Catching the audience



Catching the audience
2 July 2009
Catching the audience
How Lakis Lazopoulos and the Alpha-Team fascinate
the Greek viewers
United Kingdom
Websites going strong
Dawn Airey on business
Groupe M6 and Canal+ team up
for unique advertising
IP Network presents
Pan-European offer
Lakis Lazopoulos, Al Tsantiri Niouz
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Shaping the Greek TV
Lakis Lazopoulos
Within only a few months and due to a few
changes, Alpha grows its audiences and alters
Greek viewing habits.
Greece - 2 July 2009
In Greece, the 20.00 time slot has been viewed
as the time for the broadcast of a channel’s
main news. Last March, when Alpha moved its
main news broadcast one hour earlier to 19.00,
and stripped Kati Psinetai (the Greek version of
Come Dine with Me) at 20.00, the Greek TV
landscape and habits of Greek viewers changed completely.
Adonis Sroiter, presenter of Alpha News
Logo of Kati Psinetai
The Alpha News studio
Even though the show is being broadcast in a
highly competitive zone opposite to main news
broadcasts on the other channels, it has emerged with a strong and loyal audience riveted
every evening at 20.00 to Alpha in order to
watch it. In fact, 12.7 percent of 15 to 44-yearolds watched the first episode, and over 25
percent of the young audience now tune in
regularly. The changes have benefited both Kati
Psinetai, regularly number one in the time slot,
and the Alpha News, which is now the day’s
first major news broadcast and has grown
stronger in its new time period.
“The change in the broadcast time of Alpha
News and the success of Kati Psinetai on Alpha
has transformed the dynamic of television viewing in the Greek market. The old rules, if there
ever were any, have changed,” says Rick
Spinner, CEO of Alpha. “There is no question
that there is a lot of re-thinking going on about
the content and scheduling of the newscasts in
the market.”
As shown by the monthly growing audience
shares, Alpha’s audience position has grown
steadily over the last six months, led by the
access prime time changes and improvements
in prime time.
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Greek TV, since he managed to enthrall millions
of spectators through the TV screen with his
show Al Tsantiri Niouz. Giving voice to the ordinary citizen, bringing actuality under close
scrutiny, using satire to illuminate the foibles of
everyday life, Lakis Lazopolous is an integral
part of Alpha’s viewership success.
From 10.00 to 13.00, Eleni Menegaki, the
sparkling presenter of Alpha’s Kafes me tin
Eleni, dominates the first place. In a TV season
filled with fluctuations and ‘ups and downs’
Rick Spinner
On Thursday evening, Alpha’s new programme
Kitchen Nightmares! with Ettore Botrini, is
carving out new viewing territory as well. The
top-ranking chef, with his passionate temperament and valuable guidance, has managed to
impress and to attract positive comments
around his name and his show, since the very
first broadcast of his programme. According to
AGB’s audience measurements, the shares of
Kitchen Nightmares! exceed 20 per cent – well
above the channel’s average.
“The prime time success of Kitchen
Nightmares! is clear evidence of the great work
being done by Alpha’s programme department,” says Spinner. “Everyone at the channel
is excited and proud of the continuing successes of both our new and proven programmes.”
But not only the new programmes and Alpha’s
new schedule score in terms of audience figures. The satirical comedy show Al Tsantiri Niouz
remains Alpha TV’s – and the market’s – most
successful show. With an average total audience market share of 49.6 per cent this season,
the show is fully a unique product of its gifted
star, Lakis Lazopoulos, regularly attracting an
audience of over 50 percent. From
30 September 2008 to Tuesday, 16 June 2009,
the shows of Lakis Lazopoulos achieved an
average audience share of 52.3 per cent
among viewers aged 15 to 44. Thus Lakis
Lazopoulos remains to be the Grand Master in
Eleni Menegaki
and amidst fierce competition, Eleni Menegaki
managed to nearly monopolize the attention of
TV audiences. According to the measurements
of AGB, the show Kafes me tin Eleni landed at
the top throughout the entire TV season (22
September 2008 to 26 June 2009), achieving
impressive audience shares of 29.2 per cent in
the 15 to 44 demographic and a total audience
share of 23.1 per cent.
