Annual Report 2015



Annual Report 2015
Into Success
MDIS Annual Report 2015
The choice for lifelong learning
with global recognition.
A caring and socially
responsible institution that
maximises the potential of
individuals and organisations
through globally accredited
Core Values
The acronym for MDIS’ Core Values is LEARN.
L Lifelong Learning
We embrace lifelong learning.
We strive for excellence in customer care.
We offer ability-driven education and
MDIS embraces a culture
of lifelong learning to nurture
and maximise the potential
of our stakeholders.
We take utmost responsibility in ensuring
high quality programmes.
We nurture talents for the new economy.
“Learning is a
treasure that
will follow
its owner
– Chinese Proverb
Message from MDIS President
Promoting Holistic Development
Message from MDIS Senate Chairman
Building International Ties
MDIS Senate
Raising Standards of Service
MDIS Patron & Trustees, MDIS Academic
Advisory Board and MDIS Education
Trust Fund Trustees
Pioneering Innovative Research
Inspiring Success and Excellence
MDIS Governing Council
Dynamic Living and Learning Environment
MDIS Subcommittees
Caring and Giving
MDIS School Industrial Advisory Boards
Building Lifelong Relationships
Financial Highlights
Growing Our Presence
Highlights for 2015
Extending Our Reach
Our Joyous Moments
Expanding Our Footprint
Empowering Students for Tomorrow
Our Continuous Progress
Pursuit of Lifelong Learning
MDIS Honours List
Fulfilling Educational Aspirations
Our University Partners
Establishing Standards of Excellence
Photographs and event pictures in this Annual Report feature MDIS students, alumni, lecturers, staff and other stakeholders.
Front and Back Covers: MDIS students
MDIS Experience
MDIS Passion
Core Values of MDIS Students
Core Values of MDIS Academics
MDIS students enhance their presentation
and communication skills by formulating and
presenting their oratory competencies with
clarity, fluency and effectiveness.
MDIS academics are empathetic towards the
students going the extra mile to support them
in their learning process.
MDIS students are challenged to think out of
the box through experiential learning and
problem solving.
MDIS students attain globally recognised
academic qualifications and are knowledgable in
cross-cultural issues through constant interactions
with a good mix of international students.
MDIS students develop self-discipline and
inculcate leadership qualities through
participation in co-curricular activities.
MDIS students engage in acquiring knowledge
through lectures and research.
MDIS students keep the environment green,
robust and healthy.
MDIS academics are subject-content experts for
the academic assignments they undertake.
MDIS academics are willing to give their time
and energy to develop the profiles of all
MDIS academics are professionals with the
relevant knowledge and skills accumulated
through experience.
MDIS academics are truthful, and students have
confidence in them.
MDIS academics are able to motivate and
encourage students to achieve their goals.
MDIS academics are willing to impart their
knowledge to the students to help them
develop their potential.
MDIS academics are able to create opportunities
for students to develop their self-confidence.
MDIS Spirit
Core Values of MDIS Staff
MDIS staff comply with company policies,
operating procedures and work instructions.
MDIS staff ensure that all tasks assigned to them
are followed through and completed timely.
MDIS staff develop and implement ideas and
think out of the box.
MDIS staff align their goals and responsibilities
with those of their colleagues and the institute.
MDIS staff are certain of themselves and their
roles in the organisation.
MDIS staff exude contagious energy that
inspire those around them.
MDIS staff practise good time management
and utilise the best tools and teams to get
the job done.
MDIS staff care for and appreciate their
colleagues and their shared environment.
MDIS staff create their own opportunities and
seek continual improvement for the institute.
MDIS staff identify and anticipate areas for
At MDIS, we are unwaveringly dedicated to
providing students with the best possible
education and standards of service quality.
Our distinctive education moulds our students
to become the best version of themselves –­
both professionally and personally.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Message from
MDIS President
“As we embark on our regional expansion plans, I am
confident that MDIS will continue to be an institution
of academic excellence and a global provider of
internationally renowned education programmes.”
DIS celebrated 2015 with significant
achievements despite the slowing global
economy and competition from the growing
private education sector.
On the financial front, MDIS achieved a financial surplus of
about S$12.7 million before donations and taxes. This was
the result of our concerted efforts in managing the Institute
prudently, coupled with our relentless pursuit of high
academic quality. These efforts have enabled us to achieve
commendable operational and infrastructural growth in
Singapore and our three overseas venture campuses.
MDIS’ global presence has been extended into new
frontiers with the VELS Institute of Science, Technology
and Advanced Studies (VELS University) in Chennai,
India through a joint venture to set up MDIS-VELS India,
where students will study diploma programmes in
business, management and other disciplines including
hospitality, tourism, information technology and mass
communications. This will be MDIS’ third overseas
campus, with the first in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and the
second at EduCity in Johor, Malaysia.
MDIS Tashkent
MDIS Tashkent has shown commendable achievements.
True to its graduation motto Spread Your Wings and
Conquer New Heights, MDIS Tashkent celebrated its fifth
graduation ceremony in October 2015 with more than
300 students graduating from the Southern Cross
University (Australia), University of Wales (UK) and
University of Sunderland (UK). The institute also saw
an increase in student population. More than 2,500
students enrolled at MDIS Tashkent in 2015. To meet
the growing student enrolment, MDIS Tashkent has
embarked on an expansion of its campus facilities
as it continues to gain greater academic stature in
Uzbekistan and Central Asia for being a provider of
quality education.
MDIS Malaysia
The MDIS Malaysia campus at EduCity, Johor has been
gearing up in 2015 and will open its doors to students
when it completes its first phase of construction.
More than 300 students are currently studying at
MDIS Malaysia’s City Campus at City Square. These
students will move to the new campus when it
opens. Additionally, in line with MDIS’ Green Campus
philosophy, the eco and disabled-friendly integrated
campus will have sustainable green features that will
reap energy and water savings.
As part of MDIS’ Corporate Social Responsibility efforts
to nurture talent, Merit Achievement awards were
granted to 24 outstanding students. Under the scheme,
students are eligible for a RM1,000 scholarship on course
fees for every “A” grade they achieve at the SPM level.
Awarded in recognition of their outstanding results, the
maximum pay-out for the Merit Achievement awards for
each student was capped at RM6,000. In addition, the
Wawasan (Vision) Scholarship Awards were also awarded
to two students.
Our Achievements in 2015:
a. Service Class Certification
Singapore Service Class Certification was awarded
to MDIS by SPRING Singapore in June 2015 to
acknowledge MDIS’ commendable performance
in service excellence.
individuals in society. In this regard, a new series
of bronze statues embodying holistic, academic,
professional and career success were placed at the
inner courtyard of MDIS Campus in 2015. These statues
serve to encourage students to enjoy a unique learning
experience and a vibrant campus life.
Community Spirit
As part of its sixth year of joint efforts with Jalan Kayu
constituency, MDIS distributed S$30,000 worth of
groceries and supermarket vouchers to 150 needy
families during the annual Jalan Kayu Family Day event.
Each family received a total of S$200 each – S$30 worth
of groceries and S$170 in cash vouchers. The MDISJalan Kayu Heartstrings Programme seeks to lessen the
burden of the less privileged at Jalan Kayu constituency
and ensure the well-being of society at large.
Record Achievement of First Class Honours in 2015
MDIS has produced 139 First Class Honours graduates
from the cohorts of the University of Bradford, University
of Wales and the University of Sunderland programmes.
This achievement has reflected an 11% increase in
First Class Honours graduates over last year’s cohort,
and endorsed MDIS’ high academic standards. It is
also a reflection of the hard work and commitment by
students who have benefitted from MDIS’ excellent
teaching and learning systems that have been instituted
in collaboration with its university partners.
In Appreciation
On behalf of the Governing Council, I thank our Patron,
Trustees, Senate Members and Academic Advisory Board
members for their steadfast support and invaluable
contributions to the success of MDIS.
I would also like to thank the management, staff, lecturers,
university partners, students and other stakeholders for
their contributions and support for MDIS. Each of these
stakeholders has played a crucial part in making MDIS an
institute of high academic standing in delivering industryrelevant education programmes.
b. Enterprise 50 Awards
MDIS was awarded the Enterprise 50 Award in November
2015 in recognition of MDIS’ contributions and resilience
in spurring Singapore’s economy. This award honours
visionary companies for embracing the true spirit of
enterprise in the competitive business arena.
As we embark on our regional expansion plans, I am
confident that MDIS will continue to be an institution
of academic excellence and a global provider of
internationally renowned education programmes.
c. Vibrant Campus Life
Dr Eric Kuan
MDIS Governing Council
At MDIS, we empower students to be lifelong learners
with the knowledge, social skills and values to thrive
in their careers. We also inspire them to be caring
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Message from
MDIS Senate
he Management Development Institute of
Singapore (MDIS) has come a long way. As
Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional
institute, we have a rich history and heritage.
Founded in 1956, we have been in the forefront as
one of the nation’s foremost providers of lifelong
learning. To this day, MDIS continues to play a
pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the nation’s
workforce through a culture of lifelong learning.
Embracing lifelong learning
The concept of lifelong learning is of paramount
importance, particularly with the emergence of
new technologies that change the way we receive
and gather information, collaborate with others,
and communicate. Learning and mastering everchanging skills throughout one’s life is vital for selfsustainability and also in powering and transforming
our nation into a highly skilled and world-ready
workforce that will drive Singapore’s next phase of
development towards an advanced economy and
inclusive society.
and integrated high quality system of education
and training that responds to constantly evolving
needs, as well as foster a culture that supports and
celebrates lifelong learning.
Commitment to Excellence
Singapore’s education has a stellar reputation
not just in the region, but globally. There is
strong demand from students from around the
world to pursue programmes endorsed by the
Singapore brand, evident from the vast number
of international students from around the globe
studying at MDIS in Singapore. Our dedication
and commitment towards educational excellence
is also reflected in our overseas campuses, which
maintain the same exacting quality and academic
standards that the MDIS brand name is renowned
for. We are committed to providing unwavering
dedication to educational excellence, and in
breaking new grounds towards building a truly
global schoolhouse.
Global Outreach
MDIS, in collaboration with its university partners,
the Service Quality Centre and the Management
Development and Consultancy, MDIS’ corporate
training arm, has been diversifying and expanding
its portfolio of programme offerings, while
maximising synergies to help individuals make
well-informed choices in their education, training
and careers. Supplemented by industry visits, soft
skills workshops and talks from industry experts,
MDIS aims to provide its students with a holistic
Our dedication towards educational excellence
is also reflected in our overseas campus at MDIS
Tashkent which is recognised as the first choice
university in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Well into
its seventh year of operations and growth, MDIS
Tashkent is expanding its facilities to accommodate
the larger number of student enrolments.
MDIS Malaysia’s first phase of construction is due
for completion in 2016. Students studying at the
“To this day, MDIS continues to play a
pivotal role in shaping the landscape
of the nation’s workforce through a
culture of lifelong learning.”
City Campus at City Square, Johor will move into the
permanent 30-acre integrated campus with modern
facilities and well-equipped laboratories and studios
in EduCity, Iskandar this year.
As part of MDIS’ global strategy, our third overseas
campus, MDIS-VELS India, is in the pipeline following a
joint venture inked in 2015 with the VELS Institute of
Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (VELS
University) in Chennai, India. To further establish the
MDIS brand name in the region, we are committed
to exploring overseas expansion plans.
At this juncture, I would like to take this opportunity
to extend my gratitude to my fellow members of the
Senate, Patron, Trustees, Academic Advisory Board,
Governing Council, management, staff, students and
alumni of MDIS for their invaluable support, strategic
counsel and commitment to excellence. They have
contributed immensely to the growth and success of
the Institute.
Together, with a strong sense of drive, commitment
and determination, we are confident in reaching
new peaks of excellence.
