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Spring 2011
Welcome to the Front Page!
First and foremost welcome to the Spring 2011 Fellows Front Page! We are very proud
of all of you that have traversed the stage and entered the next stage of your professional
development, whatever that may entail.
The main purpose of this publication is to serve as an alumni newsletter, allowing all of
you an opportunity to read about what is taking place in the Fellows program. This
newsletter is ripe with news, photos, statistics, and interesting information to help keep
you informed and up to date with the Neeley Fellows. Lastly, this is also designed as a
means to keep up with each other, so throughout the semester feel free to email Dr.
Jones or myself to let us know how you‘re doing, and with your permission we‘d be
more than delighted to include it in the next newsletter for you.
I hope this reaches you in good health and good spirits. If you want to contact me personally by email or phone, my contact information is listed below. Also, if you could
visit and join the new Facebook group ―Neeley Fellows Alumni‖ that would be awesome! Post pictures or anything you want! Here is the link:
Sean Shahkarami—VP of Alumni Relations
[email protected]
Letter From The President
2011 has been full of excitement for all Horned Frogs, full of Rose Bowl victories and
American Idol contestants. We have also had great success within the Neeley Fellows
program, and I have enjoyed contributing to the growth and expansion with the Executive team and advisors, Dr. Jones and Dr. Wempe. Most significantly, the program has
recently co-branded with a national not-for-profit organization, Net Impact, in order to
incorporate business social responsibility initiatives into the curriculum. I was fortunate
to attend the national Net Impact conference at the University of Michigan in October
with two other Fellows, in which we participated in panel sessions and talked with recruiters from many of the Fortune 500 companies. Joining forces with Net Impact was a tremendous strategic move for the program, and I
imagine more networking opportunities and
speaker series to arise from this alliance.
In regards to service learning projects, the junior
class partnered with SLANT 45, a community
service initiative directed by the Super Bowl
Host Committee. Six groups of students facilitated projects with third to fifth graders from the
local school district to design programs benefitting non-profit organizations within Tarrant County. The children submitted reflection artwork, as well as photos and videos to
the host committee for use in a presentation that will be passed on to future super bowl
host sites.
On the social side of the Neeley Fellows Student Organization, I have been pleased with
the success of the renewed big/little format. We have instituted family dinners to encourage more communication between the different classes, and are looking forward to
our large end of the year event in April.
What truly distinguishes the program is the relationships formed both internally and
with prominent business leaders. With the athletic transition into the Big East conference, the Neeley Fellows were invited to attend the conference career fair in New York
City, which happened to coincide with the annual sophomore trip. The New York City
trip has tremendously expanded over the last couple years, the most recent change including a company tour and presentation by the renowned Macy‘s department store. For
the Chile travelers in May, Dr. White is offering an optional excursion to Cuzco, Peru,
giving more international experience opportunities to us students. We will be completing travel journals and blogs as part of the International Business Course requirements,
and I invite you to read along, visit our Neeley Fellows Facebook page, and continue to
check in on program developments. I am so excited for the future of our organization!
Sara Deatherage
Texas Christian University ‗12
President, Neeley Fellows Student Organization
[email protected]
(979) 820– 8012
Alumni Spotlight: Tim Halperin
For the second time in the Alumni Newsletter‘s lifetime Tim
Halperin has made the Alumni Spotlight. This time due to his
extraordinary run on hit television show ―American Idol‖.
All of us here at TCU are extremely
proud of Tim and know he is destined
for great things. During his time on
Idol the Fellows program pushed for a
grassroots movement to spur on voters. A very special thank-you to Katie
Russell who put that together as well. Even though Tim
did not win the competition the Idol experience was extremely beneficial to advancing Tim‘s musical career.
Since his time on Idol Tim has been featured twice on
morning radio talk-show ―Kidd Kraddick in the Mornings‖ on 106.1 KISS FM.
The Neeley Fellows program would like to extend a big congratulations to Tim
for all of his hard work. We wish you only the best as you go on. Hopefully one
day we will see your name at the top of the Billboard‘s Top 100!
