2009 Dealer Program



2009 Dealer Program
Dealer Program
AirEase Dealer Program
AirEase Dealer Program Overview
AirEase Dealer Registration Process
Rebate Program
Qualifying Order Benefits
AirEase Points Program
Points Value and Usage
Listing on AirEase Dealer Locator Website
Access to ContractorNet
Buying Alliance Program
Premium Car Plus Extended Warranty Program
Home Climate Card Consumer Financing Program
New AirEase Dealer Identification
Point of Purchase Materials
Co-op Advertising
NeighborMail Program
Yellow Pages Advertising Program
Apparel and Promotional Products
G.W. Berkheimer Equipment Specialists
G.W. Berkheimer Technical Support
AirEase Technical Support
Dealer Technical and Sales Training
Application, Sizing, and Sales Software
Program Overview
G.W. Berkheimer and Allied Air Enterprises have come together to develop a program that offers you, the AirEase Dealer, the opportunity to reach your business goals by purchasing and promoting AirEase equipment in your market.
The AirEase Dealer Program offers numerous benefits to registered dealers. Different types of programs have been developed to suit different types of dealers. Each program has its own set of features geared to meet the business needs of
a specific type of dealer. Types of dealers are: AirEase Residential Program Dealer, AirEase Residential Dealer, AirEase
Residential New Construction Dealer, and Commercial Dealer.
Features for these program may include co-op advertising, consumer financing, extended warranties, dealer locator listing, advertising and promotion support materials, and access to technical support toll free. In addition, G.W. Berkheimer
offers a Rebate Program, a Qualifying Order Program, competitive pricing, technical support, and an extensive AirEase
All AirEase Dealer program benefits are detailed in the following pages.
G.W. Berkheimer Co., Inc.
AirEase Dealer Program
AirEase Dealer Registration Process
G. W. Berkheimer will register you as an AirEase dealer with Allied Air without a registration fee and will also provide
literature and identification items through regular marketing funds. AirEase dealers must approve their 2009 AirEase
Agreement before February 28, 2009, to ensure maximum benefits. New AirEase dealers may enroll at any time during 2009; program benefits will begin the month they sign their Agreement.
Rebate Program
AirEase Residential Program Dealers and Commercial Dealers may earn a rebate based on the volume of qualifying AirEase purchases accumulated during the 2009 calendar year. Products eligible for this rebate include AirEase
equipment and evaporator coils stocked by the G.W. Berkheimer Company, assigned a Bercor stock control number,
and purchased at our Zone 2 pricing level. (Parts purchases do not qualify for this rebate.) Total eligible purchases for
the year will determine your rebate bracket as listed below.
2009 Rebate Brackets
$25,000 through $38,999.99
$39,000 through $53,999.99
$54,000 through $69,999.99
$70,000 through $87,999.99
$88,000 through $106,999.99
$107,000 through $124,999.99
An additional interest bonus of 6% will be paid on the 2009 year end value of your rebate. Note that this rate is
significantly higher than what banks are offering today. To qualify for this interest bonus your account must be paid in
full no later than January 15, 2010.
The following illustrates the rebate and year-end interest bonus that can be earned by a dealer who purchased
$88,500 of AirEase equipment in 2009.
Rebate on qualifying AirEase purchases:
$5,310.00 ($88,500 x 6%)
Year-end interest bonus:
$318.60 ($5,310.00 x 6%)
Total Rebate and Interest Bonus:
$5,628.60($5,310 + $318.60)
Rebate Rules and Regulations:
1. AirEase Residential Program and Commercial dealers who purchases equipment and coils sold at AirEase Zone 2
Authorized Dealer prices published by the G.W. Berkheimer Company are eligible for rebate.
2. Equipment purchased at a price other than Zone 2 will earn no rebate. These purchases will, however, count
toward your total to determine your rebate bracket.
3. AirEase replacement parts earn no rebate and do not count toward your total purchases for determining your
rebate level.
4. The dollar amount for your total annual eligible equipment purchases is calculated AFTER warranty parts and
returned equipment has been credited.
5. When a dealer does not pay his total year-end balance on or before January 15, 2010, any and all rebates
earned will be applied to the dealer’s year-end balance AND the dealer forfeits the 6% interest bonus on his rebate if his account is not paid by this date.
2009 AirEase Dealer Program
AirEase Dealer Program
Qualifying Order Benefits
G.W. Berkheimer offers registered AirEase Dealers the opportunity to place a qualifying order each month of the year.