Dr Ahmad Magad
MDIS Senate
MDIS Annual Report 2015
MDIS Senate
Dr Ahmad Magad
Mr S Chandra Das
Vice Chairman
Group Managing Director
II-VI Asia Manufacturing
Managing Director
NUR Investment & Trading
Pte Ltd, Singapore
Dr Yii Hee Seng
Professor Lawson
Medical Director
Raffles Medical Group Ltd
Raffles Health Insurance
Pte Ltd, Singapore
Chair of the Academic Board
Queensland International
Business Academy, Australia
Emeritus Professor
Mark Cleary
Professor Lui
Pao Chuen
Emeritus Professor
University of Bradford, UK
National Research Foundation
Prime Minister’s Office,
Member, Board of Governors,
University of Plymouth, UK
Senior Advisor
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Descon Chartered Architects
& Planners, Singapore
Professor Emeritus
Edward Henry
Professor Emeritus
Brunel Business School,
Brunel University London, UK
Dr Hoh Sek Tien
Consultant Eye Surgeon
Mount Elizabeth Novena
Hospital and Gleneagles
Hospital, Singapore
Professor Philip Poh
Honorary Chairman
Trade & Industry Association,
Dr Chuang
Consultant Cardiologist
and Medical Doctor
Asian Heart and Vascular
Centre, Mount Elizabeth
Hospital, Singapore
Professor Michael
Peter Fidler, CBE
Emeritus Professor
University of Sunderland, UK
MDIS Patron & Trustees
Mr Victor Wong
Fun Hong
Mr Tan Kah Hoe
Philip Poh
Mr Kuppusamy
Sole Proprietor
Simnex International
Descon Chartered
Architects & Planners
Honorary Chairman
Trade & Industry
Association, Singapore
Prudential Public Accounting
MDIS Academic Advisory Board
Dr Ahmad Magad
Group Managing Director
II-VI Asia Manufacturing
Associate Professor
Executive Chairman
Department of Biochemistry
Kingsmen Creatives Ltd
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine,
National University of Singapore
and National Supercomputing
Centre, Singapore
Non-Executive Chairman
International Healthway
Corp Ltd
MDIS Education Trust Fund Trustees
Dr Eric Kuan
Choon Hock
Dr R Theyvendran, Lim How Kim,
Lanvard Education &
Development Pte Ltd
Chairman / Managing
Stamford Media
International Group
of Companies
Senior Lecturer
Singapore Polytechnic
Elder Ang Poh
Siew, JP, BBM, PBM
Ms Chomil Kamal,
Hotel Supreme Pte Ltd
Starspur Enterprise Ltd
MDIS Annual Report 2015
MDIS Governing Council
Dr Eric Kuan
Choon Hock
Lanvard Education &
Development Pte Ltd
Mr Chua Chen How
Managing Director
FP Holding Pte Ltd
Dr Christopher Syn
Biology Division
Health Sciences Authority
Dr R
Mr Roger Tham
Kong Khuan
Assistant SecretaryGeneral
Chairman / Managing
Stamford Media
International Group
of Companies
Workshop Production
SIA Engineering
Company Ltd
Mr Chamal
De Silva
Council Member
Mr Tan Zing Yuen Mr Simon Ho
Council Member
Khee Lim
Council Member
Director of Corporate
Nautique Pte Ltd
Thomson Medical
Pte Ltd
Mr Shareef Bin
Abdul Jaffar
Honorary Treasurer
General Manager /
Singapore Recreation
FP Consultant Int’l
Pte Ltd
Dr Wong Sin Yew
Infectious Disease
Partners Pte Ltd
Mr Winston Gan
Kuat Cheong
Honorary Assistant
Mr Christopher
Yeow Shih Shin,
Council Member
Managing Director
D’Best Respray Centre
J2 Associates
Mr S V
Council Member
Dr Sarbjit Singh
Council Member
Senior Consultant
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Global Head - BU Finance Mount Elizabeth Medical
& Corporate Planning
MDIS SubCommittees
Dr R Theyvendran
Mr Chong Kwan Wai
Mr Chua Chen How
Mr Chua Chen How
Mr Winston Gan Kuat Cheong
Mr Roger Tham Kong Khuan
Mr Shareef Bin Abdul Jaffar
Mr Winston Gan Kuat Cheong
Mr Simon Ho Khee Lim
Mr SV Padmanabhan
Mr Shareef Bin Abdul Jaffar
Mr Christopher Yeow Shih Shin
Mr Tan Zing Yuen
Mr Bobby E.P. Eng
Ms Helen Campos
Dr R Theyvendran
Mr Shareef Bin Abdul Jaffar
Mr Chamal De Silva
Mr Chong Kwan Wai
Mr Roger Tham Kong Khuan
Dr Wong Sin Yew
Mr Winston Gan Kuat Cheong
& Training
Dr Eric Kuan Choon Hock
Dr Christopher Syn Kiu-Choong
Mr Christopher Yeow Shih Shin
Mr Tan Zing Yuen
Dr Sarbjit Singh
Dr Keith Ng Yong Ngee
Dr Wong Chow Cher
Mr Roger Tham Kong Khuan
Mr Winston Gan Kuat Cheong
Mr Chamal De Silva
Mr Shareef Bin Abdul Jaffar
Mr SV Padmanabhan
Mr Roger Tham Kong Khuan
Mr Shareef Bin Abdul Jaffar
Mr Winston Gan Kuat Cheong
Mr Simon Ho Khee Lim
Mr Chong Kwan Wai
Mr K P Muniratnam
& Consultancy
Mr Simon Ho Khee Lim
Dr Wong Sin Yew
Mr Chamal De Silva
Ms Shoba Gunasekaran
Mr Chua Chen How
Mr Christopher Yeow Shih Shin
Academic Quality
& Examination Board
Dr Christopher Syn Kiu-Choong
Mr Christopher Yeow Shih Shin
Dr Sarbjit Singh
Dr Keith Ng Yong Ngee
Dr Wong Chow Cher
MDIS Annual Report 2015
MDIS School Industrial
Advisory Boards
MDIS Business School
Industrial Advisory Board
School of Media & Communications
Industrial Advisory Board
Mr David Wee
Mr Lincoln Teo
Founder & CEO
Asia Speakers Bureau
Chief Operating Officer
DP Information Group
| Part of the Experian
Mr John
Mr Nicholas
Publishing and
Partnerships, Edelman
South East Asia
Managing Director
Sinema Media Pte Ltd
Mr Ong Shei Ren
Mr Eric Wong
Mr Donald Lim
Mr Mohd Saat
Abdul Rahman
Director Examinations
Head – Talent Acquisition,
– Singapore, Malaysia,
ASEAN Cluster
Johnson & Johnson
British Council Singapore
Mr B Suryanarayanan
Chief Financial Officer
Helix Leisure Pte Ltd
Pte Ltd
Ms Isadora
Senior Programme
Warna 94.2FM
& Ria 89.7FM
Berita Harian, Singapore
Press Holdings
Mr Mike Wiluan
Managing Director
Infinite Frameworks
Pte Ltd
Mr Jonathan Ng
Razor TV, Singapore
Press Holdings
Mr Jason Tan
Ms Azizah Malik
Senior Account Director
Dentsu Mobius
Assistant Vice-President
MediaCorp Production,
School of Tourism
& Hospitality Industrial
Advisory Board
Dr Chew Fook Tim Mr Allan Yeo
Hwee Tiong
Vice Dean
Mr Benedict Soh Mrs Janet
Executive Chairman
(Undergraduate Studies Principal Advisor
and Student Life,
KPMG Services Pte Ltd
Faculty of Science)
Department of Biological
Sciences, National
University of Singapore
Mr Leigh
Chief Executive Officer
Maccine Pte Ltd
Dr Tan Swee Ngin
Associate Professor
Natural Sciences
& Science Education
Academic Group
National Institute
of Education
Nanyang Technological
Kingsmen Creatives Ltd
Mr Michael
Group Publisher – TTG
Travel Trade Publishing
TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd
School of Health & Life
Sciences Industrial
Advisory Board
Mr Beppe De Vito
Managing Director
II-Lido Pte Ltd
Ms Teo Ser Lee
Founder / Director
Protocol Academy Pte Ltd
Dr Yu Hao
Dr Steven Lee
Mr Chan Mun Wei Mr Dennis Law
Vice Dean
Graduate Studies,
Faculty of Science
National University
of Singapore
Global Head
Technical Operations
CEO – Singapore
Divisional Director
Corporate Planning
Sentosa Development
Executive Officer &
General Manager Global
Inbound Division
JTB Pte Ltd (Asia Pacific
Head Quarters)
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Financial Highlights
MDIS Net Surplus
Net Surplus* (S$Mil)
*Net surplus before donations and tax
Net Assets – MDIS & MDIS Education Trust Fund
Net Assets (S$Mil)
MDIS Education Trust Fund
MDIS does not solicit funds or donations from the public. As a not-for-profit organisation, the Institute is entirely
self-funded through its programmes; all profits are channelled back into the Institute for the purposes of
expanding and improving current infrastructure, developing new programmes and enhancing the quality of its
current programmes.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Highlights for 2015
Campaign 2015
The branding campaign for 2015 was
aimed at inspiring students to enhance
their future with internationally
recognised academic programmes
and industry relevant curriculum.
Recognising that book knowledge
alone is insufficient to succeed in the
industry, the visuals incorporated key
messages on equipping students with
practical knowledge and insights to
excel in the real world.
27 & 28 Feb
Chingay 2015
MDIS made up a part of the
11,000 strong contingent of
performers at the 43rd edition
of the Chingay Parade. The
Institute’s entourage comprised
of 60 students from China,
Indonesia, Russia, Singapore
and Vietnam. Keeping to the
parade’s theme We Love SG, MDIS’
6-metre long float symbolised
the Institute’s pride and pleasure
in growing with the nation.
MDIS students put up a dazzling
performance at the Chingay Parade
House 2015
MDIS opened its doors to the public for
its annual Open House at the Stirling Road
Campus. Prospective students took part
in interactive workshops organised by
the various MDIS Schools. The workshops
gave participants insights into the different
industries. For example, the School of
Fashion & Design allowed guests to
attempt transforming a t-shirt into a
piece of wearable art through techniques
such as weaving, sewing and colouring.
Other fun activities included sampling
drinks concocted by students, a crash
course on wireless eavesdropping and live
demonstration of a radio presentation.
23 May
MDIS 20th Scholarship
& Bursary Awards
Guest-of-Honour Ms Grace Fu with bursary award recipients
MDIS presented about 850 students with scholarships
and bursaries at its 20th Scholarship & Bursary Awards
ceremony. Guest-of-Honour Ms Grace Fu Hai Yien, Minister
for Culture, Community and Youth & Leader of the House,
presented the awards to the recipients on 23 May 2015.
MDIS also offers scholarships through Singapore’s self-help
groups, associations and organisations. In 2015, 20 bondfree scholarships worth a total of S$280,000 were awarded
as part of the Institute’s aim of promoting lifelong learning
amongst local and international students. Additionally, a
new category, the MDIS SG50 Special Bursary, was launched
to mark Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.
7 Mar
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Highlights for 2015
22 Jul
MDIS’ Entry
into India
MDIS entered into a joint
venture with Chennai-based
VELS Institute of Science,
Technology and Advanced
Studies (VELS University) on
22 July 2015 to form MDIS-VELS
India. MDIS-VELS India marks
the Institute’s third overseas
campus. Construction of the
estimated 70,000 sq ft campus
will commence in July 2016.
At MDIS-VELS India, students
will be able to undertake a
variety of programmes ranging
from Diploma to Master’s
Degree in Business and
Management. Programmes in
the fields of Hospitality, Tourism,
Information Technology and
Mass Communications will
be added progressively.
Dr R Theyvendran (third from
left), MDIS Secretary-General
with the Vice-Chancellor of VELS
University in Chennai, India
on career
from potential
5 – 9 Oct
MDIS Virtual
Career Fair
The MDIS Virtual Career Fair 2015 was
held in the hopes of bridging the
geographical gaps between students
and companies and providing both
parties a convenient platform with all
the benefits of a physical job fair. More
than 35 enterprises and about 900
participants across different faculties
participated to connect for networking
and employment opportunities.
At the fair, participants received insights
into a wide range of topics surrounding
career search that ranged from
employment trends and job-hunting tips
to managing interviews. Facilitated by
industry experts, job seekers were also
exposed to how effective communication
can work for them, and how colours can
affect one’s mood through the Colour
Profiling Personality Assessment.
Dr Eric Kuan, MDIS President (third from left) receives the Enterprise 50 award
MDIS’ contributions and resilience
in spurring Singapore’s economy
was acknowledged when the
Institute received the Enterprise
50 Award in November 2015.
The award honours visionary
companies that demonstrate
the true spirit of enterprise in the
competitive business arena. Out
of 50 companies that took part in
the awards selection, MDIS was
ranked 19th.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Our Joyous Moments
17 Jan
Architects of the Soul
MDIS and Northumbria University (UK) celebrated the inaugural
graduation of its students in the Bachelor of Science (Honours)
in Biotechnology programme. During the ceremony, Mr Tan Kah
Hoe, Secretary of MDIS Senate, reminded students to take the
experiences and lessons learnt in school along with them through
their journey in life.
“The education I received has been life-changing for
me; not only because it provided me with the keys
to my career, but also because it shaped the person
that I would become today. The experience I had as a
young student would prove to be definitive in my life
journey, and I am sure the same will be true for you.”
Mr Tan Kah Hoe
Secretary, MDIS Senate
13 Mar
Memories for Life
MDIS in conjunction with the Ecole Nationale D’Administration,
held the graduation of its fourth batch of students from the
Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and Management
(GCPAM) programme. Guest-of-Honour, Mr Tan Kah Hoe, Secretary
of MDIS Senate, urged students to hold the memories they have
made at MDIS close to their hearts.
“Treasure the memories and moments that you
have made here at MDIS. From the friendships you
have forged with your peers and your lecturers to the
lessons you have learnt both inside and outside the
classroom, keep them close to your heart and mind.
They will serve you well in the years to come.”
Mr Tan Kah Hoe
Secretary, MDIS Senate
27 May
Shaping Character
MDIS and the Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics (ZJTIE)
held a joint graduation ceremony for its third cohort of graduates
from the Advanced Diploma in International Trade and Commerce
and Advanced Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management
programmes. Professor Chen Li Neng, President of ZJTIE, highlighted
in his speech that a quality education shapes a person’s identity.
“Education, I firmly believe, is the foundation of a
person’s mind and personality. Just as a house must
be built on solid ground, so too must a person’s
intellect and character be built on a solid education.
And a solid education, I believe, is exactly what you
have all received.”