Student Spotlight: Rick Settle
Rick Settle is a sophomore Neeley Fellow who is an
inspiration to us all because not only does he respond
daily to the rigor of the Fellows program; he is also a
student athlete and a part of the 2010 Rose Bowl Champion TCU Horned Frog football team. I was fortunate
enough to interview Rick about his experiences, and this
is what he had to say.
1. What does it mean to you and the team to have won
the Rose Bowl?
Having the opportunity to be a part of the Rose Bowl
Tradition is something that will never be forgotten. I feel
truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of
the 13-0 Rose Bowl Champion TCU Football team.
Throughout my life, there are very few times that I have had the opportunity to be a part
of an undefeated team, let alone on a stage such as this. What we were able to achieve
last year was even greater than ourselves. Our victory was not only for TCU, but for all
those players that have come before us at TCU and the winning tradition and the blue
collar work ethic that they have left for us. Having the opportunity to play with and learn
from the Senior Class of 2010 was something that I will never forget. The 2010 Senior
class was special in the fact that not only were they great football players, but also great
individuals. It will now be our task to carry on the tradition that this class has left for us.
2. What is it like to balance fellows with playing on the team?
Balancing fellows and football is certainly a daunting task at times, but I couldn't imagine doing one without the other. Time is always a large constraint, but it has taught me to
be much more productive with the time that I do have. In all reality, the two seem to balance themselves. Both Fellows and Football provide me with the opportunity to continue
to grow and develop myself into the person and leader that I want to be. One of the
things that has been most interesting to me is that they seem to be a reality check on one
another. Many lessons that I have learned from the football field translate to the classroom. Having an opportunity to be a part of the Fellows Program has provided me with a
group of friends outside of football that I have come to respect and cherish. While I will
always have my football family, the guys that I have put hours of hard work and sweat in
the weight room and practice fields with, I will also have my Fellows Family, the group
of my peers that I have gone through the trials and tribulations of coursework with.
3. Do you have any words of wisdom or life lessons you've learned from your experiences?
I am a huge fan of quotes, and whenever I see one that I feel applies to me or a part of
my life, I write it down. One of my favorite quotes comes from T. Roosevelt, "In the
battle of life it is not the critic that counts... The credit belongs to the man who is actually
in the arena... who, at worst, if he fails, atleast fails while daring greatly, so that his place
shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." I
have learned to live my life in this regard. When I wake up in the morning, I have to be
content with the person that I see in the mirror each and every day, because after all, why
should any of us be a second rate version of ourselves? Fellows and Football have given
me a solid foundation to continue to grow and develop myself from. Very few people
have the opportunity to be a part of a winning team in their lives, I am lucky to be able to
be a part of two winning teams: The TCU Football Team and the Neeley Fellows Program.
Lastly, I‘d like to thank Rick for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this. This was
certainly a treat for me and hopefully to all of you, as well. Go Frogs!
Tales From The City That Never Sleeps
The annual Fellows trip to New York City
provided another wonderful opportunity for
us to learn, bond, and experience the professional world. The trip started off with the
New York City Challenge, a competitive
way to see the city and experience its people. Explaining to New Yorkers on the subway what a horned frog is was a great way
to start the trip off. The challenge offered
more than getting to know strangers on a
subway; it gave the class a great opportunity
to get to know each other outside of the
classroom. After a long afternoon of tracking down landmarks, we unwound at a famous pizzeria located in an old church. At
the end of our meal, everyone in John‘s Pizzeria sang happy birthday to Dr. Grau and Hannah
Our first business experience came the next morning at the New York Stock Exchange. After
witnessing the ringing of the bell and learning about the infrastructure of the stock market,
we were surprised to be greeted by Bradley Cooper who was touring the trade floor in preparation for his new movie Limitless.
