Models and Enhancements



Models and Enhancements
Models and Enhancements
Models and Enhancements
Table of Contents
Model 1570 Service/Fuel Trailer............................................................... 4
Model 1611 Car/Utility Trailer Redesigned........................................... 5
Model 1655 Truck Bed.................................................................................. 6
Model 1659 Dump Body............................................................................. 7
Model 3109 Open Dirt Car Hauler........................................................... 8
Model 3119 Mobile Cooling Station....................................................... 9
Model 3150 3-Car Wedge Trailer............................................................10
Model 8105 Bumper Pull Stock Trailer.................................................11
NEW FEATURES, OPTIONS & GRAPHICS.............................................................. 12-18
This year’s new Featherlite
models and enhancements
For horse trailers, we have a new standard heavy duty
spring for horse dividers and a handy wireless remote to operate
many functions within living quarters trailers.
give you even more unique
trailering options. These enhancements come on the
heels of the product consolidation we put into place this
fall to make ordering and
selecting trailers easier for you.
On the livestock side, a new 5’ wide low profile bumper pull
trailer will be a great hauling choice for hobby farmers and 4-H
For the commercial & business markets, we have several exciting new niche trailers including a Model 1570 service/
fuel trailer for the agricultural and commercial markets to allow
for easy fuel access and service out in the fields or work sites. In
addition we have a cooling station trailer Model 3119 for use in
oil fields and other job sites. We’ve also introduced a 3-car wedge
trailer Model 3150 for commercial hauling of multiple vehicles
and a Model 1659 aluminum dump body for trucks.
for car & recreation enthusiasts, an open dirt car
hauler Model 3109 is available and Flex Foot ramps are now standard on Model 3110s for easier loading. In addition, a Model 3110
dune buggy trailer with drive over fender option is now available.
Visit your local Featherlite dealer today to see what’s new!
New or Enhanced Models & Configurations
Model 1570
Service/Fuel Trailer
Ideal for those in the agricultural and construction industries, Featherlite is introducing a new
service/fuel trailer Model 1570. Easily take the
trailer out to the fields or job sites and fuel and
service equipment on site. The standard trailer
is 4’11” wide and 9’4” long with 3500# axles.
It includes a 500 gallon fuel tank with baffles
in the tank to reduce fuel movement and a
sight gauge. It also includes a gasoline powered transfer pump, 25’ long retractable hose
reel with fuel nozzle, fuel filter, drain plug and
enclosed compartment with lockable doors.
Note: Trailer shown with painted sides. Natural
is standard. Trailer is fully customizable.
Model 1611 Car/Utility
Trailer Redesigned
Featherlite has consolidated its Models 4928
and 1611 into one model – the 1611. This
multi-functional trailer can be used for hauling both cars and recreational and utility
equipment. It’s available in lengths of 12’, 14’,
16’, 18’, 20’ and 24’ with a width of 7’ or 8’6”
and height of 6’6”. It includes a wood floor,
camper door and rear ramp.
Model 1655
Truck Bed
A new, more stylish truck bed configured
for chassis cab dually trucks is available.
Expected to be popular with those in the
agricultural and equine markets, Model
1655 is 7’3” wide and 9’ long and includes
skirting with storage boxes on the sides.
Model 1659 Dump Body
A handy slide-in dump body that
fits in the back of pickup trucks is
available. It includes a hydraulic lift
cylinder and pump, double pivoting
removable tailgate and headache
rack. The dump body is 6’ wide, 6”6”
long and configured for most standard 6’6” pickup beds.
Model 3109
Open Dirt Car Hauler
New open car hauler Model 3109 is
designed for dirt track race cars with
an open center for easier access to
work underneath the car while on the
trailer. The trailer measures 6’7” wide
and 19’ long and includes two 5’ long
ramps that store under the trailer. It
also features an aluminum treadplate
floor, and an optional storage box in
the front of the trailer with doors is
Model 3119 Mobile
Cooling Station
Featherlite’s new Model 3119 mobile cooling station is designed to be used in oil
fields, construction sites, or large agriculutural areas as a place for workers to cool
down. It features two bench seats that run
the length of the trailer, a canopy roof and
water tanks. Options include a drinking
water station, eye wash station, first aid
kit, high pressure 24” misting fan, sink and
more. Model 3119 is 6’7” wide and 17’ long.
Model 3150 3-Car
Wedge Trailer
The new Model 3150 wedge trailer
can transport up to 3 vehicles and is
ideal for use by trailer and car dealerships and other commercial haulers.
Available in lengths of 50’ and 53’, it
includes 16 stainless steel swivel D
tie downs, skid resistant extruded
aluminum floor, 25K coupler and two
9’ long ramps, among other features.
An optional tool box under the trailer
bed is available, along with a 9000#
winch. This is a redesign of the Model
3150 offered several years ago.
Model 8105
Bumper Pull
Stock Trailer
The bumper pull Model 8105 is a low
profile 5’ wide stock trailer, perfect for
lighter hauling by hobby farmers and
4-H families. The stock trailer is 14’ long
and 4’6” tall and includes a standard
wood floor and 2500# axles. It also includes a full swing center gate with slam
latch, full swing rear gate with lockable
slider and escape door. Aluminum and
Rumber floor are optional.