Professor Chen Li Neng
President, Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics, China
30 May
Scaling Greater Heights
The 5th MDIS-University of Sunderland graduation was
attended by more than 660 graduates and guests. In
her commencement address, the Guest-of-Honour,
Dr Intan Azura Binte Mokhtar, Member of Parliament for
Ang Mo Kio GRC, reminded graduates on the importance
of humility and constant learning.
“I am confident that as long as you
remember all that you have learnt here
today, and be humble and open-minded
to learn from people around you, your road
ahead will be bright, prosperous and a
most rewarding one.”
Dr Intan Azura Binte Mokhtar
Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC
10 Oct
Riding the Tides of Life
Attended by more than 100 graduates and over 200 guests,
the 18th MDIS-Oklahoma City University Graduation was
graced by the presence of Mr Vikram Nair, Member of
Parliament for Sembawang GRC. In his speech, Mr Vikram
gave students a preview of what to expect as they embark
on their journey towards success and self-fulfillment.
“Talent and intelligence have never protected
anyone from the perversity of fate. The world
at large is eager to show you its set of criteria.
You may be in exploratory mode in your
initial years after today, meeting plenty of
crossroads and speed bumps before realising
your true passion. The role that you play will
be little at first but eventually, they will be
significant steps to better the community and
the country.”
Mr Vikram Nair
Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Our Joyous Moments
17 Oct
Overcoming the Odds
Some 200 guests congregated to witness the convocation
of 95 graduates from Southern Cross University (Australia).
The event was graced by Mr Alex Yam Ziming, Member of
Parliament for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC. Mr Alex Yam advised
students on the key to success in life after graduation.
“The journey ahead for you will now be an
open sea. It’s an opportunity for you to excel
in whatever you set yourself in. It’s also an
opportunity for you to look around you, and
look at the people you can bring along on
this journey. Many of you come from very
different backgrounds. Many of you have
faced challenges in your own time. But you
are here today because you didn’t give up.”
Mr Alex Yam Ziming
Member of Parliament for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC
22 – 23 Oct
Spread Your Wings
More than 300 students were conferred their Bachelor and
Master’s degrees awarded by University of Wales, University
of Sunderland and Southern Cross University at MDIS
Tashkent’s 5th Graduation Ceremony. Dr Jasur Salikhov, Rector
of MDIS Tashkent reminded the students to prudently apply
the skills and knowledge acquired to expand networks and
strive for excellence. He noted it is also the virtues that will
help the cohort further in years to come.
“A great amount of time and effort were
invested in developing your character,
knowledge and skills. Your achievement today
is a reflection of your excellence in this path.
Our wish is for you to develop and bring out
your best in all you do.”
Dr Jasur Salikhov
Rector, MDIS Tashkent
14 Nov
Towards a Better
85 graduates accompanied by 200 family members
and close friends gathered at the Auditorium of MDIS
Campus to celebrate the completion of their degree
programmes conferred by the University of the
West of England (UK). The ceremony was graced by
Guest-of-Honour Mr S Chandra Das, Vice-Chairman
of MDIS Senate. Reminding graduates on the essence
of education, his speech was nothing short of inspiring.
“Education helps us develop our
perspective on the world at large, and
encourages us to be analytical and
creative in different subjects.”
Mr S Chandra Das
Vice-Chairman, MDIS Senate
22 Nov
Success Within Reach
MDIS-University of Bradford’s graduates celebrated the
completion of their studies at the Suntec City Convention
Centre. 530 graduates across nine faculties were
conferred their credentials. Dr Theyvendran conveyed his
congratulations to the graduating class and expressed his
belief that they will go on to succeed in their chosen careers.
“The world is your stage, and will be as long
as you make it. But first, you have to find
your passion, which is the energy within you
that spurs you to do what you have to do.
On this note, as you celebrate this auspicious
moment, let us pay tribute to those who have
sacrificed for you.”
Dr R Theyvendran
Secretary-General, MDIS
The relevance of our programmes to
industry needs as well as the progress
of society reaffirms our position among
our stakeholders.
Through our programmes, we realise the full
potential of our students, enabling them to
realise their dreams.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Empowering Students
For Tomorrow
The range of comprehensive and
well-accredited courses at MDIS
equips students with the skills and
knowledge to brave the challenges
of today and tomorrow – growing
their aspirations and ensuring a
promising future.
MDIS College
Since its establishment in 2006, MDIS College
has been steadfastly preparing students for
the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate
of Education (GCE) Ordinary and Advanced
Level examinations. Students undertake
intensive preparatory courses that equip them
with the pre-requisites to progress into postsecondary institutions.
The team of dedicated and experienced
lecturers is trained to go beyond mere delivery
of syllabus. Students walk away with not only
academic knowledge but also heightened
soft skills such as information literacy and
time management.
What sets MDIS College apart is its resemblance
to a mini-globalised village. The presence of
both local and international students fosters
socialisation, engagement and cultural exchange.
Hence, MDIS College not only empowers students
to achieve academic success, it also aims to mould
youths of the 21st century into empathetic and
respectful global citizens, who are ready to take
on the challenges of the world.
The presence of
both local and
students fosters
engagement and
cultural exchange.
Business students brainstorm
on a group assignment
A diverse mix of students from MDIS College hang out in between classes
MDIS Business School
Driven to inculcate confidence in students, MDIS Business School
develops leaders that are knowledgeable and professional for the
workforce. At the forefront of business and management education,
MDIS Business School publishes research articles and works with
renowned partners to further enhance the learning experience
of students.
2015 was an exciting year for MDIS Business School. Students took part
in a number of competitions that not only put their skills to the test, but
also made learning fun and enriching. For four consecutive years since
2012, students from the School have been selected to compete in the
final challenge of the Young Entrepreneurship Competition organised by
the Singapore Discovery Centre.
In July 2015, another team comprising four undergraduate business
students also competed in the Young Corporate Social Responsibility
Leaders Award Competition organised by the Singapore Global Compact
Network Singapore and City Development Limited. The students
emerged among the top ten out of 95 teams in the final challenge.
Such ventures awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in students, spur them
to become self-reliant and mature their sense of responsibility to society,
while honing their leadership skills and enhancing the student life
experience in MDIS.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
School of Engineering
In a new partnership with Northumbria University (UK), MDIS
School of Engineering introduced three new degree programmes
in 2015 – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical and Electronic
Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Mechanical
Engineering, and Master of Science Project Management. Hence,
its portfolio of programmes with the UK institution has expanded
to seven in total.
Supporting the teaching and learning of these programmes is
extremely vital and along this line, the School has extensively
expanded its teaching facilities to provide a more conducive
learning environment for its students. The School now has a total
of four engineering laboratories and workshops, namely Electrical
Engineering and Thermofluids Lab, Computing and Materials Lab,
Design and Manufacturing Studio, and Mechanical Workshop.
Extra-curricular activities like industrial visits and a series of academic
and industrial seminars were also organised throughout the year.
These activities aim to bring students closer to the engineering
industry while broadening their practical knowledge.
Student from the MDIS School of Engineering conducting an automation
stimulation test
To date, the School of
Fashion and Design
has initiated numerous
collaborations with
leading fashion labels,
including Max Mara,
Dolce & Gabbana,
Forever21, Bodynits,
and jewellery bigwig,
Students from the School of Fashion working together on a project at the Fashion Studio
School of Fashion and Design
MDIS’ School of Fashion and Design continues its mission to
nurture a new generation of creative professionals in the fields
of Fashion Design, Branding, Marketing and Communication.
To date, the School has initiated numerous collaborations
with leading fashion labels, including Max Mara, Dolce
& Gabbana, Forever21, Bodynits, and jewellery bigwig,
Swarovski. Through visits to retailers such as Louis Vuitton
and high profile exhibitions such as Hermès, Asia Fashion
Future Conference and Louis Vuitton Series 3, students
were able to broaden their knowledge of the fashion world.
Workshops by Bewarp Studio and StyleTribute provided
students with hands-on training to hone their skills while
volunteer opportunities at the Singapore Fashion Week and
Digital Fashion Week gave them a taste of working backstage
at fashion runways. To acquaint students with the industry
mechanics in countries outside of Singapore, a field trip
to Hong Kong was also organised.
The highlight of 2015 was the first Graduate Fashion Festival
hosted by the School at the National Design Centre on
9 September 2015. Graduates from the Bachelor of Arts
(Honours) Fashion Marketing and Branding showcased their
business plans and marketing strategies for reputable brands
like Robinsons and Alexander McQueen, while those from
the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fashion Design put up their
very own fashion show. The event was attended by 200
guests and consisted of renowned fashion designers and
prominent global fashion retailers. Dr Georgia Lee, doctor
and socialite, Ms Sherri Lim, VP Human Resources of Tangs,
Mr Damiano Biella, Creative Director of Braun Büffel, and
Ms Wattasri Pattamasing, Retail Director of Dolce & Gabbana
were among the guests spotted.
In 2015, MDIS students also received greater recognition for
their works. Various opportunities for students to showcase
their creations on a larger scale arose. For one, the School was
invited to present four modest wear designs at Mediacorp’s
Selamat Pagi show. At Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week
in Kuala Lumpur, Korean graduate Yuna Yun exhibited a tasteful
collection that fused traditional Korean heritage with modern
day influences. Yuna’s creations along with that of other
students Noella Foo, Fenella Fazhou and Drishti Makhija was
showcased at Digital Fashion Week for the catwalk organised by
local newspaper, Lianhe Zaobao. The group’s SG50 creations
were also featured in Singapore Cultural Festival 2015 held in
Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Students in a lively discussion with their lecturer
Engaging daily
lessons, extra classes
and consultation
sessions are
conducted at the
Language Lab,
allowing students to
learn in a conducive
and welcoming
School of Languages
A front runner among English as Second Language (ESL) providers
in Singapore, MDIS School of Languages strives to cultivate
lifelong learning by providing opportunities for students to put
what they have learnt into practice. In particular, the Professional
Certificate in English (PCIE) allows international students to
enhance their command of English. PCIE has seen numerous
students complete tertiary education successfully.
The School of Languages has organised termly activities for
students learning English. These include Chinese New Year
and International Friendship Day celebrations, MDIS concerts,
International Student Talent Shows and field trips to Sentosa.
All of these events not only promote social bonding, but also
help students improve their language skills and significantly
boost their self-confidence.
In 2015, the MDIS School of Languages increased its already wide
range of teaching methodologies by introducing an innovative
approach of blended learning. Students were granted access to
online platforms that enabled them to practice English at their
own pace, at any time and any place. Moreover, the Language
Laboratory provides substantial support to augment students’
learning experiences. Engaging daily lessons, extra classes and
consultation sessions are conducted there in a conducive,
learner-friendly and student-centred environment.
The School of Health and Life Sciences has always
prided itself on producing good calibre students.
2015 was a remarkable year for the School. Out of 97
graduates from the Bachelor of Science (Honours)
in Biomedical Sciences programme offered by
University of Bradford (UK), a total of 37 attained First
Class Honours. The School also celebrated its first
batch of 21 graduates from the Bachelor of Science
(Honours) in Biotechnology programme offered by
University of Northumbria (UK).
A pool of qualified lecturers nurture and encourage
students to maximise their potential. This degree of
dedication is especially crucial for the cohort’s final
year research project, ensuring each student receives
adequate guidance.
Many of the School’s graduates have gone overseas
to pursue postgraduate studies. A significant number
of graduates have also entered the workforce to join
leading organisations, research and healthcare institutes
both locally and overseas. These accomplishments
validate the Institute’s quality and standards.
Students working on an experiment at the Life Sciences Lab
The School of Health and Life Sciences adopts a multipronged approach. The first is the amalgamation of book
knowledge and practical experiences derived through
industrial visits conducted throughout the year.
Secondly, the laboratory volunteer programme allows
students to obtain additional laboratory experience,
while the internship programme allows students to
accumulate vital working experience. The School also
holds additional training in first aid as well as an annual
safety awareness event to ensure students receive a
well-rounded education.
To diversify the Institute’s programme offerings, the
School has collaborated with Leeds Beckett University (UK)
to offer the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Safety, Health
and Environmental Management. The undergraduate
programme prepares students for the broadening field
of Safety, Health and Environmental Management.
Raising MDIS’ brand name, the School has since
embarked on collaborative research projects with the
National Institute of Education. These works have been
reported in high impact scientific and peer-reviewed
journals and attracted the attention of several experts
in the field.
School of Health and Life Sciences
MDIS Annual Report 2015
A diverse range of industry
visits were conducted,
sourced by dedicated
lecturers who secured
passes for students
to visit established
organisations such as
Media Development
Authority and Singapore
Press Holdings Limited.
School of Media and Communications
The School of Media and Communications
held a number of events in 2015, aimed at
providing students with the most current
content and knowledge in the field of media and
communications. These events also grant students
opportunities to apply their acquired knowledge
to real life situations.
A manifestation of this is exemplified by MDIS
alumnus, Narveen. In a feature in the New Paper’s
‘O’ Levels Go Guide, Narveen shared his goals
and comprehensive training experience with
the School’s Oklahoma City University (USA)
programme, which helped prepare him for life
in front of the camera.
In April, the School played host to the US
Ambassador of Singapore, His Excellency Kirk Wagar.
MDIS President, Dr Eric Kuan, and Secretary-General,
Dr R Theyvendran, were present to welcome
His Excellency. Students managed to sharpen their
journalism skills by conducting interviews with
His Excellency.