The show Pame Paketo offered a season full of
intense emotions. Experiencing and sharing
their intimate moments, people opened up their
hearts to share their stories. Lost loves, separated families, and heart-rending reunions formed the mosaic of the very human stories that
kept enthralled TV audiences. According to
AGB, the show Pame Paketo achieved an average total audience share of 34.4 per cent from
9 October 2008 to 18 June 2009 marking a
week 27
the RTL Group intranet
significant progress compared to the previous
TV season 2007/08, which had concluded with
total audience shares of 30.8 per cent.
Experienced programming, internationally successful formats like
Kati Psinetai and support for the
best local shows such as
Al Tsantiri Niouz are the key to
ee Alph
railer in
Alpha’s success – and more
are to follow shortly.
om on
A look at the charts confirms that the development of the format’s audience shares also
translates in to the channels average viewing
figures. Since January 2009, the average
audience share among viewers aged 15 to 44
increased by 2.9 percentage points – from 12.4
per cent in January to 15.8 per cent in May,
representing an increase of nearly 25 per cent.
the sho
Development Audience Share: All Day
Audience Shares 2005 - 2009 YTD in % (15 to 44. all Day)
Vicky Hatzivasileiou – host of Pame Paketo
Development Audience Share: Short Term – Focus on Alpha: 2009, All Day
Audience Share Comparison in % (Alpha TV, 15 to 44, all day)
+0.8 p.p
+0.1 p.p
+1.1 p.p
+0.6 p.p
+1.8 p.p
+3.8 p.p
Natalia Germanou
host of Mes Stin Kali Hara
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Going strong and growing
The reach counts published in the latest AGOF Internet Facts, for the first quarter of
2009, confirm that is the leading social network in Germany.
Germany - 29 June 2009
The platform continued to add half a million
Unique Users a month (a 9-per cent increase)
and has hit a new high at 6.21 million Unique
Users, which makes it the number six of all
websites in Germany. also recorded a substantial increase in
traffic. Having grown its reach by 11 per cent,
the site now draws 5.57 million Unique Users,
which puts it behind Spiegel Online (5.77 million Unique Users), but just ahead of
(5.52 million Unique Users). So is also
one of Germany’s leading editor-operated sites.
The N-TV website further increased its reach by
2 per cent, to 1.20 million Unique Users,
making it the No.12 news website in Germany. reached 0.64 million Unique Users,
putting it slightly ahead of the website,
which reaches approximately the same number
of surfers. showed strong
growth, with usership surging by 20 per cent to
0.36 million Unique Users. Vox’s cooking
community remained roughly on
par with the previous quarter, with 0.46 million
Unique Users, while N-TV’s Telebö site
lost some ground and now draws 0.2 million
Unique Users interested in the stock market.
While the video clip portal Clipfish scored an
impressive 1.92 million Unique User, this did
represent a decline from the prior quarter’s
reach (2.16 million Unique Users). Meanwhile
RTL Television’s Video-on-Demand portal recorded growth of around 6 per
Promoting young professionals
The noted ‘CEO of the Future’ business competition enters the next round,
with N-TV being its media partner.
Germany - 30 June 2009
Young professionals, doctoral candidates and
dedicated students of all branches of study are
once again being given the chance to prove
that they have what it takes to be a future top
manager. The N-TV news channel will support
the contest again this year with a media
The grand finale featuring the 20 best candidates will take place on 21 November 2009 in
front of an eminent panel of judges at the
McKinsey Alpine University in Kitzbühel. Prizes
include coaching sessions with the CEOs of the
partner companies, along with career grants
that the winners can use for training and
advanced workshops of their choice.
N-TV’s Managing Director Hans
Demmel, a member of the ‘CEO of
the Future’ jury, says: “Cultivating
young talent is an important issue
at and for N-TV. ‘CEO of the Future’
is a first-class, very hands-on
contribution. We are very pleased to
be on board again this year as a
media partner.”
