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Welcome to the Mar/Apr Edition
of your best FREE AB Magazine
Dear Readers,
Thank you for downloading this great issue of Coo Chi Coo
Magazine. I am still bring you great content to read from
all of my hard work on getting some great stories to read
and share with others and hope you the reader can share
my magazine for others to read and let them also know on
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Reminder :
If most people have not know that all adult disposable's
are going cloth backing, a great way to stop a smell if you
wet is to use plastic pants over them and I think most
people will be doing the same on wearing them.
Johnsons Powder (Strong Smell) (UK)
If you not already know about this that in 99p stores at
the moment are selling Johnsons Powder from when they
was strong smell like a baby and its great to use after
nappy/diaper change or bath time !
Have a great Easter Everyone
Hugs & Cuddles
Baby Junior xxxx
Editor - Baby Junior
E-Mail - [email protected]
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Page 7
The Nursery - Marc H
I have, for as long as I can remember, always fantasized about being
treated as an infant by a very Dominant Daddy. I continue to search for a
Dominant Daddy somewhere in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York,
Rhode Island or even from Connecticut - who will be a strict disciplinarian
and keep me restrained in a crib and regress me down to an infant level.
Well, recently on a business trip to Chicago I met such a daddy on my job
site. He invited me back to his house in the suburbs and showed me his
"room". When Doug turned on the light, a nursery suddenly appeared with
a full crib, a changing table that he himself had built, a highchair and all
the baby clothes and toys you could imagine, plus baby wallpaper.
Well, I immediately felt the urge to be his baby boy, and he proceeded to
accommodate me. First he placed me down on the changing table and
proceeded to undress me. Since it was late, he decided not to give me a
bath, but used several baby wipes on my body. Daddy Douglas then
proceeded to place me on a soft, cloth diaper and put rubber pants on me
and then took out a sleeper outfit and dressed me for bed.
After he prepared me for bed, he proceeded to caress me and feed me
my warm bottle of formula. It was very different tasting, since I was used
to drinking milk in my bottle. I felt his tender caress and his soft voice
talking to me as one would speak to a small infant. It was wonderful, and I
felt so safe and warm. When my bottle was finished, he gently played with
me and continued to speak to me, and I felt myself slowly falling asleep in
this man's arms. Upon seeing this happening to me, Daddy Douglas
helped me over to the crib and helped me in. Daddy then turned me on
my stomach and proceeded to fasten straps on my wrists and ankles and
then fastened them to the side bars of the crib. I was a little nervous, but
when Daddy was done he gently caressed my head and told me that he
wanted me to cry as soon as I pooped or peed in my diapers. This way,
he said, daddy will awaken and come in to change "baby". He then
covered me with a blanket, and I heard the side rail go up. Daddy then
wound up the music mobile, and the music began playing.
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Page 8
The Nursery - Marc H
My crib was filled with several stuffed toys and colorful sheets with teddy
bears and other little animals, and the smell was so "heavenly". Daddy
then said "good night" to me and walked out of the room, turning the light
off as he closed the nursery door.
I was alone in my nursery lying in my crib. I felt so warm and so
comfortable. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't believe that I was, for
the first time, dressed as a full infant and sleeping in a crib. Being
restrained, I was able to only lift my head and see around the room a little.
The music was still playing and I slowly began to fall asleep.
In the morning I awoke and had to pee pee so bad and did so, but I didn't
cry immediately. I just laid in the crib and felt the wonderful warm wetness
in my diapers. A few minutes later the door opened and in walked my
daddy. He began speaking to me and asked how baby was and did baby
sleep good? At this point he placed a pacifier securely in my mouth and
checked my diapers. Seeing that they were soaked, he proceeded to take
me out of the crib and place me on the changing table and undressed me.
Then he took me into the bathroom where I was bathed and towel dried
and powdered and dressed for the day in cute little romper shorts with
suspenders and a t-shirt. Oh yeah, diapered also, we can't forget that. My
daddy proceeded to place me into the high chair where he fed me Gerber
baby food in small trays, and I had on my baby bib. After being fed, he
gave me my bottle, and my day began - playing on the floor with my toys.
My daddy changed me several times during the day, and I had to take an
afternoon nap and was put to bed at 7pm.
I enjoyed this so much, and have an open invitation whenever I go to
Chicago. Who needs hotels when you have a nursery to stay at!! An infant
in heaven, Marc H.
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Page 9
My Story - Wayne B
As I can remember, I started playing around or experimenting with diapers
when I was about 13 or 14 years of age. We moved back to where I live
now in 1978, and that was about when it all started. My mother started
babysitting about this time, and I would have to help take care of the
children that she sat with. This included helping to change diapers as well
as feeding them. I also had to help care for the older kids. This was all
right to me because I enjoyed being around other kids, and it also gave
me some kids to play with.
