A` la Carte Sushi Arirang Sushi Traditional Appetizers Tempura



A` la Carte Sushi Arirang Sushi Traditional Appetizers Tempura
Arirang Sushi
S u SHI a P P E T Iz E r
b l a c k PE P P E r E d Tuna
Five pieces of assorted sushi 8.99
Peppered, sliced, seared yellow fin tuna garnished
with wakame and ponzu sauce 8.99
y El l o w T a I l ST a r
Sliced yellowtail garnished with jalapéno
pepper and plum sauce 8.99
c ra z y d ra gon r ol l
California roll wrapped with eel
and avocado 9.99
Sa SHI MI a P P E T IzE r
b l a c k P E P P Er E d T u n a
Five pieces of assorted sashimi 8.49
Tempura-Style Appetizers
c rI SPy ca l aMa rI
w I T H T ErI y a kI
r ock S H r IM P
Fried rock shrimp and shitake mushrooms
tossed with a spicy cream sauce 8.99
Flash-fried fresh calamari tossed with cherry peppers
and vegetables in a teriyaki sauce 7.49
coconu T SH r IM P
Jumbo white shrimp battered with shaved
coconut and served with sweet chili sauce 6.99
c H Ic kE n wI T H v E gE Ta b lE S
Tender chicken breast pieces, battered and fried
with an assortment of vegetables served
with Arirang tempura sauce 5.99
T EM Pura vE g E Ta b l E S
Assorted tempura vegetables served with Arirang tempura sauce 4.99
S Hr I M P wI T H v E g E Tab l E S
Three tempura shrimp with assorted tempura vegetables served
with house-made Arirang sauce 7.49
Traditional Appetizers
bE Ef n EgI Ma k I
T a rT a rE S a M Pl E r
Scallion wrapped in thinly sliced beef
and served with teriyaki sauce 6.99
Tuna, salmon and yellowtail tartare with a
wasabi soy sauce and tobiko caviar 12.99
k u SHI y a kI
a P P E T Iz E r P l aT T Er
Sirloin beef medallions skewered
with scallions and seared with a
teriyaki glaze 5.99
S Ea f o o d k u SHI y a kI
Shrimp and scallops skewered with scallions
and tossed in teriyaki glaze 6.99
A combination of popular appetizers including;
kushiyaki, yakitori, Japanese chicken
wings and tempura shrimp 7.99 per person
S H rIM P S PrIng r ol l
T a T Su T a gE c H Ic kE n
Ja P a nE S E-S Ty lE
c H Ic kE n wIng S
Handmade roll with Thai chili
dipping sauce 8.99
Tender, marinated chicken breast lightly dusted
with Japanese bread crumbs and served
with tonkatsu for dipping 4.99
P a n -fr I Ed
du MP l I n gS
l E TTucE wraPS
Sautéed breast of marinated chicken,
fresh lettuce cups, crispy rice noodles and
Asian dipping sauce 7.99
H a w aI I a n ro l l
Soft, pan-fried dumplings with
traditional dipping sauce 6.99
k ob E S lI d Er S
Three mini kobe burgers served with ginger
ketchup, Asian barbeque sauce, wasabi
mayo and sweet onions 12.99
Hibachi Grill • Sushi Bar • Cocktail Lounge • Banquets
Plump chicken wings deep fried and tossed
in a spicy teriyaki glaze 6.49
a S P a ra g uS M a kI
Spinach, crabmeat and red pepper
wrapped with thinly sliced chicken in
creamy mustard sauce 6.99
Asparagus wrapped in thin-sliced sirloin with
house-made teriyaki sauce 7.49
P o rk S P a rE rI b S
Steamed shrimp dumplings with
hot mustard sauce 6.99
S H uM aI
Fall-off-the-bone tender barbequed pork ribs
with our own special sauce 8.99
Tuna PIzza
gyo z a
Deep fried Japanese shrimp dumplings 5.99
A’ la Carte Sushi
Sashimi tuna over guacamole with spicy mayo
and eel sauce on crispy flat bread 12.99
In Japan, sushi is traditionally ordered two pieces of the same fish at a time.
However, for experimenters, the price below reflects single piece serving.
