Technip in India



Technip in India
Technip in India
Technology driven, environmental and safety conscious EPC contractor
serving the Energy sector on a global basis
Technip profile
A world leader in engineering, project management and technologies,
serving the energy industry for more than 50 years
A regular workforce of 30,000
Confirmed leadership and proprietary technologies in 3 business segments:
In subsea hydrocarbon field
development, Technip’s activities
include the design, manufacture and
installation of rigid and flexible subsea
pipelines and umbilicals. Thanks to its
portfolio of technologies and industrial
and operational, assets, Technip offers
a unique vertically integrated model
in the industry.
In the Offshore business segment
Technip performs engineering,
procurement, construction,
installation, commissioning and the
refurbishment/upgrading of offshore
facilities for the oil & gas industry.
Technip covers the full range of
onshore facilities for the oil and gas
chain, petrochemicals and other
energy industries (nuclear,
renewables including biofuels and
offshore wind). It holds many
proprietary cutting-edge
technologies and is the leader in the
design and construction of LNG and
gas treatment plants as well as
ethylene, hydrogen and syngas units.
The Group has 3 flexible pipe
manufacturing plants, 4 umbilical
production units, 9 logistics and
pipeline assembly bases, and 1
construction yard. Technip’s worldwide
leadership is supported by a modern
fleet of vessels for subsea construction,
pipelay development (rigid and flexible
pipes using S-Lay, J-Lay or Reeled
technology) and heavy lift applications.
Technip in India
Technip provides these services for
fixed platforms in shallow water with
conventional sub-structures and self
installing platforms such as the TPG
500 and for deepwater facilities
including Spar, semi-submersible, TLP,
FPSO and FLNG units, Technip is a
world leader in floatover installation
of topsides and its R&D effort is
focused on technology transfer for
local content and new frontier areas
such as ultra-deepwater and
the Arctic.
Technip is also one of the key actors
in refining and petrochemical units,
and has developed a leadership in
the fertilizer industry. Moreover, the
Group is very active in non-energy
activities such as mining and metals,
life sciences, buildings and
Technip in India
One Technip in India
Operating centers strategically located at Delhi, Mumbai
and Chennai
2500 employees across the three operating centers
Full range of services from basic engineering to full EPC,
supported by a broad portfolio of technologies
Technip in India is a 100% wholly owned entity of Technip, a world leader in engineering services to the Oil & Gas industry.
Over the last few decades, Technip in India has built itself a reputation as one-stop consultancy organization, delivering
concept-through-completion services and implementing diverse core sector and high technology turnkey projects, including
start-up and commissioning.
With about 2,500 employees steered by a single management team across offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, Technip
in India is able to provide its clients with a full range of services from licensing, basic engineering to full EPC projects.
Within Technip’s global areas of activity (Subsea, Offshore and Onshore), our integrated teams have strong expertise in the
fields of Refining, Petrochemicals, LNG, Fertilizers, Metals & Mining and Offshore facilities, supported by a broad portfolio of
technologies, which has been further strengthened by the recent acquisition of Stone & Webster Process Technologies.
A strong presence in India
Recent acquisition
Lead by strong country management team in Mumbai,
Technip in India has operating centers strategically located
at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Employing over 2500
people and state-of-art infrastructure facilities, it is one
of the few companies with the capabilities to provide a
complete range of services from “Concept to
Stone & Webster (in North America, United Kingdom and
India) process technologies (refinery, ethylene and
petrochemical) and associated oil & gas engineering
Global Industries Limited – for subsea construction and
pipelay development and heavy lift appliance.
A customer-focused organization
We are committed to providing our clients with high
quality, timely and cost effective solutions. We offer
innovative technology, proven design procedures and
high quality standards to our clients, while at the same
time striving to suitably tailor our offering to the needs,
constraints and resources of a given client.
