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Balsa Dust - Genesee Valley Aero Modelers
An Official Publication of Genesee Valley Aero Modelers, Ltd.
Feb. 2016
Glenn Crocker
21 Highview Trail
Pittsford, NY 14534
Balsa Dust
     NEXT MEETING     
Thursday Feb 11 2016
LOCATION: Honeoye Public Library
7:00 PM
Club Meeting February 11th at 7 PM at the Honeoye Library
(Social Meeting)
Remember Dues are Due
You are probably wondering what social meeting means. At the January meeting the attendees voted to make
the January and February meetings social meetings where no business will be conducted. The club members
can get together to discuss projects, swap plans, lies or magazines. The reason this was done is the weather
can be very unpredictable January and February. Rather than have to navigate the rough weather this would
be a better alternative.
The January 1s frozen Finger Fly is in the books. We had 8 hardy souls show up. It was the usual wind with a
little horizontal snow. Jim maintained the tradition and got a flight on his electric. Everyone else watched from
their cars. By the time I got there the flight was done everyone was in their cars engines running and ready to
hit the restaurant. Ned made a cameo appearance on his way to his traditional New Year’s Day hike. I don’t
think anyone went home hungry and it was good to see the guys this time of year.
I received an email with photos from Max. He is in Florida and his wife gave him a Christmas gift of a ride in a
Waco. He said that the Waco ride could be traded in for an hours instruction in a Piper Cub so he made the
trade. The photos are on the photo pages. Max said that if he got serious about this he would definitely go for a
larger plane.
Jeremy feels we are a bunch of wimps. He sent an email with photos saying he was at the field on Christmas
Day and the temperature was 52 degrees with no wind and he was the only one there. The photos of his
planes are in the photo section.
Nick rejoined the club this year. He had been doing mundane stuff like earning a living. He retired last fall and
wanted to get back in again. That may mean Joe aka. “The Pizza King” may be back. When the two of them
showed up, you could guarantee that within 30 seconds, there would be a discussion of the best pizza joints
and best restaurants in this part of the country. Nick has some planes for sale. I will list them on page 2.
Only a couple of months until flying season. I hope the ground hog was right!
Balsa Dust* - A collection of refuse possibly containing turkey droppings, and other bits and pieces, possibly retrogressive to your alleged mind.
G. V. A. M Balsa Dust
February 2016
For Sale
New In The Box: Hanger 9 P-40 Warhawk ARF (64.5” wing span). Needs a 5 channel Radio.
Engine requirements. A 2 stroke 60-78 or 90-100 four stroke.
Has 2 Sharks teeth cowlings.
Price: $200
New In The Box
Dynaflite Kit PT-19 (89” wingspan).. Weight 11- 14 lbs.
Requires a 2 stroke 1.08 or a1.20-1.60 four stroke.
Needs a 4 channel radio.
Price $100
Partially Built
Jemco Kit P-47D Thunderbolt (54” wingspan). Only fuselage is assembled.
Needs 4-7 channel radio.
Requires 40 – 60 2 stroke engine
Price $$50
Slow Poke easy flier.(wing span 61”.
Fuselage and wing assembled and covered.
Has ailerons, flaps and rudder.
Requires a 2 stroke 40-60 engine.
Needs a 4 channel radio.
Price $40
All planes have been stored at room temperature.
If interested call Nick at 585-229=4440
For Sale
Giant Super Sportster. Includes receiver DLE 30 motor, servos and transmitter.
Price $250
Giant Big Stick. Includes receiver DLE 55 and servos.
Price $250
If interested call John Miller at 585-512-4413 or email [email protected]
G. V. A. M Balsa Dust
February 2016
Jim is getting ready to hold up the tradition.
Max isn’t enjoying himself.
You now see what a white plane looks like in a
snow storm.
I would have made Max flip the prop.
This is Jeremy’s new plane on skies.
And away we go!
G. V. A. M Balsa Dust
February 2016
Maybe a set of floats would go well on this.
They are huddled together to keep warm.
Pete’s Super Cub is ready for spring.
How about this BG. Pete even did the cylinders. I
never have that much patience.
This should look great in the air.
This will look very nice in the air.

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