Bell Ringer - Volume 4, Issue 6



Bell Ringer - Volume 4, Issue 6
Bell Ringer
June 2011
Volume 4, Issue 6
Employee of the Month
Employee of the
Month Nominees
Beth Kampe,
Discharge Planning
Doug Anderson,
Dave Poirier,
Bell Ringer
We are always looking for
upcoming events, news or
publish in the Bell Ringer.
If you would like to submit
something go to Bell’s intranet,
click on Bell Forms and then Bell
Ringer Submissions. You can also
email submissions to katherine.
[email protected] Submissions
for the July Bell Ringer need to
be received by JUNE 25.
Prayer Service
Prayer Service will be held
at the Bell Hospital Chapel
every Wednesday from 10:15 10:30am. Employees Welcome!
Karen Lassila, Human Resources
Karen has been an advocate for
employees for the past few years
as we moved from an insured
benefits plan to our self-funded
plan. She worked tirelessly to
resolve employees' issues with
our TPA, NGS. She advocated
for improved customer service
with NGS and began meeting
weekly to keep the concerns of
our employees' at the forefront
with our vendor. When we decided to change carriers, no one
was more happy than Karen.
She was very concerned that
some employees were postponing services because they simply could not afford them. She
worked long days and weekends
to ensure the transition to BCBS
was seamless - and it was. In
addition, with the loss of both
of her co-workers, Karen took
on additional duties to ensure
employees had access to HR information and resources. Karen
likes her job and it shows.
Karen is a Benefits Specialist in
the Human Resources Department at Bell and has been employed here for thirteen years.
Karen has two sons - the oldest lives in California with his
fiance’ and daughter, and her
younger son will start his second year at NMU this Fall. She
enjoys activities and visiting
with family and friends, taking
her dog for walks, exploring
places she has never been, finding deals with her rummaging
friends, hockey, bowling, and is
learning to golf this summer!
Volunteer of the Month
Rita Corradino & Gloria Gagliardi
Rita Corradino & Gloria
Gagliardi have been volunteers at Bell Hospital probably longer than what they
want to admit, but time sure
does fly when you are having fun. They worked at the
Gift Shop at the old hospital
and now up at the new one.
They have now decided to
try their hand at the Coffee
Cart where they are doing a
marvelous job! Whenever
baking needs to be done,
both answer with a prompt
"yes," and, "no problem."
We thank you both for your
commitment and dedication
to Bell Hospital and its Auxiliary. We are appreciative of
all you do and look forward
to seeing your smiling faces
for more years to come!
Rita Corradino
Gloria Gagliardi
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The Bell Ringer
MRI Breast Imaging Now Available at Bell
Congratulations to the Following...
A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of the breast is a
noninvasive method to create detailed pictures of the breast
and surrounding tissues. It may be done in combination with
mammography or ultrasound. However, it is not a replacement for mammography.
Quayle Graduates
MRI of
the breast is performed to:
•assess multiple tumor locations, especially prior to breast conservation surgery
•identify early breast cancer not detected through other means, especially in women with dense breast tissue and those at high risk for the disease
•evaluate abnormalities detected by mammography or ultrasound
•distinguish between scar tissue and recurrent tumors
•determine whether cancer detected by mammogra-
phy, ultrasound, or after surgical biopsy has spread further in the breast or into the chest wall
•assess the effect of chemotherapy
•provide additional information on a diseased breast to make treatment decisions
•determine the integrity of breast implants
Without contrast material, an MRI of the breast can show:
•breast tissue density
•enlarged ducts
•leaking or ruptured breast implants
•the presence of enlarged lymph nodes
Lindy Quayle, daughter of
Greg and Linda (Surgical Services) Quayle, graduated from
NMU on April 20, 2011, with
her associate degree in surgical technology. Lindy is a Bell
Baby and works at Woodland
Assisted Living and NMU.
She is enrolled at NMU for
the fall to obtain her RN degree.
Quayle/Palomaki Engagement
Zachary Quayle, son of Greg
and Linda Quayle (Surgical
Services), is engaged to be
married to Jennifer Palomaki.
