Page 1 Mon Wed Thurs Fridays 7:10 AM at the St. Claire Hospital



Page 1 Mon Wed Thurs Fridays 7:10 AM at the St. Claire Hospital
Mon  Wed  Thurs  Fridays
7:10 AM
at the St. Claire Hospital Chapel
BB 728: For all the saints
Penitential Act: BB 1 & 5
Tuesdays  5:15 PM
at Jesus Our Savior Church
Saturdays  4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
BB 930: Gloria
Sundays  11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
1st Reading:
Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14
Psalm 24
“Lord, this is the people
that longs to see Your face.”
4th Wednesdays at the Chapel
6:00 PM - 6:00 AM
PO Box 307
Morehead KY 40351
Phone: (606) 784-4392
4th Sundays  6:oo PM
during the School Year
Facsimile: (606) 783-0190
Email: [email protected]
call (859) 576-6182
Monday to Friday
9:15 AM - 1:15 PM
2nd Reading: 1 John 3:1-3
BB 931: Alleluia
Gospel: Matthew 5:1-12
Saturday Vigil Mass  5:00 PM
Sunday Mass  10:00 AM
Misa en Español  12:15 PM
BB 583: Worthy is the Lamb
BB 933: Holy
BB 935: When we eat this bread
BB 937: Amen
BB 938: Lamb of God
Masses of the Day
7:00 AM  7:00 PM
Communion Hymn
BB 32: Litany of the saints
Sending Forth
BB 622: Sing with all
the saints in glory
Rev. Noel F. Zamora
Bill Buelterman
Dan Connell
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Nancy Estes
Susette Redwine
Secretary/Bookkeeper [email protected]
[email protected]
of Religious Education
Darinda Marriner
Director of Campus
& Youth Ministries
[email protected]
Cindi Russell
Teresa Roberts
Music Ministry
[email protected]
[email protected]
77 East Main Street
Owingsville KY 40360
Sunday Mass  8:00 AM
Vigil Mass  5:30 PM
Aunty Entity got it wrong when she sang “We don’t need another
hero” in the 1985 post-apocalyptic film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
Every generation needs a hero, someone whose selfless life and selfgiving death remind us that hope is never lost, that somehow the
world continues to be a wilderness of sweets.
But, our age is full of Aunty Entitys who dismiss heroes and saints.
They question the motivations of the meritorious and unravel the
hidden vices of the virtuous. They scorn the Faith of the saints as
fanaticism and regard some of the greatest thinkers of yesterday to
be no more than the dead theologians of today. Even the best seem
mediocre to them; they claim that no one could be that good or holy,
that canonizations are but the charades of the Pope and his cardinals.
They do not realize that their cynicism leaves us with a poverty of
heroes, a space where nothing can ever be sacred, where no one can
ever dare to be special.
Such a culture of cynicism leaves our children uninspired, robbed of
any real role models to revere, doomed to idolize stars that have
glitter and glamour but no soul or substance. This poverty of heroes
eventually leads them to be disillusioned by false hopes of fame and
empty promises of meaning. Eventually they beget the same cynicism
that they were born into and end up looking down at everyone
because there is no one left for them to look up to.
But, in every age and to every generation, the Church insists that
humanity is not so much damned as it is blessed, that “the cloud of
witnesses” spoken of in the letter to the Hebrews (12:1) still surrounds
and stirs us, that by God’s grace this world of sin still begets saints of
Heaven. Aunty Entity might not think that we need another hero, but
Mother Church believes that we do. The heroic holiness of the saints
proves to us that what we believe can and must be lived, and when it
is, it should be admired and followed.
A previous generation of cynics once crucified a man who turned
out to be God; their builders rejected the stone that became the
cornerstone (cf. Acts 4:11). The saints still are dismissed by the world as
dead, yet they are very much “alive for God in Christ Jesus” (Romans
6:11). To this day, the witness of their words and their works have the
power to inspire our children, instill in them a reverence for the Holy,
and impel them to search their souls and seek Him who alone can give
rest to their restlessness.
Aunty Entity still sings, “We don’t need another hero. We don’t need to
know the way home.” And she and her followers continue to wander
aimlessly in the ruins of a wilderness. But, we who have this wealth
of saints know that we can use the example of our holy heroes as a
compass that will help us find our way home to the Paradise once lost
that with Christ is now regained.
amdg, Your Father Noel
Regular Offertory
Building Fund
2nd Collection
for World Mission Sunday
Carpet Fund Pledged
Carpet Fund Received
To all who have made a Cursillo
and those who wish to make a Cursillo:
We will have an
We will have Mass at 9:30 AM followed by
a light brunch and sharing. Please bring
food to share.