Technip in India
Areas of expertise
Metals &
Oil & Gas
Offshore &
Ethylene &
& HyCo
Concept to commissioning
Project Management
Licencing, Design & Engineering
Cost estimation, Resource planning,
Project planning and Cost control
Conceptual design, Basic design,
CFD modelling, Front End Engineering design and
Detailed engineering
Purchasing, Inspection and Expediting,
Logistics management and Customs clearance
Construction supervision & Site management,
Subcontracting fabrication, Erection, Installation,
Hookups, Testing and Pre-commissioning
Technip in India
Economic evaluation, Technical and feasibility studies &
Technology tie ups
Start up and Commissioning
Process performance monitoring and improvement,
Process integration and Pinch analysis, Furnace efficiency
improvements, HAZOP studies and Safety audits
An EPC Contractor
Technip is a technology driven, environment and safety conscious EPC
contractor, serving the oil & gas (upstream & downstream), fertilizers,
chemicals, pharmaceuticals, LNG, metals & mining and associated market
sectors on a global basis
Our values
Our values are operational. They have ensured our success to the present and will take us forward.
A team of dedicated professionals
For each project, we deploy an extremely competent and
committed team of professionals with sound knowledge
base and proficiency in project management skills, stateof-the-art technologies and software. Our company
takes advantage of worldwide procurement capabilities
of the Technip group to most project cost, quality and
schedule requirement for the benefit of its clients.
State-of-the-art IT systems
Our state-of-the-art Information Services and
Communication infrastructure forms the backbone of the
business operations and adds to the efficiency of business
processes. Electronic documents management system
and workflow management are built-in the operational
procedures. The offices at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are
seamlessly integrated within the Technip group’s Wide
Area Network through dedicated circuits.
Our management is committed to ensuring the quality of
all projects by ensuring compliance to ISO 9001:2008.
Technip in India is also certified and compliant to –
ISO 14001:2004
ISO/IEC 27001:2005
OHSAS 18001:2007
ISO 10006:2003
We have instituted a technical quality review (TQR) system. TQR’s
are conducted to check compliance
Internal Audits
Inputs from
Team of
with respect to correctness of input Experienced
Clients, &
Internal Auditors
data/interfaces, completeness of
documents, compliance to various
codes/standards, validation of Suggestions
design methods, optimization of
Work Process
design and value engineering.
Pulse – a safety initiative
Safety is an issue that is of paramount importance to us. The
ultimate goal for safety is zero incidents and injuries. Becoming
the industry reference in HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is a
strategic objective for Technip and is why we promote a culture of
HSE excellence actively across the Group. This is about people, as
well as all HSE leaders. We need to ensure that behaviors and
actions are appropriate and that we do the right thing by creating
a climate in which we ensure the health and safety of our people
and care for the environment for generations
to come. To demonstrate our leadership
commitment to HSE we have developed
our own HSE Leadership Development
Program named Pulse which is deployed
regularly for all Technip projects.
Technip in India
State-of-the-art Technologies
Specialized services
Hydrogen production and management
Oil & Gas processing
Cryogenic storage & distribution facilities for
Recovery of CO2 from Flue gas
Pyrolysis Technology
Recovery Technology
Refinery Integration
Energy Optimization
Emissions Reduction
Spyro ®
Technological alliances
Asahi Kasei for Chlor-Alkali
BP for PTA – exclusive partnership since 1999
Haldor Topsoe for Ammonia
INEOS for Polyolefins & Polystyrenes
MECS for Sulfuric Acid
SABTEC for Polyolefins
Snamprogetti for Urea
UFT for Urea Granulation
Air Products for Hydrogen
Axens for RFCC
RIPP China for DCC
Sinopec China for DCC
Technip in India
Intermediates Derivatives Polymers
Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)
Resid Fluid Catalytic Cracking (RFCC)
Deep Catalytic Cracking (DCC)
Catalytic Pyrolysis Process (CPP)
High Severity FCC (HS FCC)
Maximum Iso-Paraffin (MIP)/Cleaner Gasoline
Clean Gasoline & Propylene (CGP)
Gas to Liquids (GTL)
Carbon Capture