A qualifying order must be placed for Points accrual to begin. If a dealer places a Qualifying Order within the first
quarter of the year, Points will begn accruing as of January 1st. For dealers who place their first Qualifying Order on
April 1st or later Points begin accruing the month the qualifying order is shipped. Qualifying Order benefits usually include a choice of bonus points, Omaha Steak Bucks, Gift Cards, etc. Qualifying Orders placed in January, February,
or March also receive extended payment terms.
AirEase Points
for 2009
Residential Program Dealers are eligible to earn AirEase Points. The 2009 AirEase Points program is designed to
support your sales growth goals for AirEase equipment with added emphasis on enhanced furnaces and 16 and 18
SEER condensing units and heat pumps. A qualifying order must be placed for point accrual to begin. During 2009,
AirEase points will be earned based on the type of equipment you purchase. Enhanced furnaces and 16 and 18
SEER condensing units and heat pumps will earn 4% in AirEase Points. All other eligible AirEase equipment purchases
will earn 2%.
The following equipment is elligible for AirEase Points: Furnaces, Oil Furnaces, Condensing Units, Heat Pumps, and
Residential Air Handlers. AirEase Essential equipment is not eligible for AirEase Points.
NOTE: The receipt of AirEase Points is contingent upon your account being current within the agreed upon terms.
AirEase Points accrued in 2009 but not used in 2009 cannot be rolled into 2010.
Points Value and Usage
for 2009
The value of each AirEase Point is $1. Points for all programs (except the Berlkheimer Trip Program) must be used
on a 50/50 co-op basis. This co-op is based on the dollar value of the expense. For example, if an approved newspaper advertisement costs $1000 you would be eligible to co-op 50% or $500 of that advertising expense. You
must have AirEase Points available to be able to co-op any eligible expense.
AirEase Points can be applied directly to the Berkheimer Trip Program without matching funds from the dealer as long
as the dealer has Points available.
AirEase Points can be applied to the following programs.
• Advertising Programs
• Educational Programs
• Dealer Identification Items
• AirEase Apparel Program
• Yellow Pages Program
• Berkheimer Trip Program
G.W. Berkheimer Co., Inc.
AirEase Dealer Program
Listing on AirEase Dealer Locator Website
AirEase Residential Program dealers, Residential New Construction dealers and Commercial dealers will be listed on
the Dealer Locator portion of the AirEase consumer website. This listing will potentially help you increase sales leads.
Access to ContractorNet
AirEase Residential Program dealers, Residential New Construction dealers and Commercial dealers will be able to log
on to ContractorNet where technical information, product literature, and marketing program information is available.
You may log on at your convenience to quickly access information.
Buying Alliance Program
AirEase has negotiated special discounts with the following Buying Alliance partners. AirEase Residential Program
dealers and Commercial dealers are eligible. Log onto Contractor Net for complete details.
• Sprint
Multiple discounts including 18% service discount, waived activation fee, and others.
Visit www.sprint.com/alliedair for complete details.
• Office Depot
Benefits include savings of up to 90% off of list pricing, free shipping and the ability to shop on-line or at your
local store. To register visit https://odams.officedepot.com/registrations/allied_air_corp.php.
• Ford
Ford Motor company offers a competitive price allowance in the form of an off-invoice discount on factory
ordered vehicles. Complete details are available on the Allied Air website.
• Cintas
Cintas offers a uniform rental program. This “National Account” program ensures you will not pay more than
the “ceiling” price for rental of specific uniform shirts, pants, and jackets.
2009 AirEase Dealer Program
AirEase Dealer Program
Premium Care Plus Extended Warranty Program
AirEase Residential Program dealers and Commercial dealers may wish to take advantage of the Premium Care Plus
Extended Warranty Program. Attracting and retaining long-term customers is the key to longevity in the HVAC business. The Premium Care Plus Extended Protection Plan can help you achieve this goal along with offering you these
Equipment owners gain:
• Worry-free protection against repair bills for the life of the plan.
• The ability to predict and even finance all products’ life cycle costs.
• An added market value to their property.
• A guard against industry-wide price increases on parts and/or labor in the future.