Our plan is to have Mass and Ultreya on
the first Saturday of the month. De colores!
The Knights are open
to all Catholic men 18 years and older.
Meetings are on the 1st Monday
of every month, starting at 6:00 PM.
Knights of Columbus Meeting
on November 2, 6:00-7:00 PM
in the Glenmary Room.
Gary Trent
(606) 776-0420
Wes Hardin
(606) 356-3467
Willie Anderson, Ella Bailey,
David Castner, Donna Connell,
Sophia Duff, Dick & Dena Ellington,
Fred Ellington, Mary Ellen Helwig,
Leo Howard (Missy Thompson’s uncle),
Jim Maher, Katherine McLoney,
Faye McManus, Sr. Kathleen Mulchrone,
Robyn Richey-Oemisch (Joyce Marin’s
sister), Rose Orlich, Marlene Padula,
Tony Pence, Mattie Redwine, Marianna
& Tammie Couri-Reed, Angela Roberts,
Teresa Roberts, Kathie Schwab,
Judy Semsch (Molly Carew’s sister),
Judy Stafford, John Stokes, Gerald Stork
(Joni Mraz’ father), Daisy Marie A. Tan
(Evelyn Flanagan’s niece)
Please call the parish office if you want to include
a family member or friend on the prayer list, or if you
want to have their names removed.
Saturday, October 31
Romans 11:1-2, 11-12, 25-29  Psalm 94:12-18  Luke 14:1, 7-11
5:00 PM Vigil Mass
 Jeanette Haubrich
Sunday, November 1: Solemnity of All Saints
Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14  Psalm 24:1-6  1 John 3:1-3 
Matthew 5:1-12
8:00 AM St. Julie Mass Fr. Mark D. Dreves
10:00 AM Mass
James E. Clay
12:15 PM Spanish Mass For the Parish
Monday, November 2: Commemoration of All Souls
Wisdom 3:1-9  Psalm 23:1-6  Romans 6:3-9  John 6:37-40
7:00 PM Mass
 All the faithful departed
Tuesday, November 3: St. Martin de Porres
Romans 12:5-16  Psalm 131:1-3  Luke 14:15-24
5:15 PM Mass
 Bill Poage
Wednesday, November 4: St. Charles Borromeo
Romans 13:8-10  Psalm 112:1-2, 4-5, 9  Luke 14:25-33
7:10 AM Mass
 Joanne Czechlewski-Wallace
Thursday, November 5
Romans 14:7-12  Psalm 27:1, 4, 13-14  Luke 15:1-10
7:10 AM Mass
 Dowling Family
Friday, November 6
Romans 15:14-21  Psalm 98:1-4  Luke 16:1-8
7:10 AM Mass
 Richard Getty
Saturday, November 7
Romans 16:3-9, 16, 22-27  Psalm 145:2-5, 10-11  Luke 16:9-15
9:30 AM Mass
 Johnie Glendening
5:00 PM Vigil Mass
 Jeff Porter
October 12, 2015
Dear Parishioners of St. Julie Church:
Sunday, November 8: 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
1 Kings 17:10-16  Psalm 146:7-10  Hebrews 9:24-28 
Mark 12:38-44
8:00 AM St. Julie Mass Fr. Mark D. Dreves
10:00 AM Mass
 Patrick & Brigid Ibekwe
12:15 PM Spanish Mass For the Parish
Congratulations on achieving your Bishop’s goal
for the 2014 Diocesan Annual Appeal campaign. The
generosity of your parish in prayers and sacrificial
giving is a wonderful sign of the Holy Spirit among
us. Enclosed please find [a check for $317.20 as] your
share of the Bishop’s goal. May these proceeds benefit
your parish and community in a special way.
Monday, November 9: Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
Ezekiel 47:1-2, 8-9, 12  Psalm 46:2-3, 5-6, 8-9 
1 Corinthians 3:9-11, 16-17  John 2:13-22
7:10 AM Word & Communion
Thank you again for your outstanding participation in
the Annual Appeal.
Those wishing to honor a loved one during the celebration
of Mass—for the living or the deceased, or for prayerful
remembrance of anniversaries, birthdays, and other
special intentions—may call or visit the office.
Peace and all good,
+ Most Rev. John Stowe, OFM Conv.
Bishop of Lexington
Masses are usually scheduled weeks in advance so if there
is a particular date on which you want the Mass Intention,
please make the request well ahead of time. The suggested
stipend for each Mass is $5.00.