Bringing Competitive Edge to
Customer Projects
Delivering concept-through-completion services,
over the last 40 years. We have successfully executed
a large number of process plants on a LSTK basis
across the globe
Specialized services
Firewater network studies
Process performance monitoring
Process integration studies
Pre-commissioning and start-up
Pinch analysis
HAZOP studies
Energy audit
Risk analysis
CFD studies
World class process engineering
Feasibility and conceptual studies
Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis
Basic engineering packages
Thermal design of fired heaters, heat exchangers
and air coolers
FEED packages
Experience with international process licensors
Grassroots projects and revamp plants
Process/Energy efficiency improvements
Pipeline steady state, transient & surge analysis
HAZOP studies, risk analysis
Professional project management
Timely execution of projects
Effective cost monitoring and control
Meticulous planning from concept to commissioning
Project management tools
Procurement on a worldwide basis
Mission is to generate and capture value
Nation-wide inspection and expediting network
Procurement, expediting and inspection
services to international standards
E-procurement through,
the Technip group’s procurement portal
Continuous enhancement of vendor database
World-class construction
Construction management through experienced
Tailored to meet type, site, location and complexity
of projects
International quality engineering
Extended Basic Engineering/FEED
Constructability reviews
Detailed engineering
Efficient use of information technology and network communication tools
3D plant design & review, walk through
Technical quality review system
Technip in India
A major engineering and construction group providing
leading-edge solutions to the oil refining industry
worldwide in all units of refinery segment
With a strong track record in refinery optimization projects, Technip has gained experience and competence in all the
technological fields that impact present and future developments in oil refining.
Based on decades of cooperation with the most highly renowned technology licensors and catalyst suppliers and with its strong
technological expertise, Technip ensures a completely independent selection of the best technologies to meet specific project/
client targets.
A full range of services
Technip manages all aspects of oil refining projects from conceptual design to turnkey delivery:
Market oriented studies
Refinery profitability master plans
Financial engineering
Technology evaluation and selection
Hydrogen and CO2 management studies
Conceptual design
Cost estimates
Project risks assessment
Basic design
Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
Detailed engineering
Dynamic simulation & plant operation optimization
Hazard & Operability Analysis (HAZOP)
Procurement of equipment/materials
Erection and construction
Training of personnel
Pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up
Operation & maintenance
Primary Units
Hydro-processing Units
Secondary Units
Tertiary Units
CCR Regeneration
ISOM / Alkylation Meroxes
Heavy Oil Upgradation
RFCC / DCC Hydrocraker
Bitumen Blowing
Utilities & Offsites
Hydrogen & HyCO Plants
Some recent projects
2.2 MMTPA DHDT unit for HPCL, Vizag
36,000 TPA HGU for HPCL, Vizag
230 KTA NHT / Penex / NSU and ISOM project for IOCL,
DHDS including SRU, SWS and ATU for HPCL, Mumbai
CDU unit for Motoroil Refinery, Greece
Refinery & HGU for Satorp, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia
DCU for NOCL, Cuddalore
Offsite & Utilities for IOCL, Haldia
SRU for IOCL, Mathura
CCR Regeneration units for HPCL Vizag, BORL Bina,
BPCL Kochi, HMEL Bhatinda and BPCL Mumbai
Technip in India
High Propylene FCC for HMEL, Bhatinda
High Propylene FCC for MRPL, Mangalore
High Propylene FCC for BPCL, Kochi
Providing services to the petrochemical industry
supported by proprietary technology and world
class technology alliances
Technip is a world leader in Petrochemical industry with 50 years of experience in engineering major petrochemical complex.
Technip is amongst the top 5 contractors in the industry supported by world class technological alliances and confirmed
proprietary technologies.
Recent acquisition of Stone & Webster process technologies will enhance substantially Technip’s position as a technology
provider to the refining, ethylene and petrochemical industries with leading-edge in project execution capabilities with its 70
years of expertise.
