press release here - Valley Scullers, Inc.



press release here - Valley Scullers, Inc.
Laura Cleminson
Director of Business Development
ECHO Rowing, LLC
1-207-438-0213 (fax)
[email protected]
Eliot, Maine – March 8, 2004: Saturday at the 24th Annual SNOW ROW held in Hull, MA,
rowing a shiny red ECHO designed by Doug Martin of ECHO Rowing, fifty-nine year old George
LeBoutillier from Perrysburg, Ohio, placed 1st amongst all the sliding-seat rowing singles. With close
to 200 oars and 64 different boats in Hull Gut, George finished 8th overall. “While there was no snow
to row in or around, rowers were still challenged with the short chop aggravated by a tide rip and
breaking waves in and around the Gut,” commented Doug.
Twenty-four years ago, looking for a reason to play in the harbor during winter in rowing boats, the
Snow Row was born. The race, from the beach at Windmill Point, Hull, MA, around Sheep Island,
Harry’s Rock, and back across Hull Gut to the start, was mapped out as a triangular 3 and _ mile
course. Four boats competed in the first race, and over the years the competitors and their vessels
evolved into today’s five categories of competing boats including dories and peapods, Whitehalls,
wherries, Irish currachs, 24-foot long bateaux-like vessels with eight rowers and a coxswain, kayaks,
and sliding seat rowing shells in single and double rowing formats. With this collection of boats
invited to bundle up and row, the view from the beach was eclectic. Workboats intermingled with
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ocean shells; kayaks nestled next to livery and coxed boats of all shapes, colors and sizes. Coxed boats
were required to place their bow on the beach and start in a one-of-a-kind LeMans style start – giving
way to a chaotic beginning with only a small grouping of boats getting underway unimpeded. “It
reminds me of an egg-beater start,” commented Lory Newmyer, Executive Director of the Hull
Lifesaving Museum.
Another participant, Kinley Gregg from York, Maine opted to leave both her Alden-16 and Maas-24
on the roof of her car and accepted Ted Perry’s invitation to use an ECHO. “After Kinley decided the
seas were too rough for her Maas, she was very open to rowing an ECHO,” offered Ted Perry, CEO of
ECHO Rowing. Ted added, “Kinley is an avid rower. After a quick orientation she felt confident
enough to enter the race with our boat and in no time she was off warming up on the 36 degree water.”
After the race she reported that she felt very comfortable and safe rowing an ECHO in the early March
“With a finishing time of 30:18:00, the eight man coxed team from Cornwall, England, UK Rowing,
again making the SNOW ROW an international event – with the boat “Siren” took us all to school,”
chortled Ed McCabe, the salty Maritime Program Director at the awards ceremony held inside the
Windmill Point Boathouse.
After the awards were handed out, George commented when asked on how he felt the ECHO faired in
the tidal currents around Sheep Island, “In comparison to other boats I’ve rowed, the ECHO felt very
stable even as the second leg produced beam seas between 18” and 24”. The ECHO took the waves
very differently than other boats I’ve rowed. On the downwind leg I was able to surf diagonally and
not bury the bow or broach.” George continued, “The more notable part was launching. With the
ECHO I didn’t need assistance to launch. With the folding riggers, all I needed to do was secure both
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oars, fold one rigger in and hold the boat close to me and carry over the rocks. You can’t do that with
other sliding-seat shells.”
Last year at the 23rd Annual SNOW ROW, the ECHO was debuted and earned some local notoriety as
well as received raised eyebrows. No one had ever seen a rigging system that folds. “This year three
ECHO’s were entered into the race, next year – who knows how many people will bundle up to row an
ECHO,” smiled Ted.
For more information, call 1-866-ECHO-ROW or visit their website at
About ECHO Rowing, LLC
Headquartered in Eliot, Maine, ECHO Rowing, LLC was founded in 2003. The founders, Ted Perry,
Lorna Martin-Perry along with the quiet, creative genius of boat designer Doug Martin boasts over 75
years of experience in the industry. With over 10,000 recreational rowing shells built under Ted’s
guidance for his father-in-law, Arthur Martin, founder of Martin Marine and the inventor of the Alden
line of rowing shells; along with Doug’s design history tallying well over 50 boats to his name, ECHO
Rowing has the credibility and expertise to go far and wide with their line of shells.
ECHO Rowing provides a new capacity for rowing by satisfying a wide range of demands from
children to heavy adults, from beginners to experts, and conditions ranging from placid to ocean
surfing. Rowing just got a lot easier!
For more information contact: Laura Cleminson, Director of Business Development, 1-207-438-0212
or [email protected]
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About George LeBoutillier and Valley Scullers, Inc.
Valley Scullers, Inc.,, founded in 1986 by the late Philip LeBoutillier, Jr.,
avid rower and one of the founding members of the Toledo Rowing Club and Toledo Rowing
Foundation, is located on the banks of the Maumee River in Perrysburg, OH . Valley Scullers
represents the Alden line of rowing shells, WaterRower rowing machines, and Echo Rowing in OH,
MI, Northeast IN, Northern KY, Western PA and NY. Additionally, Valley Scullers provides rowing
apparel and team uniforms, rowing supplies and equipment, and individual lessons.
George LeBoutillier, owner of Valley Scullers, has rowed since 1984, and continues to compete in
open water as well as flat water rowing competitions in the Midwest and the northeast. Currently he is
Chairman of the Toledo Rowing Foundation,, and President of the Alden
Ocean Shell Association,, an association of owners of open water
rowing shells.
For more information or to schedule time on the water for a row please contact George LeBoutillier at
419-874-5505, or [email protected]
Pictured with 1st place award, George
LeBoutillier, Owner of Valley Scullers; Ted
Perry, CEO of ECHO Rowing and designer of
the ECHO, Doug Martin, with a yellow ECHO,
riggers in folded position.
Photo credit: Laura Cleminson of ECHO
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