yacht club at isle de sol



yacht club at isle de sol
Airport Road, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean VHF: Channel Channel 78/16
T: 721-544-2408 F: 721-545-2906 [email protected] www.igy-isledesol.com
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Welcome 4
Marina Layout 6
Booking a Berth
Bridge Procedures
Arrival and Departure Procedures
Important Phone Numbers/Emergency
Personal Deliveries
Island Information
Area Attractions
Dining & Entertainment
About IGY
IGY Marina Collection
Airport Road, Simpson Bay
St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean
The management and staff of The Yacht Club at Isle de
Sol would like to welcome you to St. Maarten. Whether
this is your first visit to our beautiful island or you’ve
made the Simpson Bay Lagoon your winter home in the
past, we hope the information contained in this package
will be of use to you.
The Yacht Club Isle De Sol is conveniently located just
inside the Simpson Bay Bridge and is an extremely secure facility with private entrance and countless amenities to make your guests and crew comfortable. Our impressive facilities are designed to delight even the most
discerning yachtsmen from around the globe.
If there is anything that the marina staff or I can do to
make your stay with us more memorable and relaxing,
please don’t hesitate to ask.
Sincerely, Brian Deher
General Manager
[email protected]
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Brian Deher
General Manager IDS and SBM
721 544 2048
[email protected]
Martin Plas
Assistant Manager
721 581 5815
[email protected]
For any account inquiries, please contact
Sharida Moeslikan at the marina office.
Office Hours
7:30am – 6:30pm 7 days a week
Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00 PM
Sat-Sun 7:30 AM-3:30 PM
Closed on public holidays
Customs Office
721 542 1000
Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 11:45AM
& 2:00PM - 6:30PM
Advance reservations are strongly recommended at
The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol and we cannot guarantee
available berthing for guests arriving without a confirmed
reservation. We also ask that you provide advance notice,
where feasible, of your approximate arrival time so that
we can be fully prepared for your arrival and minimize any
inconvenience to you.
Upon arrival at the marina, you will be escorted to your slip
by an IGY tender and our dock attendants will guide you
in and assist you with docking. Once you are comfortably
settled into your slip, we ask that you visit our marina office
in order to check in. Our office staff will quickly register you
with the marina and answer any questions that you have.
Check In/Out Times
Check-in time is at 5:30pm eastern, while check-out is at
• Early check-in/late check-out If your slip is available
before 5:30pm on the day of your arrival or after 11:00am
on the date of your departure, we will be happy to allow
you to use the slip in that instance at no extra cost.
Please request all early check-ins and late check-outs
directly with the marina office. We will do our absolute
best to accommodate your requests whenever possible.
• Temporary slips In the event that an early check-In and/
or late check-out is requested but not possible, the marina
staff will try to accommodate you by making another slip
available to you temporarily until such time that your slip is
available or you are ready to depart the marina.
• Procedure The captain or his/her assignee must check in
and check out at the marina office in each instance unless
otherwise arranged with the marina management.
• Additional charges If a slip is occupied after 4:30pm on
the day of your scheduled departure, an additional night’s
dockage will be charged to your account.
Bridge Inbound & Outbound
The Simpson Bay Bridge is the main access into and out of
Simpson Bay Lagoon from the Dutch side of the island. The
Bridge can accommodate vessels up to a maximum beam
of 55 feet and a maximum draft of 17 feet. When the bridge
is closed there is 8.6 feet clearance in the port channel and
8 feet clearance in the starboard channel – all clearance
varies on the tide.
The Simpson Bay Bridge will only remain up for a maximum of 15 minutes during each opening so it is imperative
that all vessels follow the direction of the dock master in
order to maximize the number of vessels that we can get
through the bridge at each opening.
