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Volume 4 Issue 7
Humpin’, Thumpin’, Rockin’ & Rollin’!
The Peoples Voice
by Charles W. Bush
Unable to find it in my old Webster’s dictionary, I
Googled it and discovered it is a recently “coined” new
meeting and make the following proposal.
“You deadheads” that spent the last 10 word, attributed to the current Obama administration.
improvement grants on a golf course and new
tennis courts. Get your act together!
We’re here to see to it that WE are permitted
AND PAID to rebuild our city streets.You are going
to furnish the equipment, supervision and money, and
we are going to furnish the labor.
Are the streets in your town like the streets in the
one I live in? Does your car sound like a bass drum
in a New Years parade and feel like a row boat on a
stormy sea as you negotiate the average city street?
Well, join the crowd; and, left to your city government, streets are likely to remain the same or continue
to get worse for a long time to come.
Improvement grants are scarce, city officials have
other rats to kill and streets can always be patched
rather than paved.
Gather all of the folks in your town who truly
want a job and can’t find one. (about 35% of the men
in most USA metros.) March into a commissioners
• We get to work for minimum wage.
• You get a labor force that truly wants and
must go to work; and, at non-union wages!
• The local merchants finally get to sell us
goods and services that we have not been
able to afford for a long time.
• The local citizens get excited enough to
buy the bonds you sell to pay all costs.
• You get to keep the increased sales tax
• We all get completely rebuilt streets to drive
on for many years to come
• You get to keep any grant funds that you
can raise for the project.
By the way, we rebuild, repair and maintain
golf courses and tennis courts, too.
I love this word and believe that it will become a
recognized English word. We finally have a word to
describe our current political situation..
In recent years outside forces have robbed us of the
privelege of glorifying the God in whom we trust.
It is simple. They went to Congress. LET’s GO TO
They demanded, “Take it off of all stamps and all
public buildings!
So, lets “Write or stamp it on ALL envelopes, ALL
correspondance and everything elese we sign! After
all, that’s our National Motto. We have a right to use it!
We must take back our nation from all the people
who think that anything that offends them should be
If you like this idea, please pass it on and DO IT.
The idea of writing or stamping, ‘IN GOD WE
TRUST’ on our envelopes sounds easy to me.
is in a clear type style and with letters of an appropriate size to be clearly read but of a size that will fit on
Columnist Andrew McCarthy gives us what probably
is the most important question regarding the upcoming presidential election?.
If Mitt wins the nomination, as seems very likely,
I will enthusiastically support his candidacy. For my
friends who have hesitation on that score, I’d just ask
you to keep four things in mind:
1.Justice Scalia just turned 78
2.Justice Kennedy will turn 78 later this year
3.Justice Breyer will be 76 in August
4.Justice Ginsburg turned 81 about a week ago.
We wish them all well, of course, but the brute
fact is that whoever we elect as president in November
is almost certainly going to choose at least one and
maybe more new members of the Supreme Court ?
in addition to hundreds of other life-tenured federal
judges, all of whom will be making momentous decisions about our lives for decades to come.
If you don’t think it matters whether the guy making those calls is Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, I
think you’re smokin? something funky!
So for anybody who is thinking of not voting
because your favorite didn’t get nominated, or writing in a candidate who can’t win... Imagine this. . . .
• Bills
• Letters
• Checks
• Greeting Cards
• Everything else we sign
It’s been reported that 86% of Americans believe in
GOD. Therefore, we have majority power on our side.
Could it be that WE just need to take action and
tell the 14% to ‘sit down and shut up’?
Instead of allowing it’s disappearance, multiply it.
Carry the stamp with you everywhere.
Asecond line might be, “OUR GOD REIGNS!”
I bought mine. When are going to get yours!
From page 1 - Does it matter yet?
Prophetic Letter to the editor
March 19, 2011
Professor Joe Gaut, Chireno Texas
“The Beginning of Sorrows.”
Several years ago, my wife received something from the Lord about great
devastation coming on the Moslem people. I do not remember the exact wording;
instead, what I convey is more like the feeling I had about it at the time. I do recall
it was connected with the time of sorrows. And, most importantly, I very much
believe the heart of our Lord aches over this.
Since that time, I have watched carefully as the propaganda machine geared
up, demonizing the Moslems, often spewing lies to support hatred it was selling.
I know from the Lord that Osama bin Laden died on or about December 17, 2001,
yet we continued to see videos of “Osama” for several years thereafter vouched
for by the CIA. Like Puff the Magic Dragon, he has faded away.
After Saudi pilots allegedly hit the twin towers, the US government said it was
going after Al Qaeda so we hit Afghanistan, where there were no Al Qaeda, only
Taliban, the former friends of the US during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.
American troops are still there after a wimped out Congress continues to fund a
war it never declared, protecting liberty and poppy fields that are thriving in the
world opium trade.
Knowing Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, we took him out
next, finding no such weapons. Another lie. The US is still there. No declaration
of war. No date set for return home. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died
or suffered intensely.
Egypt is in turmoil. The US puppet Hosni Mubarak refused to resign and was
reported to have had a “stroke.” He has not been seen since. The leader of Tunisia
had a “stroke” a few weeks before that. Yemen is in turmoil, as is Bahrain with the
occupation by American sponsored Saudi troops. Bombs fall on Pakistan.
Now the torch has shifted to Libya. Khadafy, another dictator, of whom there
is no shortage in the world, does not feel like being deposed. He may delay his
“stroke” for a few weeks. Meanwhile, thoughts of attacking Iran and splattering
blood there seem to afflict those in high places.
The whole region is on fire with political upheaval and food shortages. With
it, the American Empire shakes. Barry Satero, aka Barak Obama, the Nobel Peace
Prize recipient who promised to get us out of the wars in the Mideast, has new
undeclared wars with which to bleed American youth and destroy Moslems. For
the politicians, foreign adventures deflect serious problems at home. Banksters
profit through blood and the sale of military hardware as do many corporations in
league with corrupt governments.
As Christians, we should see what is happening. Let us turn off the propaganda
and bring our troops home. We have enough problems on this side of the ocean
without trying to run everyone else’s business. We should not let hate or prejudice
against Moslems affect our support of any of the insidious war activities.
Many Moslems are hungry for deeper truth. Let them find it by seeing our love
and concern. Let’s let our light so shine that they will want what we have. Let us
put our foot on Satan’s neck and see deliverance from evil.
Joseph Gaut
March 19, 2011
Editor’s Current Response: Joe Gaut, who is a dear friend and acquaintance
of some 40 plus years is a gifted historian and mathmetician as well as a true believer in
the Lord, Jesus Christ; so, I suspect that his cry for a wake up in March of 2011 was one
more of remorse that none would hear as much as it was a true plea from the heart.
It is, however, the observation of this editor, that regardless of political party, country
of allegiance or position in government, by far the vast majority of those envolved are
simply playing the game of selfish economics, with no real concern for truth and justice,
let alone for the living souls that are daily dying and sinking into a lake of eternal fire,
War is by far the most profitable endeavor invented by man, capable of charting the
course of unresisting, unsuspecting multitudes while stripping them of ever increasing
amounts of their liberty, freedom and wealth and killing their young; all in the name of
preserving democracy, truth and justice.
Show me anything that proves me wrong and I will kiss your feet; but, I have
no fear of that. At age 6, I personally watched Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as he
began again perpetuating that program, along with Churchill, Hitler, Stalin and
Mousolini, into World War II and since I have seen every one of our presidents
do the same, in one form or another.
With Lyndon Johnson’s predictable assination of John F. Kennedy, my eyes
suddenly came open to just how far the appetite for control (to gain wealth) will
go, and they have remained opened to the henious attrocities committed by corrupt politicians ever since.
Even the most naive among us are quickly realizing that all society is out of
control; and, if we do not immediately return to obedience to God, allowing Him
to reinstate true morality, truth and justice before God, ALL WILL BE LOST!
Publisher/Editor, Charles W. Bush, 575-551-1771
P.O. Box 1, Alamogordo, NM 88311
Items in The Spokesmen are contributed by various independent and
unpaid correspondents. Each is required to accept responsibility for
the content they submit. Although all articles are screened by the
editor for any content that is openly contrary to proper moral ethic, it
is not judged for it’s political bias or Scriptural interpretation.
These articles do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint and opinion of
the publisher, editor, or other correspondents. It is the opinion of this
publication that out of a variety of viewpoints and presentations
by many different authors on any given subject, the . . . . .
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The Peoples Voice
I cross ocean, poor and broke.
Take bus, to see employment folk.
Nice man treat me good in there.
Say I need to see welfare.
Welfare say, ‘You come no more,
we send cash right to your door. “
Welfare checks - they make you
wealthy! Medicare - it keep you
By and by, I get plenty money.
Thanks to you, you Canadian
Write to friends in motherland.
Tell them ‘come fast as you can. “
They come in turbans and Toyota
And buy big house with welfare
Editor’s Comment:
With our world so torn apart with
poverty, war, rumors of war, earthquake,
famine, floods, tornados, sunamis, hurricanes andnow, in the west, terrible wild
fires, I amsick enough to kill.
Every time I turn on the TV, all I
hear and see is another lying politician bad-mouthing his opponant, or
a news alert about another disaster.
Some of the Bible kind of gutwrenching, belly bustin’ laughter that
“Doeth good like a medicine”
So, here it is . Have a good laugh,
then pray that God saves the day, OK?
