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Volume 19
Number 12
The information in the In Touch is intended for the sole use of CCAI families. To protect the privacy of our families and safeguard the operation of this agency, please
do not transmit this information, in any form, outside of the “CCAI family.”
Changes from the CCCWA!
The China Center for Children’s Welfare & Adoption has
issued an announcement of changes to their adoption
qualification requirements (see right) and procedures,
beginning January 1, 2015. CCAI is excited about their
new, relaxed qualifications, as they will allow MORE
children to go home to loving families!
The CCCWA will also be switching over to a new,
upgraded computer system between December 27 and
January 5. During this time, no dossiers will be logged
in, no children’s files will be locked, no LOAs or Travel
Approvals will be issued, and no adoptions will be
processed. The system will resume normal business
operation on January 5.
Other big news includes a change to your post
adoption reporting requirements! For those with a
Travel Approval issued after January 1, 2015, your post
adoption reports will now be due at 6 months, 12
months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and 5 years. (A onemonth report is no longer required, and a 4-year report
has been added.) For all families, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th
report can be written by your own family, instead of
your social worker.
For those families working to compile your dossier, the
CCCWA’s fees will be increasing as of January 1.
Detailed fee information has been emailed to all
families potentially affected, and CCAI’s Dossier
Department is committed to helping as many families as
possible to mail their dossier before the system closure
on December 27.
Rest assured that it’s “business as usual”  here at CCAI
and as always, we’re wholeheartedly here to serve you
through all stages of your adoption process!
Qualification Changes
There must be no more than 50 years’ age
difference between the younger parent (age
at LID) and the adoptive child (no more than
45 years for singles)
Qualified single applicants are now eligible
for LID-only Waiting Children (not just Special
If diagnosed with anxiety, depression, mania,
phobia, or OCD, must be under good control
with a small dose of medication (couples
If one parent has (or has had) cancer, lupus,
nephrosis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, hearing
or language function impairment, or organ
transplant within the last ten years, etc., must
be under good control AND the other parent
Travel Update
We are no longer able to collect your in-China
travel costs via credit card; rather it must be
paid by cashier’s check. We collect this amount
($3,600-4,000 for two adults) approximately 5-7
days prior to your departure for China. Thanks
for your understanding with this change and
please feel free to contact the Travel
Department with any questions!
Waiting Child Match Statistics
In November, the CCCWA released 44 Waiting
Children’s files designated to CCAI, 22 girls
and 22 boys; 15 LID-only and 29 Special Focus.
Ages of Waiting Children matched in November:
Under 12-24
months years
58 Waiting Children were matched with their families in
November, 29 girls and 29 boys! Of those matched
children, 50 were from our agency-specific list and 8 were
from the CCCWA’s Shared List of Waiting Children.
Families matched in November who had Medical
Conditions Checklists (MCCs) on file with CCAI (76% of the
families matched last month) ranged from December
2011 to November 2014. 7 children were accepted as
part of the Special Focus Program, under which families
may adopt TWO unrelated children simultaneously or
successively with the same dossier.
Of the 58 Waiting Children matched in November, 11
have brain/developmental delays, 10 have heart disease
(minor to major), 7 have cleft lip and palate, 4 have a
hearing impairment, 3 have a limb difference, 3 have
cerebral palsy, 2 have a vision impairment, 2 have spina
bifida, 2 have Down syndrome, and the remaining
children have the following medical needs: albinism, anal
atresia, arthrogryposis, digestive issues, dwarfism, ear
malformation, epilepsy, genital malformation, hepatitis B,
HIV+, hydrocephalus, nevus, skin condition, etc. 1 is a
healthy older child. 23 children have multiple special
YEAR-TO-DATE, Jan-Nov 2014:
345 Waiting Children’s Files Received
393 Waiting Children Matched
Non-Special Needs (NSN) Match Statistics
Log-In Date (LID)
Match Date
December 15-19, 2006 12/4/14
Children Matched
7-17 months
Total Age Range
7-21 months
The CCCWA has now matched families logged in up through December 19, 2006. We received three child matches for
families logged in on this date. We currently have 360
We wanted to notify all Non-Special Needs Traditional Program families of a change to the “Child Referral” page of our
website. Given the slow progression of child matches, we no longer have weekly updates to share with families.
Therefore, we will now update the “Child Referral” page of our website on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month,
or when new child match information arrives outside of our scheduled updates.
have any questions about the
traditional NSN program, please email our Child Match Department at [email protected] or
[email protected]
In the Spotlight…
Male, DOB 2/22/2013
Club feet, hearing impairment, delayed language
Song is an extroverted little guy! He likes to play
with toys and listen to music. Song also gets along
well with other children! He can sit on his own, but
cannot crawl, probably due to the corrective shoes
he wears on his feet. Song is an adorable child with
a cheerful personality. We hope he will find a warm
and loving home!
This little guy’s file is “LID only,” which means he
must be matched to a family with a dossier logged
in. Please help us find this wonderful little boy a
[email protected]
Important Reminders
Keep Your Immigration Approval Current!!
The CCCWA REQUIRES current immigration (an approved I-800A within its validity period) for
families to be matched to LID-only Waiting Children OR to a child in the traditional non-special
needs (NSN) program. PLEASE be sure to keep your approval current! CCAI will reach out to you
in advance of the expiration of your approval so that you can get started proactively. If you have
any questions about your approval, please don’t hesitate to ask – we don’t want to see a delay in
your child match!!
Complete your Parent Training!!
Your parent training requirements must be complete before you can file your I-800 paperwork.
Your travel to China can be DELAYED if a parent has not fulfilled the training requirements by the
time your acceptance letter (LOA) arrives. If you have questions about parent training, please
contact CCAI’s Parent Training Coordinator at [email protected]
[email protected]
6920 South Holly Circle
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: 303-850-9998
Fax: 303-850-9997
Waiting Child Program Staff:
Sarah Harmon
[email protected]
303-850-9998 x 25
Pam Rodriguez
[email protected]
303-850-9998 x 35
Judy Winger
[email protected]
303-850-9998 x 38
Amanda Palmer
[email protected]
303-850-9998 x 19
Skyler Villarreal
[email protected]
303-850-9998 x 40
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