The ‘CEO of the Future’ contest made its debut
in 2000 and is taking place for the sixth time in
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
A unique TV service
For the first time ever, the advertising
arms of Groupe M6 and Canal+ are offering a
unique advertising service for the top target
group CSP++.
France - 1 July 2009
With the “M+” service, M6 Publicité and Canal
+ Régie unite 11 of their channels, including M6
and Canal + as well as W9, Paris Première,
Téva (M6 Publicité), Canal+ Décalé, Canal+
Sport, i>Télé, Planète, Sport+ and Infosport
(Canal + Régie).
This service, which plays on the complementary nature of media, thus covers all the areas of
interest for the target group of CSP++ individuals who, according to the calculations of Le
Figaro (Monday 29 June edition), represent 4
out of the 12 million French people in the CSP+
category, who are “demanding consumers with
very high purchasing power,” according to
Le Figaro. Culture as well as sports, news,
documentaries and drama are a tremendous
success with these executives and members of
liberal professions.
“This advertising service is a strong indication
for the market. The CSP++ target group has not
been sufficiently worked on, and this service
aims to attract advertisers who have found that
television has not been effective in reaching
them,” explains Catherine Lenoble in Le Figaro.
Catherine Lenoble is a member of the board of
M6 in charge of advertising. The daily
newspaper emphasizes that Groupe M6
“knows these particular viewers very well, since
they are faithful followers of the information
programmes aired on M6 (Capital, Zone
Interdite, 66 minutes), on W9, Téva’s lifestyle
magazines and virtually all the programmes
broadcast by Paris Première, the CSP+ channel ‘par excellence’.” Catherine Lenoble goes
on to say that, “the CSP+ group accounts for
60 to 70 percent of advertising revenues on
Paris Première and 20 to 25 per cent for the
channel M6.”
“M+ guarantees the broadcasting of 50 GRPs
(gross rating points) during the week, divided
into two equal parts between the two advertising arms, for a guaranteed net cost per GRP
of EUR 3,500.” According to Catherine
Lenoble, “this meets the needs of media
agencies which want transparent, practical
packages.” Taking into account the audience
profiles by the selected channels, this guarantee to hit the centre of the target also ensures
the mechanical optimisation of the effects of
the GRP on the larger targets of CSP+ individuals as well as CSP+ individuals in the 25-to49 age group. The service brings together, for
the first time, the entire universe of television
reception (national terrestrial TV, free DTT,
cable, satellite and IPTV).
In terms of an advertising service, “M+” is the
number one initiative in the TV advertising
market for the highly prestigious and strategic
CSP++ target group. It will be offered to
advertisers from September to December.
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
“Make brave plays in
new markets”
Dawn Airey
Dawn Airey has urged broadcasters to be more
open to forming partnerships with one another
and with companies outside the confines of the
television market such as Google, Microsoft and
United Kingdom - 2 July 2009
Speaking at a London conference organized by
the think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs,
Airey said partnerships between broadcasters
in the UK tended not to succeed because of
competition issues and the burden of regulation but also because TV companies “held one
another in mutual distrust”.
She also said opportunities awaited broadcasters who sought partnerships outside the TV
industry, praising the successful alliance in
France between Groupe M6 and Orange to
form M6 Mobile by Orange, and urging her
peers not to turn their backs on online giants
such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo either.
However she pointed to the success of the
catch-up TV service in the United
States as an example of how it was possible for
rival networks to come together successfully.
“It’s about being adaptable and understanding
that the broadcasters’ expertise in leveraging
mass audiences is a valuable resource
off-screen as well as on,” she said.
According to Airey, Hulu’s shareholders, NBC
Universal, Fox and Disney-ABC, “are grown up
enough to realise that there is a time to
compete fiercely for audience share but there is
also a time to put aside their differences as they
seek to create new business opportunities in
new markets”.
“The fact that virtually all major third-party
video on demand platforms want to strike deals
with us to access our content suggests that
we're in a rather good position at the moment.”