A group of Alabama friends went
deer hunting and paired off in twos for
the day. That night, one of the hunters
returned alone, staggering under the
weight of an eight-point buck.
“Where’s Henry?” the others asked.
“Henry had a stroke o’ some kind.
He’s a couple of miles back up the trail,”
the successful hunter replied.
“You left Henry layin’ out there, and
carried the deer back?” they inquired.
“A tough call,” nodded the hunter.
“But I figured no one’s gonna steal
A senior citizen in Louisiana was
They come here, we live together.
saying ... “When the end
More welfare checks, it gets better!
of the world comes, I hope to be in
Louisiana .”
Fourteen families, they moving in,
When asked why, he replied, “I’d
rather be in Louisiana ‘cause everythang
But neighbor’s patience wearing
happens in Louisiana 20 years later than
Finally, Canadian guy moves away. in the rest of the world.”
Now I buy his house, then I say,
‘Find more immigrants for house
to rent. “
And in the yard I put a tent.
Everything is very good,
And soon we own the neighborhood.
We have hobby, it’s called breeding. Welfare pay for baby feeding.
Kids need dentist? Wives need
pills? We get free! We got no bills!
Canadian crazy! Work all year, to
keep the welfare running here.
We think Canada darn good place.
Too darn good for Canadian race!
If they no like us, they can scram.
Got lots of room in Pakistan !
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to offer your viewpoints, criticisms
and inspirations for possible
inclusion in future publications
of The Spokesmen and become
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The young man from Mississippi
came running into the store and said to
his buddy, “ Bubba , somebody just stole
your pickup truck from the parking lot!”
Bubba replied, “Did y’all see who
it was?”
The young man answered, “I
couldn’t tell, but I got the license number.”
North Carolina
A man in North Carolina had a flat
tire, pulled off on the side of the road,
and proceeded to put a bouquet of flowers in front of the car and one behind it.
Then he got back in the car to wait.
A passerby studied the scene as he
drove by, and was so curious, that he
turned around and went back.
He asked the fellow what the problem was.
The man replied, “I got a flat tahr.”
The passerby asked, “But what’s
with the flowers?”
The man responded, “When you
break down they tell you to put flares in
the front and flares in the back. I never
did understand it neither.”
A Tennessee State trooper pulled
over a pickup on I-65. The trooper
asked, “Got any ID?”
The driver replied, “Bout whut?”
The Sheriff pulled up next to the guy
unloading garbage out of his pick-up
into the ditch. The Sheriff asked, “Why
are you dumping garbage in the ditch?
Don’t you see that sign right over
your head.”
“Yep,” he replied. “That’s why I’m
dumpin’ it here, ‘cause it says: ‘Fine Fur
Dumping Garbage.’ “
Y’all kin say whut y’all want ‘bout
the South, but y’all never heard o’
nobody retirin’ an’ movin’ North.
Dr. Wil May, Chiropractor
Kohl’s Cat Burglar
Taken To Hospital
Clutching their Kohl’s shopping bags, Ellen and
Kay woefully gazed down at a dead cat in the mall
parking lot. Obviously a recent hit..no flies, no smell..
What business could that poor kitty have had
here?’ murmured Ellen..’
‘Come on, Ellen, let’s just go...
But Ellen had already grabbed her shopping bag
and was explaining,
‘I’ll just put my things in your bag, and then I’ll
use this tissue....’
She dumped her purchases into Kay’s bag and
then used the tissue paper to cradle and lower the
former feline into her own Kohl’s bag and cover it.
They continued the short trek to the car in silence,
stashing their goods in the trunk. But it occurred to
both of them that if they left Ellen’s burial bag in the
trunk, warmed by the Texas sunshine while they ate,
Kay’s Chevy would soon lose that new-car smell.
They decided to leave the bag on top of the trunk,
and they headed over to K & W Cafeteria.
They went through the serving line and sat down
at a window table. They had a view of Kay’s Chevy
with the Kohl’s bag still on the trunk.
BUT not for long!? As they ate, they noticed a
big woman in a red gingham shirt stroll by their car.
She looked quickly this way and that, and then took
the Kohl’s bag without breaking stride. She quickly
walked out of their line of vision. Kay and Ellen shot
each other a wide-eyed look of amazement.
It all happened so fast that neither of them could
think how to respond. ‘Can you imagine?’ finally
sputtered Ellen. ‘The nerve of that woman!’ Kay sympathized with Ellen, but inwardly a laugh was building
as she thought about the grand surprise awaiting the
female thief.
Just when she thought she’d have to giggle into
her napkin, she noticed Ellen’s eyes freeze in the
direction of the serving line. Following her gaze, Kay
recognized the big woman in the red gingham shirt
with the Kohl’s bag hanging from her arm. She was
brazenly pushing her tray toward the cashier.
Helplessly they watched the scene unfold:
After leaving the register, the woman settled at
a table across from theirs, put the bag on an empty
chair and began to eat.
After a few bites of baked whitefish and green
beans, she casually lifted the bag into her lap to survey
her treasure. Looking from side to side, but not far
enough to notice her rapt audience three tables over,
she pulled out the tissue paper and peered into the bag.
Her eyes widened, and she began to make a sort
of gasping noise. The noise grew. The bag slid from
her lap as she sank to the floor, wheezing and clutching
her upper chest. The beverage cart attendant quickly
recognized a customer in trouble and sent the busboy
to call 911, while she administered the Heimlich
A crowd quickly gathered that did not include
Ellen and Kay, who remained riveted to their chairs
for seven whole minutes until the ambulance arrived.
In a matter of minutes, the big woman with the red
gingham shirt emerged, still gasping, and securely
strapped on a gurney.
Two well-trained EMT volunteers steered her to
the waiting ambulance, while a third scooped up her
belongings. The last they saw of the distressed catburglar was as she disappeared behind the ambulance
doors.......the Kohl’s Bag perched on her stomach!!
God does take care of those who do bad things!
AND once in a while...
He allows us to witness!
Time to look seriously at ABC!
Jim Neugent A Coach In Mena, ARK
Writes To ABC Network
Jim Writes:
My name is Jim Neugent. I wrote to ABC (online) concerning a program called ‘THE PRACTICE.’
In last nights episode, one of the lawyer’s mothers
decided she is gay and wanted her son to go to court
and help her get a marriage license so she could marry
her ‘partner.’ I sent the following letter to ABC yesterday and really did not expect a reply, but I did get one.
My original message was:
ABC is obsessed with the subject of homosexuality. I will no longer watch any of your attempts to
The Peoples Voice
Dr. Terry Marquardt
903 New York Ave
Alamogordo, NM 88310
(575) 437-7783
Seeing Isn’t Always Believing
If you were losing your vision, chances are
you may not even know it. In fact, vision loss
sometimes happens so gradually that you may
not recognize you have a problem until it’s well
Many eye diseases progress so slowly that
you adapt to changes in your vision without even
realizing it. It’s only when you visit your
optometrist for an eye exam that the full
extent of the damage becomes clear.
Several diseases can cause gradual vision
loss. Chief among them is glaucoma. Glaucoma
is often called the sneak thief of sight because it
can slowly steal vision without you being aware
of what’s happening. With open-angle glaucoma,
the most common form, there are virtually no
Over time, however, you begin to lose peripheral (side) vision. Many people don’t even notice
this gradual vision loss. They unconsciously make
up for it by turning their head from side to side
to complete their field of vision. An estimated
half of the 2.2 million Americans with glaucoma
do not know they have the disease. Vision loss
from glaucoma is permanent, which is why it is
important to be checked regularly by your optometrist if you have any of the factors for glaucoma.
Glaucoma is not the only eye disease that can
cause gradual vision loss. If you have a cataract,
your vision can also worsen slowly over time. A
cataract happens when your eye’s lens becomes
cloudy. The lens must be clear in order to focus
light properly onto the retina. As a cataract slowly
begins to develop, you may not notice any changes
in your vision at first. Eventually, however, you
will notice your vision is blurry, cloudy or dim.
Fortunately, cataract surgery can correct the vision
Other eye diseases that can cause gradual
vision loss that you may not notice include diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.
The earlier an eye disease is detected and
treated, the better it can be managed. That’s why
you should have a baseline eye exam at age 40,
when many of these diseases begin to appear. If
you have risk factors for these diseases, such as
diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history
of eye disease, see your Eye M.D. to determine
how often your eyes should be examined.
convince the world that homosexuality is OK. ‘ THE
PRACTICE’ can be a fairly good show, but last night’s
program was so typical of your agenda. You picked
the ‘dufus’ of the office to be the one who was against
the idea of his mother being gay, and made him look
like a whiner because he had convictions. This type of
mentality calls people like me a ‘gay basher.’
Read the first chapter of Romans (that’s in the
Bible); and see what the apostle Paul had to say about
it..... He, God and Jesus were all ‘gay bashers’. What
if she’d fallen in love with her cocker spaniel? Is that
an alternative life style? (By the way, the Bible speaks
against that, too.) - Jim Neugent
Here is ABC’s reply from the ABC on-line
How about getting your nose out of the Bible
(which is ONLY a book of stories compiled by MANY
different writers hundreds of years ago) and read the
declaration of independence (what our nation is built
on), where it says ‘All Men are Created equal,’ and
try treating them that way for a change!
Or better yet, try thinking for yourself and stop
using an archaic book of stories as your lame crutch
for your existence. You are in the minority in this
country, and your boycott will not affect us at ABC
or our freedom of statement.