The dock master will contact each vessel prior to bridge
openings in order to line up vessels in a specific order
based on the marina and slip the vessels are using; this
procedure is coordinated with the other marinas in the
lagoon. The captains’ cooperation is necessary and appreciated in order to get as many vessels through the bridge
as possible during the 15-minute opening period. During
times when there is only one bridge opening for both
in- and out-bound traffic, the out-bound traffic will precede
the inbound traffic in all instances unless specifically noted
otherwise by the bridge operator.
BWA Yachting
T721 544-2436
Dockside Management
T 721 544-4096
[email protected]
In the event that the bridge closes before you are able to
enter/exit the lagoon, IGY will work with the bridge operator
to reopen the bridge as soon as possible and we will
coordinate with you so that you and your crew are fully
aware of the situation.
Immigration & Customs
Although our dock masters will try to get all vessels in line
and through the bridge in an orderly fashion, we understand
that ultimately the captain is responsible for the safe
navigation and care of the vessel and will thus make the
final decision on how to proceed. In all cases, safety is our
primary concern.
Contact Bridge Operator on VHF Channel #12 for
permission to enter or leave Simpson Bay Lagoon.
Daily Bridge Opening Schedule
Outbound traffic:
Inbound traffic: 9:00am,11:00am, 4:30pm
9:30am, 11:30am, 5:30pm
Special bridge openings are available with 24-hours’
advance notice. Please contact the marina office for details
and pricing.
Advance reservations are strongly recommended at the
Yacht Club at Isle De Sol and we cannot guarantee available berthing for guests arriving without a confirmed
reservation. We also ask that you provide advance notice,
where feasible, of your approximate arrival time so that we
can be fully prepared for your arrival and minimize any
inconvenience to you. Upon arrival at the marina, you will
be escorted to your slip by an IGY tender and our dock
attendants will guide you in and assist you with docking.
Once you are comfortably settled into your slip, we ask that
you visit our marina office in order to check-in. Our office
staff will quickly register you with the marina and answer
any questions.
All vessels must clear in/out with immigrations and customs
when sailing between the Dutch and the French side of the
Some of our guests elect to use a port agent in St. Maarten
to assist with the paperwork and procedures involved in
clearing in and out of the territory. Isle De Sol is pleased to
work with the port agent of your choice.
If you are in need of a port agent for St. Maarten, BWA
Caribbean and Dockside Management are our preferred
providers for port agency services.
The Immigration Department is in the Police
Station located adjacent to the channel into the
Simpson Bay Lagoon.
When arriving by boat please proceed immediately to a port of entry. No crew or passengers
may disembark before being properly cleared.
Ship’s documents, identification for all crew
members and passengers and clearance from
last port of call must be presented by the ship’s
master. Those reaching a port of entry after
closing hours are required to raise a quarantine
flag, remain on the boat and report the next
In order to clear in and out of the St. Maarten
Immigration Office you will need the following:
• Two copies of the immigration information
• A copy of the ship’s registry
• Two copies of the crew list
• Passports of all crew and guests
• These requirements change from time to time
so we suggest you contact your agent or the
marina office to insure that you have the
necessary paper work
Checking out of The Yacht
Club at Isle de Sol
Our office staff is dedicated to making your
departure experience from The Yacht Club at
Isle de Sol fast and hassle-free. Please visit the
marina office on the day of your departure to
obtain your account balance and pay before
leaving. Although your account can be generated while you wait, it will be most efficient for
you if you provide us with advance notice of the
time of your departure so that the account can
be prepared.
The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol happily accepts
American Express, Master Card and Visa for
payment of bills, as well as wire transfers and
Office Hours
7:30am – 6:30pm 7 days a week
Medical Emergencies
912 or 721 542 2111
Medical Center 910 or 721 543 1111
Medical Centers
Sint Maarten Medical Center is located in the
district of Cay Hill, on the Welgelegen Road next
to the Raoul Illidge Sports complex. It is located
five minutes away from the Dutch capital Philipsburg (using Link One Road) and, with light
traffic, ten minutes from Simpson Bay and fifteen
minutes from the French capital, Marigot.
