Reach
Railway Children United Kingdom
Bonnie and Rick Rule
San Diego County Health and
Human Services Agency Suzlon Infrastructure Ltd. The California Wellness
University of Washington / I-TECH
United States Department of State
- Bureau of Democracy, Human
Rights and Labor
- Office to Monitor and Combat
Trafficking in Persons
World Food Programme World Learning
$50,000 - $99,999
Avon Foundation
Better World Together Foundation
The Boeing Company
Tim Brosnan and The Small
Finca International, Inc.
General Electric Foundation
Gutierrez Foundation
Izumi Foundation
Kellogg Foundation Kevin E. and Dorothy V. Moley
Office of the First Lady of Guatemala
Public Health Institute
Sempra Energy
$25,000 - $49,999
Faraway Foundation
Food for the Hungry
The Government of Mexico
International Community Foundation
Laurie C. McGrath
William C. and Janie McQuinn
The Parker Foundation
Planned Social Concern
Larry and Jan Pritts
Public Health Foundation Enterprises
Sabin Children’s Foundation
Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control
Haeyoung and Kevin Tang
Lawrence A. and Mary Lynn Weitzen
Western Athletic Club
Zensar Foundation
$10,000 - $24,999
Salomón Cohen Achmi
Karl A. Achterkirchen
Against Malaria Foundation
AMB Foundation
Vicki and Moíses Barón
Bob and Darcy Bingham
The Bishop’s School
Brush Foundation
Bushrod H. Campbell and
Adah F. Hall Charity Fund
Rafael Carrillo
Catholic Relief Services
Charles See Foundation
Child in Need Institute
Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints
County of San Diego
Cubic Corporation
Michael and Rebecca Driver
Angel Fernandez
First Republic Bank
George G. and Mary Beth E.
Harbrecht Charitable Foundation
David and Ann Hunter-Welborn
John E. and Padmini Johns
Harold Jow
Nevins and Margaret McBride
Javier Moreno
Anne Otterson
Pfizer Inc.
Nancy and Robert Plaxico
Qualcomm Incorporated Corporate
Giving Program
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 13
Donor and board member Larry Weitzen meets the children benefiting from a Project
Concern International managed posyandu (health post) in rural Indonesia.
Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society
Julie and Robert S. Sullivan
Tamil Nadu AIDS Initiative
Chris and Rebecca Twomey
Voluntary Health Services
David Wicker and the Wicker
Family Foundation
Walter and Stefanie Zable
Irwin and Florence Zahn
$5,000 - $9,999
American International Group Inc.
John and Raffaella Belanich
Carmen Bianchi
Mary Alice and Ronald P. Brady
Christa and Walt Burke
Matt and Lisa Chanoff
John D. and Kathy M. Collins
Karen Z. and Carter Cox
Dann S. and Phoebe DeMund
Friends of the World Food Program
Greg and Valerie B. Frost
Lawrence and Patty Fulton
Jill D. and Jerold D. Hall
Daniel A. and Caroline R. Hamlin
Shirley and Don Hansen
Robert S. and Karen Hoehn
Don Ings
Jones Day
Donald Makosky
Barbara Malk
Philip and Dana L. Matthews
Mary Gaylord McClean
Sebron A. and Sharon McQueen
Mercy Corps
Marilyn S. Redner
Reebok Foundation
Safeco Insurance
The San Diego Foundation
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter,
and Hampton
Surfaid International
Union Bank of California, N.A.
United States / Mexico Border
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 14
Health Commission
University of California, San Diego
University of San Diego
Barbara and Bill Van Aken
Whiting Arnold Foundation
$1,000 - $4,999
Perry Abbott
Adirondack Community Trust
Patricia Alvarez and Stephen
Ambac Assurance Corporation
The Association of PVO Financial
Ayuda: Help for Latin America
Thomas Baker
David M. and Elizabeth Balfour
Bank of America
William and Lisa Barkett
BBG Communications, Inc
Biogen Idec Foundation
Bernard S. and Heidi S. Blotner
Rochelle and William Bold
Glynn and Colette Bolitho
Christopher Buerner
Thomas Bumol
Michelle and Jim Bunch
California Title Company
The Capital Group Companies
Sean E. and Evelyn C. Carpenter
Ellen M. and George Casey
Ben F. and Janet K. Castaneda
Penny Caughey
Jeff and Linda Church
John Cihomsky
Linda M. Cipriani
Clark C.A.R.E.S. Foundation
Jeff Colborn
Christina Collins
Combined Federal Campaign
(Philadelphia Area)
Mary Ann Combs
Jill Considine and Martin H.