You gain customer loyalty plus:
• Simple reimbursement for no hassle claims
• The option for profits on the initial sale
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Electronic deposit option
• A cost competitive sales tool
Plan Options
1. Residential Customer Options:
• 2, 5, 8, & 10 year programs
• Labor Only, Labor & Parts Mark-up, and Labor & Full Parts programs
• Compressor only programs
2. Commercial Customer Options:
• 1, 5, & 10 year programs
• Labor Only, Labor & Parts Mark-up, and Labor & Full Parts programs
• Compressor only programs
AirEase products covered by Premium Care Plus:
• AirEase Products.
• AirEase Commercial products.
Products and/or repairs NOT covered by Premium Care:
• Any product damaged by natural disaster, theft, abuse, or any damage NOT a result of mechanical component
• Any repairs necessary as a result of work performed by an unauthorized service technician.
• Any equipment installed in a corrosive environment.
• Any costs above the normal hourly rate
• Routine maintenance or any failure due to the LACK OF routine maintenance.
Dealer Enrollment
• Complete and sign the Dealer Enrollment Form.
• Turn the completed form in to your local G.W. Berkheimer branch.
• G.W. Berkheimer sends the enrollment form to Equiguard (the servicing company) Equiguard reviews application
• Dealer is sent an enrollment package
When this process is complete you will be registered in our system, allowing your account to order Premium Care
Plus warranties. A dealer not registered cannot sell Premium Care Plus warranties. The enrollment package includes
all forms, dealer identification number, and instructions for selling the peace of mind offered through this program.
G.W. Berkheimer Co., Inc.
AirEase Dealer Program
Home Climate Card Consumer Financing Program
AirEase Residential Program, Residential New Construction, and Commercial Dealers may apply to offer G.E. Retail
financing to their customers. This revolving charge program offers many flexible financing plans that will enable you
to close more sales at higher average ticket prices. The program provides the following advantages to you and your
customers should you choose to participate.
Benefits to Homeowners:
• Simple credit approval process
• No down payment required
• Affordable low monthly payments
• Convenient line of credit for future home comfort needs
• Will not exhaust credit limits of other cards
• Can receive special offers
• No prepayment penalties
Benefits to Dealers:
• Competitive contract rate (with no cost to the dealer unless a promotion is used)
• A full array of optional credit promotions to help you close the sale
• Application processing in minutes via a toll free “Hotline”
• Improve cashflow with quick funding directly into your bank account
• Simple documents allow completion of the entire credit process in your customer’s home
• ENERGY STAR program allows lower rate for Higher Efficiency Systems.
To get further information about this program, please log onto ContractorNet through the AirEase website (www.
airease.com), click on the Programs tab and chose the Consumer Financing option.
New AirEase Dealer Identification
As an incentive, the ID Item Program is available for new AirEase dealers who register to become a dealer with
AirEase. New AirEase Residential Program Dealers are eligible for a one-time $300 Dealer Identification Fund for use
in the purchase of ID Items. These funds must be utilized within 6 months of registering to become an AirEase dealer.
Ask your local G.W. Berkheimer representative for an order form.
Point of Purchase Materials
A variety of Point of Purchase materials are available to promote AirEase equipment. Materials include ceiling danglers, counter mats, tent cards, mouse pads, and posters. Point of Purchase materials can be ordered through your
local G.W. Berkheimer representative.
2009 AirEase Dealer Program
AirEase Dealer Program
Co-op Advertising
for 2009
AirEase Residential Program dealers can use advertising as an effective tool to cultivate additional business. The following advertising options may be used for dealers’ local advertising efforts. In order to receive your full co-op credit
you must meet all advertising program guidelines listed on AirEase’s Contractor Net (www.airease.com)
1. Programs that may be supported with your AirEase Points are as follows:
• AirEase Approved Newspaper, Television, and Radio Advertisements
• AirEase Approved Direct Mail Campaigns
• Outdoor Illuminated AirEase Signs
• Model Home and Parade of Homes Programs
• Truck Painting and ID Programs
• AirEase ID Program
• NeighborMail Program
• Yard Signs
2. The above Advertising Programs are eligible for up to 50% co-op based on the dollar value of the advertisement
and the amount of ad space dedicated to AirEase. For Example, if an approved newspaper advertisement costs
$1000 you will be eligible to co-op $500.
3. AirEase requires that all ads not prepared by AirEase be submitted for PRIOR approval.
(Your Berkheimer representative can assist you with this process.)