Dannaway Medical Center is an out-patient
facility located nearby also on the Dutch side that
has a broad scope of services including dental
and cosmetic services.
Doctors and dentists are available throughout
the island. On weekends and holidays, emergency telephone numbers for doctors on call
are posted in the numerous pharmacies on the
island. Simpson Bay Pharmacy, located near the
SBM Marina, carries a wide variety of European
and US pharmaceuticals; please contact the
marina office for more details.
Sint Maarten Medical Center
30 Welgelegen Road – Cay Hill
721 543 1111
Dannaway Medical Center
Airport Boulevard, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten
T 721 545 2911 or 721 545 2957
F 721 545 3420
Simpson Bay Pharmacy
Welfare Rd. 68, T 721 544 3653
The Simpson Bay Marina
The Yacht Club Isle de Sol
721 544 2408
Emergency (24 hours)
Police (Philipsburg)
721 542 2222
Police (Simpson Bay)
721 545 5500
721 545 5501
Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm (Airport)
721 545 4222
Fire Alarm (Philipsburg)
721 542 6001
Coast Guard
721 545 4226
TELEM* Directory
TELEM Information
Marina Information (cont.)
French Side
721 590 87 1976
721 590 52 2626
Environmental Awareness
IGY and The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol are fully committed to preserving the beautiful environment which attracts
our guests to the Caribbean. We ask that you help us to
ensure that our land and waters remain clean and safe
– and we have adopted marina rules to properly regulate
activities that may cause pollution. We apologize for any
inconvenience that these rules may cause to you, but hope
that you will agree to help us preserve the environment for
future generations of boaters.
• We have preserved the mangroves that line our shore
as a barrier to erosion and as a key breeding ground for
fish. Please do not do anything that might damage these
important bushes. In particular, we ask that you not cut or
break the mangrove branches.
• We have garbage receptacles strategically located around
the marina property and the docks. Please use these
receptacles for your trash, and please do not dispose of
any (including food waste and other organic matter) into
the water.
• We ask that you not undertake any work in the marina,
which could cause the release of pollutants into the
environment. For this reason, sanding, painting and
similar activities should be done in a controlled area and
generally, should not be undertaken in the marina.
• Discharge of septic systems, fuel, toxic cleaning agents
and other pollutants into the water in the marina is a
violation of both our marina rules and St. Maarten law. It is
strictly prohibited.
• ALL used oil, black water, and grey water removal must
be done through the marina office in order to ensure safe
and environmentally friendly removal and disposal.
Please contact the marina office to schedule waste oil,
black or grey water removal, and for the most up-to-date
• Because the improper delivery of fuel, oil and lubricants
also can cause pollution, delivery of any of the above
products that have not been ordered through the marina
office will not be allowed on the property.
We would be most appreciative if you would immediately
contact the marina office if you see any violations of these
Useful Information
VHF Radio Contact Information
The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol
The Simpson Bay Marina
Simpson Bay Bridge Operator
VHF Channel 78 Alpha
VHF Channel 79 Alpha
VHF Channel 12
Please note that both marinas also monitor VHF Channel
16 International and that all marina tenders will monitor VHF
Channel 12 during bridge openings.
FedEx World Service Center and Station
Cole Bay, Welfare Rd
721 544 2810 or 1-800-GO-FEDEX
The Mailbox
Airport Road, La Palapa Center 13 Simpson Bay
721 553 3890
The Mailbox
Island Water World Center
Wellsburg No.1, 2nd Floor Colebay St. Maarten
721 544 5757
Triple R NV Island Couriers
Wellington Road 6 Unit 5
Cole Bay
721 544 4600
Business Center
As a full-service destination marina, guests can access a variety of business services available on site at The Yacht Club at
Isle de Sol to meet your distinctive needs.
To phone Dutch St. Maarten from other countries, the country
code is 599. To phone French St. Martin from other countries,
the country code is 590.