M a gu ro
Tuna 2.79
I ka
u n a gI
Eel 2.79
Squid 2.29
Salmon Roe 2.79
H I r aM E
Shrimp 2.29
Fluke 2.29
ka n I
Crab Meat 1.79
Smelt Fish Roe 2.29
Ta ra b a ka nI
Sea Urchin 4.49
Mackerel 2.29
S uzukI
Striped Bass 2.29
S a kE
Ha M a cH I
Yellowtail 2.79
Staten Island
986 Route 9 South
Sayreville, NJ 08859
23 A Nelson Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10308
1230 Route 22 West
2329 East Lincoln Highway
b ro o kl yn Mountainside, NJ 07092S a y rEv I l l ELanghorne, PA 19047
ST a T E n I Sl a nd
8814 4th Avenue Bay Ridge 908-518-9733
986 Route 9 South
23 A Nelson Avenue
T a ko
Octopus 2.29
8814 4th Avenue Bay Ridge
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Fresh Scallop 3.29
King Crab 4.29
Salmon 2.29
H oTa TE
T ry Ik u r a o r u n I wI T H q u aIl E g gS 79¢
10/11 PA
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Sayreville, NJ 08859
Staten island, NY 10308
M o u n T aIn S IdE
1230 Route 22 West
l a ng H or nE
2329 East Lincoln Highway
Arirang Signature Kitchen Entrées
Served with traditional soup, house salad with lemon-orange or creamy ginger dressing,
white rice and green tea upon request.
cH IlE a n SEa b aS S
w I T H S aI kyo M I So
M IS o Pork
J a Pa n E S E ST y l E
S a lM o n fI l lE T
Sea bass fillet sautéed and glazed with
sweet miso sauce, served with vegetable
medley and white rice 24.99
Sweet green and red peppers with
scallions in a spiced tomato sauce, served
with grilled zucchini 19.99
wa Sa bI c ruS T E d
fI l E T M I gn o n
Served with gingered spinach, shitake mushroom
and tempura onion ring 24.99
Marinated in sweet soy sauce, served with
baby bok choy and steamed rice 21.99
b uTTErfl y SH rIM P
H Ib a cH I cH IckEn and SHrIMP
Tender pieces of chicken tossed with a sweet and
sour glaze over assorted vegetables 17.99
Sushi Dinner Platters
Served with traditional or miso soup and house salad with a lemon-orange or creamy ginger dressing.
S uSHI d E l u xE
Wing, Surf & Turf Combinations
H Ib a cHI SHrIMP and STEak
g E nE ra l P oH ’S
c H Ic kE n
Tempura shrimp with tempura vegetables
flash-fried and served with house-made
Arirang sauce 19.99
SkI rT ST Ea k
Includes hibachi shrimp appetizer (3 pcs), traditional soup, house salad with lemon-orange or creamy
ginger dressing, vegetables, white rice and green tea upon request.
Split plate charge (includes soup, salad and white rice) 4.49
Sliced pork scallopine seasoned with miso, soy and
siracha pepper, tossed with julienne vegetables and
hibachi noodles 15.99
Chinese five spice and orange glazed shrimp tossed
with carrot ribbons, snow peas topped with
candied walnuts and steamed rice 19.99
S Hr I M P TE M P u ra
Hibachi Dinners
Tender NY sirloin with six white shrimp 22.99
Combination of hand-cut chicken and tender white shrimp seasoned
with lemon, soy sauce and garlic butter 20.99
H Ib a cHI c H IckEn and Scallo PS
Sea scallops and hand-cut chicken hibachi grilled
with sake, garlic butter and soy sauce 20.99
H Ib a cH I STEak and Scallo PS
Two rolls, seven pieces sushi and nine pieces sashimi 36.99
Sa SHI M I d E l u xE
S Ta TE n IS l a nd fE rry
With sixteen pieces of assorted sashimi 25.99
Sa SHI MI a n d S uS H I c oM b I n aT I o n
Three rolls, twelve pieces sushi, twelve pieces sashimi with
soup and salad for two 59.99
A combination of our best sushi and sashimi 29.99
InTrE P Id b oa T
Five rolls, fourteen pieces sushi, twenty-one pieces sashimi
soup and salad for three 79.99
Su SHI r E g u l a r
California roll with seven pieces sushi 14.99
I n T rEPI d
b o aT
NY sirloin with a Brazilian lobster tail, seasoned to perfection
with sake, soy sauce and garlic butter 29.99
HIbac HI lobSTEr and cH IckEn
A Brazilian warm water lobster tail with hibachi grilled
hand-cut chicken 27.99
HIbac HI fI lET MIgno n and S HrIMP
A choice filet mignon with six tender white shrimp finished in
sake, soy sauce and garlic butter 26.99
Choice NY sirloin steak with sea scallops
seared on the hibachi grill 21.99
H Ib a c HI fIlET MIgnon
a nd lobSTEr TaIl