Proprietary technologies in Technip
Spyro ®
Intermediates derivatives polymers
Technological alliances
Strong partnership with major Petrochemical Players –
Asahi Kasei for Chlor-Alkali
BP for PTA – exclusive partnership since 1999
Haldor Topsoe for Ammonia
INEOS for Polyolefins & Polystyrenes
MECS for Sulfuric Acid
SABTEC for Polyolefins
Snamprogetti for Urea
UFT for Urea Granulation
Some recent projects by Technip in India
ROG Cracker (1400 KTA of ethylene production) for RIL,
Jamnagar, India
Mixed Xylene Unit (2200 MTPD of heavy reformate) for
MRPL, Mangalore
35 KTA Butene-1 plant for OPaL, Dahej
C3 Stream Treatment Unit for IOCL, Paradeep
Ethylene plant for Ras Laffan Olefins Complex, Qatar
Ethylene storage terminal facility for Chemplast,
Sanmar, India
150,000 TPA VCM plant for TCI Sanmar, Egypt
Parallel cracker (3 X 180 KTA) of ethylene production
for GAIL, Pata
Various petrochemical plants - HDPE, EB / Styrene,
Propane dehydrogenation, Benzene extraction /
removal etc.
Technip in India
Hydrogen and Syngas
Technip offers its well-known and widely proven
technology for industry’s hydrogen needs and has been
consistently recognized as the market leader in this field
over the past decade. As part of the Technip group,
Technip in India brings this strength to Indian customers
Technip has supplied more than 240 hydrogen units worldwide, with plant installations ranging from the world’s smallest (1 tube)
to the world’s largest (640 tubes) steam reformers. Technip’s capability ranges from feasibility studies to lump sum turnkey
project execution with a single source responsibility. It has an impressive reference base for various types of revamps, retrofits
and midlife expansion/modernization projects as well.
Services by Technip in India
Hydrogen management studies
Basic design and licensing packages
Detailed engineering and supply
i l
Reformer package
Services &
Complete Capability
Complete plant
ed back
Construction, start-up and operation services
Construction supervision / Management services
Commissioning and start-up services
Operator training services
Maintenance contracts
Small H2 plant on modular basis (recently exported from India a HGU plant of 7,500 Nm³/hr to Australia)
& Design
Technip alliance with Air Products
TP-AP Alliance for Hydrogen and HyCO plants since 1992
Since last 20 years Technip has designed and supplied over 30 hydrogen and synthesis gas plants that are operated by Air Products under long-term agreements with their customers
Both companies bring a long history of hydrogen experience to the alliance. Almost all hydrogen plants of Air Products for supply of Over-The-Fence hydrogen have been built in partnership with Technip
Technip hydrogen plants in India
Customer HPCL, Vizag
BORL, Bina BRPL, Bongaigaon IOCL, Haldia IOCL, Mathura CPCL, Chennai IOCL, Digboi IOCL, Guwahati HPCL, Vizag KRL, Kochi CPCL, Chennai 10
Technip in India
Capacity T/Yr
Customer Capacity T/Yr
MRPL, Mangalore (2 phases) 32,000 x 2
HPCL, Mumbai 800
Reformer Design Considerations 1,100
HOCL Process
• Feed flexibility
• Reforming severity
• Export steam
• Thermal effcuency
• Codes and standards
• Design margins
• Flue gas NOx, SOx, CO
• Net operating cost
• Payback criterion
• Level of reliability
• Start-up / Shut-down
• Feed change-over
• Turn-down
• Catalyst life
Fired Heaters & Reformers
Technip in India upholds its leadership in the heaters market by
improving heater efficiency and meeting pollution control
requirements, having supplied over 300 fired heaters & reformers
Technip in India has supplied heaters to the process industry for more than 40 years. We have gained valuable insight into the
design/engineering, supply, construction and commissioning of process heaters of various sizes and applications. We have
experience of full range of heaters from vertical cylindrical to box type to critical ones like steam-methane reformers.
Technip in India utilizes its proprietary know-how, coupled with a strong understanding of fluid dynamics. In addition, we have
a strong mechanism to plough back the field experience during constructability reviews, which are conducted at various stages
of design and engineering for new/revamp projects.