Confessions, 4:00 PM
Mass, 5:00 PM
Daylight Savings Time: Fall Back
St. Julie Mass, 8:00 AM
Mass, 10:00 AM
Religious Education, 11:00 AM
Mass in Spanish, 12:15 PM
Confirmation Class, 5:30 PM
Knights of Columbus Meeting,
6:00 PM-7:00 PM
(Glenmary Room)
Mass, 7:00 PM (JOS)
Mass, 7:10 AM
(St. Claire Hospital Chapel)
Newman Center Bible Study, 5:00 PM
Hope Pregnancy Care Center
Annual Banquet, 5:00 PM
Word & Communion, 7:10 AM
(St. Claire Hospital Chapel)
Newman Center Meal, 6:00 PM
followed by Ceramics
Word & Communion, 7:10 AM
(St. Claire Hospital Chapel)
Mass, 7:10 AM
(St. Claire Hospital Chapel)
Cursillo Mass, 9:30 AM
followed by Ultreya
Baptism in Spanish, 11:00 AM:
Alexis Guadalupe Moreno-Estrada
Confessions, 4:00 PM
Mass, 5:00 PM
Dcn. Connell preaching
Word & Communion, 7:10 AM
(St. Claire Hospital Chapel)
Newman Center Bible Study, 5:00 PM
Word & Communion, 7:10 AM
(St. Claire Hospital Chapel)
Mass, 5:15 PM
Newman Center Meal, 6:00 PM
(Montgomery House)
Mass, 7:10 AM
(St. Claire Hospital Chapel)
Frenchburg Mass, 12:00 NN
(Frenchburg Prayer Room)
October 31  5:00
St. Julie Mass, 8:00 AM
Mass, 10:00 AM
Dcn. Connell preaching
Religious Education, 11:00 AM
Mass in Spanish, 12:15 PM
Word & Communion, 7:10 AM
(St. Claire Hospital Chapel)
November 1  10:00 AM
Confessions, 4:00 PM
Mass, 5:00 PM
St. Julie Mass, 8:00 AM
Mass, 10:00 AM
Religious Education, 11:00 AM
Mass in Spanish, 12:15 PM
Confirmation Class, 5:30 PM
November 7  5:00 PM
November 8  10:00 AM
Altar Servers
Trad Egleston
Molly Melahn
Chloe Mace
Peter Melahn
Mia Carver
Trey Menard
Zach Menard
Mark Curtis
Pam Hammonds
Bill Riley
Mark Curtis
Tom Carew
Bill Riley
Dave Beutler
Shaun Thacker
Dave Beutler
Shaun Thacker
Carol Beutler
Kate Thacker
Carol Beutler
Kate Thacker
Deveney Redwine
Angela McGuire
Bill Riley
Emma Marriner
Nadine Melahn
Mary Dowling
Molly Carew
Bill Mains
Mike Menard
Sr. Juanelle
Nadine Melahn
Ministers of
Larry Mathis
Holy Communion
Launder Church Linens for November: Sr. Jeanne Frances Cleves, SND
Nov. 8
All Classes meet
Middle School Youth Group
Nov. 15
All Classes meet
Confirmation Class, 5:30 PM
Nov. 22 All Classes meet
Middle School Youth Group
Reconciliation: Grades 3 & 4
Thanksgiving Break
God’s Pantry Food Bank is hosting an
inaugural Chili Wars to benefit the
new Morehead Regional Distribution
Center. Chili Wars will be held on
Saturday, Nov. 7 with doors opening
at 6:30 PM. JOS will be participating
as a booth providing chili. If you
would like to help, contact Michelle
Hardin at (606) 776-6812 or email
[email protected] or call
Carolyn Poage at (606) 356-9613 or
email [email protected]
Tickets are $25 for each person or $400
to sponsor a table for eight people.
Registration forms are available in the
Church foyer. Individual tickets can
also be purchased at Citizens’ Bank or
Kentucky Bank. All proceeds from this
event benefit the Morehead Regional
Distribution Center.
This is a terrific opportunity for the
community to show support for the
new Morehead Regional Distribution
Center which is expected to bring
450,000 more meals to hungry kids,
families, and seniors in our area.
The Advisory Council for Adult Education
(ACAE) is seeking the community’s help
in collecting new books for Storybook
Christmas. The goal of the ACAE is to
ensure that disadvantaged kids in Rowan
County have access to books in their
There is a basket in the Church foyer for
books in support of Rowan Co. Storybook
Christmas. Please bring in your new books
by Nov. 29.