Classic surf and turf done hibachi-style with filet mignon
and a single Brazilian lobster tail 33.99
b rookl y n b r Id gE
Tuna roll with ten pieces of sushi 20.99
HIbac HI STEak and lobSTEr
EMPE ror’ S H IbacHI
dElu xE fE aST
This is the best of hibachi and features a Brazilian lobster tail,
choice filet mignon, six tender white shrimp and three sea scallops
with all the traditional accompaniments 38.99
c H Ic kE n TE rI y a kI
Boneless, tender chicken breast 15.99
S T Ea k TE rI y a kI
Marinated NY sirloin steak 16.99
S E a food T E rIy a kI
Marinated shrimp, scallops and
salmon fillet 19.99
Soups & Salads
a Tl anTIc wH ITE SH rIMP
Six tender white, shrimp are sautéed with garlic, sake,
soy sauce and fresh lemon 6.99
H Ibac HI lobSTEr TaIl
5 oz. Brazilian warm water lobster tail 11.99
Sa SHI MI S a l ad
Pepper seared tuna with mesculin greens tossed in
sweet onion soy dressing 9.99
with entrée 6.99
ca l aM a rI S a l a d
Crispy calamari tossed with frisee
in a miso vinaigrette 8.99
with entrée 5.99
T a koS u
Steamed, chilled octopus in vinegar sauce 6.99
with entrée 3.99
cHuka Salad
HIbac HI noodl ES
Udon noodles are sautéed with julienne vegetables and shitake
mushrooms with soy sauce, sake and sesame oil 2.99
SEa Scallo PS
Seasoned and seared with soy sauce,
sake and fresh lemon 6.99
Marinated seaweed 5.49
with entrée 2.49
a v o c a d o S a l ad
Mesculin greens, topped with
fresh avocado 4.99
with entrée 1.79
SPIcy Salad
Chopped seafood served with spicy sauce 6.99
with entrée 3.99
Steak, Chicken & Pork
H Ib a cHI SaMura I STEak
The king of the hibachi steaks, 12-ounce NY sirloin 23.99
H Ib a cHI STEak and cH IckEn
A combination of NY sirloin steak and hand-cut chicken
seasoned with soy sauce and garlic butter 20.99
Hand-cut chicken seasoned with sake and garlic butter 17.99
H Ibac HI STEa k
cra b a nd
S H rIM P S a l a d
Avocado and mesculin greens with
tomato and cucumber 4.99
with entrée 1.49
M IS o S ouP
Soy bean soup with tofu and scallion 3.29
with entrée .99
g y oza S ouP
Clear broth with dumplings 3.29
with entrée .99
For groups of 8 or more an 18% gratuity will be added to your bill. Thank you for your patronage.
S H El l f I S H
HIbac HI SalMon
HI bac H I l obST E r an d SHrIMP
8-ounce North Atlantic salmon fillet 18.99
8-ounce NY sirloin seasoned with sake, soy sauce
and garlic butter 20.99
H Ib a cHI cH IckEn yakISoba
arIrang S PEcIal fI lET fo r Two
Choice filet mignon, the most desired cut of beef.
Steak lovers unite and delight with this shared entrée 44.99
HIbac HI fI lET MIgno n and cH IckEn
Choice filet mignon and hand-cut chicken seasoned
with soy sauce and garlic butter 23.99
HIbac HI Pork
8-ounce center-cut, boneless pork loin is
seasoned and grilled 15.99
IMPE rIal fIlET MIgnon
Choice filet fit for royalty 26.99
Hand-cut chicken with yakisoba noodle and teriyaki sauce 18.99
Under 10 Years
Dinner is served with soup or salad, vegetables and white rice
HIbac HI SH rIMP 10.99
HIbac HI cH IckEn 9.99
HIbac HI STEak 10.99
HIbac HI Pork 8.99
For Children Under 4 Years
J a PanESE cH IckE n TEndErS Includes tempura vegetables, soup and white rice 6.99
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk
of food-borne illness especially for certain medical conditions
HI bac H I S Ea S calloPS
8-ounce steak grilled with teriyaki sauce 20.99
Scallops sautéed in soy sauce and lemon butter 19.99
HIbac HI lEMon Sol E
HI bacH I S HrIMP an d Scallo PS
Lightly seared northern European lemon sole fillet 16.99
HIbac HI Tro PIcal aTlan TIc Tu n a
8-ounce bigeye tuna cooked to order 25.99
Atlantic white shrimp and sea scallops sautéed with lemon,
soy sauce and garlic butter 21.99
HI bac H I aT lan T Ic wHI T E S HrIMP
Sautéed with lemon, garlic, soy sauce and butter 20.99
aT la nT Ic Tu na
HI bac H I T wIn lob ST Er T aI lS
Best Of
Two Brazilian, warm water tails hibachi grilled with lemon,
soy sauce and garlic butter 34.99
lo bS TE r & SH
Sushi For Beginners
If you’ve never had sushi and don’t know if you’d like it, these are perfect to get you started.