Aaron Contorer
Barbara K. and Jack Cook
Paula A. Cordeiro and David O’Brien
Ruth M. Covell and Harold Simon
Cox Communications
Julie A. Crockford
Richard and Nancy Crosby
Betty J. and Gary DeBusschere
Matthew DeVol
Katherine R. DiFrancesca
Anthony J. and Theresa DiVita
Brenda Dizon and Morgan Mallory
Dr. Seuss Foundation
Iris and Gerd Eckstein
Dale R. and Melinda A. Egeberg
Steve Eilenberg
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric
AIDS Foundation
Diego and Yvonne Espinosa
Judy and Larry Ettinger
John S. and Jane G. Ewing
Celeste Feffes
Walter J. and Carol Fegley
Franco Ferrari
Michael S. and Miriam Ferris
Elliot and Diane Feuerstein
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Gary W. and Cindy L. Fischer
Alicia T. and Charles Foster
Foundation for the Children of
the Californias
Barbara Freeman
George Gates and Barbara Bashein
Ivan Gayler
Samantha Ghiselli
Phil and Charlene Giordano
Jon Gordon and Ali Smith
Sandra D. Gordon
Peter L. Gove
Kuljinder and Manjit Grewal
Raymond Grieselhuber
Erminia M. Guarneri
Bonnie and Andy Guhl
Philip R. and Susan Gulstad
Imelda and Mehmet Guzeldere
Sandra Hadley and James
Van de Water
Rick Hall
Fabienne and Terry Hanks
Eloisa Haudenschild
Susan A. Hawken
Lou Hefley
John Heine
Uli and Mark Heine
Beth A. Heinecke
Dan Henderson
Gail A. Henderson
Richard Henne
Highland-Mills Foundation
Jerry and Ingrid Hoffmeister
Kurt I. Honold
Robert and Rebecca Horowitz
George S. Howard and
Kimberly Stewart
Daniel S. and Sharon Huffman
James Hughes and Carmen Vargas
Marie and David Jarcho
Larry and Kathy Joseph
Mel and Linda Katz
Cynthia Keesan
Paula and Paul Kelly
Stephanie and Ben Klein
Ann Kohl
La Posta Casino
Ed and Karen Lane
Andrew M. and Marsha M. Lewis
Gerald and Ann Lipschitz
Mark Lipton
Catherine Mackey
Anthony E. and Regina Magit
Fred M. Mahan
Maleah and Dennis Crumpler
Frank and Jean Matthews
Patty Mayer
Sandra L. McBrayer and
Maurice Lawyer
Jim and E.G. McGinn
M. L. McGrath
David M. and Margie McGuigan
Marina McKenzie
Medco Health Solutions, Inc.
Annette and Simon Monagas
Lee Monozon and Gerard Brown
Terry Moore
Michelle Morgan
Moss Adams LLP
Richard G. Murphy
Marcela and Amy Muzquiz
National University
Gail Naughton
Alison Neeley and Hector Jimenez
Beth K. and David Nelson
Gregory and Jenny Lee Nesbitt
New Car Dealers Association
of San Diego County
Ray Noxsel
William O’Brien
Mark and Rossana O’Donnell
John W. and Lisbet O’Neil
Eric and Benedicte Otterson
John W. and Gabriele Otterson
Robert Phillips
Cheryl H. and Cliff Pia
Norma Plante
John Potter
Procopio Cory Hargreaves &
Savitch LLP
Pune International Marathon Trust
Quidel Corporation
Rhino Linings
Patricia A. Riley
Jane S. Ringel
Saks Fifth Avenue
Bertha H. Sanchez
Janine and Wilson A. Schooley
Lisa and Dan Schroder
Pamela N. and Kenneth Sharpe
Thomas T. and Peggy Shuen
Ronald Solar and Sharyl Rosen-Solar
Soroptimist International of
the Americas Inc.
Soroptimist International of La Jolla
The Spartanburg County Foundation
Dennis Stanger
Thomas L. Stephenson
Dorothy Stubbendieck
Alex Sun
Gayle and Phil Tauber
UC San Diego Extended Studies
and Public Programs
Universal Shipping Co., Inc.
Alfredo and Kathy Valverde
Andrew and Gina Viterbi
Voices of Women
Richard R. and Jeanne C. Waite
Weber Shandwick Worldwide
The Patricia and Christopher Weil
Family Foundation
Westlake Women’s Club
Suzy and Kenneth Westphal
Katherine D. White
World Health Organization / Pan
American Health Organization
Zenith Insurance Company
$50 - $999
Robin Abcarian and Tom Kiester
Lawrence and Barbara Abelin
Karla Abulhusn
Elena Acevedo
Geoffrey R. Achison