A diverse range of industry visits were conducted,
sourced by dedicated lecturers who secured passes
for students to visit established organisations
such as Media Development Authority (MDA) and
Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH). Students
were also given the opportunity to experience
culture and aesthetics through experiential
learning trips to the Asian Civilisation Museum
and Peranakan Museum.
To give students further insight into the industry,
the School held a well-received professional career
seminar for the benefit of students interested in a
career in multimedia communications. Guest speaker
Mr Viswa Sadasivan, CEO of Strategic Moves Pte Ltd,
engaged the students and offered
his outlook on the industry.
In March 2015, MDIS conducted their annual Open
House and the School’s visitors got the opportunity
to explore radio and TV production. Live shows
were staged for the duration of the Open House
to offer visitors a first-hand experience before and
behind the scenes. Subsequently, SMC’s radio studio
received a boost when it expanded the media
club’s membership to involve more students in the
school’s radio station, catering to a more vibrant
airing of campus lifestyle activities.
Another highlight was the overseas recruitment
drive spearheaded by Oklahoma City University’s
Professor, Ms Karlie Harmon and Lecturer, Ms Kelly
Pereira. The team visited India and China to facilitate
the marketing of Star programmes from Oklahoma
City University.
Closing the year with a bang, the School’s students
Anushka and Krystal created a short film entitled
Nick of Time that bagged the first prize in a
competition organised by Liberty Insurance.
They won a prize of S$3,000.
Partnering with Oklahoma City University (USA), the
MDIS School of Psychology offers programmes of distinct
quality that ensure a comprehensive learning experience.
The School’s curricula in Liberal Arts and Humanities
gained popularity.
2015 opened up new methods of learning in terms of
application of theoretical knowledge and skills for students.
Students had the opportunity to engage in an eventful
learning practice with international students from China,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, and Tashkent.
Additionally, all year round, the School of Psychology
brought students on visits to establishments such as the
Institute of Mental Health, Thye Hwa Kwan Moral Society
and Central Narcotics Bureau’s heritage gallery. Regular
topical seminars on Basic Counselling and Art Therapy
were held to provide a platform for students to design
their specialisation in the field of psychology. Such efforts
better train and equip students to meet the escalating
demand for trained professionals in the industry to provide
psychological services in schools, hospitals, rehabilitation
centres and social service agencies.
Lights, camera, action!
The School of Psychology remains committed to bring in
relevant and quality programmes to meet the needs of both
local and international students interested in behavioural
science and the study of the human mind.
Smiles all around as students meet up for
a discussion at the School of Psychology
School of Psychology
MDIS Annual Report 2015
School of Technology and E-Learning
The School of Technology and E-Learning has grown
from strength to strength in 2015. Not only was
the School’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma in
Information Technology curricula recalibrated with
a practical emphasis, the hands-on coursework was
also updated to give students a competitive edge
in the job market.
Particularly for both full-time Diploma and Advanced
Diploma programmes, the School has partnered with
VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure, to
include exclusive VMware modules in the academic
curriculum. The revised holistic curriculum readies
students for rapid industrial developments.
To meet the growing demand for industry relevant
programmes, the School has partnered with
Northumbria University (UK) to deliver degree
programmes in Computer and Network Technology
and Network Security. As the world embraces
Lecturer guides a student on a hands-on activity
digitisation, technologies are becoming multifaceted.
Computing is getting increasingly heterogeneous
and cyber security is becoming more complex every
second. These problems often call for solutions
that require a multidisciplinary approach, which
Northumbria University’s curriculum steadfastly
adopts and inculcates in students. The School’s
degree programmes align with industry practices,
particularly to Cisco Systems – a global benchmark
in the Networking field. Hence, students are given
unprecedented opportunities to work anywhere
in the world.
Recognising the importance of out-of-classroom
learning, the School also launched an online
preparatory Mathematics and English course together
with School of Languages. Open to both current and
prospective students, the courses are conducted on
MDIS’ online platform, Blackboard Learn LMS. This
is in addition to the opportunities that the School
provides for prospective students to gain entry to the
programmes through online learning. These various
endeavours underscore the continuing efforts to
enhance the School’s presence in local institutions
and raise MDIS’ brand name internationally.
2015 has been an exciting and enriching year for
students at the School of Tourism and Hospitality.
On top of a strong academic foundation, a vast array
of platforms allowed students to gain invaluable
experience as well as develop their self-confidence.
individual awards, namely The Best Service Award
and 2nd place in The Best Cappuccino and Espresso
Award. Riding on the success of the inaugural barista
competition, the School is pleased to raise the
bar next year by extending the invitation to MDIS
Tashkent students.
Students participated in the nationwide MICE (Meetings,
Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions) Challenge
2015 organised by The Singapore Association of
Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers.
This competition provided an opportunity for students
to apply their skills and knowledge. Simultaneously,
they managed to gain experience in conceptualising,
business-testing and organising meetings, incentives,
conferences and events.
The School also enriches students’ learning
experiences by conducting industry visits to various
organisations and hotels such as Shangri-La’s Rasa
Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore, SUNTEC Singapore
Convention and Exhibition Centre and Singapore
Island Country Club. The learning journeys provided
students with insights and understanding of the
complexities and demands of the tourism, hospitality
and events industry.
On 21 November 2015, three students from the School
were selected to participate in the International Barista
Championship for College Students held in Zhejiang,
China. This competition was organised in conjunction
with the 10th anniversary of collaboration between
MDIS and Zhejiang Technology Institute of Economics
(ZJTIE). The team walked away with The Best Creativity
Award while student Park Chang Ho bagged two
In its continuing efforts to provide career guidance to
students, the School invited guest speakers from the
tourism, hospitality and events industry to conduct
career sharing sessions. Speakers included the Human
Resources teams from Millennium & Copthorne
International Limited, Mandarin Orchard Singapore
and The South Beach. The sessions were fruitful for
students, who were presented with potential job
opportunities ahead of graduation.
The School also
enriches students’
learning experiences
by conducting
industry visits to
various organisations
and hotels such as
Shangri-La’s Rasa
Sentosa Resort & Spa,
Singapore, SUNTEC
Singapore Convention
and Exhibition Centre
and Singapore Island
Country Club.
Student from the School of Tourism and Hospitality serving
wine at the MDIS’ hospitality training centre, Tropical Breeze
School of Tourism and Hospitality
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Pursuit of
Lifelong Learning
To foster continuous
growth and improvement,
MDIS proactively develops
programmes that elevate
the expertise of working
professionals, cultivating a
culture of lifelong learning.
The Management Development and Consultancy
(MDC), the corporate training arm of MDIS, offers
a wide range of training programmes in areas
such as Business Management, Leadership, Service
Excellence, Sales and Marketing, Communication,
Innovation and more.
MDC continues to play a leading role in meeting the
evolving needs of business organisations. Beyond
conventional training solutions, MDC’s corporate
training delivers desired results by identifying and
teaching skills, knowledge and behaviours required for
optimum performance. Utilising proven frameworks
to uncover core developments, the training solutions
provided are immediately impactful.
From aerospace to agriculture, MDC’s customers
come from a wide range of industries and agencies
both locally and internationally. These agencies
include A*STAR, Jurong Town Council Corporation,
MINDEF, National Library Board, Singapore Press
Holdings and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
In addition, MDC also continues to conduct
student immersion programmes and corporate
training for overseas participants from Africa,
China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Russia,
Thailand, Brunei, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. MDC’s
learning programmes are led by accredited, highly
experienced and engaging trainers, facilitators
and coaches.
By focusing on organisational alignment with
current and emerging market trends, MDC is
well positioned to cater to the corporate training
needs of clients.
Sales &
Public Administration and School Management workshops attended by Government officials from
Vietnam at MDIS Campus
Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn. With this belief, the
Institute supports needy and deserving students in their pursuit
of education through the MDIS Education Trust Fund.
MDIS Education Trust Fund
MDIS firmly believes that education is key to sustaining
the societal and economic growth of Singapore. To this
end, the MDIS Education Trust Fund was established
in 1999 to extend assistance and provide support to
charities and welfare organisations. Funded entirely by
surpluses from MDIS’ operations, the Fund provides
financial assistance to needy and deserving students
and aims to give them a helping hand in realising their
fullest potential.
MDIS Scholarship and Bursary Awards
MDIS first began offering scholarship and bursary
awards in 1996. Since then, the Institute has consistently
stepped up its efforts to increase funding so that more
scholarships and bursaries may be awarded to students
in Singapore.
Bursaries are disbursed to students from Secondary
Schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and Institutes of
Technical Education (ITE). Pre-degree scholarships are
offered to working adults through self-help groups such
as Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC),
Yayasan MENDAKI, Singapore Indian Development
Association (SINDA), the Eurasian Association (EA)
and other organisations like People’s Association and
National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Since 2013,
MDIS has also been awarding degree scholarships to
deserving candidates from these self-help groups.
More than
disbursed in scholarship
and bursary awards
Guest-of-Honour, Ms Grace Fu at the 20th MDIS Scholarship and Bursary
Awards 2015
At the end of 2015, the MDIS Education Trust Fund had
accumulated about S$13.4 million in funds and presented
about 850 recipients with scholarships and bursary awards.
To date, MDIS has disbursed more than S$4.98 million in
scholarship and bursary awards that have benefitted about
7,000 recipients over a period of 20 years.
“The greatest good you can
do for another is not just share
your riches, but reveal to
them their own.”
– Benjamin Disraeli, Former British Politician and Writer
Fulfilling Educational
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Establishing Standards
of Excellence
Well thought out branding and quality initiatives are testament to
MDIS’ commitment to deliver high quality standards, consistently
ranking it as a private education institution of choice.
MDIS College)
MDIS and MDIS College first
received their four-year EduTrust
Certification in 2010. Effective from
30 December 2014, the EduTrust
Certification was renewed for
another four years till 2018. This
renewal displays the Institute’s
pride in maintaining standards in
key areas of management and the
provision of educational services.
Singapore Service
Class (MDIS)
MDIS was awarded the Singapore
Service Class Certification in 2015.
The award is a national recognition
that highlights the Institute’s
capabilities in service leadership
and service agility to enhance the
customer experience.
Enterprise 50 Awards
The Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards,
first established in 1995, recognises
local, privately held companies who
have contributed to the economic
development of Singapore and
abroad. Out of the 50 companies
that took part in the awards selection
process in 2015, MDIS was ranked 19th.
MDIS College
ISO 9001:2008
MDIS College)
ISO certifications are only
awarded to enterprises
proven to have upheld
the strictest standards of
service and excellence. In a
continuous effort to reassure
the student population
of their distinction and
emphasis on quality, both
MDIS and MDIS College are
ISO 9001 certified till 2016
and 2017 respectively. This
underscores the Institute’s
commitment to ensure
optimum quality.
OHSAS 18001:2007
The School of Health and
Life Sciences’ laboratories
are Occupational Health and
Safety Management System
(OHSAS) certified till 2016. This
validates that all equipment
is kept functional and up-todate. The certification attests
to the Institute’s commitment
to uphold consistent
occupational and health
safety standards towards
both staff and students.
MDIS College
range of career services including job matching, career
counselling, industry tours and career talks, CAU has
provided networking opportunities with industrial partners
for students to find work.
MDIS also conducted more than 70 industrial tours to
Singapore’s statutory boards, multinational companies
and clubs in 2015. The list included Bloomberg, PacificIntegrated Logistics, CPA Australia and Singapore Island
Country Club. This is in addition to a series of graduate talks
held by industry speakers throughout the year.
From the graduate surveys held in 2015, it is heartening to
know that despite the challenging economic outlook and
tightened foreign talents policy, about 78% of Master and
Degree holders were employed within six months of their
graduation, with most holding full-time job appointments.
Apart from educational knowledge,
MDIS strives to equip students with
skills that set the stage for success
upon graduation. This focus moulds
students to become well rounded
individuals that are ready to take
on any challenges that arise.
Career Assistance
Whether a fresh graduate or an alumnus is making a career choice,
researching options, struggling to make a decision, or ready to hit
the road with a job search plan, he or she is encouraged to consult
with a career counsellor. The Career Assistance Unit (CAU) provides
career coaching and guidance to students in order to ease their
entry into the workforce.
Through the career portal – MDIS CareerHub, registered students
will not only be able to create and update an online resume, they
will also be able to view company profiles, job openings and send
their resumes to any partnering employer of MDIS.
Students can also stay updated with the latest news and events
and receive job-hunting advice from the industry. With a full
MDIS Career Fair
The inaugural virtual career fair was held with the message
Job Search Across Boundaries. This event aims to connect
global alumni members to potential employers through the
digital platform, leading to career opportunities. More than
35 companies and about 900 participants from different
faculties participated in the fair.
Participants received insights from enterprises on
a wide range of topics surrounding career search; from
employment trends and job hunting tips to managing
interviews. Facilitated by industry experts, job seekers were
also exposed to how effective communication can work
for them, and how colours can affect one’s mood through
the Colour Profiling Personality Assessment.
A preview of common challenges in job hunting was also
offered. Facilitated by MDIS’ Heads of Schools, participants
received tips on how they can extend their skill sets to fields
indirectly connected to their majors. They were also briefed
on effective resume writing that would aid in positioning
them in the best possible light.