Jim Neugent’s second response to ABC:
Thanks for your reply. From your harsh reply, evidently I hit a nerve. I will share it with all with whom
I come in contact. Hopefully, the Arkansas Democrat
Newspaper will include it in one of their columns and
I will be praying for you. - - -Jim Neugent- -
Note: Wouldn’t Satan just love it if people
stopped using the Bible for a crutch?
Please keep this going in every way possible.
• Pass copies of this news paper along
• Put it on the internet (send us your email
address and we email the Spokesmen to you
free of charge) Then you can simply forward
the Spokesmen to them each month.
I wonder if the person from ABC considered how
many people would eventually read this e-mail!
Please, if you are a Christian, pass this on to
others so they may be aware.
As we Silver Surfers know, sometimes we have
trouble with our computers.
I had a problem yesterday, so I called Eric, the 11
year old next door, whose bedroom looks like Mission
Control and asked him to come over.
Eric clicked a couple of buttons and solved the
problem.As he was walking away, I called after him,
‘So, what was wrong?
He replied, ‘It was an ID ten ‘T’ error.’
I didn’t want to appear stupid, but nonetheless
inquired, ‘An, ID ten T error? What’s that? In case I
need to fix it again.’
Eric grinned ... ‘Haven’t you ever heard of an ID
ten T error before?
‘No,’ I replied.
‘Write it down,’ he said, ‘and I think you’ll figure
it out.’
So I wrote down:
I used to like Eric, the little ‘Cr’. ‘P’ head.
What Pension Worries?
Worried your pension will run short?
So you’re a sick senior citizen and the government says there is no nursing home available for
you - what do you do?
Senior Health Care Solution
Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun
and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot 2 MPs and
2 illegal immigrants! Of course, this means you
will be sent to prison where you will get:
1. 3 meals a day,
2. A roof over your head,
3. Central heating,
4. Air conditioning
5. All the health care you need!
6. New teeth? - No problem.
7. Need glasses? - Great.
8. New hip, knees, kidney, lungs, heart?
9. (And your kids can come and visit you as
often as they do now).
And who will be paying for all of this?
The same government that just told you
that you they cannot afford for you to go into a
home. Plus, because you are a prisoner, you don’t
have to pay income tax any more.
This item was placed on the internet a few years ago. It is important
No wonder the rest of the world’s
to keep it going until ABC changes
can’t get here fast enough!
their agenda!
Contempt Charges Filed Against
Eric Holder, US Attorney General
Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action
Today Chairman Darrell
Issa announced that the House
Government Oversight and
Reform Committee WILL vote
on “Contempt of Congress”
charges against Attorney
General Eric Holder and the
Department of Justice, likely
next week!
Speaker of the House, John
Boehner, says, “The Justice
Department is out of excuses.”
Liberty Counsel Action is calling for swift action.
Representative Darrell Issa
has set the date for the committee vote on “contempt” charges
against Attorney General Eric
Holder and the DOJ for June 20
– just a week from Wednesday.
I have no doubt that the
consistent, focused pressure
the Liberty Counsel Action
team has placed on Congress
to move forward with charges
has played a significant role in
Chairman Issa’s decision.
Working together, LCA has
poured tens of thousands of
faxed demands on key congressional offices along with tens of
thousands of strong petitions
and an uncounted number of
phone calls spurring Congress
forward on this vital issue!
House Speaker Boehner
said today, “Either the Justice
Department turns over the
information requested, or
Congress will have no choice
but to move forward with
holding the Attorney General
in contempt for obstructing an
ongoing investigation.”
The contempt charges stem
from alleged obstructions by
Holder and the DOJ in the
ongoing investigation into
the badly botched “Fast and
Furious” operation.
We simply cannot afford
for Eric Holder to remain in
Liberty Counsel Action
has been intensely calling for
congressional action against
Attorney General Eric Holder
for many months now.
In his three-plus years in
the Obama administration,
Eric Holder’s office has been
rife with scandals, deception,
racial favoritism, cover-ups,
doublespeak, assertion of leftist
ideology, and outright dereliction in his duties as head of the
Department of Justice.
The list of Holder’s derelictions of duty and his lockstep
march with President Obama’s
unconstitutional mandates is
now too extensive to address
in a single message.
Many friends of Liberty
Counsel Action have already
helped barrage Capitol Hill
with faxes calling for the censure, impeachment, or forced
resignation of Eric Holder.
I believe the pressure we
have put on Congress has
helped keep yet another Obama
administration scandal from
being swept under the rug.
Now, it’s time to turn up
the heat!
Together, we are continuing to call on the House to issue
their “Contempt of Congress”
citation to Holder over his
stonewalling of information on
the deadly “Fast and Furious”
debacle…or pass the proposed
“Vote of No Confidence”…or
demand Holder’s resignation
for dereliction of duty.
Please join in our congressional call to action against
Attorney General Eric Holder.
Quite frankly, Holder
is a national disgrace as our
nation’s “top cop” and the
overseer of one of the most
compromised Departments of
Justice in American history.
To s c h e d u l e y o u r
faxes to your New Mexico
Representative and Senators
a n d o t h e r k e y o ff i c i a l s .
Everything you need is just a
click away. Here is the Place to
Go on any computer. It is worth
a trip to the local library if you
don’t have one:
The fact is, Eric Holder
At the heart of Holder’s
disingenuous, manipulative
abuse of the power granted
to the Office of the Attorney
General is his willingness to
misuse his authority for political and partisan purposes.
Here’s the good news: As
Eric Holder’s scandalous and
misguided decisions are yet further exposed, his detractors are
further empowered to get him
fired! And that list is growing
by the day.
Please – help us keep the
pressure on Congress to cite
Attorney General Eric Holder
for contempt and call for his
resignation and/or his impeachment!
Visit the web site below
to schedule your immediate
faxes to Congress using Liberty
Counsel Action’s powerful Fax
I need Your prayers.
I had a prostate biopsy last
week and today I discovered I
have a low grade cancer. 4 out
of 12 samples. My PSA ia 11.
The Dr said it is curable
through Chemo or an operation.
I have no fear of death but
I don't want to leave Cecelia in
debt or have her have to take
care of me.
I have trusted in God for
healing and good health all
these years so this comes as a
surprise.Thanks for doing as
you are lead by the Holy Spirit.
San Antonio, Texas
Gene Crouch H Otero County Clerk
Courtesy, Competence & Common Sense Service
For the Citizens of Otero County
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Gene Crouch Otero County Clerk
The Peoples Voice
Go Dutch!
But why wait until 2013?
The Netherlands, where
six per cent of the population
is now Muslim, is scrapping
The Dutch government
says it will abandon the longstanding model of multiculturalism that has encouraged
Muslim immigrants to create
a parallel society within the
A new integration bill,
which Dutch Interior Minister
Piet Hein Donner presented to
parliament on June 16, reads:
"The government shares the
social dissatisfaction over the
multicultural society model
and plans to shift priority to
the values of the Dutch people.
In the new integration system,
the values of the Dutch society
play a central role."
With this change, the government steps away from the
model of a multicultural society.
The letter continues: "A
more obligatory integration is
justified because the government also demands that from
its own citizens. It is necessary
because otherwise the society
gradually grows apart and
eventually no one feels at home
anymore in the Netherlands.
The new integration policy will place more demands
on immigrants. For example,
immigrants will be required
to learn the Dutch language,
and the government will take
a tougher approach to immigrants who ignore Dutch values
or disobey Dutch law.
The government will also
stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants
because, according to Donner;
"It is not the government's job
to integrate immigrants." (How
bloody true).
The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will
also impose tougher measures
against Muslim immigrants
who lower their chances of
employment by the way they
More specifically, the government will impose a ban on
face-covering, Islamic burqas
as of January 1, 2013.
Holland has done that
whole liberal thing, and realized - maybe too late - that
creating a nation of tribes will
kill the nation itself.
The future of the US,
Australia, the UK, and Canada
may well be read here.
Muslim immigrants leave
their countries of birth
because of civil and political
Countries like the US,
Holland, Canada, the UK, and
Australia have an established
way of life that actually works,
so why embrace the unworkable?
If Muslims do not wish
to accept another culture, the
answer is simple;
This gives a whole new
meaning to the term; ‘Dutch
Courage’ – Unfortunately US,
Australian, UK, and Canadian
politicians don’t have the ...
guts to do the same. There’s a
whole lot of truth here!!!!
A Nation of Sheep, Breeds
a Government of Wolves! I’M
Let’s Take a Stand!!!
• Borders: Closed!
• Language: English or
French only!
• Culture: English Constitution is the Bill of Rights!
• Drug Free: Mandatory
Drug Screening before
• NO freebies to Non-Citizens!
We the people are coming!!!
Only 86% will share this.
Should be a 100%. What will
you do?
Make no mistake about
this, Obama IS A MUSLIM.
He has done everythin he could
possibly do to further their
cause, while at the same time
doing all he could to destroy
our constitutional way of life
and freedom.
We have no choice but to
NOW! If you don’t cast the
vote that eradicates him, YOU
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STEAM BALOONS and STEAM AIRSHIPSpreviously built and flown bal-
We anticipate that the first
Steam Balloon flight will take
place during this year.
In practical terms, it is
obvious that we need to get a
lot of experience operating a
Steam Balloon, before building
upon this experience (and the
publicity it reaps) by seriously
considering the production of a
Steam Airship.