Concluding her speech, Dawn Airey said she
hoped UK broadcasters would learn the
lessons of M6 and “make brave plays in new
markets. Not to take a complete leap in the
dark, but to find the right partner and use our
complementary talents to take advantage of
lucrative new business opportunities.”
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Online for first time
Five will make available its daily cricket
coverage of the Test 2009 Ashes Series to
its catch-up TV service, Demand Five.
Logo of the Ashes Series
United Kingdom - 30 June 2009
The move follows the unveiling of Five’s ambitious multiplatform strategy for its coverage of
The 2009 Ashes Series and the follow-up series
of One Day Internationals. The broadcaster will
also launch a stand-alone Ashes microsite
which will feature exclusive short-form video
content in addition to the long-form highlights
programme. Under the terms of the contract
between Five and the England & Wales Cricket
Board, each 45-minute programme presented
by Mark Nicholas will be available to view
online for seven days from 22.00 each evening
of play.
An exclusive deal with the agency
Zenithoptimedia includes all pre- and mid-roll
around The Ashes and the One day
Internationals as well as displaying advertising
on the cricket-related pages of Demand Five
and inventory plus pre-roll on shortform content on Five’s cricket microsite.
Head of Digital Media at Five,
Jonathan Lewis said: “The Ashes
series is a major landmark for Five.
Expanding the presence of our exclusive
broadcast coverage of cricket to online
users brings the flexibility of on-demand viewing to the game and can only help it reach as
wide an audience possible.”
Demand Five delivers around two million longform video streams per month, including some
of Five’s most popular programmes such as
CSI, Neighbours, Home & Away and The
Gadget Show. It was launched in July 2008.
Screenshot of Demand Five
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Banking on fiction
Antena 3 presents its upcoming programme lineup at the television trade fair
“Seminci TV 2009.”
Spain - 29 June 2009
The “Semana Internacional de Cine y Ficción
para Televisión” (“International Week of Cinema
and Fiction on Television”), in short the
“Seminci TV 2009,” took place in the city of
Valladolid from 20 June to 25 June 2009.
Antena 3 used this event to showcase the
fiction programme lineup of the Spanish television group for the upcoming season – new
movies and series were presented. Sonia
Martínez, Director Fiction at Antena 3, explained why this genre is especially important for
the station: “The fiction segment has become a
fundamental component in today’s television
market. It is one of the most important TV
genres; it can be the station’s trademark and
enhances the loyalty of viewers to the station
and their identification with the programme
lineup.” This may well be the reason why
Antena 3 plans to add six new fictional film and
series projects.
In the future, Antena 3 will present two new
fiction series. Cómplices (Accomplices) is an
adaptation of the telenovela from Chile that
goes by the same name. In it, Harvey Slater,
millionaire and adopted son of a couple from
North America, tries to fulfill his father’s final
wish: to find his biological Spanish family. The
second new format is 90-60-90 Diario secreto
de una adolescente (90-60-90 Secret Diary of
an Adolescent), which Diagonal TV produces
for Antena 3. It tells the story of 16 year-old
Mel, who grows up without a father and then
loses her mother in an accident.
Joseph Morgan and Miguel Ángel Muñoz in Ben Hur
Antena 3 Film and Europroducciones will shoot
a film about Adolfo Suárez. The two-part film –
shooting begins in August – is dedicated to the
lifetime achievements of the politician. It tells
how the first democratically elected Prime
Minister of Spain after the end of Franco’s dictatorship led the country towards democracy.
In addition to this TV event, Antena 3 in cooperation with other production companies is planning more films: Un burka por amor (Burka by
Love), Reyes Monforte’s bestseller, will be
adapted to the screen in cooperation with New
Atlantis. The two-part film deals with the love
between a Spanish woman and an Afghan
man. Antena 3 is also participating in the remake of the classic Ben Hur. In cooperation with
Zebra Producciones El Gordo (The Jackpot), is
also planned. In it, a family living a simple life
wins a five million euro jackpot, but they learn
the hard way that money cannot buy happiness, but it can certainly cause a lot of conflict.