New features, options & graphics
New or Enhanced Features/Options
Horse Trailers
Heavy duty spring for
horse dividers
A new heavy duty spring will be standard
on horse trailers with slant dividers. This
will make using the dividers easier and
strengthen the hold backs.
Enclosed frame on
Models 9407 & 9409
The area on the A-frame hitch
between the coupler and the
front of the trailer will now be
enclosed with a plate.
Wireless remote on
LQ trailers
An optional multifunction touch screen wireless
remote is now available to make operating your
living quarters easier and more convenient. It
controls several functions, when equipped in your
trailer, including power awnings, slideouts, front
jacks and porch light.
Additional clearance lights
on Model 8533
For added visibility and safety, three additional
clearance lights will be standard on Model 8533
for 14 lights total.
New or Enhanced Features/Options
Stock Trailers
clearance lights
on Model 8117
internal & external
stock slam latch
For added visibility and safety,
three additional clearance
lights will be standard on
Model 8117 for 16 lights total.
For a more secure hold, an
optional rotary slam latch is now
Side ramp kit on
Model 8127
24’ Model 8117
If farmers need to take their ATV
along to sort cattle, an optional
side ramp kit for Featherlite stock
trailer Model 8127 will come in
handy for easy loading of an ATV.
The option widens the escape
door to 50” and includes two
separate ramps to attach.
Model 8117 livestock trailer is now
available in a length of 24’ to meet
customer demand.
New or Enhanced Features/Options
Car/Recreation/Commercial Trailers
Drive over fender
For transporting wider vehicles,
including dune buggies, a drive
over fender option is now
available on 24’ Model 3110.
New standard
“Flex Foot” ramps on
Model 3110
When using the 3110’s ramps on
an uneven surface, a pivoted triangle at the end of the ramps will
conform to the ground and make
loading and unloading easier.
New quiet slide
option on Model 3110
For quieter hauling, a ‘Quiet Slide’
option is available on ramps to
reduce rattling and noise.
Rear ramp standard
on Model 1610
For easy loading of cargo, a rear
ramp is standard on Model 1610.
Pop-up option on enclosed trailers
A pop-up option is now available on Featherlite enclosed
car and rec/utility trailers that compresses the trailer
down. With the trailer lower to the ground, it increases
the visibility behind the tow vehicle and makes the trailer
easier to tow and more aerodynamic. It also makes storage
of the trailer inside easier. Two options are available – one
that is operated with cables and winch and the other with
screw jacks. The trailer, operated with the jacks, lowers to
an inside height of approximately 5’, and with the cable
option, it lowers to an inside height of approximately 4’.
Camping option on
Model 1609 Mod Pod
A tent, or canvas screen room, can
be added to Model 1609 Mod Pod to
make it ideal for camping trips.
Raised platform
with beavertail on
Model 3110
A new raised platform with beavertail, with 83” between fenders,
is available on Model 3110. This
configuration will better accommodate larger vehicles and equipment.
Shown with optional Rumber floor.
standard Taped
sheets with riveted
seams on Model 4941
Based on customer demand, on
Model 4941 trailers up to 34’ long,
the trailer will be standard with rivets on the seams. This will enhance
the aesthetics of the exterior, make
applying graphics easier and lower
the trailer’s price point. Full rivets
will be optional.
Optional butcher
block countertops
For a unique look, butcher block
countertops are available for tops
of cabinets when installed in enclosed car and rec/utility trailers.
A new style of cabinets is also
Optional Torsion
assist hinge on rear
ramp of enclosed
To eliminate the need for a cable
assist, a torsion assist hinge on
the rear ramp will now be
Extra wide Model
3110 Option
An option for extra width, 82”
fender to fender, is available to
accommodate wider vehicles,
including pickups and mid-size
equipment. It equips the trailer
with full width side walls that are
18 1/2” tall.
New or Enhanced Features/Options
All Trailers
Optional wireless
backup camera
To make maneuvering your trailer
easier and safer, an optional camera
on the rear of the trailer is available.
Updated from the 2012 option, this
camera features no wires or cables
and is easy to install. This camera is
powered from the auxiliary circuit
in the wire harness, and the 5.6”
monitor comes with suction cup
mount and 12 volt DC plug for easy
Standard painted
Featherlite’s 2 5/16” bumper pull couplers are now powder coated painted
to eliminate staining that can occur
with other finishes or materials.
standard EZ lube
axles & forward
adjusting brakes
For added convenience and safety,
all 2013 models with axles of 2.2K
through 8K will have EZ lube axles
standard. Forward adjusting brakes
are also now standard. They automatically adjust to proper clearances
during travel allowing you to stop
with confidence. It also eliminates
the need for manual brake adjustments, saving you time and money.
hitch plate
For trailers that don’t come standard with a hitch plate, a hitch
plate is now optional. This applies
to Models 1611, 1648 and 8105.
10-year limited structural warranty standard
Optional remote
control unload
A convenient optional remote
control unload light is now available. You can easily position the
light wherever needed to help
with maneuvering your trailer or
unloading at night.
LED load light
For a smaller, more aesthetically
pleasing choice, an LED load light
is optional.
A 10-year limited structural warranty is now standard on all 2013 model year Featherlites, signifying Featherlite’s
continuing focus on quality.
2013 Featherlite Stripe
Red Combo
Blue Combo
Brown Combo
Black Combo
Graphics by
All information current as of 2/2012. Some trailers shown with options.
Featherlite reserves the right to change this information without notice.

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