For local calls from public phones on the Dutch side you will
need to purchase a Netherlands Antilles Telecom Card at a
post office, also available at many convenience stores. On
the French side, “Telecartes” can be purchased at the Post
Offices and at other outlets marked “Telecarte en Vente Ici”.
Major credit cards can be used from many public phones for
long distance calls.
Please contact your service provider if you plan on using your
cell phone while in St. Maarten.
Personal Deliveries
During your stay with us, you can use the following address to receive any mail, or packages.
Vessel Name
c/o Captain or Crew Member Name
The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol
Airport Road, Simpson Bay
Sint Maarten, Dutch Caribbean
721 544 2408
Please note that all fuel, oil, and lubricant
orders must be made through the marina office.
Delivery of any of the above products that have
not been ordered through the marina office will
not be allowed on the property.
Pet Policy
Animals are temporarily admitted to the island
with the following papers:
• Health certificate dated no more than 10 days
before visit and a record of inoculations
• Rabies shot administered no more than 30 days
prior to the visit.
Pets are allowed at Isle de Sol, but must always
be on a leash. There are numerous outposts
located for the pick-up of pet waste as well. Under
no circumstances are pets allowed in the swimming pool or jacuzzi.
Customer feedback form
Island Global Yachting is committed to providing
superior customer service and we welcome all
feedback. Please find printed surveys in the marina office or visit our website at www.igymarinas.
com and click on the feedback form.
• Population Sint. Maarten 41,000
• Population Saint Martin 36,000
• The Caribbean’s largest lagoon is the Simpson
Bay Lagoon, landlocked with the exception of
two narrow channels with draw bridges.
• Sint Maarten has become one of the leading
yachting centers in the Caribbean, with excellent range of docking and repair facilities.
• Facilities are concentrated in the Simpson Bay
Lagoon where most repair work is conducted.
• The island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin is the
smallest land mass in the world to be shared by
two different nations. Only 37 square miles are
owned by France and the Netherlands.
• The French territory covers about two-thirds
of the island and is technically a part of Europe;
officially the Country of Sint Maarten, it is one
of the four constituent countries that form the
Kingdom of the Netherlands.
One of the most important questions for vacationers is “What’s the weather like in....?” We answer the question for you, and will show you the
current weather conditions in Dutch Sint Maarten
and French Saint Martin, as well as monthly
average temperatures and rainfall for the island,
which is blessed with sun almost year round.
There is no specific rainy season on the island,
but one does exist for hurricanes: between July
through November with the highest likelyhood in
early September. Marine weather information is
available on a day-to-day basis at every marina’s
harbormaster’s office.
• The St. Maarten Cruiser’s Net marine weather
forecast report be heard beginning at 7:30 AM
on VHF Channel #14 Mon-Sat.
• 9:00 AM Island 92 (91.9 FM) broadcasts a com
prehensive marine weather forecasts and over
all synopsis, and is repeated at 12 noon.
For concise Caribbean meteorological information updated daily at 8:00am Mon-Sat, visit www.
English is commonly spoken throughout the
island, but Dutch is the official language of Sint.
Maarten. You will also hear Spanish, Italian,
Hindi, Chinese, Papiamentu, as well other
French is the official language of Saint Martin,
but you may also hear Creole Patois, as well as
English, which is commonly spoken throughout.
Currency & Exchange
The official currency of Dutch St. Maarten is the Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG). In French St. Martin, it is the
Euro. US dollars, travelers’ checks and major credit cards
are widely accepted throughout the island as well. For any
questions on the following banks please don’t hesitate to
contact the marina office for more details.
Banks, Dutch Sint Maarten
First Caribbean
Windward Islands Bank Ltd.