However it may be permitted to speculate!
We do not think there is any
potential in a steam airship of
the rigid type. This is because
one of the great advantages of
steam lift gas will be in ground
handling, since the airship can
be routinely deflated after every
flight. A steam airship will,
therefore, be a non-rigid.
However, the conventional
elongated Zeppelin shape
involves a hidden danger if
steam lift gas is used. That
is, water will be continually
trickling down the inside of
the envelope and accumulating
at its bottom, to be drained out
and re-boiled.
With the conventional
shape, if a steam airship
assumes a nose-pitched-up
attitude for a few minutes,
water will start to accumulate
in the rear end, and will weigh
it down.
This condition will get
rapidly worse: the situation will
be unstable. Therefore we think
that a steam airship should be
spherical or lenticular, or nearly
so; at least, its shape should be
much more bloated than the
classic airship shape.
Since a steam airship will
necessarily carry a boiler to
re-boil the condensed water,
the intriguing possibility arises
of using a steam engine for
The first airship that ever
flew (Giffard, 1852) was powered by a steam engine. This
approach failed because the
power-to-weight ratio of steam
engines at the time was very
poor. (It was greatly improved
during the development of the
steam car.)
But in any case the use of
a steam engine for propelling a
hydrogen or helium airship (or
indeed an airplane) is doomed,
because, considering the total
weight including the boiler and
condenser, a steam engine is
much heavier than an internal
combustion engine of equivalent power.
However, with a steam
airship in which a boiler is
required in any case for keeping
the lift gas in vapor form, a new
situation arises.
Excluding boiler weight
and condenser weight, a modern reciprocating steam engine
can actually be lighter than the
equivalent internal combustion
engine. In fact, with modern
practice, it is perfectly possible
to manufacture a reciprocating
steam engine which develops
100 ps and can be lifted with
one hand.
The engine can be expected
to be much lighter than the
Jules Henri Giffard Steam Powered Airship - Patented In 1858
boiler. Moreover, since the airthis mission to be possible on, continually condense upon the
ship envelope itself will serve
inside of an envelope into water
perhaps, 80% of days.
as the condenser, the perennial
In fact for a limited mission droplets which will trickle
problem of providing adequate such as the one specified above, downward to the lowest point
condensation is completely the full abilities of a helium of the envelope.
neutralized - possibly for the airship - such as long-term
For indefinite-duration
first time in the history of the endurance, high airspeed, and flight this water of course needs
steam engine!
poor-weather flight capability to be continually re-boiled,
and the weight of the boiler
- are not actually needed.
Obviously the non-rigid
The steam airship will have required, and of its fuel, are
Steam Airship does not have the most important qualities substantial.
the potential to displace the necessary for advertising and
So, for craft of similar
helium airship in every applica- camera platform work: hover volume, the payload and pertion. However we think that it capability in moderate winds, formance of a steam LTA craft
will have its niche.
and large size. And I think that will be much lower than those
Specifically, we think that the low cost and the conve- of a helium craft.
a Steam Airship will be able to nience in ground handling of
But this may not be true
satisfy the demands that hot-air a Steam Airship will, in this when craft of similar cost
airships try to satisfy but fail. restricted operational context, (rather than volume) are conConsider the following mission more than compensate for its sidered, because the material
for the envelope of a steam craft
During reasonably fine Conclusion
will be much cheaper, and of
weather, to fly over a major
The strange thing about course the steam is extremely
sporting event and maintain sta- this Steam Balloon and Steam cheap.
tion for a few hours, displaying Airship project is that the basic
As compared to hot air, the
advertising or carrying a news idea is so simple and so low- merit of steam is that its lift is
more than twice as great, so that
A hot-air airship is not
Often people ask me “If it’s for the same lift the envelope
able to meet this requirement. such a good idea, why hasn’t it area is approximately halved.
Theoretically it might be capa- been done already?” (Of course (This does not necessarily mean
ble, but in practice the wind is this objection could be made that the rate of heat loss is half,
usually too strong - because a against any technical devel- however, although it is less; the
hot-air airship is defeated by opment whatever; it actually situation is more complicated
even a light wind.
than that.)
means nothing!)
At present a helium airship
To produce the same
The 19th century was the
is the only possibility for this age for very simple yet world- amount of lift, about three times
mission, and they are extremely shaking inventions.
as much energy is required
expensive to operate, funda20th and 21st century tech- for boiling water to produce
mentally because they must nology has become very com- steam lift gas, as for heating
be kept inflated more-or-less plicated: one usually needs spe- air to produce hot-air lift gas.
cial materials and/or advanced Therefore it is inevitable that,
I believe that, with devel- physics to accomplish anything for the initial filling of a Steam
opment, a Steam Airship will be new and wonderful.
Balloon or Steam Airship on
able, in average good weather,
From this point of view the ground before takeoff, a
reliably to:
a Steam Balloon or Steam heavy ground-based boiler of
•Arrive from base, deflated and Airship is a technological curi- very high water boiling capacpacked in a single vehicle, at osity, because it could have ity will be required
an unprepared launch site in a been built any time in the last
The Wright brothers may
park within a few kilometers 150 years.
be the most famous people in
of the target area;
It requires no advanced the history of aviation for the
•Be inflated with steam from materials or delicate or subtle first aeroplane flight in 1903,
a ground boiler carried on processes, and indeed com- but the first ever powered and
the same vehicle, by a small paratively little financial invest- controlled flights were carried
ground crew;
ment. I have no idea why it has out in lighter-than-air craft
•Fly to the target area and hold never been tried in practice before either of the Wright
station over it for several before; it is quite strange..... brothers was even born.
Jules Henri Giffard was
Nevertheless, it may be a very
•Return to the launch site and effective development.
a Frenchman who made his
be deflated and returned to
fortune by inventing the steam
We shall see!
As compared to the high- injector (a device to prevent
•And I believe that the cost est-lift gases - hydrogen and steam engine boilers running
may be perhaps twice that of a helium - the advantage of steam out of water whilst they were
hot-air airship, but much less as a lift gas is that it is safe and stationary, patented in 1858),
than a helium airship. And I also so cheap that it may be but before that in 1852, he
think that the up-wind perfor- vented without cost concerns. built the world’s first passenger
mance of a steam airship will However its lift is not as good. airship.
be sufficiently reasonable for
Other people had
Moreover steam will
loons filled with hydrogen, but
in order to make the jump from
ballon to being a true airship
there needed to be both a source
of propulsion and a means of
changing direction so that there
was the control to choose to fly
where one wished.
The first airships were
know as “dirigible balloons”
from the French “dirigeable”,
meaning “steerable”. Later
they were simply refered to as
In 1850 Giffard helped fellow French engineer Jullien to
build an airship with a propeller driven by clockwork, but it
was to be Giffard’s knowlege of
steam power that would place
his own airship in the history
In 1851 he patented the
“application of steam in the
airship travel”. He managed to
build a small and light steam
engine weighing just 250
pounds and despite the added
weight of the boiler and coke
brining it to over 400 pounds,
it was still light enough for his
hydrogen filled balloon to lift.
The engine drove a large
(3.3 metre) rear-facing threebladed propeller, and although
only producing a power of
2,200 watts. To put that in context, that is about the same as
a modern steam iron, and less
than a fast-boil kettle (3,000
watts). About 3 horsepower,
Jules Henri Giffard
It would prove to be enough
to demonstrate that controled
flight was possible.
The funnel pointed downwards and the exhaust stream
was mixed with the combustion
gasses to try and prevent sparks
which might ignite the highly
flammable hydrogen gas in the
The balloon itself was 43
metres (144 foot) long and
pointed at both ends. Below it
at the rear was mounted a saillike triangular vertical rudder.
The airship successfully
flew on the 24th September
1852, launching from the Paris
Hippodrome and flying 27km
(17 miles) to Elancourt, near
Because the small engine
was not very powerful it could
not overcome the prevailing
winds to allow Giffard to make
the return flight (the top speed
of Giffard’s airship was just six
miles per hour). However, he
did manage to turn the airship
in slow circles, proving that in
calm conditions controled flight
was possible.
The Peoples Voice
Florida, Texas will let you keep this record.
We’ve never seen a rattler as big as OBAMA in Texas!
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This is a 15 foot Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake,
the largest ever caught on record, in fact. This snake
was found Near the St. Augustine outlet, in a new KB
homes subdivision just south of Jacksonville FL. A
little research revealed the following: One bite from a
snake of this size would contain enough venom to kill
over 40 full grown men. The head of this snake alone
is larger than the hand of a normal sized man. A bite
from those fangs would be comparable to being stabbed
by two curved, 1/4 inch diameter screwdrivers. The
knife being used to draw out the fangs for the bottom
picture has a blade around 6 inches long. This snake
is estimated to have weighed over 170 pounds. (How
much do you weigh?) Notice the girth of this snake as
compared to the cop’s leg in the first
picture (and he is not a small man). A snake of
this size could easily swallow a 2 year-old child (and
dogs, pigs, etc). A snake this size has an approximately
5 1/2 foot accurate striking distance. (The distance for
an average size rattlesnake is about 2 feet . ) This
snake has probably been alive since George Bush
Sr. was President. Now just ask yourself these
questions: What has this snake been feeding on
and where are its offspring?
It has probably been feeding on poor people
and Republicans. Only Conservative protien
could cause such growth and such a quantity
of venom. Just think about what a monster you
can render harmless when you go to the polls
to vote! Say NO to Obama . . . Yes to Romni!