Katherine Adams and Linden Blue
Loren Adler
Santiago J. and Cecilia Aguerre
Vivek Ahya
Dee Aker
Henrietta Alderfer
Alice Alexander
Elenore Alickman
Brianna Allen
Daniel Almance
Connie Alvarez
Kirjah K. Amantea
Mariana and Tony Amatullo
Nancy Ambruster
American Association of
University Women
Ella Amir
Sean Amos
Lee Yen and Mark Anderson
Terrell Anderson
William Anderson
Lauren Andrews
Zameel Ansari
Nan Aposhian
Wanda Appel
Soraya Aragundi
Adrian and Carmen Arce
Lina Aristeo
Renu Arjun
Gerardo Armenta
Jay and Carol Arnett
Amanda Arnold
Bahram Askari and Sylvia Lepe-Askari
Shirley Asmussen
Jennifer Aubin
Dolores M. Backman
John R. Balint
Lucille Bandel
Jane Barber
Tom and Terri Barnum
Janice Barringer and David Core
Roger and Fay Barrows
Jason Barry
Erica Barton and Robert Oheir
Traci Ann Bass
LouAnn Baudrand
Kearn Bayes
Donna Bean
Charlotte Beatty
Lynn S. Beebe
Lauren Behr
Christine Behrend
Della and Aaron Belansky
John Belcher
Alyssa Bellew
Michelle Bello
Rita and Jon Belmonte
Connie J. Bemiller
Rebekah and Matt Bennett
Jean C. Benson
Lemlem Berhe
Lynda F. and Joseph H. Berman
Andie Bernard
Henry and Marilyn Berns
Joan Bernstein
Carol Berringer
Jeffrey and Susan M. Berson
Daniel Berstein
Chris and Dana Bessenecker
Jessi Betancourt
Manish Bhagnaru
Mahesh and Nirupa Bhave
Kimberly Biehl
Yaz and Firoza Bilimoria
Liliana Binner
Emma Birch
James Biskey
Launa Blackburn
Rosie Blasaio
Steven L. and Jo Ann Blauer
Judy M. Blevins
Rebecca L. Blevins
John Boaz
William and Louise K. Boehm
Leslie Bojorquez
Karin Booher
Cyndy and Matt Booker
Ginger L. and David Boss
William C. and Rose M. Boster
Amy Bourne
Betsy Bowie
Glenda Boyer
Pamela Boynton
Rebeca M. Boyte
Audrey M. Bracka
Rosalie Bradham
David Brandner
Melessa Bratten
Ary Braun
Christopher Brauneis
David W. Brennan
Alex Briber
Emily Brister
Janae Brister
Grant Brittain
Jonette R. Bronson
Kristy Brookes
Betty Brown
Betty E. and Thomas Brown
Bob D. Brown
Charlie Brown
Richard and Ruth Brown
Thomas F. Brown
William J. and Barb Brown
David Bruno
Denise and Philip Buccola
Beverly Buchanan
Amanda D. Buchhalter
Brian J. Buckner
Tootsie and Tom Buckshnis
Matthew Burke
Project Concern International board member Richard Taylor receives a ceremonious
welcome during his trip to see the positive effects of PCI’s work first-hand in India.
William Burke
John Burnette
Cathe Burnham
Nancy Bushnell
Alejandro Bustamante
Brindley Buultjens
Lucas Calhoun
Jennifer Cameron
Rebecca Campalans
Alfred W. and Christiann N.
Kim Candlish
Barbara Cannon
Mary S. Cappadonna
Candace M. Carroll and
Leonard B. Simon
John K. Carter
Catherine A. Casey
Linda Castile
Margarita Castro
Maryellen Castro
Margaret Cavallin
Karen Cebreros
Pamela Centeno
Meenakshi Chakraverti
Lucky Chan
Amelia Chandler
Carol Chang
Pia Chapman
Richard Chapman
Charco Financial LLC
Juliet Chavarria
Annette M. Chavez and Greg Davis
Nikoochehr and Jack Chitayat
Effie P. Chow
CIC Research Inc.
Angela Clark
David Clark
James C. Clark
Arlee and Lynn Claypool
Mary E. Cline
Michele Clough
Kerri Coakley
Barbara and Richard Cohen
Cass and Sandy Colbourne
Coldwell Banker Fundraising
Kenneth and Jean Colling
Roy A. Collver
Jessica Colon
Roger G. and Joan R.Combe
Brenda Congdon
Joe Connaughton
Sandra Conners
Sierra Cook
Thomas and Sandra Cook
Dave Core
Madeline Court
Carina Courtright
Denise A. Covington
Eleanor Cowie
Ronald Cox
Karen S. Crawford
Jud Cremata
Jerome and Janis Cripe
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 15
Donor and board member Cheryl Pia enjoys a moment with a patient at Casa Materna
during her trip to visit Project Concern International’s programs in Guatemala.
