newsletter january 20 2016



newsletter january 20 2016
January 20, 2016
Central Presbyterian Church
Central Life
Sunday, January 31
10:00 am
In the Sanctuary
Followed by
Soup, Salad, and Dessert
In Central Hall
Sign up to bring a pot of soup, a salad of any type, bread, or a dessert.
Please bring a canned food or non-perishable item for the Bristol Food Pantry,
or you can make a monetary donation to the Food Pantry.
There will be a Healing Service after the worship in the Columbarium Room.
There will be a meeting for anyone interested in finding out more about this summer’s
CAP (Central Appalachian Project), in the Small Dining Room.
Central Life
January 20, 2016
Frank Blanton (12-6-15): service at church on Dec 10, 2015
Mary Ellen Buhls (12-18-15): service at church on Dec 26, 2015
Richard Miller (12-21-15): service at church on Jan 16, 2016
Jan Catron (12-23-15): service at Mt. View Mausoleum on Dec 28, 2015
Connie Green (1-12-16): service at church on Jan 15, 2016
Hal Harkrader (1-14-16): service at church on Jan 18, 2016
Over the last weeks, we have celebrated the lives of some of the saints in the congregation.
There were what I call the “easy – hard” ones – where you know their faith so that it is easy to
share the promises and give thanks for their lives; but it is hard because we as ministers have a
strong relationship with them and their families.
Connie Green’s service was one of those. But it was made easier for the family and for us because Connie had left specific instructions. She shared the passages of Scripture that were important to her, and the music that would celebrate her life (and what music she did NOT
We hope that all of you – no matter what age – would think about this for yourself. We are
glad to keep the information on file at the church. It can be given to your family members who
would be in charge of planning the celebration.
We also ask that you bring together your records with this information: Do you want to be
buried or cremated? Do you have plot in a cemetery, or a mausoleum, or columbarium? Are
there specific people you would like to have share words at the celebration of your life? Where
would you like memorial gifts to be given?
Your preparation now can be one of the great legacies you would leave for your family and
your pastors.
Frank and Ann
We also have received word of deaths in members’ families this week. We offer our Christian
sympathy to Margaret King on the death of sister, Betty Arrington on January 10, 2016 and to
Tim Landis on the death of his brother, Phil Landis, on January 14, 2016 in Kokomo, IN.
Central Life
January 20, 2016
Coming Up
Technology Committee - Monday, Jan.
25, 6:00 pm
The Prophets: Hope for the Future
Isaiah 5: 1-5; 11: 1-7
1-31 UNITY SERVICE at 10:00
in the Sanctuary
Soup Lunch after worship
The Prophets: A Relationship,
NOT a Religion
Hosea 6: 4-6; Jeremiah 31: 31-34
Feb 7 Prophets: The Right Word
Isaiah 40:26-31
The Installation Service is an action of Abingdon Presbytery. They will set up a commission
who will install our Co-Pastors. The date has
been set for Saturday, April 9 at 2:30 pm.
Other information:
Tom Hay and George Fitzgerald are invited to
be a part of the commission. Tom will preach
the Installation Service, and George will be
preaching on Sunday, April 10.
Ed Whitehead, as Clerk, will ask the questions
to the congregation. We requested that all
Ruling Elders of Central be made “honorary
At this time, we are operating on two tracks.
We are working on the response to questions
for the INS concerning the ecclesiastical status
of Lucas Coelho. The Session has appointed a
Search Team to advertise and interview potential candidates. We trust that God will guide
us, soon, to the right person for this position.
Bereavement Committee - Tuesday, Jan.
26, 10:30 am
CAP Meeting - Sunday, Jan. 31, 11:10 am
PW Coordinating Team - Tuesday, Feb.
2, 10:00 am
Committee Chairs - Tuesday, Feb. 2, 6:15
Church Committees - Tuesday, Feb. 2,
7:00 pm
Meals on Wheels - Thursday, Feb. 4
The Christian Education
Committee needs your help.
If you have a gently used, wooden
rocking chair you would like to donate to the church nursery it would be
greatly appreciated.
Contact Terri Davis 276-466-5547 or
[email protected] THANK YOU!
CAP, Central’s Appalachian Project, has been
scheduled this year for Monday, June 20 thru
Friday, June 24. We will be returning to the
Mennonite Work Camp in Harlan Kentucky. If
you have an interest in participating in this
Mission Project we will have an organizational
meeting on Sunday, Jan. 31 after the Unity
worship service.
Larry Clarke, coordinator
Central Life
From Jim and Joan Keith:
Five weeks from today…
here we come!!
