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Utah Cares Utah Cares - Keller Williams Realty | Utah Region
July, 2010
Utah Cares
2010 Contributions
as of July 1, 2010
$31,10 contributed so far
for the Utah Region!
Family Reunion Auction—$2550
So. Valley—$7,785
Salt Lake City—$5,118
St. George—$3,348
Park City—$1,930
You’re Invited to a KW
Cares Weekend in Las
World Class Education- taught
by some of the very best leaders
in KW!
Gary and Nikki Ubaldini have
been a successful husband and
wife real estate team specializing
in residential real estate in Florida
since 1986. Since 1986 The Gary
and Nikki Team has proudly
served over 3,900 families for
a total career sales volume of
over $600 million. Our proven
Utah’s 2010 Goals
• 7,830 Listings Taken
2010—3244 YTD
• 11,456 Contracts Written
2010—3381 YTD
• 7,400 Closed Contracts
2010—2280 YTD
• Closed Volume $1,766,317,608
2010—$669,256,967 YTD
• GCI: $45,209,179
2010—$16,888,568 YTD
• Profit Share $1,027,271
2010—$198,270 YTD
• 1,558 Agent Partners
2010—1074 YTD
systems get homes sold fast &
for top dollar. In the past decade,
our listings sold at 98% of List
Price in just 35 days – in Florida!!
Region of Keller Williams Realty.
Fred and his partner Kevin
rank in the top 1% of all Keller
Williams Realty agents. Group
46:10 is the premier Short Sale
Fred Weaver & Kevin Kauffman team in the Phoenix metro
are the founding co-owners of area – we specialize in helping
Group 46:10. In February of 2008, homeowners that owe more
Fred and his business partner,
against their home than it
Kevin Kauffman, began
is currently worth,
working together
sell their home
Simple Gifts
and over the next
without bringing
to Grow Your Profit
any money to
Share Tree - A business
created a real
team consultation session with
your Team leader
Over the last
46:10 with Keller
Group 46:10 has
Realty in Tempe, AZ. Group
closed on over 150 Short
46:10 currently has 10 members Sale transactions – a number
on its team and is one of the top- unmatched in the Phoenix metro
ranked teams in the Southwest area.
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Darla & Kurt Buehler. The Buehlers
were one of the first husband and
wife teams in the country. Together,
their individual talents have formed
a team that is at the top of the real
estate industry. Their business is in
Flower Mound TX and they rank in
the top 5% in the nation.
Steve Chader, KWU International
Faculty from AZ
Antoinette Perez, KWU International
Faculty from TX
Brian Combs, KWU International
Faculty from WA.
Saturday, October 2nd in Vegas
World Class Golf at the prime time
of year at one of the best courses
in all of Las Vegas… The Badlands!
This scramble maybe be a little
What’s Happening in
South Ogden? by Stephanie
competitive and TONS of fun!. $125
to play this amazing
course or early bird
discount of $500 for
to Grow Your Profit
a foursome before
Share Tree - Invitation to
August 2nd
KW Cares Concert
ONLY $25 will start
rocking at 6 pm with
Billy McLaughlin and
Rhett Butler amazing
training in your Market
you! This concert is
Center FREE!
brought to Las Vegas
Tournament at Hard
through the generosity
Rock $100 buy-in
of Gary Keller. Thanks Gary!
Concert tickets are $25 and
Sunday, October 3rd in Vegas
there is also an optional Back Stage
Pass ticket that can be purchased for
$25. Intermission at the concert will
The Silent Auction / DEATH by include a Live Auction with some
Chocolate Event will officially kick very special items.
off at 4;00 with much chocolate and
wine provided. This will be an over For more information or to register
the top event with over 100 items to go to www.kwcaresweekend.com
choose from starting at $25. Bidding Also hotel packages are available
closes at 5:30.There is no cost for through Red Rock Hotel where the
the Silent Auction and DEATH by event will be held.