Kelly Crittle
Derek Cronmiller
Michael Crotty
Joyce Cruz
Dolores Cuenca
W Brock Cummings
Michelle Cusiter
Megan Dagnino
Cari Damoose
Victoria J. Danzig
Patrick Dare
Roland Dare
Sharon Dare
Susan-Lee Darnall
Jeff and Joan Davidow
Kristin Davidson
TD Davidson
Alan and Leanne Davis
Carol and Ken Davis
Hing and Lillian Dear
Darius Degher
Robert C. and Patricia DeGroot
Anton Delin
Geoffrey S. and Dorsey D. Delong
Samantha Demers
Margaret DeReus
Kenneth and JoAnn DeSmit
Irene Devine
Karendeep Dhillon
Melinda Diamond
Annie Dibble
David Diggle
Sandra Dixon
Jean Dobey Ourega
Dojo Of The Four Winds
Linda Dolwig
Burgandy and Alexandra Donati
Mary Donnelly
Lauren S. Donner
Brian and Jennifer Dorsey
Joanna Douglass
Richard Dow
Patricia Downer
Marylu Downing and Roger F. House
Mary Drake
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 16
Ken Druck
Heather Dryver
Gloria and Lewis Duckor
Audrey DuFresne
Thomas and Diane Dugard
Ilene B. Durst
Virginia J. Duys
Catherine O. Dyer
Jancina Dyer
Max and Barbara Dykmans
Jillian Eaden
Mathews Eapen
Earth’s Choice
Edward D. Earl and Sue Eidson
Lizbeth Ecke
Edible Arrangements
James and Joan Edwards
Norbert Ehrenfreund
Max and Melisse Elliott
Robert and Eleanor Ellsworth
Phil Elsbree
Peggy A. Elting
Energy Communications Corporation
Eleanor and Nicholas C. English
Envison Beauty
R. M. Ethridge
Page Fairchild
Stephanie Fakharzadeh
Richard S. and Dorothy A. Falk
Stephen Fallica
Joan Fay
Elizabeth and Norman Feinberg
James Fiack
Philip Fine
Lee Finkel
First American Home Buyers
Protection Corp
First Pacific Bank
Suzanne Fitzpatrick
Anna R. Fitzsimmons
Edward L. Flom
Frank and Sharon Foerster
Johanne Fontaine
Andrew Ford
Hilda and Ronald Ford
Jennifer Forest
Christopher A. and
Elizabeth C. Forster
Angela Foster
Kerri Foster
Foundation For Women
Richard and Corinne Fowler
Robert and Marjorie S. Fowler
Greg Fox
Jennifer Fox
Krystal Franco
Margaret L. Franklin
Yvette Franklin
Avi Franklin-Casseres
Elizabeth Fraser
Ezekiel and Rose Freed
David Freedman
Diane and Jonathan Friedman
Jessica Friedman
Natasha S. Friedus
Matthew Friend
Eugene Frosio
Mary Fullenkamp
Eric Fuller
Patricia A. Fuller
Ava L. Fullerton
Judith Fullerton
Michael and Dana Fulton
Joy S. Furby
Ann K. Gaarder
Tom Gable
Courtney Gaertner
Catherine Gagnieux
Andres Galeano
Dorothea F. and Robert S. Gales
Elizabeth Galligan
Keith A. Galloway
James and Ruth Garrison
Carolina Garza
Kristi Gasaway
Audrey Geisel
Gemini Computer Group
Alexis George
Robert S. Gerber
Carol and Tom Germain
Jillian Gerngross
Vicki J. Geyer
Vishal Ghariwala
Eran Gil
Rhoda L. Gilbert
Cameron Gilbertson
Monique Gilles
Wendy Gillespie
Dwight Gilliland
Joseph Giordano
Eleanor Girard
Girl Scouts of the Piedmont,
Troop #19
Judy and Jerry Gizdich
Gretchen Glazener
Paula Glazer
Paul Glickman
Peter Gober
Michele Golay
Sandra Golding
Patricia Gonzalez
Gentra A. and Jane M. Goodwin
Mary L. Goodwin
Richard G. and Judith E. Grabhorn
Grace and Flavour
Pamela Graham
Roger and Polly Graham
Jeffrey and Catherine Granett
April and Ryan Grant
Juliana Grant
Kelly Grebert
F. L. Green
Kristen Green
Matt Green
Sarah Greenham
Jas Grewal and Suren Dutia
Evangeline Griepenstroh
Kathleen Griffin
Nigel Grindley
William A. and Deanna Grinnell
Richard Griswold
Pauline Gronstad
Mary Gross
Danny Hageman
Heidi Hahn
Carlyn J. Halde
Melinda Hall
Ann Marie Hall-Fiske
Sarah Halstead
Kurt and Bettina Halvorsen
William and Susan F. Hamill
Oona Hamlin
Kenyon C. Hammack
David B. and Alison G. Hamrick
Seymour Hanan
William Hanisek
Michael and Michelle Hannah
David and Michaeli Hansen
Andrew Hapke
Rodney E. and Marie T. Harley
Robert Harrington
T. George Harris
Joanne D. and Paul Hart
Stan Hartman
Louise Harty
Salah M. Hassanein
Brian Hassler
Erin J. Hawk
Robert and Betty Hawkins
Happy Hawn
Bryan Head
Jacqueline Headly
Nicole Heath
Cassandra Hegarty
Helen P. Heidenreich
Ernst and Roslyne Heimann
Greg and Kerstin Heinzinger
Eileen Helbig
Simona Hellinger
Susanne Henie
James C. Henry
Rebecca Herman
Heritage Escrow
Erika Hernandez
Laura Hernandez
Ingrid Hibben
Frances M. Hicks
Deborah Hickson
Farid Hilal
Irene Hilton
Lisa Hinickle
Barbara Hitt
Lisa Hitt
Rebecca Ho
Frank and Janet Hoak
Nancy Hobson
Natalie Hodgkin
Carol Hoffmeister
Gerald Hoffmeister
Jeffrey Hoffmeister
Ted and Diane Hogencamp
Joan Hogge
Peter J. Hohnstein and
Deborah J. Schark
Amy and E. Holbein
Elsa Holford
Adam L. Holkeboer
Julia Holladay
Albert and Elaine Holm
Sandra Holt
Homes & Land Magazine
Lauren Horsley
Burgandy Hosbein
Carolyn Housman
Christopher Howells
Hub City Coffee
Karolina Hubner
Ashley Huck
Johanna Hueter
Huff Stutler Properties
Kelly Hughes
Margaret B. Humleker
Frances Hunter
Kristina Hunter
Peter W. Hutchins
Edward Hutman
Stephen Huyler
Geri Ibarra
ImportantGifts, Inc.