A wedding date of September
10, 2011 is set. Zachary and
Jenni are both Bell Babies!
Zachary is a gunsmith working at Wilderness Sport Shop
and Jenni is currently working
at Cliffs.
Hooper Graduates
Dr. Eric Lloyd Hooper, O.D. of Ishpeming Township graduated from the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State
University on May 7, 2011. Hooper is a graduate of Westwood High School class of 2004, and attended Northern
By comparing breast images taken before and after contrast Michigan University for three years before being accepted
material injection, an MRI exam can determine:
into the Michigan College of Optometry (MCO). A hood
•if there are breast abnormalities
ing ceremony was held for the 33 graduates the evening prior
•whether an abnormality looks benign (non-cancer
to commencement, confer
ous) or malignant (cancerous)
ring Doctorate hoods to the
•the size and location of any abnormality that looks class. MCO has the only Op
tometry program in the State
of Michigan. Hooper will be
employed by U.P Eye Specialist of Marquette. Eric is the
son of Dr. Lloyd (IshpemTo schedule an exam call the Radiology Department at
ing Medical Center) and Gail
485-2632 or 485-2631
(RN, AOP) Hooper.
Volume 4, Issue 3
Page 3
What Is Right In Healthcare
Far-Reaching Reputation
We have experienced very good
results from our implementation
of Studer Group’s principles.
We received improved patient
and employee satisfaction
scores right from the start. Our
patients have never received
better care! We found out how
far our efforts had gone when
one of our employees told us
about a call from her brotherin-law, Casey, a riverboat captain
who lives in Pensacola and
works out of Houston.
Casey had lost most of his
eyesight and couldn’t work.
He had been referred by his
employer’s insurance company
to a specialist in Houston for
surgery, but the procedure did
not correct the problem. He
was then sent to a specialist in
Miami, who told him there was
nothing to be done. Casey’s
company was desperately trying
to find help for him.
After much research, Casey
received a call recommending
a doctor in Jackson, Tennessee.
Casey told them he was familiar
with Jackson. They explained
that the Jackson physician
recommended that he have
the surgery performed not in
Jackson, but at Hardin Medical
Center in Savannah, Tennessee,
because of the facility’s low
infection rate. Casey laughed
Standard of the Month:
as he explained that his brother
lived in Savannah and that his
sister-in-law actually worked at
that very hospital!
We are pleased to report that
Casey had his surgery here and
is doing great. He’s back at
work, and he can see! Our “Port
of Excellence” initiative reached
all the way from our small west
Tennessee town on the banks of
the Tennessee River to Texas.
How wonderful to know we
were able to help another river
traveler continue his journey!
~Submitted by Charlotte Burns,
Hardin Medical Center,
Savannah, TN
News From Volunteer Services
Gift Shop News
Congratulations to the winners of the drawing in the Gift
Shop!!!! We were giving away
5-$10.00 gift certificates to be
used in the Gift Shop. It was
open to all employees and volunteers. The winners are….Lisa
Hillman, Phyllis James, Lori
Hinga, Laurie Collins and Judy
Mattila. Thanks to everyone and
thanks for supporting the Auxiliary’s fund raising efforts by
shopping at the Gift Shop.
We are always getting in new fun
merchandise so stop by and take
a look! Just to name a few new
items…..summer purses and
jewelry, cold drinks, Frapachino,
water and flavored water, hand
sanitizer, chap stick, mens wallets, birthday balloons, ladies
wallets, gift bags and so much
Golf Cart Raffle
Bell Foundation's Golf Outing
takes place July 19th. We have
a raffle entry box in the Gift
Shop if you would like to purchase tickets.
$10 each or 6 tickets for $50
1st prize
-a Yamaha Gas Golf Cart
valued at $4600
2nd prize
-$250 gift certificate to
the Island Casino
3rd prize
-$100 savings bond
Tickets are selling really well but we
could use your help. We have 1,000
tickets to sell. If anyone would like
to help sell tickets please contact
Lyn or Julie with Volunteer Services at 2751 or 2750. The money
raised will help buy new surgical
equipment. Thanks for helping
this event become a success!!!