MDIS Experience
Employers these days look beyond academic qualifications
when assessing prospective candidates, which is why the
MDIS Experience workshops remain a strong focus. These
workshops are a pre-requisite for all full-time students and
are designed to instil critical skills such as business etiquette,
communication, problem solving and relationship building
in students.
Promoting Holistic
MDIS Annual Report 2015
International Ties
As a well established
Institute and trusted brand
name, MDIS builds strategic
alliances internationally to
develop talents for the global
economy and spur greater
growth and progress.
Training Top International Civil Servants
MDIS was first introduced to the President of Gabon,
Central Africa, His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, on his
visit to Singapore with government officials in November
2010. Subsequently, officials from the Ministry of Budget,
Public Accounts and Civil Servants, which runs the School
of National Administration of Gabon (ENA), visited MDIS
in June 2011.
The meeting resulted in the signing of a five-year
agreement to develop top Gabonese civil servants in public
administration and management. As of 2014, MDIS has
trained three batches of Gabonese appointment holders.
On 13 March 2015, MDIS celebrated the third cohort
of graduates who completed the Graduate Certificate
in Public Administration and Management (GCPAM)
programme. The event was graced by the General
Manager of ENA, Anatole Tsioukacka, and MDIS’
management team.
In May 2015, MDIS welcomed the fourth batch of students
who commenced their programme in Basic, Intermediate
and Advanced English. This step is essential prior to
embarking on the four-month GCPAM programme.
To ensure all students have a holistic learning experience,
MDIS combines classroom lectures with on-site visits to
various government bodies and statutory boards. For
instance, students visited the NEWater plant to learn about
Singapore’s water treatment process and how waste water
is purified to drinking water. They also visited Parliament
House and Supreme Court to learn about Singapore’s
The fourth batch of Gabonese students on completion of the
Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and Management
parliamentary and judicial systems. The visits are executed
with the aim of allowing students to learn first-hand how
Singapore’s government portfolio is run.
In November 2015, His Excellency Jean Marie Ogandaga,
Minister of Civil Service, Gabon, visited MDIS with
his delegation. In his address, Minister Ogandaga
acknowledged the right decision by Gabon to allow
government officials to be trained in MDIS. Exploratory
projects to upgrade the skills of Gabon’s government
officials are now in the pipeline. These projects will
effectively support the country’s transformation.
International Alliances
2015 was also an important year for the Institute’s
collaborative arrangement with the Zhejiang Technical
Institute of Economics (ZJTIE). ZJTIE renewed its agreement
with MDIS to provide the Advanced Diploma in Tourism
and Hospitality Management (ADTHM) and Advanced
Diploma in International Trade and Commerce (ADITC)
programmes in Zhejiang.
A joint graduation ceremony was held for the third cohort
of graduates from these programmes. Upon completion
of their advanced diplomas, students can choose to
further their studies in Singapore with the Bachelor Degree
programmes offered in MDIS.
In addition, MDIS conducted the Teachers Training
Programme for lecturers from ZJTIE. The programme
aims to equip teachers with the methodologies, tools
and management skills necessary to further enhance
their teaching skill sets.
The Service Quality Centre (SQC), acquired by MDIS Corporation Pte Ltd
in 2014, is a premium provider of training solutions in the region offering
professionals and organisations holistic corporate training solutions
necessary to elevate their business to the next level.
SQC. Three new Concept Rooms were designed to offer a
differentiated learning experience that is enriching, engaging
and enjoyable. Service Theatre is designed to allow service
training to be staged as a series of game shows and dramas.
InnoSpace provides an ideal setting to support the learning
and application of innovation concepts such as ideation and
prototyping. Discovery Deck features a projection system that
simulates real life work scenarios. All three rooms are themed
using colour codes, display boards and wall murals that create
a rich setting to stimulate and inspire learning.
Recognition at the Singapore Service
Excellence Medallion Awards
SQC’s CEO, Mr Nolan Tan (left) with guests at the Grand Opening of
the National Gallery of Singapore
New Programmes Offered
Since the acquisition, SQC has gone on to conduct several
programmes that work towards developing strong competencies
in people. Esteemed speakers comprising senior management
personnel from organisations such as AXA Asia, NTUC First Campus
and Wildlife Reserves Singapore shared best practices in building a
service excellence culture at SQC’s annual event for C-Suite Executives,
Building Your Service Excellence Culture – From Design to Fruition, held
on 17 April 2015. On 15 May 2015, SQC also launched a partnership
with Tanjong Pagar GRC to train its inaugural batch of service
ambassadors. The two-day Go-the-Extra-Mile Service Course was
conducted over a period of six months.
SQC’s contribution to service training in the past ten years
was recognised by the GEMS Up Committee at the Singapore
Service Excellence Medallion Awards on 18 May 2015. Among
other things, SQC developed the Certified Service Professional
Programme, a national curriculum commissioned by the
Workforce Development Authority (WDA) that was used to train
more than 40,000 workers across various service industries. SQC
was appointed a pioneer Continuing Education and Training
Centre for Service Excellence in 2008, and remains a key partner
of WDA in rolling out service training in Singapore.
The National Gallery Singapore, a new visual arts institution which
oversees the largest public collection of Southeast Asian art, was
opened in late 2015. SQC is proud to have been a part of this iconic
milestone in Singapore’s art and cultural scene. To prepare staff for the
grand opening of the gallery, SQC designed and customised three
Service Excellence modules.
New Concept Rooms for Training
Much effort has been invested into renovating the Dhoby Ghaut
campus in order to house both the MDIS Corporate Training arm and
SQC’s contributions recognised by the GEMS Up Committee at
the Singapore Service Excellence Medallion Awards
Raising Standards
of Service
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Innovative Research
Vibrant discussion among MARC team
members on innovative research
The MDIS Applied
Research Centre (MARC)
encourages a spirit of
discovery by ensuring
adequate processes are in
place to foster a vibrant
and innovative research
Since its inception in July 2014, MARC has embarked on a major research
project titled Evaluation of Combined Anti-Cancer Effect of Ammonium
Metavanadate, Linalool and Diallyl Disulphide on Colon Cancer Cells. The
project was supervised by Dr Rajarshi Ray, Senior Lecturer, School of
Health and Life Sciences. He was assisted by his student, Sergey Chichilo,
a third year undergraduate pursuing Bachelor of Science (Honours) in
Biomedical Sciences with University of Bradford (UK).
In the area of Academic Services, MARC has created a Central Repository
for archival of academic journals. Standard Operating Procedures were
also established for lecturers’ mentorship programmes.
Apart from ensuring all contractual issues are adequately addressed
administratively, measures have also been taken to allow contracted
lecturers to integrate smoothly into the Institution. On 11 July 2015, the
Lecturer Management Department held an annual lecturers’ meeting
to discuss objectives spelled out in the lecturers’ handbook. Standard
Operating Procedures were revamped to facilitate quicker synthesising.
Processes were also streamlined within the Central Planning Unit to
optimise booking of lecture theatres and halls.
Success is empowering and life
altering. Apart from quotes
by famous philosophers, the
Institute has also added a
new series of Success statues
to remind students that
the essence of success is all
Inspiring Success
and Excellence
Academic Success
Professional Success
A student’s graduation is a joyous
occasion for the graduate, their
families, friends and the institution of
learning. Working together with its
international university partners, MDIS
ensures that students graduate with
globally recognised qualifications
and a truly top-notch education.
Be it in Engineering,
Technology, Psychology or
Mass Communications, MDIS
students are up to the task.
Equipped with the knowledge,
professional skills and a holistic
education, they are all set for
the challenges ahead.
Career Success
Holistic Success
As Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit
institution, MDIS has been producing
consummate professionals in a
wide variety of industries ranging
from Business Management to Life
Sciences, Tourism & Hospitality and
Fashion & Design since 1956.
A healthy mind, it is said,
must necessarily be housed
in a healthy body. At MDIS, an
active lifestyle and good worklife balance is key to staying
healthy, happy and motivated.
We foster a vibrant environment that
provides for learning opportunities both
within and outside our classrooms.
The emphasis on exposure to industry as well
as non-academic activities ensure the holistic
development of our students.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Dynamic Living and
Learning Environment
Hostel residents sharing a lighter moment
MDIS Residences is a
home away from home
for many students.
Each student is part of
a close-knit community
that live, interact and
learn together.
An insightful trip to Pulau Ubin
In a bid to create awareness and inspire youths to embrace
blood donation as an integral part of their lives, a Blood
Donation Drive was organised on 1 July 2015 at SAMTAS
Hall, with the support of the Student Council. The drive
received 70 participants.
Students chilling out at the Tribal Mania Barbecue
A trip to Pulau Ubin jointly organised with Membership and
Alumni Relations on 27 July 2015 gave foreign students a
glimpse of Singapore back in the early days. The students
were greeted with an abundance of natural flora and
fauna and observed people living in simple villages, where
farming and fishing was a way of life. Students were also
enthralled by the wild boars and natural habitats in the
Chek Jawa Wetlands, a unique natural area on Pulau Ubin
with an assemblage of six major habitats. It was a great
breakaway from their busy and stressful study life.
The MDIS Residences Resident Committee (MRRC) was
formed in January 2013 with the aim to encourage a spirit of
comradeship and fellowship amongst all residents and foster
bonding between residents and staff. Various events have been
organised in 2015 to enrich hostel life and create a sense of
belonging for students.
Tribal Mania Barbecue was organised in October 2015 in a
bid to enhance the camaraderie between current and new
residents. The fun filled event received 100 participants,
with an ice-cream eating contest as the key highlight. MRRC
committee members decorated the venue with handmade
tribal themed decorations to create a fun and welcoming
atmosphere for the event.
In May 2015, a movie screening of Chef, Jon Favreau’s film about
a cook and his food truck, took place at the Bell Wing (TV Room).
Bento boxes from Brew and Bites were served after the screening,
and a live Waffle Counter was set up for residents to grab dessert.
The residents concluded the year with an adrenaline
pumping Laser Tag game on 28 November 2015. Jointly
organised by MRRC and Membership and Alumni Relations,
the group of 31 battled at HomeTeamNS.
Hip-hop practise session by MDIS Dance Club members
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Caring and Giving
MDIS encourages a heart for society by taking an active role in
implementing community outreach initiatives. Through these
initiatives, staff and students are given the opportunity to
contribute to society.
Senior Citizens Visit River Safari
On 10 September 2015, five MDIS staff and 10 Korean
Summer Camp students took 25 senior citizens from
the Singapore Amalgamated Services Co-operative
Organisation Senior Citizens’ Home to visit River Safari
Singapore. Here, they got to see Kai Kai and Jia Jia,
the two exclusive giant pandas from China. They also
witnessed manatees swimming gracefully in the viewing
gallery of the Amazon Flooded Forest, the world’s largest
freshwater aquarium exhibit.
MDIS – Jalan Kayu Heartstrings
Programme 2015
Senior citizens and volunteers on a day out to the River Safari Singapore
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and MDIS volunteers
pose for a photo at the Jalan Kayu Family Day event
As part of its sixth year of joint efforts with Jalan Kayu
constituency, MDIS sponsored S$30,000 worth of goodies
and cash vouchers to 150 needy families during the
annual Jalan Kayu Family Day. Each family received a
goodie bag worth S$30 along with S$170 worth of cash
vouchers. The event was presided by PM Lee Hsien
Loong as Guest-of-Honour. The MDIS – Jalan Kayu
Heartstrings Programme underscores MDIS’ efforts
in ensuring the well-being of society at large. As the
founding sponsor, MDIS has since contributed a total
of S$180,000 to the event.
Children’s Day Carnival at METTA Home
32 MDIS volunteers organised a mini carnival at the
METTA Welfare Association Home for the Disabled in
celebration of Children’s Day. The carnival delighted
a total of 152 children, of which 15 were preschoolers.
They had a fun filled day as they played in the
bouncing castle, made beautiful sand art and tried
their hand at balloon sculpting. MDIS Angel Heart
Club members also set up a game booth and a
mini-petting zoo, where children thoroughly enjoyed
playing with different breeds of gentle rabbits.
MDIS Celebrates SG50 with Senior Citizens
As part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, MDIS
offered 30 senior citizens a chance to upgrade their IT
skills through a series of complimentary workshops. The
first workshop, entitled Social Media & You, was held at
the MDIS Campus at Stirling Road on 15 July 2015.
Focusing mainly on Facebook, the trainer guided
participants through the process of creating a
Facebook account. They were also taught how to
navigate around the site. The trainer then introduced
them to some popular features on the platform. The
three-hour session was very well received, and many
of the participants expressed their interest in learning
more. MDIS looks forward to organising more of such
events in the future.
Senior citizens engaged in the Social Media & You workshop
In celebration of Children’s
Day, MDIS staff and student
volunteers visited the METTA
Welfare Association Home for
the Disabled to bring joy to
the children
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Building Lifelong
The objective of the
Membership & Alumni
Relations Department of MDIS
is to strengthen ties and foster
a greater sense of bonding
within the MDIS family, even
beyond school years.
Ms Foo Mee Har visits MDIS Campus
MDIS 60th Annual General Meeting
Held on 7 June 2015, the Annual General Meeting was attended
by close to 170 members. A good performance record was
reported for 2015, which was a result of the combined efforts
of the MDIS team and prudent management of the Institution.