This is when, as I recall, I became interested in diapers. I began to sneak
around stealing diapers new and used. I would wear them in my pants
when I would go out playing and also while I was in bed. I don't remember
how I got caught, but I often did, and I would get the whipping of a lifetime
every time. They even threatened to have me committed to the state
hospital to find out what was wrong with me. Mom even took me to my
pediatrician. She would go in first and talk with him; then he would call me
in and talk to me. I always told him that I would not do it again.
Then, in 1980, my sister was born. Boy, I'm telling you, this had a
tremendous affect on me. I was jealous as well as angry that all the
attention was turned from me to her. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister
with all my heart. What upset me was that my mom got what she always
wanted - a little girl. She's 16 now. As a baby she had all the attention, all
the cutest and frilliest of clothes, and was what my mom had always
wanted. My brother and I were both more or less put on the back burner,
so to speak.
My brother finally moved out, but I was too young to do something like
this, so I began competing for attention. I would get hold of my sister's
diapers and wear them in my pants, trying everything possible to get
caught. It didn't work.
I was also still real small at this time, and could fit into some of my sister's
clothes. Some were tight, but others felt nice. The thing I enjoyed the
most was putting on the Gerber toddler plastic pants.
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Page 10
My Story - Wayne B
My sister also had some frilly panties that my mom's sister had made for
her, even when she got older. I would put some of them on over the
Gerber pants. This was the thing that I truly enjoyed the most during my
early years of my new found love for being babied.
One Sunday I went to church. My mom and dad had found out that I was
sneaking diapers and other things because they were finding things
stretched out of shape. When I came home from church that day, here
was a whole pile of the clothes I had been wearing and hiding, including
the diapers (both new and used). Dad looked at me and said, "Come on,
Wayne, we are going to have a dress rehearsal". He made me strip down
to nothing, busted my ass big time, and then told me to get dressed. I
started to reach for my own clothes, but he said, "No, you are going to
wear these for the rest of the day". He began handing me item by item
and told me to put them on. By the time he got done with me there were
several thick layers. He said, "Now you will do your normal chores", which
included taking the trash out, doing my rabbits and anything else he could
find for me to do outside.
At first I hated it, but then I began to really enjoy it. I started going outside
on my own. I don't recall anyone ever seeing me, though. Dad left for a
while, and mom was sleeping on the couch. I went in and put some of the
things on that my dad hadn't given me. I put on 2 or 3 more diapers in my
pants. Mom knew what I was doing but never said anything. She had me
stay in the front room where she could keep her eye on me.
By this time nothing was bothering me. Later that night the whole family
was playing cards, and I was still in my "dressed up" state. Mom looked at
me as we were playing cards and asked me if I had learned anything
today. Of course I said "yes" and that I wouldn't do it again. After we
finished playing cards, they told me to take a bath. I thought (hoped) that I
would be wearing the baby clothes to bed that night, but when I got out of
the tub mom told me to put all of the clothes by the back door.
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Page 11
My Story - Wayne B
I thought this would be the end of them because they would get thrown
away. They sat by that door for a few days, and each day I would kick
them a little further into the corner - which worked. They were forgotten
about. Time went by, and I slowly began playing dress up with them
One night when I went to take a bath, I sneaked a pair of plastic pants
into the bathroom with me. When I got out of the tub and dried myself off I
put them on under my underwear and PJ's. Of all times for my mom to
call me into her room. When I went in into her room she noticed that I was
nervous - and boy was I. She asked me if I was hiding something in my
pants, and I said no. She made me come over to her so she could check
me. I still don't know how I got out of there that night without her noticing,
but I did.
After that there were several occasions when she found baby things that I
had hidden. Boy, I got it every time. She would come in two and three
times during the night to see if I had any diapers or other things on. I even
began sleeping with some of my sister's baby dolls. I don't think this
bothered mom much, because she let me do it or just never said anything
about it.
Later on in junior high school I learned that there were adult diapers and
vinyl coated water proof pants. Whenever I had money I would find ways
to buy them. The only diapers I could find were the Bard brand, and I
have to say I really liked them. I would wear them under my regular
underwear to school. I was always careful not to draw attention to my
diapered state, even though in my mind I think I actually wanted to get
After moving away from home I started buying more and more baby
items. I would buy these really neat diapers in baby sizes that had the
design of levis pants. I would put my baby dolls in diapers as well as
sleep with the diapers I had used for the day. I don't recall how I was
introduced to HDIS services, but this put me baby heaven. Then I began
buying a book called Letters magazine, which had letters about adult
babies, and I began looking further and started finding books on nothing
but adults that wear and use diapers. Thanks to all, Wayne B
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Page 12
I Never Stopped - Dan
I was born with a birth defect of the spine called Spina Bifida. The part of
my spine that controls my bowels and bladder are missing. I wear diapers
all the time. Many times when I was in my teens, friends would ask me to
sleep over, and I would have to decline for fear of the humiliation if they
found out I wore diapers.
