newsletter january 6 2016



newsletter january 6 2016
January 6, 2016
Central Presbyterian Church
Central Life
2015 was a very good year here at Central! We had the amazing HomeComing, with not only the celebration itself, but the work we did in renovations to make our facility more useful, the history walls that
remind us of a great heritage, the kids pictures that remind us of our future, the new community outreaches in the Community Garden at the Boys and Girls Club and the Reading Buddies program. And
close to our heart is the affirmation of our call here by the congregation.
As with any congregation, we have celebrated the baptisms and mourned at the funerals. We have had
new people find their way into our family, and we have seen some who have gone away. We walked
with those who carried heavy burdens and struggled with illness. In all this, Central has shown to be an
extremely loving and caring congregation. We have done amazing things together.
Now Central looks forward to a new year with new challenges. We need to build a strong outreach into
our community. Central is one of the best kept secrets in Bristol. This is an amazing congregation, and
offers a progressive and faithful family of faith. We need to help those who need this to find their way
here. A gift has given us some money to work on “publicity.” We want to let people know that we are
here. We need then to welcome new people as they might come and join us.
The church will fill the position of Director of Young Adult Ministries this year. The Session has affirmed
that this is a vital part of our mission. We are looking for someone who can be a part of the ministry
team to increase our ministry with this vital demographic.
One of our special joys will be planning our installation service for some time in March or April, after we
are approved at the Abingdon Presbytery meeting in March. This meeting may be here at Central.
Central seeks to move to a greater financial stability. Some good progress has been made. But as the
church did not get into this situation quickly, it will take some time to climb totally out of this deficit.
But above all, we both thank Central for being a great place to be a part of God’s ministry, and look forward to what we can do together in 2016.
Central Life
January 6, 2016
Coming Up
Meals on Wheels - Thursday, Jan. 7
Bereavement Committee - Mon, Jan. 11
From Frank & Ann...
There is a plan to our preaching. We sit
down usually in August and try to plan out
a year of sermons. We hit the “Liturgical
Seasons” – Advent/Christmas/Epiphany,
Lent/Easter and Pentecost – and of course,
Stewardship. Beyond that we try to plan a
“balanced diet” of an Old Testament
theme, a New Testament theme, a topical
issue, and a theological emphasis. And of
course, these are always open to the wind
of the Spirit to blow in a new direction.
Coming up:
Between Epiphany and Lent The Prophets
The Gospel of John
Easter to Pentecost
The Essentials
And for the summer, we will again take the
questions of the congregation and preach
on those.
Finance Committee - Tuesday, Jan. 12,
12:00 pm
APPLE Committee - Tuesday, Jan. 12,
6:00 pm
Evangelism Task Force - Tues, Jan. 12,
7:00 pm
Session - Tuesday, Jan. 19, 7:00 pm
1-10 The Prophets: Running from the Call
Jonah 1: 1-3, 3: 1-5
1-17 The Prophets: How Do We Know?
Amos 2: 6-8; 5: 21-24;
Micah 3: 9-12, 6:8
1-24 The Prophets: Hope for the Future
Isaiah 5: 1-5; 11: 1-7
1-31 UNITY SERVICE at 10:00
in the Sanctuary
Soup Lunch after worship
The Prophets: A Relationship,
NOT a Religion
Hosea 6: 4-6; Jeremiah 31: 31-34
Feb 7 Prophets: The Right Word
Isaiah 40:26-31
CAP, Central’s Appalachian Project, has
been scheduled this year for Monday, June
20 thru Friday, June 24. We will be returning to the Mennonite Work Camp in Harlan
Kentucky. If you have an interest in participating in this Mission Project we will have
a organizational meetings on Sunday January 24 after each worship service..
We have been reaching out to our neighbors in Appalachia for over 20 years, repairing homes and community facilities.
Whatever your level of expertise, we have
a job for you. Come see, learn, listen, and
share the Love of Christ.
Larry Clarke, coordinator
Central Life
from 4:00-6:00
This is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to learn more about Central Presbyterian Church, who we are, how we work together, and how you can be part of the life
and ministry here.
The time will be led by the Co-Pastors, and
will explore
 What is a Presbyterian and how does
this work?
 What makes Central Presbyterian special?
 Did you know there is a movie theater in
our building? Have you ever been upstairs? Or downstairs?
 What does Central do in the community
and in the world?
January 6, 2016
We want to tell Bristol about the “best
kept secret” – and that is what a caring
and amazing church we have at Central.
We are looking for those ways that we can
increase the awareness that we are a progressive and open congregation, who
“Love God with Mind, Heart, and Hands.”
If you have some ideas about how we can
do that, come and join us on Tuesday,
January 12 at 7:00 pm at the church. We
want to look at options and strategies for
moving forward. This meeting is open for
anyone who is interested. For more information, talk to George Parks or Frank
We also will have a time to answer any of
your questions and to talk about how you
can be involved.