Auxiliary News
Thanks to all who purchased
sheets and blankets in the linen
sale in April. It was a huge success and raised lots of money
for the Auxiliary in just one day.
We are planning to host another
linen-type sale in November.
It will be at least 2 days, longer
hours and hopefully travel to
Teal Lake too so everyone can
take advantage of the deals.
The Auxiliary Board is looking
for a legislative representative to
advise on political views and issues as they relate to volunteering and hospital funding. This
position would be volunteer and
take 1-2 hours a month. We are
looking for someone involved in
politics who is willing to do the
research and forward the information to the Auxiliary Board.
The Standard of the Month for
professional appearance is a
direct reflection of our care to
our customers. Our appearance does not only include how
we look, but also how our work
space looks. When considering
your own appearance, remember the following:
• Wear ID badges that
are easily read by our
customers at all times.
• Be responsible for
maintaining an uncluttered, neat and safe
• Make your department
or work area a welcoming one.
• Be responsible to pick
up trash, report things
promptly such as burned
out lights, overflowing
trash, broken items, spills, etc.
• Follow the dress code
to reinforce professionalism.
• Ensure that our conduct, conversation and
tone will only reflect positively on our organization.
Remember that our appearance
is noticed by everyone – make
yours worth noticing in a positive way and recognize the efforts of others for their appearance!
There would be no presenting
or speaking, just print out the
information and drop off at
the volunteer office. If interested, please contact Lyn/Julie
at 2750/2751.
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The Bell Ringer
May Bell Babies
Note: We are looking for TASTY recipes that are HEALTHY or are
a healthier alternative to how a dish is normally made. Vegan, vegetarian and organic recipes are welcome as well! Recipes can range
from appetizers and snacks to dinner and dessert! Submit your tried
and true recipes: Go to Bell’s intranet, click on Bell Forms and then Bell
Ringer. You can also email your recipes to [email protected]
Southwestern Potato Skins
6 large baking potatoes
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon chili powder
1/8 teaspoon Tabasco sauce
6 slices turkey bacon, cooked until crisp, chopped
1 medium tomato, diced
2 tablespoons sliced green onions
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Dietitian’s tip:
Serve these potato skins, which are a very good source of iron, vitamin B-6 and fiber, with chunky salsa. Two tablespoons of salsa adds
less than 10 calories!
Preheat the oven to 450 F.
Lightly coat a baking sheet with cooking spray.
Scrub potatoes and prick each several times with a fork. Microwave
uncovered on high until tender, about 10 minutes. Remove the potatoes from the microwave and place on a wire rack to cool. When
cool to the touch, cut each potato in half lengthwise and scoop out
the flesh, leaving about 1/4 inch of the flesh attached to the skin.
(Save potato flesh for another meal.)
In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, chili powder and hot
sauce. Brush the olive oil mixture on the insides of the potato skins.
Cut each half of the potato skin in half again crosswise. Place the
potatoes onto the baking sheet.
Sophia Lee Lawson – born on May
1st to Jessica & Jared Lawson of
Jersey Rae Lassila – born on May
5th to Amy & Timothy Lassila of
Emmi Ann Carlson – born on May
19th to Danielle & Jacob Carlson of
Amara Madison Pierce – born on
May 6th to Krystle & Cory Pierce
of Marquette
Camryn Theresa Miller – born on
May 20th to Angela Andriacchi &
Dennis Miller of Ishpeming
Avah Lynn Menard – born on
May 7th to Natasha Bassett & TJ
Menard of Negaunee
Ellie Kaye Lafitte – born on May
22nd to Heidi & Edwin Lafitte of
Matthew Dean Carl Niemisto –
born on May 9th to Heather &
Dennis Niemisto of Negaunee
Chase Xavier & Joey Isaiah Roeder
– born on May 24th to Bobbi &
Jason Roeder of Ishpeming
Tallen James Roussin – born on
May 17th to Molly & Kevin Roussin
of Negaunee
Jeremiah Daniel Kinnunen – born
on May 25th to Vickie & Todd
Kinnunen of Gwinn
Piper Ann Burink – born on May
17th to Sandra & Michael Burink of
Corey Robert Brunsman II – born
on May 28th to Ashley Niemi of
We are requesting monetary donations and new or gently
used children’s DVDs for a library in the pediatrics area of
Bell Hospital. Two portable DVD players have already been
purchased from donations by the hospital Auxiliary. Please
contact Lynn or Julie at the Volunteer Office Extension, 2751.
