Spring 2010 - Manomet Beach Shores Association



Spring 2010 - Manomet Beach Shores Association
MBSA Newsletter
Summers to Remember
Spring 2010
Volume 8, Issue 2
Manomet Beach Shores Association
Farewell to Winter!
Early morning's bright sunshine
It seems a bit different today
Open the window
Hear the seagulls
Spring is finally here!
Sub-Urban Tribe, “First Spring Day”
Waves on Manomet
Beach Shores 3/14/10
OK, so maybe with March being the
wettest month on record, you are
thinking that getting a bigger boat
might seem like a good idea, but don’t
despair! Summer is just around the
corner, and the MBSA is putting
together a Summer program of fun
activities and events, sure to make
Summer 2010 a Summer to
Join your friends and neighbors on
the Saturday of Memorial Day
Weekend, and kick off the Summer
with our 7th Annual Neighborhood
Cleanup Day on May 29th,
when we will meet to clean up, spruce
up, and fix up our neighborhood and
the beach in preparation for the
upcoming 2010 Summer Season.
We will meet at the Beach Overlook,
near the Ramp at 10:00am Saturday,
May 29th. The MBSA will provide
garbage bags and sanitary gloves, but
we encourage everyone to bring your
own gardening tools and work gloves.
Also in preparation for the Summer
Season, the Association Stairs will be
lowered prior to Memorial Day. Please
contact Clinton Bowes at 508-2242192 if you would like to help with
this important task.
Where the Dues Go
In order to keep our beach private, and Administration and Communications.
Waves on Manomet
Beach Shores 3/14/10
our neighborhood a desirable place to
live, the MBSA must charge dues to
cover the costs.
20% of our dues go toward the payment
of the Property Taxes levied by the
Town of Plymouth on the beach.
60% of our budget goes to Property
Maintenance, such as the stairs, the
ramp, the seawall, the overlook, the
entrance sign, beach access, and a
reserve fund for storm damage.
10% goes for Summer Social Events.
The remaining 10% covers the cost of
Thank You to all who have already paid
your 2010 dues. To date, we have
received 82 dues—or 40% of the total
Please do your part! If you have not
already paid your 2010 Dues, become
a member of the Manomet Beach
Shores Association, and send in your
dues payment with the form provided
in this newsletter. At only $60 per
year (the cheapest in South Plymouth),
it is a good investment in the value of
your property!
Seaside Socials for 2010
“When driving in the
neighborhood, please
respect the posted
speed limits, and stop
at the stop signs.
If you have visitors,
please remind your
tenants and guests to
do the same. A tragic
accident is not the way
we would like to
remember the summer!
Thank You!
The MBSA Social Committee is
busy planning some more great
social events for Summer 2010, to
give everyone more chances to
meet new people, re-connect with
old friends, and find out what is
going on in the neighborhood.
Some of the events that we are
planning for the 2010 Summer
Season include
7th Annual Neighborhood
Clean-up Day on May 29th
Wine and Cheese Meet and
Greet Social at the Overlook
on June 12th
The General Meeting on June
Pot-Luck Picnic on July 10th
Family Fun Day and Cookout
on August 14th
Sundaes on Sunday on
September 5th
Watch for your Summer
Newsletter, or check online
(Events Calendar, click on the
“Agenda” tab) for details and
times, and be sure to mark your
calendars now!
If you are interested in
volunteering for any of these
events, please contact Judy Black
at (508) 224-7749 or Katherine
Yancey at (508) 224-5933.
Beach Rules
and Park closed 11:00pm
B Beach
to 5:00 am
All dogs must be leashed
Take all refuse, including dog
waste, with you
No camping
No glass containers
No motorized vehicles of any kind
No open fires without a permit
No lifeguard on duty. All persons
using the beach do so at their
own risk
Persons committing acts of
vandalism will be prosecuted to
the full extent of the law
Eco- Tip
Help prevent Ocean
Clean up after
yourself when you
visit the beach!
Don’t forget that you can always
check the website for up-to-theminute information about Social
Events and also some very useful
and fun links for Water
Temperature, Tide Charts, Town
of Plymouth, and local weather,
including wind speed and
direction. You will also find a listing
of the Beach Rules, MBSA History,
and Private Beach Laws in
Massachusets. You may find this
so useful that you may even want
to make it your “homepage” so you
can always get the most up to the
minute news from the Beach!