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Animal Food Bank
D’Ann Dunigan, Manager
Open Mon-Sat 10AM - 4PM
A Kitty City sponsored animal food
program assisting those in need in
feeding their familly companions.
The Peoples Voice
Former Coordinator of the
Otero County Tea Party
Who’d do that?
When we learn that some
fool burned an American Flag
at an event, we often hear from
friends and family; “What kind
of idiot would do such a thing?
How can anyone get by with
desecrating our flag?”
Many of us don’t see how
an act of hate can be twisted
into free speech. However
there are many in high places
that insist that sort of activity
comes under the first amendment and they’re simply exercising their right to free speech.
And, consequently there’s no
real punishment for it.
There are thousands of
miscreants who go around at
night armed with spray paint
cans, tagging’ people’s houses,
cars, businesses, fences and
other private property.
Those on the receiving end
of their art work are extremely
distressed and feel something
important in their lives has been
terribly violated.
They wonder, where is the
world headed with this type of
A usual expression when
such vandalism is discovered
is, “who’d do that?” If the perpetrator is found, the punishment they receive doesn’t make
the victims feel that justice was
done and they don’t feel any
better for it. .
There are many techsavvy fiends in the world who
spend enormous amounts of
time creating, scheming, and
sending out viruses and worms
to upset people’s computers.
They’ve spent more time
learning email addresses of
people they don’t know and
have never harmed them in
any way. They’re very much
like the twisted vandals that
will key a car in any parking lot
because they can and get some
pleasure over the fact someone will be very upset over it.
Who’d do that?
The nation suffers these
and other acts of vandalism
more and more and the victims never feel the punishment
has had any real effect.on the
All of us have had some
conversations regarding vandalism, and the general feeling
is that the courts, police, and
lawmakers have allowed political correctness to make corrective punishment and discipline
mostly ineffective.
The perps don’t suffer any
discomfort comparable to the
victims who too often suffer
damage they can’t recoup or
completely recover from.
There are more and more
Best FOOD In Town
1200 New York Ave.
Alamogordo, NM 88310
people in America who feel
there is a complete breakdown
of respect for private or public
property. Not only is our society’s numbers of disrespectful
individuals growing, the people
who are in a position to make
them see the destructive nature
of their twisted attitude take the
easy way out and explain that
it’s society’s fault the vandals
turned out that way.
Wrong! There is never a
good enough reason to even
touch property that doesn’t
belong to you except to aid
some one.
All first graders instinctively know it’s wrong for
a bully or a sneak to take
or destroy their belongings
just because the other person
doesn’t have that favorite possession.
Why don’t parents and
teachers reenforce that golden
My parting thoughts on
crime and punishment; society
pays far more for crimes and
criminals than need be and the
legislators only think of more
expensive ways to cope with
a problem that continues to
grow because they won’t make
the hard decisions; the proper
decisions would be politically
incorrect. - Don Omey
Plant a Pig ?
The above picture
is of a pig!
In Seville Spain, local people found a way to...stop the
construction of another mosque
in their town. They buried a pig
on the site, and made sure this
would be known by the local
The Islamic rules forbid the
erecting of a Mosque on "pig
soiled ground.
The Muslims had to cancel
the project.
This land was sold to them
by government officials.
No protests were needed
by the local people, and...it
In Texas they have an overabundance of feral pigs. They
could send them all over the
country, and...just plant them
Americans, put on your
thinking caps, and lets find
a solution to this problem of
a spreading menace to the
American way of life! If pigs
are the answer, lets do it!
Maybe we could get someone...to plant a pig at the White
House !
OOP’s! I thought there was
a whole family of them already
living there! - (Editor)
Perhaps all of our middle
east ammunition should be
dipped in pig blood. It ought
to make the enemy run and
hide when they see us coming;
and, everywhere a bullet landed
would be so desecrated that no
one would dare occupy that
place again!
put a buzzard in a pen that is 6
feet by 8 feet and is entirely
open at the top, The bird, in
spite of its ability to fly, will be
an absolute prisoner. The reason
is that a buzzard always begins
a flight from the ground with
a run of 10 to 12 feet. Without
space to run, as is its habit, it
will not even attempt to fly, but
will remain a prisoner for life in
a small jail with no top.
bumblebee, if dropped into an
open tumbler, will be there until
it dies, It never sees the means
of escape at the top, but persists
in trying to find some way out
through the sides near the bottom. It will seek a way where
none exists, until it completely
destroys itself.
PEOPLE In many ways,
we are like the buzzard and the
bumblebee. We struggle about
with all our problems and frustrations, never realizing that all
we have to do is look up! That’s
the answer, the escape route and
the solution to any problem...
Just look up!
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Entre Giveaway Card
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Pigs are wonderful
things! God didn’t
make them to eat! He
made them to chase
Islam out of Israel’s
land! Sen them one
or two TODAY!
Is in dire need of a 12 or
15 passenger van with
which to transport the men
of Freedom House and
Freedom Gate recovery
If you would be willing
to contribute such a van
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Wes Bush
Aamogordo Traffic Control Lacking
Alamogordo, like most towns in the
USA, has seen an increase in automobile accidents during the past few years.
As a citizen of this historical community I pride myself on being a part
of it and desire to see it be one of the
safest places in the southwest.
Already one of the healthiest and
most beautiful, Alamogordo is slowly
achieving the report from it’s visitors,
that they desire to return year after year;
so, it is necessary that the city upgrade
it’s infrastructure to accommodate them.
I am certain that every citizen in the
region has noticed the increased traffic;
possibly 4 or 5 times as much as when
I moved here in 2003.
Well, enough of that, needless to
say, some additions to the current traffic
control is sorely needed.
Those of us who drive White Sands
Boulevard, Indian Wells, Scenic Drive,
1st street, 10th street and the streets
feeding into them know the frustration
of waiting anxiously for 3 to 5 minutes
while a parade of cars pass with no
break in the line; hoping that the next
light change will break the traffic flow
sufficiently to allow just a tiny break
to allow a risky entrance into that flow
so we can be on our way, only to face
an even greater aggravation when the
opposite flow of traffic at the traffic light
begins to fill the lanes, again blocking
our entry into them.
LIGHTS to break the traffic flow so
that egress will become easier and the
accidents can be avoided that are caused
by persons in a hurry misjudging the
amount of time it will take to clear the
lanes when a tiny opening appears.
Have you enjoyed the frustration
of approaching an upcoming signal
light cautiously, only to have it abruptly
change to yellow just as you enter the
intersection and then to red before you
can exit it?
My friends all make the accusation
that our city is so hungry for violation
money that they keep the lights set
that way in order to write more traffic
‘Benefit of the doubt’ says that
traffic control is simply not expending
the few man hours necessary to set the
lights properly. In any case, most, if not
all, of the lights in Alamogordo do not
allow sufficient time on caution, for a
driver to make a proper exit from an
intersection while the light remains
yellow, much less to make a gentle
stop when the light turns yellow in
order to avoid the driver behind rear
ending his car.
Whoever is in charge of maintaining the traffic lights are frequently made
aware of the condition and seem to
simply avoid getting involved.
It is time they were held accountable; so, as a concerned citizen, I
implore you to call them each time you
observe any traffic problem.
You might find the following telephone numbers helpful. (no matter
where you live, you should have
these on your cell phone.)
•City Manager
•Traffic Department
•Department of Transportion
•State Police
•City Police
Please be courteous and respectful
when you call.; but, be firm. You are
paying the taxes that pay their salaries/
When you call:
• State your name clearly
• State the nature of your call
• Explain that you expect something
will be done to correct what you
have observed to be wrong
• Know the location of the problem
• Describe the location clearly
Remember, If you observe a fault and
refuse to put forth an effort to get it
I commend the drivers of
Alamogordo for all but one thing.
Many of them pay no attention at all
to those who actually have some place
to go and wish to at least go there at
the legal speed limit.
These unconscious drivers pace
themselves at 3 to 7 miles an hour below
the legal limit, get in the center or left
lane and nonchalantly go their merry
way; then, another one with no place to
go will likely get beside them, and travel
even slower. - Happy obliviousness.
The Peoples Voice
by Geert Wilder
Member of the Dutch Parliament
In a generation or two, the US will
ask itself: "Who lost Europe ?"
Here is the speech of Geert Wilders,
Chairman, Party for Freedom the
Netherlands , at the Four Seasons in
New York , introducing an Alliance of
Patriots and announcing the Facing
Jihad Conference in Jerusalem ..
I come to America with a mission. All is not well in the old
world. There is a tremendous danger
looming, and it is very difficult to be
We might be in the final stages
of the Islamization of Europe. This
not only is a clear and present danger to the future of Europe itself, it
is a threat to America and the sheer
survival of the West.
The United States as the last bastion of Western civilization, facing
an Islamic Europe.
First, I will describe the situation
on the ground in Europe . Then, I
will say a few things about Islam. To
close I will tell you about a meeting
in Jerusalem .
The Europe you know is changing.You have probably seen the
landmarks. But in all of these cities,
sometimes a few blocks away from
your tourist destination, there is
another world. It is the world of the
parallel society created by Muslim
All throughout Europe a new
reality is rising: entire Muslim neighborhoods where very few indigenous
people reside or are even seen. And
if they are, they might regret it.
This goes for the police as well.
