Yamaha News,ENG,No.8,1982,82 Cologne Motor Show (IFMA



Yamaha News,ENG,No.8,1982,82 Cologne Motor Show (IFMA
Yamaha News,ENG,No.8,1982,82 Cologne Motor Show (IFMA),Motorcycle,IFMA,John Reed,Auga,West Germany,16-Sep,Cologne Motor
Show,RD350LC,XJ900,XV1000,Sports News,J.L. Tournadre takes the 250cc title,World Championship Road Racing,Toshiba Yamaha
Dealer Team,Jean Louis Tournadre,10-Oct,Stephen Gall is truly MR MOTOCROSS!“MR MOTOCROSS!,West German GP,Stephen
Gall,Young Yamaha ace dominates Australian mini-motocross,TBC Big Road Race,Kenny Roberts,Kenny notches up a clear
win,Australian Mini-Cycle Motocross Championships,Philip Sargeant,Always-improving says LaPorte, New World Champion,Japanese MX
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furtherance of each country's industrialization policy,Corporate,Kung Hsue She Co., Ltd.,Taiwan,Yamaha Main Plant,The outline of
overseas production system,Wan Sun Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd.,Thailand,Quantitative and qualitative changes in technological
training,Siam Yamaha,Malaysia,Efforts for improvement in Yamaha plants in Japan,Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn.
Bhd.,Indonesia,Improvement Proposal System,P.T. Karya Sakti Utama Motor ,Brazil,IPC Activities,Yamaha Motor do Brasil,Spain,IPC
Activities spread to overseas factories,Sociedad Espanol de Motocicletas S.A.,U.S.A.,Yamaha factories around the
world,YMUS,Canada,Corporate activity bases for overseas markets,Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.,Europe,A modern FRP fishing boat
factory,Yamaha Motor N.V.,Nigeria,Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing,Venezuela,P.T. Adiasa IIC,Yamaha Manufacturing (Nigeria)
Ltd.,Fibra C.A.,LTR/Motocross School in Oman,Oman Motorcycle Sports Club,Masanori Toh,The Sultanate of Oman,LTR
School,Motocross School held in Taiwan as well,All Taiwan Motocross Race,K. Iwao,The fantastic swimming car,Enduro and Motocross
practice course,Mitsui Machine,Yamaha steals the show,International Motor Show,N.S.W,Turbo 650,Australia,Easy to understand
seminar; the chance to do it yourself,Eiji Ichida,Sui Koh Ming,A casual racing event,Naranjal Almacen Credifacil,Ecuador,Almacenes
Juan Eljuri Cia Ltda.,Top-selling dealership,Moorooka Yamaha,John Oliver,Diverse demand-stimulating activities taking off in
Indonesia,The Yamaha V80 in the Year 2000,Sumatra Taiang Betutu Cup Championships,C.V. LAUTAN TEDUH,V80,Learn to Ride
Safety,Let's follow the rules,C.V. THAMRIN BROTHERS,Off-road racing is getting popular,SAKTI PEKANBARU,1,011 motorcycles
inspected for free!,A Yamaha bike display and test-ride campaign through a tie-up with a movie theater,New PR Film,Super Witch and
Pan Am Clipper Cup '82,Pan Am Clipper Cup Yacht Series