721 542 2313
Bank of Nova Scotia (Philipsburg)
721 542 3317
Banks, French Saint Martin
Credit Mutual (Marigot)
721 590 29 5490
Banque des Antilles Francaise
721 590 29 1330
Banque Francaise Commerciale
721 590 87 5380
Banque Francaise Commerciale
721 590 51 0860
Arriving by Air
The main airport for travelers flying into Sint Maarten is
Princess Juliana International Airport (code SXM), on the
Dutch side of the island. It has direct flights to/from cities in
Europe, USA and Canada. L’Esperance is a small airport on
the French side of Saint Martin located in Grand Case that
flies to nearby islands and is generally served by smaller
On the Dutch side of Sint Maarten, where the international
airport/customs/ immigration offices are located, Immigration requires a passport for all US and Canadian citizens.
All others need passports and perhaps a visa to enter the
Princess Juliana International Airport
Flight Information 721 545 5757
Airport Information Desk721 545 4211
American Airlines
1 800 474 4884
US Airways
1-800 622 1015
Cape Air
1-800 352 0714
1-800 231 0856
1-800 225 2525
1-888 844 5428
Windward Islands Airway
721 545 4237
721 590 276 101
Anything H Anytime H Anywhere
ith the Highest
Standards of Customer
Service in the Industry, Yacht
Chandlers is the first choice
amongst Owners, Captains,
Mates, Engineers, Chefs, Crew
and charter management
Offering the full range of
Marine Supplies and Provisions
for Mega Yachts, we meet the
demands of all departments
on board with our extensive
line of marine supplies and interior products, as well as the finest quality gourmet foods.
Yacht Chandlers’ relationships with a vast range of manufacturers and suppliers, access
to global distribution channels, and ability to readily source hard to find domestic and
foreign goods and parts, or have them custom fabricated to your specifications, puts all
of your needs at your fingertips.
Our expertise in worldwide shipping services and global logistics, including expedited
shipment of Hazardous Materials and Perishable Goods, with proper documentation and
packaging to ensure that shipments arrive intact and on time, allows us to get you what
you need when you need it, wherever you may be.
Yacht Chandlers Antibes
Yacht Chandlers Ft. Lauderdale
[email protected]
[email protected]
Yacht Chandlers Store
[email protected]
Yacht Chandlers St. Maarten
[email protected]
Yacht Chandlers St. Thomas
[email protected]
L’Esperance Airport
721 590 87 3863
Air Antilles
+0 890 64 8648
Air Caraibes
+877 772 1005
St. Barth Commuter
721 590 27 5458
Ground Transportation
Auto Rental
Vehicle rentals are readily available throughout the island
and driving is on the right side of the street on both the
Dutch and French sides of the island. For any additional
information, please contact the marina office.
Isle de Sol recommends Hertz car rental. Some other
options are:
Avis National (Juliana Airport) 721 544 2168
Safari (Simpson Bay) 721 545 3335
Limousine Rental
Excellent Limousine
Service (Simpson Bay)
721 545 3983
Taxis are available at Juliana Airport, at taxi stands in
Philipsburg or Maho on the Dutch side, and can also be
arranged by telephone. Please contact the marina office if
you need assistance securing a taxi.
Taxi Association
721 542 2359
Taxi Stand Airport
(Juliana Airport)
721 545 4317
Taxi’s Yacht Club (Marigot)
721 590 87 7887
The entire island of Sint Maarten is a duty-free shopping
paradise! There are great bargains on everything from
alcohol, jewelry to clothing apparel and the best part is no
paperwork is required! Please do not hesitate to contact the
marina office for any questions/suggestions for anything
you have in mind.
In addition to our outstanding berthing and marina services,
The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol works with many skilled
professionals who can provide quality maintenance and
service to your yacht. We work with specialists in engineering, outboard engines, fiberglass repairs, marine carpentry,
electrical, boat management, canvas services and much
more. Also on premises is SXM Marine Trading – a shop
full of products for every crew member from captains and
mates to engineers, stews and deckhands. SXM Trading
specializes in chandlery and supply. They can order marine
products and parts from all over the world.
SXM Trading
721 544 2601
Directly on the premises, adjacent to the Sand
Bar & Restaurant, is IDS Yacht Provisioning,
which is an excellent purveyor of the finest foods,
wines, and champagnes from around the world.