Independent Charities of America
Installation Gallery
IPS Investment Properties
Katie Irish
Islands Planning Co.
Margaret Ivory
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
David W. Jackson
Joseph Jacob
Alan and Nora T. Jaffe
Bryan James
Maciek Janicki
Kathryn Jarrett
Donald and Dorothy S. Jenkinson
Frances M. and Robert L. Jensen
Malana Jerrilyn
Ulli S. Jesse
Judith Jessup
Ricardo Jimenez
Nancy Jo Clow Living Trust
Jagan John
Bonny Johnson
Marcia Johnson
Suzanne P. Johnson
Jeffrey M. Johnsrud
Amanda Jones
Betsy Jones
Catherine Jones
Jason Jones
Laura Jones
Roger K. and Catherine Jones
Patricia C. and David A. Jordan
Gilman Jung
Kadence Business Research
Nancy and Michael G. Kaehr
Nancy Kampmeier
Jennifer Kanak
Uday Kanamalla
Ruth Kaplan
Gene Karmelek
Avnish Katoch and Pamila Rathore
Jennifer Z. and Christopher Kaufman
Jonah Keane
Teri Kelley
Project Concern International supporter Stefanie Zable meets the women benefiting from
PCI’s microfinance program in India.
Katherine Kelly
Stephanie Kelly
James Kennedy
Sheila Kenny
Jaber Khan
Mohammed Khan
Roxanna Kharaud
Andrea R. Kidrick
Lucy Killea
Charles and Maureen P. King
Molly King
Robert J. King
Virginia King
Peter J. Kingsley
Kathy Kinney
Carolyn Kinsman
Laurel Kirkland
Ray Kirkwood
Amy Kiss
Brad Kittredge
Kiwanis Club of Rehoboth Beach
Kiwanis Club of West Geauga
Richard and Monica Kiy
Fredrick and Angelina Kleinbub
Todd E. Kobernick
Carrie L. Koenig
Nancy Kohlenberg
John F. and Judith Kovarik
Lael H. and Jay Kovtun
Derek and Kelly Kozlowski
K’Phe C. Kreckler
Laura Krneta
Ken and Barbara Kubarych
Sara Kulander
Nancy Kureshi
Diana Kutlow
Sam Kuykendall
Michael Lacourse
La Jolla Country Day School
Akbar Ladak
Steve Ladd
Denis Lafontaine
Carolyn Laframboise
John Lally
Carol and John Landis
John Landis
Landmark National Bank
Douglas and Susan Lane
Susan K. Langford
Eileen LaRosa
Marquisa LaVelle
Robert Lavin
Ed Law
Risley Lawrence
Ryan Lazanis
Andrew Lederer
Brian Lee
On Yi Lee
Leslie and Paul Lemberg
John Lemmo
Sidney M. Lennox-King
Joseph L. Leporati
George Leuchs
Indra Levy
Rodney Lewis
Pascale L’Heureux
Susan Lichtenstein
Judith Lienhard
Maria Limas
Peter Linder
Brooke Lindsay
Michael and Beatriz C. Liner
Bonnie Lipscomb
Mike and Deb Livingston
Maria L. Lliteras
Virginia S. Loh
Eliezer and Diana Lombrozo
Blanca L. Lomeli and Jorge Valdivia
Veronica Lomeli
Patrick Loofbourrow
Angela Lopez
Marc W. and Lynette S. Lorenzen
Wendy A. and Brian A. Lovatt
Lee J. Loventhal
Annette Lowry
Michelle Luker
Elizabeth Lynn
John C. and Barb Lynskey
Kevan and Michael Lyon
Alicia R. MacArthur
Patricia Machin
Julie Maciel
Amanda MacLean
Madhu and Nacha Madhavan
Linda Malcolm
Ruth Malin
Patricia A. Manning
Conrad F. Mar
Bonnie Maratea
Larry D. Marcus
Elizabeth Marinelli
David Marinoff
Maida M. Markarian
Matt Marovich
Roy Marquez
Amy Marrero
Sally B. Martin
Steve Martin
Dorothy N. Marvel
Donald F. and Beverly Massey
Seth Matson
John Matty
Maxwell Chiropractic Health
Center, Inc.
