Summer 2009 - Manomet Beach Shores Association



Summer 2009 - Manomet Beach Shores Association
MBSA Newsletter
Title Welcome Summer!
Summer 2009
Volume 7, Issue 3
Manomet Beach Shores Association
The Bench is Back!
The MBSA kicked off the 2009 Summer
nearly impossible to remove. After
Season with the re-construction of the
allowing the pressure-treated wood to
missing bench at the Overlook Park.
“dry out” a bit, it will be stained to
Clinton Bows, of Bows Construction was
match the existing bench. This
hired by the MBSA, to rebuild the bench
beautiful new bench was not cheap, and
that was thrown over the bluff last
we appreciate everyone’s efforts to
September. This new bench is much
keep a watchful eye on it to ensure that
stronger than the previous bench, and is
those who enjoy sitting by the bluff will
anchored in such a way that it would be
have a nice and clean place to do so.
2009 Summer Social Events
We want to thank everyone who came out
on a rainy Memorial Day Weekend to
participate in the 6th Annual Pre-Summer
Beach Cleanup. Fortunately, there wasn’t
a lot of trash this year, and many hands
made light work, so it didn’t take long at
Meet & Greet Social
The Third Annual Meet and Greet Wine
and Cheese Social was held at the
Overlook on June 13th. It was a beautiful
evening, and everyone had fun meeting
new people and re-connecting with many
of our old friends.
June 28th--11am General Meeting
Held in the Club House (at the top of the
ramp, Provincetown View Road).
MBSA Social
July 18th—6pm Pot-Luck Picnic
Bring a covered dish—main course, salad,
side dish or dessert, a chair, and your
choice of beverage. The MBSA will
provide water, sodas, plates and utensils.
August 15th—11am
Family Fun
Games, music, food and prizes in a special
event for the whole family to be held at
the Overlook Park. Festivities start at
11:00am and will continue until 3:00pm.
We will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs,
and cold drinks, but donations of salads,
side dishes and desserts would be
greatly appreciated!
Bring Your Own Lawn Chair!
Sept 6th--11am General Meeting
Held in the Club House. Have a say in the
way your neighborhood runs, volunteer to
serve on the Board of Directors and
VOTE in the Election of Officers.
Sept 6th--6pm Sundaes on
The sweetest MBSA tradition! Make your
own Sundae at the Annual Ice Cream
Social at the Club House.
Joseph Demeo
We are very sad to report that
Joseph Demeo, of 29 Windsor
Drive, passed away at his home on
June 2, 2009 at the age of 90.
The family wishes to thank all of
the neighbors of Manomet Beach
Shores who always took the time
to say "hello" to Joe as he walked
around the neighborhood or as he
sat in his front yard. He was very
proud of being featured in the
Winter 2009 issue of the MBSA
Newsletter. Joseph lived a very
happy and full life, and he will be
greatly missed by all who knew him.
Neighborhood Watch
Several MBSA residents met with
the Plymouth Police Cheif recently
to discuss summer patrolling of the
neighborhood. Patrol cars will be
cruising around the neighborhood
periodically, but we still need your
help to keep our neighborhood safe
and vandal-free. If you see any
suspicious activity, or if you know
who may be responsible, please
Several members have expressed
frustration with issues such as
fireworks exploding late at night,
dogs running loose, cars blocking
driveways, unapproved bon fires on
the beach, and illegal dumping. The
phone numbers of the appropriate
departments to call are listed below:
Non-emergency numbers:
Police Dept:
(508) 830-4218
report it to the Neighborhood
Fire Department: (508) 830-4213
Watch division of the Plymouth
Animal Shelter:
(508) 888-1186
Police Department at
Of course, if it is an emergency,
dial 911
(508) 746-1212
Manomet Beach
Help prevent ocean
We are still working on installing and
Massachusetts Laws concerning
setting up a beach cam on our website,
Private Beaches, plus get links to
Keeping our beach clean
but in the meantime:
the Water Temperature in Cape Cod
also keeps our ocean
Remember that you can look up current
clean, so remember to
clean up after yourself
and your dog!