• Print Ads (Provide the Following)
Copy of final ad to be published
The cost of the advertising
The number of times and the dates the ad is to be published
• Radio/TV Commercials (Provide the Following)
Copy of the Radio/TV script to be aired
Length of the commercial (30 seconds, 60 seconds)
The time and the dates the ads are expected to air
4. AirEase Points cannot be used when a competitive product is in the same ad.
5. In ads with multiple non-competing products AirEase Points will be based on the percentage of space given to
each product. A minimum of 50% of the copy space must be dedicated to AirEase to qualify for AirEase co-op.
6. Dealers must submit claims for AirEase Points to their G.W. Berkheimer representative within 60 days of the
advertising date. The following proof of advertising must accompany the credit request.
• A copy of paid bills
• Print ads: Original tear sheets only for each date the ad was run.
• Radio and TV Commercials: Affidavit of Performance and Radio/TV script.
The deadline for submitting claims for AirEase Points is January 15, 2010.
NeighborMail Program
It is a fast and easy way to alert residents that you are in the area working on an installation. A customized directmail marketing campaign can be launched in minutes online. More details are available in the Advertising section of
G.W. Berkheimer Co., Inc.
AirEase Dealer Program
Yellow Pages Advertising Program
AirEase Residential Program dealers are eligible to use the 2009 Yellow Pages Trademark Heading advertising program.
Approved Yellow Pages headings include:
• Air Conditioning Equipment Systems
• Air Conditioning Contractors
• Furnaces or Heating
• Heat Pumps
• Heating Contractors
• Heating Equipment
The dealer will be invoiced 100% of the cost of the Yellow Page listing. The dealer will then be allowed to submit a
claim for AirEase Points reimbursement for 50% of the cost of their listing.
AirEase is a Yellow Pages “National Account” and all listings must be placed through AC&D Advertising, Inc. Any ads
placed through any other source will not be eligible for AirEase Points reimbursement. G.W. Berkheimer reserves the
right to limit the number of Yellow Pages books in which a dealer may be listed.
Program Rules and Regulations
1. In Yellow Pages books where more than one dealer is listed, the total cost of the listing will be divided among the
participating dealers. Otherwise the total cost of the ad will be the responsibility of the participating dealer. 50% of
the dealer’s share will be eligible for AirEase Points reimbursement.
2. G.W. Berkheimer will notify dealers listed in the current Yellow Pages’ directories of upcoming deadlines to be listed
in the new directories. The notification will include the following information.
a. Breakdown of the cost of the dealer’s Yellow Pages listing indicating the amount eligible for AirEase Points
b. An acceptance form that allows the dealer to accept or refuse the Yellow Pages listing. G.W. Berkheimer will
not authorize any Yellow Pages listing without a signed Approval Form from the dealer.
The G.W. Berkheimer Company has full rights of approval of all Yellow Pages listings.
2009 AirEase Dealer Program
AirEase Dealer Program
Apparel and Promotional Products
for 2009
Beginning in 2009 CINTAS clothing should be ordered directly from CINTAS. Paid invoices can then be submitted to
G.W. Berkheimer for Points reimbursement.
1. All CINTAS apparel and promotional product orders are eligible for up to 50% reimbursement using a dealer’s
earned AirEase Points.
2. Items in the special AirEase version of the CINTAS catalog are eligible for a 20% discount.
3. In order to use your AirEase Points, all items ordered must have an AirEase logo on them. All items shown in the
CINTAS Catalog that can have the AirEase logo on them, qualify for AirEase Points reimbursement. Pants are
also eligible for AirEase Points but are limited to one pair of pants per shirt ordered with the AirEase logo. The
pants must be listed on the same invoice as the shirts in order to be eligible for AirEase Points.
4. Dealer’s custom logos on shirts and jackets are an additional charge and ARE eligible for AirEase Points co-op
when used along with an AirEase logo.
5. Place your order directly with CINTAS by faxing your order form to George Murray at 708-563-0151.
6. If you wish to be billed for your order you must set-up an account and establish credit with CINTAS. You may
also pay by credit card.
7. You may also place your order online at www.cintas.com. Click on My Company Store on the right side of the
page near the top. In the My Cintas ID box enter airease and click GO. Then click on the AirEase logo and that
will take you to the AirEase company store.
8. CINTAS/AirEase clothing order forms and catalogs are available from your G.W. Berkheimer representative or by
calling George Murray at CINTAS.
9. To receive co-op remibursement submit an AirEase Points Redemption form along with copies of your paid
invoices to Lynne Keneson at G.W. Berkheimer Co., 6000 Southport Rd., Portage, IN 46368. Claims for items
purchased in 2009 must be turned in to Lynne Keneson no later than January 15, 2010.