We now have our airline tickets to leave February 24, 2016 for Sri Lanka and the Lakpahana
mission, returning home Easter Sunday, March
27, 2016. Brooke and Pat Sadler left yesterday
(Jan.19) to return to Sri Lanka to resume their
mission work of directing the rejuvenation of
the Lakpahana school. On a personal note, we
are especially excited that our son Scott, who
was born in Sri Lanka in 1971, will be visiting us
there for a week, seeing for the first time where
he spent his baby years.
Parents of all faiths, or none, bring their children
to Lakpahana, a boarding school (pre-K through
Jr. College, about 350 students) where they are
given the important opportunity to learn and to
better themselves in life. In that process, they
are also introduced to Jesus and some eventually choose Christianity. The dairy and associated
industries support the school, provide vocational experience, and help feed the children. Jim
expects to work to help improve the management of those areas. Brooke wants Joan to help
in bar-coding library books and other libraryrelated tasks. For sure Joan will share some music now and then. And of course, they will take
more of CPC’s little dresses and boy’s outfits for
the children in the Kiddie Corner.
Many, many thanks to all of you for your prayers
and encouragement, as well as to those who
have contributed financially to the project thus
far. Additional donations will help in such areas
as visas, travel medications, in-country travel
expenses and living expenses for Jim and Joan,
additional cows for the dairy, and incidental project needs as they arise – maybe even milk buckets, library supplies, chicken feeders or such.
Will you write that check today to CPC, memo
Sri Lanka Project, and help make a difference in
the lives of Lakpahana School’s children?
January 20, 2016
REMINDER: Faithful Friends will gather
on Saturday, January 30 from 10 a.m.-12
noon for Bible Study on Lesson 3 of Emotionally Healthy Woman, and lunch. Make
plans now to join us. Also, we will be putting together care boxes for our college students. Bring something to share with them
(candy, snacks, desk supplies, hot chocolate mix, devotional book, etc.) We have
about 20 college students as a part of our
church. Please bring a dish, salad, or dessert to share for our lunch. If you need
childcare, please let Ann Aichinger know
so that can be arranged.
Everyone is invited to be a part of Wednesday night fellowship. We gather at 5:30 for
dinner and we share around tables in Central Hall. Then from 6-7 p.m. we have
prayer and program for all ages. Children
under 3 are welcomed in the nursery, and
all children, youth and adults are invited
to take part in the fun.
Feb 3: Where is God when Life Turns
Tough? Moving from Doubt to Hope
Menu: Pasta Fagioli Soup, Sandwich, Cobbler (Suggested donation of $5 for supper)
Feb 10: Ash Wednesday service and giving of Ashes
Central Life
The Session met on Tuesday, January 19. Excused were: Susan Campbelle & Charlie Taylor
Received New Members:
 Briggs and Elise Allen were returned to active membership on their request
 Monica Alderman by letter of transfer. She
is an Elder in the PCUSA.
 Barret Blevins by re-affirmation of faith
 Christy Blevins by Profession of Faith and
Josh Williamson, who could not be at the
meeting due to work, will meet with a commission set up by Session, to be received by
re-affirmation of faith
 We will have a Discovery Class again in February for those who were not able to attend
the one in January.
Report from Co-Pastors
 Ann and Frank will attend the NEXT CHURCH
National Conference in Atlanta on Feb 21-24.
 Abingdon Presbytery will meet at Central on
March 10. Ann and Frank have been asked
to preach at the worship service. We need a
coordinator for the refreshments and lunch.
 The Installation Service for Frank and Ann
will be on Saturday, April 9 at 2:30 pm.
Session Actions:
 Computer Tech salary from $20 to $22/hour
 Spring Fund Raisers for APPLE: Gertrude
Hawk candy and silent auction of children’s
art work
 Lenten Study and Sermons on John
 Community Dinner this year will be for families of the Boys and Girls Club
 Support new “Abingdon Presbytery” missionaries Rev. Elmarie Parker and Rev. Scott Parker and the people of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon
 Approved borrowing from the Endowment
Fund for the Budget shortfall. (second vote)
January 20, 2016
Financial Report for 2015
From Frank Aichinger
We ended 2015 with more than expected
income, and less than budgeted in expenses.
We have over $28,000 more in pledged income than budgeted, although this meant that
our contributions (identified but not pledged
offerings) were down about $12,000. Our plate
offerings (non-identified cash offerings) were up
over $1300. All this meant we received 105% of
what was expected in contributions from the
We also got investment income for $1300
more than budgeted
Our total income was $410,767.18 – we
have budgeted $392,381.00 (+ $18,386.18)
Our expenses were very close to budget.
We spent $498,647.68, versus the budgeted
$560,883— money was budgeted for the Director of Young Adult Ministry ($53,160) that was
not used in 2015. This money remains in the
budget for 2016.
Almost all of our expenses were under
100%. The only significant expense that was
over budget was for cleaning, as we had a new
contract mid-year that was more expensive.