Stefania Mazzoni
Laura McCaffrey
Katie McCall
James P. McCarthy
Tony McCarthy
Katherine McConnell
Christopher H. McCoy
Cynthia McCoy
Elizabeth McDonald
Lauren McDonald
Patrice McElroy
Melinda McFadden
Terry McGann
Christine N. McGinn
Edna J. McGinn
Tim McGinn
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 17
Tom McGinnity
Katherine Mcglothlin
Mary McKenzie
Brian J. McMahon
John McMullan
Leanne McMurtrie
Ann K. McNeilly
Mary Jo McPherson
Timothy and Natalie McQueen
Maureen F. Meadows
John Meister
Christie Melear
Andrei Melnikov
Men of the Church Second
Sanand Menon
Dominic and Laura Mercaldo
Marco and Beth Mercaldo
David Merin
Suzanne Merrill-Nach and Gary Nach
Nasrin Mesdaq
Edward B. and E.H. Meservey
David Meyer
Microsoft Giving Campaign
S. A. and Bertha C. Mikalson
Ellen M. Milan
Michael Milan
Theodore A. Milby
James S. and Estelle D. Milch
Ashley Miller
Carole A. Miller
Catherine Miller
Jeff Miller
Jeremiah Miller
Matthew Miller
Mike Miller
Sherry Miller
Mingei International Museum
Paul Mirowski
Rosslyn Moar
Trina Moen
Venus M. Molina
Ralph B. and Patricia Montee
Benton Moore
Charlotte Moore
George L. Moore
L. A. Moore
Terry Moore
Julieta Moran
Katelyn Moran
Gretchen Morgan
William R. Morris
Bethany G. Morton
David J. and Karmen Moseley
Robert and Joany Mosher
Glenn Mueller
Frederick Mui
Anna B. Munch
Carlota C. Munroe
Brooke Murphy
Elizabeth Naficy
Gordon Nagare
Kathy Nahunm
Irma Najera
Ralph Naragon
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 18
Joyce Nathan and Russ T. Gold
Nationwide Mutual Insurance
Bahram Nazardad
Sherri Neasham
Carol J. Nees
Katherine Neisser
Jennifer Nelson
Catherine V. Neto
Network for Good
New Americans Museum
Adrian and Anita Newman
Blaine Newman
Wendy Newman
Luong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen
Charles and Tracy Nichols
Yasmin Noori
Susan O. Nordenger
North County Professionals
Karin Northfield
Courtney Nunns
Mariela Nuza
DJ O’Brien
Mark O’Connell and Lisa Suzuki
Susan D. O’Daffer
Mallie and Joe Odle
Susan O’Donnell
John O’Flynn
Emma Ogden
Marilyn O’Hair
Anita OHart
Robert Ohier
Christina O’Keefe
Earl and Marian Olson
Marian N. Olson
Teri Olson
Mary Orellana
David Owen
Thomas Owens
Eliana and Gabriel Pacheco
Patrick Pacheco
Pacific General Builders
Danielle Pakenham
Murray and Lisa Palmer
Sheila A. Palmer
Joseph D. and Karin Panetta
Mariachiara C. and Alberto Pappone
Vidisha Parasram
David Parker
Laura A. Parker
Genevieve Parsons
Kellogg Parsons
Rod E. Parsons
Sushma and Mukesh Patel
David Paton
Marion Paul
Salena L. and Bobby Paul
Susan M. Payne
Amy Pedotto
Enayati Pedram
Al and Nancy Pellizzer
Royce and Joyce Pepin
Sherry and Michael Perry
Rebecca Perthel
Sharon Peters
Darielle and John Peugh
Barry and Elizabeth Phillips
Richard and Brigitte Phillips
Robert and Hollyce Phillips
Robert and Lois Phillips
Anne M. Pickett
Linda and James Pierog
Cheri Pierre
Renee Pietrangelo
Jennifer Piscopo
G. Planer
William Plaxico
William and Rosemary Pletcher
Robert B. Ponting and Elisa Arias
Leal M. Portis
Lawrence and Sandra Post Family
Kristina Potter
Idania Prado
Vincent Prager
David and Karen S. Price
Judith Price
The Private Banker
Property J.D Corporation
Michael and Eglantine Proto
Marek Przykorski
Mukesh Punjabi
Sonya Quintanilla
Brian Quock
R. M. Mattox & Associates, LLC
Elizabeth Rabbitt
John M. and Patti Radak
Summer Radford
Judith Radke
Rampart High School
Ranco Reality Group
Ramesh Rao
Rappahannock County High School
Alex J. and Susan Ravnik
Priya Reddy
Christopher Redekop
John R. Reed
Steven Reed
Rehana Rehman
Rebecca and Ricardo Reichmann
Robin Reid
Patricia Renzi
Paul Renzoni
Rescue Task Force
Kerrie Resendes
Simeon Retz
Maria L. Reyes
Steve Rhine
Chester T. Rice
Shirley Rice
Vangie C. Rich
Lynn Richmond
Pat and Gina Richmond
Morag Riddell
Cheryl Riedel
Daniel Riesenberg
George and Jeannette Rigsby
Kathryn Rippy
Lydia I. Rivera
Nancy Robbins
Randy S. Robbins and Helena Stage
Herbert K. Robertson
Ewa Robinson
Martha Robinson
Anabel Rodriguez
Tricia Rodriguez
Selena Rogers
Frank M. Rojek
Darrell Rolando
Amanda Roman
Dan and Laura Roos
Robert Rosati
Siobhan Rose
Ellen Rosenberg
Ryan Rowe
Marjorie Rowe-Callisto
Alison A. Royle
Rozok LLC
Chris Rubio
Phillip B. and Shawn E. Ruggeiro
Jose Ruiz
Sandra Ruiz
Socorro and Gabriel Ruiz
Grace G. Runjala
James Russell
Patrick, Michael, & Sachie Ruwet
Steven Saeta
Tom and Lorna Saiz
Isabel Salcedo and
Ramiro Hernandez
Jennifer Sall
Denis Sampson
James Samuelson
Meri Samuelson
San Diego Society of Natural History
Amelia and Eduardo Sanchez
Gloria Sandvik
Katherine M. Sanford
Yoko Sawai
Jane Scanland
Edward J. Schaaf
Gregory Schaefer
Ruth Schaefer
Mark and NK Schmidt