Welcome New Bell Employees
In a small bowl gently mix together the turkey bacon, tomato and
onions. Fill each potato skin with this mixture and sprinkle each
with cheese.
Bake until the cheese is melted and the potato skins are heated
through, about 10 minutes. Serve immediately.
Nutritional Analysis(per serving) Serving size: 4 wedges
Calories 181, Cholesterol 20 mg,
Protein 6 g, Sodium 199 mg,
Carbohydrate 28 g, Fiber 5 g,
Total fat 5 g, Potassium 424 mg,
Saturated fat 2 g, Calcium 93 mg
Recipe courtesy of Mayo Clinic Staff-Healthy Snacks http://www.
Chelsea Nardi
Karen Matson
Building Services
Housekeeping Aide
Volume 4, Issue 3
Employee Years
of Service
Happy Anniversary!
The following employees
have reached milestones
in their careers with Bell
Hospital/Bell Medical in
May 2011.
5 Years
Donna Wheaton, OB
Patricia Powers, Dietary
Gail Nylander, Internal Med
Brian Kurin, EMS
Charles Bleau, EMS
15 Years
Rochelle Ostola, OB
20 Years
Mary Berryman, ICU
Christine Hendrickson,
Rehab Services
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Pet of the Month
Bailey is a dainty 2 ½ year old English Setter. She is enjoying the Ishpeming countryside after
coming to us from Green Bay earlier this year. She has adapted well to her new family, which
includes a ‘sister-dog’, three small children, chickens and lots of room to run.
Her less dainty partner-in-crime, Cinder, is a two-year old Bloodhound/Newfoundland mix
adopted from the Marquette County Humane Society last summer. Weighing in at over 100
pounds, Cinder is a true illustration of a gentle giant who has been known to pounce around
the yard with a chicken egg in her mouth only to return the egg to me, unbroken.
If you’re thinking about adding a new member to your family, I’d like to take this opportunity
to encourage you to take a look at your local animal shelter. They have plenty of animals ready
to give you their love.
Submitted by Kori Tossava,
Bell Foundation
If you would like your pet
featured in the Bell Ringer
for Pet of the Month send a
photo and writeup to: [email protected].org,
submit on Bell's intranet
(hawking site) or send hard
copies to Katherine Brady in
the Marketing Department.
Entries can also be dropped
off to Don Kilpela in the
Medical Fitness Center.
Press Ganey Update
1st Quarter 2011 Survey Results
WANTED: Mobile home. Anyone
selling a mobile home? Looking for a
two-bedroom mobile home. It would
have to be in good shape to have
it moved to some property. Please
contact Linda Quayle, Surgical Services
99% ranking with the All Press Ganey hospital data base
Emergency Room:
93% ranking with the All Press Ganey hospital data base
99% ranking with the All Press Ganey hospital data base
Medical Practice:
70% with the All Sites Press Ganey data base
FOR SALE: White wicker
furniture set (not plastic). Love
seat, 2 chairs, table (no glass), $100
FOR SALE: Lawn mower
operated, 4-5 yrs. Old. Runs well!!!!
$100/o.b.o. 361-8230
FOR SALE: Wood dog house
with shingle roof for a lab size dog
or smaller….$20.00 o.b.o.
SUMMER! Send submissions for
Classified Section to:
[email protected]
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The Bell Ringer
HR Topic of the Month
Employee Assistance
Employees that are experiencing personal or professional crisis should be
aware of programs that
are available through Bell
Hospital and Community
Organizations that can
provide assistance in a
time of need.