In addition to these two new formats, Antena 3
will further expand existing series such as El
internado, Físiqua o química, Los hombres des
Paco and Doctor Mateo, which are very popular, as Sonia Martínez announced in Valladolid.
Cómplices and 90-60-90 Diario secreto de una
adolescente will expand the offer and add more
interesting programmes for viewers.
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
...advertising space on Twitter
RTL Radiovermarktung has partnered with the 104.6 RTL and 105’5 Spreeradio
stations to develop a unique advertising space on Twitter.
Germany - 26 June 2009
Known as Twitter Ads, these online advertising
spaces can be booked on the 104.6 RTL and
105’5 Spreeradio homepages. Advertising customers don’t need to have a Twitter account of
their own, nor do they have to register via
Twitter. Twitter Ads allow advertisers to create
their own advertising message immediately
and without an expensive, complex production
Twitter Ads are the world’s first form of online
advertising that customers can update and
adjust at any time, making them a real revolution on the online advertising market.
New multinational offer
IP Network is giving Pan-European advertisers the opportunity to reinforce their
premium communication.
Luxembourg - 26 June 2009
Development Director Christophe Loisel, and
Communications Manager Carine Jean-Jean,
gave Backstage an exclusive interview, in
which they talked about the specific features of
IP Network’s new offer and explained what
makes it so innovative.
“This new offer, that we have called
‘RTL Business Network’, is a first in the market,” enthuses Christophe Loisel. “It will make
life easier for our clients by allowing them to
reach what we call ‘business premiums’ in our
jargon, for example decision-makers. They are
a particularly valuable target for advertisers, but
one that is deemed difficult to reach, requiring
tailor-made messages conveyed in their own
“The advert could be broadcast in seven countries and on 11 TV channels [editor’s note: 10
channels belonging to RTL Group, plus the
Belgian VTM]. Then we add our expert touch by
broadcasting the advert during the right
programmes, for instance during information
programmes like Capital or Zone Interdite on
M6. This is precisely where we can be sure to
reach our target, as they are great consumers
of information.”
Christophe Loisel puts himself in the
client’s shoes, for whom, he says,
e relate
life will be easier. “Clients will only
have to make one phone call and
lease o
they will have a single contact rather
than one person per country. We
take care of everything, right down to
translating the adverts which will therefore be much more personal than an
advert in English. With our service, advertisers
will be very close to their market. In fact, we
provide them with a multinational proximity service.”
Carine Jean-Jean adds that advertisers “will
get the benefit of RTL Business Network’s
extensive impact. This impressive network
covers Germany (RTL Television, N-TV), France
(M6, Paris Première), the UK (Five), Spain
(Antena 3), the Netherlands (RTL 4, RTL Z),
Belgium (RTL-TVI, VTM) and Luxembourg (RTL
Télé Lëtzebuerg).”
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
June Awards
RTL II's Dexter advertising
RTL II and FremantleMedia Enterprises scored a
total of seven trophies in New York, while Peter
Kloeppel won a prize for his US coverage.
Luxembourg - 1 July 2009
RTL II and El Cartel Media each won several
prizes at the Promax/BDA Awards in New York,
for a total of five BDA awards and one Promax.
RTL II won two golden BDA trophies in the
categories “Campaign Design: Topical Print”
and “Topical Publication Advertising Campaign
– Color” for its German print campaign and
special forms of advertising for the US series
Dexter. RTL II won one silver and one bronze
award in the “General Entertainment Bumper”
category for its Metamorphosis bumper, while
the Metamorphosis cutdown earned the channel a bronze Promax award in “Craft
Categories – Editing”. El Cartel won a silver
BDA award in the “3-D Promotional or Sales
Kit” category for its Christmas mailing entitled
“Räucherhaus” (Smokehouse).
At the Broadcast Digital Awards, FME’s
Interactive team won the award for Best
Multi-Platform Project for The X Factor – prevailing over competition that included the
Olympic Games in Beijing.
The Teamworx produced TV movie Dutschke
won a Golden Gong, a prize sponsored by
Gong magazine, at the Munich Film Festival.