We parted ways after our tour of
the stock exchange and headed to
various corporations including
AEA investors, Pricewaterhouse
Coopers, UBS, Tommy Hilfiger,
and McGarry Bowen. The group
gathered again for dinner at Harbour Lights for a delicious meal
with all of the alumni in the NYC
area. This was a great opportunity
to meet people who were once in
our shoes and witness what they
have done with their careers. I
know the dinner encouraged most
of the group to return to school and
work a little bit harder.
On the third day, we had the opportunity to visit JWT, Outdoor Media Group, Goldman
Sachs, JP Morgan, VML, and Accenture. The group was very impressed at every visit. The
buzz of the afternoon was meeting the mind behind the billboards responding to the Ohio
State President‘s ―Little sisters of the poor‖ comment after TCU‘s Rosebowl victory. Well
done Outdoor Media Group.
On our final day, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit two premier businesses:
Bloomberg and Macy‘s. We learned the ins and outs of salesmanship and the retail business
at Macy‘s before touring the modern, upbeat work environment at Bloomberg.
The trip was a great experience for us. We learned about the corporate world and grew closer
as a class. We are truly grateful for all of the opportunities that the alumni have extended to
us and are incredibly appreciative of the faculty that worked so hard to make this trip happen.
Roadmap to Careers in Financial Services
On Friday, March 4th, TCU
hosted the first annual
Roadmap to Careers in Financial services in the
Brown Lupton University
Union. It was an amazing
event that has been in the
workings for nearly a year.
Notable Alumni from all
facets of the financial services industry, whether it be
Investment Banking and
Private Equity or Private Wealth Management, came to provide insight to students based upon their experiences. It was formatted in an interactive lecture format, with different events such as a mock interview of a current student going
into investment banking, as well as presentations on topics such as how to network effectively, what one might experience in their first year as an analyst, and
the importance of developing technical foundation.
It also provided a wonderful networking opportunity. Just to name a few, institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS, Stone Point Capital, and Luther King Capital Management were in attendance. This allowed us not only to
connect with very influential business leaders from all over the nation, but it also
allowed us to connect with a few old friends.
Fellows were indeed an integral part in this event. Special thanks are due to
Logan Luzzo, Sara Deatherage, Dr. Jones, and Jessica Cates. They helped out
greatly in both an administrative role in setting the event up, as well as serving as
ambassadors for the guest speakers. Thanks a lot! It was a great experience for all
who attended! You can also watch a video all about it on Youtube!
Fellows Senior Honors Projects
Title: What is the Economic Impact of Hosting a Major Sporting Event? (FINA)
Students: David Bower, Lauren Farrelly, Jake Rehtmeyer, & Brett Thompson
Title: Issues and Trends in Non-Profit Management (MANA)
Students: Marcy Harvey, Mark McGlothlin, & Kate Putney
Title: The Rise of Social Media Celebrities as Product Endorsers: Implications for Brand Managers
Students: Laura Fanta, Abby Osvog, Megan Philipp, & Lauren Quiroz
Title: An Investigation of the Differences between IFRS & US GAAP (ACCT)
Students: Katelyn Fischer, Kristy Huber, John Metzinger, & Faith Anne Pustmueller
Title: Process Improvements in Procurement (SVCM)
Students: Sam Maher
Title: Development & Implementation of a Social Search Website (MKTG)
Students: Morgan Buckley, Bailey Lang, Mike Vosters, & Brittany Walker
Title: Determinants of Increasing Cash Balances (FINA)
Students: Carson Bassett, Spencer Finch, Max Harris, & TJ Shepherd
Title: Sovereign Debt Crises: Characteristics, Winners, Losers, and the Impact on Financial Markets
Student: Peyton Bryant
Title: Industry Waves in Mergers & Acquisitions (FINA)
Students: Rovina D’Souza, Ryan Hoff, & Andres Siman
Welcoming the Class of 2013!
Now it would only be appropriate to introduce the newest
benefactors of all this wonderful advice. Last Fall the Fellows program was proud to
welcome its class of 2013. Statistically they represent the
most impressive class in the
history of the program, a fact
that is directly attributable to
your hard work in building the
prestige and the reputation of
the program. They are the
product of a redefined selection process, which is inclusive
of more stringent GPA and involvement requirements as well as a selection interview. Though we are excited for our new class, nothing in this program would be
possible if you hadn‘t done all of the work in making it great. Again, thank you
for everything you have done!