With chef-friendly provisioning, they are efficient
at locating anything you could possibly desire;
please call them directly at:
Sand Bar & Restaurant
721 544-2408
ext 6001
Sint Maarten’s 37 square miles offer a variety
of activities to choose from while you’re visiting.
Whether you want to plan a few beach days that
may include snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, a day charter, kite boarding, sailing, fishing,
kayaking or parasailing, the possibilities are
endless. On land you can play a round of golf,
take an island tour, or take in the historical sites
downtown and do some shopping. When you’re
ready to dine out you’ll be pleased to find a wide
variety of culinary delights to suit every palette.
Swimming and tennis are available at the marina.
A few of our nearby favorites are listed below, but
for more information, contact the marina office
and we’ll be happy to assist you.
There are 36 beaches in Sint Maarten/Saint
Martin. For questions on which beach suits your
needs, please don’t hesitate to contact the marina office for our recommendations.
Dutch Side
Dawn Beach, Guana Bay, Great Bay, Little Bay,
Pelican Key, Kim Sha Beach, Simpson Bay,
Maho Beach, Mullet Bay, Cupecoy Beach
French Side
Long Bay, Plum Bay, Baie Rouge, Nettle Bay,
Friar’s Bay, Happy Bay, Grand Case, Anse Marcel, Pinel Island, Orient Beach, Le Galion
Snorkeling/Scuba Diving
We recommend Dive Adventures in the Pelican
Marina. They offer pick-up and drop-off service to
and from the marina, and they also have special
rates for boat crew.
Dutch Side
(Pelican Marina)
721 544 2640
The Scuba Shop
721 545 3213
Dive Adventures
721 542 9001
Ocean Explorers
721 544 5252
(Simpson Bay)
(Pelican Key)
(Simpson Bay)
The Scuba Shop
721 590 87 48 01
Scuba Fun Caraibes
721 590 87 36 13
Dolphin (Nettle Bay)
721 590 87 60 72
(Anse Marcel)
(Orient Bay)
721 590 87 46 89
Golden Eagle
721 542 3323
Lagoon Sailboat Rental
721 557 0714
721 544 2601
Day/Fishing Charters
Aqua Mania
721 544 2601
Bluebeard Charters
721 557 5935
721 545 3961
Lee Fish
721 544 4233
The Sint Maarten Park is located opposite Philipsburg at
the northern edge of the Great Salt Pond. Open daily from
Sint Maarten Park
721 543 2030
Mullet Bay Golf has 18 holes surrounded by water and palm
trees. It is located between the Simpson Bay Lagoon and
the Caribbean Sea. 721 545 2850
Also available is a ferry ride to Anguilla’s golf course, making a great day trip.
There are two tennis courts on site located right behind the
Sandbar at Isle de Sol. Please contact the marina office for
availability and access to these courts.
Butterfly Farm
Butterfly Farm features hundreds of rare and exotic butterflies in a serene atmosphere with gardens, waterfalls and
ponds. The farm provides guided tours and is great for kids.
It is located in the Le Galion area next to Bayside Riding
Stables. Hours: 9:00am-4:30pm 721 590 87 3121
Zip Lining and hiking at Loterie Farm
721 590 87 7616
French Side
(Orient Bay)
Kontiki Watersports
One of our island’s greatest assets is that there is always
something to do. Sint Maarten/Saint Martin is known as
the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean, which is evidenced by the hundreds of restaurants scattered across our
37-square-mile island.
Dining & Entertainment
Below is a list of our recommendations:
For steak and international cuisine in a fine dining
www.dare-to-be-rare.com 721 545 5714
La Vie En Rose
French Cuisine located in Marigot
www.lavieenrosestmartin.com 721 590 87 54 42
Fresh seafood and waterfront dining located in Philipsburg
www.chesterfields-restaurant.com 721 542 3484
For the best wine selection paired with fine French dining
(lunch only) www.bacchussxm.com 721 87 15 70
Simpson Bay Strip
There are many great restaurants and bars on the Simpson Bay Strip that are within a few minutes’ walk from both
Simpson Bay Marina and The Yacht Club Isle de Sol.