Notable Visits
Attendees at the Breakfast Talk on Digital Marketing
In 2015, MDIS’ Membership attended to various high profile visitors
namely the United States Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency
Kirk Wagar, Ms Foo Mee Har, Member of Parliament for West Coast
GRC and Gabon’s Minister of Civil Service, His Excellency JeanMarie Ogandaga. All VIPs were given a campus tour. His Excellency
Kirk Wagar expressed his delight in Oklahoma City University’s
instrumental role in Media and Communications education at
MDIS while Ms Foo Mee Har commended MDIS’ commitment
to students’ learning in and outside of the classroom.
MDIS Breakfast Talks 2015
MDIS’ Breakfast Talks have been one of the significant platforms
for members to network and engage in intellectual discussions
with experts in their fields. The MDIS Breakfast Talks 2015 covered
a wide range of topics. Some of the talks held were Regional
Outlook 2015, Progressive Workforce in the 21st Century, ISIS & its
Global Network, Effective Use of Digital Marketing and Influence
Without Authority. These sessions were well received and enjoyed
tremendous response.
Membership and Alumni Activities
Speaker at the MDIS Breakfast Talks 2015
Membership Department is committed to retain the Institute’s
vibrancy through a variety of organised activities for members
MDIS Dance Club members performing at the Jalan Kayu 50th National Day Dinner event
to mingle and socialise. Various interest groups such as
Badminton Club, Basketball Club, Dance Club, Soccer Club,
Toastmasters Club (public speaking), Angel Hearts Club (charity
work), and Photography Club are available for members to join.
These interest groups present a good opportunity for members
to socialise and meet up regularly to engage in their hobbies.
For example, members from MDIS Dance Club received the
opportunity to perform at various grassroots events.
Numerous workshops and activities were also conducted for
members to forge closer ties with one another. The series of
activities included Be a Chef, a workshop where members took
part in culinary activities such as mooncake making, weekly
Zumba and Piloxing sessions and walks at Pulau Ubin, the
Southern Ridges and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves.
Members stroll the Southern Ridges of Singapore Alumni members were not forgotten. A string of activities such
as the Thinking Yourself to Excellence motivational seminar, a wine
appreciation session and various movie screenings were organised
to encourage past students to network and stay connected.
To us, our community extends beyond our
students to include our alumni. The vision is to
be an enabler of their lifelong learning journey.
It is our belief that lifelong learning is necessary
not only to empower our students, but also to
drive the sustainable development of Singapore.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Growing Our
MDIS Tashkent marks the Institute’s first overseas venture
to transcend its vision across borders. With its diverse
offerings and vibrant student life, the campus continues
to be a choice institution for students in Uzbekistan.
MDIS Tashkent
Apart from addressing educational needs within Central
Asia, MDIS Tashkent keeps students abreast of global
happenings in their respective areas of study through
organising intermittent events, talks and seminars
throughout the year that not only provide a quality
education, but also develop personal skills.
Student Life at MDIS Tashkent
In mid 2015, a week-long preparatory course was
conducted for undergraduates pursuing degrees in
International Hospitality and Tourism Management
offered by Bangor University (UK), and International
Hospitality Management offered by Southern Cross
University (Australia). The training areas included Basic
Housekeeping Management & Operations, Basic Front
Office Operations, Table Setting and Dining Etiquette,
Basic Bartending Skills and Basic Barista Skills. Reza
Budi Sumali, lecturer from MDIS School of Tourism &
Hospitality, was invited to conduct the session at MDIS
Tashkent’s The Great Silk Road, the faculty’s hospitality
training centre.
Students attend a hands-on preparatory course on basic bartending
In August 2015, 15 selected students from MDIS
Tashkent embarked on a trip to Singapore to participate
in the nation’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. The Student
Summer Tour 2015 – Discovering SG50 trip rewarded
students for their efforts in their studies.
From 22 to 23 October 2015, MDIS Tashkent held
its fifth graduation ceremony for more than 300
graduates from the University of Wales (UK), Southern
Cross University (Australia) and the University of
Sunderland (UK). The event’s moto was Spread Your
Wings and Conquer New Heights!
Cheers and celebrations at MDIS Tashkent’s fifth graduation ceremony
Preparing for Life After Graduation
Upon entering the working world, knowing how to dress
well is extremely important. To this end, a competition
titled Dress for Success was held on 11 March 2015 to
educate youths to strike a balance between formal and
stylish attire. Complementing the competition was a
fashion parade that challenged students to present attire
that reflected their individual styles.
The annual Spring Career Fair followed on 24 April 2015
to assist graduates and senior students in exploring
employment and internship opportunities. The fair
featured companies and national agencies across various
industries including Banking and Finance, Enterprise
Management and Marketing and Tourism.
Hosting Prominent Events
On 29 October 2015, MDIS Tashkent hosted a Banking
and Finance conference. Senior students and academia
from local universities were invited to present and
discuss papers that highlighted the achievements of the
Republic in the financial sector and challenges faced as a
result of the fast growing economy. The theoretical and
empirical papers presented examined all aspects of recent
developments in Banking and Finance, as well as the
linkage between banking and the economy.
On 13 November 2015, MDIS Tashkent hosted the second
Conference of Rectors of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Japan.
The conference aimed to strengthen ties between both
Students put their best look forward at the Dress for
Success competition
countries’ institutions. Various memorandums were also
signed between the nations’ universities.
In 2015, MDIS Tashkent also hosted an International
Conference on Marketing attended by various professionals
and academia from the industry. Organisations represented
in the conference included Decos, Uzkabel, Kafolat, Dafna
and Eman. To conclude the year, Head of Corruption,
Azizkhon Yakubov, conducted a talk on Religious Extremism
and International Terrorism on 20 November 2015.
International Conference on Marketing
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Our Reach
MDIS broke new grounds with the inception of its largest
overseas campus – MDIS Malaysia. Today, MDIS Malaysia
continues to boost progress by scoring a number of
monumental achievements.
Development of MDIS Malaysia Campus
As at end 2015, construction of the MDIS Malaysia
Campus at EduCity, Iskandar is on track. 80% of
the campus infrastructure scheduled to be built in
Phase 1 has been completed. The campus, five times
the size of MDIS Singapore, will boast state-of-theart facilities that offer students a holistic learning
experience. When fully completed, the campus
will house practical training facilities such as Radio
and TV recording studios and a hospitality training
centre. Construction of a wide variety of sports
and recreational facilities including an international
cricket pitch, a multipurpose sports hall, music rooms
and game halls are ongoing.
New Programme Offerings
2015 marked an important year for MDIS Malaysia
as the institute received approval to conduct two
new degree programmes in partnership with UK’s
University of Wolverhampton. The new programmes
are Bachelor in International Business Management
and Bachelor in Business Management. Combined
with the nine existing diploma programmes,
MDIS Malaysia now offers a total of 11 academic
programmes in Business, Business Management,
Accounting, Marketing, Information Technology,
Mass Communications and Tourism. MDIS Malaysia
engages with school counsellors regularly to keep
them updated on the institute’s latest programme
offerings. In turn, school counsellors can advise
Malaysian students to make informed choices as
they progress in their studies.
With more programme offerings, student enrollment
at MDIS Malaysia has steadily grown from just over
20 students in 2014 to more than 300 in 2015. In
mid 2015, the school was also approved to receive
international students. The intake of international
students will give MDIS Malaysia a global outlook
MDIS Malaysia students take part in a fundraising funfair for the Spastic Children’s
Association of Johor
and international perspective. Prior to gaining
admission into the degree programmes, international
students will have to undergo the institute’s English
for International Students course.
Inculcating Skills and Values
Apart from academic studies, MDIS Malaysia places
focus on inculcating students with leadership skills.
The curriculum at MDIS Malaysia gives students the
opportunity to take up leadership roles, a valuable
experience that would prepare them for success in
today’s world.
Social responsibility is another value that MDIS Malaysia
places great emphasis on. An annual motivation talk
conducted by Dr R Theyvendran, Secretary-General
of MDIS Singapore, inspired students to work towards
active citizenry. Throughout the year, students also
actively participated in various community events
and charity projects, one of which was a fundraising
funfair for the Spastic Children’s Association of Johor.
A Vibrant Student Life
MDIS Malaysia believes that the welfare and
happiness of students are just as important as their
academic achievements. A multitude of student
activities were organised including Valentine’s Day
and Mother’s Day celebrations, a paintball activity
and a bowling session. Such activities foster a vibrant
student life at MDIS Malaysia.
MDIS Malaysia hosts school counsellors at City Campus
Equal Opportunities for All
MDIS Malaysia takes social responsibility seriously
and underprivileged students with good leadership
potential are encouraged to apply for a place at
MDIS Malaysia. Merit Scholarships are offered to
secondary school students with proven academic
excellence. To date, 24 promising achievers have
benefitted from this scholarship programme.
In addition, the Wawasan Scholarship – a special
scholarship awarded to the children of Malaysian
teachers, was awarded to two students. This
financial assistance has proven to be a boon to
the recipients’ families.
Students raise funds for club activities
Proud recipients of the MDIS Merit Scholarship
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Expanding Our
Buoyed by the success of its two overseas campus, MDIS
continues to extend its presence in the region. The Institute’s
third overseas campus will be located in Chennai, India.
MDIS Marks Third Overseas Campus
Singapore’s education has a stellar status globally. There is
demand from students from around the world to pursue
programmes with the Singapore brand, evident from
the vast number of foreign students at MDIS Singapore.
Notably, a significant number of them are from India.
To meet this demand and to make global education from
Singapore within close reach for students in India, MDIS
marked its third overseas campus through a joint venture
with VELS Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced
Studies in setting up MDIS-VELS India. The agreement was
inked by Dr R Theyvendran, Secretary-General of MDIS
and Dr Ishari Ganesh, Founder and Chancellor of VELS
University on 22 July 2015.
MDIS will be holding a 51% share of the entity, with the
remainder held by VELS University. The total investment
for the joint venture is expected to be approximately S$10
million. The joint venture will allow students in India to
get the best academic experience from three countries –
United Kingdom, Singapore and India – the first of its kind
in the country.
VELS University in Chennai, India
After careful consideration of the policies that govern
twinning programmes in India and Singapore, MDIS
and VELS University signed an agreement on 9 February
2016 to commence the first phase of programme
offerings. MDIS-VELS India will offer Bachelor degree
pathway programmes in two fields of study – Business
and Tourism.
The Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes
awarded by VELS University in India will be fully taught
by MDIS faculty from Singapore. This will lay a strong
foundation of skills based and practical learning at the
pre-degree level. Upon successful completion of the
pre-degree programmes in India, students will progress
to MDIS in Singapore to complete the Bachelor Degree
(Top up) programmes awarded by the University of
Sunderland, UK.
The first intake is scheduled for July 2016. More
programmes will be added in 2017 to include studies
in the fields of IT and Mass Communications.
For the time being, MDIS-VELS India students will study
on the premises of VELS University. Construction of
the new permanent campus in Chennai, boasting an
estimated 70,000 square feet, will begin in January 2017.
Achieving numerous milestones
throughout its six decades of history,
Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit
institution has gained the trust and
reputation to be recognised as an
industry leader.
Era of Early Industrialisation
1956 Philanthropist Mr Loke Wan Tho became the first
Chairman of the Supervisory and Management Training
Association of Singapore (SAMTAS), which was formed
primarily to address the industrial relations problems
and issues facing the Singapore workforce. Throughout
the 1960s, SAMTAS played a crucial role in training
supervisors on subjects ranging from job relations to
industrial safety.
Formation of SIM
1961 SAMTAS opened its first library with 281 books on
management and supervision, probably the one and
only organisation to possess such a library then.
1963 SAMTAS pioneered the Training-WithinIndustries (TWI) courses in Singapore, in line with
the government’s plans to promote industrialisation
in the country.
On 31 December 1963, SAMTAS’ year-end report stated,
“It has always been the long-term objective of SAMTAS
to aim at the establishment of a Singapore Institute
of Management (SIM). The task of the formation of
SIM has now been taken over by the Management
Training Committee comprising SAMTAS, Economic
Development Board, University of Singapore, Nanyang
University, Singapore Polytechnic, Adult Education
Board, Joint Chambers of Commerce and the Singapore
Manufacturers Association.”
Upon SIM’s formation, Mr Tan Hoay Gie was appointed
by the Board of Governors as one of the representatives
from SAMTAS. Throughout the early years of SIM,
SAMTAS was represented by its Executive Committee,
and was actively involved in the joint organisation of
seminars and other activities.
1969 Endorsement from the Singapore government
was forthcoming. A national seminar on Management
Development and Performance was opened by the then
Minister of Finance, Dr Goh Keng Swee. It was jointly
sponsored by SAMTAS and six other organisations.
Supervisory Era
1970 The second national seminar, Strategy for
the Development of Managers, was opened by the
then Minister for Finance, Mr Hon Sui Sen, and jointly
sponsored by the same seven organisations.
1975 SAMTAS successfully ran the Certificate in Industrial
Management course by collaborating with the Institution
of Works Managers (IWM), UK.
1976 Together with IWM, SAMTAS collaborated with
the Lancastrian School of Management (LSM) based in
Lancaster Polytechnic (now collectively known as the
University of Central Lancashire) to offer a Certificate
in Supervisory Management.
Business Management
1982 In conjunction with LSM, SAMTAS launched the
Certificate in Management Studies programme. This was
awarded by both LSM and SAMTAS.