When I was 16 my mother died, and my older sister, who was 24, came to
live with my father and me, with her husband and 2 year old daughter still
in diapers. She knew about me being incontinent and encouraged me to
be comfortable in my diapers. One day she got mad at me and threatened
to tell my friends that I wore diapers. For punishment every night for one
month, at 7 P.M.. I was to be diapered and sent to bed with a bottle with
my 2 year old niece. I was in ecstasy. What a punishment! I had always
loved wearing diapers but drinking from a baby bottle was just great.
Although the punishment was only for one month, I liked it so much I
never stopped. Until this day I go to sleep every night freshly diapered
with a bottle, and I fall asleep within 15 minutes.
There are many situations I have run into through the years, and as time
goes by I hope to share them with you and your readers. Sincerely, Dan
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Page 13
Diaperman Comic
Episode 1
From the farthest reaches of the fetishist's imagination comes Diaperman, a true hero seeking only
truth, justice, and the occasional romantic encounter.
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Page 14
Diaperman Comic
Episode 1 Cont...
Sit back and enjoy the life and times of Diaperman, his friends and his
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Page 15
Diaperman Comic
Episode 1 Cont...
Episode 2 Coming Soon
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Page 16
Adult Baby Club London
(Meet with other ab’s / dl’s / furries / daddy’s / mummy’s/sissy’s)
Saturday 19th April 2014
Saturday 17th May 2014
Information Details
Night runs from 19:00 to 23:59.
Membership fee is £25 and a £10 admission fee is charged on the door.
You must be be over 18 to attend
We have no dress code and are pretty easy going.
ABC Club London :
Central Station is 37 Wharfdale Road, London, N1 9SE.
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Page 17
A True Story - Baby Steve
I would like to tell you a true story that happened to me just a few weeks
ago. A new flat-mate moved in with me, and I must say I couldn't have
found a better one. About two weeks ago I sat her down and told her I
wanted to tell her something that must be kept a secret. She agreed, and
being only twenty and a little naive, she believed what followed. I told her
that she may have noticed some strange things in the wash or on the
clothes line. I said, "I have a bedwetting problem and rather then wake in
the night with wet sheets, I prefer to wear protection".
At this point she seemed to take pity on me and said, "You poor thing, but
what are you telling me?"
I said, "Debbie, I wear a nappy and plastic pants to bed".
She was a bit taken back, but said, "OK, that's all right with me. I know a
twelve year old still in nappies, so I can understand your problem."
The other day I deliberately left an Attends disposable nappy (unused) in
the bathroom. She came out with it in her hand and asked, "What are
they like to wear?" We talked some more about nappies. She told me not
to be shy (I'd acted as if I was!) and that seeing them on me or washing
my nappies and plastic pants didn't bother her - because she understood.
Now, as Debbie gets home before me most nights, I have found a pile of
nappies and plastic pants folded neatly on my bed. This morning I got up
still in my nappy and plastic pants with my single night top just covering
them, and I said, "OK take a look; you'll need to get used to this because I
always have my breakfast before I get showered and ready for work".
This didn't bother her at all. She just asked if my nappy was wet! I replied
"yes", and she told me to pop it in the wash, as she had a load of her own
to do. She is never going to know I lied to her, but wearing a nappy and
plastic pants around the place without having to hide it is such a turn on.
She has promised me that one day she will try some Attends disposable
nappies as she like the feel of them!
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Page 18
Friend Finder Ads
Paul (Essex)
babyfrank (South Yorkshire)
Email : [email protected]
Email : [email protected]
Hello everyone, I am a genuine and
experienced daddy living in Essex. I
would like to meet an AB or toddler, boy
or girl makes no difference. Everyone
needs someone to take care of them
from time to time. Please feel free to
contact me and we can chat and get to
know each other so I know what baby
hi i am adult baby love to wear
diapers and plastic pants looking
for girlfriend or mummy or ant
even old gran that can treat me
like baby want to b
I promise to reply to everyone who
contacts me.
Tel/Mobile No: : 07925759171
BABY tina london (London)
Email : [email protected]
Mike (London)
London baby looking for a daddy…
to show me what daddy dose with
mummy my phone is OFF this week
back on by Friday.1/4/14
Email : [email protected]
Tel/Mobile No: : 07507014593
Tel/Mobile No: : 07725 847208
51 y/o guy in london, nice/clean
looking, seeking similar/same age
guy +/- 10 years for regular damp
nappy/plastic pants hook-ups.