Chocolate Event.
real racey sports car, face painting, events they can help cultivate hope,
and princess photos.
acceptance and most importantly,
May 13 2010 Keller Williams
Success Realty
their vendors
Family Fun Fair
for families of
the HopeKids
as our Red Day
project. It was a great evening of
fun and fellowship for these families
to play games, eat and enjoy being
a family in the midst of dealing
with serious illnesses. We had 145
people from HopeKids enroll in this
spectacular event.
HopeKids is a non-profit group that
grants a “never-ending” wish to
provide children who are fighting
for their life
and their family
with a monthly
fun and exciting
event that helps
hope for the
future. Being
seriously ill and
having to endure
chemo and other treatments is so
hard on a child that it can be very
Heather Smith from South Ogden,
a cancer victim herself, says “I know
how encouragement and having
something special to look forward to
We had delicious hot food and helped me to not to lose faith. Hope
as much cold Farr’s ice cream as is a powerful medicine! We and
you could eat. Some of the fun HopeKids organization believe that
activities included a bounce slide, bringing joy to these remarkable
a humongous rock climbing wall, a children via an ongoing schedule of
It’s HOT in St. George
The Washington County Board of
Realtors is reporting that listings are
down 2% YTD over last year. Closing
units are also down 26% over last
year while closed volume is up
slightly at 6%.
But no one has told the agent at
Keller Williams! Their numbers are
UP and in a big way. Listings are
UP 20%; Closings are UP 36% and
Closed Volume is UP 18%
Last month-for the first time everKW St George ALMOST made it
into first position for production!!
Almost! Remax Associates (with all 4
of their offices) did $13.5 million and
our 1 office did $13.2 million!!
The Keller Williams Agents in St.
George are hot, Hot, HOT!
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notes and short-selling.
Page 3
about short sales and bank-owned
properties. “This market has made
me a better agent,” she says.
National Honors - In the June 2010
issue, Realtor Magazine recognized
and honored Spring Bengtzen as a
“30 Under 30” for her demonstrated
vision and commitment as she
bridges generation gaps, turns
around tough situations, and helps
manifest her clients’ dreams.
In It for the Long Haul - Bengtzen
works hard to build her pipeline.
We want to thank all of our Keller With its greatly prolonged sales
Williams Agents and Families, process, the second home and
Vendors and HopeKids organization resort business demands patience,
for helping us make this a HUGE perseverance, and a great deal of
follow-up. Bengtzen prospects daily,
even if it takes three years to close
WILLIAMS - Spring Bengtzen,
a ’30 under 30’, joins
Treat Them Like Family YPN (Young Professionals Network)
Keller Williams to build a
- Bengtzen has enjoying - Spring Bengtzen has joined forces
business worth owning.
prolonged success in an with Jed Nilsonof Nilson Homes to
area that’s so rural, there’s bring YPN to the Northern Wasatch
A Quick Study - A trained
not even a stop light in Association of Realtors. YPN is a
cosmetologist who cut
the area. Her secret, she growing group of young, careerhair for four years, Spring
says, is to treat her mostly minded real estate professionals
Bengtzen left salon life
baby-boomer clients as if who want to stay abreast of the latest
to join a local brokerage
they were friends or family tools, resources, and networking
as an assistant during the height of members. She’s even had
ski season. Less than three months clients ask, “If we were
in, she sold her first property. Three your parents, what
As a member, you’ll
Simple Gifts to
months after that, she became would you tell us to
receive invitations
Grow Your Profit Share
partners with the agent who hired do?”
Tree - Social: Attract Friends, to exclusive events
her. Bengtzen, who overcame
Followers & Connections to
significant physical injuries after a Know Your Buyers’
your business FREE!
severe burn at age 20, has a zest for Mind-Set -“Nobody
news on how to
life that fuels her work ethic. She needs a second
get involved in
and her partner sold $100 million in home,” says Bengtzen.
leadership roles at
real estate from 2004 to 2007. Since So in this market, her resort
NAR, and updates on new
then, she has acquired her broker’s property buyers expect a great deal. tools and resources that will help
license—and expertise in bank That has prompted her to learn you grow your career.
the will to live!!”