News Flash!!
Plans are under way to form Neeley Fellows Alumni Association. If you are
interested in being a part of the founding board, please contact Jacob Barnes
at [email protected]
After a successful run of presenting thesis projects senior Fellows are prepared to graduate on Saturday May 7th. Feel free to come and show your
support for this year‘s graduating class!
On Tuesday April 26th Bell Helicopter CEO John L. Garrison, Jr. will be
speaking in the BLUU Ballroom for breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00 am as part
of the Tandy Executive Speaker Series.
Incredible Statistics!
Career paths of recent Neeley graduates
As students are starting to receive feedback and grades
for assignments in their respective classes, we should not
forget that the Neeley School of Business is constantly
being graded on its ability to prepare Neeley graduates
for the years after graduation. Statistics from May 2010
graduates have shown an average of $50,115 and a median of $50,000 for graduates with full-time positions,
a 7.66% increase from the average for May 2009 graduates. Out of the 284 graduates, 25% were Finance, 18% were Accounting,
15% were Marketing, 13% were Management, 11% were Finance with a
Real Estate Concentration, 8% were Supply and Value Chain Management,
6% were BIS, and the remaining 4% had a degree with an international emphasis.
The majority of graduates (157 or 55%) secured full-time positions after graduation. Other graduates continued into the MAC program (30 or
11%), went to Graduate/Professional School (17 or 6%), went to Law
School (13 or 5%), and continued into the MAC program and had a fulltime position (10 or 4%). Only 35 graduates (12%) were still seeking a full
-time position which was a decrease of 7% from May 2009. Information
for 22 graduates (8%) was not available at the time of data collection. Percentages are rounded.
Here are the average salaries and medians for the seven majors from May
2010 graduates. The Neeley School’s overall median of $50,000 would
tie for 35th nationally according to a report of 2009 medians from BusinessWeek. The highest median salary was reported at $62,000 for MIT in
Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 3 other schools reporting $60,000 as their
median. While graduates‘ starting salary is certainly not the only indicator
of how successful a business school is, it does show that the Neeley School
is able to prepare graduates for many of the most desirable positions in the
business workplace.
By: Trevor Wang
Significant Trends
All of the majors except Finance (-2.73%) saw an increase in average salary
from 2009. Management had the highest increase at +17.71%, followed by Marketing at +11.94% and Finance (Real Estate) at +11.28%.
Accounting majors had 35 graduates (70%) pursue a MAC with 8 of the 35 also
holding a full-time position. Additionally, 7 other graduates secured a full-time
Business Information Systems majors had 14 graduates (82%) secure a fulltime position. BIS majors had the highest median salary and the 2nd highest average salary of all seven majors.
Finance majors had 46 graduates (64%) secure a full-time position. Fourteen of
the 72 graduates expected a yearend bonus of $5,321 on average.
Finance (Real Estate) majors had 15 graduates (50%) secure a full-time position.
Management majors had 19 graduates (50%) secure a full-time position. The
highest salary of any business major ($150,000) reported was a management major.
Marketing majors had 26 graduates (59%) secure a full-time position. Eight
graduates (18%) are continuing into Graduate/Professional School and 1 graduate (2%) is continuing into Law School.
Supply Chain majors had 21 graduates (95%) secure a full-time position with
only 1 graduate (5%) still seeking a position.
The overall increase of average starting salary ( 7.66%) in addition to many
awards that Neeley has received (BusinessWeek #29 Best Undergraduate Business School, #6 in Student Survey, A+ for Teaching Quality, A+ for Faciliaties
and Services, A+ for Job Placement) is a great testament to the quality education
we are receiving.
Trace your roots!
