FMHS Parent/Student Meeting Concurrent Enrollment



FMHS Parent/Student Meeting Concurrent Enrollment
Thank you for coming!!
FMHS Parent/Student Meeting
Concurrent Enrollment
August 1, 2012
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
FMHS Auditorium
FMHS College Credit Options
• Concurrent Enrollment
• Advanced Placement
• CU Succeed
What is
Concurrent Enrollment?
"Concurrent enrollment" means the simultaneous
enrollment of a qualified student in a district high
school and in one or more postsecondary courses at
an institution of higher education.
What does Post Secondary
"Postsecondary course" means a course offered by an
institution of higher education and includes coursework
resulting in the acquisition of a certificate; an associate
degree of applied sciences, general studies, arts, or science;
and all baccalaureate degree programs.
Institutions of Higher Education
“Institution of higher education” means:
A state university or college, community college, junior college, or
area vocational school as described in Title 23, C.R.S
A postsecondary career and technical education program that offers
postsecondary courses and is approved by the state board for
community colleges and occupational education pursuant to
applicable state law;
An educational institution operating in Colorado that meets the Act’s
specified criteria.
FMHS College Options
Core college classes, e.g. English Composition 121
and 122, College Algebra 121 and College
Trigonometry 122, and College Chemistry 111 and
Please refer to the course grid for a list of courses
that are eligible for concurrent enrollment.
FMHS College Options
At this time we have allocated $40,000 to Core College Classes for
eligible students
Only one concurrent enrollment course will be paid for by the District,
tuition only, unless additional funds are available. The course may
be either a 3 or 4 or 5 credit class.
Seniors will have first priority over juniors
If there are funds left over they will go to support second semester
concurrent enrollment courses for eligible students
If there are funds left over, there is a potential that these funds can
go to CTE courses upon approval
FMHS College Options
With limited funding we can no longer maintain the same number of
students in CTE programs
At this time we have allocated $80,000 to Career and Technical
Classes for eligible students – it cost approximately $2088 for each
student enrolled into a CTE course annually.
Forty students will be eligible to participate in CTE college courses
first semester. The number could potentially increase after firm
student numbers have been confirmed if there is available funding.
Students will be allowed to take one concurrent enrollment college
class first semester
Seniors will have priority over juniors
Student Eligibility
Student enrolled in 11th or 12th grades, or waiver from
principal if 10th or 9th grade
Student displays a level of maturity necessary for college
level instruction (as determined by student’s teachers,
counselor and administration)
Student is in need of college level work
Student is on track and has completed ICAP requirement as
per grade level
Student is in good standing regarding attendance and
Student Eligibility
A Student must have the following minimum ACT scores to enroll
into MCC: Reading = 17, Writing = 18 and Math = 23
If a student does not have the above ACT scores then the
student is required to take the entrance exam, Accuplacer,
and pass this exam based on required scores of the
institution, e.g. MCC, prior to enrolling into a concurrent
enrollment course, e.g. Core.
The window for taking the Accuplacer is August 1 to August 6th.
Students must go to MCC to take the Accuplacer and they are
responsible to bring their results back to FMHS counseling
office for evidence of eligibility to enroll into a concurrent
Academic Credit
Academic credit for postsecondary courses successfully
completed by a qualified student shall count as high school
credit toward the Board’s graduation requirements, unless
such credit is denied.
High school credit shall be denied for postsecondary courses
that do not meet or exceed the district's standards.
The High School Principal shall be responsible for
determining if a postsecondary course fails to “meet or
exceed” district academic standards.
Academic Credit
 The District shall not pay for a postsecondary
course offered on campus, unless the
qualified student’s enrollment is approved
due to a scheduling conflict or other reason
deemed legitimate by the distinct.
 Concurrent enrollment is not available for
summer school.
Approved Concurrent Enrollment
A list of courses eligible for concurrent enrollment
shall be presented and approved by the Board of
Education and included in the High School
Registration Guide. Additional courses may be
approved by the Principal or designee.
Please refer to the legal size document that list
concurrent enrollment courses that are offered at
MCC. You will notice that there are notes and prere-requisites' written in the right hand column of this
Academic Plan of Study (ICAP)
The qualified student shall establish, in consultation with the Principal
or designee, an academic plan of study (ICAP) that describes all of the
courses (including postsecondary courses) the student intends to
complete to satisfy the Board's high school graduation
requirements. Prior to the qualified student's enrollment in a
postsecondary course, the Principal or designee shall review and
approve the student's academic plan of study in accordance with
applicable State Board of Education rules.
Please refer to the ICAP and Concurrent Enrollment hand out in your packet.
Academic Plan of Study (ICAP)
Prior to the qualified student’s enrollment in a
postsecondary course, the Principal or designee
shall review and approve the student's academic
plan of student in accordance with the applicable
State Board of Education rules.
Application Process
The qualified student shall complete the district's concurrent enrollment
application form and submit it to the Counseling Secretary at least 60 days
prior to the end of the academic term immediately proceeding the term of
the student's proposed enrollment in a postsecondary course. The
requested postsecondary course(s) on the student's application shall be
consistent with the student's approved academic plan of study. The
Principal may waive the 60 day requirement at his or her discretion. The
60 day requirement does not apply for fall semester, 2012.
