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cocktails - ales - food
Shaker&Company, 119 Hampstead Road, NW1 3EE
Cocktails - Ales - Food
Within this menu you will find a delicious selection of classic and gourmet pizzas, pizzettes, sharing
boards, snacks, wine, ales, beers and a selection of our craft & classic cocktails, created by the awardwinning bar team here at Shaker&Company.
If you are a fan of the classics, ask a member of our team for your free S&Co cocktail compendium - 38
classic recipes, all available to try.
The contents of this drinks menu represent a great body of work – we have painstakingly researched,
reworked and developed 24 mixed drinks for your delectation. Many recipes take weeks and months to
prepare, age or infuse to develop their unique flavours. When we refer to reductions, cordials, liqueurs
and other ingredients we will be working upon a fundamental ethos - if we can do better by making it inhouse, we will.
The forefathers (and mother) of modern bartending adorn our wall and guide our hands: from left to right,
Victor Bergeron, Jerry Thomas, Ada Coleman, Harry Johnson and Charles Schumann.
We have extra seating downstairs in Belle & Co, our Bohemian Drinking Den - decadently Parisian with
its own menu; weekly we host a Monday Night Cinema Club, Tuesday is open-mic comedy, and regular
music and events, as well as private bookings - ask us what’s in store tonight.
Tweet a pic @shaker_company and show your bartender for a little treat.
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aperitif - APEROL SPRITZ
Bitter-sweet ~ bubbly ~ complex
Sharing Boards
Meat – a selection of spanish meats, sweet balsamic figs, olives, juicy
A large serving of Aperol lengthened with soda & Prosecco.
peppers, pickles, marinated artichokes & toasted ciabatta
Cheese (N) – a selection of artisanal spanish cheeses, sundried tomato,
(V) suitable for vegetarians.
(N) contains nuts or nut oils. Although dishes without this symbol are
apple & walnut chutney, juicy peppers, sweet balsamic figs & toasted
made without nuts, there’s a possibility that traces of nuts may still
be found in them. Please also watch out for stray olive stones.
Meat & Cheese (N) – a selection of spanish meats & artisanal cheeses,
Stone baked Pizzas
apple & walnut chutney, sweet pickle & toasted ciabatta.
All of our 11 inch pizzas are stone baked italian thin crust, freshly prepared & topped
with our very own tomato sauce recipe & mozzarella cheese.
Classic Pizzas
Garlic pizzette (V)
White anchovy & olive pizzette
Blue cheese, fig, walnut, orange truffle honey (V, N)
Meat – chorizo, pepperoni, serrano ham
Veg (V) – green peppers, mushrooms, marinated artichoke, olives
Pepperoni – pepperoni, green peppers
Margherita (V) – bocconcini, oregano, fresh basil
BBQ – smokey BBQ sauce, pepperoni, caramelised red onions,
Gourmet Pizzas
Rucola (V) - bocconcini, sun-dried tomato, sweet peppers, rocket
Acciughe - white anchovy, gordal olives, garlic, basil oil, rocket
Figerano - serrano ham, fig, orange truffle honey
Goat (V) - goats cheese, caramelised red onions, juicy sweet peppers
Frenzy - chorizo, onions, olives, peppers, sweet guindillas, red chilli
Extra Toppings ~ £1 each ~ Chorizo, pepperoni, serrano ham, white anchovy, bocconcini, goats
cheese, green peppers, artichoke, olives, sun-dried tomato, sweet peppers, rocket, caramelised
red onions.
Chilli peanuts, roasted cashews or pistachios (N)
Gordal olives
Chorizo & gordal olives
Sweet potato wedges
DIGESTIF - Espresso Manhattan
Strong ~ Woody ~ Luscious
Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey, espresso liqueur & frankincense bitters.
Our Food
We have gone to great lengths to source the finest quality ingredients for our food our Antico Molino
Caputo ‘OO’ flour is sourced from Napoli, meat and cheese is from Brindisa (check them out at Borough
market), bread from Gail’s Bakery and fresh produce from family run Taylors & Sons (Spitalfields).
Dipping Sauces ~ 70p each ~ Smokey bbq, aioli, herb mayo, red hot sauce.
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@ S h a k e r _ C o m pa n y
Classic Mixed Drinks - £8.50
Sweet ~ Bubbly ~ Easy
Salted caramel liqueur, pressed apple juice & Prosecco.
Spicy ~ Bold ~ Refreshing
Absolut Vodka or Goslings Black Seal Rum, house ginger beer, lime &
Fragrant ~ Lively ~ Powerful
El Dorado Rum, De Kuyper Triple Sec, lime, grapefruit, cassia syrup,
Angostura & chocolate bitters.
Refreshing ~ Easy ~ Bitter-sweet
Martin Miller’s Gin, house tonic & cucumber.
Strong ~ rich ~ velvety
A house blend of Cognacs & Whiskies, Grand Marnier, dark sugar &
bitters, all in an absinthe-rinsed glass.
Zesty ~ Refreshing ~ Complex
Chivas Regal 12 Year Scotch Whisky, white wine, dry sherry,
passion fruit, lemon, apple, vanilla & a touch of cardamom.
Gentleman’s Recline
Smokey ~ Spicy ~ Luscious
Sparkling ~ Aromatic ~ Crisp
Cigar-infused Glenfiddich 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky stirred
down with Byrrh, Calvados, spiced port reduction & liquorice bitters.