What’s Happening in Salt
Lake City? by Nina McGee
participated in yard cleaning for very
needy homeowners.
It’s been a great second quarter
Our KW Cares chair Roger Lorenze
did a great job of organizing and
and her preferred
vendor crew served
us lunch. Thanks to
Mike Andersen from
for sponsoring. It
was really fun to
see some of our
brand new agents
participating and
getting a good dose of our Keller
Williams Culture.
for the agents in
First and best, we
welcomed Kelly
Singleton to our
market center.
a w e s o m e
receptionist and
we love having her with us. Red
Day was awesome. Over 30 agents
BOLD was a big hit in the market
center. 32 agents graduated from
the program and we still see the
energy it created with the “Beyond
So. Ogden #1 in Weber/
Davis Counties!
Keller Williams Success Realty
remains the #1 listings office in all
of Weber/Davis Counties with 417
listing YTD. They also continue to
hold the #1 spot for SOLD RESULTS
in the two counties.
Congratulations to the agents in our
So. Ogden MC for their focus and
hard work!!!
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Evans (KWSV)Al Barbosa and Deanna spearheaded our 4th annual Pancakes
Carter (KWPC) played to a packed
in the Parking Lot Vendor
Bold Group. Mona, Kelly. Teresa, house and gave great tips on
appreciation breakfast.
Cody and Luke wanted to keep their pricing a listing correctly
We all agree that
Simple Gifts to
momentum going! We had a surprise AND
this is our favorite
Grow Your Profit Share
visit from none other than Dianna adjustments
event. It gives us
Tree - Social: Attract Friends, the opportunity
Kokoszka. She met with many of our needed. Thanks to
Followers & Connections to
agents and you
our top
to serve our
your business FREE!
would have thought
that it was a visit
we had
help us every day
from Lady Gaga!
m o r e
in our business.
than enough
Thanks to Connie and
Dianna is our own
homes to hold
her committee for a great
KW celebrity and
open for the UAR Open time.
she’s warm, funny
House Extravaganza.
and very engaging.
We look forward to next time when we
Many thanks to
Dave and Kaitlyn did a can report on the Long Drive Listing
the agents that
great job of organizing Competition. Till then....,stay cool!
participated in our Team Meeting and promoting the event and I would
Pricing Panel, Josh Stern, Candice call it a huge success. Connie Roller
What’s Happening in Park local level. RED Day is a nationwide
company service day that, in recent
City? - by Logan Harper
On Tuesday, June 8, Keller Williams
Real Estate
day off to
c o m p a n y ’s
third annual
service event. RED Day is an acronym
KW Cares, the philanthropic arm of
Keller Williams, organizes “Red Day” a
yearly event in which Keller Williams’
associates, clad in red t-shirts,
dedicate their day to go out into the
community and do service work at a
years, was one of the largest collective
community service events in real
estate history (over 130,000 hours of
service work).
from our KW
participate and
give back to the
community is
This is one of
many opportunities for us to give
where we live,” says Hong McDonald,
chairperson for KW Cares.
Places visited in Park City included
Swaner Nature Preserve, the National
Ability Center and the Park City
Christian Center. From painting and
landscaping at the National Ability
Center, to sorting clothes at the
Christian Center and picking up trash
on the trails of Swaner Nature Preserve,
KW agents worked hard to complete a
number of needed tasks.
Agents were also able to participate
in an emergency flood relief effort
in Oakley, UT, filling sandbags and
placing them beside rivers to protect
the local houses and community from
“What a privilege it was for us to
help those being threatened by the
flooding,” said McDonald. “I think we
definitely made an impact on the
residents of Summit County in their
time of desperate need.”
One project, one organization,
one event at a time, the real estate
professionals at Keller Williams Park
City are actively engage in making a
difference in the community.
In a comparison of the first half of 2009 to the first half of 2010 as per the WFRMLS the market in the
Salt Lake Valley for residential housing is definitely improving!
Listings Taken
Closed Units
Closed Volume
Sugarhouse South Valley
Page 5
Five Simple Questions
to Grow your
Profit Share Tree
The Simple Coffee Question
“Would you like to meet for coffee? I’d love to get to know you and
talk shop. And I have a small gift of appreciation for you.”