If you wish to make a tax deductible
monetary donation instead, please write
checks to MSU Foundation/Storybook
Christmas, MSU Adult Learning Center,
150 University Blvd., Box 1337, Morehead
KY 40351. Monetary donations must be
received by Nov. 23. Note that 100% of the
funds will be used to purchase books.
Our parish is again participating in the
annual community Thanksgiving Basket
drive for families in need. Full baskets or
single items are requested.
A comprehensive list of the types of food
and sundries desired can be found in the
Church foyer. If you choose to bring
singular items, please tear a tab (or tabs)
from the individual item listings so we can
ensure adequate collection to make 10-15
full baskets. Your contributions can be
dropped in the decorated box also located
in the foyer. The deadline is Nov. 15.
We will once again support
Rowan County Christmas by
helping provide at least 25
gifts for various age groups.
Look for the “Giving Tree”
in the Church Foyer in the
coming weeks.
Nov. 2
Emma Marriner
Connie Wientjes
Nov. 3
Madison Hardin
Steve Simpson
Nov. 4
Amanda Davis
Dan Connell
Nov. 6
Nicholas Duff
God of all creation,
hear the prayers
of Your servants who recall
the day of their birth.
Bless them
with Your presence
and surround them
with Your love
that they may enjoy
many happy years,
¿No estoy yo aquí?
¿No soy tu Madre?
¿No estás bajo mi sombra?
Find us on Facebook:
Morehead State Newman Center
Email: [email protected]
Nov. 3
Newman Center Meal
by Fr. Noel & his parents
at the Montgomery House, 6:00 PM
Nov. 5
Bible Study, 5:00 PM
Nov. 10 Newman Center Meal, 6:00 PM
followed by Ceramics
Nov. 12
Bible Study, 5:00 PM
Nov. 17
Thanksgiving Dinner, 6:00 PM
En el Evangelio de san Mateo se encuentra el sermón mas largo
de Jesucristo. Abarca tres capítulos y contiene una serie de
instrucciones para quienes desean ser sus discípulos. El famoso
Sermón de la Montaña, es para Jesús y los cristianos lo que los Diez
Mandamientos son para Moisés y los judíos. Jesús proclama la
nueva Ley. La Ley de Israel se sintetiza en los Diez Mandamientos,
mientras que la ley cristiana se resume en ocho bienaventuranzas.
Estas bienaventuranzas son algo extrañas ya que unen cosas
completamente opuestas a la felicidad, y las beatifica. Es decir,
son cosas aparentemente contradictorias: “Dichosos los que lloran;”
“felices los pobres;” “bendito tú cuando te calumnien por causa mía.”
Jesús toma lo que la sociedad maldice y lo convierte en camino de
bendición, porque nuestros caminos y pensamientos no son los de
Dios. Dios ve mucho más de lo que podemos ver o imaginar. Por
eso las bienaventuranzas son ocho y no diez, porque más que una
ley para cumplir, las bienaventuranzas son la esperanza de un nuevo
día. Son la promesa de un nuevo inicio para la humanidad, gracias
a Dios.
- Fray Gilberto Cavazos-Glz, OFM © JS Paluch Co.
Senior High and Middle School Youth
and Campus Ministries
Darinda Marriner
Phone: (606) 776-2129;
Email: [email protected]
Follow us on Twitter: @JOSYOUTH
Middle School Youth Group meets
on Nov. 8 and Nov 22.
to Mary Berglee for taking
our recyclables to the
Recycling Center;
to Brian Buelterman
and Rebecca Todd for
providing the meal for
our Newman Center;
to Kate Thacker for doing
Children’s Liturgy during
the month of October; and
On Thursday, Dec. 3, from 4PM - 7PM
the Morehead and Rowan County
Government is having their Annual
City/County Christmas Dinner at the
Carl Perkins Center. This dinner is to
honor the citizens of Morehead and
Rowan County. It is a tradition for our
local churches to provide the desserts.
to Fr. Noel’s parents,
Manuel and Amelita
Zamora, for the gift of a
new parish dry seal with
the JOS logo.
If you would like to provide a dessert
for this community tradition, please
contact Nancy at the Parish Office.
Our goal is to provide at least ten (10)
desserts from our parish.
to Stephanie Curtis for
laundering the Church
linens during the month of
If you know of anyone who might have an
interest in learning more about the Catholic
faith, please invite them to attend our Sunday
Adult Education class in the Glenmary Room
after the 10:00 AM Mass .

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