Thermal design and simulation Worldwide procurement
Energy efficiency improvement Fabrication of pressure parts
CFD analysis and modules in own shop
Basic and detailed design Modular supplies
Modular design Constructability reviews
3D modeling Experienced construction team
Basic and detailed design
Refractory, pressure parts and coil support design & detailing
Flexibility analysis
Transportation and lifting lug design
Key references
HPCL, Vizag Trust Chemicals KPL, Kochi MRPL, Mangalore BORL, Bina
BORL, Bina IOCL, Panipat Technip, USA JGC Corporation, Japan CPCL, Chennai (through M/s L&T)
Reboiler/DHDT Heaters/Hydrogen Reformer
EDC crackers
Hydrogen Reformer
CDU/VDU Heaters
CCRU Heater
Engineering and Reformer supply for BAPCO, Bahrain
Engineering and Reformer supply for Sohar Refinery, Oman
Hydrogen Reformer for Hydrogen Generation Unit
Technip in India
For decades Technip has been a key partner as an
engineering company for the fertilizer industry.
We have a unique position in the industry as “one stop
shop” for planning, design and realization of fertilizers
projects for all the main nutrients (N, P, K)
Technip has a long track record in the fertilizer field. Whether implementing its own processes (Speichim process for phosphoric
acid) or leading licensed technologies, Technip covers the complete range of the fertilizer industry. Other Technip core sectors
of activity are basic chemicals and specialty chemicals, including associated effluent treatment. For Phosphatic fertilizers,
Technip can support clients from Rock Phosphate mining, beneficiation till production of Phosphatic Fertilizer.
The company’s services range from technical consulting and feasibility studies to complete turnkey facilities.
Range of products
Technip offers processes that cover the entire fertilizer
industry, including acids, single nutrients and multi
component fertilizers. It’s a single source of service for the
Industry ranging from:
Geology and Mining – comprehensive characterization
of resources (reserves evaluations, accounting for quality
variations and optimal recovery).
Beneficiation - intimate understanding of rock behaviour
(phosphate rock characterization, laboratory tests up to
pilot tests, process definition and plant design) as an
interface between mine and process chemistry.
Phosphoric/Sulphuric Acids and Fertilizers - leading
technologies covering all the Fertilizer industry and pilot
testing for phosphoric acid and fertilizers.
Ammonia/Urea - Technip is an established member of
the Ammonia and Urea Clubs of Contractors and has
gained a deep know-how and expertise in the CAPEX/
OPEX optimization of overall Ammonia/Urea complexes.
A full range of technologies and services for
the Fertilizers industry
Key references
PV, Vietnam - Ammonia/Urea Complex
TIFERT, Tunisia - Sulfuric Acid Plant
OMIFCO, Oman - Ammonia/Urea Complex
FOSFERTIL, Brazil - Sulfuric/Phosphoric Complex
MA’Aden, S.Arabia - Masterplan for development of
Al-Khabra mines and Phosacid production
Technip in India
Technip covers the whole Natural Gas chain and is one
of the longest serving turnkey contractors in the LNG
industry. Technip in India draws on this expertise and
executed various projects worldwide
Technip’s credentials as LNG plant designer, technological solution provider and EPC contractor - whether as partner or as JV
leader, are as sound as our long-standing involvement in the industry. Our large engineering, procurement and construction
management teams allow the parallel execution of several LNG projects.
Some recent projects by Technip
Base load facility for CAMEL, Algeria
Base load facility for Skikda, Algeria
Base project - Trains 1 & 2 for Bonny Island, Nigeria
LNG trains for Qatargas, Qatar
LNG trains for Yemen LNG
DFR for mini LNG plant for Jubilant Energy, India
FEED for mini LNG plant for Jubilant Energy, India
DFR for 5 MMTPA LNG Regas Terminal for GSPL, Sikka, India
Services for FEED for Mubadala LNG Terminal for IPIC, UAE
Association with APCI
Technip has a worldwide association with APCI for liquifaction technology for LNG plants.