Concurrently, the vision to upgrade SAMTAS’ status to that
of a Professional Institute was initiated.
1983 During the SAMTAS Anniversary Dinner & Dance,
SAMTAS Chairman, Mr Paul Tan said, “The history of
SAMTAS has earned remarkable chapters. The training
chapter has upgraded and produced many trained
supervisory and management staff, and most of all, the
off-shoot of the Singapore Institute of Management.”
Our Continuous
MDIS Annual Report 2015
A party was organised for 800 children from 18
children’s homes and some 20 children from the
Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore at one
of SAMTAS’ community events. The Guest-of-Honour
was Dr Tay Eng Soon, the then Minister of State for
Education and Communication & Information.
1984 On 8 February, SAMTAS was officially renamed
the Management Development Institute of Singapore
(MDIS). This move gave the institute a more professional
image. It also upgraded the membership and individual
members were allowed to use designatory letters.
1985 The new MDIS logo was launched at the
inaugural ceremony at the Mandarin Singapore, graced
by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Ong Leng Chuan, the then
Honorary Chairman of the Singapore Manufacturers’
Association and board member of the Community
Chest of Singapore. In Mr Ong’s address, he said, “This
launching of the institute’s logo serves to mark the many
past achievements and activities undertaken when
it was for many years known as SAMTAS. It provides a new
corporate image to your organisation and an impetus for
your members to push the organisation further.”
Dr Tay Eng Soon, the then Minister of State for Education
and Communication & Information, was the Guest-ofHonour at MDIS’ first Anniversary Dinner and Dance.
1986 – 1989 MDIS collaborated with various prestigious
universities in the United Kingdom, the United States
of America and Australia to offer certified courses in
Singapore. In line with adult learners’ training needs,
business management courses were launched in 1987.
In 1989, the MBA and Post-graduate Diploma in
Management Studies by the University of East London
(UK) were launched. Subsequently for the first time,
the British Technician Council (BTEC) gave approval
for its Certificate in Management Studies course to be
conducted in Asia.
Mass Communications Era
1992 MDIS initiated several mass communications
programmes with the Oklahoma City University
(USA) and one of them was the Master of Arts in Mass
Communications, the first of its kind in Singapore.
MDIS also launched certificate, diploma and advanced
diploma in business management programmes with the
University of Bradford (UK).
Former Patron and Trustee, Mr Tan Hoay Gie received recognition
for his contributions at MDIS’ Inaugural Ceremony (1985)
1993 The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business
Management, awarded by the University of Bradford
was launched.
1994 To help small and medium-sized enterprises, MDIS
offered practical management courses in critical areas
such as strategic and quality management.
MDIS was accorded charity status under the Charities
Registration Act.
Push for Regionalisation
1995 MDIS launched its own website and began exploring
the possibility of recruiting students from abroad, which
was in line with the government’s direction to promote
education in Asia.
Guest-of-Honour, Mr Ong Leng Chuan, gracing the MDIS
Inaugural Ceremony (1985)
1996 The Property subcommittee was formed to look
into the acquisition of an MDIS-owned building and the
leasing of other MDIS centres. To commemorate its 40th
anniversary, MDIS awarded 12 scholarships to members
of the four self-help groups to pursue pre-degree
1997 MDIS was presented with Friends of CDANS
(Civil Defence Association for National Servicemen)
and SPANS (Singapore Police Association for National
Servicemen) award by Mr Wong Kan Seng, the then
Minister for Home Affairs.
Concurrently, MDIS was awarded the ISO 9001
Scholarships were extended not only to the four
self-help groups, but also to other organisations like
the Home Team NS (then known as Singapore Police
Association for National Servicemen and the Civil
Defence Association for National Servicemen).
In addition, bursaries were also given to students
from secondary schools, junior colleges, institutes
of technical education and polytechnics.
1999 The MDIS Education Trust Fund was established
and the Institutions of a Public Character status was
granted in 2000.
Singapore’s Call for
Entrepreneurship and
2000 MDIS became the first in Singapore to offer
the Entrepreneurship with Management programme,
accredited by the University of Wales (UK). At the
same time, MDIS received the People Developer
Standard award. Subsequently, the Institute’s
corporate song, MDIS...Where Lifelong Learning Begins,
was composed.
Donation to the President’s Challenge (2003)
Biomedical Sciences as Fourth
Pillar of Singapore’s Economy
2001 MDIS became the first private education provider to
offer programmes in biomedical sciences. S$2 million was
invested to acquire premises in Dhoby Ghaut to set up the
Centre for Biomedical Sciences and Management with upto-date laboratories. Subsequently, the Institute purchased
the six-storey MDIS Headquarters building at 190 Changi
Road while maintaining five other Lifelong Learning Centres
in strategic locations around the island.
2002 MDIS began offering courses in Information
Technology, ranging from one-day programmes to
diplomas and degrees. The Institute’s regionalisation
efforts were brought to new heights through the
establishment of its first regional representative office
in Thailand.
Focus on Quality
2003 Guest-of-Honour, the then Senior Minister of State
for Law and Home Affairs, Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee,
officially opened the MDIS Headquarters. It was equipped
with computer laboratories, a mass communications studio,
training rooms, a bookshop, a cafe and a library.
MDIS was one of the pioneers to be awarded the
Singapore Quality Class (SQC) status for Private Education
Organisations (PEOs), based on the Singapore Quality
Award (SQA) framework. This was a boost to the Institute
that has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996.
MDIS attained the Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employees
Achieve Life-Time Health) Bronze Award, which was later
upgraded to Silver.
MDIS was the first private education provider to
offer courses in Life Sciences (2001)
In addition to the S$250,000 given out at the 2003
Scholarship and Bursary Awards ceremony, another
S$250,000 was donated to the President’s Challenge 2003.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Moving Ahead
2004 Taking up former President Mr S R Nathan’s
suggestion to award deserving international students,
MDIS, for the first time, offered 10 merit awards worth
S$2,000 each to students who had performed well in
their pre-degree programmes. This was in addition to
the annual scholarship and bursary awards given to local
students. In total, close to S$3 million has been disbursed
since 1996.
The new mass communications studio equipped with
audio and visual production facilities was opened in
February at the MDIS HQ.
MDIS awarded a full degree scholarship to baby Tim
Shee Zhe Guang, the first leap year baby born.
A new Senate was formed, comprising nine members.
MDIS started to provide training and consultancy
services overseas.
The former Temasek Polytechnic / Queenstown ITE
campus at 501 Stirling Road was successfully acquired.
In the wake of the tsunami disaster, MDIS donated
S$25,000 as well as matched donations brought in
through it.
2005 Guest-of-Honour, the then Minister for Community
Development, Youth & Sports, and Second Minister
for Information, Communications & the Arts, Dr Vivian
Balakrishnan graced the groundbreaking ceremony of
the three-hectare MDIS UniCampus on 5 January.
A new Vision and Mission was launched at the 50th AGM
on 14 May.
In August, MDIS was awarded the CaseTrust Accreditation
for Private Education Organisations (PEOs). This award
recognised that MDIS had attained a commendable
level of trustworthiness, professionalism, and business
and academic excellence. It is also proof that MDIS had
adopted good practices and standards for student
protection and welfare.
All students and staff moved to the MDIS UniCampus in
mid-September. All other centres were released except for
two centres – the MDIS Dhoby Ghaut and the MDIS Eunos
(former MDIS HQ).
MDIS’ Golden Jubilee
2006 A new six-member Academic Advisory Board
was formed, chaired by the then Member of Parliament
for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Dr Ahmad Magad.
To commemorate MDIS’ 50th Anniversary, a ritzy Gala
Dinner was held at the luxurious Grand Ballroom of
the Ritz Carlton, Millenia Hotel on 15 July. The guests
present consisted of Patron and Trustees, the Governing
Council, MDIS students, members, university partners,
ambassadors, agents and strategic alliance partners.
A 50th Anniversary Video, Commemorative Book, print
advertising campaign and a special 50th Anniversary logo
were also commissioned to mark MDIS’ Golden Jubilee.
MDIS announced that it would be offering 50 Asian
Scholarships to the creme-de-la-crème of students hailing
from all regions of Asia.
Student enrolment hit 9,000, out of which about 3,000
were international students from 49 different countries.
In view of the increasing demand for educated and
skilled personnel in the two upcoming Integrated Resorts,
several degree programmes from the University of
Sunderland (UK) and a new Diploma in Travel, Tourism
and Hospitality programme from the University of
Bradford (UK) commenced.
On 15 December, the then Minister for Trade and Industry,
Mr Lim Hng Kiang, officially opened the Business School,
the largest and most established school at MDIS.
MDIS Secretary-General, Dr R Theyvendran, PBM, received a
token of appreciation from then Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong
in recognition of MDIS’ charitable contributions (2004)
At the end of 2006, the Institute’s regional representative
offices were established in six countries – Thailand, China,
India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
Tropical Breeze, MDIS’ hospitality training centre officially opened
by Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office (2007)
Gearing up for the Travel,
Tourism and Hospitality
2007 Registered with the Ministry of Education,
Singapore, MDIS College was awarded the CaseTrust
for Education. This award recognises MDIS College as
an organisation that has good business practices.
The MDIS School of Tourism and Hospitality was
launched at the inaugural Regional Tourism and
Hospitality Conference on 5 March.
MDIS was the first Singapore institute to sign a
Memorandum of Understanding with Loyola
College, one of India’s top ten Colleges.
MDIS reached the milestone of having more than
10,500 students enrolling in its programmes. The
10,000th student, Fiona Tumber, a Briton, received
a bursary gift.
The MDIS School of Tourism and Hospitality was
one of the first among local private education
providers to set up a specialised hospitality training
centre to meet the needs of the fast-growing travel
and tourism industry. The training centre called
Tropical Breeze was officially opened by Minister,
Prime Minister’s Office and NTUC Secretary-General
Mr Lim Swee Say on 24 October 2007.
Official opening of MDIS Tashkent (2008)
Creating a New Milestone –
Spreading Our Wings
2008 On 12 November, MDIS held the official opening
ceremony of its first overseas campus in Tashkent,
Uzbekistan. Guests-of-Honours included First Deputy
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Republic of
Uzbekistan, Dr Rustam Azimov as well as Minister for Higher
and Secondary Specialised Education of the Republic of
Uzbekistan, Dr Azimjon Parpiev. The four-hectare campus
also houses a 160-bed hostel, a hospitality training centre
and sports facilities, including an indoor swimming pool.
The joint venture marked the first venture of a Singapore
education provider into Central Asia.
MDIS College was awarded the ISO 9001 Certification
in February.
On 18 December, The Ten Sages of the World statue was
unveiled by Guests-of-Honour, Senior Minister of State,
Ministry of Law and Ministry of Home Affairs, Associate
Professor Ho Peng Kee. The ten sages include Aristotle,
Confucius, Ibn Khaldoun, Louis Pasteur, Maria Montessori,
Plato, Albert Einstein, Samuel Johnson, Socrates and
Thiruvalluvar, eminent figures who embodied virtue and
wisdom. The life-sized statue represents the values of those
eminent figures that MDIS wishes to impart to students.
MDIS again broken new ground by setting up the
School of Psychology and Early Childhood Education. In
collaboration with Oklahoma City University, the Institute
offered certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and
degree programmes.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Soaring to New Heights
through Expansion
2009 On 19 January, a cheque of S$250,000 was presented
by President of MDIS, Dr Eric Kuan, to the former President of
Singapore, Mr S R Nathan, for the President’s Challenge 2009, kickstarting MDIS’ philanthropic activities of helping the less fortunate.
On 3 March, MDIS held its hostel groundbreaking ceremony
at the MDIS Campus with Guest-of-Honour, Minister for Trade
and Industry, Mr Lim Hng Kiang, in attendance. As part of
MDIS’ expansion plans, S$80 million of its cash reserves was
utilised to construct campus-run integrated hostel and training
facilities in Singapore. The new 15-storey hostel, comprising 782
air-conditioned rooms and 14 suites, and can accommodate
approximately 1,700 students.
Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr Lim Hng Kiang, being
shown the new MDIS Hostel model by MDIS President,
Dr Eric Kuan, during the groundbreaking ceremony (2009)
On 8 July, the MDIS School of Media and Communications and
the MDIS Media Hub were officially launched by Guest-of-Honour,
the late Dr Balaji Sadasivan, then Senior Minister of State, Ministry
of Foreign Affairs. This is a major accolade for MDIS as it is the first
private educational institute to have a media and communications
training centre. The Media Hub, a 1,040-square-metre state-ofthe-art facility is of industry standards and is fully equipped with a
television studio, radio studio and two lecture theatres.
MDIS in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, UK – a
university of international repute and well known for research and
teaching, launched a Diploma and Higher Diploma in Engineering
in November 2009. The MDIS School of Engineering’s mission
is to nurture engineering professionals in diverse disciplines by
delivering first class education, teaching excellence and providing
opportunities for leadership development.
Former President of Singapore, Mr S R Nathan on a tour
of MDIS Campus (2009)
Enhancing Quality Standards of
2010 Since the launch of the MDIS School of Engineering in
May 2010, the school has expanded to include an Engineering
workshop and laboratory. The facilities, incorporating state-ofthe-art equipment, ensure that engineering students acquire
technical depth and master relevant specialist technology.