Author Daniel Nocke and Director Stephan
Krohmer accepted the award on Monday
evening 29 June 2009, in the Carl Orff Room of
the festival building – right after the docudrama about the life of the student leader in the
1968 revolution in Germany, played by
Christoph Bach, had its Germany premiere
The FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME)
marketing team won the Promax/BDA World
Design Award in the “Total Package – Print”
category – a reward for their work to promote
Merlin at the Mipcom 2008. After the Promax
Award for the Murder marketing campaign, this
is FME’s second consecutive year as a Promax
In Berlin, RTL Television’s Editor-in-Chief Peter
Kloeppel won the 2009 Rias TV Award for his
feature entitled Amerika zwischen Angst und
Aufbruch – Peter Kloeppel unterwegs in einem
zerrissenen Land (America Caught Between
Fear And The Dawn Of A New Era – Peter
Kloeppel On The Road In A Divided Country).
This transatlantic media prize administered by
the Rias Berlin Commission honours productions which have made an outstanding contribution to relations between Germany and the
United States of America.
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Peter Kloeppel in Las Vegas
RTL Nederland came away from the Effie
Awards with an Effie in bronze – which it shared with 3MO and Ariel – for its “Tikkie Terug”
campaign. The campaign was also commended for its outstanding contribution to social
responsibility. Together with Insites Consulting,
RTL Nederland also won the MOAward for the
most innovative feedback project.
The Tikkie Terug campaign of RTL Nederland
On 28 June, 12-year-old Berlin actress Helene
Luise Doppler won a prize at the “Weißer
Elefant” (White Elephant) Children’s Media
Awards at the Munich Film Festival, for her
performance as Katrin in the Super RTL series
Katrin und die Welt der Tiere (Katrin and the
Animal Kingdom).
Ken Duken in Willkommen zuhause
At this year’s Shanghai Television Festival, the
Teamworx production Willkommen zuhause
(Welcome Home) won the “Golden Magnolia
Award” for Best TV Film, after already having
won the 2009 Bavarian TV Award closer to
home. The Shanghai Television Festival is
Asia’s biggest and most important TV festival,
and the Magnolia Awards are seen as “TV
Oscars” in these parts. They are awarded to
first-rate international TV productions in the
categories TV Movie, Animation and
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Centre stage in India
Following the worldwide success of Britain’s Got Talent, India became the next
country to succumb to talent fever when India’s Got Talent premiered.
Singapore - 29 June 2009
Shall we dance?
In the Netherlands, over 3,000 dancers registered to audition for the new season of
So You Think You Can Dance.
Netherlands - 30 June 2009
On Demand. Click. Go.
Vox went live with its video-on-demand service Vox Now.
Germany - 1 July 2009
All-new and exclusive content
With 2,631,000 unique visitors in May 2009, is the number one radio site in
France and has achieved its highest score ever for the second time this year and
offers even more content to its visitors.
France - 1 July 2009
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Best of football
For the next three years, Groupe M6 has acquired the rights for the Europa League,
a new kind of UEFA competition starting in the 2009-2010 season.
France - 2 July 2009
Major events score
M6 posts a very positive report for the first half of 2009, showing growth in four out
of six months – being the only major channel to remain steady over the year with a
total audience share of 11.8 per cent in the 12:00 to 24:00 time slot.
France - 2 July 2009
June ratings in Germany
Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland's channels achieved a market share of 34.2 per cent
among the young audience during the first half of 2009, continuing well ahead of the
ProSiebenSat.1 Group, which achieved 29.7 per cent.
Germany - 2 July 2009
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Jens Pöppelmann, Anja Hinz, Andreas Breitbach, Dirk Maurer
(from left to right)
The last points have
been set
Germany - 29 June 2009
The Interactive executive unit at IP
Deutschland, created with effect from
1 January 2009, has announced its final
In April, the two core units Sales and
Operations were established as executive units
and Frank Herold and Klaus Nadler were
appointed to head them. Now, the third management team has been announced as well:
Andreas Breitbach, Anja Hinz, Dirk Maurer,
Jens Pöppelmann and Hans-Peter Weber will
head the individual departments.