Our expenses were more than our income
by $87,860 – and not the expected $168,502.
This means that we only had to take $80,000
from the endowment.
The Finance Committee continues to examine all our expenses. We cannot see any that
can be eliminated at this time without damaging
the total ministry.
Your Finance Committee continues to watch
the budget. We are seeking to turn around our
income and expenses, but in the time between,
we have been blessed with the Endowment.
This helps us to continue a ministry that will
help us grow and thrive.
We thank all those who have contributed to
the exciting ministry here at Central. We hope
you will continue your support as we go forward
to a new year.
Central Life
January 20, 2016
We are pleased to welcome new members to the Central fellowship:
Cody Calloway joined by reaffirmation of faith on Dec. 27. He
is married to Lauren, who grew up at Central, and has a daughter, Ellie Ann, age 5 months. He is employed at Eastman Chemical Co in the Maintenance/Electrical Department. His interests
include hunting, fishing, and mountain biking. They live at 228
Roo Pl, Bristol, VA 24201.
Christy & Barret Blevins joined at the recent Session meeting. Christy is a nurse practitioner
and professor at King University. She enjoys shopping when she is not working. Barret is a
physical therapist at Wellmont PT at Falcon Place in Abingdon. He enjoys sports of all kinds.
Their address is 101 Carmack Dr, Bristol, VA
Josh Williams joins by reaffirmation of faith. He is a Student Affairs Professional at King
University, previously living in Morristown, TN. He has a variety of interests including cooking, reading, Netflix, board games, and TN football. His address is 1350 King College Rd,
Box 817, Bristol, TN 37620.
Monica Alderman comes by transfer from Madisonville Presbyterian Church, Madisonville,
TN. Monica is a choral teacher for the Washington County Virginia school system. She is
married to Brian Alderman who is Chaplain and Associate Professor of Religion at King University (as a minister, he is a member of Holston Presbytery). They have one daughter, Ella
Kate, who is 4 years old and a student at APPLE Academy. Monica enjoys sleeping when she
can (lol), reading, and photography. Brian’s interests include reading, fishing, and baking.
They live at 153 Wonder Valley Rd, Bristol, TN.
 If Bristol, VA schools are closed (or are dismissed early), large group weekday activities
at the church are cancelled, including Presbyterian Women and Wednesday Night Activities
(check for school closing updates)
 Committees, Music Rehearsals, Small Groups, etc. please contact your leader to decide
whether to meet;
 Sunday Worship will almost always be held - come if you can get here safely, but be
aware that the parking lot can be extremely slick even when the roads are clear.
 Information will be posted at
Central Life
Youth going to Resurrection
Conference, January 22-24,
please meet at the church
at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan
22 to depart at 3:45 sharp.
You can drop off your luggage on Friday morning at
the church in the office area. Be sure to bring
a bible (either in print or on your phone),
snacks to share, and a good attitude. We have
11 youth and 3 adults attending.
High School Youth Planning
Sunday, Jan 31
For youth and parents
Bring your calendar and ideas
If you are willing to provide dinner,
talk with Ann.
January 20, 2016
For Sunday, January 24:
Coffee helpers - Trish James, Lois Clarke
9:00 - Barbara & Harry Oakley
11:00 - Connie Bullock & Mary Moffatt
Children’s Time Helper - Ivy Ritchie
Head Usher - Whit Morison
After Church Visitors - Randy & Phyllis
For Sunday, January 31 (10:00 AM):
Coffee helper - Missy McCord
10:00 - Niki McGrew, Sydney Collier
Children’s Time helper - Kelly McBride
Head Usher - Whit Morison
After Church Visitor - Judy Simcox
For Sunday, February 7:
Coffee helper - Hugh Wise
9:00 - Winnie & Bruce Hendricks
11:00 - Nancy Kiser, Casey McComish
Children’s Time helper - Kelly McBride
Head Usher - TBA
After Church Visitor - Janet Smith
Food Pantry helpers on Feb. 11 - Janis Davis, Beth Parks
If you would like to volunteer for any of
these opportunities please contact the church
office at [email protected] or 276-6693157
Middle School and High School youth are invited to a Super Bowl Party at Niki McGrew’s
house, Sunday, February 7. If you want to ride
on the church bus, meet at the church at 5:30
p.m. If you want to meet us at Niki’s house,
come about 6:15. Everyone is asked to bring
food to share for the party. We will stay
through the halftime show and then return to
the church for pick up about 8:30 p.m.