Visit Friend Finder :
Daniel (Buckinghamshire)
Email : [email protected]
I am a DL looking for a mummy or
daddy or even a friend to spend
some weekends with and maybe
evens weekdays. I am 19. I am
willing to be and act like a baby.
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Page 19
"Talk Show Fun" - Angela B
Not so long ago, network television talk shows were willing to discuss
ideas that not all the general public would share. As difficult as it is for us
to believe, there are some narrow-minded people who do not love
wearing diapers. Shocking! Still, several big babies were invited to tell
about our interests on "Donahue," "Montel Williams," "Doctor Dean,"
"Jerry Springer" and "Shirley!" and many more..
Just a few months after I became an active big baby girl, a producer from
"Sally Jessie Raphael" wrote to me. They wanted to do what they
promised would be a sympathetic segment about the world of big babies.
Of course they had millions of questions. Like a good big baby, I tried to
answer them. Maybe Sally was chicken, who knows. The project was
given to "Donahue." I was asked to participate, but the timing was bad.
Some of my friends were on the resulting show. Reviews were "mixed"
both with big babies and the general public. Still, that was the first time so
many adults had worn diapers on TV.
"Montel" was just getting started when they asked us to participate on his
show. The producer promised to fly in another couple, and use a qualified
psychologist. We spoke on a Friday evening about doing the show the
following Monday. I thought it would be fun. Besides it was a perfect
chance to spend "quality time" with Daddy Don, the other couple and two
interesting big baby guys from Seattle.
Who knew that particular Monday would be the start of the Los Angeles
Floods? It was dry before dawn when Daddy drove me to the hotel; I was
the only wet thing. The others were due just after breakfast, so Daddy put
a rubber sheet on the bed, changed my didee, gave me a bottle and put
me down for a nap with the drapes closed.
Rain was lashing the windows when I needed a change. Airplanes were
delayed. A "Montel" production assistant phoned to say the schedule
would have to be modified. When the other couple finally arrived we only
had time for a rushed late lunch before the limo took us to the TV studio.
So much for "quality playtime"! It was decided that I would be the only big
baby to wear special clothing, Next Page ——->
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Page 20
"Talk Show Fun" - Angela B
My cowgirl dress that doesn't always hide my diapers. The three big baby
guys would have to wear adult clothes over their didees and plastic
panties. Poor Babies!
The other couple insisted on being disguised. Good idea, which is why I'm
called "Jessica" and wear a black wig on the show. Of course, I had told
my whole family, most of whom were already big "Montel" fans.
Apparently the disguise makeup worked, because nobody outside my
family or the big baby world has recognized me.
After the hair and makeup artists had finished with me, Daddy took me
back to our dressing room for a diaper change. That was at 7:45 p.m. At
last we all met in the "Green Room" with Montel himself. He made us all
feel welcome and told us he would protect us from any hostile audience
members. Then the producer admitted there were some unexpected
problems. Because of the flooding, they had no studio audience.
Therefore they had canceled the four shows they were suppose to tape
before us that day. This meant our episode would have to rush to air right
away. While we waited, production assistants were trying to find warm
bodies to fill the audience seats. At 9:30 we walked onto the set. Only a
few people were in the seats.
Those were moved to the center. Stage hands rolled sections of seats out
of the way. Next the production staff took the empty seats. I was loving it!
Under the lights, it was hot. Although they did not give me baby bottles,
they did let me have cups of water and juice. Then they would touch-up
my lipstick! Normally such shows keep the video tape rolling during
commercial breaks, so it takes an hour to make a one hour show.
Because so many of the staff were pretending to be audience, and they
had important stuff to do during those breaks, tape stopped. We did not
finish on stage until after 11:30! It was very exciting.
We all know what happens when big babies get excited while drinking
unlimited quantities of fluids. The audience asked if we ever wet our
diapers. What a shame they could not see how much I had soaked.
Next Page ————>
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Page 21
"Talk Show Fun" - Angela B
That was one of the few times I've leaked, but so did all the other big
babies! Our chairs all had wet spots, which did upset the prop master.
Perhaps that is why the edited version of the show ends while we all are
still sitting.
Montel did not entirely prevent some hostile questions. He also suggested
that my mother should give me a sound spanking. As if! My parents never
did that. They are open-minded, understanding that good people need to
relax as big babies. They love me and my kid sister Missy, just as they
love all our siblings. Making that show was strange, yet I know I'll be
telling the story for years. Angela B
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Page 22
Snuggies Photos
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Page 23
Adult Baby Photos
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Page 24
Easter Colour In
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Page 25
*NEW* Drawing - Mr O.D.K
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Deadline for adverts “V2 - Issue 3” 07th June 2014

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