MDIS and MDIS College were awarded the four-year EduTrust
Certification by the Council for Private Education (CPE). This
certification is a significant milestone for MDIS and attests to
the Institute’s exemplary education and quality standards.
MDIS is amongst the first batch of Private Education Institutions
(PEIs) to be registered under the Enhanced Registration
Framework (ERF) by Council for Private Education in May 2010.
The EduTrust Certification will replace MDIS’ CaseTrust and
Singapore Quality Class (SQC) accreditations.
VIPs viewing a model of the Iskandar development (2010)
The Institute will continue to uphold high quality standards that
make MDIS shine as a premier PEI in Singapore.
A significant milestone – MDIS Intergrated Campus Official Opening Ceremony (2011)
MDIS extended its global footprint into Malaysia in June 2010. A
landmark deal was signed with [email protected] to purchase a
30-acre campus in Iskandar, Johor, to set up its second overseas
campus. The RM300 million investment was the first major deal by
a Singaporean group in the special economic zone. The campus is
expected to welcome its first batch of students around 2016.
In July 2010, the Academic Board and Examination Board were
combined into one entity known as the Academic Quality and
Examination Board (AQEB). Arising from the review of the scope
and functions of both Boards, the change was implemented
to ensure greater compliance with the 2009 Private Education
Regulations, and for greater effectiveness and efficiency
in systems and processes.
The MDIS [email protected] is the very first hostel in
Singapore to be awarded the Building and Construction
Authority Green Mark Gold Plus Award 2010 for its
environmentally friendly design. The hostel has eco-friendly
features and integrated facilities that allow students to live,
learn and play in an interactive and conducive environment.
The MDIS culture statement was introduced to ensure the
nurturing and inculcation of the values of lifelong learning
among stakeholders. The culture statement: MDIS embraces a
culture of lifelong learning to nurture and maximise the potential
of our stakeholders, reinforced MDIS’ position as an institution
of lifelong learning.
Celebrating Significant Milestones
2011 On 8 July, the MDIS [email protected] Road was
officially opened, with former President of Singapore, Mr S R
Nathan gracing the event as Guest-of-Honour. A monumental
event for MDIS, the S$120 million campus boasted a S$80
million 15-storey hostel – the largest built by a PEI. In addition,
MDIS also embarked on a S$40 million upgrading project to
increase the capacity of its existing campus.
The Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Singapore conferred the
commemorative medal, Insignia “O”zbekiston Respublikasi
mustaqilligiga 20 yil (20 Years of Independence of the
Republic of Uzbekistan) to MDIS Secretary-General, Dr R
Theyvendran, PBM, in September 2011. Recognised for
his significant role in developing higher education in the
Republic of Uzbekistan, Dr R Theyvendran, PBM, was the
first Singaporean to be awarded this prestigious medal.
MDIS Tashkent celebrated its first batch of student graduates
from the University of Wales in October 2011. This inaugural
graduation signified the success of MDIST as an institute of
higher learning and highlighted the synergy between MDIS
and the Government of Uzbekistan.
In November, the MDIS School of Fashion and Design was
launched. Collaborating with the School of Art and Design,
Nottingham Trent University, UK, it offered students two
exciting programmes – The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in
Fashion Design and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion
Marketing and Branding.
Making it a historical moment for MDIS, the School of Life
Sciences and the School of Management of the University
of Bradford, UK, had a record breaking 43 students graduating
with First Class Honours in November 2011.
MDIS Secretary-General, Dr R Theyvendran, PBM, (centre)
with MDIS Tashkent graduates (2011)
The year 2011 marked a successful 20-year partnership
between MDIS and the Oklahoma City University, USA.
Introduced in 1992, MDIS was the first PEI in Singapore to
offer the well-received American Mass Communications
degree programme.
MDIS Annual Report 2015
Monumental Achievements
2012 The Sales and Purchase Agreement for the MDIS
Malaysia campus site was signed with [email protected]
Sdn Bhd on 29 February 2012. MDIS Malaysia, a RM300
million self-funded investment project, is the first by a
Singaporean group in EduCity, Iskandar.
MDIS awarded a S$30,000 Leap Year Baby Scholarship to
Adel Bin Mohamed Khidir, the first leap year baby born in
2012, to pursue a degree programme. Introduced in 2004,
this was the third time that the scholarship was offered.
A model of MDIS Malaysia campus (2012)
On 31 July 2012, the Ministry of Higher Education,
Malaysia approved the establishment of an MDIS campus
in [email protected] with the approved college name,
MDIS Malaysia.
It was a historic moment for MDIS when a record
number of 50 First Class Honours students graduated
from the University of Bradford, UK, in November 2012. A
significantly higher record than 2011, this commendable
achievement was a reflection of the excellent higher
learning opportunities provided by both institutes.
As part of the S$40 million upgrading project to increase
campus capacity, MDIS saw the completion of its main
building (Block A) in December 2012. The iconic building
showcased a curved glass façade, garden roof terrace and
Green Mark features. The building consists of four levels
of offices and a total of 16 classrooms.
MDIS Campus’ new building, Block A, boasts a
curved glass façade and garden roof terrace (2012)
S$30,000 Leap Year Baby Scholarship
awarded to Adel Bin Mohamed Khidir (2012)
MDIS Malaysia campus groundbreaking ceremony (2013)
Breaking New Grounds
2013 The MDIS groundbreaking ceremony of MDIS Malaysia at
EduCity, Iskandar, marked the commencement of construction
for MDIS’ largest overseas campus. Witnessed by more than
700 dignitaries and guests from both Singapore and Malaysia,
the event was a significant milestone for the Institute in the
realisation of its plans and vision for global expansion.
The ceremony was officially graced by Guest-of-Honour, YAB
Tan Sri Dato’ Hj Muhyiddin bin Hj Mohd Yassin, the former
Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and Minister of Education;
and Special Guest, YAB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin,
the Menteri Besar of Johor.
It was a record breaking historic moment for MDIS with 103
First Class Honours graduates from the graduating class of
2013 from the UK universities. The remarkable achievement,
surpassing the 2012 record, is evidence of the high quality
standards offered by MDIS and our UK university partners.
MDIS’ commitment in going green in the construction of the
new Administration Building earned MDIS the BCA Green Mark
(Gold Plus) Award in 2013. The green journey to success has
given MDIS the assurance that its green efforts are making a
difference to the environment.
Dedicated to delivering a premium level of service to
postgraduate students, the MDIS School of Postgraduate
Studies was launched on 2 August 2013. An experienced and
devoted team of service specialists cater exclusively to the
specific learning needs of postgraduate students.
Celebration at a record breaking graduation ceremony (2013)
MDIS Annual Report 2015
120 graduates were awarded First Class Honours by the University of Bradford, UK (2014)
Raising the Bar
2014 MDIS once again proved its high quality
standards of education by receiving yet another
four-year renewal till 2018 for its EduTrust Certification.
Awarded by the Council for Private Education, this
certification is testament to the institute’s exemplary
education and business excellence standards.
In July 2014, MDIS acquired Service Quality Centre Pte
Ltd (formerly known as TÜV SÜD PSB Learning Pte
Ltd), a pioneer soft skills specialist in service quality
and excellence. The partnership was an important
milestone in MDIS’ vision of promoting lifelong
learning, and the natural synergy between MDIS’ and
SQC’s programmes – bolstering the standards of service
excellence in Singapore.
In this year, MDIS also kickstarted its journey in the
pursuit of achieving Service-Class (S-Class) recognition
by embarking on a series of customer-centric initiatives
(CCI) in order to be among the best in the industry.
Launched in February 2014, staff learnt about CCI,
S-Class certification and the role that Strategic Service
Intent plays in attaining world class service standards
at the workplace.
The MDIS Applied Research Centre (MARC) was
established in July 2014 and aims to establish a vibrant
research environment that encourages discovery,
innovation and enterprise in developing entrepreneurial
ventures. MARC will pave the way for MDIS to collaborate
with internationally-renowned institutions to become a
research institute recognised both locally and regionally
for its ability to conduct high-quality research across a
broad range of disciplines.
The 126 students from the graduating class of 2014
from the University of Bradford (UK), University of Wales
(UK) and University of Sunderland (UK) with First Class
Honours is yet another record breaking feat for MDIS.
This was a 22% increase over last year’s achievement,
and is the highest recorded so far at MDIS.
Committed to providing a fun learning environment
for its students, the Bell Wing at Blk B, level 1 was
refurbished in 2014 with plush furnishings, a TV room
and a game room. Operated by students from the MDIS
School of Tourism and Hospitality, the Brew and Bites
café at the Bell Wing offers a wide selection of food
and drinks that makes it a perfect place for students
to study and relax.
Forging New Frontiers
2015 Over the years, MDIS has steadily expanded overseas. 2015
records another milestone on this path. The Institute entered
into a joint venture with VELS Institute of Science, Technology
and Advanced Studies (VELS University) in Chennai, India to set
up MDIS-VELS India. This marks MDIS’ third overseas campus.
The agreement was inked on 22 July 2015 by Dr R Theyvendran,
MDIS Secretary-General and Dr Ishari K Ganesh, Founder and
Chancellor of VELS University.
2015 was yet another record breaking year for MDIS when
139 students from the University of Bradford (UK), University
of Wales (UK) and University of Sunderland (UK) programmes
graduated with First Class Honours. The 11% increase in
the number of graduates attaining First Class Honours over
last year’s cohort is testament to the students’ remarkable
achievements and MDIS’ high academic standards.
MDIS walks away with the
Enterprise 50 Award (2015)
MDIS’ contributions and resilience in spurring Singapore’s
economy was acknowlegded when the Institute received the
Enterprise 50 Awards in November 2015. The award honours
visionary companies that demonstrate the true spirit of
enterprise in the competitive business arena. Additionally, in
recognition of MDIS’ commendable performance in service
excellence, the Singapore Service Class certification was
awarded to MDIS by SPRING Singapore in June 2015.
True to its commitment of inspiring young minds, a new series
of bronze statues embodying holistic, academic, professional
and career successes were put up at the inner courtyard of the
MDIS Campus in 2015. These statues serve to motivate students
to work towards excellence and success in all aspects of life.
Holistic Success statues
A significant milestone – the joint venture signing ceremony
to set up MDIS-VELS India (2015)
Academic Success statues
MDIS Annual Report 2015
MDIS Honours List
MDIS Distinguished Fellows
Eminent Friend of MDIS Award
Dr Ahmad Magad (2013)
Mr S Chandra Das (2014)
Dr Eric Kuan Choon Hock (2014)
Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee (2011)
MDIS Honorary Fellows
Mr Herman R Hochstadt
Mr Paul Tan Phang Kwang
Professor David Birchall
Mr Charlie Chan Wong Chee (1995)
Dr Eric Kuan Choon Hock (1995)
Dr R Theyvendran, PBM (1996)
Mr Chong Kwan Wai (2000)
Mr Chua Chen How (2000)
Mr Winston Gan Kuat Cheong (2000)
Mr Roger Tham Kong Khuan (2003)
Mr Victor Wong Fun Hong (2005)
Dr Lee Fook Hong, PBM (2005)
Mr S Chandra Das (2013)
Mr Philip Eng Heng Nee (2013)
Emeritus Professor Mark Cleary (2014)
MDIS Eminent Leader Award
Dr Ahmad Magad (2011)
Mr S Chandra Das (2011)
Emeritus Professor Mark Cleary (2011)
MDIS Excellent Leader Award
Professor David Johns (1996)
Dr Jerald Walker (1996)
Mr Paul Tan Phang Kwang (1998)
Professor John R. Sparkes (1999)
Professor Millicent Poole (1999)
Dr Dennis Dunham (1999)
Dr R Theyvendran, PBM (1999)
Dr Geoffrey Copland (2004)
Professor Christopher M Taylor (2004)
Professor Arthur Francis (2008)
Professor Jeff Lucas (2010)
Professor Judith Bouvard (2015)
Esteemed Friend of MDIS Award
Dr Christopher Molander (1996)
Dr Dennis Dunham (1996)
Professor John R Sparkes (1996)
Professor Karlie Harmon (1999)
Mr S Moganaruban (1999)
Ms Eileen Teo I Chew (1999)
Professor Arthur Francis (2001)
Mr David Taylor (2001)
Dr Lee Seng Gee (2003)
Datin Lee Chee Shan (2003)
Mr Huw Flynn Hughes (2008)
Professor Michael Evans (2008)
Mr Nick Sanders (2015)
Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (PBM)
Mr Christopher Yeow Shih Shin, PBM (1990)
Dr R Theyvendran, PBM (1998)
Ms Tan Gek Khim, PBM (2009)
Honorary Doctorate
Dr Eric Kuan Choon Hock (1999, 2005 and 2015)
Dr R Theyvendran, PBM (2000 & 2006)
Insignia “O”Zbekiston
Mustaqilligiga 20 Yil
Dr R Theyvendran, PBM (2011)
MDIS is proud to partner
with various prestigious
institutions across
the globe to deliver
quality education and
foster a rich academic
Representative Offices
China • India • Indonesia • Sri Lanka • Thailand
MDIS Campus
501 Stirling Road Singapore 148951
T (65) 6278 8000 F (65) 6278 5312 E [email protected]
Management Development Institute of Singapore
Reg. No. 201001793H
20 May 2014 to 19 May 2018
MDIS College
Reg. No. 201001788K
20 May 2014 to 19 May 2018

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