Fred and Lynda Schnepper
Marc E. and Jodi C. Schnoebelen
Barbara Schramm
Wendy Schultz
Jean F. Schulz
Beverly Schwartz
Eileen Schwartz
George and Patti Schwartz
Jill Secard
Jason Sedaros
Nancy Segreto
Natalie Seidman
Whitney Seiler
Katherine Selchau
Laura Semmens
Paul and Lynda Shabram
Puja Shah
Rishi Shah
Saumil Shah
Ram Sharma
Jinda Schatz
Daniel and Judith H. Shaughnessy
Heather Shay
Mark A. and Suzanne E. Shelton
Richard Shepherd
Richard L. and Margaretha
L. Sheppard
Gregory M. and Nancy A. Shields
Terra Shirazi
Terry and Carol Shirley
Tamara M. Shoemaker
Sharon Shuteran
Anthony Siani
Peter and Joy Sibley
Cheryl Sikora
Alexa Silver
Margaret J. Simmons
Jacquelyn Simms
Ray Simon
William M. and Elaine B. Simpson
Patricia Sinay
Elsa Singh
Donald and Ione E. Skaar
Sara Skiles
Kenneth and Susan Slaght
Graham Smith
Maureen Smith
Richard Smith
Stephen Smith
Suzanne Smith
Tyler F. Smith
William D. and Carol A. Smith
Alyce Smith-Cooper
Karen Snizik Alvarez
Marcia Snow
May Soll
Mary E. Sommers
Allison Sotorios
Tyson Sow
Patricia Sowers
Michelle and Jillian Spady
Krystyna and Robert Spanell
Paul P. Spaulding
Alan and Nancy Spector
Michelle Speer
Janet Sperber
Margaret A. Sperber
Steven Spitz
Karin and David Sporn
Jorge and Susan Sragovicz
Clarissa Stahl
Tina Stallone
The Robin Stark Family Foundation
Scott R. Steahl
Kerry Stebbins
Betty Steele
Jennifer Steele
Lori Steele
Barbara and Thomas J. Steer
Eleanor Steinhoff
William Stephen
Mary H. Stephens
Walter S. Stevens
Sandra Stevenson
David and Helianthe Stevig
John P. Stewart
Bep and Harold Stier
Michael and Colleen Stockstill
Sharon S. Storey
Robert, Vanessa, and Ella Strickland
Richard and Kathryn H. Strickler
John F. and Christine E. Strong
Stuart Scott Construction
Management Inc.
Jeff Sue
Emma Susick
Destiny Sutton
Maritz D. and Elizabeth Sutton
Kevin Sweeney
Mary and Doug Swenson
Dorothy Swerdlove
Rich and Sharon Sylvester
Jeff and Annette Symon
Deborah Szekely
Jan Szumski
James S. Taggart
Jorge Tagle
Penni Takade
Jason Talbot
Elaine Tall
Bruce Tallerman
Sandra Talley
Kabir and Kelda Tambar
Karen and Stuart Tanz
Ted and Michele Tarbet
Meggan Tavel
Evalyn Taylor
Jane Taylor
Tricia R. and Kurt V. Tellefsen
Willis H. and Anna Thompson
Tierrasanta Foundation
Pamela Tirax
Annie Tordjman
Maria Torres
Miriam Torres
Gerard B. Townsend
Melisse W. and Robert Traylor
M’Lissa Trent and Hanalei Vierra
Lucie Trottier
Alice Trudelle
Deanna Truhan
Leila Truman
Sandy Trybus
Christopher Turak
Lauren Turek
Michael G. and Kathleen M. Turner
James and Wrenn Turpin
William and Catherine Turpin
William Twomey
Wilna Twomey
Paul C. Twynam
Mary Tykeson
Jan Underwood
United Way of Los Angeles County
David Updegraff
Rose M. Uranga
Pravin Utture
Marlen R. and Harold Valderhaug
Jessica Valdez
Jessica Valentine
Christine Van den Toorn
Melisssa Van Der Wath
Paul and Neeltje Van Elderen
Tobie J. Van Rensburg
Sonia Van Tassel
Maegan Van Wyck
Susan M. Vandentoorn
Chris Venne
Robert and Misti Verdahl
Rachel and Jose Vidal
Clinton and Susan R. Viebrock
Steve Viglione
Vytautas Viskantas
Paul and Josephine Voigt
Lenore Vosberg
Wachovia Securities, LLC
Brian D. and Natascha L. Wagner
Victoria Waldron
Mary L. Walshok
Timothy J. and Allison H. Ward
Linda Warde
Daniel Warren
Charles K. Watson
Howard Watson
Music and Mike Watson
Stephanie Watts
Michael Weber
Bradley Weiss
Maria Weiss
Kit and John Wells
Wells Fargo Bank
Caralyn H. Welsh
Staci Westcott
Michael Westmorelan
Christopher Wheeler
Nell Wheeler
Deirdre Whelan
Greg Whistler
Roger and Evelyn Whitcomb
Christopher White
Inez White
Katherine White
Tracy White
Tabitha Wilbert
Alexis K. Williams
Danielle Williams
Deana M. Williams
James H. and Jane Williams
Maria Williams
Susan Williams
Mitch Williamson
Faye Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
Mike Wilson
Clive and Donna Winkler
Cristie Winkler
The WINS Project USA
Patrick Wojdowski
Joanne Wolf
Jacob Wolfson
Craig Wonnacott
Lily Woo
Victor and Dolly Woo
Bronwyn Woodbridge
World Hunger Education Service
Elsie Worthington
Karin Worthmann
Doyne Wrealli
Andrew Wright
Claire Wright
Perry S. and Ann Wright
Yuri Yamada
Catherine Yap
Gloria E. Yarbrough
Meagan and ChuckYash
Robert Yates
Kimberly York
Elizabeth Young
Cassie Youngborg
Su Mei Yu and Robert Nichols
Bianca Zable
Elise Zable
Ann Zahner
Karen Zappe
Javier and Cecilia Zavala
Jennifer Zellner
Jessica Zhang
Louis H. and Mary G. Zimm
Grace Zimmerman
Zimmerman & Associates
Ronald E. and Doris E. Zinn
Elma and Vincent Zizzo
Leslie Zwissler
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 19
PHOTO BY JEFFREY BROWN // children in zambia huddle together for a night of sleep on the floor of their shanty home.