The Sand Bar (located at IDS) 721 544 2408
Jimbo’s Tex-Mex Bar and Grill (located at SBM)
721 544 3600
Sunset Beach Bar
#2 Beacon Hill Rd 721 545 3998
Lady C Floating Bar
Simpson Bay Bridge on Airport Rd. 721 544 4710
Karakter’s Beach Bar
Simpson Bay Rd 121 721 523 9983
The Red Piano
Pelican Resort on Billy Folly Rd 721 544 6008
Night Clubs
The most famous night clubs on Sint Maarten at the moment are Bliss, Tantra, and 1Eleven. Bliss and Tantra
are located in the Maho area (just past the Airport), and
1Eleven is located in Simpson Bay.
Bliss is an outdoor club, which blends state of the art sound
and lighting with a truly Caribbean ambiance of palm trees,
cool breezes, and waterfront views.
Tantra is located above Casino Royale in the Sonesta
Maho Beach Hotel. The club has a very cosmopolitan feel
to it and is quite different from what one would expect on a
typical Caribbean island.
1Eleven is located in above the Dolphin Casino in Simpson
Bay. They have a different guest DJ every week from all
over the world. 1Eleven is a Caribbean club with a Miami
There are many casinos on the island and they are all
located on the Dutch side. The most convenient ones in
terms of location (distance from the marinas) are:
The Hollywood Casino in the Pelican Resort
721 544 2503
Casino Royale at the Sonesta Maho Beach Hotel
721 545 2590
Atlantis Casino Cupecoy just past the Mullet Bay golf
721 545 4601
Additional casinos on the Dutch side:
Chrysalis (Philipsburg)
721 542 2446
Coliseum (Philipsburg)
721 543 2101
Diamond Casino (Philipsburg)
721 543 2101
Golden Casino (Philipsburg)
721 542 2446
Lightning Casino (Cole Bay)
721 544 3290
Paradise Plaza (Philipsburg)
721 543 2721
Rouge & Noir Casino (Philipsburg)
721 542 2952
Island Global Yachting (IGY) is the leading luxury
marina and yachting lifestyle development and
operations company. With an unrivaled international network of marinas in the most sought-after locations, extensive expertise across a variety
of disciplines and a unique focus on hospitality,
IGY is dedicated to developing and operating the
finest yachting destinations worldwide.
Committed to developing more than a series
of unforgettable marinas and yachting lifestyle
developments, IGY strives to create a sense of
place for owners, crew and visitors alike, while
providing capabilities and solutions in every area
of marina development and operations. With
insight and attention to detail, IGY crafts a collection of experiences, memories and venues
where the sensation of coming ashore is as
Newport Yacht Club & Marina
Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina
Boston Yacht Haven
Marina Cabo San Lucas
*Rodney Bay Marina
Simpson Bay Marina
*The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol
American Yacht Harbor
*Yacht Haven Grande St Thomas
Marina Santa Marta
exciting as the open sea.
Palmas del Mar Yacht Club
Established in 2005, IGY is presently developing
and operating venues in over 10 countries. Simply, IGY is the leading yachting resort and marina
brand in the world.
For more information on IGY and our global
collection of marina destinations, please visit
Marina Papagayo
Festival Marina
Lusail Marina, Doha, Qatar
us or call at: www.igymarinas.com, 1-888-IGYMARINAS.
*= Indicates member of the Yacht Haven Grande Collection,
representing the finest megayacht marinas in the world.
As you continue your journey, we invite you to experience all the other IGY marina
destinations throughout the Caribbean, Americas, Europe and the Middle East.
