Brazil Misson Report May 2016



Brazil Misson Report May 2016
We are thankful for your love, prayers, and support.
God be praised and honored in all. Colossians 3:16-17/Eph.2:10
The women’s retreat was a true blessing that the Lord gave to
everyone who participated. The retreat had 120 women from various
places in Brazil.
We had sisters who
congregations in Rio Grande do Sul, as
well as from Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Campo
Grande, Joinville, Belo Horizonte, and
The church in
received these sisters from various places in their
homes as they prepared for the retreat weekend
that started Friday evening until Sunday evening.
The women from the committee asked me to
accompany some of the sisters on a tour of the
mountains and the cities of Gramado, Canela
and Novo Petropolis. There was a bus that was
rented and there were forty-five women who
went on this trip and would go directly to the
retreat afterwards with their luggage. Praise God they enjoyed seeing
God’s hand as Creator.
The women’s committee consisted of Ceiça, Dayse, Juaneylla, Nadia,
Valeria, and Valquiria. Also, some of the younger sisters helped also in
preparations such as Franciele, Ingrid, and
The speakers for the retreat
were Janaina from Recife, Marlene from
Belo Horizonte, Mary Meadows Pinto from
Sao Paulo-Guaralhos, and Paula Cundari
from Novo Hamburgo with a devotional.
attended before, they loved every facet of the retreat.
They also had a talent show on Saturday night where even some of
the brothers came to do the presentation of the culture gaucho of the
state of Rio Grande do Sul. It was a blessing
participated and I know that they had been
training with all their strength and did a
great job showing the culture from here.
On Sunday, we conducted our worship service in the evening at the
locale of the retreat. The men did a great job of leading this time and
we all enjoyed the fellowship together. The theme of the retreat was
“everything changes when you change” in regards of being vasos de
barras nas maos do oleiro. The Lord gave me the opportunity to preach
and the message was based on the theme of the retreat.
Random pictures from the women’s retreat.
It was a blessed weekend and the next weekend the youth
conducted a retreat in Cidreira. It was great to see them organizing
the time together.
The Lord gave me the
opportunity in reference to helping Gabriel,
Guilherme Castello, Guilherme Signoretti, and
Wagner to prepare the messages for the
weekend. Deborah and Barbara attended and
enjoyed very much the retreat. The locale was at Ceiças family place
on a farm.
We were happy to hear how the retreat went and the
fellowship among the youth.
continue maturing.
Continue praying for them as they
This Sunday they will be conducting worship
We are very happy and fired up that Natalia decided to be baptized
into Christ and be clothed with Christ in this was having her sins
washed away.
Continue praying for her in this new walk in Christ.
Natalia continues attending the youth meetings
every Saturday as the youth continue to evangelize
their friends and family. We pray more soon will
also be giving their lives to the Lord.
We are happy also to see the newborns that the Lord is blessing the
congregations literally. Tiago and Juliana (Agronomia) are now proud
parents of Luisa; Josue and Kaka (Zona Sul) are now proud parents of
Lucas. They happened two days apart at the same hospital. Praise God
the babies are doing well and the new parents are adjusting to this new
Two other couples that awaiting babies; Vitor and Aline from
Agronomia and Daniel and Cristina from Zona Sul. Please be praying for
all these couples.
The church in Zona Sul continues to grow and we ask your prayers
for them as they are praying about moving to a new location, but all in
God’s timing. I am so happy to see all the new converts such as Robson
and Lisiane being so active and taking advantage of the opportunities to
mature. Please be praying for sister Rosani who lost her son a couple
of weeks ago because of drugs. The church has been consoling her
along with the consolation that comes from our Father in heaven.
We also had a great visit with Nick and Amy Fowler and their family
who do missionary work in Belem, Brazil. They were passing through to
visit Delmar at Lucas and enjoy Rio
Grande do Sul.
They had their first
taste of mission work through LST here
in Porto Alegre in the year 2001.
Continue praying for them in their work
in Belem and their future plans as the
Lord continues to direct their path.
Nick preached this past Sunday in Agronomia and Lucas, and will preach
this Sunday coming in Zona Sul. We really enjoyed getting to know
them and their children Jonah and Sarah, they are true blessings.
Juaneylla and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary and we
thank God so much for watching over us and guiding us to grow with one
another. May we continue to honor God and honor Him in our marriage.
We thank the Lord also for putting you in our lives
and the love, prayers, encouragement, and support
that you can continue to bless us with for the work
here in Brazil and for us as a family. Lord willing,
we will be attending my sister’s wedding ceremony
(Susan and Chris) this next week and I will be
conducting the ceremony. Please be praying for a
safe trip. I would also like to thank my Uncle for
helping us in order to be at the wedding. We will be in Tennessee from
the 17th through the 23rd of May. The wedding date is the 21st of May.
God bless them in their walk together. The week after get back we will
also be attending a wedding in Curitiba. It seems to be the season of
weddings and babies.
We pray that the Lord bless you as you are moving from Spring to
Summer. God bless your plans over the summer. Please be praying for
the church in Daingerfield as they prepare for a mission trip here at
the end of July, and that the Lord continues to use them as He always
has to be an example and have an impact on the lives of those here in
Rio Grande do Sul. Please be praying for the doors the Lord is opening
through the radio program that continues to bring the Word into the
homes of many here in the area. We thank you from the bottom of our
hearts and may God be glorified in all!
God bless, Keep fired up, Your missionaries,
Mark, Juaneylla, Deborah, Barbara White
Daingerfield Church of Christ
PO Box 779
Daingerfield, TX 75638
C/o Brazil Mission
Our Address:
Rua Marachel Deodoro, 265 Apt.203
Bairro: Centro
CEP: 94.410-020
Magic Jack Telephone #:
[email protected]

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