Jan. 3, 2016—173 in worship
Jan. 10, 2016—167 in worship
Jan. 17, 2016—184 in worship
Central Life
News for the Church family
Prayer Requests…
Hospitalized at BRMC: Bill English, Robert
Campbelle, Doris Harkrader
Rehab: Frank Sikora (Rm 130) and Carol
Duhaime (Rm 107) are both at Abingdon
Health & Rehab
Ongoing prayers requested for: Johnny Van
Dyke, Frank Aichinger, and Erinn Hollo
Two Central members have died recently:
Connie Green died on Jan. 12, 2016. We
offer our Christian sympathy to her family
and friends.
Hal Harkrader, Jr. died on Jan. 14, 2016. We
offer our Christian sympathy to his wife Doris, daughter Diane and family, son-in-law,
Jim Poore, and granddaughter, Sarah Poore.
Ann Aichinger, Co-Pastor-Elect
[email protected]
Frank Aichinger, Co-Pastor-Elect
[email protected]
Robert Campbelle, Music Director
[email protected]
Joy Smith-Briggs, Organist
[email protected]
Rob Hollo, Contemporary Worship Leader
[email protected]
Patty Caldwell, Office Manager/Newsletter Editor
[email protected]
Mary Moffatt, Finance Director
[email protected]
Trish James, Food Service Director
[email protected]
Selena Jackson, Director of APPLE Academy
[email protected]
Donna Leonard, APPLE Administrative Assistant
Thais Sikora, Volunteer Parish Nurse
Barbara Mann, Volunteer Parish Nurse
Office Hours: 9:00 to 4:30 Monday-Friday
January 20, 2016
Memorial Gifts
For Frank Blanton:
Memorial Fund by Dr. & Mrs. Fred Greear,
Jr., Peggy Nicar, Nancy Norman;
Homecoming/Renovation Fund by Tom &
Archer Parsons;
For Mary Ellen Buhls:
Homecoming/Renovation Fund by Tom &
Archer Parsons, Frank & Ann Aichinger;
Memorial Fund by Dr. & Mrs. Dale Keller,
Jack & Emily Gent, Mr. & Mrs. John F.
Harty, Peggy Nicar, Charlene Berry, Ted G.
Wood, Project Consulting Services, Inc.;
For Jan Catron:
Memorial Fund by Teresa J. Hagy;
Homecoming/Renovation Fund by Tom &
Archer Parsons, Frank & Ann Aichinger;
For Dick Miller:
Homecoming/Renovation Fund by Tom &
Archer Parsons;
For Connie Green:
Memorial Fund by Nancy Norman, Bob Stuart, Margaret King, Connie & Scott Bullock;
Service Fund by Caroline Jones;
For Hal Harkrader:
Memorial Fund by Bob Stuart, Margaret
King, Connie & Scott Bullock;
Service Fund by Caroline Jones.
Forever Young (55+)
We are still planning to go to the Mad Greek
Restaurant on Friday, Jan. 22 (unless the
weather changes our minds!). Bus will leave
at 11:15 am. Please join us.
On February 26 (Friday) we will gather at
Luke’s Restaurant in Abingdon for lunch.
Bus will leave at 11:15. Please sign the sheet
on the bulletin board near Room 114.
STAY WARM!! Randy, Phyllis, & Caroline
Central Life
57910 -
February Birthdays:
Remember each person in
prayer on their day.
12 -
13 15 16 -
Frank Tilden
Todd Pruett
Maggie Vance
Diane Abbey
Jerry Otis
Tracy Lilly
Eileen Long
Evan Moore
Cathy White
Lynn Butcher
Scott Mercer
Caitlyn Otis
Bob Smith
Andrew Clark
Kim Pruett
Alexis Stacy
Barbara Mann
Dottie Biggar
Dick Gordon
Karen Vaughn
January 20, 2016
18 -
19 20 21 22
Sophie Arnold
Judith Conn
Sandy Williams
Vivian Wycoff
Katie Morrell
Kane Mathes
Darla Van Dyke
Will Wade
Wayne Estes
Musser Warren
Rosa Van Zyl
Vicki Myers
Joyce Ann Vanover
Peyton Boyd
Kim Sorenson
Schedule of Services
We need some volunteers from
second service.
Fellowship Times
8:45 and 9:45 a.m.
Contemporary Worship
9:00 a.m.
Sunday School
10:00 a.m.
Traditional Worship
11:00 a.m.
Youth Groups:
We would like to provide coffee fellowship before the
11:00 worship service.
We need someone who will roll out
the cart at about 10:30 am; and
back to the kitchen and clean up
after worship.
If you are willing to help,
talk with
Wes Ritchie (423-646-5246) or
Frank Aichinger (276-669-3157)
Varying schedules
Music Rehearsals:
Contemporary Worship Praise Team
7:45 a.m.
Sanctuary Choir
7:15 p.m.
Sunday (warm-up)
10:30 a.m.
5:00 p.m.
2nd & 4th Weds 6:00 p.m.
Central Brass 1st & 3rd Weds 6:00 p.m.

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