Hans-Peter Weber’s team, in charge of
Regional Sales, will provide service to online
agencies and customers, providing consultation on the use of both traditional online advertising and integrated solutions, while the newly
established Key Account Management department, led by Andreas Breitbach, will focus on
building the customer structure, expanding the
customer base, and recruiting and advising
potential new customers.
Media Management will be in charge of
successfully executing the campaigns and of
drawing up customer-specific communication
concepts. Anja Hinz will head the Media
Management department.
The Processes & Services department under
Jens Pöppelmann serves as the interface
between customers, the agency and the technology team. It also concentrates on customeroriented processes.
Hans-Peter Weber
Dirk Maurer will head the Product Management
and Business Development department, which
is in charge of positioning the product brands
and developing communication concepts, as
well as developing new advertising options and
formats, and pricing.
The Strategy and Cooperations department
concerns itself with IP’s online portfolio. From
building the existing portfolio to integrating
additional sites through to marketing thirdparty sites – this department reviews, optimises and comes up with concepts. It also
handles third-party marketing. Until a department head has been appointed, this department will also be supervised by Dirk Maurer.
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Jon Penn
Reporting directly to David Ellender, Global
CEO of FremantleMedia Enterprises, Jon Penn
is responsible for developing, setting and
implementing the strategy for FME’s
businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and
He will also look at growing the business in
pivotal territories such as India and Japan. Jon
is additionally charged with raising the
company’s position in the market as a highly
creative entertainment company, extending
FME’s new and established brands, in addition
to securing high quality third-party product and
content, while developing new brand extension
business areas.
Jon Penn appointed
Regional CEO for Asia
United Kingdom - 30 June 2009
Prior to his new role, Jon was Senior Vice
President of Licensing for FME, Asia Pacific,
where he managed the licensing and
interactive divisions of the business specializing in extending and commercializing brands,
including Got Talent, Idols, Project Runway,
Neighbours and Farmer Wants a Wife.
With the appointment, FME continues its
strategic shift towards a more regional focus
whilst leveraging its expertise across the larger
FremantleMedia global network. It will create a
structure that will allow FME to move the business forward across its international television
distribution, home entertainment, and licensing
“This appointment is another step towards
creating a regional CEO structure for FME that
combines invaluable local and partner expertise like Jon’s with the benefits of our wider global network,” comments David Ellender, Global
CEO, FME. Jon Penn adds, “FME has an
incomparable track record in growing entertainment brands around the world and I am
looking forward to leading the operations in
Asia Pacific. The shift to regional leadership is
indicative of the core philosophy of our company, which is thinking globally and acting locally.”
the RTL Group intranet
week 27
Arne Bogdon appointed Head of Marketing
at N-TV
Germany - 2 July 2009
Arne Bogdon will supervise business-to-business marketing for IP Deutschland’s news and
business channel from July 2009 as N-TV’s
Head of Marketing.
In his new role Bogdon is responsible for the
channel’s product management and sales
controlling, reporting to Florian Ruckert, IP
Deutschland’s Managing Director of Marketing.
Bogdon's predecessor Dirk Bruns has been
working as Head of Marketing for the Vox product group since 1 June.
Bogdon is a marketing and communications
graduate who began his career as a TV
buyer/planner at Initiative Media in Hamburg in
1994. From 1997 to 2001 he served as Unit
Director of TV Consultancy at Carat in
Hamburg, moving on to become Director of
Strategic Marketing for DSF in Munich. Most
recently, Bogdon was Head of Product
Management for Sat.1 at SevenOne Media,
where he was responsible for the channel’s
B2B communications and sales control.
“We are delighted that Arne Bogdon will strengthen our marketing team and work with the
channel and the sales team to push n-tv forward on its successful course,” said Ruckert.
“I’d like to thank Dirk Bruns for his excellent
work for n-tv over the last two years and wish
him great success in his new job.”
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L-1543 Luxe
n, Productio
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