board of directors
Ambassador Kevin E. Moley
Chairman of the Board
Retired U.S. Ambassador to the UN
Scottsdale, Arizona
Judith A. Ettinger
Managing Director of the Board
Brown, Thomas & Company, LLC
Waterford, Michigan
John D. Collins, Esq.
Partner - Sheppard, Mullin, Richter &
Hampton, LLP
Del Mar, California
Ruth M. Covell, M.D.
Associate Dean - UCSD School
of Medicine
La Jolla, California
Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow
Retired U.S. Ambassador
President - Institute of the Americas
La Jolla, California
Sandra Hadley
Realtor - Prudential California Realty
San Marcos, California
Norman F. Hapke Jr.
Director - Jacobs Family Foundation,
Jacobs Center for Neighborhood
Innovation, Hapke Family Foundation
La Mesa, California
Philip R. Matthews, Esq.
Partner - Duane Morris LLP
Pleasant Hill, California
William C. McQuinn, M.D.
Chairman - McQuinn Realty, Inc.
Jackson, Mississippi
Karen Mercaldo
Director - Gem Foundation
Del Mar, California
George Gates
Vice President for Finance &
Administration, Chief Financial Officer
Mark O’Donnell
Vice President for Program Operations &
Humanitarian Assistance
Janine Schooley, M.P.H.
Vice President for Technical Services &
Program Development
Nancy Plaxico
Vice President - Healthways, Inc.
Columbia, Maryland
Thomas L. Stephenson
Vice President for Institutional
Advancement, Chief Advancement Officer
John Radak
Chief Financial Officer Quidel Corporation
San Diego, California
Julie H. Sullivan, Ph.D.
Provost & Vice President for Academic
Affairs - San Diego University
La Jolla, California
Ted Tarbet
Philanthropist & Financial Advisor
Rancho Santa Fe, California
Richard Taylor
Philanthropist and Investor
La Jolla, California
Donald M. Ings
Retired President of Solar Turbines
Poway, California
Larry Weitzen
First Vice President Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
San Diego, California
Project Concern International 2008 Annual Report - 20
George Guimaraes
President & Chief Executive Officer
Cheryl Pia
Vice President/Partner Millennium Creative Group, Inc.
Carlsbad, California
Kurt Honold
Retired Presidente Municipal Tijuana
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Catherine J. Mackey, Ph.D.
Sr. Vice President - Pfizer La Jolla
Chief Operating Officer, BBC Pfizer
San Diego, California
David Wicker
President & CEO - Tekton Strategies, LLC
Grant, Minnesota
Africa - Kurt Henne
North America - Blanca Lomeli
Bolivia - José Murguía
Botswana - Karen Romano
Ethiopia - Walleligne Alemaw Beriye
Guatemala - Pascale Wagner
India - V.S.Gurumani
Indonesia - Iskandar Sastro Atmodjo
Malawi - Derek Mullen
Mexico - Blanca Lomelí
Nicaragua - Leonel Arguello
Tanzania - Phares Maugo
South Africa - Clayton Davis
United States - Blanca Lomelí
Zambia - Rajesh Singh
Help Us Fight Poverty
Project Concern International is changing lives around the globe by providing people with the tools, resources, and
education they need to fight poverty. By providing access to healthcare, economic opportunity, assisting in times
of disaster and ensuring people have clean water and nutritious food, Project Concern International is helping
people live stronger, healthier, more hopeful lives.
Join our mission by donating online today at www.ProjectConcern.org/Donate
Saving Lives and Building Healthy Communities
With over 47 years of experience, Project Concern International is a global health
and development organization based in San Diego that is saving lives and building
healthy communities around the world by preventing disease and providing access
to economic opportunity, clean water, and nutritious food. In 2008, we reached 4.5
million people with lifesaving programs in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
To view an extended version of this report with country highlights, please visit
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ph: (858) 279-9690 l fax: (858) 694-0294
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