Technip in the LNG chain
Technip in India
Offshore & Onshore – Oil & Gas
Technip Group is the leading company in the Oil & Gas industry. It
has executed world-scale units in Offshore and Onshore Oil & Gas
processing and hydrocarbon sector. Technip’s engineers have been
trained in various Technip global offices and have requisite
experience and resources to perform concept to commissioning
of Oil & Gas processing plants
Technip in India brings in the vast experience of the Technip Group to India. Highly experienced professionals of Technip in India
provide services ranging from wellhead, Onshore/Offshore processing, pipeline transportation to Group Gathering Stations, Oil
& Gas onshore terminals. We have a comprehensive understanding of the issues such as interest to owners, contractors and
suppliers and can offer single source responsibility, using state-of-the-art design and engineering tools to execute Oil & Gas
projects on a turnkey basis.
Technip sees additional opportunities in the Offshore segment, with Global Industries talent, know-how and leading edge units,
particularly in the heavy lift business.
Offshore wind developments
Building on their experience, Technip’s specialist engineers rise to the challenges of
the 21st century: more extreme conditions, renewable energies, and technology
Combining the technologies from the offshore industry and wind energy, Technip
has delivered the substructure for the world’s first full scale offshore floating wind
turbine: Hywind.
Free of the constraints related to the foundations of fixed wind turbines, the
Vertiwind concept opens new perspectives for wind farms offshore in numerous
countries, notably in the Mediterranean basin, in Europe and the USA.
Process capabilities
Conceptual studies
Pipeline flow assurance studies - steady state simulations and transient analysis
Pipeline surge analysis
Studies - pipeline corrosion study, hydrate formations study, CFD analysis, flare system study & flare network analysis
Safety studies – QRA, HAZOP, HAZID, SIL
Key projects
Dalia FPSO: Engineering services
AKPO FPSO: Engineering services
Shell Australia: Shell Prelude FLNG project
HOEC: Onshore Gas Processing Facility Project on turnkey basis
(including Basic Engineering & FEED)
ONGC (through Hal Offshore): Engineering services for replacement
of (Instruments & Utility Gas) skids at 13 platforms
ONGC (through Sarku Engineering): Engineering survey and design
package for Revamp of 26 Well Platforms
Cairn Energy: Various concept studies / FEED
Amenam AMP – 2: Engineering services
Technip in India
Technip operates a vertically integrated business covering
multiple levels for the value chain from upstream field
engineering, through project management, proprietary
technology, flexible and umbilical manufacturing and
flexible-lay, rigid reel-lay and subsea construction vessels
Technip has state-of-art industrial assets on all continents and operates a fleet of specialized vessels for pipelines installation
and subsea construction.
The recent acquisition of Global Industries reinforces Technip’s leadership in the fast-growing subsea market. Strong revenue
synergies are expected, as the acquisition will substantially increase Technip’s current capabilities and expand its addressable
market by, around 30% in deep-to-shore subsea infrastructure. It also brings to Technip its complementary subsea know-how,
assets and experience, comprising 2,300 employees operating 14 vessels, including notably two newly-built leading edge S-Lay
vessels, as well as strong positions in the Gulf of Mexico (US and Mexican waters), Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.
Expended fleet of 34 vessels
Technip customer support from concept to
execution in offshore & subsea
Key references of Technip in India centres
Paradeep Haldia crude oil pipeline project, Paradeep Field, IOCL
New revised plan of development project in Tapti Field Mumbai, BGEPIL
Pipeline replacement project, Western Offshore Mumbai, ONGC
Jalilah development project, Al Jalilah Field, Offshore Dubai, Dubai Petroleum Establishment
Technip in India
89 avenue de la Grande Armée
75773 Paris Cedex 16
Phone: +33 (0)1 47 78 24 00
Delhi Office
Technip Tower
A-4, Sector-1
Noida - 201 301, (UP) India
Tel.: +91 120 4301000
Fax: +91 120 4301010
E-mail: [email protected]
Mumbai Office
701/701A, B Wing, Boomerang
Chandivali Farm Road,
Andheri (E) Mumbai - 400 072,
Maharashtra, India
Tel.: +91 22 67002000
Fax: +91 22 67002320
Chennai Office
Technip Centre
19, Velachery Main Road, Guindy
Chennai - 600 032, Tamil Nadu
Tel.: +91 44 22303100
Fax: +91 44 22300017
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