10. Tax and shipping charges do not qualify for reimbursement.
Your CINTAS contact is:
George Murray
CINTAS Customer Service
1-800-543-4450, ext. 41831
Fax: 708-563-0151
E-mail: [email protected]
G.W. Berkheimer Equipment Specialists
G.W. Berkheimer Co., Inc.
AirEase Dealer Program
G.W. Berkheimer has a team of Equipment Specialists specifically trained to assist current or potential AirEase Dealers.
These specialists are focused specifically on AirEase equipment and programs and are ready to guide you in your
development and growth as an AirEase dealer. John Hudelson leads the team of Steve Sherwin, Brad Vermillion, and
Larry McManus in Illinois and Mark Brooks in central Indiana.
G.W. Berkheimer Technical Support
G.W. Berkheimer has in place a team of nine Distributor Service Representatives (DSRs) who are responsible for providing quality technical and field support to our dealers. This team is provided with advanced product training, priority
access to Allied Air Enterprises Technical Services, and specified field authority to resolve issues in the field. G.W.
Berkheimer DSRs are:
Dean Currie in Arlington Heights
Dave Devyak in McHenry
Troy Rybicki in Fort Wayne
Ray Brown in South Bend
Brad Pardue in Indianapolis
Ghan Patel in Tinley Park
Joe Pruitt in Lafayette
Gary Naillieux in Valparaiso
Bob Turman in Louisville
AirEase Technical Support
G.W. Berkheimer’s team of DSRs (see above) is specifically trained to help you with technical and service issues.
They are your first line of support and have priority access to Armstrong’s Technical Support Team. If you wish to
speak to Armstrong’s Technical Support Team directly you may do so by calling 1-800-448-5872.
Dealer Technical and Sales Training
AirEase has a wide variety of technical training as well as sales and business training available. G. W. Berkheimer can
provide details on location and times of training sessions. Training software is available for your use as well. Additional
information is available on ContractorNet.
Application, Sizing, and Sales Software
AirEase offers a complete assortment of industry-related software to its dealers. Programs available include, but are
not limited to, RHVAC (Residental/Light Commercial load calculations), AUDIT (Operating Cost and Equipment Selection,
and HVAC Tools. Details are available on ContractorNet.
2009 AirEase Dealer Program
57561 Nagy Drive
Elkhart, IN 46517
(574) 293-HVAC
FAX (574) 293-1689
Arlington Heights
4 East College Drive
Arlington Hgts., IL 60004
(847) 259-5596
FAX (847) 259-0696
6279 W Howard Street
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 647-2333
FAX (847) 647-5021
9004 Technology Drive
Fishers, IN 46038
(317) 849-8878
FAX (317) 577-9551
945 Aurora Ave. (Rt. 25)
Aurora, IL 60504
(630) 844-9000
FAX (630) 844-9008
5206 Eleventh Street
Rockford, IL 61109
(815) 387-0230
FAX (815) 387-0242
Fort Wayne
1011 East Wallace Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
(260) 744-4156
FAX (260) 456-2177
955 West 115th Street
Chicago, IL 60643
(773) 468-5454
FAX (773) 468-5457
Tinley Park
7635 West 183rd Street
Tinley Park, IL 60477
(708) 532-8100
FAX (708) 532-1689
2310 West 35th Avenue
Gary, IN 46408
(219) 887-0171
FAX (219) 887-8416
5430 W Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60644
(773) 473-8870
FAX (773) 473-8874
1920 S State Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46203
(317) 787-2206
FAX (317) 783-5549
2761 Pinnacle Dr.
Elgin, IL 60124
(847) 783-4822
FAX (847) 783-4848
3845 Fortune Drive
Lafayette, IN 47905
(765) 447-2300
FAX (765) 447-0686
2102 McDonough St.
Joliet, IL 60436
(815) 725-4326
FAX (815) 725-4362
South Bend
612 Chapin Street
South Bend, IN 46601
(574) 288-4741
FAX (574) 233-5551
1155 N DuPage Avenue
Lombard, IL 60148
(630) 932-8777
FAX (630) 932-1247
390 East State Road 2
Valparaiso, IN 46383
(219) 464-7999
FAX (219) 465-7437
4100 Albany Drive
McHenry, IL 60050
(815) 385-0021
FAX (815) 363-2580
4842 Jennings Lane
Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 966-0808
FAX (502) 966-8380