2010 First Quarter MBSA Presidents Honor Roll
Paid Members as of 31 March 2010
Allen Drive
Provincetown View Road
DiMascio, Margaret
Aimone, John & Alis
Guerra, Mary
Castonguay, Maurice & Janyce
Heaney, Tim & Lolly
Dotolo, Joanne
Sturgis, Harry & Barbara
Dunckel, Marion
Wagner-Jenkins, Susan & Richard Jenkins
Gaudet, Dorothy A.
Kalil, Roberta & Paul
Bradford Terrace
Kolodziej, Ron & Deborah
Haseltine, Calvin
Langan, Mary Ellen
Crescent Street
Levenson, Alvan & Dorothy Magette
Broderick, Charlene
MacElhiney, Richard
Capeview Drive
McKinnon, John
Cote, Christopher
Neret, Lawrence & Eileen
Galkiewicz, Joyce
Sayegh, Raja & Priscilla
Junkins, Barbara
Wisgirda, Richard & Deborah
McGowan, Donald & Margaret
Smith Terrace
Sabella, Ken & Valerie
MacKenzie, Danielle
Dudley Terrace
Connolly, Bernadette
Gallagher, Michael & Brigid
Holmes, Patricia
Khoshabjian, Charles & Joy
Masho, Donald & Joan
Fuller Drive
Carberry, Betty L.
DiMascio, Steve
Lincoln Road
Connolly, Robert & Mary
Manomet Beach Blvd
Bows, Clinton & Anne
Cimino, Joseph & Janet
Gemborys, Janyce & Stanley
Grassa, Jack & Donna
Hurd, Norah & Joseph
MacLellan, John Jr. & Monique
MacPherson, Ellie
McGuinness, Bryan
Norris, Meri & George Kalil
Petralia, Evelyn
State Road
Manning, Maria
Roy, Katie & Patrick
Winthrop Road
Andrew, Frederick & Diane Keeley
Black, Judy
Branagan, Alfred & Rita
Campbell, Kathy
Chaves, Louis & Judith
Doyle, Mark
Dunn, Rob & Maria
Gallagher, Mark & Carla
Goodnow, Bettye & Wayne
Karam, Stephen & Dina
Kelly, Maureen & Meagan Dawson
Lopes, Joseph
MacKenzie, Michelle
Phinney, Chandler
Powers, Deborah & Larry
Russell, Sidney & Leanna
Scott, Sybil Ann
Sexton, Richard & Patricia
Yancey, Keith & Katherine
Webster Drive
Belisle, Shirley
Catanzaro, Loyce
Deguglielmo, Jeanette
Engebretson, Robert
Santosuosso, Barbara
Windsor Drive
Biggs, Judith A.
Carnes, William & Ann
Considine, Maureen & John
Cosmos, Stella
Galvagno, Vincent & Mary Cretella
Kirchdorfer, Ada & Karen Marchant
Linehan, John & Anne
Terminiello, Jennie & Richard
Venti, Kevin
Westberg, Paul Sr
Zammito, Pauline
Our sincere apologies
to Larry and Michelle
Drolet, whose names
were inadvertently left
off the Paid Members
List of 2009.
P.O. Box 349
Manomet, MA 02345
Neighborhood Watch
With warmer weather approaching,
more ”activity” may begin to take place
[email protected]
on the beach and around the
neighborhood. WE NEED YOUR HELP
If you see any suspicious activity,
please report it to the Neighborhood
[email protected]
Summers to Remember
Watch division of the Plymouth Police
Department at (508) 746-1212.
Summers to Remember
If you have news to report to the
MBSA Newsletter (weddings,
birth announcements, milestone
anniversaries, birthdays, etc), or
if you have some good stories to
tell about “Summers to
Remember”, please send them to
us at
[email protected]
The MBSA general meetings are held semi-annually. The first semi-annual meeting is
held on the Sunday preceding the Fourth of July weekend, June 27th, 2010 @
11am, and the second semi-annual meeting will be held on the Sunday of Labor Day
weekend, September 5th, 2010 @ 11am. All meetings are held in the Club House,
located at the top of the boat ramp leading to the beach.
If your company would like to advertise in the newsletter or on the website, please
contact Katherine Yancey at (508) 224-5933 [email protected]
or Alan Exon at (508) 224-4139 ala[email protected]
P.O. Box 349
Manomet, MA 02345

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