Fellows Family Tree
2009 Fellows
2010 Fellows
2011 Fellows
2012 Fellows
2013 Fellow
GrandGrandGrand Big
Brandon Chamberlin - Accenture
Adam Goodlett –
Law School-U of
Grand Big
Brandon Fawks
Carson Bassett
Chase Bruton
Josh Simpson
Nate Arnold –
ClickHere, The
Richards Group
David Lindow
Corey Rollins –
Mission Trip
David Bower
Marcus Roper
Brent Folan
Will Jung
Pete ChapmanJP Morgan
Caleb Slavin –
Lockheed Martin
Peyton Bryant
Goldman Sachs
Kristen Chapman –
American Airlines
Lizzie Dow –
Fidelity Investments
Morgan Buckley
Outdoor Media
Morales- In
GrigsbyTeach For America
Ashley Homsher –
Q Investments
Catherine Anderson –
Jacob Broom
Carrie Patterson
Jennifer Michael
Megan Philipp
Sean Shahkarami
Ryan Wilson –
Adam Wilson –
Law School TBD
Mark McGlothlin
Ryan Hoff
Stephens Inc.
Justin Paxton
Jason Jorgens
James Zodrow
Yajing Yang
Jennifer Braatz
Wardah Haseeb –
Lockheed Martin
Jodi Settle –
JP Morgan
Rovina D'Souza
Ernst & Young
Kristy Huber
Monika Sadarangani
Hannah Morris
Alex Meinert
Megan Fricke
Logan Smith –
Dallas Performing Arts Center
Lindsay Ray –
TCU Admissions
Laura Fanta
Sammie Phillips
Arielle Austin
Vanessa Perets KPMG
Meagan Wayland
TCU MAc, Governmental Accounting Standards Board,
Bailey Lang
Keziah Zacharia
Callie Montgomery
Leslie Taylor –
Danielle Coker –
Lauren Farrelly
Prudential Capital
Spencer Finch
Jarrod CoxStephens Inc.
Robert Strong –
Goldman Sachs
Caroline Dixon
Will Hopper
Scott Miller
Ben Jun
Sam Maher
American Airlines
Riley Kiltz
Bethany Gorham
Cami Miller –
Lululemon Athletica
Melissa Walton –
Katelyn Fischer
Alexa Gonzalez
Andrew Boaz
Dan Plate –
Scott Boston –
Bank of America
Max Harris
Gregg Vickers
Riley Powell –
Katie Russell
Emily Taylor –
Texas Tech MAc
Holly BagzisALDI
Montse Sole Gimenez –In Paraguay
Marcy Harvey
Allison Hemer
Katelyn Badger
Pamela Hough
Sara Deatherage
Molly Johnson
Melissa Melcher –
The Richards
Jared Meadows
Belanger –
Bekah Dale –
The Richards
Brittany Walker
Click Here, The
Richards Group
Karlene Tipton
Matt Gomez
Clayton Dude KPMG
John Metzinger
Walter Sanders
Lauren Levi
Katy Trlica –
Abby Osvog
Kelsey Phelps
Moriah Sallis
Kristen Schropp
Karina Mercer –
Faith Anne Pustmueller
April Taylor –
in Public Administration
Addi Hall –
Mobestream Media
Kathryn Putney
Teach for America
Short –
Kassie Schmid –
Lauren Quiroz
Range Online Media
Margaret Brust
Ardena Gonzalez
Ashley Vander
Katherine Joliffe
Logan Luzzo
Erik Yohe –
Ryan McCrory –
Jake Rehtmeyer
Jeff Parent
Garrett Lucas
Jason Hartman
Tim Halperin –
Pavan Parikh –
Baylor Law
Aaron Ginn –
VMG Health
Andy Points
Rick Settle
T.J. Shepherd
Teach for America
Todd Gonzales
Andres Siman
Dylan Pearson
Trey Alexander
Peter Severson
Rob Staky –
Stephens Inc.
Jacob Barnes –
Ryan Mitts–
D6 Marketing
Bobby Weinberg
NorthMarq Capital
Brett Thompson
Corey Landers
Trevor Wang
Nick Newman
Mike Vosters
Jarrett Shaffer
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