All these options are made with cooked seafood, once you try them, you’ll be hooked!
bEgInn Er PlaTTEr
avo c ado roll
cal Iforn Ia roll
Kirby cucumber wrapped with toasted nori
and seasoned sushi rice 3.29
California roll and seven pieces of cooked sushi
including crab, smoked salmon, shrimp,
eel and octopus 13.99
Kani crab meat with cucumber and avocado
wrapped with nori and sushi rice 4.49
Avocado wrapped with nori and
seasoned sushi rice 4.29
cu cuMbEr roll
SH rIMP TEMP ura roll
Tempura battered shrimp wrapped in
sushi rice and nori 7.99
vE gET ablE roll
Matchstick-cut cucumber, carrot, yellow bell pepper,
daikon and avocado wrapped in toasted nori and
seasoned sushi rice 3.99
House Special Rolls
Add 1.00 for soy bean nori
Tu na roll
Tuna wrapped with sushi rice and nori 4.79
SPIcy Tu na roll
Sashimi grade tuna with togarashi 5.99
SPIcy yEllo wTaIl roll
Yellowtail tuna with togarashi 5.99
ala Skan roll
Fresh salmon and avocado 4.79
SalMo n SkIn roll
Toasted salmon skin with sushi rice,
vegetables and nori 7.49
Sou THwEST E rn roll
Blackened shrimp and cucumber inside, topped
with avocado and pico di gallo 11.99
coconu T SH rIMP roll
Coconut shrimp, mango, avocado and
cucumber inside, soybean nori outside,
with raspberry purée 11.99
ang El kI S S roll
Yellowtail, salmon, eel, crabmeat,
avocado and pickled squash topped with
spicy mayo and eel sauce 12.99
ExoT Ic roll
yEllo wTa Il roll
Peppered tuna and avocado with
spicy tuna and tempura crunch 14.99
EEl ro ll 4.99
rock S HrIMP
TEMP ura roll
With scallion 5.99
Children’s Hibachi
A combination of a Brazilian lobster and Atlantic white shrimp 29.99
HIbac H I Swo rdfISH
Your choice: Hibachi Asparagus • Asian Vegetables • Steamed Broccoli • Steamed Cauliflower • Mushrooms • Zucchini 2.99 each
H Ibac HI cH IckEn
Add or upgrade your traditional soup or house salad with one of these choices.
fE a T u rE d f IS H
Available with purchase of any entrée
Medium grain rice fried with carrot, onion, scallion and egg.
Seasoned with sake and soy sauce 2.99
with chicken add 1.29, with shrimp add 1.99
Teriyaki entrées are prepared in our kitchen and served with traditional soup, house salad with lemon-orange or
creamy ginger dressing, vegetables, white rice and green tea upon request.
Includes hibachi shrimp appetizer (3 pcs.), traditional soup, house salad with lemon-orange or
creamy ginger dressing, vegetables, white rice and green tea upon request.
Hibachi Sides
arIrang ’ S w orld fa Mou S f rIEd rI cE
Japanese Teriyaki Entrées
Hibachi Seafood Entrées
SalMon ro E ro ll 4.49
PHIlad ElPH Ia roll
Smoked salmon and cream cheese 4.99
naru To roll
Fluke, tuna, salmon and avocado rolled
in cucumber 11.99
Moun T aI nS IdE roll
Lobster tempura, cucumber, masago 13.99
kIng crab lE g r oll
King crabmeat, masago, avocado, cucumber
and Japanese mayo 10.99
n Ew york r oll
Tuna, crab meat, salmon, avocado, cucumber
and masago 8.99
c HrI S T MaS TrEE roll
Tuna, yellowtail, scallion avocado
and masago 8.99
raI n bow roll
California roll wrapped with tuna,
salmon and white fish 9.99
With eel inside 10.99
buT T Erfly roll
Our specialty rock shrimp tossed
with a chili mayonnaise on the inside,
topped with spicy tuna 11.99
Tempura shrimp, eel, masago, avocado
and cucumber 8.99
SPIdE r roll
Salmon, asparagus, cream cheese and
masago lightly deep fried in tempura 8.99
Soft shell crab tempura 14.99
SaSH I MI roll
Salmon, avocado and masago
wrapped with tuna 11.99
bay rIdg E roll