If you are interested but cannot attend, talk
with one of the Co-Pastors. If you need
childcare, please talk to the one of the copastors by Wednesday, Jan 13 so that it can
be arranged.
Wednesday Night Dinner and program
There will be no Wednesday evening dinner and program in January 2016. So we
will see you again on Wednesday, February 3.
Central Life
January 6, 2016
Kroger Rewards Program
JANUARY 12, 2016
Bible Study for January is lesson #5,
The focus of our lesson this month is taken
from Matthew 14:22-23. The disciples encountered story times in their faith, and so
do we. What does it mean to be people of
faith? How does our faith sustain us?
Come, let us study and discuss together
what this means for us in this time and
place. Please read your lesson, especially
page 43 “What is Faith and What Good is
it? “ and be prepared for a great discussion. See you Tuesday, and remember, we
are not serving lunch this month.
Thais Sikora and Alvah Wagner,
Honorary Gift
A gift has been given to Healing Hands
Health Center in honor of the Central Presbyterian congregation by Frank and Ann
Central will soon be receiving a check
for $247.14 from the Kroger Rewards
Program. We have 21 households
signed up for the program. This money will be used by the Mission, Outreach and Evangelism Committee for
support of local charities. Just think,
all the 21 families did was shop at
Kroger and the church receives
$247.14. How easy is that. If you
haven’t signed up and would like to,
go to the Kroger website or for help,
call Janis Davis 423-574-1202
Ann Aichinger, Co-Pastor-Elect
[email protected]
Frank Aichinger, Co-Pastor-Elect
[email protected]
Robert Campbelle, Music Director
[email protected]
Joy Smith-Briggs, Organist
[email protected]
Rob Hollo, Contemporary Worship Leader
[email protected]
Patty Caldwell, Office Manager/Newsletter Editor
[email protected]
Mary Moffatt, Finance Director
[email protected]
Trish James, Food Service Director
[email protected]
Selena Jackson, Director of APPLE Academy
[email protected]
Donna Leonard, APPLE Administrative Assistant
Thais Sikora, Volunteer Parish Nurse
Barbara Mann, Volunteer Parish Nurse
Office Hours: 9:00 to 4:30 Monday-Friday
Central Life
REMINDER: Faithful Friends will gather on Saturday, January 30 from10 a.m.12 noon for Bible Study on Lesson 3 of
Emotionally Healthy Woman, and lunch.
Make plans now to join us. Also, we
will be putting together care boxes for
our college students. Bring something to
share with them (candy, snacks, desk
supplies, hot chocolate mix, devotional
book, etc.) We have about 20 college
students as a part of our church. Please
bring a dish, salad, or dessert to share. If
you need childcare, please let Ann
Aichinger know so that can be arranged.
Do you have a favorite recipe that
you would like to
have included in the
2016 Central Presbyterian Cookbook?
The Faithful Friends group is going to be
working on a Church cookbook, and want
to include your best. So send it to Ann
Aichinger ([email protected]) or drop it in
the envelope on Ann Aichinger’s office
door (Room 118), or mail it to the church
(301 Euclid Ave. Bristol, VA 24201). Be
sure to have your name on it, and be very
specific about measurements and amounts
January 6, 2016
Forever Young
Group (formerly 55+)
Have you planned to join us on January 11 when we go to the Mad Greed
Restaurant for lunch? Don’t forget to
sign up on the bulletin board near the
office, across from Room 114. The
bus will leave church at 11:15 am.
On February 28, we plan to go to
Luke’s Restaurant in Abingdon for
lunch. More details later.
Happy New Year!
Randy, Phyllis, and Caroline
 If Bristol, VA schools are closed (or
are dismissed early), large group weekday activities at the church are cancelled,
including Presbyterian Women and
Wednesday Night Activities (check for school closing updates)
 Committees, Music Rehearsals,
Small Groups, etc. please contact your
leader to decide whether to meet;
 Sunday Worship will almost always
be held - come if you can get here safely,
but be aware that the parking lot can be
extremely slick even when the roads are
 Information will be posted at
Central Life
January 6, 2016
For Sunday, January 10:
Mark your calendars now for Resurrection Youth Conference in Pigeon
Forge, TN January 22-24. We will leave
after school on Friday and get back midafternoon Sunday. If you still want to go
and have not made reservations, please talk
to Ann Aichinger. Space is limited due to
January 10: Resurrection Meeting: This
is REQUIRED for all youth attending Resurrection this year and at least one parent.
We will meet at the church from 4:30-5:30
to give information, make sure we have all
forms filled out, and answer questions. If
you still want to go, please talk to Ann
High School Youth Planning meeting will
be on Sunday, January 31, 5:30-7:00 at the
church. Youth and Parents are invited and
we ask that you bring all your calendars
and schedules so we can plan out the time
from now until May.