Employee Financial Assistance Program – Available to eligible employees
who find themselves in an
unforeseen financial crisis
and in immediate need of
emergency financial assistance. Employees may
apply for assistance at the
Bell Foundation or Human Resources office of
Bell Hospital. Employees
Employee Assistance wishing to donate to the
Program - Available to Bell Foundation Employee
eligible employees and de- Financial Assistance desigpendents of Bell Hospital nation should contact the
and Bell Medical. Coun- Bell Foundation officeseling Services are pro- 485-2699.
vided by contacting Great
Lakes Recovery (906) 485- Paid Time Off Donation
2347 or Lutheran Social Request – Employees
Services (906) 226-2160. that have exhausted their
The initial assessment fee available time off due to a
is paid by Bell Hospital.
family emergency or a per-
sonal crisis may request a
donation of Paid Time Off
from co-workers. Employees requesting the donation
and employees wishing to
donate should contact the
Human Resources office at
Bell Hospital for more information.
Steelworkers Coalition
– The Coalition receives
requests from community
members in crisis and designates assistance as appropriate. The Steelworkers
Union employees of Bell
Hospital and Bell Medical
may contribute towards this
fund through payroll deduction. Employees should
contact Dennis Kratz for
more information.
Servant Leaders - Why I Serve
I feel that it's important to
know and let others know
what's going on in our
workplace (by way other
than the rumor mill). In
order for us to function
in the most efficient and
successful way, we all need
to be aware of other issues and successes besides
those of our own department. Being part of the
Communication Team is
just as much about listening well as it is spreading
information clearly and
concisely. I serve because I
like to be part of the im-
portant vehicle that keeps
the rest of the Bell Team
in the know and working towards the same goal(s).
-Katie Brady, Marketing
[Communication Team Member]
commitment to a
group effort -- that
is what makes a
team work, a
company work, a
society work,
a civilization
-Vince Lombardi
July Birthdays
Steve Wallner
Kimberly Kuopus
Richard Harvala
Dr. Hooper
Julie Austin
Dr. Madjar
Emily Paavola
Cathy Nelson
Leah Sayre
Brad Hamel
Carol Struck
Judy Karvonen
Alyson Sundberg
Jeff Kontio
Deb Parks
Dr. Hayrynen
Tony Lackey
Erik Korpi
Patricia Umbarger
Kim Alanko
Hannah Harriman
Benjamin Kivela
Robert Rudzki
Bridgett Marier
Lori Hinga
Linda Maxwell
Joe Perry
Rachel Riley
Stacy Dunstan
Stephen Roberts
Georgia Summers
Karin Heidelberger
Cheryl Scott
Lynn Berg
William Jannausch, Jr
Wendy Penhale
Rochelle Ostola
Jaime Crabb
Gala Malherbe
Kris Oien
Volume 4, Issue 3
Page 7
Revolution Fit Camp - UPDATE
The first Revolution Fit Camp has come to an end.
The participants worked hard and all improved on their
testing: the wall-sit, plank, push-up, and sit-up tests.
Good job everyone! The next Revolution Fit Camp
begins June 20th!
Pictured trainers: Emilie Stack and Jenny Johnson. Pictured Participants: Tammie, Dana, Courtney, and Pat. Participants Not Pictured: Laurie and Tonya.
New Revolution
Fit Camp Starting in June
Need to get into shape for swimsuit season? Join
Revolution Fit Camp and turn the flab into fab!
Assessments will take place during the week of June 13th17th. The first day will be Monday June 20th. Sessions
will be at 6:00 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays
with a make-up or extra session taking place on Fridays.
Fit Camp will be 4 weeks long. There will be no class on
Monday July 4th. The last session will be Monday July
18th. The cost is $125.00, if you refer a friend and they
sign up, receive $5.00 off price. For questions or to sign
up, contact Bell Wellness at 485-2677.
Group Fitness Special
Buy a punch card of 10 classes, get the 11th class free!
Note from Bell Foundation’s new
Executive Director
On May 9th, I was given the honor
and privilege of taking a role in
managing the Foundation in collaboration with Kori Tossava. The
Foundation has experienced significant growth over the last several
years and has made demonstrative
impacts on the programs and services that we, as an organization,
offer. Kori and I will be working
with you and for you to support your efforts at providing quality patient care and at making positive impacts
on the community that we serve. We have lots of exciting fundraising opportunities in the works. I would
like to extend my thanks to Dave Aro for his leadership
and support as he transitions from the Foundation to his
new role as COO of Bell Medical.