Yacht Haven Grande
St Thomas, USVI
P +1 340-774-9500
F +1 340-774-5045
[email protected]
VHF: 16/10
Total Number of Berths: 46
Megayacht Berths: 46
Berthing Type: Side-to
Max Length/Draft: 200+m/5.5m
Rodney Bay Marina
St. Lucia, WI
P +1 758-452-0324
F +1 758-458-0040
[email protected]
VHF: 16
Total Number of Berths: 253
Megayacht Berths: 32
Berthing Type: Side-to
Max Length/Draft: 87m/4m
Yacht Club at Isle de Sol
St. Maarten, NA
P +1 721-544-2408
F +1 721-544-2906
[email protected]
VHF: 78A/16
Total Number of Berths: 45
Megayacht Berths: 45
Berthing Type: Side-to
Max Length/Draft: 115m/6.5m
American Yacht Harbor
St Thomas, USVI
P +1 340-775-6454
F +1 340-776-5970
[email protected]
VHF: 16/6
Total Number of Berths: 135
Megayacht Berths: 4
Berthing Type: Side-to & Stern-to
Max Length/Draft: 33.54m/3m
Marina Santa Marta
Santa Marta, Colombia
P +1 575-421-5037
F +1 575-423-5995
[email protected]
VHF: 16
Total Number of Berths: 256
Megayacht Berths: 5
Berthing Type:Side-to
Max Length/Draft: 40m/3.5m
Simpson Bay Marina
St. Maarten, NA
P +1 721-544-2309
F +1 721-544-3378
[email protected]
VHF: 79A/16
Total Number of Berths: 114
Megayacht Berths: 20
Berthing Type: Side-to & Sternto
Max Length/Draft: 60m/4m
Caribbean (cont.)
Palmas del Mar Yacht Club
Humacao, Puerto Rico
P +787 285 2700
F +787 656 9111
[email protected]
Total Number of Berths: 158
Megayacht Berths: 44
Berthing type:
Marina Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
P +52 624 173 91 40
F +52 624 14 312 53
[email protected]
VHF: 88A
Total Number of Berths: 380
Megayacht Berths: 33
Berthing Type: Side-to & Stern-to
Max Length/Draft: 61m/7m
Americas (cont.)
Newport Yacht Club & Marina
New York Harbor, USA
P +1 201 626 5550
F +1 201 626 5558
[email protected]
VHF: 16/72
Total Number of Berths: 154
Megayacht Berths: 12
Berthing Type: Side-to Max
Length/Draft: 50m/2.7m
Montauk Yacht Club
Montauk, NY USA
P +1 631-668-3100
F +1 631-668-7728
[email protected]
com / VHF: 09
Total Number of Berths: 232
Megayacht Berths: 27
Berthing Type: Side-to
Max Length/Draft: 84m/4m
Boston Yacht Haven
Boston, MA USA
P +1 617 367 5050
F +1 617 523 2270
[email protected]
VHF: 09/16
Total Number of Berths: 100
Megayacht Berths: 15
Berthing Type: Side-to, Stern-to
Max Length/Draft: 91m/6m
Marina Papagayo
Guanacaste, Costa Rica
P +011-506-2690-3600
F +011-506-2690-3601
[email protected]
VHF 16 & 23
Total number of Berths: 180
Megayacht Berths: 18
Berthing Type: Side-to
Max Length/Draft: 180+/25ft
As you continue your journey, we invite you to experience all the other IGY marina
destinations throughout the Caribbean, Americas, Europe and the Middle East.
Mourjan Marinas IGY, UAE
Festival Marina
Dubai, UAE
P +971 4 208 5100
F +971 4 232 9317
[email protected]
VHF: 16
Total Number of Berths: 98
Megayacht Berths: 12
Berthing Type: Side-to & Stern-to
Max Length/Draft: 40m/4.5m
Lusail Marina, Doha, Qatar
Lusail City
P +974 5575 6389
F +974 5575 6389
[email protected]
VHF 16
Total number of Berths: 93
Megayacht Berths: 14
Berthing Type: Side-to, stern-to
Max Length/Draft: 131/65ft

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