The Simple Event Question
“Do you have a minute? Look, I called you because you were great to work with on our deal, and
there are going to be 7,00 agents in Austin, Texas, for an event called Mega Camp. I know you would
be an agent that would enjoy networking, as well as hearing the latest compelling research on real
estate. Top agents from across the United States and Canada will be interviewed and will share their
marketing ideas, scripts, dialogues, and more. And I have heard that the agents who attend increase
their income on average two times what they are currently doing. Are you interested?”
3. The Simple Business Consultation Question
“ My team Leader is somebody you need to know! You owe it to yourself to talk to them. They are the
best business consultant there is. Would you be offended if I had them call you?”
The Simple Training Question
“Our training is fantastic - you actually grow your business while you’re in class! I can get you in as a
guest. Would you like to attend Buyer Mastery with me?”
The Simple Gift Question
“My team Leader has one of the greatest business-building books available, The Millionaire Real Estate
Agent, and I think you would love it. It made a tremendous impact on my business. I’ll have her set up
a time with you to come by and get one. She can show you how it actually use the models in it too.”
The 90 Days of Diane & Dean
The Orem MC is celebrating the first 90 days of leadership by Team Leader Diane Kamp and Broker Dean
Crandell. And, boy oh boy, do they have reason to celebrate. The total profit in the Orem MC in 2009 was less
than $3,000 while in just the past 90 days the profit has exceeded $44,000! More importantly, the agents have
shared over $11,000 in the past 3 months. Everyone should be sending all their Utah County recruiting leads to
Diane so you too can share in their profits. Business is also beginning to boom. The agents in the Orem MC had
their best listing month EVER in June 2010 taking 135 listings! Congratulations to all our Realtors in Orem.
Thank you to Diane and Dean for their great leadership – you are making a difference!
Page 6
by cleaning up her yard and planting On June 15th, our ALC hosted
What’s Happening in
Midvale? - by Ashley Lindsey flowers. We were also informed of a Pancakes in the Parking lot in
gentleman that became paraplegic appreciation of our preferred
from a biking accident last year. His vendors. We had over one hundred
his year the Keller Williams home was in complete disarray, so vendors, title companies and agents
Midvale Market Center chose to we helped him box up items and put attend. Pancakes, bacon and eggs
support a local
away were served along with fruit trays
Utah Housing
storage. juice and coffee. The weather was
project for Red
Both were so perfect and everyone seemed to
Day. This is the
grateful and have a great time. What a great way
second year we
huge to thank our vendors!
have been able
to support a
their faces by Our 2nd Wine Down was held on
Utah Housing
the end of June 11th at the Midvale office and it
the day.
was a huge success! So many agents
for low income
attended to purchase everything
Before the day came to a close,
from jewelry to
agents from the Midvale
d e s i g n e r
Simple Gifts to
We had 83 participants from our office put on a BBQ for
office compared to 45 last year. The the families living in the
Grow Your Profit Share
day began with refurbishing three community.
We had
Tree - This Month in Real
of the playgrounds and cleaning quite a spread of food
Baar, one of
Estate (TMIRE) - Search for
up the garden areas with splashes with several homemade
TMIRE on mykw.kw.com
of color with new flowers. We also items. So many families
agents, gave
painted curb and gutters – giving a joined us and it was a great
is an insightful
new fresh look to the street side of opportunity for our agents to
training on white
the community.
get to know those they had helped
and red wine.
in the community that day. Thank continue to have many new vendors
In addition to this project, we were you Keller Williams for providing us want to be involved which is great
able to get crews of agents out to a day of service for our community! news for our shoppers!
help an elderly lady in Hospice care
The Utah State Developmental
Center is a statewide Resource Center
for People with Disabilities, which
promotes opportunity through
avid G. Smith, a Realtor with choice and outcome based support.