Negaunee Eagles
Auxiliary #1944 supports Bell Foundation
At the annual meeting of the Negaunee Eagles #1944,
the Auxiliary presented Bell Foundation with a check
for $1,671.44. This gift will help women in need obtain
mammograms through Bell Hospital. THANK YOU,
Negaunee Eagles Auxiliary, for your support for women
in the community and Bell Foundation!
Pictured (Left to Right): Linda Fetterhoff, member, Leona Lawry, Jr.
Past Madam President, Ruth Solinski, Bell Foundation Executive Director and Kori Tossava, Bell Foundation Assistant Director
Shining Star
Dorien Howe, BMC
Kim McCarthy, TCMC
Valerie Carraher, Lab
Carol Maddock,
Diane Hampton, ACU
Jeff Wagner, IT
Dr. Snyder,
Internal Medicine
April Valela, Urology
Rachel Johnson, Admin
Elizabeth Aho,
Cliffs Clinic
Paula Fraley, Vascular
Stacie Poquette, Quality
Jen Cesolini, IT
Dr. McDermott,
Internal Medicine
Dr. Hooper, IMC
Gerry Brown, IT
Jason Hamlin, Lab
Beth Rinquette,
Dr. Lehmann's Office
Lisa Dauphinais, BMC
Megan Olson, OR
Shining Stars
Phyllis Palmer, Medical Records
We found a discrepancy in an old patient record and our search
brought us to a standstill. We called Medical Records and Phyllis
was so helpful in assisting us in back tracking the record even
though it was in storage from 2006. Thank you, Phyllis, for going
above and beyond and working as a team with us (MGH Medical
Peggy Eppert, Medical Records
Peggy always looks very professional and has a genuine smile on
her face. You can even hear it in her voice when you speak with her
on the phone. Her appearance looks just as good at 4:00 pm as it
does in the morning when she arrives for work.
Michele Devold, Dr. Prevost's Office
Michele always greets patients and visitors with a smile. Her
friendly upbeat personality is contagious. She has a willingness to
help out whenever she is needed and makes her job look effortless. She is very neat and organized and completes all tasks in a
timely manner. Michele is an asset to Bell.
Phyllis Palmer
Peggy Eppert
Michele Devold
Dr. Holly Ray
Dr. Holly Ray, Superior Women's Care
Dr. Ray is a great communicator. She explains things to staff
and patients, welcomes questions, and treats everyone like they
are her only priority. Patients routinely tell staff, “She is great!”
I feel so well taken care of with her.
Debbie Roberge, Bell Medical Clinic
As one of the full-time receptionists at the walk-in clinic,
Debbie Roberge
Debbie helps a lot of patients during her shifts. She is always
friendly and courteous with the patients no matter how difficult their circumstances
are. She tries her best to accommodate the patients. She works well as a team
member (especially with the transitions that are taking place within the walk-in
clinic), she always has a spunky, upbeat attitude, she communicates well with others
and the list goes on. I could have nominated her for any number of the Shining
Stars, however, I think her courtesy out-ranks them all this time.
Tammy Hoffman, Twin Cities Medical Clinic
One week when we went out to the Republic Clinic with Dr. Carlson the computers
weren't working and things had to be done the old fashioned way. Tammy then drove
back to Ishpeming for a mandatory meeting and volunteered to come back to the
main office and enter all the patients into the computer so it was more convenient
for everyone but herself! That is truly a Bell Shining Star!!
Tammy Hoffman
Cathy Lepage
Cathy Lepage, Laboratory
Cathy works in several departments in the lab. She works in the main lab and also fills in for microbiology
and histology. She is the only one in the lab that is able to do that. Cathy is always willing to come in on
short notice and even change some of her days off to provide vacation coverage for the department.
This is why I nominate Cathy as " Team Work" Shining Star.