and past Newsletters, the MBSA
Social Events Calendar, MBSA Bylaws,
Contact Information, Beach Rules,
MBSA History, an explanation of
Bay, Tide Charts, the Town of
Plymouth and Local Weather on the
MBSA website:
2009 Second Quarter MBSA Honor Roll
Paid Members as of 15 June 2009
Allen Drive
DiMascio, Margaret
Guerra, Mary
Heaney, Tim & Lolly
McNeil, Paul & Margaret
Schram, Katherine
Sturgis, Harry & Barbara
Wagner-Jenkins, Susan
Bradford Terrace
Haseltine, Calvin
Crescent Street
Broderick, Charlene
Capeview Drive
Cote, Christopher
Exon, Alan
Galkiewicz, Joyce
Herrington, David
Junkins, Barbara
McGowan, Donald & Margaret
Sabella, Ken & Valerie
Provincetown View Road
Winthrop Road
Aimone, John & Alis
Barata, Carolina
Castonguay, Maurice & Janyce
Constantin, Richard
Dotolo, Joanne
Dunckel, Marion & Russell
Feeney, Robert
Gaudet, Dorothy
Honan, Frances & Joseph
Kalil, Roberta & Paul
Langan, Mary Ellen
Levenson, Alvan & Dorothy Magette
MacElhiney, Richard
McKinnon, John & Mary
Moreau, Stephen
Neret, Lawrence & Eileen
Reid, Paul & Donna Kochis
Rivers, Mark
Sayegh, Raja & Priscilla
Stevens, William & Judith
Andrew, Frederick & Diane Keeley
Baugniet, Cesidia & Didiea
Besegai, Chris & Kerri
Black, Judy
Bove, Rosemarie
Branagan, Alfred & Rita
Campbell, Kathy
Chaves, Louis & Judith
Devik, Timothy & Stephanie
Doyle, Mark
Dunn, Rob & Maria
Gallagher, Mark & Carla Dolak
Goodnow, Bettye & Wayne
Karam, Stephen & Dina
Lavin, Bill & Andrea
Locher, Rosemary
Lopes, Joseph
Phinney, Chandler
Powers, Deborah & Larry
Russell, Sidney & Leanna
Scott, Thomas & Sybil Ann
Sexton, Richard & Patricia
Yancey, Keith & Katherine
Zablocki, Joe & Michelle
Dudley Terrace
State Road
Gallagher, Michael & Brigid
Holmes, Patricia
Khoshabjian, Charles & Joy
Masho, Donald & Joan
Stone, Tom & Suzanne
Webster Drive
Fuller Drive
Carberry, Betty
DiMascio, Steve
Guerra, John Jr. & Steven
Lincoln Road
Dobush, Ken & Joyce
Earl, Kathryn
Manomet Beach Blvd
Bows, Clinton & Anne
Cimino, Joseph & Janet
Grassa, Jack & Donna
Hurd, Norah & Joseph
MacLellan, John Jr. & Monique
MacPherson, Ellie
McGuinness, Bryan
Norris, Meri & George Kalil
Petralia, Evelyn
Sayers, Stephen & Christine
Manning, Maria
Roy, Katie & Patrick
Belisle, Shirley
Catanzaro, Loyce
Deguglielmo, Jeanette
Engebretson, Robert
Kalayjian, Robert
Santosuosso, Barbara
Turner, Melissa
Windsor Drive
Biggs, Judith A.
Carnes, William & Ann
Considine, Maureen & John
Cosmos, Stella
Demeo, Joseph & Patrick & Cathy
Galvagno, Vincent & Mary Cretella
Kirchdorfer, William & Ada
Linehan, John & Anne
Marchant, William & Karen
Terminiello, Jennie & Richard
Venti, Kevin
Westberg, Paul Sr
Zammito, Pauline
“When driving in the
neighborhood, please
respect the posted
speed limits, and stop
at the stop signs. The
tragedy you prevent
may be your own!
P.O. Box 349
Manomet, MA 02345
[email protected]
[email protected]
Summers to Remember
Loading Zone
Parking is not permitted at the
beach. Members may use their
vehicles to transport equipment to
the beach, but this is a loading zone
only. Residents are reminded to be
courteous when loading and
unloading vehicles. Do not leave
your vehicle unattended for more
than 15 minutes, and do not block
the driveways of other residents.
Summers to Remember
If you have news to report to the
MBSA Newsletter (weddings,
birth announcements, milestone
anniversaries, birthdays, etc), or
if you have some good stories to
tell about “Summers to
Remember”, please send them to
us at
[email protected]
The MBSA general meetings are held semi-annually. The first semi-annual meeting is
held on the Sunday preceding the Fourth of July weekend, June 28th, 2009 @
11am, and the second semi-annual meeting will be held on the Sunday of Labor Day
weekend, September 6th, 2009 @ 11am. All meetings are held in the Club House,
located at the top of the boat ramp leading to the beach.
If your company would like to advertise in the newsletter or on the website, please
contact Katherine Yancey at (508) 224-5933 [email protected]
or Alan Exon at (508) 224-4139 [email protected]
P.O. Box 349
Manomet, MA 02345