It's the world of head scarves, where
women walk around in figureless
tents, with baby strollers and a
group of children. Their husbands,
or slaveholders if you prefer, walk
three steps ahead.
With mosques on many street
corners. The shops have signs you
and I cannot read. You will be
hard-pressed to find any economic
activity. These are Muslim ghettos
controlled by religious fanatics.
These are Muslim neighborhoods,
and they are mushrooming in every
city across Europe .
These are the building-blocks
for territorial control of increasingly
larger portions of Europe, street by
street, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city.
There are now thousands of
mosques throughout Europe . With
larger congregations than there are
in churches. And in every European
city there are plans to build supermosques that will dwarf every
church in the region. Clearly, the
signal is, “We rule!”
Many European cities are
already one-quarter Muslim: just
take Amsterdam , Marseille and
Malmo in Sweden .
In many cities the majority of
the under-18 population is Muslim.
Paris is now surrounded by a ring of
Muslim neighborhoods. Mohammed
is the most popular name among
boys in many cities.
In some elementary schools in
Amsterdam the farm can no longer
be mentioned, because that would
also mean mentioning the pig, and
that would be an insult to Muslims.
Many state schools in Belgium
and Denmark only serve halal
food to all pupils. In once-tolerant
Amsterdam gays are beaten up
almost exclusively by Muslims.
Non-Muslim women routinely hear
'whore, whore'. Satellite dishes are
not pointed to local TV stations, but
to stations in the country of origin.
Continued on page 9
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“Where Your Voice Can Be Heard”
Apostolic Mission
Spanish Services each Sunday
1:30 PM Sun. - 6:30 PM Thurs.
Fellowship over a potluck dinner
After prayer, praise and worship
BONDED & INSURED 575-973-0073
Pastors Fulton and Martinez
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In Mall Next To K-Mart Entrance
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“The taste and feel you WON”T forget!”
From page 8 - Who Lost Europe?
In France school teachers are
advised to avoid authors deemed
offensive to Muslims, including
Voltaire and Diderot; the same is
increasingly true of Darwin . The
history of the Holocaust can no
longer be taught because of Muslim
In England sharia courts are now
officially part of the British legal
system. Many neighborhoods in
France are no-go areas for women
without head scarves. Last week a
man almost died after being beaten
up by Muslims in Brussels , because
he was drinking during the Ramadan.
Jews are fleeing France in record
numbers, on the run for the worst
wave of anti-Semitism since World
War II. French is now commonly
spoken on the streets of Tel Aviv and
Netanya and Israel. I could go on
forever with stories like this. Stories
about Islamization.
San Diego University recently
calculated that a staggering 25 percent of the population in Europe
will be Muslim just 12 years from
now. Bernhard Lewis has predicted
a Muslim majority by the end of this
Now these are just numbers. And
the numbers would not be threatening if the Muslim-immigrants had a
strong desire to assimilate. But there
are few signs of that.
The Pew Research Center
reported that half of French Muslims
see their loyalty to Islam as greater
than their loyalty to France . Onethird of French Muslims do not
object to suicide attacks. The British
Centre for Social Cohesion reported
that one-third of British Muslim
students are in favor of a worldwide
caliphate. Muslims demand what
they call 'respect'. And this is how
we give them respect. We have
Muslim official state holidays.
The Christian-Democratic attorney general is willing to accept
sharia in the Netherlands if there is
a Muslim majority. We have cabinet members with passports from
Morocco and Turkey .
Muslim demands are supported
by unlawful behavior, ranging from
petty crimes and random violence,
for example against ambulance
workers and bus drivers, to smallscale riots. Paris has seen its uprising in the low-income suburbs, the
I call the perpetrators 'settlers'.
Because that is what they are. They
do not come to integrate into our
societies; they come to integrate
our society into their Dar-al-Islam.
Therefore, they are settlers.
Much of this street violence I
mentioned is directed exclusively
against non-Muslims, forcing many
native people to leave their neighborhoods, their cities, their countries.
Moreover, Muslims are now a swing
vote not to be ignored.
The second thing you need
to know is the importance of
Mohammed the prophet. His behavior is an example to all Muslims
and cannot be criticized. Now, if
Mohammed had been a man of
peace, let us say like Ghandi and
Mother Theresa wrapped in one,
there would be no problem. But
Mohammed was a warlord, a mass
murderer, a pedophile, and had several marriages - at the same time.
Islamic tradition tells us how
he fought in battles, how he had his
enemies murdered and even had prisoners of war executed. Mohammed
himself slaughtered the Jewish tribe
of Banu Qurayza. If it is good for
Islam, it is good. If it is bad for
Islam, it is bad.
Let no one fool you about Islam
being a religion. Sure, it has a god,
and a here-after, and 72 virgins. But
in its essence Islam is a political ideology. It is a system that lays down
detailed rules for society and the
life of every person. Islam wants to
dictate every aspect of life.
Islam means 'submission'. Islam
is not compatible with freedom and
democracy, because what it strives
for is sharia. If you want to compare
Islam to anything, compare it to
communism or national-socialism,
these are all totalitarian ideologies.
Now you know why Winston
Churchill called Islam 'the most
retrograde force in the world', and
why he compared Mein Kampf to
the Quran.
The public has wholeheartedly
accepted the Palestinian narrative,
and sees Israel as the aggressor. I
have lived in this country and visited
it dozens of times. I support Israel .
Because it is the Jewish homeland after two thousand years of exile
up to and including Auschwitz;
Because it is a democracy,
Because Israel is our first line of
This tiny country is situated on
the fault line of jihad, frustrating
Islam's territorial advance. Israel is
facing the front lines of jihad, like
Kashmir, Kosovo, the Philippines ,
Southern Thailand, Darfur in Sudan
, Lebanon , and Aceh in Indonesia
. Israel is simply in the way. The
same way West-Berlin was during
the Cold War.
The war against Israel is not a
war against Israel . It is a war against
the West. It is jihad. Israel is simply
receiving the blows that are meant
for all of us. If there would have
been no Israel , Islamic imperialism
would have found other venues to
release its energy and its desire for
Thanks to Israeli parents who
send their children to the army
and lay awake at night, parents in
Europe and America can sleep well
and dream, unaware of the dangers
Many in Europe argue in favor of
abandoning Israel in order to address
the grievances of our Muslim minorities. But if Israel were, God forbid,
to go down, it would not bring any
solace to the West. It would not
mean our Muslim minorities would
all of a sudden change their behavior,
and accept our values.
On the contrary, the end of Israel
would give enormous encouragement to the forces of Islam. They
would, and rightly so, see the demise
of Israel as proof that the West is
weak, and doomed.
The end of Israel would not mean
the end of our problems with Islam,
but only the beginning. It would
mean the start of the final battle for
world domination. If they can get
Israel , they can get everything.
So-called journalists volunteer to label any and all critics of
Islamization as a 'right-wing extremists' or 'racists'. In my country, the
Netherlands , 60 percent of the population now sees the mass immigration of Muslims as the number one
policy mistake since World War II.
And another 60 percent sees Islam
as the biggest threat.
Yet there is a greater danger
than terrorist attacks, the scenario
The Peoples Voice
of America as the last man standing.
The lights may go out in Europe
faster than you can imagine. An
Islamic Europe means a Europe
without freedom and democracy, an
economic wasteland, an intellectual
nightmare, and a loss of military
might for America - as its allies will
turn into enemies, enemies with
atomic bombs.
With an Islamic Europe, it
would be up to America alone to
preserve the heritage of Rome ,
Athens and Jerusalem ....
Dear friends, liberty is the most
precious of gifts. My generation
never had to fight for this freedom,
it was offered to us on a silver platter, by people who fought for it with
their lives. All throughout Europe ,
American cemeteries remind us of
the young boys who never made it
home, and whose memory we cherish.
My generation does not own this
freedom; we are merely its custodians. We can only hand over this hard
won liberty to Europe 's children in
the same state in which it was offered
to us.
We cannot strike a deal with mullahs and imams. Future generations
would never forgive us. We cannot
squander our liberties. We simply do
not have the right to do so.
We have to take the necessary
action now to stop this Islamic
stupidity from destroying the
free world that we know.
Is someone you know living a life of sin?
Lifescope says,
“Your responsibility may be greater than yoy think”
In Paul’s letter to one of the churches
It isn’t our job to judge outsiders.
he addressed this situation:]
But it certainly is our job to judge and
Everyone is talking about the ter- deal strongly with those who are memrible thing that has happened there bers of the church, and who are sinning
among you, something so evil that even in these ways.
the heathen don’t do it:
God alone is the Judge of those on
You have a man in your church the outside. But you yourselves must
who is living in sin with his father’s deal with this man and put him out of
wife. And are you still so conceited, so your church.
[In Paul’s second letter to this
Why aren’t you mourning in sorrow church, he addressed the same issue:]
and shame, and seeing to it that this man
Remember that the man I wrote
is removed from your membership?
about, who caused all the trouble, has
You are to call a meeting of the not caused sorrow to me as much as to
church - and the power of the Lord Jesus all the rest of you - though I certainly
will be with you as you meet, and I will have my share in it too.
be there in spirit - and cast out this man
I don’t want to be harder on him
from the fellowship of the church and than I should. He has been punished
into Satan’s hands, to punish him, in the enough by your united disapproval.
hope that his soul will be saved when
Now it is time to forgive him and
our Lord Jesus Christ returns.
comfort him. Otherwise he may become
What a terrible thing it is that you so bitter and discouraged that he won’t
are boasting about your purity, and yet be able to recover. Please show him now
you let this sort of thing go on.
that you still do love him very much.