Grass Vodka,
Liqueur, nettle cordial, clarified
lemon juice & Prosecco.
Smokes & Highs
Strong ~ Minty ~ Aromatic
Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey, mint, lemon, orgeat & peach bitters.
Bright ~ Sharp ~ Tropical
Abelha Cachaça, lime, passion fruit & cardamom syrup.
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Complex ~ Hot ~ Powerful
Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila shaken with grapefruit, lime, ginger, bell
pepper syrup & seasoning.
In Plain Sight
Light ~ Floral ~ Uplifting
Hendricks Gin served short & strong with St Germain Elderflower
Liqueur, Cocchi Americano & orange blossom water.
@ S h a k e r _ C o m pa n y
House Mixed Drinks - £8.50
Donn’s Delight
Spicy ~ Lively ~ Floral
Kraken Spiced Rum & Havana Club Especial Rum, ginger liqueur, lime,
cardamom, bergamot & violet.
Cox’s Gravespinner
Fresh ~ Spicy ~ Tropical
Havana Club 3 Year Rum, lime & spiced mango reduction.
Espresso Manhattan
Strong ~ Woody ~ Luscious
Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey, espresso liqueur & frankincense bitters.
Rich ~ Silky ~ Complex
Hennessy VS Cognac, Aperol, Bénédictine herbal liqueur, grapefruit,
egg white with aromatics.
Mum’s the Word
Bold ~ Fruity ~ Intense
Boodles Gin, herbal liqueur, blood cherry liqueur, lemon & seasonal
Light ~ Minty ~ Bittersweet
Absolut vodka, Aperol, fig liqueur, lemon, mint & smoke.
Indian Summer
Company Girl
Refreshing ~ Delicate ~ Floral
Beefeater London Dry Gin, elderflower & nettle cordial, lemon &
Porcini ‘Martini’
Complex ~ Herbaceous ~ Strong
Belvedere Vodka stirred with porcini vermouth, Kamm & Sons Ginseng
Liqueur, celery bitters & Chartreuse Elixir.
Lazy Daisy
Bright ~ Jammy ~ Potent
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila, lime, Horchata mix & strawberry
Irish Blood, English Heart
Intense ~ Festive ~ Rich
Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey, spiced port reduction, Bénédictine
herbal liqueur, blood cherry liqueur, lemon & mandarin bitters.
A discretionary 10% service charge
will be added to your bill
King’s Shilling
Citrusy ~ Smokey ~ Botanical
Beefeater 24 London Dry Gin on the rocks with lime sherbet, Strega &
ShakeR Flip
Lush ~ Trashy ~ Sweet
Absolut Elyx Vodka shaken hard with yoghurt liqueur, rhubarb cordial,
malt powder & a whole egg.
@ S h a k e r _ C o m pa n y
Soft ~ fruity ~ fizzy
Fresh lemon juice, grenadine, topped with Fever Tree dry ginger ale.
House Tonic
Bittersweet ~ Herbal ~ Refreshing
Lemon sherbet, lemongrass infusion, rosewater, quassia, soda.
Peppery ~ refreshing ~ unique
An experience; Zeo demonstrates unique properties, beyond simply
its unconventional flavour. One such is that it is carbonated in multiple
ways, resulting in varying size of bubbles, & thus impact upon your
palate. To explore this, we split a large serving of Zeo between three
glasses, each with a different garnish - orange & basil, cucumber,
grapefruit zest. The difference each makes to the flavour & texture of
Zeo is astounding.
A discretionary 10% service charge
will be added to your bill
Juicy Australian wine with tropical fruit
on the nose, pineapple notes & a crisp finish.
Operetto Garganega PINOT GRIGIO
Floral nose of jasmine & honeysuckle;
fresh & zesty on the palate.
Elegant French-style, New World fruitiness
meets a more traditional balance of acidity.
White wines
Fresh citrus & peach flavours with zippy
acidity & a refreshing finish.
Red Wines
Il Banchetto Rosso SANGIOVESE
Floral & fruity bouquet with hints of cherry,
refreshing on the palate & bursting with
wild berry flavour.
San Abello MERLOT
Soft, smooth, easy-drinking wine with
juicy, plummy Merlot fruit on both the nose
& the palate.
Moonriver Danube PINOT NOIR
Big & juicy with flavours of raspberries,
red cherries & blackberries.
Blackberries & blackcurrants on the nose,
with hints of chocolate & sweet spice on
the palate.
@ S h a k e r _ C o m pa n y
Rosé Wines
Petit Papillon GRENACHE ROSÉ
Fresh & aromatic nose of raspberries &
spices with a soft fruity finish.
Doom Bar
Ghost Ship
Vaporetto Prosecco DOC
Mercier Rose
Piper-Heidsieck Brut
Moët & Chandon
Kopparberg Naked Apple
What’s On
Ask for limited offers on bin ends
Estrella Damm
Coors Light
Guiness - Surger
Come on down to the French Quarter....
Monday ~ Movie Club
Tuesday ~ Open Mic Comedy
Bottled Beer
San Miguel Fresca
Blue Moon
Anchor Steam
Goose Island
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Wednesday ~ Live entertainment
Mon- Sat ~ Reservations
& Private Hire
@ S h a k e r _ C o m pa n y
A discretionary 10% service charge
will be added to your bill