Keller Williams, contacted Dennis The Utah State Developmental
Center (USDC) is
Purdie, a friend
works at the
Fa c i l i t y / M e n t a l l y
American Fork
Retarded (ICF/MR)
that provides a 24Center to inquire
hour residential and
into any projects
that could be
completed for
Red Day.
were directed to Sherilyn Kent, the developmental disabilities.
director of Volunteer Services at the
Approximately 260 individuals reside
Center. (801) 763-4008
at the facility. As a Resource Center,
What’s Happening in
Orem? - by Clay Winder
the Utah State Developmental
Center, in partnership with the
community, promotes a standard
of excellence empowering personal
choice and supporting alternatives
to maximize independence of all
The Developmental Center is part
of the array of services provided by
the Division of Services for People
with Disabilities, and is owned and
operated by the State of Utah.
From directions given by Sherilyn,
we were connected with Brent Hardy
and Jason Jolley of the physical
facilities and were given the scope
of the project. There is over 3500
linear feet of fence that surrounds
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We started the project at 9:15 with fence. We are making efforts to have
20 people. Others came and went church groups, Scout troops, and
the residence quarters. The fence throughout the day. We averaged other Brokerages step up and assist
is constructed of round 8” posts about 25 people at a time on the in making this project an on going
with four 4” round rails. The fence fence. At 12:30 we took a
effort and to complete the
is constructed this way to give the 30 minute lunch break
residents access to common areas with Papa John’s
Simple Gifts to
that are not so confining, but allow pizza
Grow Your Profit Share
the staff to keep residents in the safe by Don McClure,
Tree - Printed copy of SHIFT
Loan officer with Tactic 1: Distressed Proferties agents with spouse
Bank of America.
or friends along
at kwu.kw.com
Efforts by KW Agents and Vendor Mike Fisher, owner
with our vendor
partners: We gathered at 9:00am at of
partners to be around
a registration table and started the Restoration
75 people throughout
day with Doughnuts provided by with more brushes and
the day. We ended up
Daylight Donuts of Pleasant Grove. supplies that made the project a bit having a total of 49 individuals who
All the Paint and supplies were more manageable.
worked on average 5 hours each
supplied to us by the Center. Jason
and gave over 210 labor hours. We
“the Painter” Jolley was there to Despite all the efforts and continual were all pleased to see Alan Wade
meet us and give us direction.
time painting, we were only able to come and assist with his daughter
complete about 500 linear feet of near the end of the day.
UP 141% Increase!
The Park City MLS indicates that year over year comparisons of the first half of the year that listings are up 2%,
closings are up 39% and closed volume is up 43%. I’m excited to report that the agents are Keller Williams Park City
Realtors are getting their unfair share of the increase in the market. In comparing the first half of 2009 to the first
half of 2010 our Park City agents are leading the pack with
Listings UP 47% - Closings UP 141% - Closed Volume UP 99%
Park City Agents ROCK!
Broker Bits - by Paul Willden going and how you are going to get
Are you ready for the
Market as it changes, I
was reading and found
some remarks from Larry
Gelwix of Forever Strong
(the movie) fame and the
Highland High Rugby
Coach. He says some things
that are very pertinent
and can be applied to real estate
business very easily.
Choose what team you’re
going to play for! You need to know
the direction and motivation of your
team so you know where you are
2. Don’t play with
snakes! In the current
market place there are lots
of opportunities to make
short cuts or play in the
gray area. Stay away from
the so called loop holes or
questionable practices. If
it smells stay away it may
bite you.
Hit the field running!
Continue to give your best efforts
even if you are behind, the negotiator
is not communicating, the lender is
giving you a bad time, the inspection
comes in and is horrible, you know
all the pitfalls and hurdles, don’t let
them stop you. Continue to do your
best and don’t quit.
Focus on the final score!
What is your goal and how are you
going to get there, don’t let what
happens during the GAME stop you
from hitting your goals. The game
isn’t over until the FAT LADY SINGS
and she’s not singing until you have
won…(achieved your goal)
I have paraphrased his remarks and
tried in my simple way to apply to
real estate but the ideas are Larry
Gelwix’s comments. Good luck and