Please refer to the following documents that are in your packet:
- FMHS Concurrent Enrollment College Agreement
- FMHS and MCC Checklist
- COF – Instructional for Completing Your Colorado Opportunity Fund
Stipend Application
Application Process
The Principal shall approve or disapprove the student's
application in accordance with this regulation's accompanying
policy and shall notify the student of the decision. The
decision of the Principal shall be final.
Please refer to the Acceptance Letter Template
Applications MUST be completed and submitted to the FMHS
Registrar in the Counseling Office no later than August 6 at
3:00 pm - Mrs. Katherine Gertge
Application Process
Approval of student applications to take concurrent enrollment
courses will be based on the student meeting the established
requirements. Payment of tuition by the district will be based
on the availability of District funds.
Absent district funding, students may receive high school credit
for college courses on a “private pay” basis with Principal
Application Process
Students do not require school or district
approval to take college courses that are
not for high school credit, not at district
expense and not disrupting the student’s
normal school schedule.
District Funding for CC
District funding levels for the concurrent
enrollment program shall be established
annually by the BOE through the budget
development and approval process.
District Funding for CC
District funding levels for the concurrent enrollment program
shall be established annually by the Board of Education
through the budget development and approval process.
The district shall pay the tuition for up to 24 credit hours of
postsecondary courses successfully completed by a
qualified student and for which the qualified student
receives high school credit, as long as the District has
sufficient funds allocated. The number of credit hours
paid will be determined by the amount of allocated funds.
At this time only one concurrent course will be allowed per
student unless additional funds are available.
District Funding for CC
The tuition paid by the district for the qualified
student’s successful completion of an approved
postsecondary course shall be in accordance with
the Act and the district’s cooperative agreement
with the institution of higher education.
District Funding for CC
The institution of higher education may charge
additional tuition and/or associated fees to the
qualified student or the student’s parent/guardian in
addition to the tuition paid by the district. The
student will be responsible for the books and all
fees for each course.
Promissory Note Requirement
Prior to paying the tuition for any qualified student, the
district shall require the student and student’s
parent/guardian to sign a Promissory Note stating if the
student fails the course or for any reason (including
illness) does not complete the postsecondary course, the
student and/or the student’s parent/guardian shall repay
the amount of tuition paid by the district on the student's
The district shall not provide or pay for the qualified
student's transportation to the institution of high
University Colorado Denver
UCD – Succed Program
Judy Carruth’s presentation to parents.
UCD courses are NOT paid by the district.
Advanced Placement
The Advanced Placement program was
started in the ‘60s by College Board to
offer high school students the chance to
take college level courses in high school.
The first exam at FMHS was given in
The Advanced Placement program
continues to grow as a college credit
option among high schools.
Advanced Placement:
Preparation for University
In 2012, over 800,000 students took the AP
English Literature exam.
In 2010, over 15,000 entering college freshmen
in Colorado had taken AP English exams.
18% of all high school students have taken and
passed at least one AP exam and another 18%
have taken an AP course.
The AP Exam
The three hour exam given in May is composed
of a multiple choice section and three essays.
The cost is $87. Many students qualify for a fee
Of all students who took the AP English exam in
2010, 60% scored a 3 or higher.
In the US, 90% of institutions of higher learning
have AP exam policies.
College Credit
Major universities typically require a score
of 4 or 5.
Smaller universities and colleges typically
give credit for a 3 or higher
Highly selective out of state schools may
require a 4 or 5 on five or more exams.
CU Succeed
• Program started in 1980 at East High
school to encourage high risk students to
enter college
• Currently 90 Colorado High School
• Students are not eligible for College
Opportunity Fund stipend because of the
size of the program
• High school faculty meet the same
standards as UCD faculty
• Credits are applied at CU Denver,
Boulder, and Colorado Springs campuses
• Students establish a CU transcript
• Transferability of credit is determined by
the transfer school
AP/CU Succeed Connection
• This year Advanced Placement English
Literature is also offered as UCD ENGL 1200
Introduction to Fiction (Semester 1) and ENGL
1400 Introduction to Literary Studies and ENGL
1400 Introduction to Literary Studies (Semester
• The option to take the class for UCD Credit is
decided by students and parent
• UCD credit does not alter course requirements
• Tuition is $75 per credit hour ($225 per
AP/CU Succeed Connection
• Advanced Placement US History is also offered
as UCD HIST 1361 U.S. History to 1876
(Semester 1) and HIST 1362 U.S. History since
1876 (Semester 2)
• The option to take the class for UCD credit is
decided by student and parents
• Tuition is $225 for each semester.
• HIST 13561 and HIST 1362 are guaranteed
transfer (gt Pathways) upon successful
completion of the course (C or better).
Registration for CU Succeed
• Students enroll through the same process
and procedures as CU Denver students
through the UCD Access system
• Add/drop dates are established by CU
• Tuition is $75 per credit hour
• Students have access to UCD Library and
online data bases
• No cost is incurred by the district
Questions / Answers
Open dialogue
If you have any questions regarding concurrent
enrollment and/or the UCD Succeed program please
contact us at 370.6689 (main office) or 370.6682
(counseling office) and you will be directed to the
appropriate staff.

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