UPCOMING EVENTS: Mark your calendars NOW!! You don’t want to miss:
Montreat High School: July 10-16
Middle School Montreat: July 20-24 (at
Maryville College)
Coffee helper - David & Cathy White
9:00 - Larry & Lois Clarke
11:00 - Allen & Retta Vance
Head Usher - Whit Morison
After Church Visitor - Susan Campbelle
Food Pantry Volunteers for Jan. 24 - Tim
& Ann Landis
For Sunday, January 17:
Coffee helpers - Cindy & Ken Hale
9:00 - Jean Thomason, Casey McComish
11:00 - Randy & Phyllis Morris
Children’s Time helper - Betty Whitehead
Head Usher - Whit Morison
After Church Visitors - Daphne & Mark
For Sunday, January 24:
Coffee helper - Trish James, Lois Clarke
9:00 - Barbara & Harry Oakley
11:00 - Connie Bullock & Mary Moffatt
Children’s Time Helper - Ivy Ritchie
Head Usher - Whit Morison
After Church Visitor - Randy & Phyllis
If you would like to volunteer for any of
these opportunities please contact the church
office at [email protected] or 276-6693157
The flower calendar for 2016 is now posted on the bulletin board outside the
church office. If you would like to place a floral arrangement in the Sanctuary for
a special occasion, as a memorial or honorary gift, sign up soon to reserve your
desired date. The flowers can be ordered through the church or from your own
florist, or arranged from your garden. Please contact Patty Caldwell (276-6693157 or [email protected]) for more information
Central Life
News for the Church family
Prayer Requests…
Hospitalized: Hal Harkrader, BRMC, Rm 4015
Hospice at home: Connie Green
Rehab: Frank Sikora (Rm 130) and Carol
Duhaime (Rm 107) are both at Abingdon
Health & Rehab
Recuperating at home: Ken Moss
Ongoing prayers requested for : Johnny Van
Dyke, Frank Aichinger, and Erinn Hollo
Many thanks to everyone who sent cards,
brought food, said prayers, called to check on
me, and came to visit during my recent knee
replacement surgery. It went well, and I am
slowly recovering. This one was a little
tougher than the one I had last February. I
am going for therapy, and I hope to be good
as new again soon. Your care and concern
has been awesome. Thanks for being such a
great church family.
Blessings, Archer Parsons
To the Central Congregation:
During a time like this we realize how much
our family and friends really mean to us.
Your expressions of sympathy will always be
Thank you and love, Maxie Worley & family
As requested, the address for Jan Catron’s
nephew is: Mark & Lucy Rizzo,
2264 W. Leatherwood Rd,
Cumberland Furnace, TN 37051
January 6, 2016
Memorial Gifts
For Frank Blanton:
Memorial Fund by John & Beth Hovious, Jim
& Susan Lapis, Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Blevins,
Jr., Dale & Molly Keller, Thomas D.
McGlothlin, Nora Rockett, Jean Thomason,
Robert B. Stuart, Glenn & Grace Himstedt,
Frank Winston, Jud & Lynn Powers, Hal &
Doris Harkrader, Cornelia A. Green, Robert F.
Service Fund by Terry Parks, Ann & Frank
Aichinger, Nancy Kiser, Tom & Archer Parsons, Caroline Jones;
Budget by Deans and Gloria Davenport;
Backpack Fund by Jim & Lynn Butcher, David McFarlane;
For Mary Ellen Buhls:
Service Fund by Tom & Archer Parsons, Nancy Kiser, Caroline Jones;
Budget by Deans and Gloria Davenport;
Memorial Fund by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A.
Braxton, Jean Thomason, Ro Harenberg,
George & Beth Parks, Comfort Systems USA
(Bristol), Inc., Janet G. Smith;
Backpack Fund by David McFarlane;
For Jan Catron:
Music Memorial Fund by Margaret B. King;
Service Fund by Tom & Archer Parsons;
Backpack Fund by Jim & Lynn Butcher;
For Dick Miller:
Service Fund by Tom & Archer Parsons;
Backpack Fund by Jim & Lynn Butcher;
For John Prince:
Backpack Fund by Jim & Lynn Butcher.
A gift has been given in memory of Jim
Brown and in honor of Ruby Brown by Cheryl and Joe Perry to the Music Fund.
Central Life
January 6, 2016
Central Presbyterian Church
301 Euclid Ave
Bristol, VA 24201-4013
Schedule of Services
Fellowship Times
8:45 and 9:45 a.m.
Contemporary Worship
9:00 a.m.
Sunday School
10:00 a.m.
Traditional Worship
11:00 a.m.
We will celebrate the Souper Bowl
the week before the Super Bowl.
We will have a fifth Sunday
In the Sanctuary.
Then we will have a soup lunch
in Central Hall.
Sign up to bring
soup, salad, bread, or dessert.
Youth Groups:
Varying schedules
Music Rehearsals:
Contemporary Worship Praise Team
7:45 a.m.
Sanctuary Choir
7:15 p.m.
Sunday (warm-up)
10:30 a.m.
5:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
Central Brass
9:45 a.m.

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