Don’t you realize that if even one
When you forgive anyone, I do too.
person is allowed to go on sinning, soon And whatever I have forgiven (to the
all will be affected?
extent that this affected me too) has been
Remove this evil cancer - this by Christ’s authority, and for your good.
wicked person - from among you, so
A further reason for forgiveness is
that you can stay pure. Christ, God’s to keep from being outsmarted by Satan;
Lamb, has been slain for us.
for we know what he is trying to do.
Taken from Rom. 8, Mt. 6, 7, The Living Bible and The Phillips Translation.
For free Lifescope book, write to Box 1575, Carlsbad, NM 88221.
Please end $1.00 for postage and handling.
Grades K-4 Through 12
Christian curricula aligned with New Mexico
Standards and Benchmarks, small class sizes and
before/after school day care for K-4 through 4th grade.
Get your registration packet before it is too late.
Legacy Christian Academy
Disciple Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 207
1206 Greenwood Lane
Alamogordo, NM 88310
(575) 434-0352
“Making Learning Exciting Through Expectation Of Success!”
10 The Peoples Voice
Potato Chips
A little boy wanted to meet God.
He knew it was a long trip to where God
lived, so he packed his suitcase with a bag
of potato chips and a six-pack of root beer
and started his journey.
When he had gone about three
blocks, he met an old man. He was sitting
in the park, just staring at some pigeons.
The boy sat down next to him and opened
his suitcase. He was about to take a drink
from his root beer when he noticed that
the old man looked hungry, so he offered
him some chips. He gratefully accepted
it and smiled at him.
His smile was so pretty that the boy
wanted to see it again, so he offered him a
root beer. Again, he smiled at him. The
boy was delighted!
They sat there all afternoon eating
and smiling, but they never said a word.
As twilight approached, the boy realized how tired he was and he got up to
leave; but before he had gone more than
a few steps, he turned around, ran back
to the old man, and gave him a hug. He
gave him his biggest smile ever...
When the boy opened the door to his
own house a short time later, his mother
was surprised by the look of joy on his
face. She asked him, “What did you do
today that made you so happy?”
He replied, “I had lunch with God.”
But before his mother could respond, he
added, “You know what? He’s got the
most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen!”
Meanwhile, the old man, also radiant
with joy, returned to his home. His son
was stunned by the look of peace on his
face and he asked, “dad, what did you do
today that made you so happy?”
He replied “I ate potato chips in the
park with God.” However, before his son
responded, he added, “You know, he’s
much younger than I expected.”
Too often we underestimate the
power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a
listening ear, an honest compliment, or the
smallest act of caring, all of which have
the potential to turn a life around. People
come into our lives for a reason, a season,
or a lifetime! Embrace all equally!
Have lunch with God.......bring chips.
God still sits on the throne. You may
be going through a tough time right now
but God is getting ready to bless you in a
way that only He can. - Keep the faith!
Psychiatrists vs Bartenders
Ever since I was a child, I’ve always
had a fear of someone under my bed at
night. So I went to a shrink and told him:
“I’ve got problems. Every time I go to
bed I think there’s somebody under it. I’m
scared. I think I’m going crazy.”
“Just put yourself in my hands for
one year,” said the shrink. “Come talk to
me three times a week and we should be
able to get rid of those fears.”
“How much do you charge?”
“Eighty dollars per visit” replied the
“I’ll sleep on it, “I said.
Six months later the doctor met me on
the street. “Why didn’t you come to see
me about those fears you were having?”
he asked.
“Well, eighty bucks a visit three times
a week for a year is an awful lot of money!
A bartender cured me for $10. I was so
happy to have saved all that money that I
went and bought me a new pickup!”
“Is that so?” With a bit of an attitude
he said, “And how, may I ask, did a
bartender cure you?”
“He told me to cut the legs off
the bed! - Ain’t nobody under there
Tele-Evangelists Now ‘SELLING’
Weight Loss Diets
Several books that we won’t mention
here, are reported to be in the offing from
major tele-evangelists soon. It seems that
the millions of weight loss diet books
recently topping the best seller list, has
rendered the subject irrestible.
Well, if the country’s most famous
preachers can do it, I can too, only I can
tell my story in just a few words.
You see, about a year before my
wonderful wife of 54 years passed away,
seh and I were eating at a Cracker Barrell
Restaurant in Arlington, Texas.
As I had been nibbling at the last few
bites of my food for several minutes while
she waited patiently, she finally said, “Wes,
you finished wanting what you are eating
several minutes ago. Why don’t you simply leave it?”
I retorted, “I was taught to eat everything on my plate; besides, I don’t want
to waste it.”
She replied, “Wes, every bite you
eat beyond that which satisfies is really
wasted. Why not simply give the last few
bites to the Lord?’
From that meal forward, each time I
reached the point of satisfaction, I would
remember her words; and, I heeded them
until she went to be with the Lord.
My breathing had grown shorter and
shorter. C.O.P.D. was taking a heavy toll
and asthma was making me ever more ill.
Carrying 245 pounds on my 5’- 8 1/2”
frame certainly wasn’t helping matters; so,
I became serious about doing something
about it.
As I contemplated what to do, my
wife’s wise words came loudly into mind,
“Why not give that few bites to the Lord?”
From that time until today, I bagan
pushing my plate back at the time I should
be satisfied. I say, ‘should be,’ because
I have learned to anticipate the point of
satisfaction and quit eating a minute or
two before I reach it.
Miraculously, in only a few seconds,
satisfaction comes and I feel satisfied but
not stuffed and uncomfortable. The Lord
and I have finally agreed to “DO IT IN
Guess what, In just a few months
(well, it was actually about 2 1/2 years)
my weight had fallen from that horribly
uncomfortible 245 pounds to a very comfortable 185 pounds; and, I HAD NOT
Yet another miracle was wrapped up
in God’s method of teaching me a proper
diet, however; I began to discover that I
craved foods that beforehand, I would not
touch with a ten foot pole.
Asparagus, brocolli, salads, spinich,
turnip greens, yams! On and on the list
After all, I was a meat and potatoes
man and all of that other stuff was for
women, (get this) ‘WATCHING THEIR
What a wonderful thing happens when
we begin practicing ‘moderation’.
My method was really so simple that
you may write it of as a fool’s folley.
Please don’t do that. You see, God loves
you and wants you to not only be healthy,
but comfortably satisfied while your at it.
HERE IT IS! The method God taught
me for losing unnecessary pounds and
once lost, maintaining a proper weight
1. THE FIRST WEEK - I left just
one bite of every meal on my plate
as an offering to God.
2. THE SECOND WEEK - I left two
bites on my plate as an offering.
3. THE THIRD WEEK - Three bites.
4. THE FOURTH - Four bites
5. THE FIFTH - Five bites.
You know, it was about the fifth
weekthat I began sharing 1/2 of my meal
with my wife and we shared until her death.
For breakfast I had been eating two
eggs, ham, hashbrowns, grits and two slices
of toast. I now eat one egg, a half order of
hashbrowns, no meat and two slices of toast.
Oh yea, I don’t want to forget the three
tablespoons of cream gravy. We wouldn’t
want me to ‘sacrifice’ that, now would we.
Take note that the only thing eliminated
from my diet is the ham, bacon or sausage.
The reason I rarely eat those is another story
that I will tell at another time.
Oh well, I mght as well tell uyou now. I
can do it in just a sentance or two.
You see, every food that God forbade the
Hebrew children (Jews) to eat WILL MAKE
• Pork causes Gout
• Fish without scales causes Gout
• Shell fish Causes Gout
• Too much beef causes Gout
• Animals with no cloven hooves - Gout
Isn’t it amazing! God really does knowwhat is best for us doesn’t He?
Many of you do not need to lose weight.
You simply need to maintain your average
weight level; however, your weight is fluctuating back and forth, varying as much as
10 pounds each way.
I maintain a consistant, well rounded
diet, eating mostly vegetables, I try to consume all types of fruit and vegetables during
any given week.
I refrain from all pork, shell fish, catfish
and other bottom swimmers and I eat beefsteak only about once a month; then, only
about 3 ounces is about all I can handle.
A friend and I hit Texas Roadhouse,
order an 11 oz. Sirloin, an extra salad and
bakd potato, cut the steak into 3 portions, 3
oz. for me and two 4 oz. portions for him.
(this makes the $15.95 steak a truly reasonable buy)
Believe it or not, as I cut my portion
into small bites (about a third the size I used
to gulp) and chew each bite thoroughly, I
discover that the portion seemingly grows,
and grows; until, by the time that I swallow
the last bite I can hardly hold it!
Praise God, I am completely satisfied,
we have not over indulged to the point of
discomfort; and, our 80 and 89 year old
pocket books come out smelling like a rose.
Salad dressing should be enjoyed as
a seasoning. Believe it or not, just one
tablespoon is more than enough to coat
the vegetables in the average ‘LARGE’
salad; and when no more than this is used,
probably for the first time in your life,
they great!
God made it healthy.
God made it non-fattening
God made it digestable.
Drink it! You will like it; and, you will
cut more than 1/3 of the calories from your
Eating and immediately lying down
without exercise will cause you to gain
weight on even an iceburg lettuce salad.
SOUND TOO SIMPLE? - Beieve me,
this works miracles!
Here is the principle of moderation.
Never eat more than the amount that barely
satisfies your hunger. Ever bite you take
beyond that is not simply eliminated. IT
No, this simple regimen will not, by
itself, shrink your belly. EXERCISE is the
only regimen that will do that; so, why not
combine this appetite reducing regemine
along with a little simple exercise; and.
become pleasing to both God and yourself!
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done it unto the least of these, my
brothers, ye have done it unto Me.
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We meet at The Gathering
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Come join us as we enter into
God’s “Higher Praise “ through
live music, provided by our local
Christian Praise teams throughout
the Alamogordo and Tularosa
Many worshipers in
Alamogordo have expressed a
desire to have a “MUSIC ONLY”
service for worshipers and thus,
Saturday Nite Praise exists for
1328 Scenic Dr
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such a purpose.
Saturday Nite Praise is a musical ministry that exists to offer
worshipers a opportunity to seek
the presence of God through Praise,
Prayer and Worship, affording
an opportunity for local christian
music ministries to share their worship with others.
Our vision is to have a “Play
and Pray” type of worship service,
where we invite you to come and
pray and receive from the lord, as
our local praise band plays.
When you come to Saturday
Nite Worship, you’ll have the
opportunity to come into the God’s
presence of prayer with our prayer
team, as we enter into higher praise
and reach into God’s Holy place of
W H AT: S a t u r d a y N i g h t
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Worshipers of the most high God
WHERE: 1601 Hawaii (The
Gathering Place)
WHEN: Every 1st and 3rd Saturday
nites at 5PM(After October 22nd
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Come, wait for an opening and
share the anointing of God in
song, testimony, sermon, etc
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816 East 16th Street
(575) 551-1771 - A perfect place for wedding recptions,
funeral gatherings, family reunions, parties (no drinking,
etc.), quilting bees, political rallies, or any other wholesome get together. The cost is minimal, Just a $20.00
minimum plus $1.00 per person over 20 persons.
“At It’s Very Best”
El Paisano Restaurant
In Capitan, New Mexico offers friendly service
with the finest of New Mexico fare.
Feed your spirit as you Satisfy your appetite!
Two men were having coffee, when
one of them said:“Last night, my son
just walked into the living room and
said, ‘Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my
clothes out of the window, take my TV,
stereo, iPhone, iPod, and my laptop.
Please give my jewelry to the Salvation
Army or Goodwill. Then sell my car.
Take my front door key away from me
and throw me out of the house. Then
disown me and never talk to me again.
And don’t forget to write me out of your
will and leave my share to my brother.”
The other man said:” Wow, he
really said that?”
“Well, he didn’t put it quite that
way. He actually said...’Dad, I’ve
decided to work for Obama’s re-election
From a Washington DC Airport Ticket
Agent ..........
This would be funnier if these folks
were not in charge of passing laws …
1. 1 . I h a d a N e w H a m p s h i r e
Congresswoman (Carol SheaPorter) ask for an aisle seat so that
her hair wouldn’t get messed up
by being near the window. (On an
2. 2. I got a call from a Kansas
Congressman’s (Moore) staffer
(Howard Bauleke), who wanted
to go to Cape Town. I started to
explain the length of the flight and
the passport information, and then
he interrupted me with, ‘’I’m not
trying to make you look stupid, but
Cape Town is in Massachusetts ..’’
3. Without trying to make him look
stupid, I calmly explained, ‘’Cape
Cod is in Massachusetts , Cape Town
is in South Africa .’’
4. His response -- click..
5. A senior Vermont Congressman
(Bernie Sanders) called, furious
about a Florida package we did.
I asked what was wrong with the
vacation in Orlando . He said he was
expecting an ocean-view room. I tried
to explain that’s not possible, since
Orlando is in the middle of the state.
He replied, ‘Don’t lie to me!, I
looked on the map, and Florida is a
very THIN state!!’’ (OMG)
6. I got a call from a lawmaker’s
wife (Landra Reid) who asked, ‘’Is
it possible to see England from
Canada ?’’
I said, ‘’No.’’
She said, ‘’But they look so close
on the map’’ (OMG, again!)
7. An aide for a cabinet member (Janet
Napolitano) once called and asked if
he could rent a car in Dallas. I pulled
up the reservation and noticed he
had only a 1-hour layover in Dallas..
When I asked him why he wanted to
rent a car, he said, ‘’I heard Dallas
was a big airport, and we will need
a car to drive between gates to save
time.’’ (Aghhhh)
8. An Illinois Congresswoman (Jan
Schakowsky) called last week. She
needed to know how it was possible
that her flight from Detroit left at 8:30
a.m., and got to Chicago at 8:33 a.m.
I explained that Michigan was an
hour ahead of Illinois , but she
couldn’t understand the concept of
time zones. Finally, I told her the
plane went fast, and she bought that.
9. A New York lawmaker, (Jerrold
Nadler) called and asked, ‘’Do
airlines put your physical description on your bag so they know
whose luggage belongs to whom?’’
I said, ‘No, why do you ask?’
The Peoples Voice
These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word
for word, taken down and now published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place.
ATTORNEY: Now doctor , isn't it
ATTORNEY: She had three chiltrue that when a person dies in his
dren, right?
sleep, he doesn't know about it until WITNESS: Yes.
the next morning?
ATTORNEY: How many were
WITNESS: Did you actually pass
the bar exam?
ATTORNEY: Were there any
ATTORNEY: The youngest son ,
the 20-year-old , how old is he?
WITNESS: Your Honor, I think I
WITNESS: He's 20 , much like
need a different attorney. Can I get
ATTORNEY: What was the first
your IQ.
a new attorney?
thing your husband said to you
that morning?
ATTORNEY: Were you present
ATTORNEY: How was your first
WITNESS: He said , 'Where am I, when your picture was taken?
marriage terminated?
WITNESS: Are you for real?
WITNESS: By death..
ATTORNEY: And why did that
ATTORNEY: And by whose death
ATTORNEY: So the date of conupset you?
was it terminated?
ception (of the baby) was August
WITNESS: My name is Susan!
WITNESS: Take a guess.
ATTORNEY: Do you recall the
ATTORNEY: Doctor , how many
time that you examined the body?
ATTORNEY: And what were you
of your autopsies have you perWITNESS: The autopsy started
doing at that time?
formed on dead people?
around 8:30 PM
WITNESS: All of them.. The live
ATTORNEY: And Mr. Denton was
ones put up too much of a fight.
ATTORNEY: Is your appearance
dead at the time?
here this morning pursuant to a deposition notice which I sent to your
He replied, ‘’Well, when I checked
in with the airline, they put a tag on WITNESS: No, this is how I dress
my luggage that said (FAT), and I’m when I go to work.
WITNESS: If not , he was by the
time I finished.
overweight. I think that’s very rude!’’
After putting him on hold for a
minute, while I looked into it. (I was
dying laughing). I came back and
explained the city code for Fresno ,
Ca. is (FAT - Fresno Air Terminal),
and the airline was just putting a
destination tag on his luggage..
10.A Senator John Kerry aide (Lindsay
Ross) called to inquire about a trip
package to Hawaii . After going
over all the cost info, she asked,
‘’Would it be cheaper to fly to
California and then take the train
to Hawaii ?’’
11.I just got off the phone with a freshman Congressman, Bobby Bright
from Ala who asked, ‘’How do
I know which plane to get on?’’
I asked him what exactly he meant,
to which he replied, ‘’I was told
my flight number is 823, but none
of these planes have numbers on
12.10Senator Dianne Feinstein called
and said, ‘’I need to fly to Pepsi-Cola
, Florida . Do I have to get on one
of those little computer planes?’’
I asked if she meant fly to Pensacola
and fly on a commuter plane.
She said, ‘’Yeah, whatever, smarty!’’
13.M ary Landrieu, La. Senator,
called and had a question about
the documents she needed
in order to fly to China .
After a lengthy discussion about
passports, I reminded her that she
needed a visa. “Oh, no I don’t.
I’ve been to China many times and
never had to have one of those.’’
I double checked and sure enough,
her stay required a visa. When I told
her this she said, ‘’Look, I’ve been
to China four times and every time
they have accepted my American
14.A New Jersey Congressman
(John Adler) called to make reservations, ‘’I want to go from
Chicago to Rhino, New York .’’
I was at a loss for words.
ATTORNEY: ALL your responses
MUST be oral , OK? What school
did you go to?
ATTORNEY: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for
a pulse?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for blood pressure?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for breathing?
ATTORNEY: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you
began the autopsy?
ATTORNEY: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
WITNESS: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
ATTORNEY: I see, but could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?
WITNESS: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing
Finally, I said, ‘’Are you sure
that’s the name of the town?’’
‘ Ye s , w h a t f l i g h t s d o y o u
h a v e ? ’’ r e p l i e d t h e m a n .
After some searching, I came back
with, ‘’I’m sorry, sir, I’ve looked up
every airport code in the country and
can’t find a rhino anywhere.”
15.‘ ’The man retorted, ‘’Oh, don’t
be silly! Everyone knows
where it is. Check your map!’’
So I scoured a map of the state of
New York and finally offered, ‘’You
don’t mean Buffalo , do you?’’
The reply? ‘’Whatever! I knew it
was a big animal.’’
Now you know why the Government is
in the shape it’s in! Could ANYONE
I don’t write it, I just offer it for your
consideration. Like manure, you just
gotta spread it around.

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